restoration of wild-type p53 function in human tumors: strategies for efficient cancer therapy.the p53 tumor suppressor gene is mutated in around 50% of all human tumors. most mutations inactivate p53's specific dna binding, resulting in failure to activate transcription of p53 target genes. as a consequence, mutant p53 is unable to trigger a p53-dependent biological response, that is cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. many tumors express high levels of nonfunctional mutant p53. several strategies for restoration of wild-type p53 function in tumors have been designed. wild-type p53 reconsti ...200717419952
serologic and hexon phylogenetic analysis of ruminant adenoviruses.the objectives of this study were to determine the antigenic relationship among ruminant adenoviruses and determine their phylogenetic relationship based on the deduced hexon gene amino acid sequence. results of reciprocal cross-neutralization tests demonstrated antigenic relationships in either one or both directions among bovine adenovirus type 6 (badv-6), badv-7, ovine adenovirus type 7 (oadv-7), caprine adenovirus type 1 (gadv-1), and deer adenovirus (odocoileus adenovirus 1, odadv-1). no an ...200818340400
cryoelectron microscopy map of atadenovirus reveals cross-genus structural differences from human adenovirus.a three-dimensional (3d) cryoelectron microscopy reconstruction of the prototype atadenovirus (oadv [an ovine adenovirus isolate]) showing information at a 10.6-a resolution (0.5 fourier shell correlation) was derived by single-particle analysis. this is the first 3d structure solved for any adenovirus that is not a mastadenovirus, allowing cross-genus comparisons between structures and the assignment of genus-specific capsid proteins. viable oadv mutants that lacked the genus-specific lh3 and p ...200818508893
structure of the c-terminal head domain of the fowl adenovirus type 1 short fibre.there are more than 100 known adenovirus serotypes, including 50 human serotypes. they can infect all 5 major vertebrate classes but only aviadenovirus infecting birds and mastadenovirus infecting mammals have been well studied. celo (chicken embryo lethal orphan) adenovirus is responsible for mild respiratory pathologies in birds. most studies on celo virus have focussed on its genome sequence and organisation whereas the structural work on celo proteins has only recently started. contrary to m ...200818561970
interaction of bovine adenovirus-3 33k protein with other viral proteins.the adenovirus 33k protein appears to be a multifunctional protein performing different roles in viral infection. the involvement of 33k protein in different steps of adenovirus replication may require protein-protein interaction. using 33k protein as a bait in the yeast two-hybrid system, we screened open reading frames (orfs) of bovine adenovirus (badv)-3 for potential interactions with 33k protein. interestingly, 33k protein showed specific interaction with 100k and pv proteins. the yeast two ...200818799182
[sensitivity and specificity of the vikia rota-adeno immuno-chromatographic test (biomérieux) and the elisa ideia rotavirus kit (dako) compared to genotyping].the performances of two diagnostic tests for rotavirus infection in stool samples were evaluated during a prospective study in children of less than 36 months in child-care centers of lyon from november 2004 to may 2005. the vikia rota-adeno immuno-chromatographic test (biomérieux) and the elisa ideia rotavirus kit (dako) were compared with a referral method, the genotyping. fifty-seven stool samples were collected and analyzed by rt-pcr. the virus genome was detected in 29 samples. the most fre ...200918838230
[application of molecular methods in the diagnosis and epidemiological study of viral respiratory infections].to date, more than two hundred viruses, belonging to six different taxonomic families, have been associated with human respiratory tract infection. the widespread incorporation of molecular methods into clinical microbiology laboratories has not only led to notable advances in the etiological diagnosis of viral respiratory infections but has also increased insight into the pathology and epidemiological profiles of the causative viruses. because of their high sensitivity, molecular techniques mar ...200819195443
a novel cardiotropic murine adenovirus representing a distinct species of mastadenoviruses.during cell culture isolation experiments to recover dobrava hantavirus from a suspension of liver from a striped field mouse (apodemus agrarius), an unknown virus was coisolated. atypically for hantaviruses, it had extensive cytopathic effects. using a random pcr approach, it was identified as a novel murine adenovirus, madv-3 (for madv type 3). a plaque-purified virus clone was prepared and further characterized. the complete genome sequence of madv-3 was determined to be 30,570 bp in length. ...200919297486
adeno-associated virus infection of murine fibroblasts with help provided by mouse adenovirus.adeno-associated virus (aav-2) replicates to high titers when host cells are coinfected with a helper virus. here we analyzed the coinfection of aav-2 and mouse adenovirus (mav-1) in murine fibroblasts. we observed that aav-2/mav-1 coinfected nih 3t3 cells produced approximately 10-40-fold less aav-2 dnase resistant particles than hela cells. levels of aav-2 dna replication were approximately 30-fold less in 3t3 cells as compared to hela cells coinfected with human adenovirus (ad-5). a study of ...200919464040
bovine adenovirus serotype 3 utilizes sialic acid as a cellular receptor for virus entry.bovine adenovirus serotype 3 (bad3) and porcine adenovirus serotype 3 (pad3) entry into the host cells is independent of coxsackievirus adenovirus receptor and integrins. the role of sialic acid in bad3 and pad3 entry was investigated. removal of sialic acid by neuraminidase, or blocking sialic acid by wheat germ agglutinin lectin significantly inhibited bad3, but not pad3, transduction of madin-darby bovine kidney cells. maackia amurensis agglutinin or sambucus nigra (elder) agglutinin treatmen ...200919646729
ovine atadenovirus, a novel and highly immunogenic vector in prime-boost studies of a candidate hiv-1 vaccine.ovine adenovirus type 7 (oadv) is the prototype member of the genus atadenovirus. no immunity to the virus has so far been detected in human sera. we describe the construction and evaluation of a candidate hiv-1 vaccine based on oadv and its utilisation alone and in combination with plasmid-, human adenovirus type 5 (hadv5; a mastadenovirus)-, and modified vaccinia ankara (mva)-vectored vaccines. all vectors expressed hiva, an immunogen consisting of hiv-1 clade a consensus gag-derived protein c ...200919853074
host range, prevalence, and genetic diversity of adenoviruses in bats.bats are the second largest group of mammals on earth and act as reservoirs of many emerging viruses. in this study, a novel bat adenovirus (adv) (btadv-tjm) was isolated from bat fecal samples by using a bat primary kidney cell line. infection studies indicated that most animal and human cell lines are susceptible to btadv-tjm, suggesting a possible wide host range. genome analysis revealed 30 putative genes encoding proteins homologous to their counterparts in most known advs. phylogenetic ana ...201020089640
microbiological and pathological examination of fatal calf pneumonia cases induced by bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens.the infectious origin of fatal cases of calf pneumonia was studied in 48 calves from 27 different herds on postmortem examination. lung tissue samples were examined by pathological, histological, bacterial culture, virus isolation and immunohistochemical methods for the detection of viral and bacterial infections. pneumonia was diagnosed in 47/48 cases and infectious agents were found in 40/47 (85%) of those cases. the presence of multiple respiratory pathogens in 23/40 (57.5%) cases indicated t ...201020713325
detection of known and novel adenoviruses in cattle wastes using broad-spectrum primers.critical assessment of bovine adenoviruses (badv) as indicators of environmental fecal contamination requires improved knowledge of their prevalence, shedding dynamics, and genetic diversity. we examined dna extracted from bovine and other animal waste samples collected in wisconsin for atadenoviruses and mastadenoviruses using novel, broad-spectrum pcr primer sets. badv were detected in 13% of cattle fecal samples, 90% of cattle urine samples and 100% of cattle manure samples; forty-four percen ...201121622778
isolation of a novel adenovirus from california sea lions zalophus californianus.viral hepatitis associated with adenoviral infection has been reported in california sea lions zalophus californianus admitted to rehabilitation centers along the california coast since the 1970s. canine adenovirus 1 (cadv-1) causes viral hepatitis in dogs and infects a number of wildlife species. attempts to isolate the virus from previous sea lion hepatitis cases were unsuccessful, but as the hepatitis had morphologic features resembling canine infectious hepatitis, and since the virus has a w ...201121790072
Genomic and phylogenetic analyses of murine adenovirus 2.Murine adenoviruses (MAdV) are supposedly the oldest members of the genus Mastadenovirus. Currently, there are three distinct MAdV types known with rather different tropism and pathology. Here we report and annotate the DNA sequence of the full genome of MAdV-2. It was found to consist of 35,203bp thus being considerably larger than the genomes of the other two MAdV types. The increased size of the MAdV-2 genome is generally due to larger genes and ORFs, although some differences in the number o ...201121683742
Genetic characterization of equine adenovirus type 1.Two known serotypes of equine adenovirus (EAdV), equine adenovirus type 1 (EAdV-1) and equine adenovirus type 2 (EAdV-2) have been isolated from horses. EAdV-1 is predominantly associated with upper respiratory tract infections while EAdV-2 appears to be associated with gastrointestinal infections in horses. In this report the EAdV-1 genome has been sequenced for the first time. The EAdV-1 genome encoded genes are characteristic of the Mastadenovirus genus such as protein V and IX. Unexpectedly, ...201121924564
Persistence and the state of bovine and porcine adenoviral vector genomes in human and nonhuman cell lines.The state of vector genome in transduced cells influences the duration of transgene expression and can be a safety concern if it gets integrated randomly into the host genome. Although human adenovirus (Ad) serotype 5 (HAd5) mainly persists in a linear episomal form, information regarding the state of bovine Ad serotype 3 (BAd3) and porcine Ad serotype 3 (PAd3) vector genomes in human and nonhuman cells is currently unknown. To address this issue, MDA-MB-231 (human), MDBK (bovine), PK-15 (porcin ...201121864589
isolation, identification, and complete genome sequence of a bovine adenovirus type 3 from cattle in china.abstract:201122188676
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