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emerging infectious diseases. 19938292530
from the centers for disease control and prevention. hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, united states 1993. 19948301753
newly identified hantavirus--florida, 1994. 19948302266
a new natural reservoir of hantavirus: isolation of hantaviruses from lung tissues of bats.two species of bats were confirmed as new natural reservoirs of hantavirus. antibodies to hantaan virus were detected in 3.40% (23 of 677) of bats captured from 1989 to 1992 in korea by the ifa technique. areal distribution of immunofluorescent antibody were different, and seropositive rates were much high in sera of bats captured in summer (3.82%) and winter (5.82%). viral antigens were observed in the lungs (3 of 16) and kidney (1 of 7). two hantaviruses were isolated from lung tissues of e. s ...19948279962
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--united states, june 1993, a newly recognized hantavirus was identified as the etiologic agent of an outbreak of severe respiratory illness (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome [hps]) in the southwestern united states. since this problem was recognized, sporadic cases have been identified from a wide geographic area in the western united states. this report summarizes the epidemiologic characteristics of hps cases reported to cdc from may 1 through december 31, 1993.19948283965
a novel hantavirus associated with an outbreak of fatal respiratory disease in the southwestern united states: evolutionary relationships to known hantaviruses.four corners hantavirus (fcv) is the tentative name of the suspected etiologic agent of the newly identified hantavirus-associated respiratory distress syndrome (hards). the identification in hards patients of serum immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g antibodies that cross-reacted with hantaan, seoul, and puumala virus antigens first suggested that fcv is a hantavirus. limited nucleotide sequence data from the fcv glycoprotein-2 (g2) confirmed that fcv is a hantavirus and showed that it is mos ...19948289363
virus-related acute renal failure: the clinical course and outcome of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. 19947914707
prevalence of serum igg antibodies to puumala virus (haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome) in northern sweden.a stratified and randomly-selected population sample was identified in 1990 in order to study the seroprevalence of nephropathia epidemica (haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome) in northern sweden. sera from 1538 subjects (750 men, 788 women), 25-64 years of age, were analysed for the presence of puumala virus (puv) specific-igg by the indirect immunofluorescence antibody test. specific igg was detected in sera from 83 subjects (5.4%). men and women had similar seroprevalence rates. the highes ...19947914872
retrospective diagnosis of a 1983 case of fatal hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. 19947909065
hantavirus nephropathy in greece. 19947909066
serological relationships among viruses in the hantavirus genus, family bunyaviridae.we examined the serological relationships among 32 hantavirus isolates collected from numerous geographic regions and hosts. we prepared rat immune sera to each virus and used these sera in hemagglutination inhibition (hai) tests, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa), and plaque-reduction neutralization tests to establish the antigenic relationships among the isolates. our studies included viruses that had been partially characterized previously, as well as isolates for which little or no ...19948259655
phylogenetic analyses of virus isolates in the genus hantavirus, family bunyaviridae.we constructed a phylogenic tree by pairwise comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences encoded in the medium (m) genome segments of 13 hantaviruses. five distinct branches were identified, four of which are represented by hantaan, seoul, puumala, and prospect hill viruses. these groups corresponded to those previously established by serological and genetic means. in addition, we present sequence information for the m segment of thailand virus and demonstrate that it represents a unique, fif ...19948259656
a new hantavirus infection in north america. 19948121440
fatal hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in indiana. 19948121443
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: a clinical description of 17 patients with a newly recognized disease. the hantavirus study may 1993 an outbreak of severe respiratory illness occurred in the southwestern united states. a previously unknown hantavirus was identified as the cause. in asia hantaviruses are associated with hemorrhagic fever and renal disease. they have not been known as a cause of human disease in north america.19948121458
[pulmonary syndrome caused by hantavirus--a new syndrome with high mortality].an outbreak of a previously unknown, severe infectious disease with rapidly fatal respiratory distress was reported from southwestern usa in may 1993. the case fatality rate was about 60 per cent. using pcr hantavirus rna could be demonstrated in lungs and other tissues from patients. mice and others rodents, e g peromyscus maniculatus, were shown to be a reservoir of the virus. this new virus, designated four corner virus, has been further characterised and seems to be closely related to puumal ...19948139902
probable hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that occurred in new mexico in 1975. 19948147560
outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the southwestern united states. response of pathologists and other laboratorians.during late spring and early summer of 1993, national and international media called worldwide attention to a cluster of deaths in the southwestern united states. these patients succumbed to a rapidly progressive severe respiratory distress syndrome. after notification of state and national health agencies in mid-may, a major effort was launched to determine the cause of this often fatal respiratory distress syndrome, to advise the public on safety measures, and to determine the method of spread ...19948154449
addressing emerging infectious disease threats: a prevention strategy for the united states. executive summary.the spectrum of infectious disease is changing rapidly in conjunction with dramatic societal and environmental changes. worldwide, explosive population growth with expanding poverty and urban migration is occurring; international travel and commerce are increasing; and technology is rapidly changing-all of which affect the risk of exposure to infectious agents. recent examples of important emerging infectious diseases include prolonged diarrheal illness due to waterborne cryptosporidium, hemorrh ...19948164632
recognizing hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. 19948170703
genome structure and variability of a virus causing hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.a previously unrecognized hantavirus (family bunyaviridae) has recently been detected and shown to be associated with a severe respiratory illness with high mortality, termed hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps). this disease has now been identified throughout the western united states. we present nucleotide sequence characterization of the three rna segments composing the hps virus genome and address the question of the apparent emergence of this highly lethal virus. no evidence of genetic reass ...19948178455
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: radiographic findings in 16 characterize chest radiographic features of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.19948184043
serologic and genetic identification of peromyscus maniculatus as the primary rodent reservoir for a new hantavirus in the southwestern united outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) in the southwestern united states was etiologically linked to a newly recognized hantavirus. knowledge that hantaviruses are maintained in rodent reservoirs stimulated a field and laboratory investigation of 1696 small mammals of 31 species. the most commonly captured rodent, the deer mouse (peromyscus maniculatus), had the highest antibody prevalence (30%) to four hantavirus antigens. antibody also was detected in 10 other species of rodent and ...19948195603
laboratory management of agents associated with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: interim biosafety guidelines. centers for disease control and prevention.this report provides interim biosafety guidelines for preventing laboratory-associated infections with agents that cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. the guidelines are based on extensive laboratory experience with the other hantaviruses--particularly work involving the use of permissive host animal species--and on the limited experience with a hantavirus recently isolated from deer mice. the guidelines address handling patient-derived specimens, propagating viruses in culture (including viral ...19948202073
antigenic and molecular characterization of hantavirus isolates from china.hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) is caused by certain viruses in the genus hantavirus, family bunyaviridae, and is a major public health problem in china. by using molecular and serological tests, we characterized 15 hantaviruses isolated either from patients with hfrs or from rodents captured in endemic areas of china. by cross plaque-reduction neutralization tests performed with rabbit immune sera, we identified two serologically distinct groups of viruses, comprised of those relat ...19947909976
[the functional activity of neutrophilic granulocytes in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome].in blood samples taken from 33 patients having hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome (hfrs) the capacity of neutrophil granulocytes for the ingestion of bacteria and for the reduction of tetrazolium nitro blue, as well as the content of cation protein in the cytoplasm of neutrophils and the concentration of lysozyme in the blood serum of patients, were studied. the study revealed an increase in the values of the above characteristics in comparison with similar data obtained in healthy subjec ...19947910426
renal biopsy findings and clinicopathologic correlations in nephropathia epidemica.a series of 126 adult patients with a serologically confirmed diagnosis of nephropathia epidemica (ne) were studied during the acute phase of the disease. in 86 cases, renal biopsy was performed. the severity of renal failure correlated slightly with blood inflammatory parameters and the degree of hematuria but not with the amount of proteinuria. the degree of hematuria correlated inversely with the level of thrombocytopenia. the most common histopathologic lesion was acute tubulointerstitial ne ...19947910539
nephropathia epidemica in finland: a retrospective study of 126 cases.a total of 126 (99 males, 27 females) serologically confirmed hospital-treated adult cases of nephropathia epidemica (ne) were studied. the initial diagnosis suggested by the referring physician was correct in only 28%. some rare clinical manifestations of ne were observed; acute myopericarditis in 3 patients and encephalitis in 1. pulmonary involvement due to vascular congestion was observed in 16% and liver involvement in 34% of the patients. thrombocytopenia was present in 75%, leukocytosis i ...19947910705
epizootiological studies of hantavirus infection among urban rats in hokkaido, japan: evidences for the persistent infection from the sero-epizootiological surveys and antigenic characterizations of hantavirus isolates.epizootiological studies of hantavirus infection among urban rats were carried out through the surveys repeated 11 times at the same dumping ground area in 1983 to 1988. a total of 279 rats (rattus norvegicus) were captured during the surveys. sero-positive animals to hantavirus strain sr-11 were detected in all the surveys. overall positive rate of rats 6 months old or more (94/128, 73.4%) was significantly higher than that of younger rats (23/151, 15.2%, x2 = 96.4, p < 0.001). therefore, age d ...19947911335
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: kansas, 1993. 19947911857
rat-transmitted hantavirus disease in sarajevo. 19947912368
clinical quiz. nephropathia epidemica. specific igm antibodies against puumalavirus can be found in serum. 19947912543
hantavirus infection. 19947913975
sequences of wild puumala virus genes show a correlation of genetic variation with geographic origin of the experimental scheme was developed for direct sequence analysis of puumala virus-containing specimens from wild rodents (clethrionomys glareolus). total rna isolated from rodent lung tissues was reverse-transcribed in the presence of a universal 11 nucleotide primer complementary to all three viral rna segments followed by amplification in a pcr with gene-specific primers. a full-length pcr product of approximately 1800 bp from the s segment encoding the viral nucleoprotein and a product of ap ...19948113763
from the centers for disease control and prevention. newly identified hantavirus--florida, 1994. 19948114226
["four corners disease"--a newly discovered virus in the usa. is there a similar disease in sweden?]. 19948114592
retrospective and prospective studies of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in rural china.residents of two villages in zhejiang province, china, were interviewed and serum samples were collected to assess prevalence of hantavirus infection. antibody prevalence was 12% (219/1811), with a ratio of illness to infection of 1.0:5.4. seroprevalence increased with age, but no association was found with sex. there was also no evidence of vertical transmission. one year later, 2.3% (30/1325) of seronegative subjects had seroconverted including 2 who had hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. ...19947915747
[the urinary excretion of free amino acids in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome].the authors detected impaired urinary excretion of some amino acids in 20 patients suffering from moderate hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. the excretory changes depended on the kind of amino acid, the disease period and renal function. the causes of the above abnormality are discussed.19947915862
serological evidence of hantavirus disease in northern ireland.since, to our knowledge, no clinically documented cases of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) have been reported in northern ireland, a sero-epidemiological study was carried out to assess the degree of hantavirus immunity in a group of 627 northern irish patients presenting with symptoms suggestive of hfrs and 100 healthy controls. ifa screening for igg hantavirus specific antibodies was carried out with a panel of up to 9 different hantaviral antigens. igm screening was performed us ...19947916033
class and subclass distribution of hantavirus-specific serum antibodies at different times after the onset of nephropathia epidemica.sera from dutch and belgium individuals who suffered from nephropathia epidemica (ne), a mild form of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs), were tested for the distribution of classes and subclasses of hantavirus (hv)-specific antibodies at different times after the onset of the disease, with class- and subclass-specific ig capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas). in the acute, early convalescent, and convalescent phases, predominantly specific iga, igm, and igg3 antibodies ...19947916034
belgrade and hantaan hantaviruses--the causative agents of severe haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in children in serbia.during an outbreak of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) in 1989, five children (3 girls, 2 boys, aged 6.8-16 years) with a severe form of the disease were treated; four of these were followed for 22-28 months. the main clinical features in all five patients were: fever, headache, myalgia, abdominal and back pain and vomiting; haemorrhagic syndrome was present in four children. renal syndrome presented with severe acute renal failure in all five patients. all patients recovered. serol ...19947917855
first reported cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in canada. 19947920363
recommendations for hantavirus risk reduction. 19947920364
hantavirus disease. 19947923452
detection of muerto canyon virus rna in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with hantavirus pulmonary determine if muerto canyon virus (mcv) rna is present in the peripheral blood of patients with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) assay for mcv rna was used on blood samples from 20 seropositive case-patients. rna was prepared from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) or blood clot (or both) from 19 and from plasma from 11 case-patients. all 12 blood clot, all 13 pbmc, and 8 of 11 plasma preparations produced an mcv amplification pro ...19947930697
rapid differentiation between hantaan and seoul viruses by polymerase chain reaction and restriction enzyme analysis.the majority of causative strains of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) are known as hantaan and seoul viruses in korea. the clinical manifestations may be indistinguishable between both viruses, although the clinical course of hantaan virus infection is more severe than that of the seoul virus. therefore, the differentiation of hantaan or seoul virus may be important for predicting the prognosis. the primers were selected from the published sequences of the s segments of hantaan virus ...19947931185
hantavirus infection in the domestic cat. 19947933313
hantavirus--are we ready? 19947936443
[hantavirus infection without renal involvement]. 19947938973
genetic evidence for a hantavirus enzootic in deer mice (peromyscus maniculatus) captured a decade before the recognition of hantavirus pulmonary determine if the emergence of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the united states was a consequence of recent amino-acid altering mutations and/or genetic reassortment with pathogenic hantaviruses, we examined lung and spleen tissues from seropositive deer mice trapped in august 1983 in mono county, california, for hantaviral rna by reverse transcriptase-directed polymerase chain reaction. alignment and comparison of 1485 nucleotides of the s and m genomic segments enzymatically amplified from ...19947941323
comparison of nucleotide sequences of m genome segments among seoul virus strains isolated from eastern asia.the nucleotide sequences of the m genome segments of three seoul virus strains (ki strains) which were isolated from urban rats inhabiting the same enzootic focus between 1983 and 1988 were compared. the viral cdnas were amplified by pcr and were directly sequenced. the nucleotide sequences of ki strains were extremely homologous regardless of isolation year (less than 10 substitutions in 3651 nucleotides, less than 4 substitutions in 1133 amino acids). in addition, the nucleotide sequence of th ...19947941698
hantavirus disease as a cause for hematuria and acute tubular necrosis? 19947942834
serologic and virologic evidence of a prospect hill-like hantavirus in wisconsin and minnesota.the purposes of this study were to determine if hantaviruses were present in the great lakes port areas of wisconsin and minnesota and if so, to identify which virus and which rodent host species were involved. rodents were trapped in duluth, minnesota, superior, green bay, and milwaukee, wisconsin, all ports of call for international maritime shipping. a total of 675 wild rodents were captured and tested, including 310 meadow voles (microtus pennsylvanicus), 173 norway rats (rattus norvegicus), ...19947943546
isolation of a strain of a hantaan virus from a fatal case of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in slovenia.hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) has been serologically confirmed in slovenia during the last seven years. there is evidence that three hantaviruses (hantaan, puumala, and a newly described form termed dobrava) circulate simultaneously in this area. recently, a hantavirus was isolated from the urine and brain tissue of a fatal case of hfrs. positive immunofluorescent reactions with reference human sera and monoclonal antibodies were first recognized after the second cell culture pass ...19947943563
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: a study of sequelae following nephropathia epidemica.sequelae following nephropathia epidemica (ne) were investigated in 792 individuals living in an endemic area of sweden. volunteers were tested for presence of puumala (puu) virus specific igg antibodies in serum, as well as several parameters linked with renal dysfunction and cardiovascular disease (systolic and diastolic blood pressure, ecg, bmi, total cholesterol and serum creatinine). no differences were seen in any of the variables tested between puu virus antibody positive (n = 110) and ne ...19947944947
different transmissibility of 2 isolates of seoul virus from the same wild brown rat (rattus norvegicus).two seoul virus strains were isolated from the same wild brown rat (rattus norvegicus) by 2 different procedures. while one isolate (tr-352) by means of a cell culture system had no horizontal transmissibility in 3-week-old rats, another isolate (tr-352r) by means of inoculation to newborn rats had transmissibility in rats.19947948388
association of serine in position 1124 of hantaan virus glycoprotein with virulence in mice.hantaan virus (hv) of the genus hantavirus causes a fatal disease in suckling mice following intraperitoneal or intracerebral infection. hv cl-1, which was obtained from the 76-118 strain of hv by growth in vero e6 cells, exhibited high mortality rates in mice whereas mice infected with hv cl-2 survived without any clinical signs. to determine the molecular basis for the marked difference in virulence, we compared the nucleotide sequences of the large (l), medium (m) and small (s) segments of hv ...19947964639
tula virus: a newly detected hantavirus carried by european common voles.a novel hantavirus has been discovered in european common voles, microtus arvalis and microtus rossiaemeridionalis. according to sequencing data for the genomic rna s segment and nucleocapsid protein and data obtained by immunoblotting with a panel of monoclonal antibodies, the virus, designated tula virus, is a distinct novel member of the genus hantavirus. phylogenetic analyses of tula virus indicate that it is most closely related to prospect hill, puumala, and muerto canyon viruses. the resu ...19947966573
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--virginia, 1993.hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) was first recognized in june 1993 as a result of the investigation of a cluster of fatal cases of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ards) in the southwestern united states (1). during that month, a 61-year-old man was admitted to a hospital in southern pennsylvania with ards; recent testing of all available specimens from this patient has confirmed the diagnosis of hps. this report summarizes the case investigation.19947969008
hantavirus: an increasing problem?hantaviruses are enveloped rna viruses and members of the bunyaviridae family. they are transmitted from various rodent hosts by inhalation of infected urine, saliva or faeces. infection in rodent hosts is inapparent but persists for life. person-to-person spread of hantavirus has not been described. two main presentations of the disease occur. haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) is due to hantaan, seoul, puumala, porogia and belgrade viruses. in general hfrs due to hantaan, porogia an ...19947979621
hantavirus: an overview and update. 19947983838
isolation of pathogenic hantavirus from white-footed mouse (peromyscus leucopus) 19947984010
from the centers for disease control and prevention. hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--virginia, 1993. 19947990229
serological survey of hantavirus antibodies in chronic hemodialysis patients. 19947994941
genetic identification of a new puumala virus strain causing severe hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in germany.a severe case of suspected hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) was recently identified in northwestern germany. a genetic detection assay was designed that identified hantavirus-specific rna in the patient's clinical specimens by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction amplification of virus s and m genome segments. phylogenetic analysis of the nucleotide sequences demonstrated that this virus belonged to the puumala (puu) group, with the closest relationship to a puu isolate fr ...19947995985
experimental transmission of hantavirus infection in laboratory rats.this study found a competent transmission of hantavirus between cagemates using congenitally t cell-deficient rowett nude rats (rnu/rnu). intraperitoneally infected immunologically normal rats (rnu/+) did not transmit the hantavirus to their normal cagemates (rnu/+) but did to rowett nude rats (rnu/rnu). thus, nude rats were shown to be highly susceptible to the hantavirus infection. also, infected nude rats (rnu/rnu) discharged the infectious viruses, to cause a prevalence of infection among no ...19947996001
seoul hantavirus seropositivity among injecting drug users in baltimore. 19947996013
hantavirus. 19948003367
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. 19948004332
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in indiana. 19948034959
emerging infectious diseases in the united states, 1993.three outbreaks of disease in the united states in 1993 caused by escherichia coli o157:h7, cryptosporidium organisms, and a previously unrecognized hantavirus clearly illustrate the increasing challenges posed by emerging infectious diseases. the largest us outbreak of e. coli o157:h7 infection reported occurred as a result of contaminated hamburgers served at a fast-food restaurant chain. the largest recorded waterborne disease outbreak in us history was due to contamination of a municipal wat ...19948035009
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--northeastern united states, 1994.on january 20, 1994, a 22-year-old rhode island man died of acute respiratory distress approximately 5 hours after hospitalization. this report summarizes the case investigation.19948035772
quarterly communicable disease review july to september 1993. from the phls communicable disease surveillance centre. 19948037941
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in new england and europe. 19948041424
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in new england and europe. 19948041425
preparing for emerging infectious diseases continue to emerge, yet there is no clear strategy for managing them. a model response should be devised in the light of past events such as the recent us outbreak of a previously unknown hantavirus.19948047155
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome complicating pregnancy.the purpose of this report is to bring to the attention of obstetric care providers the occurrence in pregnancy of a threatening pulmonary syndrome caused by hantavirus infection.19948059840
isolation of the causative agent of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.investigation of a recent outbreak of acute respiratory illness in the southwestern united states resulted in the recognition of a new disease, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) with high mortality. different animals and cell lines were used in attempts to isolate the causative agent. a previously unknown hantavirus was passaged in laboratory-bred deer mice, recovered from lung tissues of a deer mouse, peromyscus maniculatus, and propagated in the e6 clone of vero cells. virus antigen was read ...19948059907
scientist tests the public unreported accident in a virus laboratory at yale is but one of many factors that challenge society's trust in scientists' promises to do hazardous research.19948072514
baculovirus expression of the nucleocapsid protein of a puumala serotype hantavirus.recombinant baculoviruses were generated harboring the entire coding region of the s segment cdna of hantavirus strain cg 18-20 that belongs to the puumala serotype. the recombinant nucleocapsid protein was expressed in sf9 cells and shown to be antigenically identical with the authentic viral nucleocapsid protein by means of immunoblot analysis. acute-phase and convalescent sera from european hfrs patients recognized the recombinant nucleocapsid protein in western blots and the recombinant bacu ...19948073635
hantavirus: quick and deadly. 19948079095
hantavirus: emergency department response to a disaster from an emerging may 1993, the appearance of critically ill patients with unexplained respiratory distress was noted in the four corners area formed by new mexico, arizona, and colorado. this epidemic was ultimately linked to a hantavirus, an emerging pathogen. the impact on the emergency department of a new infectious disease with respiratory distress is described. a model is proposed to manage infectious disease disasters. emerging infections that are important to emergency physicians are discussed. recomme ...19948080140
emergency department response to a disaster from an emerging pathogen. 19948080147
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: recognition and emergency department management.hantavirus infection with respiratory involvement is a new clinical entity. the respiratory and cardiovascular abnormalities associated with hantavirus infection define the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps). we present two cases of hps and discuss the presentation, epidemiology, emergency department management, and differential diagnosis. treatment of hps involves intensive care monitoring, airway management, and cardiovascular support. because human hantavirus infection with respiratory invol ...19948080149
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in new england and europe. 19948080572
genetic identification of a novel hantavirus of the harvest mouse reithrodontomys megalotis.we have cloned the s genomic segment of a novel hantavirus of the harvest mouse reithrodontomys megalotis. the virus is phylogenetically distinct from other hantaviruses. the new hantavirus was identified in harvest mice separated by approximately 1,000 km. a wood rat (neotoma mexicana) was found to be infected with the harvest mouse hantavirus.19948084007
from the centers for disease control and prevention. hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--northeastern united states, 1994. 19948089901
hantavirus epidemic in europe, 1993. 19947903742
hantavirus epidemic in europe, 1993. 19947903743
hantavirus epidemic in europe, 1993. 19947903744
guillain-barré syndrome associated with hantavirus infection. 19947904032
antibodies to different strains of hantavirus in end-stage renal disease in usa and japan. 19947904033
the domestic cat: a possible transmitter of viruses from rodents to man. 19947908383
is "south-west us mystery disease" caused by hantavirus? 19947905062
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in california: report of two cases and investigation.we report two cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that were probably acquired in california. genetic analysis of tissue specimens from one of the patients revealed that the virus isolated is a variant of the strain (sin nombre virus) identified in the outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that occurred in the four corners region of the southwestern united states in 1993. in addition to presenting the clinical features of the two cases, we discuss the possible risk factors for infection.19947888541
[hantavirus: a new pandemic?]. 19947885196
role of infection in the genesis of acute renal failure.while most experimental models of acute renal failure (arf) involve ischaemic or toxic damage to the kidney in non-infected animals, a surprisingly large proportion of patients with arf exhibit signs of septicaemia or systemic reaction to local infections. this clinical observation suggests an important role of infection-related mediator mechanisms in the genesis of arf. another important aspect is the occurrence of arf in the context of infections with nephrotropic viruses (e.g. hantavirus acco ...19947800267
hantavirus pulmonary outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) occurred in the western u.s. in 1993. this outbreak was surprising because serious disease due to hantavirus had not been reported previously in the u.s., and hantavirus had not been documented to cause significant pulmonary disease. epidemiologic investigation discovered a novel strain of hantavirus as the etiologic agent of hps. the centers for disease control (cdc) proposed the name of muerto canyon virus for this novel hantavirus, which is t ...19947801629
the no-name virus. questions linger after the four corners outbreak. 19947809594
[nephropathia epidemica. hantavirus nephritis--a differential diagnosis in acute abdomen].nephropathia epidemica (ne) is an infectious disease caused by hantavirus of the bunyavirus family and carried by little rodents, in denmark presumably by the bank vole (clethrionomys glareolus). the disease usually presents with self-limiting renal failure, thrombocytopenia, fever, lower back and/or abdominal pain. as such it might be confused with for example acute abdomen as shown by the two cases given. final diagnosis is based upon demonstrating antibody formation against hantavirus.19947810017
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