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studies on rinderpest culture vaccine. ii. factors influencing the accuracy of vaccine potency tests. 19695392352
[clinical and immunologic behavior during rinderpest contamination of cattle vaccinated several years ago against rinderpest with cell culture vaccines]. 19695408390
[adaptation in microtest of the seroneutralization technic by the kinetic method for the research and titration of antibodies neutralizing the rinderpest virus]. 19695408391
studies on rinderpest culture vaccine. i. some factors affecting virus production. 19695809570
[possibilities and limits of the measles hemagglutination inhibition test in the serology of rinderpest. ii. dissimilarity between the results obtained with this test and the rinderpest virus seroneutralization]. 19695817939
serologic response in monkeys inoculated with rinderpest and measles viruses. 19694980999
clinical and serologic response of american white-collared peccaries to african swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, vesicular stomatitis, vesicular exanthema of swine, hog cholera, and rinderpest viruses. 19694322827
observations on cultured cells infected with rinderpest virus by means of fluorescent antibody technique. 19694309157
presence of 2 different viral agents in brain cells of patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis. 19704316388
the immunodepressive effect of rinderpest virus. 19704320166
comparative immunofluorescent studies on measles, canine distemper, and rinderpest viruses. immunofluorescence of measles, distemper, and rinderpest viruses. 19704195094
cytopathic effect in cell cultures of rinderpest virus and some other viruses causing rinderpest-like diseases. 19704333486
use of vero cells for titration of rinderpest virus and its neutralizing antibody.primary bovine embryonic kidney cell was successfully replaced by the green monkey cell line (vero) for the isolation and seroneutralization of rinderpest virus.19704985833
[cattle-plague and immunofluorescence. application to the differential diagnosis of cattle-plague infection]. 19704934929
production of veterinary vaccines in mammalian cell cultures. 19705416447
the immunologic concept of heterotypic resistance. 19705422524
a new method of evaluation of the potency of anti rinderpest serum. 19705439960
effect of rinderpest vaccination of spermatogenesis in bulls. 19705462213
a plaque assay system for rinderpest virus and its use in characterising virus adsorption. 19705533699
studies on rinderpest culture vaccine. 3. stability of the lyophilised product. 19705533977
[immunological studies on bovine pleuropneumonia. xi. a combined living antibovipestic antiperipneumonic vaccine inoculated at the same time. concept, production, controls]. 19705535125
the pathogenesis of rinderpest in the lymph nodes of cattle. light and electron microscopic studies. 19715540659
studies on lapinised rinderpest virus. 19715566706
an indirect hemagglutination test of rinderpest virus. 19715569698
susceptibility of cattle, buffaloes and swine in cambodia to lapinized rinderpest virus. 19715569699
a comparative electron microscopic study on the morphogenesis of canine distemper and rinderpest viruses. 19714994230
subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, measles, rabies and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. 19715000224
a comparative study of peste des petits ruminants and kata in west african dwarf goats. 19715006087
studies on rinderpest culture vaccine. iv. the stability of the reconstituted product. 19715103430
[rinderpest protection of bovines by measles virus. ii. vaccination of calves born from cows vaccinated with the mb 113 strain]. 19715137767
susceptibility of cattle, buffaloes and swine in cambodia to lapinized-avianized rinderpest virus. 19715167327
[comparative morphology of measles, distemper and rinderpest viruses]. 19715169406
factors influencing the epidemiology and epizootiology of airborne diseases. 19714342868
a diseases of sokoto goats resembling "peste des petits ruminants". 19724366855
observations on pathogenic organisms in the airborne state. 19724367142
[inopportune cattle mucosal diseases associated with rinderpest vaccine]. 19724677385
congenital infection of cattle with the herpesvirus causing malignant catarrhal fever. 19725017823
[modern methods and technics in the experimental diagnosis of bovine plague]. 19734617907
[small ruminant plague and its prevention in senegal and in western africa]. 19734807991
ferritin-tagged antibody cross-reactions among rinderpest, canine distemper, and measles viruses. 19734201833
natural infection of cynomolgus monkeys with measles virus. 19734214280
[study of the immunostimulating activity of 3 imidazole derivatives with anthelminthic action, on bovipestic, peripneumonic and anthrax immunogenesis]. 19744216052
physico-chemical characterisation of rinderpest virus. 19744216758
further studies on the immunologic relationships among measles, distemper, and rinderpest viruses. 19744139195
ribonucleic acid synthesis in rinderpest virus infected cells. 19744374647
active immunization of cattle with killed vaccines prepared from cell-cultured rinderpest virus. 19744425313
serum electrophoretic pattern of buffalo calves vaccinated with cell culture rinderpest vaccine. 19744464256
observations on the behaviour of rinderpest virus in immune animals challenged intransally. 19744471456
pathogenesis of rinderpest virus infection in rabbits. i. clinical signs, immune response, histological changes, and virus growth patterns.rabbits were intravenously inoculated with an attenuated rinderpest virus (l strain), and general patterns of the disease were investigated. the rabbits developed fever with concomitant occurrence of diarrhea and lymphopenia. early production of interferon was followed by a rise of neutralizing antibody. histological examinations revealed an involvement of all of the lymphoid tissues, with primary lesions consisting of necrosis of the lymphoid follicles and formation of giant cells. immunofluore ...19744593339
pathogenesis of rinderpest virus infection in rabbits. ii. effect of rinderpest virus on the immune functions of rabbits.rinderpest virus infection was shown to induce marked suppression of both humoral antibody response and cell-mediated immunity in rabbits. the virus exhibited a suppressive effect on primary antibody response as indicated by a decrease in numbers of plaque-forming cells (immunoglobulin [ig]m) and hemagglutinating antibody titers of both igm and igg types to sheep red blood cells, whereas there was no detectable effect of the virus on the production of memory cells. virus-induced suppression of c ...19744593340
a study of immunoglobulin m antibody to measles, canine distemper, and rinderpest viruses in sera of patients with subacute sclerosing boys were studied who had the clinical features of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (sspe) and whose brain histology was consistent with sspe. measles antigen was detected in the seven brains by the direct fluorescent antibody method. three out of the seven boys had in their sera measles specific immunoglobulin m (igm) which was detected by the indirect fluorescent antibody method, and the cell receptors for it were acetone stable. a prozone effect was noted in the sera of two patients. ...19751097472
experimental infection of white-tailed deer with rinderpest virus.white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) succumbed to experimental infection with virulent rinderpest (rp) virus that was also lethal to cattle and goats. the deer developed clinical signs typical of rp and died 5 and 6 days post-inoculation. infection was confirmed by recovery of virus from blood before death, from lymph node tissue after necropsy, and demonstration of specific complement fixing antigen in those tissues. electron micrographs of infected vero cell cultures revealed extracellul ...19751195493
[propagation of the lapinized strain of rinderpest virus in the organ culture of rabbit lymph node tissue (author's transl)]. 19751241631
immunologic relationship between rinderpest and peste des petits ruminants viruses. 197586993
diminished antibody response to rinderpest vaccination in cattle undergoing experimental east coast fever.the immunocompetence of cattle undergoing east coast fever (ecf) reactions of varying degrees of intensity was evaluated using the neutralising antibody response of these cattle to the vaccine response was found in animals undergoing severe ecf reactions. the results suggest that the massive lymphoid cell involvement of such severe ecf reactions diminishes the immune responsiveness of cattle to rinderpest vaccine.19751166127
the production and use of rinderpest cell culture vaccine.description of preparation, safety and efficacy testing of a rinderpest cell culture vaccine which is observed in lyophilized form and should be used within two hours following its reconstitution. excellent results have been obtained with this vaccine in kenya, uganda and tanzania.19761030429
[origin of urinary hyperexcretion of camp in the irradiated animal. use of a viral lymphocyte depletion technic]. 1976188360
autoimmunity induced in rabbits by rinderpest virus.during rinderpest virus infection in rabbits, 19s cold hemagglutinating antibody against rabbit erythrocytes and 7s anti-nuclear antibody, which reacts with the nuclei and/or the nuclear membranes in immunofluorescent staining, were demonstrated. virus infection that affected the thymus-dependent immune functions was speculated to act as a trigger for the production of these two autoantibodies.1976773835
detection of antibody to rinderpest virus by indirect fluorescent antibody technique. 1976824483
etiology of the stomatitis pneumoenteritis complex in nigerian dwarf goats.the causative agent of stomatitis pneumoenteritis complex was isolated in domesticated goats and vero cell culture. it was identified immunologically and morphologically as identical with the "peste des petits ruminants" virus. there were cross reactions between stomatitis pneumoenteritis complex virus isolate and rinderpest virus by immunodiffusion and complement fixation tests but no cross neutralization. goats recovered from stomatitis pneumoenteritis complex were protected against a challeng ...1976826310
the application of imidocarb dipropionate for the control of theileria annulata infection in egyptian cattle used for testing rinderpest vaccine. 1976963507
development of a diploid cell line from fetal calf lung for virus vaccine production.details of isolation and replication of a fetal calf diploid cell (fcdc) is given. from the karyological point of view, the fairly large number of chromosomes existing in metaphase spreads made counting rather tedious. lack of practical classification was another problem which made reference to individual chromosomes difficult. by increasing the population doubling of this cell, a tendency of telocentric chromosomes to undergo centric fusion was observed. susceptibility of fcdc to different viru ...19761036404
studies on recovery mechanism from rinderpest virus infection in rabbits. i. effect of anti-thymocyte serum and thymectomy.the role of cell-mediated immunity in recovery from rinderpest virus infection in rabbits was investigated by application of immunosuppressive procedures, i.e., treatment with anti-thymocyte serum and combined treatment with thymectomy and anti-thymocyte serum, both of which were confirmed to depress significantly cell-mediated immunity in rabbits. the immunosuppressed animals recovered in almost the normal fashion in terms of clinical signs, of virus clearance from the blood and lymphoid tissue ...19761087650
response of white-tailed deer to infection with peste des petits ruminants virus.white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) were infected experimentally with two strains of peste des petits ruminants virus. the response varied from fatal consequence to subclinical infection. the clinical signs and gross lesions were similar to those in goats. virus was recovered from all the infected deer, and survivors developed specific antibodies demonstrated by complement fixation and virus neutralization tests. survivors also resisted challenge with virulent rinderpest virus that was le ...197616502689
the isolation of adenoviruses from goats affected with peste des petits ruminants in nigeria.mucosal scrapings from the large intestine of two goats that had died from peste des petits ruminants (ppr) in separate outbreaks in nigeria were examined for viruses. a mixed viral infection of ppr virus (morbillivirus) and adenovirus was confirmed in both goats. the adenoviruses did not conform to any of the ovine and bovine serotypes recognised; the two isolates were considered different serotypes. it is concluded that, although the role of adenoviruses in the epizootiology of ppr in nigeria ...1977203986
antiviral effects of double-stranded rna from rice dwarf virus on infection of mice with western equine encephalitis virus.a single administration (1 to 10 mg/kg) of rice dwarf virus rna (rdv-rna) prior to virus challenge reduced the mortality of mice infected with western equine encephalitis (wee) virus. the protective effect of rdv-rna was significantly higher than that of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid. however, when these rnas were given after virus infection, the protective effect was negligible. the titer of circulating interferon in mice reached a peak about 5 hr after injection of these rnas and remained at ...1977333233
[effect of estrogens on infection of rabbits with cattle plague virus previously administered to rabbits].the rabbit bovipest virus selectively destroys the lymphoid b line in the rabbit. estrogens inhibit this destruction when they are administered before the infection which leads are to think that they act on membrane sites of the lymphocytes.1977408043
studies on the methods of preparation of rinderpest hyperimmune sera in rabbits.the procedures for the preparation of the rinderpest hyperimmune sera in rabbits were studied by comparing the sera from rabbits immunised by three different schedules of inoculations. the best sera for use in immunodiffusion tests were obtained from rabbits inoculated first with rinderpest hyperimmune serum and lapinised virus, and then with lapinised virus mixed with oil adjuvant twice at weekly intervals. those rabbits which received additional one or two intravenous inoculations with lapinis ...1977410129
confirmation of rinderpest from samples of affected gums. 1977413227
immunogenicity of rice dwarf virus-ribonucleic acid.using rice dwarf virus (rdv)-rna which was extracted from rdv and further purified by mak-column chromatography, anti-rna antibodies were produced in rabbits immunized with rdv-rna antibodies were prods immunized with rdv-rna-methylated bovine serum albumin complexes. the antisera, as analzyed by complement fixation, cross-reacted with synthetic double stranded rnas (poly (a)-poly (u), poly (i)-poly (c)), but not with native or denatured dna, rrna, trna, 5 s rna and nucleic acids from rice plant ...1977918970
studies on the preparation of rinderpest antigen for use in conglutinating complement absorption test. 1978738787
classification of peste des petits ruminants virus as the fourth member of the genus morbillivirus.peste des petits ruminants (ppr) is a virus disease of sheep and goats in west africa. when first described, the virus was considered a variant of rinderpest virus. the biological and physicochemical characteristics of the virus indicate that it is closely related to measles, rinderpest and canine distemper viruses. these three viruses form the genus morbillivirus of the paramyxoviridae. ppr virus is sufficiently distinct from these 3 viruses to justify considering it as the fourth member of the ...1979457363
experimental infection of domestic pigs with the virus of peste des petits ruminants.pigs could be subclinically infected with pprv by inoculation or contact with infected goats. there was no evidence that the virus could spread to uninfected pigs or goats and pigs are not considered important in the epidemiology of pprv.1979462558
the isolation of peste des petits ruminants virus from nigerian sheep and goats.four isolates of peste des petits ruminants virus were obtained from sick nigerian sheep and goats. one was identical antigenically with the prototype senegalese strain. a cross relationship was found between peste des petits ruminants virus and rinderpest virus based on neutralisation in vitro.1979472495
observations on the survival and infectivity of airborne rinderpest virus. 1979500244
protection of goats against peste-des-petits-ruminants with attenuated rinderpest virus.goats vaccinated with attenuated rinderpest were protected from peste-des-petits-ruminants virus for at least 12 months; vaccinated animals were unable to transmit the challenge virus. before challenge neutralising antibodies were directed primarily against rinderpest but following exposure to peste-des-petits-ruminants, a high antibody level to both viruses was found.1979542719
polypeptides of rinderpest virus & virus-specific polypeptide synthesis in infected cells. 1979575850
the occurrence of infectious diseases in mixed farming of domesticated wild herbivores and domestic herivores, including camels, in kenya. i. viral diseases: a serologic survey with special reference to foot-and-mouth disease. 1979225576
serological studies with the virus of peste des petits ruminants in was possible to distinguish separate serological responses when experimental goats were inoculated with either rinderpest virus or peste des petits ruminants virus. examination of field samples established that peste des petits ruminants occur commonly in nigerian sheep and goats although some villages have escaped recent infection. there was no evidence of infection with rinderpest in these animals.1979262608
studies on viral interference induced by rinderpest virus: interference and interferon induction by tissue culture rinderpest vaccine (tcrv) virus in vitro. 19806162300
comparative aspects of pathogenicity of measles, canine distemper, and rinderpest viruses. 19806997585
rapid detection of rinderpest virus antigens by counter-immunoelectrophoresis.counter-immunoelectrophoresis was compared with immunodiffusion for its ability to detect rinderpest virus antigens. counter-immunoelectrophoresis detected antigens in lymph node biopsies from all of 9 infected cattle whereas immunodiffusion detected them in 8 only. counter-immunoelectrophoresis was between 4 and 16 times more sensitive than immunodiffusion for detecting rinderpest virus antigens in the tissues of diseased animals and could detect positive reactions within 40 min. counter-immuno ...19806779407
the effect of trypanosoma congolense and t vivax infections on the antibody response of cattle to live rinderpest virus vaccine.infections with trypanosoma congolense or t vivax did not significantly depress the neutralising antibody response of cattle to live rinderpest vaccine when vaccination was carried out eight or 25 days after infection.19807414077
studies on viral interference induced by rinderpest virus: inactivation of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine virus by heat treatment at 56 degrees c and by ultraviolet irradiation. 19807467995
comparison of autoimmunity induction with virulent and attenuated rinderpest virus in rabbits.two strains of rinderpest virus which differ each other in virulence to rabbits were compared in their capacity to produce autoantibodies and their effects on the function of the lymphoid system. the virulent l strain induced two autoantibodies, i.e., antinuclear antibody (ana) and cold hemagglutinating antibody (ha), and suppressed lymphocyte response to phytohemagglutinin and to concanavalin a for at least 4 weeks after infection. the attenuated la strain, on the other hand, failed to induce t ...19816975843
rinderpest in nigeria. 19817257160
establishment of a persistently infected cell line with rinderpest virus.persistent infection of rinderpest virus in vero cells was established and designated as vrp34. virus specific antigens were present in nearly 100 per cent of the cells. cytopathic effect (cpe) consisting of syncytium formation and vacuolation is a unique feature of vrp34. spontaneously released virus mainly consisted of non-temperature-sensitive virus populations and was able to initiate persistent infection in both normal vero and rk13 cells. the results indicate that mutation of virus is resp ...19817271459
safety of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine in pregnant goats. 19817292614
microelisa test for detecting antibodies to rinderpest virus antigens.a microplate enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed which detected antibodies to a soluble antigen prepared from sonicated rinderpest virus-infected cells. the elisa detected titres of antibody to the virus in the sera of cattle 3 weeks after immunisation with tissue culture rinderpest virus vaccine which were similar to those detected by the virus neutralisation test. the elisa test shows potential as a rapid and economic technique for screening large numbers of sera for antibo ...19817015643
production of interferon by rinderpest virus in calf kidney cell cultures. 19816165231
analysis of structural proteins of measles, canine distemper, and rinderpest viruses.serological relationships among measles virus (mv), canine distemper virus (cdv), and rinderpest virus (rv), which constitute morbillivirus subgroup of paramyxoviridae, were investigated by immunoprecipitation and sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for their major structural proteins, i.e., hemagglutinin (h), nucleocapsid (nc), fusion (f), and matrix (m) proteins. the molecular weights of the four structural proteins of mv and cdv were confirmed to correspond to those previously reported by ...19816174760
antigenic differences in the hemagglutinin of measles and related viruses. 19816162273
the separation of three antibody populations from anti-poly(a).poly(u) antibodies elicited in mice or rabbits and antigenic features of poly(a).poly(u)).anti-poly(a).poly(u) antibodies in ascitic fluid of ddy mice immunized with poly(a).poly(u)-methylated bovine serum albumin complexes were fractionated into three major antibody populations, ab-1, ab-2 and ab-3, by precipitating with poly(i).poly(c), poly(a).poly(u), and poly(a).2 poly(u), respectively. antibody population one, ab-2, reacted with various double-stranded rnas [poly(i).poly(c), poly(a).poly(u), and rice dwarf virus ribonucleic acid (rdv-rna)] and poly(a).2 poly(u). ab-2 reacted wi ...19826178956
studies on viral interference induced by rinderpest virus: 4. induction of circulating interferon and antibodies in buffaloes following inoculation with tissue culture rinderpest vaccine (tcrv) virus. 19826194837
an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of igg, iga and igm antibodies to rinderpest virus in experimentally infected cattle. 19827043688
microtitre techniques for the assay of rinderpest virus and neutralising antibody.microtitre techniques were compared with conventional tube techniques for their ability to assay rinderpest virus and neutralising antibody to the virus. the microtitre technique was as sensitive and reliable for assaying the virus as the recommended tube technique, using cell suspensions. both of these methods, however, were less sensitive than tube titrations on preformed cell monolayers. the microtitre test was as sensitive as the tube test for detecting and assaying virus neutralising antibo ...19827079607
precipitating antibody in sera of goats naturally affected with peste des petits ruminants. 19827101469
neutralising antibodies to rinderpest virus in sheep and goats in western kenya. 19827157610
studies on viral interference induced by rinderpest virus: 3. interferon induction by attenuated and virulent strains of rinderpest virus in tissue culture. 19827186805
the use of an enzyme-labelled assay as an aid to reading micro virus-neutralisation indirect immunoperoxidase technique has been developed for the detection of virus-infected cells after completion of a micro virus-neutralisation test. this allows visual rather than microscopic reading of the plates, which is less time-consuming and does not require a technician skilled in distinguishing between specific viral cytopathic effect and non-specific cytotoxicity. the technique proved to be more sensitive than microscopic reading for the detection of low levels of antibody and cou ...19826754814
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