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glycopeptides of the membrane glycoprotein of sindbis virus. 19705418166
separation of sindbis virus plaque-type variants by calcium phosphate chromatography. 19705452662
virus-specific proteins synthesized in cells infected with rna+ temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus.all sindbis virus temperature-sensitive mutants defective in "late" functions were systematically surveyed by acrylamide-gel electrophoresis for similarities and differences in the intracellular pattern of virus-specific proteins synthesized at the permissive and nonpermissive temperatures. only cells infected with mutants of complementation group c showed an altered pattern. at the nonpermissive temperature, these mutants failed to induce the synthesis of a polypeptide corresponding to the nucl ...19705461887
immunological activity associated with the nucleocapsid and envelope components of an arbovirus.complement-fixing antigens were detected in the nucleocapsid and envelope of sindbis virus. neutralizing antibodies are directed against antigens in the viral envelope.19705461889
allantoic fluid as a source of arbovirus hemagglutinin.noninfectious hemagglutinins were prepared from the allantoic fluids of embryonated chicken eggs infected with sindbis virus or with murray valley encephalitis virus.19705466134
molecular weight of sindbis virus ribonucleic acid as measured by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.the molecular weight (mw) of sindbis virion ribonucleic acid (rna) determined by gel electrophoresis was in a range of 3.89 x 10(6) to 4.45 x 10(6) daltons. upon denaturation with urea, it separated into fragments having an mw of 1.76 x 10(6) daltons. viral-specific sindbis 26s rna contained a major species having an mw of 1.76 x 10(6) daltons.19705471476
peptide composition of sindbis virus variants. 19705490642
a rich source of replicative ribonucleic acid of sindbis virus--a potent interferon inducer. 19705496087
association of viral ribonucleic acid with cellular membranes in chick embryo cells infected with sindbis virus.membranes from cells infected with sindbis virus had associated with them viral ribonucleic acid (rna) polymerase and about 60 to 70% of the viral rna labeled when short pulses were used. this rna contained most of the replicative intermediate and replicative form of viral rna found in the infected cells. the use of "mg(2+) sarkosyl crystals" permitted the isolation of membrane-bound nucleic acids and allowed the demonstration that sindbis virus rna was synthesized on a membrane-viral rna comple ...19705497889
effect of di-ethyl-amino-ethyl (deae)-dextran on the plaque reduction and plaque inhibition tests with arboviruses. 19705514568
influence of an arbovirus infection (sindbis virus) on the protein and ribonucleic acid synthesis of cultivated chick embryo cells. 19705529071
basis for variable response of arboviruses to guanidine treatment.the effect of guanidine on the replication of the group a arboviruses, sindbis virus, and semliki forest virus (sfv) was studied. guanidine rapidly, but reversibly, inhibited sfv ribonucleic acid (rna) synthesis. the synthesis of all species of viral rna was inhibited, but that of ribonuclease-resistant forms was least affected. this inhibition occurred when the drug was added at any point during the log phase of virus growth. the growth of sfv was also markedly inhibited, but sindbis virus grow ...19705530010
phospholipid synthesis in sindbis virus-infected cells.we investigated the metabolic requirements for the decrease in phospholipid synthesis previously observed by pfefferkorn and hunter in primary cultures of chick embryo fibroblasts infected with sindbis virus. the incorporation of (32)po(4) into all classes of phospholipids was found to decline at the same rate and to the same extent; thus, incorporation of (14)c-choline into acid-precipitable form provided a convenient measure of phospholipid synthesis that was used in subsequent experiments. ex ...19705530011
on the infectivity of the sindbis virus nucleocapsid. 19705535402
interaction of interferon with cells: the synthesis of an interferon-induced protein. 19705535403
interaction of interferon with cells: the relationship of cell-associated interferon and antiviral activity. 19705535454
purification of two plaque variants of sindbis virus. 19704992466
immunofluorescent demonstration of double-stranded rna in the cytoplasm of sindbis virus-infected cells. 19704918274
[changes in the hereditary properties of sindbis virus in long-term cultivation under conditions of lowered temperature]. 19704919238
effect of immunity on interferon production. 19714934213
inflammatory response to viral infection. 19714943906
[structural proteins of sindbis virus and translation of the viral genome]. 19715092493
interferon assays and quantitative virus determinations in a fatal infection in man with western equine encephalomyelitis virus. 19715093674
release of viral hemagglutinin and nucleocapsid components after disruption of sindbis virus with ether. 19715102213
modification of sindbis virus glycoprotein by host-specified glycosyl transferases.the amino acid sequence of the membrane glycoprotein of sindbis virus is specified by the viral genome, but it has not been determined whether the carbohydrate portion of this molecule is specified by the cell or by the virus. we have examined two of the enzyme activities which catalyze transfer of monosaccharides to glycoprotein (sialyl and fucosyl transferases). comparison of particulate enzyme preparations from infected and uninfected cells showed no difference in either the specific activity ...19715102426
amelioration of friend virus leukemia by sequential administration of viral and nonviral interferon inducers. 19715105377
[results of a serologic study of the cycles of circulation of several arboviruses in the republic of senegal (west africa)]. 19715105875
lipid and protein organization in sindbis virus. 19715110315
an investigation into the mechanism of cytotoxicity of levorphanol. 19715113238
3. rna of uninfected and sindbis virus-infected aedes albopictus cells. 19715142328
serologic evidence of arbovirus infection in lebanon. 19715146631
serologic evidence of arbovirus infection in lebanon. 19715149804
analysis of arbovirus ribonucleic acid forms by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.viral ribonucleic acid (rna) from semliki forest virus- and sindbis virus-infected cells was analyzed by electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels. in contrast to earlier results obtained by sucrose density gradient centrifugation, all of the known viral rna forms (i.e., the 42s, 26s, replicative form, and replicative intermediate) were very clearly separated. the high resolution of the electrophoretic method permitted the identification of two new single-stranded rna species. in addition, the repl ...19715165207
interaction between sindbis virus rna and ribosomes from chick fibroblasts. 19715165617
potato spindle tuber viroid. v. failure of immunological tests to disclose double-stranded rna or rna-dna hybrids. 19715166353
[cultivation of various arboviruses in new transplantable lines of mouse fibroblasts]. 19715168877
[action of frog virus 3 (fv3) on the synthesis of rna by sindbis virus]. 19714995280
denaturation of sindbis virus rna with dimethyl sulphoxide. 19715542484
enhancement of sindbis virus infectivity by reduced salt concentration. 19715544458
use of sarcoma 180 to prepare hemagglutinating and complement-fixing antigens for viruses in adult mice. 19715554486
effect of antilymphocytic serum on circulating interferon in mice as a function of the inducer. 19714325471
the formation of interferon during acute respiratory virus infection of volunteers. 19714325979
[interferon production stimulation in the white mouse by dimethylsulfoxide (dmso)]. 19714326011
virus interference by cellular double-stranded ribonucleic acid.ribonuclease-resistant ribonucleic acid (rna) was isolated from uridine-labeled cultures of rabbit kidney, chicken embryo, and hela cells. this rna, regardless of its source, was found to induce interference with virus growth in either rabbit kidney or chicken embryo cultures. nuclease-treated cellular nucleic acids exhibited interference-inducing activity which eluted with a small fraction of rna in the exclusion volume of a 6% agarose gel column. besides resistance to ribonucleases, the interf ...19714327582
inhibition of interferon synthesis in phospholipase c treated primary chick embryo cells. 19714327713
homologous interference by incomplete sendai virus particles: changes in virus-specific ribonucleic acid synthesis.incomplete sendai virus particles (i particles) interfered with the replication of several strains of infectious sendai virions (standard virus) but not with the replication of newcastle disease virus, mumps virus, or sindbis virus. i particles did not induce interferon, and ultraviolet irradiation of i particles abolished their ability to interfere. protein synthesis was not necessary to establish interference. the degree of interference depended on the interval between exposure of cells to the ...19714331647
electrophoretic analysis of ribosomal and viral ribonucleic acids with a simple technique for slicing low-concentration polyacrylamide gels.the electrophoretic mobilities of ribosomal ribonucleic acids (rna) from cultured mammalian (hela, vero, mdbk), avian (chick embryo), and bacterial (escherichia coli) cells, and rna species extracted from selected viruses (sindbis, polio, tobacco mosaic, sendai) were compared, employing a simple, inexpensive technique for slicing low-concentration polyacrylamide gels. the procedure provides for rapid fractionation of gels used for characterization of rna, incorporating extrusion and serial secti ...19714331767
lipid composition of sindbis virus. 19714332975
[comparative study of the action of propylene glycol and dimethylsulfoxide on various "virus-host" systems]. 19714253513
isolation and characterization of viruses from fetal calf serum. 19714361040
fractionation of sindbis virus by equilibrium centrifugation. 19714398076
antibodies to arboviruses in birds in czechoslovakia. 19714398090
[a study of the ecology of mosquito-borne arboviruses using sentinel animals in the volga delta]. 19714400989
[detection of hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies to arboviruses in sera of young individuals in the federal republic of germany and in the republic of togo (west africa)]. 19714403535
interferon induction: dna-rna hybrid or double stranded rna? 19715280104
location of the glycoprotein in the membrane of sindbis virus. 19715283617
absence of an all-or-none type of complement requirement in early neutralizing antibody against western equine encephalitis virus. 19715313614
[independence of interferon production from virus replication in the cell]. 19714101496
[biological study of the appearance of interferon action]. 19714101497
interferon and respiratory syncytial virus. 19714105357
biological, physical, and chemical properties of eastern equine encephalitis virus. i. purification and physical properties.a new purification procedure was adopted for eastern equine encephalitis virus which does not subject the virus to pelleting at any stage. three- to 4-liter volumes were passed through a diethylaminoethyl cellulose column. the virus-containing fractions were banded on a sucrose cushion and finally concentrated in an isopycnic band in a linear sucrose gradient. this method reduced the volume 1,000-fold with a concomitant increase in viral titer, i.e., better than 90% recovery. numerous criteria h ...19714106780
studies on the substructure of togaviruses. i. effect of urea, deoxycholate, and saponin on the sindbis virion. 19714107032
isolation of hemorrhagic nephroso-nephritis virus in cell cultures. 19714107353
phospholipid composition of rous sarcoma virus, host cell membranes and other enveloped rna viruses. 19714108030
studies on the nature of dengue viruses. v. structure and development of dengue virus in vero cells. 19714108617
age-dependent resistance of mice to sindbis virus infection: viral replication as a function of host age.the development of resistance of outbred white mice to two plaque size variants of sindbis virus was studied as a function of host age. a sudden drop in mortality occurred over a 3-day period. as little as 1 plaque-forming unit (pfu) per mouse was lethal in 1-day-old animals, whereas inocula of 10(9) pfu per mouse failed to produce high mortality in weanlings. a comparison of viral growth kinetics shows that early replication was similar in newborns and weanlings but that after 6 to 8 hr the pro ...197116557964
use of chicken tracheal organ cultures for studying resistance of respiratory epithelium to viral infection. 19724110797
the production of antibody to hepatitis-associated antigen. 19724122067
arbovirus activity in israel. 19724404595
double-stranded rna in hamster, chick, and mosquito cells infected with sindbis virus. 19724550788
age-dependent resistance to viral encephalitis: studies of infections due to sindbis virus in mice. 19724552644
arbovirus diseases. 19724562676
arboviruses of australia. 19724563123
arbovirus infections of domestic animals in australia. 19724563124
demonstration of an adenovirus-inhibitory factor in adenovirus-induced hamster tumor cells. 19724564527
[molecular biological characteristics of arbovirus macromolecules and their biosynthesis]. 19724566001
[use of sindbis virus as a means of checking complete elimination of unspecific inhibitors in the rubella hemagglutination inhibition test (author's transl)]. 19724377637
presence of poly (a) in the polyribosome-associated rna of sindbis-infected bhk cells. 19724505424
protein-lipid interactions. 19724592575
enchanced plaque formation by sindbis and vaccinia viruses under methyl-cellulose overlay in the absence of carbon dioxide. 19724401076
biophysical characteristics of sindbis virion components. 19724401079
studies on arbovirus haemagglutinin: differential inhibition of haemagglutinin formation by 6-azauridine and uridine kinase-containing cell-free extract. 19724402254
influence of pure virus infection on wound healing. 19724366234
[detection of antibodies to a series of arboviruses of groups a, b and bunyamwera on the territory of the georgian ssr]. 19724260426
a case of sindbis virus infection in kuala lumpur. 19724268041
structural and immunologic characteristics of subviral components of sindbis, eastern equine and western equine encephalitis viruses. 19724212354
[antibodies against arboviruses in starlings (sturnus vulgaris l.) in austria]. 19724145101
[polymyositis and virus]. 19724333473
unusual molecular size of rna from a long-rod mutant of vesicular stomatitis virus. 19724333570
effect of concanavalin a on cells infected with enveloped rna viruses. 19724334774
growth of newcastle disease and herpes virus and interferon production in a monkey-mouse hybrid line. 19724334778
inhibition of virus growth by ouabain: effect of ouabain on the growth of hvj in chick embryo cells.the effect of ouabain (g-strophanthin), a cardiac glycoside, on the growth of several enveloped viruses was examined. it was found that the growth of hvj (sendai virus) in chick embryo cells was markedly inhibited by the drug at a concentration as low as 5 x 10(-5)m. a virus-inhibitory concentration of ouabain did not cause morphological changes in uninfected cells, nor did it have the capacity to inactivate virus infectivity. ouabain interfered with the intracellular synthesis of viral macromol ...19724335518
general characteristics of enhanced plague formation by poliovirus in poxvirus-infected cells. 19724336518
inhibition of the multiplication of enveloped rna-viruses by glucosamine and 2-deoxy-d-glucose. 19724336520
evaluation of gentamicin for use in virology and tissue are presented comparing gentamicin to penicillin and streptomycin (pen-strep) in tissue culture medium with respect to a number of parameters associated with virology and tissue culture. unlike pen-strep, gentamicin was stable at ph 2 to 10 for 15 days at 37 c in tissue culture medium, and its activity was unaffected by the presence of serum. moreover, it was stable to autoclaving. twenty cell types replicated normally at the suggested concentration of 50 mug/ml, and all cells were unaffect ...19724336661
inhibition of cytomegalovirus by rifampin. 19724336860
selective association of sindbis virion proteins with different membrane fractions of infected cells.plasma and smooth membranes obtained from chicken embryo cells infected with sindbis virus were solubilized and subjected to electrophoresis on acrylamide gels. the electrophoretic patterns showed that (i) the major proteins synthesized and associated with plasma membranes from infected cells are virion proteins and (ii) at 4 hr after infection virion proteins are not present at detectable levels in the smooth membranes of the cell.19724337164
correlation of messenger rna function with adenylate-rich segments in the genomes of single-stranded rna viruses.oligonucleotides enriched in adenylate residues have been demonstrated in the genomes of two positive-strand rna viruses, sindbis and columbia sk. such oligonucleotides were not found in the genome of vesicular stomatitis virus, a negative-strand virus. the adenylate-rich oligonucleotides from sindbis and columbia sk viruses appeared similar when analyzed by zonal sedimentation in sucrose-sodium dodecyl sulfate.19724338595
production of crude human interferon with high specific activity. 19724338797
improved assays for a variety of interferons. 1. 19724341554
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