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[role of lymphocyte subpopulations in proliferative diseases of the lymphoid system]. 1976181733
herpesvirus infections in renal allograft recipients.17 of 37 immunosuppressed renal allograft recipients developed clinical and/or serological evidence of herpes simplex virus infections, 7 of 83 developed a zoster rash, 85 of loo had evidence of cytomegalovirus infection and in 3 of 30 an active epstein-barr virus was seen.1975181840
selective in vitro growth of t lymphocytes from normal human bone marrows.selective growth of t lymphocytes occurred when unfractionated normal human bone marrow cells were cultured with conditioned medium obtained from phytohemagglutinin-stimulated normal human lymphocytes (ly-cm). cultures of up to 90 percent t cells have been maintained for more than 9 months. the t cells exhibited a strict growth dependence upon ly-cm and were consistently negative for epstein-barr viral information.1976181845
virus antibody levels and delayed hypersensitivity in rheumatoid arthritis.epstein-barr virus and cytomegalovirus antibody levels were not higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis compared to matched controls. delayed hypersensitivity, measured by skin test reactivity, was depressed in rheumatoid arthritis. there was no correlation between virus antibody titres and delayed hypersensitivity.1976182092
herpes simplex-raji(a44), a new cell line for serologic testing by if technique for the detection of hsv antibodies by using a lymphoblastoid cell line, raji(a44), which continuously produce a constant amount of hsv antigen, is described. if and ih tests were found to be similar with respect to sensitivity and reproducibility. sero-conversions detected by the cf test were detected with this cell line. the raji(a44) line (cells in suspension) can be routinely used for the diagnosis of hsv infection.1976182883
persistent herpes simplex virus infections established in two burkitt lymphoma derived cell lines.examination of p3hr-i cells (epstein-barr virus [ebv] producer) persistently infected with the mal strain of herpes simplex virus type i (hsv-i) suggested that only a few cells were actively producing a virus indistinguishable from hsv-i (mal) despite the presence of immunofluorescent hsv-i antigens associated with the majority of cells. ebv-specific immunofluorescence was not altered in hsv-i persistently infected p3hr-i cells. hsv-i persistently infected cells, labelled for 72 h with 14c-thymi ...1976182914
primary epstein-barr virus infection and thrombocytopenia during late infancy. 1976182945
leukocyte transforming agent (epstein-barr virus) in newborn infants and older individuals.the lymphocyte transforming agent, associated with epstein-barr virus, was sought in the oropharynx and other clinical sites of 443 individuals in the following groups: premature and term neonates; infants with congenital malformations or with suspected torch syndrome; children with various illnesses; pregnant and postpartum women; healthy adults; and patients with infectious mononucleosis. evidence of intrauterine infection was found in one newborn infant and lta was demonstrated in a 16-day-ol ...1976182946
positive differential heterophile antibody test. persistence in a symptomatic patient.a patient who had documented mononucleosis in june 1971 has been persistently symptomatic since that time, with easy fatigability and weight loss. he has also had a positive differential heterophile antibody test for mononucleosis for 14 months. although no evidence for active estein-barr virus (ebv) infection was discovered, the possibility of a chronic ebv infection is discussed.1976183027
[acute lymphatic leukemia and related diseases (author's transl)]. 1976183031
acute leukemia in burkitt lymphoma.burkitt lymphoma uncommonly presents as a acute leukemia. we describe the clinical course and findings of a 14-year-old female with burkitt lymphoma who presented with acute leukemia. splenomegaly and an abdominal mass. she responded initially to prednisone alone and later achieved full remission with combination chemotherapy. established morphologic criteria and clinical course were consistent with the diagnosis of burkitt lymphoma (1), although b-cell determinants were not present on her tumor ...1976183092
transformation of human lymphocytes by epstein-barr virus is inhibited by phosphonoacetic acid. 1976183149
clinical and ultrastructural study of burkitt-like leukaemia.six patients, two with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (a.l.l.) and four with lymphosarcoma with early transformation into a.l.l., have been studied. all blast-cells demonstrated with cytological, cytochemical and ultrastructural features of burkitt's tumour. the clinical evolution was fulminant and there was no remission of long duration despite intensive chemotherapy. the cytoplasm of the blast-cells displayed a great number of lipid droplets. the level of the anticapsid epstein-barr virus antib ...1976183177
epstein-barr virus dna in human lymphoid cell lines: in vitro conversion. 1976183361
clinical and laboratory evaluation of elderly patients with heterophil-antibody positive infectious mononucleosis. report of seven patients, ages 40 to 78.clinical, hematologic, biochemical and serologic data are recorded in seven patients aged 40 to 78 years with heterophil-antibody positive infectious mononucleosis (ha+im). clinical observations included fever of 22 to 30 days' duration (five of seven patients), sore throat (six of seven patients), myalgia (five of seven patients) and prominent lymph adenopathy (two of seven patients). initial blood smears revealed significant numbers of atypical lymphocytes in only five of seven patients; howev ...1976183500
estimation of t- and k-cell activity in the peripheral blood of sarcoidosis patients.depressed adcc activity was found in sarcoidosis patients in clinical stage ii when whole blood was used as the effector cell pool. whole blood in stage i patients as well as purified peripheral lymphocytes of sarcoidosis patients did not reveal a diminished cytotoxic activity. stimulation experiments with pha, con a, and ppd in two different concentrations resulted in a normal pha response, a significantly decreased con a response (regardless of the clinical stage of the patients), and a signif ...1976183596
epstein-barr virus (ebv)-determined characteristics in lymphoid cells. 1975183660
epidemiology of leukemia among baboons of sukhumi monkey colony. 1975183673
epidemiology of the epstein-barr virus infection and associated tumors in man. 1975183674
multiple cases of lymphoepithelioma and burkitt's lymphoma in a canadian family. 1975183675
epstein-barr virus (ebv) specific t and k cell cytotoxicity in vitro. 1975183683
cell-mediated immunity in acute infectious mononucleosis. 1975183684
replication and latency of epstein-barr virus. 1975183686
epstein-barr virus latency and bacteriophage p1 lysogeny-possible analogies. 1975183687
indefinite and temporary growths of human cord lymphocytes in vitro by epstein-barr virus. 1975183688
human putative oncogenic herpesviruses. 1975183691
serum iga antibodies of epstein-barr virus (ebv)-related antigens. a new feature of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 1975183692
comparative studies with different strains of epstein-barr virus in owl monkeys and marmosets. 1975183693
transformation of leukocytes from seropositive individuals by epstein-barr virus. 1975183708
epstein-barr virus (ebv) expression in transformed human lymphoblastoid cell lines from different sources. 1975183709
soluble complement fixing antigens in epstein-barr virus cell systems. 1975183710
quantitative variations of three different lectin receptors as a function of establishment and metabolism of normal and leukaemic human cell lines.lectin binding on the cell surface was measured by the method of kornfeld [16] using three tritiated lectins: robinia pseudo acacia, concanavalin a and ricinus. it has been shown that the number of binding sites for robinia and con a decreases after the establishment of a leukaemic cell line, whereas the affinity constant increases for robinia. the relationship between lectin binding and cell growth was carried out on 5 cell lines, 3 of leukaemic and 2 of normal origin. in all cases the maximum ...1976183999
characterization of a spontaneous undifferentiated carcinoma from an african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops).an adult male african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops) with an undifferentiated carcinoma, probably originating from the nasal mucosa, was received from the akron, ohio zoo. cultivation of this tumor in vitro resulted in a mixture of fibroblastic and epithelial cells which was subsequently separated using differential trypsinization. the neoplastic nature of the cultured epithelial cells was verified by their ability to transplant into athymic nude, or antithymocyte serum-treated mice, wher ...1976184033
epstein-barr nuclear antigen (ebna) carrying lymphocytes in human palatine tonsils.the presence of epstein-barr virus (ebv) antigens in human palatine tonsilderived lymphocytes (tdl) was investigated using the indirect fluorescent antibody (fa) technique. the tdl were screened for the presence of ebv early antigen (ea), virus capsid antigen (vca), and ebv nuclear antigen (ebna). in 76% of the patients diagnosed as recurrent exudative tonsillitis, and in 33% diagnosed as recurrent tonsillitis and/or serous otitis media, ebna was demonstrated in the purified tdls. no ea- or vca- ...1976184241
antigens and dna of a chimpanzee agent related to epstein-barr virus.biological and biochemical studies of the herpesvirus of chimpanzees previously demonstrated to be antigenically related to human epstein-barr virus (ebv) indicated that the agent is similar to ebv in that: (i) leukocyte culture of chimpanzees whose sera contained antibody against ebv capsid antigen could yield long-term lymphoblastoid cell lines (ch-lcl) with b-cell characteristics; (ii) the dna of ch-lcl contained sequences homologous to approximately 35 to 45% of human ebv; (iii) ch-lcl conta ...1976184297
[editorial: epstein-barr virus and malignomas]. 1976184378
indirect microhemagglutination test for varicella--zoster antibody indirect microhemagglutination assay (iha) was devised because of a need to provide an alternative test to complement fixation (cf) for varicella-zoster (v-z) antibody determination. human erythrocytes were sequentially treated with 2% glutaraldehyde, 0.04% tannic acid, and 2% pyruvic aldehyde then exposed to sonicated v-z infected cells. this same tanning procedure was suitable for herpes simplex and epstein-barr virus antigen attachment but unsatisfactory for several non-herpes-group viruse ...1976184904
[various new findings on infectious mononucleosis]. 1976184968
central nervous system involvement in infectious mononucleosis with studies for epstein-barr virus.neurologic complications in three girls, aged four, fourteen and fifteen years, with infectious mononucleosis are reported. all three patients had meningoencephalitis, in two of them cerebellar involvement predominated, while the third patient had cerebral involvement with paresis of cerebral nerves. the diagnosis of an epstein-barr virus infection was established serologiccally and in the first patient also by the detection of the epstein-barr virus.1976185153
screening tests for hepatitis b antigen and antibody in two colleges of education and studies on the relationship between nonspecific positive antibody tests and eb virus infection.sera from 627 students entering colleges of education between 1969 and 1972 were tested for hepatitis b surface antigen and antibody. one was found positive for antigen, none for antibody. six for 15 positive hepanosticon results and two positive hepatest results occurred in sera which also gave positive heterophil antibody tests indicative of current or recent eb virus infection. one of these six sera was still positive in the hepanosticon test after one absorption, and one of two hepatests gav ...1976185237
measurement of heterophil antibody and antibodies to eb viral capsid antigen igg and igm in suspected cases of infectious mononucleosis.the ebv igg titres in acute and convalescent specimens from 97 cases of infectious mononucleosis were compared with titres from acute and convalescent sera from 96 students with illnesses resembling infectious mononucleosis but without heterophil antibody, eb igm or eb igg seroconversion; and also with titres from 91 healthy students known to have had eb igg antibody for at least six months. these titres were related to the titre of the research standard a.66/235 for infectious mononucleosis ser ...1976185241
infectious mononucleosis: current concepts. 1976185247
epstein-barr virus-igm antibody test in infectious mononucleosis. 1976185300
[lymphoblastomic sarcoma of the burkitt type (the so-called "white burkitt tumor") (author's transl)].we report about a lymphoblastomic sarcoma of the burkitt type with a seventeen year old young man. the burkitt lymphoma occupies a special position among the malignant tumours and occurs rarely in temperate zones. from the clinical and histological point of view, we found the typical image of a unilocular burkitt tumor. it was not possible to verify an elevated titre of antibodies against the epstein-barr virus.1976185505
cell surface antigens detected in cell lines established from lymphomatous papio hamadryas and macaca arctoides monkeys.cell surface antigens associated with bone marrow cell cultures from leukemic monkeys of species papio hamadryas and macacus arctoides were visualized by means of an indirect immunofluorescence method with sera from leukemic baboons. the same immune serum gave two types of immunofluorescence, depending on the origin of the target cells. fluorescence of the ring-reaction type was seen with papio hamadryas bone marrow cell cultures growing in suspension and containing the baboon herpesvirus, where ...1976185533
humoral antibodies to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus in hodgkin's the method of indirect immunofluorescence it has been shown in p3hr-i cells that sera from patients with hodgkin's disease contain high titers of humoral antibodies to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus (ebv). higher titers of antibodies of ebv were found in histological variants of hodgkin's disease with an unfavorable course. the variant of lymphocyte depletion is accomplished by higher titers of the virus and poorer prognosis than the nodular-sclerotic variant having a course with lo ...1976185535
a study on the relation between the epstein-barr virus and some forms of malignant tumors in children.the presence of antibodies to the virus capsid antigen of the epstein-barr virus was established in the sera of children from different forms of neoplasms with the aid of the indirect method of immunofluorescence according to henle. 69 sera were studied from children with wilm's tumor, teratoblastoma, reticulosarcoma, neuroblastoma, sarcoma and also from children with benignant tumors. as control served sera from healthy children of corresponding age. as test cells synthesizing the virus capsid ...1976185536
hodgkin's disease and herpes viruses. 1976185537
viruses as an etiologic factor in cancer. 1976185722
acute leukemia: the use of surface markers in classification. 1976185724
complexity of ebv homologous dna in continous lymphoblastoid cell lines. 1976185788
improved production of epstein-barr virus dna for nucleic acid hybridization studies. 1976185794
[cell cycle and its regulatory role in viral infection]. 1976185808
an outbreak of infectious mononucleosis among the personnel of an outpatient clinic.during a four-week period, nine current or recent primary epstein-barr virus (ebv) infections were identified among 29 staff members of an obstetrics and gynecology outpatient clinic of an air force base hospital by ebv-specific serologic tests; i.e., early detection of igm antibodies to eb viral capsid antigen (vca), high titers of igg antibodies to vca, presence of antibodies to the d (diffuse) component of the ebv-induced early antigen (ea) complex and initial absence and later development of ...1976185899
nasopharyngeal carcinoma and burkitt's lymphoma in a canadian family. i. hla typing, ebv antibodies and serum immunoglobulins.two nasopharyngeal carcinomas of the lymphoepithelioma type and two burkitt's lymphomas with the characteristic histopathologic features developed in three siblings and one first-degree cousin in a large french-canadian family. epstein-barr virus antibody titres in the two lymphoepithelioma cases but not in the burkitt's lymphoma cases were, as expected, greatly elevated. hla typing of the family members failed to disclose hla antigens a2 and b sin-2, which have been associated with lymphoepithe ...1976186168
an immunoelectron microscopic analysis of epstein-barr virus-associated complement-fixing antigen.epstein-barr virus-associated, complement-fixing antigens have been observed with a complement-mediating immunoreaction and with the peroxidase-labeled anticomplement antibody electron microscopic method. postive reaction products could be found in the nuclei of p3hr-1 cell lines. at high magnification, it was ascertained that the reaction-positive precipitates were associated with chromatin and were mostly either finely granular or filamentous, which suggests that the antigen was not uniform. i ...1976186178
antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) against epstein-barr virus-determined membrane antigens. i. reactivity in sera from normal persons and from patients with acute infectious mononucleosis.the capacity of antibodies, directed against ebv-determined membrane antigens (ma), to induce antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) against ebv superinfected lymphoid cell lines was investigated. such reactive antibodies were found, at high dilutions, in sera from normal ebv-positive persons but not in sera from ebv-negative persons. sera from patients with acute infectious mononucleosis (im), which develop ebv-specific killer t cells, did not induce adcc. the difference in specificity ...1976186222
stimulation of lymphocytes by allogeneic lymphocytes and lymphoblasts in the presence of anti-hla antisera.anti-hla alloantisera inhibit mixed lymphocyte responses in which normal lymphocytes are used as stimulator cells. these same antisera are unable to inhibit lymphocyte proliferative responses stimulated by lymphoblastoid cells from cultured lymphoid cell lines. they also fail to inhibit either the generation of cytotoxic effector cells by lymphoblastoid cells or lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity against the lymphoblasts. although the number of hla antigens on the surface of lymphoblasts is report ...1976186270
viral infections in renal transplant recipients.cytomegalovirus (cmv) infections are common in renal transplant recipients. we studied 23 recipients prospectively to determine whether infections by other herpes-group and non-herpes-group viruses were also present. sera, obtained at the time of surgery and periodically thereafter, were tested for antibody to cmv, herpes simplex virus (hsv), epstein-barr virus (ebv), parainfluenza viruses types 1, 2, and 3, and the viruses of measles and rubella. we found no evidence of an unusual incidence of ...1976186410
properties of a baboon lymphotropic herpesvirus related to epstein-barr virus.three lymphoblastoid cell lines were established from splenic lymphocytes of a lymphomatous baboon (papio hamadryas) by co-cultivation of the lymphocytes with x-irradiated cells of marmoset or baboon lymphoblastoid cell cultures; the baboon splenic lymphocytes failed to grow when cultured alone. a herpesvirus, associated with each cell line, was identified by immunofluorescence, molecular hybridization and electron microscopy. antigenic comparison with epstein-barr virus (ebv) showed that the ba ...1976186420
transformation of tonsil lymphocytes by epstein-barr virus.tonsil lymphocytes obtained from children and adults at tonsillectomy were examined for susceptibility to infection with epstein-barr virus (ebv) in vitro. of 37 specimens, 24 (65%) were transformed by ebv. rate of transformation was higher in the cells from younger children than in those from older children and adults, but the susceptibility was not directly correlated to the titer of antibody against ebv in donor serum. all 22 transformed tonsil cell lines tested were carrying ebv-associated n ...1976186621
clinical significance of viral latency.evidence is accumulating to show that a number of viruses have the ability to adapt to man's defense mechanisms and survive in a latent state for what appears to be the life of the human host. unfortunately, latent viral presence, which may appear clinically benign initally, may manifest itself later as severe and often fatal disease. some members of the herpes virus family have latent potential and are discussed in detail. clinical competence would suggest a thorough understanding of these late ...1976186670
epstein-barr virus genome in infectious mononucleosis. 1976186715
encephalitis in infectious mononucleosis: diagnostic considerations.four atypical cases of presumed infectious mononucleosis (im) encephalitis are presented. to establish an etiologic diagnosis, paul-bunnell-davidsohn heterophil titers (pbd), antibody titers to the antigens of the epstein-barr virus (ebv), and oropharyngeal excretion of ebv were determined. criteria for a primary ebv infection are (1) an antiviral capsid antigen titer of 1:160 or greater, (2) the presence of antibody to the diffuse component of the early antigen, (3) absence of antibody to the n ...1976186753
a procedure for quantifying susceptibility of human lymphocytes to transformation by epstein-barr viruses. 1976186797
the placement of viruses in the aetiology of cancer.the role of viruses as causative agents of cancer in man has been examined for more than 50 years. these studies have recently been intensified by employing newly developed, more sensitive techniques in virology and immunology. in spite of proof that viruses cause cancer in animals and that about one-quarter of the known 600 viruses possess oncogenic potential, definite proof of their aetiology in human cancer remains elusive even though cancer research is a highly respectable and costly pursuit ...1976187160
herpesviruses and cancer in man and subhuman primates.because there is strong evidence for the involvement of epstein-barr virus in the etiology of burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, we have discussed the relationship of epstein-barr virus to these two diseases in the context of geographic distribution, pathology, epidemiology, genetics, immunovirology, and biochemistry. we have also discussed the relationship of epstein-barr virus to other diseases, both malignant and non-malignant. although the etiologic relationship of herpes simpl ...1976187259
in vitro transforming activity of ebv. i-establishment and properties of two ebv strains (m81 and m72) produced by immortalized callithrix jacchus vitro transformation of callithrix jacchus marmoset lymphocytes was achieved with a nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) derived epstein-barr virus (ebv) strain, hkly-28. two permanent and virus producing lymphoblastoid cell lines, m81 and m72, were obtained. comparison between the original hkly-28 line and both m81 and m72 lines showed that passage in the marmosets lymphocytes greatly enhanced viral production and transforming activity of the virus as observed in cottontop derived b95.8 lymphoblas ...1976187263
the biology and serology of epstein-barr virus (ebv) infections.the epstein-barr virus (ebv), carried by the majority of the world's adult human population, is closely associated with three known human diseases; infectious mononucleosis im), burkitts lymphoma (bl) and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc). it is now generally accepted that ebv plays an active role in the etiology of bl and npc rather than simply being a "passenger". considerable evidence also argues for the participation of "co-factors" in these two diseases. environmental co-factors appear needed ...1976187269
[epidemiology and nature of the association between herpesviruses (ebv and herpes simplex) and several human tumors. recent results].the association between ebv and two human tumours (bl and npc) is presented. the bl prospective study conducted by the international agency for research on cancer is progressing well, and up to date 10 pre-bl sera have been available and tested. the results show that not only every serum has vca antibodies 7 to 31 months prior to tumour development, but that the vca titres of such pre-bl sera appear higher than that of various age-sex matched controls. these preliminary results would favour a ch ...1976187271
vaccination against eb virus. 1976187278
cytotoxic lymphocytes in infectious patients with a clinical diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis (im) and detectable heterophil antibodies were found to have peripheral blood lymphocytes that were cytotoxic for lymphoid cells containing epstein-barr virus from a patient with burkitt's lymphoma. the cytotoxic lymphocytes persisted in the peripheral circulation for up to 45 days. patients who had had im 1 to 5 years previously lacked such cytotoxic lymphocytes. patients who had signs and symptoms of im but no detectable hete ...1976187310
extrinsic modulation of human t-lymphocyte e rosette function associated with prolonged hepatocellular injury after viral hepatitis.defective t-lymphocyte e rosette (er) function associated with viral hepatitis a and b may be due to mechanisms extrinsic or intrinsic to the target lymphocyte. the extrinsic defect is induced by an immunoregulatory plasma lipoprotein (rif) and has the capacity to regenerate er function in vitro. the intrinsic defect is refractory to regeneration and is not associated with rif. although both mechanisms occur with high frequency during the acute phase of viral hepatitis they tend to segregate in ...1977187620
immunologic identification of epstein-barr virus early antigen in a p3hr-1 cell extract.we extracted the epstein-barr soluble antigen (ebsa) from the p3hr-1 human lymphoid cell line, which carries the epstein-barr virus (ebv), after p3hr-1 cells were activated with 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine. ebsa was identified as the early antigen (ea) complex by immunodiffusion and blocking immunofluorescence tests with high-titered human antiserum to ea. the identity of the ea complex was confirmed with antiserum to ea prepared in rabbits and adsorbed to assure its immunologic specificity. the ea w ...1976187767
burkitt's lymphoma: its clinical course in relation to immunologic reactivities to epstein-barr virus and tumor-related 141 patients with african burkitt's lymphoma, the relationship between epstein-barr virus (ebv)-related antibody titers and the clinical course of this disease was presented. antiviral capsid antigen tests gave positive results in all patients, siblings, and control neighbors; but the geometric mean antibody titers to viral capsid antigen were significantly higher in patients than in siblings or neighbors (p less than 0.001). no control neighbors or siblings had antibodies to restricted (ea-r ...1976187787
epithelial characteristics of tumor cells in nasophasyngeal carcinoma.electron microscopy examination of nasopharyngeal carcinoma grafts in nude mice showed that the tumor cells retained their epithelial characteristics, as betrayed by the presence of keratin fibrils and of functional complexes at the cell membrane. thus the cells positive for epstein-barr virus-specific nuclear antigen present in such grafts do represent the progeny of human epithelial tumor cells. c-type virus particles were observed in one tumor graft, indicating that epithelial human cells cou ...1976187791
infectious mononucleosis. 1977187809
inhibition of eb virus transformation of non-adherent human lymphocytes by co-cultivation with adult fibroblasts.transformation of a special population of non-adherent human lymphocytes by eb virus (ebv) is reversibly inhibited by co-cultivation on adult human fibroblasts. neither fluid from adult fibroblast cultures nor extracts of fibroblasts inhibited such transformation, and the growth of already transformed lymphocytes was not inhibited on adult fibroblasts. the ebv-associated nuclear antigen (ebna) was detectable in inhibited cultures, with a maximum level of about 15% at 14 days after which it decre ...1976187915
serum modulation of in vitro cellular immune reactivity to epstein-barr virus-associated antigen.the reactivity of peripheral blood leukocytes to epstein-barr virus-associated antigen was assessed employing two in vitro tests, leukocyte adherence inhibition (lai) and leukocyte migration inhibition (lmi). in both tests, autologous serum from some normal subjects was shown to confer strong reactivity on weak or non-responder cells. reactivity to purified protein derivative of tuberculin (ppd) assessed in parallel was shown to be unaffected by autologous serum. employing the lai system, variat ...1976187919
quantitative evaluation of epstein-barr-virus-infected mononuclear peripheral blood leukocytes in infectious mononucleosis.we devised a quantitative assay for epstein-barr-virus-infected mononuclear leukocytes (virocytes) to determine their prevalence in the blood of patients with acute-phase and convalescent-phase infectious mononucleosis and in healthy epstein-barr-virus-seropositive controls. mononuclear peripheral blood leukocyte suspensions were tested for virus-determined cytoproliferative activity by cocultivation with human cord-cell indicator cultures. the highest levels of virocytes among circulating monon ...1977187934
patterns of oropharyngeal eb-virus shedding. 1977187936
[on the possible role of proviruses in cancer (author's transl)]. 1976188026
[lymphadenopathy caused by hemophagocytic sinus histiocytosis (destombes-rosai-dorfman syndrome). immunologic and histopathologic study of a new case].the case reported is one of lymphadenopathy due to haemophagocytic sinusal histiocytosis which had progressed for more than 10 years before resulting in death at the age of 58 years. in this advanced form, all superficial and deep nodes were involved. in addition to histiocytic hyperplasia, with haemophagocytosis and lipid overload, there was plasmocytic hyperplasia, i.e. b-lymphocytes, with polyclonal hypergamma-globulinaemia and an increase in the levels of many antibodies, in particular again ...1976188359
epstein-barr-virus-specific iga and igg serum antibodies in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.the sera of 73 patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc), 28 patients with other carcinomas (oc) and 89 healthy subjects (hs) were tested for igg and iga antibodies to epstein-barr virus (ebv) viral capsid antigen (vca). the majority of the npc sera had igg titres of 160 or above, whereas the majority of the other sera had titres below 160. for iga reactivity to ebv-vca, 68 of 73 (93-2%) npc sera had titres of greater than or equal to 10. in contrast, only 6 of 28 (21-4%) oc sera and none of ...1976188437
prevention of herpes-associated malignancies in primates: problems and prospects. 1976188731
failure to immortalize human "null" cells by epstein barr virus (ebv) "in vitro". 1976188733
establishment in continuous culture of a new type of lymphocyte from a "burkitt like" malignant lymphoma (line d.g.-75).the isolation and establishment in vitro of a hitherto undescribed type of lymphocyte designated d.g.-75 is reported. the original inoculum was derived from the pleural effusion of a child with a primary abdominal lymphoma, which clinically and histologically resembled burkitt's lymphoma. in addition to the absence of the ebv genome and ebv receptors, this line possesses a number of other properties which distinguish it from previously described lymphoblastoid cell lines. it has different growth ...1977188769
a case control study on immunity to two epstein-barr virus-associated antigens, and to herpes simplex virus and adenovirus in a population-based group of patients with hodgkin's disease in denmark, hundred and eighty-five patients with untreated hodgkin's disease (hd) comprising 86% of all new cases diagnosed in denmark over a 2-year period, were individually matched with healthy controls of the same age, sex, and social class. in comparison to controls, hd patients showed significantly elevated mean antibody titres to epstein-barr viral capsid antierences in mean titres were found for adenovirus common antigen. subdivision of the patients by age, sex, social class, hl-a antigens, stag ...1977188770
elevated parainfluenza virus type 1 antibody in patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.parainfluenza virus hemagglutination inhibition (hi) antibodies were determined 3 times in the sera of 9 patients with subacute sclerosiing panencephalitis (sspe) and 20 healthy controls matched for age and place of residence. serum antibody against parainfluenza virus type 1 was significantly elevated in sspe patients as compared with controls, whereas antibodies against type 2 and 3 were found to be in normal ranges. higher titres of parainfluenza virus type 1 antibody might depend on: (1) dua ...1977188993
synthesis of epstein-barr virus dna in vitro: effects of phosphonoacetic acid, n-ethylmaleimide, and atp.nuclei from superinfected raji cells synthesized epstein-barr virus (ebv) dna in vitro in the absence of cell dna synthesis. the synthesis of ebv dna in vitro was inhibited by phosphonoacetic acid and n-ethylmaleimide, and maximum synthesis was achieved in the absence of an atp-regenerating system. nuclei from mock-infected cells required an atp-regenerating system for maximum dna synthesis.1977189079
infectious mononucleosis in children. evaluation of epstein-barr virus-specific serological data.epstein-barr virus (ebv)-specific antibody responses were determined in 43 consecutive pediatric patients who had signs and symptoms of inectious mononucleosis (im) and positive diagnostic tests for mononucleosis (monspot). thirty patients gave clear-cut serologic evidence of primary ebv infections; of the remaining 13 patients, seven had no antibodies to ebv in the acute- or convalescent-phase sera and six showed serologic patterns of past ebv infections. further testing proved that the initial ...1977189099
nasopharyngeal carcinoma and epstein-barr virus. iii. the detection of anti-nuclear antibodies.the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies (ana) has been studied in 433 sera from 305 patients with anaplastic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) in taiwan, by means of indirect fluorescent antibody method. another 134 sera from normal adults or from patients with other diseases served as controls. patients with npc showed positive rate of 23.1%. forty-two patients with other malignant and 25 patients with benign tumors of the head and neck showed positive rates of 9.5% and 8.0%, respectively. forty-e ...1976189106
[burkitt's lymphoma]. 1977189235
hodgkin's disease in siblings: a family study.hodgkin's disease may sporadically occur in more than one member of a family. a family in which two siblings were documented to have the nodular sclerosing form of the disease was studied for immunological competency, distribution of hl-a antigens, and epstein-barr virus (ebv) antibody titers. all family members examined, except the living individual with hd, had no significant abnormality in humoral and cellular immunity. hl-a antigens previously reported to appear in hodgkin's disease with inc ...1976189264
[antibodies against the epstein-barr virus nuclear-antigen in children with malignant disease (author's transl)].sera of 25 patients and 50 health children were tested for the presence of antibodies against the epstein-barr virus nuclear-antigen (ebna). we examined 15 children with acute lymphocytic leukemia, who showed a mean arithmatic titer of 1 : 5.33, 1 child with acute myeloblastic leukemia and 1 child with the chronic myeloblastic form showing no reactivity. two children with lymphogranuloma had titers 1 : 16 and 1 : 32, respectively. 1 patient with lymphoepithelial carcinoma and 5 with lymphosarcom ...1976189271
transient induction of a nuclear antigen unrelated to epstein-barr nuclear antigen in cells of two human b-lymphoma lines converted by epstein-barr virus.infection of cells of the epstein-barr virus (ebv)-negative human b-lymphoma lines bjab and ramos with ebv preparations from p3hr-1 or b 95-8 cells converted these cells to ebv genome carriers expressing epstein-barr nuclear antigen (ebna) in almost 100% of these cells. induction of these cells as well as of clones from p3hr-1 ebv-converted bjab cells with iododeoxyuridine, aminopterin, and hypoxanthine resulted in the appearance of a nuclear antigen in about 1-6% of the cells 1-4 days after ind ...1977189313
[eb virus ii: state of latent viral genomes (author's transl)]. 1976189357
efficiency of transformation of lymphocytes by epstein-barr virus. 1977189490
[igm diagnosis of epstein-barr virus (ebv) infections by means of the immunofluorescent method].sera were investigated of patients possibly suffering from an ebv infection, without showing clinical features characteristic of infectious mononucleosis. the method of investigation was the detection of antibodies of the igm-type by means of the immunofluorescent method using a three-layer technique. diagnosis of ebv infection was established in 10 out of 90 patients with facial palsy, one with myelitis, one with sudden deafness and one with polyneuritis. in addition, 4 out of 19 cases of hepat ...1977189514
prognosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by epstein-barr virus antibody titer.a total of 433 samples of serum were collected from 305 patients with histopathologically proved anaplastic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc). antibodies against viral capsid antigens (vca) of epstein-barr (eb) virus were titrated by means of indirect fluorescent antibody technique, using p3hr-1 cells as the target. high anti-vca antibody titer in patients with npc was found beginning to decline at the end of radiotherapy. most (66.7%) of the patients were found to have a detectable reduction in an ...1977189741
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