liver stiffness in the hepatitis b virus carrier: a non-invasive marker of liver disease influenced by the pattern of investigate the usefulness of transient elastography by fibroscan (fs), a rapid non-invasive technique to evaluate liver fibrosis, in the management of chronic hepatitis b virus (hbv) carriers.200818985805
detection of porcine parvovirus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification.loop-mediated isothermal amplification is a novel method for rapid amplification of dna. it has been adopted widely for the detection of virus because of its simplicity, rapidity, and specificity. a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay was developed for the detection of porcine parvovirus. four primers specific for six regions of ppv non-structural protein 1 gene were designed with an online software. after amplifying at a constant temperature of 59-65 degrees c by bst enzyme, a clear re ...200918996150
comparison of the liver stiffness measurement by transient elastography with the liver compare the liver stiffness (ls) measurement by transient elastography (te) to the liver biopsy (lb)-considered the "gold standard" in the evaluation of patients with chronic hepatitis c.200819030204
endocervical cytobrush for the detection of cervical dysplasia before large loop excision of the transformation zone (lletz).we aimed to identify the number of histologically verified cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cin)/cervical cancer lesions detected by endocervical cytobrush (ec) which have been missed by repeat pap smear and colposcopy before large loop excision of the transformation zone (lletz).200819031969
real-time intraoperative detection of melanoma lymph node metastases using recombinant vaccinia virus glv-1h68 in an immunocompetent animal model.there is a clinical need for improved intraoperative detection of lymph node metastases from malignant melanoma (mm). we aimed to investigate the use of recombinant vaccinia virus glv-1h68, expressing green fluorescent protein (gfp), for real-time intraoperative detection of melanoma lymph node metastases in an immunocompetent animal model. mice bearing foot pad tumors received intratumoral injections of glv-1h68, and 48 hr later were evaluated for popliteal lymph node metastasis using noninvasi ...200919035444
a taqman-based real-time polymerase chain reaction for the detection of porcine parvovirus.a real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) using a taqman probe was developed to detect porcine parvovirus (ppv). real-time pcr was optimized to quantify ppv using a detection system (rotor gene 2000 detector) and a dual-labeled fluorogenic probe. the gene-specific labeled fluorogenic probe for the vp2 gene of ppv was used to detect ppv. quantitation of ppv was accomplished by a standard curve plotting cycle threshold values (ct) against each dilution of standard plasmids. when the specificity ...200919041671
phylogeny and evolution of the ns1 and vp1/vp2 gene sequences from porcine parvovirus.the objective of the present study was to gain new insights on the evolution and phylogeny of the ppv genome, specifically on the ns1 and vp1/vp2 genes. moreover, two new complete sequences from ppv isolates from china (bq and zj strains) were generated and included in the study. the data set studied contained available ns1 and vp1/vp2 sequences at the genbank database, plus those corresponding to the mentioned chinese isolates. ppv sequences were divided into two major groups, with one group se ...200919047005
characterization of a natural plum pox virus isolate bearing a truncated coat protein.plum pox virus (ppv) isolates were collected in hungary from plum varieties. pcr targeting the 3' genomic region resulted in a shorter pcr product in the case of the b1298 isolate bearing a 135-nucleotide deletion in frame in the n-terminal part of the coat protein (cp). the isolate was aphid-transmissible and the virion diameter was reduced compared to ppv-sk68. detectability of this isolate by western blot varied according to the antibody used. integration of the deleted cp gene into an infect ...200919082685
abbott realtime hepatitis c virus (hcv) and roche cobas ampliprep/cobas taqman hcv assays for prediction of sustained virological response to pegylated interferon and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis c patients.two commercial real-time pcr assays are currently available for sensitive hepatitis c virus (hcv) rna quantification: the abbott realtime hcv assay (art) and roche cobas ampliprep/cobas taqman hcv assay (cap/ctm). we assessed whether the two real-time pcr assays were more effective than roche cobas amplicor hcv monitor test, v.2.0 (cam) for prediction of the sustained virological response (svr) to pegylated interferon (peg-ifn) plus ribavirin (rbv) in chronic hepatitis c. sixty patients chronica ...200919091819
expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant ns-1, the porcine parvovirus non-structural protein.the non-structural protein ns-1 of porcine parvovirus (ppv) could be a useful antigen for differentiating pigs infected with ppv from those vaccinated with inactivated whole virus. ns-1 was expressed in escherichia coli using the pet-32a (+) vector. the fusion protein, which was expressed at a high level, was similar antigenically to the native ns-1 protein as determined by western blot assay using polyclonal antibodies from pigs vaccinated with alive ppv vaccine. a simple procedure was used to ...200919101593
rapid pre-clinical detection of classical swine fever by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification.the usefulness of reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) for rapid pre-clinical detection of classical swine fever virus (csfv) infection was evaluated. the rt-lamp reaction could be finished in 60 min under isothermal condition at 65 degrees c by employing a set of four primers targeting the 5' untranslated region of csfv. the rt-lamp assay of csfv showed higher sensitivities than that of rt-pcr, with a detection limit of 5 copies per reaction. no cross-reactivit ...200919103283
early serum hbsag drop: a strong predictor of sustained virological response to pegylated interferon alfa-2a in hbeag-negative patients.pegylated interferon alfa-2a (peg-ifn) may induce sustained virological response (svr) in 20% of hepatitis b e antigen (hbeag)-negative chronic hepatitis b (chb) patients. in addition, loss of hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag) is achieved with a 10% yearly rate after treatment cessation in sustained responders. the aim of this study was to assess on-treatment serum hbsag kinetics to predict svr in hbeag-negative patients treated with peg-ifn. forty-eight consecutive patients were treated with ...200919115222
evaluation of the who clinical case definition of aids among children in india.the need of a clinical case definition (ccd) for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) was felt by public health agencies to monitor diseases resulting from human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection. to test the statistical significance of the existing world health organization (who) ccd for the diagnosis of aids in areas where diagnostic resources are limited in india, a prospective study was conducted in the paediatrics department at dr. ram manohar lohia hospital, new delhi. 360 cases ...200819127663
compromised virus-induced gene silencing in rdr6-deficient plants.rna silencing in plants serves as a potent antiviral defense mechanism through the action of small interfering rnas (sirnas), which direct rna degradation. sirnas can be derived directly from the viral genome or via the action of host-encoded rna-dependent rna polymerases (rdrs). plant genomes encode multiple rdrs, and it has been demonstrated that plants defective for rdr6 hyperaccumulate several classes of virus. in this study, we compared the effectiveness of virus-induced gene silencing (vig ...200919129420
viral lysis of phaeocystis pouchetii: implications for algal population dynamics and heterotrophic c, n and p cycling.a model ecosystem with two autotrophic flagellates, phaeocystis pouchetii and rhodomonas salina, a virus specific to p. pouchetii (ppv) and bacteria and heterotrophic nanoflagellates was used to investigate effects of viral lysis on algal population dynamics and heterotrophic nitrogen and phosphorus mineralization. lysis of p. pouchetii by ppv had strong positive effects on bacterial and hnf abundance, and the mass balance of c, n and p suggested an efficient transfer of organic material from p. ...200919129863
simultaneous detection of porcine circovirus type 2, classical swine fever virus, porcine parvovirus and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in pigs by multiplex polymerase chain reaction.a multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was designed for the simultaneous detection of four viruses involved in reproductive and respiratory failure in pigs: porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv-2), porcine parvovirus (ppv), classical swine fever virus (csfv) and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv). each of the four pairs of oligonucleotide primers exclusively amplified the targeted fragment of the specific viruses. the sensitivity of the multiplex pcr using purified plasmi ...201019131259
serologic detection of herpes simplex virus type 2 antibodies among pregnant women using a point-of-care test from focus diagnostics.serologic assays that identify herpes simplex type 2 (hsv-2) type-specific antibodies have been commercially available for more than a decade. greater acceptance of these tests is hindered by uncertainty regarding their performance in real-world clinical settings.200919131273
efficacy of hpv dna testing with cytology triage and/or repeat hpv dna testing in primary cervical cancer screening.primary cervical screening with both human papillomavirus (hpv) dna testing and cytological examination of cervical cells with a pap test (cytology) has been evaluated in randomized clinical trials. because the vast majority of women with positive cytology are also hpv dna positive, screening strategies that use hpv dna testing as the primary screening test may be more effective.200919141778
[identification of porcine parvovirus and virus-specific antibodies by polymerase chain reaction and enzyme immunoassay].porcine parvovirus infection (ppvi) caused by a small non-enveloped virus (porcine parvovirus, ppv) is responsible for serious reproductive dysfunctions in sows. in the russian federation, the approved diagnostic methods for determination of parvovirus antigen and virus-specific antibodies are hemagglutination and hemagglutination-inhibition tests, respectively. the present paper gives the results of developing diagnostic tests to reveal porcine parvovirus by polymerase chain reaction and its an ...200819172907
virodynamic predictors of response to pegylated interferon and lamivudine combination treatment of hepatitis b e antigen-positive chronic hepatitis b.early identification of non-responders to interferon-alpha and development of stopping rules are needed in patients with chronic hepatitis b to reduce treatment-related costs and morbidity.200819195328
a multiplex pcr for rapid and simultaneous detection of porcine circovirus type 2, porcine parvovirus, porcine pseudorabies virus, and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in clinical specimens.a multiplex pcr (mpcr) assay was developed and evaluated for its ability to simultaneously detect multiple viral infections of swine. specific primers were designed for each of the following four dna or rna viruses: porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2), porcine parvovirus (ppv), pseudorabies virus (prv), and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv). each target produced a specific amplicon with a size of 353 bp (pcv2), 271 bp (ppv), 194 bp (prv), or 434 bp (prrsv). the assay was s ...200919214728
swine torque teno virus detection in pig commercial vaccines, enzymes for laboratory use and human drugs containing components of porcine origin.torque teno viruses (ttvs) are vertebrate infecting, single-stranded circular dna viruses. two genetically distinct ttv genogroups (ttv1 and ttv2) infect swine worldwide with high prevalence. currently, swine ttvs are considered non-pathogenic, although ttv2 has been linked to post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome, a porcine circovirus disease. on the other hand, pig materials are an important source of components used in porcine vaccine manufacturing, human drugs and commercial enzyme pro ...200919218210
[technics of inactivating/removing medical chitosan pathogen].to verify the technics of inactivating/removing pathogens in medical chitosan derived from shrimp shell.200919275109
predictors of smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis in hiv-infected patients, battambang, cambodia.retrospective data analysis of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infected patients attending an hiv clinic (referral hospital), cambodia. chest x-rays (cxrs) were read independently by onsite and offsite physicians.200919275795
differentiation of plum pox virus isolates by single-strand conformation polymorphism and low-stringency single specific primer pcr analysis of hc-pro genome region.single-strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) and low-stringency single specific primer (lssp)-pcr were assessed for suitability and reliability in genotyping of plum pox virus (ppv) isolates. examined ppv isolates included 16 ppv-d, 12 ppv-m, and 14 ppv-rec isolates collected in czech republic. the analysis was performed on the helper component protease (hc-pro) region of the ppv genome. sscp and lssp-pcr allowed the differentiation of ppv strain, but sscp was not able to distinguish isolates ...200919301952
comparison of cd4 cell count, viral load, and other markers for the prediction of mortality among hiv-1-infected kenyan pregnant women.there are limited data regarding the relative merits of biomarkers as predictors of mortality or time to initiation of antiretroviral therapy (art).200919317628
real-time pcr to detect and analyze virulent ppv loads in artificially challenged sows and their establish a real-time polymerase chain reaction with sybr green for detection and quantification of porcine parvovirus (ppv) in porcine tissues, two primers specific for the non-structural protein 1 gene were designed. the detection limit of this assay was 3-23 gene copies/reaction, equivalent to 0.001 tcid(50)/ml. the assay was linear over a 10(6) dilution range of template concentrations. other porcine pathogens involved in reproductive disorders (porcine circovirus 2, porcine reproductive ...200919345523
quantitative trait loci meta-analysis of plum pox virus resistance in apricot (prunus armeniaca l.): new insights on the organization and the identification of genomic resistance factors.plum pox virus (ppv) is responsible for sharka disease, one of the most detrimental stone fruit diseases affecting prunus trees worldwide. only a few apricot cultivars have been described as resistant, most originating from north american breeding programmes. several ppv resistance quantitative trait loci (qtls) have been mapped in various progenies, consistently highlighting the contribution to the resistance of the upper part of linkage group 1 (lg1). however, to date, no consensus has been re ...200919400838
detection and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from sheep in brazil: a case report.orf virus (orfv), the prototype of the genus parapoxvirus (ppv), is the etiological agent of contagious ecthyma, a severe exanthematic dermatitis that afflicts domestic and wild small ruminants. although south american orfv outbreaks have occurred and diagnosed there are no south american ppv major membrane glycoprotein b2l gene nucleotide sequences available.200919413907
rapid detection of porcine parvovirus dna by sensitive loop-mediated isothermal amplification.a method of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) was employed to develop a rapid and simple detection system for porcine parvovirus (ppv) dna. the amplification could be finished in 45 min under isothermal condition at 62 degrees c by employing a set of four primers targeting vp2 gene of ppv. lamp assay showed higher sensitivity than pcr, with a detection limit of 5 copies of ppv genomic dna per reaction. no cross reactivity was observed from the samples of other related viruses includi ...200919428576
further characterization of a new recombinant group of plum pox virus isolates, ppv-t, found in orchards in the ankara province of turkey.sixteen plum pox virus (ppv) isolates collected in the ankara region of turkey were analyzed using available serological and molecular typing assays. surprisingly, despite the fact that all isolates except one, which was a mix infection, were typed as belonging to the ppv-m strain in four independent molecular assays, nine of them (60%) reacted with both ppv-m specific and ppv-d specific monoclonal antibodies. partial 5' and 3' genomic sequence analysis on four isolates demonstrated that irrespe ...200919428744
nitric oxide inhibits the replication cycle of porcine parvovirus in vitro.this study investigated the inhibitory effect and mechanism of nitric oxide (no) on porcine parvovirus (ppv) replication in pk-15 cells. the results showed that two no-generating compounds, s-nitroso-l-acetylpenicillamine (snap) and l-arginine (la), at a noncytotoxic concentration could reduce ppv replication in a dose-dependent manner and that this anti-ppv effect could be reversed by the no synthase (nos) inhibitor n-nitro-l-arginine methyl ester (l-name). by assaying the steps of the ppv life ...200919437101
direct sample preparation methods for the detection of plum pox virus by real-time systems to process plant materials allowed high-throughput testing of plum pox virus (ppv) by real-time reverse transcription (rt)-pcr without nucleic acids purification. crude plant extracts were diluted in buffer or spotted on membranes to be used as templates. alternatively, immobilized ppv targets were amplified from fresh sections of plant tissues printed or squashed onto the same supports, without extract preparation. spot real-time rt-pcr was validated as a ppv diagnostic method in ...200919440977
multiplex pcr and multiplex rt-pcr for inclusive detection of major swine dna and rna viruses in pigs with multiple infections.multiplex pcr and multiplex rt-pcr were developed to identify nine viruses in pigs with multiple infections. these viruses are: porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2), suid herpesvirus 1, porcine parvovirus (ppv), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv), japanese encephalitis virus, porcine rotavirus a (porv-a), porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (pedv), transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev), and getah virus. these methods were shown to be high specificity and sensitivity. in the ...200919467264
individual risk factors for post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws) in pigs: a hierarchical bayesian survival analysis.risk factors for post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws) at the pig level were identified using data from a longitudinal study in seven pmws-affected farms in france. in each farm, a representative sample of 120 pigs (180 in one farm) was randomly selected after farrowing and followed from birth to slaughter. individual information included serological status for porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv-2), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus, and porcine parvovirus (ppv) ...200919477031
prospective evaluation of liver fibrosis in chronic viral hepatitis c infection using the sabadell nihced (non-invasive hepatitis-c-related cirrhosis early detection) index.liver disease resulting from chronic hepatitis c virus (hcv) infection follows an asymptomatic course towards cirrhosis and its complications in 20-40% of cases. earlier studies demonstrated that advanced fibrosis is a prognostic factor. the "gold standard" for the evaluation of fibrosis grade is liver biopsy. our group validated a predictive index - nihced - based on demographic, laboratory parameters, and echographic data to determine the presence of cirrhosis.200919527078
vaccination against porcine parvovirus protects against disease, but does not prevent infection and virus shedding after challenge infection with a heterologous virus strain.the demonstration of field isolates of porcine parvovirus (ppv) that differ genetically and antigenically from vaccine strains of ppv raises the question of whether the broadly used inactivated vaccines can still protect sows against the novel viruses. ten specific-pathogen-free primiparous sows were assigned to three groups and were vaccinated with one of two vaccines based on the old vaccine strains, or served as non-vaccinated controls. after insemination, all sows were challenged with the pr ...200919535504
expression of porcine parvovirus vp2 gene requires codon optimized e. coli cells.porcine parvovirus (ppv) is a widespread infectious virus that causes serious reproductive diseases of swine and death of piglets. the gene coding for the capsid protein vp2 of ppv was amplified and inserted into the plasmid pet-32a (+), which was then used to transform escherichia coli rosetta, the capsid protein of ppv was fused to a polyhistidine tag, and the position of the affinity tag is in n-terminus. vp2 was expressed using different expression host bacteria, including e. coli bl21, and ...200919543964
prevalence of feline coronavirus antibodies in cats in bursa province, turkey, by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.feline sera from bursa province (turkey) were assayed for coronavirus antibody using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). the study was performed on 100 sera collected from cats belonging to catteries or community shelters and to households. the serum samples were initially tested with the virus neutralisation (vn) test and the results were then compared with the elisa. the vn yielded 79 negative and 21 positive sera but the elisa confirmed only 74 as negative. the elisa-negative sera w ...200919560387
[viral factors influencing histological changes of hbeag-negative chronic hepatitis b patients with persistently normal serum alt levels].to investigate the correlation between viral factors and liver histological changes of hbeag-negative chronic hepatitis b patients with persistently normal serum alt levels (pnal).200919567022
control of antigen mass transport via capture substrate rotation: binding kinetics and implications on immunoassay speed and detection conventional heterogeneous immunoassays, assay speed is usually limited by the rate of mass transport, i.e., diffusion of antigen to an antibody-coated surface. we previously demonstrated that assay speed can be significantly increased, without losing analytical sensitivity, by rapidly rotating the capture substrate, which decreases the thickness of the diffusion layer. in this work, we raised the rotation speed and observed that the capture of antigens deviates from the mass transport-limite ...200919572706
virological response at 4 weeks to predict outcome of hepatitis c treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin.viral kinetics during therapy provides information on how to individualize treatment. to determine the benefit of assessing positive predictive values (ppvs) and negative predictive values (npvs) of rapid virological responses (rvrs) and early virological responses (evrs), on-treatment outcomes in chronic hepatitis c patients were examined.200919578235
evaluation of a rapid immunochromatographic device for the detection of igm & igg antibodies to dengue viruses (denv) in a tertiary care hospital in south india.this study has evaluated the performance of a rapid immunochromatographic test (ict) device in detecting antibodies to dengue virus (denv) in a tertiary hospital in south india. sera from hospital attendees, with requests for denv antibody testing, were tested with the panbio dengue duo cassette and a reference antibody capture assay for the detection of igm (dengue igm capture elisa-national institute of virology, india) and igg (dengue igg capture elisa-panbio diagnostics inc., australia) anti ...200919584509
use of different inhibitory quotients to predict early virological response to tipranavir in antiretroviral-experienced human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients.information about the relationship between pharmacological parameters and an early virological response to tipranavir (tpv) is scarce. human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-infected patients who had received tpv as part of a salvage regimen were analyzed retrospectively. a virological response was defined as a decline in the hiv rna level of > or = 1 log unit or to <50 copies/ml between weeks 4 and 12 of therapy. the virtual inhibitory quotient (viq) was calculated as the ratio of the tpv plasma tr ...200919596874
quantitative estimation of plum pox virus targets acquired and transmitted by a single myzus persicae.the viral charge acquired and inoculated by single aphids in a non-circulative transmission is estimated using plum pox virus (ppv). a combination of electrical penetration graph and taqman real-time rt-pcr techniques was used to establish the average number of ppv rna targets inoculated by an aphid in a single probe (26,750), approximately half of the acquired ones. this number of ppv targets is responsible for a systemic infection of 20% on the inoculated receptor plants. no significant differ ...200919597934
meld exceptions and new predictive score of death on long waiting lists for liver transplantation.cirrhosis related complications, considered meld exceptions, proved to add prognostic value to the meld score in predicting waiting list mortality.200919601457
predictability of sustained virological response to pegylated interferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin therapy by week-8 viral response in hiv-positive patients with chronic hepatitis c virus infection.chronic hepatitis c is frequent and aggressive in hiv-positive patients. identification of early predictors of response to anti-hcv therapy is needed for a lower rate of response and higher discontinuations, compared to hcv mono-infected subjects. the aim of our study was to evaluate the predictive value of virological response (vr) at week 4-8-12 of pegylated interferon alpha-2b (peg-ifn) plus ribavirin (rbv) on sustained virological response (svr) in hiv-hcv co-infected patients. 100 patients ...200919601782
clinical evaluation of nuclisens magnetic extraction and nuclisens analytical specific reagents for the real-time detection of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in paediatric respiratory evaluate the combination of nuclisens magnetic extraction and nuclisens analytical specific reagents (biomérieux, marcy l'etoile, france) for the detection of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) from a variety of respiratory samples.200919625288
influence of peptide ligand surface density and ethylene oxide spacer arm on the capture of porcine previous work, we identified two trimeric peptide ligands (designated wrw and kyy), which bound specifically to porcine parvovirus (ppv) and demonstrated their ability to capture and remove the virus from solutions containing 7.5% human blood plasma. this article examines the influences of peptide density and the presence of an ethylene oxide spacer arm on the efficiency of virus capture using these two ligands. the wrw peptide bound the most virus from plasma solutions at the lowest peptide ...200919634175
disinfection efficacy against parvoviruses compared with reference viruses.some virus species can resist harsh environmental conditions, surviving on surfaces for long periods with the possibility of being transmitted to susceptible hosts. studies are limited on the efficacy of disinfectants against viruses dried onto surfaces, in particular, with the identification of new pathogenic non-enveloped viruses that are expected to have high resistance to disinfection, such as parvoviruses. in this study a range of commonly used biocides, including heat, was tested against p ...200919646784
[establishment of rt- lamp for rapid detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus].a rapid detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) was established by using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) method, meanwhile its specificity and sensitivity were assessed. the results showed that the fmdv rna could be amplified by incubation at 65degrees c for only 1h using six primers designed based on fmdv polyprotein gene and the amplification products could be detected easily by naked-eye. there is no cross reaction with other virus such as svdv, ...200919678569
effects of ultraviolet radiation on marine virus-phytoplankton interactions.abstract ambient ultraviolet radiation (uvr) is harmful to many biological systems and increased uvr, due to a reduced ozone layer, may have many unforeseen consequences. viruses are the most abundant biological particles in the sea and are thought to play an important role in the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems. although an increasing number of studies have been published during the last 15 years, aquatic viral ecology is still in its infancy and little is known about the effect ...200319719609
cloning, in vitro expression, and bioactivity of interleukin-18 isolated from a domestic porcine breed found in evaluate the effects of recombinant porcine interleukin-18 (rpil-18) on the replication of viruses in host cells and proliferation of lymphocytes, porcine il-18 (pil-18) isolated from a domestic big-white porcine breed found in the henan province (hn) was cloned using a reverse transcriptase-pcr. the cloned hn pil-18 contained an orf of 579 base pairs encoding a 192-amino-acid precursor protein. the amino acid sequence of hn pil-18 was compared with all the other pil-18 amino acid sequences a ...200919732142
the determinant of potyvirus ability to overcome the rtm resistance of arabidopsis thaliana maps to the n-terminal region of the coat arabidopsis thaliana columbia (col-0) plants, the restriction of tobacco etch virus (tev) long-distance movement involves at least three dominant rtm (restricted tev movement) genes named rtm1, rtm2, and rtm3. previous work has established that, while the rtm-mediated resistance is also effective against other potyviruses, such as plum pox virus (ppv) and lettuce mosaic virus (lmv), some isolates of these viruses are able to overcome the rtm mechanism. in order to identify the viral determina ...200919737103
antigen-capture blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on a baculovirus recombinant antigen to differentiate transmissible gastroenteritis virus from porcine respiratory coronavirus antibodies.a new commercially available antigen-capture, blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (antigen-capture b-elisa), based on baculovirus truncated-s recombinant protein of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev) and 3 specific monoclonal antibodies, was developed and evaluated by examining a panel of 453 positive porcine respiratory coronavirus (prcov), 31 positive tgev, and 126 negative field sera by using another commercially available differential coronavirus b-elisa as the reference techn ...200919737754
detection of a novel porcine boca-like virus in the background of porcine circovirus type 2 induced postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome.porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv-2) has been found to be the causative agent of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws). however, pcv-2 is a ubiquitous virus in the swine population and a majority of pigs infected with pcv-2 do not develop the disease. different factors such as age, maintenance, the genetics of pcv-2, other pathogens, etc. have been suggested to contribute to the development of pmws. however, so far no proven connection between any of these factors and the disease develo ...200919748534
baseline predictors of virological response for chronic hepatitis b determine which baseline factors of chronic hepatitis b patients are predictive of virological response to peginterferon alpha-2b therapy.200919750575
prediction of significant liver fibrosis in kidney transplant patients with chronic hepatitis c virus infection: the tx-3 index.hcv infection is highly prevalent among kidney transplant (kt) recipients. the natural history and management of these patients are controversial. we sought to assess the diagnostic value of noninvasive markers of liver fibrosis in kt hcv-infected patients. this cross-sectional study included 102 kt individuals with positive hcv-rna. bivariate and multivariate analyses were used to identify variables associated with significant fibrosis (metavir > or = f2). significant fibrosis was observed in 2 ...201019758273
porcine parvovirus- and porcine circovirus 2-associated reproductive failure and neonatal mortality in crossbred indian pigs.the objective of this study was to detect the presence of porcine parvovirus (ppv) and porcine circovirus 2 (pcv2) in a farm showing reproductive failure and increased mortality in neonatal piglets by histopathological examination, polymerase chain reaction, and demonstration of viral antigen and nucleic acid. out of 594 piglets farrowed by 70 first-parity gilts, nine (1.51%) mummified fetuses, 13 (2.19%) stillborn, and 572 (96.3%) live-born piglets were recorded. the average litter size at birt ...201019763866
viral causes of influenza-like illness: insight from a study during the winters information is available on the viral etiology of influenza-like illness in southern european countries, and it is still a matter of debate whether certain symptoms can be used to distinguish among the specific viruses that cause influenza-like illness. the main objective of the present study was to identify the demographic and clinical predictors of influenza-like illness due to specific viral agents. the study, which was observational in design, was conducted in rome and naples, italy. ...200919856468
igg antibodies against measles, rubella, and varicella zoster virus predict conversion to multiple sclerosis in clinically isolated syndrome.multiple sclerosis (ms) is characterized by a polyspecific b-cell response to neurotropic viruses such as measles, rubella and varicella zoster, with the corresponding antibodies measurable in csf as the so-called "mrz reaction" (mrzr). we aimed to evaluate the relevance of mrzr to predict conversion of patients with clinically isolated syndrome (cis) to ms, and to compare it to oligoclonal bands (ocb) and mri.200919890384
immunosuppressive cytokine interleukin-10 (il-10) is up-regulated in high-grade cin but not associated with high-risk human papillomavirus (hpv) at baseline, outcomes of hr-hpv infections or incident cin in the lams cohort.bypassing the local immunological defense reactions in the cervix is one of the prerequisites for human papillomaviruses (hpv) infections to progress to intraepithelial neoplasia (cin). the role of potent immunosuppressive cytokines, e.g., interleukin-10 (il-10), depressing these local virus-specific immunological responses is incompletely studied. to assess, whether il-10 expression in cervical hpv lesions has any implications in the outcome of hpv infections or disease progression to cin. base ...200919908064
development and validation of reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of establish a reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) method for rapid detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv), four primers specific to six regions of the n gene were designed. after amplification in an isothermal water bath for 1 h, samples containing prrsv generated the expected ladder-like products while porcine parvovirus, porcine circovirus, classic swine fever virus, pseudorabies virus, and swine testis cells generated no pr ...201019911264
chances and limitations of non-invasive tests in the assessment of liver fibrosis in liver transplant patients.because fibrosis progression resulting in liver cirrhosis represents the main reason for graft lost in patients after liver transplantation, an early detection of liver fibrosis is crucial. in recent years, several non-invasive tests for the assessment of liver fibrosis have been developed. we prospectively assessed the stage of liver fibrosis of 135 liver transplant patients (94 hepatitis c virus [hcv], 41 alcoholic cirrhosis) using liver biopsy, transient elastography, and serum markers. in th ...201019925459
development and evaluation of rapid detection of classical swine fever virus by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp).a one-step reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) was developed for the detection of classical swine fever virus (csfv) and a set of primers designed based on the e2 gene reference sequences of the csfv. the assay was optimized to amplify csfv rna by incubation at 63 degrees c for 50 min. the rt-lamp amplification products had a ladder-like appearance when electrophoresed on an agarose gel. the rt-lamp assay showed higher sensitivity than the conventional rt-pcr, ...201019931578
dengue fever scoring system: new strategy for the early detection of acute dengue virus infection in taiwan.dengue fever is an important public health problem in southern taiwan. the purpose of this study was to develop a dengue scoring system using a three-stage process, which may be used as a guidance tool for the early diagnosis of dengue fever.200919933032
identification and phylogenetic analysis of an orf virus isolated from an outbreak in sheep in the jilin province of china.this study investigated an acute outbreak of contagious ecthyma dermatitis that occurred in november 2008 in a herd of 180 small-tailed han sheep in the jilin province of china. the pathological findings of this case revealed severe vascular proliferation, viral cytopathic changes in keratinocytes by vacuolar degeneration, ballooning degeneration, and eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions, suggesting that the disease could have been caused by an orf virus (orfv) infection. immunohistochemistry, in ...201019948384
enhancing the scope of conventional cervical cytology for detecting hpv infection.cervical neoplasia is attributed to a persistent human papilloma virus infection. the pap smear being the mainstay of cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings, we studied the nonclassical features which might indicate hpv infection. these included abortive koilocytes, mild dyskeratosis, parakeratosis, mild nuclear hyperchromasia, bi/multinucleation, measles cells, and keratohyaline-like granules. two hundred and eight women with a satisfactory pap smear and a hybrid capture ii test wer ...201019950400
atypical glandular cells (agc): thinprep imaging system (tis), manual screening (ms), and correlation with hybrid capture 2 (hc2) hpv dna testing.the aim of the study was to determine if the thinprep imaging system (t1s) improves the positive predictive value (ppv) of atypical glandular cell (agc) diagnosis for identifying hpv-related squamous and/or glandular lesions over manual screening (ms), and if human papilloma virus (hpv)-dna testing improves the diagnostic yield.201020014311
cellular adaptive immune response against porcine circovirus type 2 in subclinically infected pigs.porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2) is a dominant causative agent of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws), a multifactorial disease complex with putative immunosuppressive characteristics. little is known about adaptive pcv2-specific immune responses in infected pigs. therefore, the t and b cell responses following pcv2 infection in 3-week old spf piglets infected with pcv2 or pcv2 plus porcine parvovirus (ppv) were studied.200920028550
first report of porcine circovirus type 2 infections in obtain information about the porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2) infection status of pigs in cuba and the probable association of pcv2 with other porcine viruses, tissue samples collected from ill pigs were evaluated using polymerase chain reaction (pcr). the pcr analysis showed that 67.7% of the samples (23/34) from seven swine herds of six different geographic regions were detected to be positive for pcv2. ten of the 23 pcv2 positive samples (43.5%) shown a concurrent infection with porcine pa ...201020031180
twelve weeks posttreatment follow-up is as relevant as 24 weeks to determine the sustained virologic response in patients with hepatitis c virus receiving pegylated interferon and ribavirin.a sustained virologic response (svr) in patients with chronic hepatitis c receiving pegylated interferon (peg-ifn) plus ribavirin is defined as undetectable serum hcv-rna at 24 weeks (w+24) posttreatment follow-up. viral load outcome in patients with virological relapse (vr) has not been explored. this study evaluated whether the assessment of serum hcv-rna 12 weeks (w+12) after the end of treatment was as relevant as w+24 to evaluate svr in 573 patients who received combination peg-ifn and riba ...201020069649
[comparison and evaluation of enzyme-linked immunization assay kits with plague reduction neutralization test for detection of measles igg antibody].to evaluate and comparison of 2 commercial elisa kits (vrion/serion kit and ibl kit) which elisa kit will be used in sero-epidemiological survey in china in 2006 by plaque reduction neutralization test (prnt).200920084884
prevalence of antibodies to selected viral and bacterial pathogens in wild boar (sus scrofa) in campania region, italy.serum samples were collected from wild boars (sus scrofa) harvested during the 2005-2006 hunting season in campania, southern italy. samples were tested for antibodies to leptospira interrogan, brucella spp., salmonella spp., aujeszky disease virus (adv), porcine reproductive and respiratory stress syndrome virus (prrsv), porcine parvovirus (ppv), classical swine fever virus (csfv), and swine vesicular disease virus (svdv). of the 342 serum samples tested, 15 (4.4%) were seropositive to brucella ...201020090052
the genome of pseudocowpoxvirus: comparison of a reindeer isolate and a reference strain.parapoxviruses (ppv), of the family poxviridae, cause a pustular cutaneous disease in sheep and goats (orf virus, orfv) and cattle (pseudocowpoxvirus, pcpv and bovine papular stomatitis virus, bpsv). here, we present the first genomic sequence of a reference strain of pcpv (vr634) along with the genomic sequence of a ppv (f00.120r) isolated in finland from reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus). the f00.120r and vr634 genomes are 135 and 145 kb in length and contain 131 and 134 putative genes, re ...201020107016
[association between igg antibody against the c-terminal region of the pres1 protein of hepatitis b virus and the early response to interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis b].to determine the relationship between igg antibody against the c-terminal region of the pres1 protein of hepatitis b virus and the early response to interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis b.201020128959
colostral transmission of porcine circovirus 2 (pcv-2): reproduction of post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome in pigs fed milk from pcv-2-infected sows with post-natal porcine parvovirus infection or multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws) was reproduced in pigs fed colostrum and milk from porcine circovirus 2 (pcv-2)-infected sows and infected post-natally with porcine parvovirus (ppv) or immunostimulated. pregnant sows were inoculated intranasally with either pcv-2 (n=5) or pcv-2-free pk-15 cell lysates (control, n=10) 3 weeks before the expected farrowing date. newborn piglets from five of the control sows were introduced to pcv-2-infected sows (n=6 for each sow) and allowed to ...201020147521
ykl-40 and hyaluronic acid (ha) as noninvasive markers of liver fibrosis in kidney transplant patients with hcv chronic infection.hepatitis c is highly prevalent among kidney transplant (kt) recipients. in this population, the natural history of hepatitis c virus (hcv) infection and its proper management remains controversial. the invasiveness of the procedure and the interpretation variability of liver biopsy limit its use in these patients. we sought to evaluate the performance of ykl-40 and ha as markers of liver fibrosis in kt patients with hcv infection.201020163287
use of simple noninvasive biomarkers to predict liver fibrosis in hiv/hcv coinfection in routine clinical practice.simple noninvasive tests to predict fibrosis, as an alternative to liver biopsy (lb), are needed. of these, the aspartate aminotransferase (ast) to platelet ratio index (apri) and the forns index (fi) have been validated in hiv/hepatitis c virus (hcv) coinfection. however, these indexes may have lower diagnostic value in situations other than the circumscribed conditions of validation studies. we therefore examined the value of the apri and fi in hiv/hcv-coinfected patients for the detection of ...201020180868
[evaluation of the virus-elimination efficacy of nanofiltration (viresolve nfp) for the parvovirus b19 and hepatitis a virus].the safety of plasma derivatives has been reinforced since 1980s by variable pathogen inactivation or elimination techniques. nucleic acid amplification test (nat) for the source plasma has also been implemented worldwide. recently nanofiltration has been used in some country for ensuring safety of plasma derivatives to eliminate non-enveloped viruses such as parvovirus b19 (b19v) and hepatitis a virus (hav). we evaluated the efficacy of nanofiltration for the elimination of b19v and hav.201020197722
comparison of the immune responses induced by oral immunization of mice with lactobacillus casei-expressing porcine parvovirus vp2 and vp2 fused to escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin b subunit protein.the major structural protein vp2 of porcine parvovirus (ppv) was used as the model parvovirus antigen, which has been expressed in lactobacillus casei fusing with escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin b subunit (ltb) as mucosal adjuvant. the vp2-ltb dna fragment was cloned into vector ppg611 or ppg612 to generated inducible surface-displayed and secretion expression systems based on xylose promoter, designated as rlc:ppg611-vp2-ltb (recombinant l. casei) and rlc:ppg612-vp2-ltb, respectively. ...201120226529
on-treatment serum hbsag level is predictive of sustained off-treatment virologic response to telbivudine in hbeag-positive chronic hepatitis b patients.effective management of chronic hepatitis b infection is still very challenging, despite decades of clinical research. telbivudine is one of the most frequently used antiviral drug at the current stage, but its long-term effectiveness, particularly at off-treatment, is still unclear.201020233672
identification and molecular cloning of a novel porcine parvovirus.a novel porcine parvovirus, ppv4, was identified in the lung lavage of a diseased pig coinfected with porcine circovirus type 2. this virus exhibits limited similarity to its closest relative, bovine parvovirus 2, but resembles viruses of the genus bocavirus (bovine parvovirus, canine minute virus and human bocavirus) that encode an additional orf3. the orf3 of ppv4 is predicted to encode a protein of 204 amino acid residues, which is similar in size to the orf3-encoded proteins of the bocavirus ...201020339886
fat mass ratio: an objective tool to define lipodystrophy in hiv-infected patients under antiretroviral therapy.human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection and its treatment with antiretroviral therapy (art) have been associated with lipodystrophy. different clinical methodologies have been used to define the syndrome. the aim of this study was to propose gender-specific reference values using objective measurements for defining lipodystrophy in hiv-infected patients. using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (dxa), total body composition was analyzed in 221 hiv-infected patients under art (146 men). we use ...201020347364
correlation between the composition of multivalent antibody conjugates with colloidal gold nanoparticles and their affinity.interactions between multivalent preparations of antibodies (conjugated with colloidal gold nanoparticles (gnp) as a carrier system) and a multivalent ligand were investigated. the aim of the present study was to reveal the relationship between the affinity of the conjugate and its composition (i.e., the valency). surface plasmon resonance was applied to study the affinity and the kinetics of the interaction of multivalent conjugates and multivalent virus (on the example of the plum pox virus (p ...201020347832
assessment of alpha-fetoprotein in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in middle eastern patients.alpha-fetoprotein (afp) levels for the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) may vary by geographical region and racial background. no data exists for this test in the middle eastern population. in addition, there is limited data on the impact of virological status on afp levels.201020397051
diagnosis and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from goats in china: a case report.orf virus (orfv) is the etiological agent of contagious pustular dermatitis and is the prototype of the genus parapoxvirus (ppv). it causes a severe exanthematous dermatitis that afflicts domestic and wild small ruminants.201020416112
a single amino acid mutation alters the capsid protein electrophoretic double-band phenotype of the plum pox virus strain ppv-rec.plum pox virus (ppv) isolates differ by their capsid protein (cp) mobility in sds-page. these electrophoretic phenotypes are likely to result from post-translational modifications of the cp. we demonstrated that the cp mobility was solely determined by the cp n-terminal region. sequence comparison pinpointed a possible role of mutations at position 66 in determining the cp phenotype of ppv-rec isolates. site-directed mutagenesis of a chimeric clone demonstrated that gly(66) in the cp resulted in ...201020422234
the need for culture collections to support plant pathogen diagnostic networks.plant-pathogenic microorganisms, by virtue of their size, similarity in disease symptoms and closely related morphologies, are notoriously difficult to diagnose and detect. diagnosis gives proof as to the causal agent of disease and is important for developing appropriate control measures. detection shows the presence of a microorganism and is of importance for safeguarding national and international trade. live reference collections are required to characterize the taxonomy and function of micr ...201020457251
multiple pathways involved in porcine parvovirus cellular entry and trafficking toward the nucleus.porcine parvovirus (ppv) is a major cause of reproductive failure in swine. the mechanisms implicated in the first steps of infection that lead to the delivery of the ppv genome to the nucleus are poorly understood. in the present work, a panel of chemical inhibitors was used to dissect the cellular mechanisms involved in establishing a ppv infection. the results demonstrated that following binding to sialic acids on cell surface glycoproteins, the virus used both clathrin-mediated endocytosis a ...201020484503
combined use of aspartate aminotransferase, platelet count and matrix metalloproteinase 2 measurements to predict liver fibrosis in hiv/hepatitis c virus-coinfected patients.noninvasive tests that can be used in place of liver biopsy to diagnose fibrosis have major limitations. they either leave a significant proportion of patients without a definitive diagnosis or produce inaccurate results. moreover, the performance of these tests is lower in hiv/hepatitis c virus (hcv) coinfection. against this background, we examined the utility of serum matrix metalloproteinase 2 (mmp-2) and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (timp-1) measurements in combination with routi ...201120497249
improving the immunogenicity of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in hiv-infected adults with a toll-like receptor 9 agonist adjuvant: a randomized, controlled trial.persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) are often hyporesponsive to immunization, including pneumococcal vaccines. we hypothesized that adding cpg 7909, a toll-like receptor 9 (tlr9) agonist and vaccine adjuvant, to 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (7vpnc) would increase its immunogenicity in hiv-infected adults.201020504165
evaluation of anti-varicella antibody in young women before their marriage: a sero-epidemiologic study in iran.chickenpox during pregnancy can cause severe complications in both the mother and her baby. however, no complications will occur in a mother with proper immunity. therefore, physicians and health systems can make better decisions when they know the immunologic status of the women in a community.201020538515
studies of porcine circovirus type 2, porcine boca-like virus and torque teno virus indicate the presence of multiple viral infections in postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome a previous study, using random amplification and large-scale sequencing technology, we identified a novel porcine parvovirus belonging to the genus bocavirus in the background of porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv-2) in swedish pigs with postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws). in addition to bocavirus we demonstrated the presence of torque teno virus (ttv) genogroups 1 and 2 in these cases of pmws, indicating the simultaneous presence of several viruses in this disease complex. in the ...201020542066
expression of a modified nucleocapsid-protein of tomato spotted wilt virus (tswv) confers resistance against tswv and groundnut ringspot virus (grsv) by blocking systemic spread.summary tobacco transformed with a construct comprising the nucleocapsid-protein (n) gene of tomato spotted wilt virus (tswv) and the 5' non-translated leader sequence of plum pox virus (ppv) as a translation enhancer displays unusually broad resistance against tospoviruses. contrary to expectations, the transgenic plants did not express a higher level of tswv n protein than control plants harbouring the n gene without the ppv enhancer. instead, expression of an n-terminally elongated n protein, ...200420565598
selected swine viral pathogens in indoor pigs in spain. seroprevalence and farm-level characteristics.a serosurvey on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv), swine influenza virus (siv), aujeszky's disease virus ge protein (adv ge), porcine parvovirus (ppv) and porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2) was carried out in spanish pig herds. the serosurvey consisted of two studies. first, a retrospective study assessed the proportion of seropositive boar, sow and fattening pig herds and their seroprevalences to prrsv, siv, adv ge and ppv from 2003 to 2005 and to pcv2 from 2000 to 2005. ...201020569418
[rapid influenza diagnostic tests for detection of novel influenza a (h1n1) virus in children].accuracy of rapid bd directigen(®) ez flu a+b diagnostic test against influenza a (h1n1) virus in children.201020579777
validation of the cepheid xpert flu a real time rt-pcr detection panel for emergency use april 2009, the united states secretary of the department of health and human services declared a public health emergency concerning the 2009 influenza h1n1 outbreak. this declaration allowed the fda to issue emergency use authorization (eua) of approved in vitro diagnostics to detect the 2009 influenza h1n1 in clinical specimens.201020580600
the utility of dobutamine stress echocardiography for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease in the hiv population.the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (haart) has increased human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) patient longevity by 10-15 years. this increased longevity has habituated new cardiovascular complications, in particular, accelerated coronary artery disease (cad). although dobutamine stress echocardiography (dse) is a highly sensitive and specific test for the noninvasive detection of underlying cad in the general population, its utility in the hiv population remains unknown.201020584060
reproductive failure in wild boars associated to porcine parvovirus infection and in vivo and in vitro characterization of the causal isolate.investigations were made to identify the causal agent of an acute outbreak of abortions in a domesticated herd of wild boar. only porcine parvovirus (ppv) was isolated from samples of organs from the still-born sucklings and mummified aborted fetuses. the isolated virus hemagglutinated erythrocytes of guinea pig, murine, rat, and chicken. identity of the virus, designated the bq strain, was confirmed by the production of a specific cytopathic effect on susceptible cells and by the results from e ...201020596774
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