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viruses and autophagy.autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved intracellular process by which bulk cytoplasm is enveloped inside a double-membraned vesicle and shuttled to lysosomes for degradation. within the last 15 years, the genes necessary for the execution of autophagy have been identified and the number of tools for studying this process has grown. autophagy is essential for tissue homeostasis and development and defective autophagy is associated with a number of diseases. as intracellular parasites, during th ...019750559
adp-ribosylation factor 6 regulates actin cytoskeleton remodeling in coordination with rac1 and this study, we have documented an essential role for adp-ribosylation factor 6 (arf6) in cell surface remodeling in response to physiological stimulus and in the down regulation of stress fiber formation. we demonstrate that the g-protein-coupled receptor agonist bombesin triggers the redistribution of arf6- and rac1-containing endosomal vesicles to the cell surface. this membrane redistribution was accompanied by cortical actin rearrangements and was inhibited by dominant negative arf6, impl ...010779358
directing dendritic cell immunotherapy towards successful cancer treatment.the use of dendritic cells (dcs) for tumor immunotherapy represents a powerful approach for harnessing the patient's own immune system to eliminate tumor cells. however, suboptimal conditions for generating potent immunostimulatory dcs, as well as the induction of tolerance and suppression mediated by the tumors and its microenvironment have contributed to limited success. combining dc vaccines with new approaches that enhance immunogenicity and overcome the regulatory mechanisms underlying peri ...020473346
sindbis virus: a newly recognized arthropodtransmitted virus. 195513259009
tissue culture applied to the study of sindbis virus. 195513259010
studies of the sindbis virus. i. susceptibility of the cave bat by various routes or exposure. 195613381878
studies of the sindbis virus. ii. susceptibility of the suckling hamster by various routes or exposure. 195613381879
electron microscope studies of sindbis virus: a newly recognized arthropod-transmitted virus. 195713403125
alteration of cellular resistance to sindbis virus in mixed cultures of human cells attributable to interferon. 196213901739
conditions for the production of an interferon appearing in chick cell cultures infected with sindbis virus. 196213907852
kinetic considerations of the inhibitory action of an interferon produced in chick cultures infected with sindbis virus. 196213907854
a strain of sindbis virus isolated from culex bitaeniorhynchus mosquitoes in the philippines. 196214495059
sindbis virus infection in man. report of a case with recovery of virus from skin lesions. 196313932506
enhancement of sindbis virus plaque size in cell cultures treated with mumps virus-infected egg fluid. 196313945847
protective effect of interferon in rats infected with sindbis virus. 196314027060
purification and partial chemical analysis of sindbis virus. 196314043407
the source of the ribonucleic acid and phospholipid of sindbis virus. 196314043408
precipitation and recovery of sindbis virus from solutions of low ionic strength. 196314070182
production of interferon by newborn and adult mice infected with sindbis virus. 196414166127
the origin of the protein of sindbis virus. 196414187910
inhibition by 3-methylcholanthrene of interferon formation in rat-embryo cells infected with sindbis virus. 196414191402
effects of polycyclic aromatic carcinogens on viral replication: similarity to actinomycin d.when incorporated into a nutrient overlay, the carcinogenic hydrocarbons benzo[a]pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene inhibit plaque formation by herpes virus and vaccinia virus, dna viruses, but not by sindbis virus, an rna virus. these carcinogens also decrease herpes and vaccinia virus yields in liquid medium, without affecting sindbis virus yields. four structurally related, but noncarcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons, namely benzo[e]pyrene, pyrene, benz[a]anthracene and anthracene, hav ...196414191704
[small plaque mutants of sindbis virus]. 196414229531
the isolation of sindbis virus from the mosquito mansonia (coquillettidia) fuscopennata (theobald) in uganda. 196414249017
occurrence of antibodies to sindbis virus in children from a west nile endemic area. 196514252806
transmission of sindbis virus by aedes aegypti to a chick embryo cell culture system. 196514264544
conditional-lethal mutants of an animal virus: identification of two cistrons.two different temperature-sensitive conditional-lethal mutants of sindbis virus, an animal virus that contains rna, have been isolated. when cultured in chick fibroblast monolayers at 42 degrees c, these mutants yield less than 0.05 percent as much virus as does the wild type, whereas at 27 degrees c they grow normally. one mutant appears to be altered in the synthesis of a protein that is produced early in the infection and is required for viral rna synthesis. the other mutant produces as much ...196514277837
virus invasion of the central nervous system: a study of sindbis virus infection in the mouse using fluorescent antibody. 196514328022
[contamination of mosquito homogenates by the sindbis virus due to an accidental pollution of the dilution liquid]. 19654379001
[some properties of sindbis virus variants, of large and small plaques, inoculated into baby mice]. 19655856476
[influence of puromycin on production of the sindbis virus in in vitro cell cultures]. 19655861165
increase of size of sindbis virus plaques due to the effect of steroid hormones. 19655883941
interferon-like virus-inhibitor induced in human leukocytes by phytohemagglutinin.phytohemagglutinin, an extract of the kidney bean, phaseolus vulgaris, induces in human leukocyte cultures an inhibitor of the cytopathic effects of sindbis virus. the physicochemical and biological properties of this virus-inhibitor are similar to those of interferon induced by newcastle disease virus, except for an instability at ph 2 and 10 and at 56 degrees c.196517533668
interferon-like virus-inhibitor induced in human leukocytes by phytohemagglutinin.phytohemagglutinin, an extract of the kidney bean, phaseolus vulgaris, induces in human leukocyte cultures an inhibitor of the cytopathic effects of sindbis virus. the physicochemical and biological properties of this virus-inhibitor are similar to those of interferon induced by newcastle disease virus, except for an instability at ph 2 and 10 and at 56 degrees c.196517838106
the influence of cortisone on experimental viral infection. vi. inhibition by hydrocortisone of interferon synthesis in the chick embryo.the initial observations that cortisone may act as an inhibitor of viral interference (11, 4) are now explicable as an inhibitory effect on interferon synthesis. the suggestion that the action of interferon is also inhibited by cortisone or its analogues (6) has not been confirmed in a plaque reduction type of interferon assay system in which autointerference by the challenge inoculum is a lesser problem. in this respect, the present results are in accord with those obtained by demaeyer and dema ...19665905243
isolation and characterization of conditional-lethal mutants of sindbis virus. 19665919228
complementation between temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus. 19665919229
effect of interferon on rna synthesis in sindbis virus infected cells. 19665933993
an assessment of culex pipiens quinquefasciatus say as a vector of virus diseases in the witwatersrand region of the transvaal. ii. sindbis virus. 19665953933
antibody to sindbis virus in a west nile virus endemic area and the use of different tests for the detection of antibody to these two viruses. 19665965993
[on the thermostability of the sindbis virus]. 19665994311
interferon production by the spleen of rats after intravenous injection of sindbis virus or heat-killed escherichia coli. 19664860822
inhibition of sindbis virus plaque formation by extracts of escherichia coli.vilcek, jan (new york university school of medicine, new york, n.y.), and john h. freer. inhibition of sindbis virus plaque formation by extracts of escherichia coli. j. bacteriol. 92:1716-1722. 1966.-extracts prepared from washed cells of escherichia coli b by sonic treatment and subsequent filtration through a 0.45-mu membrane filter significantly inhibited plaque formation with sindbis virus in cultures or primary chick embryo cells up to a dilution of 1:20,000. the inhibitor acted on the cel ...19664289359
inhibition of antibody production in rats and mice by intravenous injection of interferon-inducing amounts of sindbis virus or e. coli. 19674299725
differences between the structures of poliovirus and sindbis virus infectious ribonucleic acids. 19674299727
plaque variants by sindbis virus. 19674301200
intrinsic interference: a new type of viral interference.the hemadsorption-negative plaque test has revealed a new type of viral interference, termed intrinsic interference. several unrelated types of noncytopathic viruses were shown to induce in infected host cells a state of interference unique in being directed solely against superinfection by newcastle disease virus (ndv). the ndv-refractory state arises only in those individual cells of a population actually infected by the inducing virus, and presumably results from the action of a protein(s) co ...19674318951
intracellular conversion of the rna of sindbis virus to a double-stranded form. 19676053141
lack of correlation between production of interferon and protection of temperature in mice infected with sindbis virus. 19676053416
intracellular conversion of the rna of sindbis virus to a double-stranded form. 19676059682
[studies on the possible protective role of an interferon during hyperthermia induced in mice infected by sindbis virus]. 19676062795
[on the formation of plaques by sindbis virus under different experimental conditions]. 19675616866
prevalence of sindbis virus antibodies in an egyptian rural community. 19675624757
[on the absorption of sindbis virus on monolayers of chick embryo cells]. 19675629537
temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus: biochemical correlates of complementation.temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus fail to grow at a temperature that permits growth of the wild type, but when certain pairs of these mutants, mixed together, infect cells at that temperature, viral growth (i.e., complementation) occurs. the yield from this complementation, however, is of the same order of magnitude as the infectivity in the inoculum. since in animal virus infections the protein components of the virion probably enter the cell with the viral nucleic acid, it was nec ...19675630228
[multiplication of the sindbis virus in drosophila melanogaster (dipterous insect) in experimental conditions]. 19674962181
[multiplication of the sindbis virus and metamorphosis of calliphora erythrocephala (meig.)]. 19674962233
interferon and cytomegalovirus in vivo and in vitro. 196715938281
enhanced interferon production from chick embryo cells aged in in vitro.the plaque-forming efficiency of sindbis virus decreased as much as 1000-fold, and plaque size was diminished markedly, when tested on chick embryo cell monolayers aged in vitro. the plaquing efficiency and plaque size of newcastle disease virus was unaffected. the reaction(s) associated with aging in vitro which lead to lowered plaquing efficiency are slowed considerably when cell monolayers are: (1) established in simpson-hirst medium rather than standard growth medium; (2) held at 31 degrees ...196718614054
[comparative effects of 2 inhibitiors of ribonucleic acid synthesis, actinomycin d and rubidomycin on sindbis virus ribonucleic acid biosynthesis]. 19684973820
identification of the membrane protein and "core" protein of sindbis virus. 19685238983
effect of heat on virions of wild-type sindbis virus and a thermostable mutant. 19685640824
investigations on the formation and interconversion of sindbis virus hemagglutinins. 19685642006
absence of nucleotide sequence complementarity between sindbis virus and newcastle disease virus genomes. 19685651138
the intracellular site and sequence of sindbis virus replication. 19685675578
[serologic data on the role of birds in the circulation of sindbis virus in the delta of the volga]. 19685702148
maturation defects in temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus.temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus, which synthesize viral ribonucleic acid (rna) but not mature virus at the nonpermissible temperature, were selected for the study of viral maturation. of these, three mutants which complement each other genetically were used. two major proteins, the nucleocapsid and membrane proteins, located, respectively, in the viral nucleoid and membrane, were found in intact virions. in cells infected with wild-type sindbis virus, four distinct types of viral ...19685723529
effect of altered osmotic pressure on the growth of sindbis virus. 19685723530
viral events necessary for the induction of interferon in chick embryo cells.temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus were employed to investigate the nature of the viral event(s) which induces chick-embryo cells to produce interferon. chick embryo cells induced by the parental heat-resistant strain of sindbis virus produced essentially equal amounts of interferon at 29 and 42 c. an rna(-) and three rna(+) strains [temperature-sensitive mutants unable (rna(-)) and able (rna(+)) to make ribonucleic acid] produced interferon at 29 c but not at 42 c. it is concluded t ...19685723701
[influence of temperature on the development of sindbis virus and on the production of interferon in cell cultures]. 19685724890
antiviral activity of polyacrylic and polymethacrylic acids. ii. mode of action in vivo.a marked virus-inhibiting potency is obtained in the serum after intraperitoneal injection of polyacrylic acid (paa) and polymethacrylic acid (pmaa) in mice. much higher antiviral levels were reached than for other related polymers including dextran sulfate, heparin, polyvinyl sulfate, pyran copolymer, polystyrene sulfonate, and macrodex. the broad antiviral action of paa and pmaa was attributed both to a direct interference with the virus-cell interaction and the viral ribonucleic acid metaboli ...19685725320
[hemolytic activity of the sindbis virus]. 19685741985
functional defects of temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus. 19685761396
interferon content of organs and serum after intravenous inoculation of mice with sindbis virus. 19684980766
[effects of actinomycin d and of rubidomycin on the replication of sindbis virus]. 19684238181
[titration of chicken interferon in the chicken-sindbis virus system. mathematical study of the dose-response curve]. 19694981967
characterization of a cytoplasmic fraction from sindbis virus-infected cultures. 19695764278
maintenance of the u mutant of sindbis virus by 40 degree passage. 19695765282
presence of sindbis virus in anal discharge of infected aedes aegypti. 19695768775
kinetics of incorporation of structural proteins into sindbis virions.the morphogenesis of sindbis virus was studied by determining the kinetics with which newly synthesized nucleocapsid and envelope proteins appeared in virions released into the extracellular medium. assembly of the nucleocapsid was more rapid than modification of the cellular membrane by the addition of the viral envelope protein. however, both viral structural proteins were efficiently incorporated into virions; a 0.5-hr pulse-labeling period resulted in the release of maximally labeled virus d ...19695771964
sindbis virus infection of chick and hamster cells: synthesis of virus-specific proteins. 19695777557
propagation of sindbis virus, murray valley encephalitis virus and getah virus. 19695779036
sindbis virus-induced viral ribonucleic acid polymerase.a cytoplasmic structure containing the viral ribonucleic acid (rna) polymerase has been isolated by sucrose density centrifugation from cells infected with sindbis virus. uninfected cells did not contain any such structure. preliminary experiments indicated that the structure may be associated with membranes. this structure incorporated (3)h-guanosine triphosphate in vitro in the absence of added template. the rna synthesized in vitro by the enzyme consisted of single-stranded 40s rna, the ribon ...19695798245
effect of interferon on sindbis virus growth in chick embryo cell cultures. 19695798517
inhibition of interjacent ribonucleic acid (26s) synthesis in cells infected by sindbis virus.the interrelationship of viral ribonucleic acid (rna) and protein synthesis in cells infected by sindbis virus was investigated. when cultures were treated with puromycin early in the course of infection, the synthesis of interjacent rna (26s) was preferentially inhibited. a similar result was obtained by shifting cells infected by one temperature-sensitive mutant defective in rna synthesis from the permissive (29 c) to the nonpermissive (41.5 c) temperature. under both conditions, the viral rna ...19695817400
two variants of sindbis virus which differ in interferon induction and serum clearance. i. the phenomenon. 19695822615
two variants of sindbis virus which differ in interferon induction and serum clearance. ii. virological characterizations. 19695822616
temperature of compensation: significance for virus in- activation.the purpose of this report is to call attention to the probable biological utility of a physical constant, the temperature of compensation (t(c)) or isokinetic temperature. t(c) has hitherto not been used in biological research. it is defined as the temperature at which a series of arrhenius plots, related by variation of a single parameter, pass through a common point. such systems demonstrate the so-called compensation effect and show linear variation of change in enthalpy with change in entro ...19695253661
[variations of the thermosensitivity of developing sindbis virus as a function of the cellular system]. 19694980201
sindbis virus infection in australia. 19695373218
[the effect of cycloheximide upon sheep abortion virus, sindbis virus and other viruses in screening experiments]. 19695386502
[inhibition of viral multiplication with chemically modified ribonucleic acids. ii. inhibition of the multiplication of an arbovirus (sindbis virus) on chick embryo fibroblasts]. 19695392894
[the effect of beta-propiolactone and heat on the antigenic properties of a series of arboviruses]. 19695407009
[inhibition of viral multiplication by chemically modified ribonucleic acids. 3. influence of the nature and the extent of the chemical modifications]. 19695408727
studies on the nucleocapsid structure of a group a arbovirus.when sindbis virus (273s) was treated with sodium desoxycholate, a nonhemagglutinating 136s particle was liberated from the virion, representing the viral nucleocapsid (core). electron microscopically it appeared as a spherical particle 35 nm in diameter, showing ringlike morphological units 12 to 14 nm in diameter on its surface. when the one- and two-sided images of core particles were correlated, their structure could be demonstrated to have the t = 3 arrangement of 32 hexamer-pentamer morpho ...19694186278
carbohydrate content of the membrane protein of sindbis virus. 19705418165
glycopeptides of the membrane glycoprotein of sindbis virus. 19705418166
separation of sindbis virus plaque-type variants by calcium phosphate chromatography. 19705452662
virus-specific proteins synthesized in cells infected with rna+ temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus.all sindbis virus temperature-sensitive mutants defective in "late" functions were systematically surveyed by acrylamide-gel electrophoresis for similarities and differences in the intracellular pattern of virus-specific proteins synthesized at the permissive and nonpermissive temperatures. only cells infected with mutants of complementation group c showed an altered pattern. at the nonpermissive temperature, these mutants failed to induce the synthesis of a polypeptide corresponding to the nucl ...19705461887
immunological activity associated with the nucleocapsid and envelope components of an arbovirus.complement-fixing antigens were detected in the nucleocapsid and envelope of sindbis virus. neutralizing antibodies are directed against antigens in the viral envelope.19705461889
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