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stability in drinking and surface water of nine virus species from different genera (author's transl).the stability of nine viruses, aujeszky, sindbis, vesicular stomatitis, newcastle disease, vaccinia, fmd, hcc, reo and teschen virus in drinking and surface water was investigated comparatively at temperatures of 9 and 15 degrees c as well as the influence of water factors like seasonal difference in temperature, ph value, hardness and sort of water. the results can be summarized as follows: 1. at temperatures of 9 to 15 degrees c the majority of the viruses remained stabil in natural water for ...197714460
growth medium utilization and its re-use for animal cell cultures. 197714164
reversible inhibition of interferon-induced antiviral state by deoxyadenosine.deoxyadenosine reversibly inhibited the development of antiviral state (avs) in chick embryo fibroblasts stimulated by interferon. studies on cellular macromolecular syntheses in deoxyadenosine-treated cells suggested that the inhibition was related to nucleolar rna synthesis. reference experiments with actinomycin d and cordycepin (3'deoxyadenosine) also implied causal- or interrelation between avs development and nucleolar rna synthesis.197613641
the production of chinese hamster interferon. 197611678
the dynamics of development of cell resistance to viruses induced by synthetic polynucleotides.the dynamics of interaction of complexes of synthetic polynucleotides (polyinosinic and polycitidylic acid--poly (ri)-poly (rc), and polyguanylic and polycytidylic acid--poly (rg)-poly (rc)) with cells as well as the dynamics of interferon accumulation and development of antiviral effect against some rna viruses were studied in primary chick embryo cell (cec) cultures. four phases were observed in the development of the antiviral effect of synthetic polynucleotides: adsorption, increase, marked ...19767937
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