electrophoretic analysis of ribosomal and viral ribonucleic acids with a simple technique for slicing low-concentration polyacrylamide gels.the electrophoretic mobilities of ribosomal ribonucleic acids (rna) from cultured mammalian (hela, vero, mdbk), avian (chick embryo), and bacterial (escherichia coli) cells, and rna species extracted from selected viruses (sindbis, polio, tobacco mosaic, sendai) were compared, employing a simple, inexpensive technique for slicing low-concentration polyacrylamide gels. the procedure provides for rapid fractionation of gels used for characterization of rna, incorporating extrusion and serial secti ...19714331767
lipid composition of sindbis virus. 19714332975
[polymyositis and virus]. 19724333473
unusual molecular size of rna from a long-rod mutant of vesicular stomatitis virus. 19724333570
effect of concanavalin a on cells infected with enveloped rna viruses. 19724334774
growth of newcastle disease and herpes virus and interferon production in a monkey-mouse hybrid line. 19724334778
inhibition of virus growth by ouabain: effect of ouabain on the growth of hvj in chick embryo cells.the effect of ouabain (g-strophanthin), a cardiac glycoside, on the growth of several enveloped viruses was examined. it was found that the growth of hvj (sendai virus) in chick embryo cells was markedly inhibited by the drug at a concentration as low as 5 x 10(-5)m. a virus-inhibitory concentration of ouabain did not cause morphological changes in uninfected cells, nor did it have the capacity to inactivate virus infectivity. ouabain interfered with the intracellular synthesis of viral macromol ...19724335518
general characteristics of enhanced plague formation by poliovirus in poxvirus-infected cells. 19724336518
inhibition of the multiplication of enveloped rna-viruses by glucosamine and 2-deoxy-d-glucose. 19724336520
evaluation of gentamicin for use in virology and tissue are presented comparing gentamicin to penicillin and streptomycin (pen-strep) in tissue culture medium with respect to a number of parameters associated with virology and tissue culture. unlike pen-strep, gentamicin was stable at ph 2 to 10 for 15 days at 37 c in tissue culture medium, and its activity was unaffected by the presence of serum. moreover, it was stable to autoclaving. twenty cell types replicated normally at the suggested concentration of 50 mug/ml, and all cells were unaffect ...19724336661
inhibition of cytomegalovirus by rifampin. 19724336860
selective association of sindbis virion proteins with different membrane fractions of infected cells.plasma and smooth membranes obtained from chicken embryo cells infected with sindbis virus were solubilized and subjected to electrophoresis on acrylamide gels. the electrophoretic patterns showed that (i) the major proteins synthesized and associated with plasma membranes from infected cells are virion proteins and (ii) at 4 hr after infection virion proteins are not present at detectable levels in the smooth membranes of the cell.19724337164
correlation of messenger rna function with adenylate-rich segments in the genomes of single-stranded rna viruses.oligonucleotides enriched in adenylate residues have been demonstrated in the genomes of two positive-strand rna viruses, sindbis and columbia sk. such oligonucleotides were not found in the genome of vesicular stomatitis virus, a negative-strand virus. the adenylate-rich oligonucleotides from sindbis and columbia sk viruses appeared similar when analyzed by zonal sedimentation in sucrose-sodium dodecyl sulfate.19724338595
production of crude human interferon with high specific activity. 19724338797
improved assays for a variety of interferons. 1. 19724341554
variations in interferon production by lymphocytes from patients with chronic lymphatic a group of patients with chronic lymphatic leukaemia leucocyte cultures showed a diminished capacity to synthesize interferon when compared with controls. the leucocyte culture with the lowest capacity to synthesize interferon came from the patients with the highest peripheral blood lymphocyte counts and vice versa. these results are presented as indirect evidence that t lymphocytes are more competent producers of interferon than b lymphocytes.19724343746
a simple interferon assay as an adjunct for determining the genus of origin of cell cultures. 19724346259
[african zoonoses caused by viruses]. 19734346544
electron microscopic study of sindbis virus morphogenesis. 19734348164
viral interference with exoerythrocytic forms of malaria (plasmodium gallinaceum) in ovo. 19734353044
interference mediated by a variant of sindbis virus. ii. actinomycin d-sensitive interference in the absence of interferon. 19734353045
the cell surface membrane: biochemical aspects and biophysical probes. 19734354315
isolation and characterization of virus-resistant mouse embryo fibroblasts. 19734355331
heterologous activity of monkey interferons. 19734355757
persistent infection of mouse cells with sindbis virus: role of virulence of strains, auto-interfering particles and interferon. 19734356681
inhibition of hog cholera virus by acriflavine. a property shared with bovine virus diarrhoea virus. brief report. 19734356773
characterisation of the 3'-terminus of sindbis virion rna. 19734357110
a novel substituted guanidine with high activity in vitro against rhinoviruses. 19734357165
the effect of frog virus 3 on the biological activity of various rna viruses. 19734357374
on the receptor of influenza viruses. 1. artificial receptor for influenza virus. 19734358675
role of incomplete viruses and interferon in persistent infection of mouse cells with sindbis virus. 19734358717
studies on antiviral activity of alpha-trihalogenomethylamines. 19734358719
[inhibition of multiplication of rna-containing viruses in tissue culture by combined use of an interferon inducer and ribonuclease]. 19734359363
isolation and characterization of viruses from fetal calf serum. 19714361040
interferon production by individual cells. 19744361456
new isothiazole derivatives. ii. cytotoxicity and antiviral activity in tissue cultures. 19734361627
lipid and protein organization in vesicular stomatitis and sindbis viruses. 19744361923
cytomegalovirus interference in vitro.cytomegalovirus (cmv) was shown to induce a state of viral interference in human embryo fibroblast cultures (hef). this interference was characterized by: (i) requirement for infectious virus; (ii) a latent period (48 to 96 h) for establishment of the interference; (iii) activity against a representative group of heterologous viruses; (iv) loss of interfering activity when challenged with a high multiplicity of infection; (v) lack of effect on adsorption of virus; (vi) mediation by a soluble pro ...19744362773
effects of l-glutamine deprivation on growth of hvj (sendai virus) in bhk cells.l-glutamine requirement for viral maturation was found in bhk-hvj cells, a cell line of baby hamster kidney cells persistently infected with hvj (sendai virus). synthesis of envelope protein in bhk-hvj cells was markedly suppressed by deprivation of l-glutamine, whereas development of nucleocapsid (s) antigen was less affected. more detailed examination of this phenomenon was carried out by using a cytolytic system. growth of hvj in bhk cells cultured in media deprived of various amino acids was ...19744362861
effect of ionic strength on the binding of sindbis virus to chick cells.sindbis virus can adsorb to chicken embryo fibroblasts in two different ways. "loosely" bound virus can be washed off the cell with buffers of ionic strength 0.2 or greater, whereas "tightly" bound virus remains attached under these conditions. when sindbis virus is adsorbed to chick cells at 4 c from a buffer of ionic strength 0.17, 40 to 50% of the adsorbed virus is loosely bound, the remainder tightly bound. infection of chick cells by sindbis virus has only small effects on the total amount ...19744363248
[the effect of nucleases on the reproduction of rna- and dna-containing viruses]. 19734363590
virion-bound protein kinase in semliki forest and sindbis viruses.semliki forest virus and sindbis virus (alphaviruses belonging to the togavirus group) grown in bhk-21 cells possessed very low levels of virion-associated protein kinase activity. for comparison, vesicular stomatitis virus, also grown in bhk-21 cells, contained a virion-bound protein kinase which had a specific activity 80 times greater than that of the alphaviruses. the alphavirus protein kinase was unmasked by the nonionic detergent nonidet p-40 but was not activated by cyclic nucleotides. ph ...19744364899
inhibition of sindbis virus replication in hela cells by poliovirus.concomitant infection of hela cells with poliovirus and sindbis (sb) virus allowed replication of poliovirus only. the poliovirus-induced interference with the replication of sb virus was dependent partially on the multiplicity of sb virus used for infection. the observed interference was not sensitive to guanidine. translation, but not replication of poliovirus, appears to be needed for the restriction of sb virus. superinfection of sb virus-infected cultures with poliovirus was followed by inh ...19744365117
mechanism of sindbis virus-induced intrinsic interference with vesicular stomatitis virus replication.heterologous viral interference is induced by sindbis virus against vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv) in a manner analogous to intrinsic interference with newcastle disease virus replication. interference in both systems (i) depends upon early expression of the inducing virus genome, (ii) shows similar kinetics of induction, (iii) does not involve interferon action, and (iv) appears to be manifest as an all-or-none effect. vsv can be added to the list of viruses blocked by intrinsic interference. ...19744365326
adult and embryonic gecko cells in vitro: growth characteristics, infection by rabies, sindbis and polyoma viruses, and transformation by sv40. 19744365679
transformation by adenovirus type 12 of rat embryol fibroblasts cultivated in the presence of interferon. 19744366216
influence of pure virus infection on wound healing. 19724366234
[morphogenesis of sindbis virus in intestinal and salivary gland cells of the mosquito aedes aegypti]. 19744366341
measurement of the sequence complexity of cloned moloney murine leukemia virus 60 to 70s rna: evidence for a haploid genome.the sequence complexity of the 60-70s rna complex from moloney murine leukemia virus (m-mulv) was determined by measuring the annealing rate of radioactively labeled virus-specific dna with m-mulv 60-70s rna in conditions of vast rna excess. the m-mulv rna annealing rate, characterized by the quantity c(r)t((1/2)), was compared with the c(r)t((1/2)) values for annealing of poliovirus 35s rna (2.6 x 10(6) molecular weight) with poliovirus-specific dna and sindbis virus 42s rna (4.3 x 10(6) molecu ...19744368895
attempts to demonstrate the interferon defense mechanism in cultured mosquito cells. 19744369796
inhibitors against rabies virus present in normal rabbit sera. 19744370108
serological survey for antibodies to arboviruses in the human population of portugal. 19744371206
a viral inhibitory substance in culture filtrates of proteus mirabilis. 1. inhibition of sindbis virus plaque formation without a parallel antiviral action in fluid medium. 19744371496
production of sindbis, influenza, and vesicular stomatitis viruses in chicken embryo and rat embryo cell suspensions. 19744371703
hemagglutination-inhibition: rapid assay for neuraminic acid-containing viruses.influenza virus particles bind rapidly to vesicular stomatitis, sindbis, or rauscher murine leukemia virus particles, forming mixed aggregates demonstrable by electron microscopy. the normal hemagglutinating property of influenza virus is inhibited by these viruses, providing a rapid quantitative assay. prior treatment with neuraminidase blocks the ability of other viruses to inhibit influenza virus hemagglutination.19744372400
isolation and preliminary characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus strain ar339. 19744374504
effect of the viral proteins on the fluidity of the membrane lipids in sindbis virus. 19744375723
persistence of encephalitogenic arbovirus in brain cell cultures. 19744377048
[use of sindbis virus as a means of checking complete elimination of unspecific inhibitors in the rubella hemagglutination inhibition test (author's transl)]. 19724377637
arbovirus infections of sentinel cattle in australia and new guinea. 19734378391
[contamination of mosquito homogenates by the sindbis virus due to an accidental pollution of the dilution liquid]. 19654379001
fractionation of sindbis virus by equilibrium centrifugation. 19714398076
antibodies to arboviruses in birds in czechoslovakia. 19714398090
[a study of the ecology of mosquito-borne arboviruses using sentinel animals in the volga delta]. 19714400989
enchanced plaque formation by sindbis and vaccinia viruses under methyl-cellulose overlay in the absence of carbon dioxide. 19724401076
biophysical characteristics of sindbis virion components. 19724401079
studies on arbovirus haemagglutinin: differential inhibition of haemagglutinin formation by 6-azauridine and uridine kinase-containing cell-free extract. 19724402254
[detection of hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies to arboviruses in sera of young individuals in the federal republic of germany and in the republic of togo (west africa)]. 19714403535
arbovirus activity in israel. 19724404595
viral infection and resistance in immunosuppressed host. 3. intracerebral challenge with sindbis virus in immunized or interferon inducer given mice. 19734405394
translation of sindbis virus 26 s rna and 49 s rna in lysates of rabbit reticulocytes. 19744416702
features of cross protection between sindbis and venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses in mice--relationship of route of immunization to protection. 19744427105
structural studies of spherical viruses. 19744437182
[editorial: molecular bases of chronic viral infections]. 19744446575
formation of rna and protein in cells infected with standard and defective sindbis virus. 19744449518
[viral specific rna synthesis in sindbis infected "aedes albopictus" mosquito cells i. - evidence for a 18s rna species in infected cells (author's transl)]. 19744463758
[production of antiviral immune ascitic fluids from laboratory animals]. 19744465651
the glycolipids and phospholipids of sindbis virus and their relation to the lipids of the host cell plasma membrane. 19744472788
homologous interference induced by sindbis virus.homologous interference during sindbis virus infection has been investigated. prior infection of either chicken embryo fibroblast or bhk(21) cell cultures results in reduced yields of progeny virions of the superinfecting genotype. this reduction in yield results from a reduction in the number of cells in the cultures capable of producing the superinfecting genotype. the development of interference parallels the attachment kinetics of sindbis virus. interference requires an active viral genome s ...19744473566
defective interfering passages of sindbis virus: nature of the intracellular defective viral rna.bhk cells infected with defective-interfering passages of sindbis virus accumulate a species of rna (20s) that is about half the molecular weight of the major viral mrna (26s). we have performed competitive hybridization experiments with these species of rna and have established that 20s rna contains approximately 50% of the nucleotide sequences present in 26s rna. our further studies, however, demonstrate that 20s rna is unable to carry out the messenger function of 26s rna. we found very littl ...19744473568
electron microscopic study of human adenoviruses with different interferon inducing ability. 19744473885
homologous interference in aedes aegypti cell cultures infected with sindbis virus. 19744474862
department of biological sciences, university of warwick, coventry, cv47al, england. 19744475093
antiviral activity of 3-methyleneoxindole.3-methyleneoxindole (mo), an oxidation product of the plant auxin indole-3-acetic acid, can selectively inhibit the replication of herpes-, mengo-, polioviruses, and sindbis virus. the antiviral action of mo, a sulfhydryl binding compound, is neutralized by 2-mercaptoethanol if the latter is added soon after exposure of infected cells to mo. if addition of 2-mercaptoethanol is delayed, the antiviral action of mo appears to be irreversible. data are presented which indicate that the antiviral act ...19744477949
[synthetic polynucleotides. a comparative analysis of detection of antiviral activity in tissue culture]. 19744478059
presence of poly (a) in the polyribosome-associated rna of sindbis-infected bhk cells. 19724505424
formation of sindbis virus capsid protein in mammalian cell-free extracts programmed with viral messenger rna.extracts from krebs ii ascites cells and rabbit reticulocytes effectively synthesize viral proteins with sindbis viral mrna isolated from sindbis-infected bhk cells. the major product is identical to sindbis capsid protein on the basis of its electrophoretic mobility in sodium dodecyl sulfate-acrylamide gels and two-dimensional tryptic-peptide fingerprints. various amounts of several additional discrete polypeptides are formed, depending on the components of the cell-free extracts. one of these ...19744525296
japanese quail embryo cells as a host of group a arboviruses. 19734541936
cellular immune response to viral infection: in vitro studies of lymphocytes from mice infected with sindbis virus. 19734543313
the role of immunological response in infections of the central nervous system. 19744548628
double-stranded rna in hamster, chick, and mosquito cells infected with sindbis virus. 19724550788
age-dependent resistance to viral encephalitis: studies of infections due to sindbis virus in mice. 19724552644
arbovirus diseases. 19724562676
arboviruses of australia. 19724563123
arbovirus infections of domestic animals in australia. 19724563124
demonstration of an adenovirus-inhibitory factor in adenovirus-induced hamster tumor cells. 19724564527
[molecular biological characteristics of arbovirus macromolecules and their biosynthesis]. 19724566001
virological and immunofluorescent studies on the multiplication of sindbis virus in l cells. 19734583661
replication of sindbis virus. 3. an electron microscopic study of virus maturation using the surface replica technique. 19734585892
immunofluorescent staining study of the salivary glands of mosquitoes infected with group a arboviruses. 19734590688
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