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antibodies to herpes group viruses in patients with nasopharyngeal and other head and neck cancers. 19744366990
antibody levels to infectious agents other than epstein-barr virus in burkitt's lymphoma patients. 19744366991
immunological reactions to tumor-associated antigens in burkitts lymphoma and other lymphomas. 19744366992
epstein-barr virus dna in hodgkin's disease, american burkitt's lymphoma, and other human tumors. 19744366993
epstein-barr virus: one or a family of viruses. 19744366995
seroepidemiology of herpesvirus type epstein-barr in blood donors from communities around lyon. 19744367030
nasopharyngeal carcinoma: present status of knowledge. 19744367157
transformation of nonhuman primate lymphocytes by epstein-barr virus. 19744367158
superinfection with adenovirus of burkitt's lymphoma cell lines. 19744367238
animal model of human disease. burkitt's lymphoma, malignant lymphoma and lymphocytic leukemia. 19744367265
in vitro cellular immunity to epstein-barr virus in normal human subjects. 19744367339
attempts to detect virus-specific dna in human tumors. ii. nucleic acid hybridizations with complementary rna of human herpes group viruses. 19744367341
malaria antibody levels in patients with burkitt's lymphoma. 19744367834
epstein-barr virus-binding receptor on the surface of chronic lymphocytic leukaemic lymphocytes. 19744367999
[immunology of epstein-barr virus in lymphoproliferative diseases]. 19744368156
a health and seroepidemiological survey of a community in barbados. 19744368328
antibodies to epstein-barr and other viruses in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. 19744368420
antibodies to epstein-barr virus, cytomegalovirus, and australia antigen in hodgkin's disease. 19744368421
detection of antibodies against virally-induced tumor-associated antigens by mixed hemadsorption. 19744368571
detection of tumor-virus associated antibodies by mixed hemadsorption. 19744368573
detection of epstein-barr virus (ebv)-associated nuclear antigen in human lymphoblastoid cell lines by means of an 125-i-igg-binding assay. 19744368574
editorial: burkitt's lymphoma;. 19744368606
epstein-barr virus and heterophile antibodies in infectious mononucleosis. 19744368690
epstein-barr virus specific diagnostic tests in infectious mononucleosis. 19744368691
evidence for a role of the epstein-barr virus in the etiology of human lymphoma. 19744368706
false negative and prozone reactions in tests for antibodies to epstein-barr virus-associated nuclear antigen. 19744368719
hematological and serological effects of rauscher leukemia virus and epstein-barr virus on immunosuppressed newborn subhuman primates. 19744368764
herpesviruses and cancer. 19744368769
immunodeficiency states. 19744368789
the effect of hydrocortisone and bromodeoxyuridine (budr) on the epstein-barr herpes virus in human lymphoblastoid cell lines. 19744369295
thymus graft in four children: clinical and immunological results. 19744369381
[epstein-barr virus antibodies after blood transfusion (author's transl)]. 19744369556
antibodies to epstein-barr virus-associated nuclear antigen in infectious mononucleosis. 19744369787
continuous lymphoid cell lines with characteristics of b cells (bone-marrow-derived), lacking the epstein-barr virus genome and derived from three human lymphomas.three exceptional cell lines have been tested for the presence of the epstein-barr virus genome by nucleic acid hybridization (complementary rna.dna) and epstein-barr virus-determined nuclear antigen tests. two lines were derived from swedish lymphoma cases and one from an african burkitt-like lymphoma biopsy that was negative for epstein-barr virus dna and the virus-determined nuclear antigen. all three lines apparently lacked the viral genome. two of the three lines clearly had characteristics ...19744369887
erythema annulare centrifugum coincident with epstein-barr virus infection in an infant. 19744369997
evidence for persistence of infectious agents in isolated human populations. 19744370011
igm antibodies specific for epstein-barr virus in infectious mononucleosis without heterophil antibodies.igm antibodies specific for epstein-barr (e.b.) virus were demonstrable in all but one out of 46 patients diagnosed as having infectious mononucleosis wihout heterophil antibodies; cytomegalovirus aetiology was excluded. in all but two cases the highest titre was found in the first sample. in 21 patients a significant decrease was seen within a few weeks. igg antibodies to e.b. virus, mostly remaining at a constant level, were demonstrable in all cases. igm antibodies to e.b. virus were found in ...19744370085
infectious mononucleosis. 19744370100
tumor viruses at cold spring harbor. 19744370527
post-transfusion hepatitis in a london hospital: results of a two-year prospective study. a report to the m.r.c. blood transfusion research committee by the medical research council working party on post-transfusion hundred and sixty-eight patients were seen and tested at frequent intervals after transfusion of whole blood. eight patients were judged to have developed icteric or anicteric post-transfusion viral hepatitis, an incidence of 1%. five were icteric and four of these were hepatitis b antigen (hb ag) positive; two of these four died. one of the fatal cases and one non-fatal hb ag positive case had received hb ag positive blood. two other antigen-positive patients had received blood or plasma ...19744370614
antibodies to epstein-barr virus and some other herpesviruses in patients with sarcoidosis, pulmonary tuberculosis and erythema nodosum. 19744370734
[detection of antibodies against epstein's and barr's virus in patients with carcinoma of the nasopharynx in the cssr (author's transl)]. 19744370878
epstein-barr virus and human malignancies. 19744370910
epstein-barr virus from p3hr-1 cells grown in chemically defined medium.a chemically defined medium, designated fcrc-1, supports the growth of p3hr-1 cells and concomitant replication of infectious epstein-barr virus.19744370911
susceptibility of human gingival cells to some animal viruses. 19744370938
herpes viruses and oncogenesis. 19744370988
depression of cell-mediated immunity during acute infectious mononucleosis. 19744370990
studies on the diagnostic value of an immunofluorescence test for eb virus-specific igm.a modification of the test for eb virus/igm introduced by schmitz and scherer (1972) is described. it is simple and gives reproducible results.eb virus/igm was demonstrated in all but one case of infectious mononucleosis and in students with minor illness shown to have acquired eb virus/igg recently. unlike the eb virus/igg, the igm disappears within a few months. although the paul-bunnell-davidsohn test is still the test of choice for the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis, the eb virus/igm ...19744371096
persistent infections with herpesviruses. 19744371164
in vitro transfer of cellular immunity against nasopharyngeal carcinoma using transfer factor from donors with epstein-barr virus antibody activity. 19744371172
an unusual karyotypic observation on cultured cells from an owl monkey (aotus trivirgatus). 19744371333
programming of events in epstein-barr virus-activated cells induced by 5-iododeoxyuridine. 19744371498
a serological study of antibody to epstein-barr virus in an australian population. 19744371567
observations on the resistance of fpstein-barr virus dna synthesis to hydroxyurea. 19744371583
criteria for the differentiation of lymphoid cell lines. 19744371891
letter: b-lymphocytes as target cells for e.b. virus transformation. 19744371903
letter: e.b. virus and treatment of lymphomas. 19744371906
detection of epstein-barr virus-determined intracellular antigens in unfixed cells with labeled antibodies. 19744372371
antibodies unrelated to epstein-barr virus in human sera which precipitate soluble components of cultured lymphoblasts. 19744372375
[burkitt's lymphoma; from the standpoint of pathology]. 19744372422
[burkitt's tumor: etiology, clinic and therapy (author's transl)]. 19744372500
autologous human b and t lymphoblastoid cell lines. 19744372538
cell-mediated immunity to epstein-barr virus and a blocking factor in patients with infectious mononucleosis. 19744372559
differences between laboratory strains of epstein-barr virus based on immortalization, abortive infection, and interference.biologic activities of extracellular epstein-barr virus (eb virus) from two laboratory strains, namely, p(3)j-hr-1 (p-h) from burkitt lymphoma and b95-8 (b95) from infectious mononucleosis, were compared. virus stocks from both sources contained approximately the same number of virions. virus from the p-h line induced "early antigen" in six nonproducer eb virus genome carrier cell lines; virus from b95 did not induce "early antigen." extracellular virus from b95 regularly caused lymphocytes from ...19744372601
commentary. eb virus, infectious mononucleosis, and cancer: the closing of the web. 19744372814
expression of epstein-barr viral capsid, complement fixing, and nuclear antigens in stationary and exponential phase cultures. 19744372815
infectious mononucleosis. 19744373218
inability to detect hepatitis b virus or specific antigens in transformed chimpanzee lymphocytes.transformed chimpanzee lymphocytes were examined to determine whether they would support the replication of hepatitis b virus. after 5 months, no hepatitis b virus, hepatitis b surface antigen, or antibody to hepatitis b surface antigen was detected.19744373398
relationship between epstein-barr virus-determined complement-fixing antigen and nuclear antigen detected by anticomplement fluorescence. 19744373574
latent dna of epstein-barr virus: separation from high-molecular-weight cell dna in a neutral glycerol gradient.epstein-barr virus dna in virus non-productive cells was separated from high-molecular-weight cell dna by sedimentation through a neutral glycerol gradient after gentle lysis of cells by pronase and sarkosyl. the isolated epstein-barr virus dna had a density of 1.716-1.717 g/cm(3) in cscl equilibrium centrifugation, which is very close to the virus dna density of 1.718 g/cm(3). the results indicated that the majority of epstein-barr virus dna in virus nonproductive cells is not covalently integr ...19744373725
direct evidence for the presence of epstein-barr virus dna and nuclear antigen in malignant epithelial cells from patients with poorly differentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynx.a well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma and three poorly differentiated carcinomas of the nasopharynx were analyzed for the presence of epstein-barr virus dna by hybridization with radioactive complementary rna. the well-differentiated carcinoma contained no detectable epstein-barr virus dna, whereas the three anaplastic carcinomas contained 41, 16, and 14 viral genome equivalents per cell. the anaplastic carcinomas were heavily infiltrated with lymphocytes and other non-neoplastic cells. ...19744373728
antigenic analysis of transformed and nontransformed cells from human neoplasms. 19744373782
viruses associated with the healthy individual. 19744373837
[editorial: herpesviruses and oncogenesis]. 19744373930
epstein-barr virus (ebv) infections in army recruits. 19744374050
nasopharyngeal carcinoma. vii. b and t lymphocytes in the circulating blood and in tumour tissue. 19744374264
[virus-induced hematologic diseases]. 19744374624
[chronic focal glomerulonephritis and chronic persistent hepatitis following kidney transplantation. detection of hepatitis b and epstein-barr virus antigen]. 19744374743
infectious mononucleosis at the united states military academy. a prospective study of a single class over four years. 19744374836
are viruses important in carcinogenesis?the role of viruses in the etiology of animal cancers is fairly certain. information derived under both natural and experimental conditions supports the concept that either dna- or rna-containing viruses can fulfill this function. the dna-containing herpesviruses, especially the epstein-barr virus, are currently the primary objects of intense investigation concerning their role in human cancer. this article will focus on the properties of counterpart herpesviruses in lower animals as well as the ...19744374889
the clinical significance of immunological findings in burkitt's lymphoma. (epstein-barr virus-associated antibodies/bcg treatment. 19744375070
[virological study of exanthematous diseases]. 19744375222
occurrence of epstein-barr virus in human leukocyte cultures. 19744375662
[epstein-barr virus capsid antigen (eb-vac)-iga antibody titer in splenectomized patients with hodgkin's disease. a follow-up study]. 19744375897
the variability in immunofluorescent viral capsid antigen antibody tests in population surveys of epstein-barr virus infections.a comparative study of the extent of epstein-barr virus (ebv) infections in populations that differ with respect to the incidence of tumours associated with this virus is now in progress in different countries. in these surveys of antibody titres from the various study populations, it is of critical importance that strict comparability be maintained. despite standardization of techniques and reagents in the cooperating laboratories, considerable variation in the results has remained. the compone ...19744376066
human leukemia-associated anti-nuclear reactivity.a brilliant, coarsely granular nuclear antigen was detected by anti-complement immunofluorescence in the nuclei of acute myeloid leukemia myeloblasts. designated as lana (leukemia-associated nuclear antigen), the reactivity differs from that of the epstein-barr-virus-determined nuclear antigen (ebna) in immunological specificity and morphological appearance, although it is visualized by the same method. serum from acute myeloid leukemia patients gave positive reactions in 73% of the cases. in ac ...19744595570
does eb virus cause meningitis or encephalitis? results of a survey; case report. 197417894049
induction of permanently proliferating human lymphoblastoid lines by n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine.n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine treatment of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells increases the frequency of lymphocyte transformation into permanently proliferating lines. the transformation is dependent on the dose of n-methyl-n-7-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine and does not occur in the presence of autologous human serum. thirty-eight of the forty-two established lines resulting fron n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine treatment produced detectable epstein-barr virus antigens.1975162872
primary epstein-barr-virus infections in acute neurologic diseases.infectious mononucleosis has been associated with guillain--barré syndrome, bell's palsy, meningoencephalitis and transverse myelitis. since it is not known that many children with infectious mononucleosis do not develop heterophil antibodies, we looked for evidence of current or recent epstein-barr virus infection in young patients with these neurologic diseases by using serodiagnostic procedures for detection and titration of antibodies to various antigens related to epstein-barr virus. seven ...1975163004
characterization of a serum inhibitor of mlc reactions. iii. specificity: hl-a-related antibodies. 1975163145
elevated immunofluorescence antibody titers to several herpesviruses in burkitt's lymphoma patients: are high titers unique?antibody titers for viral capsid antigens of all four human herpesviruses were measured by immunofluorescence in the sera of 16 burkitt's lymphoma (bl) patients, 16 age-, sex-, and locality-matched controls, and 136 family members from the west nile district of uganda. among family members, titers greater than 1:4 were found in 98% for herpes simplex virus (hsv), 86% for varicella-zoster virus (vzv), 100% for cytomegalovirus (cmv), and 94% for epstein-barr (ebv). titers in patients averaged appr ...1975163324
induction of epstein-barr virus-associated nuclear antigen during in vitro transformation of human lymphoid cells.human lymphoid cells isolated from the peripheral blood of adults, from cord blood, and from fetal liver, spleen, bone marrow, and thymus were cultivated with or without a cell-free preparation of epstein-barr virus (ebv) with demonstrated transforming activity. the cultures were examined for the ebv-associated nuclear antigen (ebna) and for transfromation into permanent lymphoblastoid cell lines (lcl). ebna, seen only in cultures that had received exogenous ebv, was detected between days 1 and ...1975163326
spontaneous lymphoma associated with herpesvirus saimiri in owl monkeys.two cases of lymphoma and one case of lymphoproliferative disease were found in a group of 7 owl monkeys imported into our colony as a single group. herpesvirus saimiri (hvs) was isolated from the tumor cells of 1 lymphoma by cocultivation and from kidney cell cultures from the monkey with lymphoproliferative disease. antibody to hvs was found in serum samples from 2 monkeys positive for hvs but not in the sera from the 4 clinically normal monkeys. antibody to epstein-barr virus-infected cells w ...1975163336
dna of epstein-barr virus. i. comparative studies of the dna of epstein-barr virus from hr-1 and b95-8 cells: size, structure, and relatedness.we have compared the properties of the dna of epstein-barr virus (ebv) purified from hr-1 (ebv hr-1 dna) and b95-8 (ebv b95-8 dna) continuous lymphoblast cultures. our data indicate that (i) the s suc of native ebv dna relative to t4d dna is 55s. using the modified burgi-hershey relationship (5), we estimate the molecular weight of native ebv dna is 101 (plus or minus the molecular weight of native fbv dna by measurement of the length of 3) times 106. estimation of the molecule relative to form ...1975163373
antibodies to epstein-barr-virus antigens before and after the development of burkitt's lymphoma in a patient treated for hodgkin's disease. 1975163432
transfusion-associated hepatitis not due to viral hepatitis type a or b.twenty-two patients who had an episode of transfusion-associated hepatitis not positive for hepatitis b antigen were examined for development of antibody to heaptitis a and b antigens, cytomegalovirus and epstein-barr virus. antibody response to the 27-nm virus-like hepatitis a antigen was measured by immune electron microscopy. in none of the 22 patients studied did serologic evidence of infection with hepatitis a virus develop during the study period. nine of the 22 patients had antibody respo ...1975163436
production of lymphoid tumours in hamsters by direct implantation of normal human leukocytes. 1975163447
infectious mononucleosis: the kissing disease. 1975163472
demonstration of a cellular inhibitor of epstein-barr and cytomegalovirus synthesis. 1975163544
clinical evaluation of patients with infectious mononucleosis and development of antibodies to the r component of the epstein-barr virus-induced early antigen complex.previous reports have emphasized that the transitory antibody responses to epstein-barr virus (ebv)-induced early antigens (ea) in the course of infectious mononucleosis are usually directed against the d (diffuse) component of the ea complex. in this report clinical and serologic data have been presented on 14 patients with infectious mononucleosis who responded either solely with antibodies to the r (restricted) component of the ea complex or revealed anti-r after the initial anti-d responses ...1975163582
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