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rinderpest studies: attenuation of the rabbit adapted strain of rinderpest virus. 194717648231
[not available]. 194718902201
rinderpest virus attenuated in eggs. 194720251213
the utilisation of pigs for the production of lapinised rinderpest virus. 195014792098
reactions in cattle after vaccination with lapinised rinderpest virus. 195114836306
lapinised rinderpest virus and a vaccine: some observations in east africa. i. laboratory experiments. 195114888730
lapinised rinderpest virus and a vaccine: some observations in east africa. ii. field trials with lapinised vaccine. 195114888731
avianization of lapinized rinderpest virus. 195313050895
thermal reactions of kenya cattle vaccinated with lapinized rinderpest virus. 195413176432
use of rabbit-passaged strains of the nakamura la rinderpest virus for immunizing korean cattle. 195413207578
an investigation of antibody response in cattle vaccinated with the rabbit-passaged la rinderpest virus in korea. 195513228870
the optimum concentration of lapinised rinderpest virus for the inoculation of rabbits in the production of vaccine. 195513242670
cytopathogenicity of rinderpest virus in tissue culture. 195713407712
the use of the complement-fixation test for the demonstration of rinderpest virus in rabbit tissue using rabbit antisera. 195717648998
rinderpest virus adapted to the chorioallantoic membrane of the chick embryo : its attenuation and use as a vaccine. 195717649000
application of the complement-fixation test to the demonstration of rinderpest virus in the tissue of infected cattle using rabbit antiserum. i. results with the kabete and pendik strains of virus. 195717649001
propagation of the lapinized-avianized strain of rinderpest virus in the culture of chicken embryo tissue. 195813498257
duration of immunity conferred by wet lapinised rinderpest virus vaccine in n'dama cattle in sierra leone. 195813502491
a specific diffusible antigen of rinderpest virus demonstrated by the agar double-diffusion precipitation reaction. 195813552687
mortality of rabbits inoculated with lapinised rinderpest virus. 195913641446
studies with rinderpest virus in tissue culture. i. growth and cytopathogenicity. 195913641447
studies with rinderpest virus in tissue culture. ii. pathogenicity for cattle of culture-passaged virus. 195913641448
[attempts at titration of the antibodies neutralizing rinderpest virus]. 195913650296
effect of caprinized rinderpest virus in rabbits. 195914444218
multiple components of rinderpest virus as determined by the precipitin reaction in agar gel. 196013834929
[studies on the avianized variants of rinderpest virus]. 196113702708
treatment of rinderpest-infected cattle with caprinized rinderpest virus. 196113749351
rinderpest interference with caprinized rinderpest virus. 196113785245
transmission of lapinized rinderpest virus by contact between rabbits. 196113909928
the inactivation of rinderpest virus by beta-propiolactone and its effect on homologous complement-fixing and neutralizing antibodies. 196113917476
some factors influencing the propagation of rinderpest virus in embryonated eggs. 196113764967
rinderpest virus. 196213944098
adaptation of two strains of rinderpest virus to tissue culture. 196213884138
studies with tissue culture-modified rinderpest virus as an immunizing agent. 196213884139
influence of the route of exposure on the titre of rinderpest virus in rabbits. 196213909927
the morphology of rinderpest virus. 196214487243
studies with rinderpest virus in tissue culture. iii. the stability of cultured virus and its use in virus neutralization tests. 196214487244
electron microscopy of rinderpest virus in bovine kidney tissue culture cells. 196314015170
the propagation and growth characteristics of rinderpest virus in hela cells. 196314093840
[fluorescence serologic studies on cell cultures after infection with rinderpest virus. with a contribution to the problem of a group specific seroreaction between measles virus and rinderpest antibody]. 196314166423
adverse reactions in cattle after vaccination with lapinized rinderpest virus. 196313992530
studies in tissue culture on ph-stability of rinderpest virus. 196313930574
a secondary effect from the use of caprinised rinderpest virus vaccine on heavily tick-infested cattle. 19635896617
hematologic studies of rinderpest-infected swine.complete hematologic studies on swine inoculated with virulent rinderpest virus are reported. there was a 67 per cent reduction in total leukocyte counts on the third day postinoculation; counts returned to normal by the eighth day. the remainder of the hematologic values showed no significant changes. there was a febrile response at 3 days postinoculation; by the eighth day, temperature had returned to normal. other clinical signs were less conspicuous and consisted of anorexia, stiff gait, and ...196317649426
plaque production by rinderpest virus in bovine kidney cultures: a preliminary report. 196317649429
a comparison of the viruses of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr), infectious pustular vulvovaginitis (ipv), and rinderpest: part i. studies of antigenic relationships.the viruses of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr), infectious pustular vulvovaginitis (ipv), and rinderpest were compared by specific methods. the results further confirmed that ibr and ipv are caused by agents with common antigens. no antigenic relationship was found between these viruses and rinderpest virus, which confirms earlier work.196417649498
production, evaluation and use of lapinized-avianized rinderpest virus vaccine in egypt. 19645896557
analysis of rinderpest virus antigen. i. results of the diffusion precipitation test in agar-gel. 196414251569
the growth of virulent and attenuated strains of rinderpest virus in primary calf kidney cells. 196414184620
serological evidence for the susceptibility of the hippopotamus (hippopotamus amphibius linnaeus) to natural infection with rinderpest virus. 196414210780
segregation of an avirulent variant of rinderpest virus by the terminal dilution technique in tissue culture. 196414210798
histochemical studies on rabbits infected with lapinized rinderpest virus: ileum in the region of peyer's patches. 196414125932
ph and thermal stability of rinderpest virus. 196414314775
histochemical study of alkaline phosphatase and glycogen in the liver of rabbits infected with lapinized rinderpest virus. 196514317476
methods of determining immunity, duration and character of immunity resulting from measles. 196514322862
tissue changes in goats used for rinderpest vaccine production. 196514338096
studies on the pathogenesis of rinderpest in experimental cattle. 3. proliferation of an attenuated strain in various tissues following subcutaneous inoculation. 196514311094
studies on the hematology of rabbits infected with lapinized and caprinized strains of rinderpest virus. 196514284442
observations on post-vaccinal sequelae to rinderpest vaccination using caprinised vaccine, on cattle in tanganyika masailand. 196514286150
clinical and immune response of alien hosts to inoculation with measles, rinderpest, and canine distemper viruses. 19654956660
studies on the pathogenesis of rinderpest in experimental cattle. iv. proliferation of the virus following contact infection. 19655215637
response of calves, sheep, and pigs to a cell-culture-modified rinderpest virus. 19655860391
duration of rinderpest immunity in cattle following vaccination with caprinised rinderpest virus. 19655893785
propagation of rinderpest virus in suckling mice and its comparison to murine adapted strains of measles and distemper. 19655882876
[some basic investigations on the rinderpest virus]. 19655881271
[note on the action of sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride on rinderpest virus adapted to cell culture]. 19666008652
identification and control of a rinderpest outbreak in saudi arabia. 19665967349
[hemagglutination inhibition reaction with measles antigen in rinderpest. ii. antibody formation after inoculation of various live vaccines in cattle]. 19665994742
resistance of two bulls against rinderpest without detectable neutralising antibodies in their sera. 19665909635
response of virus diarrhea-mucosal disease-convalescent calves and rinderpest-vaccinated calves to inoculation with heterologous virus. 19665959401
[studies on the rinderpest virus under application of cell cultures]. 19664869805
[recently acquired knowledge on cattle plague and its virus]. 19665333398
[studies of cattle plague virus with the use of cell cultures]. 19664168065
comparative cytopathology of rinderpest and bovine parainfluenza 3 viruses in cell cultures. 19664290608
chemical structure of african swine fever virus investigated by electron microscopy. 19674168517
inactivation of rinderpest and ecbo viruses by hydroxylamine. 19674383037
[note on the cultivation of lapinized rinderpest virus in bovine leukocyte cultures]. 19676057337
the use of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine for egyptian cattle and water buffaloes. 19676058184
susceptibility of exotic breeds of cattle to rinderpest lapinised and lapinised avianised vaccines. 19676066401
colostral transfer of rinderpest neutralizing antibody to offspring of vaccinated dams.the transfer of maternal antibodies to friesian and buffalo calves born of dams vaccinated against rinderpest was through colostrum only. colostral antibody titers at the time of parturition were higher than the serum titer. two hours after suckling, a high level of rinderpest neutralizing antibodies was detected in the sera of newborn animals. the half-life of maternal antibodies in buffalo and friesian calves was found to be approximately 33 and 29 days respectively. by the age of 7-8 months, ...19674229186
investigations on the incidence of rinderpest virus infection in game animals of n. tanganyika and s. kenya 1960-63. 19675233989
development of a cell culture system susceptible to measle, canine distemper, and rinderpest viruses. 19675600774
experimental infection of sheep and goats with attenuated and virulent strains of rinderpest virus. 19675625712
electron microscopy of cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in cells infected with rinderpest virus. 19676017409
transmission of rinderpest by contact from cattle to sheep and goats. 19676067704
observations on rinderpest in sheep and goats and transmission to cattle. 19676067705
[presence of anti-rinderpest antibodies in dromedaries in chad]. 19675625567
[application of the kinetic sero-neutralization method to the study of neutralizing antibodies to rinderpest virus in cattle, sheep and goats]. 19675626099
transmission of rinderpest from goats to cattle in tanzania. 19685693873
reaction of lung tissue of goats to rinderpest caprinized virus. 19685651748
[conservation of lyophilized rinderpest virus]. 19685709381
role of interferon in protection of rabbits against rinderpest virus. 19685712545
19 s neutralizing antibody produced in guinea pigs by rabies virus. 19685712546
[effect of osmotic pressure on the multiplication of rinderpest virus in cell culture]. 19685713826
the susceptibility of the one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius) to infection with rinderpest virus. 19685731205
[duration of rinderpest virus elimination in cattle immunized with inactivated vaccine]. 19685748244
[note on experimental bovine plague in the dromedary]. 19685754444
relationships among measles, canine distemper and rinderpest viruses. 19684886887
[some fundamental research on rinderpest virus. 2. rinderpest haemagglutinin. antigenic relationships of the rinderpest and measles viruses]. 19684984507
[biological aspects of the multiplication of the plague virus of small ruminants or srp virus on cell cultures]. 19684985884
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