the liver x receptor agonist lxr 623 restricts flavivirus replication.the vector-borne flaviviruses (vbfvs) are well known for causing great misery and death in humans worldwide. the vbfvs include those transmitted by mosquitos, such as zika virus (zikv), dengue virus; and those transmitted by ticks including the tick-borne flavivirus serocomplex and powassan virus (powv). two of our recent reports showed that intracranial powv infection in the reservoir host, peromyscus leucopus, was restricted and caused no overt clinical disease. several modes of analyses sugge ...202134162308
powassan virus experimental infections in three wild mammal species.powassan virus (powv) is a tick-borne virus maintained in sylvatic cycles between mammalian wildlife hosts and ticks (primarily ixodes spp.). there are two currently recognized lineages, powv-lineage 1 (powv-l1) and deer tick virus (dtv; lineage 2), both of which can cause fatal neurologic disease in humans. increased numbers of human case reports in the northeastern and north central united states in recent years have fueled questions into powv epidemiology. we inoculated three candidate wildli ...202133534764
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