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seroepidemiology of nine zoonoses in viljujsk, republic of sakha (northeastern siberia, russian federation).a seroepidemiology survey of nine zoonoses was carried out in 2007 on 90 healthy adult volunteers in viljujsk, a northern city in the republic of sakha (eastern siberia). the seroprevalence of lyme borreliosis was 3.3% by immunofluorescence. none of the subjects displayed a positive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay/western blot result for alveolar or cystic echinococcosis. the seroprevalence of toxocariasis by western blot was 4.4%, and 8.9% of the subjects had anti-toxoplasma igg. by enzyme-li ...201120575641
prime-boost vaccinations using recombinant flavivirus replicon and vaccinia virus vaccines: an elispot analysis.recombinant kunjin replicon virus-like particle (vlp), vaccinia virus (rvv) and dna vaccines were tested in a large series of prime-boost vaccinations using interferon (ifn)γ elispot assays that reflected effector (e), effector memory (em) and central memory (cm) responses. all vaccine constructs encoded the murine polytope immunogen and responses to four cd8 t-cell epitopes (tyqrtralv, syipsaeki, yphfmptnl and rpqasgvym) were measured. vlp/rvv out performed (by 14- to 20-fold) dna/rvv for induc ...201120680025
detection of saint louis encephalitis virus in dengue-suspected cases during a dengue 3 outbreak.arboviruses are frequently associated with outbreaks in humans and represent a serious public health problem. among the brazilian arboviruses, mayaro virus, dengue virus (denv), yellow fever virus, rocio virus, saint louis encephalitis virus (slev), and oropouche virus are responsible for most of human cases. all these arboviruses usually produce undistinguishable acute febrile illness, especially in the acute phase of infection. in this study we investigated the presence of arboviruses in sera ...201120645866
incidence of west nile virus in birds arriving in wildlife rehabilitation centers in southern spain.west nile virus (wnv) is a neurotropic mosquito-transmitted flavivirus that in eurasia, africa, and the americas primarily affects birds and secondarily other vertebrates. wnv has caused frequent massive episodes of wild bird mortality during its expansion throughout the americas, and has become a regulating factor in the population dynamics of many wild bird species. on the other hand, wnv-related mortalities in wild birds have rarely been reported in the mediterranean basin despite its well-do ...201120645867
pestivirus virion morphogenesis in the absence of uncleaved nonstructural protein 2-3.the family flaviviridae contains three genera of positive-strand rna viruses, namely, flavivirus, hepacivirus (e.g., hepatitis c virus [hcv]), and pestivirus. pestiviruses, like bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), bear a striking degree of similarity to hcv concerning polyprotein organization, processing, and function. along this line, in both systems, release of nonstructural protein 3 (ns3) is essential for viral rna replication. however, both viruses differ significantly with respect to proce ...201222031952
Uncoupling cis-Acting RNA Elements from Coding Sequences Revealed a Requirement of the N-Terminal Region of Dengue Virus Capsid Protein in Virus Particle Formation.Little is known about the mechanism of flavivirus genome encapsidation. Here, functional elements of the dengue virus (DENV) capsid (C) protein were investigated. Study of the N-terminal region of DENV C has been limited by the presence of overlapping cis-acting RNA elements within the protein-coding region. To dissociate these two functions, we used a recombinant DENV RNA with a duplication of essential RNA structures outside the C coding sequence. By the use of this system, the highly conserve ...201222072762
a conserved region in the prm protein is a critical determinant in the assembly of flavivirus particles.flaviviruses are assembled to bud into the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum (er) and are secreted through the vesicle transport pathway, but the details of the molecular mechanism of virion assembly remain largely unknown. in this study, a highly conserved region in the prm protein was identified among flaviviruses. in the subviral particle (sp) system of tick-borne encephalitis virus (tbev) and japanese encephalitis virus, secretion of sps was impaired by a mutation in the conserved region in ...201221957123
rna interference inhibits replication of tick-borne encephalitis virus in vitro.each year, up to 10,000 cases of infections with the flavivirus tick-borne encephalitis (tbe) virus that affect the central nervous system are reported in europe and asia. due to the potentially severe adverse effects of post-exposure prophylaxis with tbe virus hyperimmunoglobulin, tbe can currently only be treated symptomatically. an rna interference (rnai) approach to inhibit tbe virus replication was therefore developed. in this study we demonstrate for the first time that small interfering r ...201222086130
Association of human immune response to Aedes aegypti salivary proteins with dengue disease severity.Dengue viruses (DENV; family Flaviviridae, genus Flavivirus) are transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and can cause dengue fever (DF), a relatively benign disease, or more severe dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF). Arthropod saliva contains proteins delivered into the bite wound that can modulate the host haemostatic and immune responses to facilitate the intake of a blood meal. The potential effects on DENV infection of previous exposure to Ae. aegypti salivary proteins have not been investigat ...201221995849
Class II ADP-ribosylation Factors Are Required for Efficient Secretion of Dengue Viruses.Identification and characterization of virus-host interactions are very important steps toward a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for disease progression and pathogenesis. To date, very few cellular factors involved in the life cycle of flaviviruses, which are important human pathogens, have been described. In this study, we demonstrate a crucial role for class II Arf proteins (Arf4 and Arf5) in the dengue flavivirus life cycle. We show that simultaneous depletion of ...201222105072
Ligand-bound structures of the dengue virus protease reveal the active conformation.Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral hemorrhagic disease that is a major threat to human health in tropical and subtropical regions. Here we report crystal structures of a peptide covalently bound to dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV-3) protease as well as the serine-protease inhibitor aprotinin bound to the same enzyme. These structures reveal, for the first time, a catalytically active, closed conformation of the DENV protease. In the presence of the peptide, the DENV-3 protease forms the closed confo ...201222031935
association of heat-shock protein 70 with lipid rafts is required for japanese encephalitis virus infection in huh7 cells.japanese encephalitis virus (jev) is an enveloped flavivirus and the most common agent of viral encephalitis. it enters cells through receptor-mediated endocytosis and low ph-triggered membrane fusion. although lipid rafts, cholesterol-enriched lipid-ordered membrane domains, have been shown to participate in jev entry, the mechanisms of the early events of jev infection, including the cellular receptors of jev, remain largely unknown. in the current study, it was demonstrated that heat-shock pr ...201221940409
development and application of an antigen capture elisa assay for diagnosis of japanese encephalitis virus in swine, human and mosquito.abstract: background: japanese encephalitis (je) is a serious zoonosis caused by the japanese encephalitis virus (jev) which is a mosquito-borne pathogen of the family flavivirus. however, the application of several developed laboratory methods for the detection of jev antigens or antibodies are limited by their requirements of laboratory operations, skilled technicians and special facilities. results: to develop a method for detecting jev antigen in swine, human, mosquito and other clinical sp ...201222221768
detection of usutu-virus-specific igg in blood donors from northern italy.abstract we developed a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect the specific igg response to usutu virus (usuv) in humans, by evaluating 359 blood donors who were living in northeastern italy. our results demonstrate the presence of an anti-usuv response in 4 subjects with no history of other flavivirus infection.201222217176
composition of the sequence downstream of the dengue virus 5' cyclization sequence (dcs) affects viral rna replication.rna replication of dengue virus (denv) requires an rna-rna mediated circularization of the viral genome, which includes at least three sets of complementary rna sequences on both ends of the genome. the 5' and the 3' untranslated regions form several additional rna elements that are involved in regulation of translation and required for rna replication. communication between the genomic termini results in a structural reorganization of the rna elements, forming a functional rna panhandle structu ...201222137186
Single nucleotide polymorphism in the promoter region of the CD209 gene is associated with human predisposition to severe forms of tick-borne encephalitis.Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) is a neurotropic, positive-sense RNA virus of the genus Flavivirus (family Flaviviridae) which can cause a variety of clinical manifestations in humans. Previously the severity and outcome of dengue fever and hepatitis C (diseases caused by viruses from the family Flaviviridae) were associated with the rs4804803 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) located in the promoter region of the human CD209 gene. This gene encodes dendritic cell-specific ICAM3-grabbing ...201222061615
a diagnostic algorithm to serologically differentiate west nile virus from japanese encephalitis virus infections and its validation in field surveillance of poultry and horses.abstract the detection of west nile virus (wnv) in areas endemic for japanese encephalitis virus (jev) is complicated by the extensive serological cross-reactivity between the two viruses. a testing algorithm was developed and employed for the detection of anti-wnv antibody in areas endemic for jev. using this differentiation algorithm, a serological survey of poultry (2004 through 2009) and horses (2007 through 2009) was performed. among 2681 poultry sera, 125 samples were interpreted as bein ...201222217162
a cross-protective mab recognizes a novel epitope within the flavivirus ns1 protein.despite a resurgence of flavivirus infections worldwide, no approved therapeutic agent exists for any member of the genus. while cross-reactive antibodies with therapeutic potential against flaviviruses have been generated, the majority of them are anti-e antibodies with the potential to cause antibody-dependent enhancement of flavivirus infection and disease. we described previously mabs against the non-structural ns1 protein of the west nile virus (wnv) that were protective in mice when admini ...201221918007
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