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preparation of rabbit antisera to epstein-barr virus d-early antigen. 1975190136
studies on the epstein-barr virus (ebv)-associated early antigen (ea) with 125 i-labelled igg. 1975190137
detection of epstein-barr virus (ebv)-associated nuclear antigen in frozen and thawed cells and subcellular fractions of human lymphoblastoid cell lines by means of an 125i-igg binding assay. 1975190139
transformation in vitro by herpesviruses - a review. 1975190141
cell co-operation involved in transformation of leukocytes by the oimr-wil strain of ebv. 1975190142
different properties of cell lines induced by different strains of epstein-barr virus. 1975190143
differences between laboratory strains of epstein-barr virus based on immortalization, abortive infection and interference.biological activities of extracellular epstein-barr virus (ebv) from two laboratory strains, namely p3j-hr-1 (p-h) from burkitt's lymphoma and b95-8 (b95) from infectious mononucleosis, were compared. virus stocks from both sources contained approximately the same number of virions. virus from the p-h line induced early antigen in six non-producer ebv-genome carrier cell lines; virus from b95 did not induce early antigen. extracellular virus from b95 regularly caused lymphocytes from human umbil ...1975190145
appearance of epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen in human cordblood lymphocytes.transformation and induction of ebv-specified ebna was studied in human umbilical cord-blood lymphocytes infected with ebv, hvs or hva. transformation of human umbilical umbilical cord-blood lymphocytes into continuous lymphoblastoid cell lines was successful with ebv derived from five of seven human or simian cell lines but not with hvs or hva derived from simian lymphoblastoid cell lines. ebna induction was studied using b95-8 virus for infection of lymphocytes; as early as 24 hours after infe ...1975190146
expression of viral information - a review. 1975190151
epstein-barr virus: studies on the association of virus genome with human chromosomes in hybrid cells. 1975190152
dna synthesis in cells activated for the epstein-barr virus. 1975190153
replication of cytomegalovirus dna in human lymphoblastoid cells. 1975190154
cytogenic differences between burkitt's lymphoma and other ebv-related human lymphoblastoid cell lines. 1975190155
superinfection with adenovirus of lymphoblastoid cell lines. 1975190157
rna polymerases in human lymphoblastoid cells that contain epstein-barr virus. 1975190159
tumour induction in vivo: major events leading to tumorigenesis in embryos inoculated with oncogenic herpesviruses. 1975191353
transformation in vivo - a review. 1975191355
prevention of epstein-barr virus (ebv)-induced infection in cotton-topped marmosets by human serum containing ebv neutralizing activity. 1975191356
response of marmosets to experimental infection with epstein-barr virus.the response of cotton-topped (ct) or white-lipped (wl) marmosets, inoculated with material containing epstein-barr virus (ebv), was studied. twenty-five marmosets inoculated with 10(6)-10(8) cells from human or simian ebv-carrying lymphoblastoid cell cultures developed no detectable clinical disease. transitory antibody titres to vca were detected in sera from several of these marmosets. thirty-eight marmosets inoculated with p3 virus (10(9) particles) and seven marmosets inoculated with 10(5) ...1975191357
observations on the nature of epstein-barr virus infection of peripheral lymphoid cells in infectious mononucleosis. 1975191358
homology of epstein-barr virus dna in nasopharyngeal carcinomas from kenya, taiwan, singapore and tunisia. 1975191360
further studies on the detection of the epstein-barr virus dna in nasopharyngeal carcinoma biopsies from different parts of the world. 1975191361
host responses to herpesviruses - a review. 1975191365
humoral and cellular immunity to ebv and lymphoid cell line antigens in human lymphoma.although elevated antibody levels to the epstein-barr virus (ebv) have been reported in a number of lympho-proliferative neoplasms, it has not been possible to determine whether these antibodies were the result of a specific response to an oncogenic agent (ebv), whether they were a non-specific humoral compensation for depressed cell-mediated immunity (cmi), or whether a different mechanism was responsible. we have previously shown in a group of lymphoma patients that depressed cellular immunity ...1975191366
epstein-barr virus (ebv)-associated antibody patterns in relation to the deficiency of cell-mediated immunity in patients with hodgkin's disease.sera from unselected and untreated patients with hodgkin's disease (hd) were examined for antibodies to epstein-barr viral (ebv) capsid antigens (vca). delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions were carried out with purified tuberculoprotein (ppd). highly purified blood lymphocytes of the same patients were studied morphologically and classified for cell surface markers. incorporation of 14c-thymidine was used as a measure of spontaneous dna synthesis and dna synthesis after exposure to diffe ...1975191367
immunogenetic aspects of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) iii. hl-a type as a genetic marker of npc predisposition to test the hypothesis that epstein-barr virus is an etiological factor in npc.hl-a typing of 144 npc patients and 236 controls revealed an increased frequency of 1st locus hl-42 (relative risk = 2.24) and an increased frequency of unidentified antigens at the 2nd locus (relative risk = 2.60) in the npc patients. hl-a2 and the 2nd locus "blank" appeared to act together (hl-a2 blank haplotype) in determining npc risk in highest-risk cantonese, whereas in relatively lower-risk non-cantonese chinese (hokkiens, teochews) they appeared to act independently. only the "blank" had ...1975191368
auto-antibodies in the sera of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 1975191369
alteration in epstein-barr virus-human lymphoid cell interactions caused by the presence of type-c viral genome.we have recently established a cell line, designated fvnc, by infection of non-ebv-productive human lymphoid nc-37 cells with the type-c virus flv. the fvnc cell line has been maintained free of detectable ebv- and flv-related immunofluorescent antigens for three years but both viral genomes exist in the cells in a repressed form. the fvnc cells were morphologically similar to the uninfected nc-37 cells but a d-group chromosome change was consistently seen. the colony-forming capacity of fvnc ce ...1975191370
changes in antibodies to epstein-barr virus-associated antigens with the development of burkitt's lymphoma. 1975191371
specific igm response and characteristics of the lymphoblastoid cell lines obtained from an infant with probable mixed cytomegalovirus and epstein-barr virus infection. 1975191372
sero-epidemiology of the epstein-barr virus: preliminary analysis of an international study - a review.samples of chinese, indian, african and caucasian populations, randomly selected in hong kong, singapore, the west nile district of uganda, and nancy, france, were titrated for antibodies to ebv, viral capsid (vca) and complement-fixing soluble (cf/s) antigens. the age-specific prevalence of infection (as reflected by the proportion of vca-positive individuals) varied greatly up to the age of 10 years in the four populations studied, the west nile district of uganda being outstanding in having a ...1975191375
a summing-up. 1975191380
association of epstein-barr virus and american burkitt's lymphoma. 1975191381
antibodies to herpesviruses in patients with cervical cancer and controls.the indirect immunofluorescent test was used to detect antibodies to herpesviruses types 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus and ebv in sera from patients with cervical carcinoma, condyloma acuminatum and controls from cali, colombia, and a control group from the usa. no significant differences were found in the prevalence of antibodies to viral capsid antigens of hsv-1 and cmv among the groups studied. however, titres for hsv-2 were higher in the three groups from cali (cervical carcinoma, condyloma and c ...1975191382
studies on the significance of epstein-barr virus-specific igm in human sera. 1975191384
disparity in the production of lymphoblastogenesis inhibition factor by cultured human b and t lymphoid cell lines.a comparative study of inhibitory effects of cell-free supernatants from cultured human b and t lymphoid cell lines on lymphocyte blastogenesis indicated that the inhibitory effect of supernatant from b lymphoid cells on lymphocyte blastogenesis was significantly higher than that of supernatant from t lymphoid cells or from non-lymphoid neoplastic cells. the inhibitory effect of supernatant was reversible and dose-related. the inhibitory effect gradually diminished with time when the supernatant ...19751081931
the american burkitt lymphoma registry: a progress report.the american burkitt lymphoma registry (ablr) investigates the cause of burkitt's lymphoma through comparative studies involving endemic and nonendemic regions. in 3 years 114 cases have been confirmed. diagnosis was based on evaluation of pathologic materialy submitted to ablr pathologists. similarities between american and african patients included abrupt clinical presentation with involvement of the gastrointestinal tract, jaw, gonads, and central nervous system. response to high-dose cycloph ...19751147436
lectin agglutinability of non-neoplastic and neoplastic human lymphoid cells in vitro.agglutination by two lectins, concanavalin a (con a) and ricinus communis agglutinin (rca), has been investigated in a human lymphoid cell system. the main conclusions of this study are: (1) no systematic correlation exists between the neoplastic state and sensitivity to con a or rca; (2) cells of neoplastic lines vary unsystematically in their surface properties as evaluated by con a agglutination, with the possible exception that presence of epstein-barr virus (ebv) is associated with a high d ...19751150344
cell-mediated immunity in human acute leukemia.the general cell-mediated immunological reactivity of patients with acute leukemia has been found to be intact, although it may be depressed by extensive disease or by chemotherapy. patients with acute leukemia also have cellular immune reactivity against tumor associated antigens, as measured by skin tests for delayed hypersensitivity, lymphocyte stimulation, and 51cr release cytotoxicity. skin reactions to autologous and allogeneic crude membrane extracts of blast cells correlated with disease ...19751164404
[epidemiology of cancer of the cavum].while rare in most parts of the world, cancer of the nasopharynx is shown to be very common in southern chinese whether living in south china or elsewhere, is of intermediate level in a variety of mongoloid populations such as malays, thais, javanese and vietnamese and the indigeneous peoples of borneo, yet uncommon in north china and very rare in japan. moderate frequencies are seen in parts of the maghreb, malta, the sudan and possibly east africa. occupational risk has not been demonstrated a ...19751191785
the emerging pattern of post-transfusion hepatitis.the exclusion of commercial and hepatitis b surface antigen (hbs ag)-positive donors, as measured by counterelectrophoresis, has markedly reduced the frequency of post-transfusion hepatitis (pth). a further, significant reduction in type-b pth can be achieved by prescreening donors for hbs ag by solid-phase radioimmunoassay (ria); when a voluntary donor population, pretreated by ria, is used, approximately 90 per cent of residual hepatitis is serologically unrelated to either the type-a or type- ...19751235474
stability and dissociation of p3h4-1 burkitt's lymphoma cell soluble complement-fixing antigen identified with human serum.the soluble complement-fixing antigen of the p3hr-1 burkitt's lymphoma cell line, identified with human serum containing antibody against epstein-barr virus viral capsid antigen, loses activity under a variety of conditions. the major characteristic reported here is retention of activity on exposure to specific physical or chemical conditions followed by loss of activity after subsequent neutral dialysis. antigen of untreated cell lysates, which retains activity after dialysis against large volu ...1975236823
epstein-barr virus-induced cap formation in human lymphoblastoid cells.redistribution and consequent cap formation of epstein-barr virus adsorbed to human lymphoblastoid cells were studied by indirect membrane immunofluorescence carried out at 0 degrees c. when ebv was adsorbed on cells at 0 degrees c, the cell surface fluorescence had a mostly r-ng-like pattern. however, the ring cells could be transformed into cap cells when warmed at 37 degrees c. this cap formation could be induced by ebv alone without participation of antibodies involved in the immunofluoresce ...1975237838
purification of soluble complement-fixing antigens from two burkitt's lymphoma cell lines. conditions affecting the stability and recovery of antigens and antibodies.soluble epstein--barr virus (ebv) associated antigens of p3hr-1 and raji cell lines, which fix complement in the presence of human sera containing antibody against ebv--vca antigens, were partially purified by fractionating centrifuged cell lysates by the method of immunoadsorbents or by precipitation with ammonium sulphate or glycine--hcl. purification conditions were limited by the instability of both antigen and antibody activity. the antibody was inactivated under all the conditions commonly ...1975241721
[relation of antibody levels to epstein-barr virus to histological variant and clinical course of lymphogranulomatosis].the indirect immunofluorescent test in fixed p3hr-1 cells showed the sera from patients with lymphogranulomatosis to contain high titers of humoral antibody to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus. higher titers of antibody to ebv were associated with unfavourably running histological variants of lymphogranulomatosis. the lymphoid depletion variant was accompanied by high antibody titers to the virus and had a worse prognosis than the nodular-sclerotic variant with lower antibody titers but ...1976769339
[serological studies of antibodies to epstein-barr virus in infectious mononucleosis].this is the first study in this country of sera from patients with infectious mononucleosis and other infectious diseases (control group) for determination of complement-fixing antibody to the soluble (s) antigen and of fluorescent antibody to the virus capsid antigen (vca) of epstein-barr virus. it was established that the cft and the immunofluorescence test could be used for diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis only on a limited scale because of the lack of complement-fixing antibody in patie ...1976779272
[humoral antibodies to epstein-barr virus in infectious mononucleosis].a high level of humoral antibody to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus was found in sera from patients with infectious mononucleosis. for detection of antibody, the method of indirect immunofluorescence in fixed p3hehr cells of burkitt's lymphoma was used. sera from normal subjects were also shown to contain antibody to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus, but the titers were 5--10 times lower than in the sera from infectious mononucleosis patients. the occurrance of high titers of an ...1976779273
renal failure in infectious 18-year-old man developed generalized lymphadenopathy and interstitial renal disease which progressed to irreversible renal failure. serologic studies evidenced the recent onset of infectious mononucleosis, and prior exposure to epstein-barr virus was demonstrated. lymph node, liver, and renal biopsies showed mononuclear cell infiltration consistent with infectious mononucleosis. although renal involvement in infectious mononucleosis rarely is severe, an association between infectious mononuc ...1976788163
properties of the k562 cell line, derived from a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia.the k562 cell line derived from a cml patient in blast crisis was examined for properties of b and t lymphocytes and cell lines. k562 lacks the b markers of immunoglobulins, epstein-barr virus (ebv) genome and associated nuclear antigen, and receptors for ebv. a low proportion of cells from rosettes with sheep erythrocytes, the frequency of which is considerably increased after neuraminidase treatment. unlike b lines but like t lines, k562 cells are lysed rapidly by c'/fc receptor-positive human ...1976789258
[herpes virus in cell cultures of the hematopoietic organs of hamadrymas baboons with hemoblastosis].five transplantable suspension lymphblastoid cell cultures from haematopoietic organs of baboons with malignant lymphoma were obtained, designated as kmpg-1, spg-1, 2, 3, 4. the cells of these suspension cultures contain hvp virus belonging to herpes-type according to morphological (electron-microscopic) investigation, but differing from infectious viruses of this group and closely related to epstein-barr virus as evidenced by its characteristics. in conformity with the preliminary data the isol ...1976818808
continuous lymphoblastoid suspension cultures from cells of haematopoietic organs of baboons with malignant lymphoma--biological characterization and biological properties of the herpes virus associated with culture cells.the continuous lymphoblastoid cell lines kmpg-1 and spg-2 producing baboon herpes virus (hvp) with morphological signs of herpes viruses have been established from haematopoietic organs of lymphomatous baboons. as distinct from h.simplex type i and ii viruses hvp is not pathogenic for laboratory rodents. according to its physico-chemical and immunological properties hvp is related to the epstein-barr virus.1976825381
preferential inhibition of herpes-group viruses by phosphonoacetic acid: effect on virus dna synthesis and virus-induced dna polymerase activity. 1976960726
survey of human lymphoblastoid cell lines and primary cultures of normal and leukaemic leukocytes for oncornavirus production.velocity sedimentation of uridine-labelled cultures was found to be more reliable than isopycnic sedimentation in detecting oncornavirus production in lymphoid cells. of 13 cell lines (including six derivea from burkitt's lymphomas and two from leukaemic leukocytes) only one, the leukaemia-derived, epstein-barr virus-producing line qimr-wil, showed any activity. the nature of the qimr-wil particles was further defined by isolation of uridine-labelled 70s rna and by the simultaneous assay for rev ...1976977188
immune surveillance--a powerful mechanism with a limited range.there is excellent evidence for the belief that immune surveillance mechanisms prevent the outgrowth of potentially neoplastic cells induced by horizontally transmitted, ubiquitous, potentially oncogenic viruses, indigenous to natural populations. polyoma virus in mice, marek's disease in the chicken, herpesvirus saimiri in the squirrel monkey, and the epstein-barr virus in man are examples. there is much less evidence for immune surveillance against chemically induced tumors. it is argued that ...1976193016
mechanisms of escape from immune surveillance.the escape from immune rejection is, like the development of drug resistance in microorganisms, a multi-pathway process. selection favors the phenotype, i.e., the cell that can grow in spite of the immune rejection process, not the underlying mechanism. experimental evidence documents the roles of host immunosuppression (genetic or environmental), immunoresistance at the cellular level, "sneaking through" (i.e., growth of a tumor to irreversible size prior to the mobilization of an appropriate i ...1976193018
cancer biology. iii. herpes virus epidemiology, molecular events, oncogenicity and therapy. 1976220850
in vitro transformation of mammalian cells by human herpes viruses. 1976220851
the epstein-barr virus and human malignancies. 1976220855
some aspects of the biologic behavior of epstein-barr virus. 1976220856
the sero-epidemiology of epstein-barr virus. 1976220858
sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy: fifteen new cases.fifteen cases of chronic lymphadenitis with massive hemophagocytic sinus histiocytosis were analyzed. fourteen patients were whites, 13 were europeans, and 11 were males; 10 patients were under 10, 4 were over 20, and 2 over 60 years old. the oldest patient died; all other either healed without therapy or are in excellent condition. we studied the cytologic features of lymph node imprints. a 5-year-old girl was examined more thoroughly. high antibody titers to klebsiella antigens were found repe ...19761253107
epstein-barr virus behavior in different populations and implications for control of epstein-barr virus-associated tumors.the epidemiology of epstein-barr virus (ebv) infection in populations at different risk for ebv-associated diseases indicates significant differences between the populations. ebv infection takes place much earlier in uganda, where all children are infected before the age of 2 to 3 years, than in southeast asia, where nasopharyngeal carcinoma is prevalent. it is proposed that such early infection in equatorial africa is related to the risk for burkitt's lymphoma. four possible interventions to co ...19761253156
in vivo and in vitro studies of immunotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma with transfer factor.epstein-barr virus, the apparent cause of infectious mononucleosis, may also be an etiological agent in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and burkitt's lymphoma. lymphocytes from normal individuals with anti-epstein-barr virus antibody activity may be sensitized to epstein-barr virus and contain transfer factor with the potential to program and/or recruit other lymphocytes to react against the virus and/or viral antigens. a patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma refractory to conventional therapy was trea ...19761253157
[serological study of the specificity of leukocyte hepatitis virus].for investigation of the specificity of leukocyte hepatitis virus (lhv) in botkin's disease, 369 patients with virus hepatitis, 96 donors and 61 patients with acute respiratory diseases were examined. the occurrence of specific antibody to lhv was determined by a micromodification of the conventional cft. lhv was passaged in leukocyte culture stimulated with phytohemagglutinin. a control antigen was a leukocyte culture from the same donor not infected with lhv. an additional control was epstein- ...19761258459
guillain-barré syndrome following administration of live measles a 19 month old girl and a 10 month old girl the guillain-barre syndrome developed within a week after they received, respectively, live measles-rubella vaccine and live measles vaccine. the older child was immune to the rubella at the time of vaccination, but both girls demonstrated a primary measles antibody response. serum obtained during the acute and convalescent stages from the younger child was tested for antibodies against the herpes viruses (herpes simplex, epstein-barr virus, cytomeg ...19761258890
nasopharyngeal carcinoma and epstein-barr virus. iii. the detection of anti-nuclear antibodies.the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies (ana) has been studied in 433 sera from 305 patients with anaplastic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) in taiwan, by means of indirect fluorescent antibody method. another 134 sera from normal adults or from patients with other diseases served as controls. patients with npc showed positive rate of 23.1%. forty-two patients with other malignant and 25 patients with benign tumors of the head and neck showed positive rates of 9.5% and 8.0%, respectively. forty-e ...1976189106
hodgkin's disease in siblings: a family study.hodgkin's disease may sporadically occur in more than one member of a family. a family in which two siblings were documented to have the nodular sclerosing form of the disease was studied for immunological competency, distribution of hl-a antigens, and epstein-barr virus (ebv) antibody titers. all family members examined, except the living individual with hd, had no significant abnormality in humoral and cellular immunity. hl-a antigens previously reported to appear in hodgkin's disease with inc ...1976189264
[antibodies against the epstein-barr virus nuclear-antigen in children with malignant disease (author's transl)].sera of 25 patients and 50 health children were tested for the presence of antibodies against the epstein-barr virus nuclear-antigen (ebna). we examined 15 children with acute lymphocytic leukemia, who showed a mean arithmatic titer of 1 : 5.33, 1 child with acute myeloblastic leukemia and 1 child with the chronic myeloblastic form showing no reactivity. two children with lymphogranuloma had titers 1 : 16 and 1 : 32, respectively. 1 patient with lymphoepithelial carcinoma and 5 with lymphosarcom ...1976189271
[eb virus ii: state of latent viral genomes (author's transl)]. 1976189357
the owl monkey (aotus trivirgatus) as an animal model for viral diseases and oncologic studies.the owl monkey (aotus trivirgatus) has been shown to be an excellent model for studies of oncogenic and non-oncogenic viruses. studies at this institution have been primarily concerned with herpesvirus saimiri, the epstein-barr virus, h tamarinus, and h simplex. these studies have shown that h saimiri is oncogenic when inoculated into primates, that the malignancy induced by h saimiri can be naturally transmitted from the squirrel monkey to the owl monkey, that in vitro pathogenicity of h saimir ...1976190472
eb virus in the owl monkey (aotus trivirgatus).owl monkeys (aotus trivirgatus) were inoculated with eb (epstein-barr) virus-containing material or virion-free control material. one out of three animals given the virus died after 14 weeks with a reticuloproliferative disease compatible with malignant lymphoma. a cell line was established from an abnormal lymph node of the diseased monkey and was found by electronmicroscopy to carry a herpesvirus identified as eb virus by two types of immunofluorescence test, by its biological behavior and by ...1976190474
[antibodies to epstein-barr virus in the sera of children with different neoplasms].the presence of antibody to virus capsid antigen (vca) of epstein-barr virus (ebv) was determined in sera from children with various forms of neoplasia by the indirect immunofluorescence procedure of henle. eighty-one sera from children with wilms tumor, teratoblastoma, reticulosarcoma, neuroblastoma, soft tissue sarcoma, as well as from children with benign tumors were examined. the controls included sera from normal children of the same ages. the test cells synthesizing vca were suspension cul ...1976193303
epstein-barr virus antibodies in multiple sclerosis. 1976195384
immunologic identification of epstein-barr virus early antigen in a p3hr-1 cell extract.we extracted the epstein-barr soluble antigen (ebsa) from the p3hr-1 human lymphoid cell line, which carries the epstein-barr virus (ebv), after p3hr-1 cells were activated with 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine. ebsa was identified as the early antigen (ea) complex by immunodiffusion and blocking immunofluorescence tests with high-titered human antiserum to ea. the identity of the ea complex was confirmed with antiserum to ea prepared in rabbits and adsorbed to assure its immunologic specificity. the ea w ...1976187767
burkitt's lymphoma: its clinical course in relation to immunologic reactivities to epstein-barr virus and tumor-related 141 patients with african burkitt's lymphoma, the relationship between epstein-barr virus (ebv)-related antibody titers and the clinical course of this disease was presented. antiviral capsid antigen tests gave positive results in all patients, siblings, and control neighbors; but the geometric mean antibody titers to viral capsid antigen were significantly higher in patients than in siblings or neighbors (p less than 0.001). no control neighbors or siblings had antibodies to restricted (ea-r ...1976187787
epithelial characteristics of tumor cells in nasophasyngeal carcinoma.electron microscopy examination of nasopharyngeal carcinoma grafts in nude mice showed that the tumor cells retained their epithelial characteristics, as betrayed by the presence of keratin fibrils and of functional complexes at the cell membrane. thus the cells positive for epstein-barr virus-specific nuclear antigen present in such grafts do represent the progeny of human epithelial tumor cells. c-type virus particles were observed in one tumor graft, indicating that epithelial human cells cou ...1976187791
inhibition of eb virus transformation of non-adherent human lymphocytes by co-cultivation with adult fibroblasts.transformation of a special population of non-adherent human lymphocytes by eb virus (ebv) is reversibly inhibited by co-cultivation on adult human fibroblasts. neither fluid from adult fibroblast cultures nor extracts of fibroblasts inhibited such transformation, and the growth of already transformed lymphocytes was not inhibited on adult fibroblasts. the ebv-associated nuclear antigen (ebna) was detectable in inhibited cultures, with a maximum level of about 15% at 14 days after which it decre ...1976187915
serum modulation of in vitro cellular immune reactivity to epstein-barr virus-associated antigen.the reactivity of peripheral blood leukocytes to epstein-barr virus-associated antigen was assessed employing two in vitro tests, leukocyte adherence inhibition (lai) and leukocyte migration inhibition (lmi). in both tests, autologous serum from some normal subjects was shown to confer strong reactivity on weak or non-responder cells. reactivity to purified protein derivative of tuberculin (ppd) assessed in parallel was shown to be unaffected by autologous serum. employing the lai system, variat ...1976187919
[on the possible role of proviruses in cancer (author's transl)]. 1976188026
[lymphadenopathy caused by hemophagocytic sinus histiocytosis (destombes-rosai-dorfman syndrome). immunologic and histopathologic study of a new case].the case reported is one of lymphadenopathy due to haemophagocytic sinusal histiocytosis which had progressed for more than 10 years before resulting in death at the age of 58 years. in this advanced form, all superficial and deep nodes were involved. in addition to histiocytic hyperplasia, with haemophagocytosis and lipid overload, there was plasmocytic hyperplasia, i.e. b-lymphocytes, with polyclonal hypergamma-globulinaemia and an increase in the levels of many antibodies, in particular again ...1976188359
epstein-barr-virus-specific iga and igg serum antibodies in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.the sera of 73 patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc), 28 patients with other carcinomas (oc) and 89 healthy subjects (hs) were tested for igg and iga antibodies to epstein-barr virus (ebv) viral capsid antigen (vca). the majority of the npc sera had igg titres of 160 or above, whereas the majority of the other sera had titres below 160. for iga reactivity to ebv-vca, 68 of 73 (93-2%) npc sera had titres of greater than or equal to 10. in contrast, only 6 of 28 (21-4%) oc sera and none of ...1976188437
prevention of herpes-associated malignancies in primates: problems and prospects. 1976188731
failure to immortalize human "null" cells by epstein barr virus (ebv) "in vitro". 1976188733
quantitative variations of three different lectin receptors as a function of establishment and metabolism of normal and leukaemic human cell lines.lectin binding on the cell surface was measured by the method of kornfeld [16] using three tritiated lectins: robinia pseudo acacia, concanavalin a and ricinus. it has been shown that the number of binding sites for robinia and con a decreases after the establishment of a leukaemic cell line, whereas the affinity constant increases for robinia. the relationship between lectin binding and cell growth was carried out on 5 cell lines, 3 of leukaemic and 2 of normal origin. in all cases the maximum ...1976183999
characterization of a spontaneous undifferentiated carcinoma from an african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops).an adult male african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops) with an undifferentiated carcinoma, probably originating from the nasal mucosa, was received from the akron, ohio zoo. cultivation of this tumor in vitro resulted in a mixture of fibroblastic and epithelial cells which was subsequently separated using differential trypsinization. the neoplastic nature of the cultured epithelial cells was verified by their ability to transplant into athymic nude, or antithymocyte serum-treated mice, wher ...1976184033
epstein-barr nuclear antigen (ebna) carrying lymphocytes in human palatine tonsils.the presence of epstein-barr virus (ebv) antigens in human palatine tonsilderived lymphocytes (tdl) was investigated using the indirect fluorescent antibody (fa) technique. the tdl were screened for the presence of ebv early antigen (ea), virus capsid antigen (vca), and ebv nuclear antigen (ebna). in 76% of the patients diagnosed as recurrent exudative tonsillitis, and in 33% diagnosed as recurrent tonsillitis and/or serous otitis media, ebna was demonstrated in the purified tdls. no ea- or vca- ...1976184241
antigens and dna of a chimpanzee agent related to epstein-barr virus.biological and biochemical studies of the herpesvirus of chimpanzees previously demonstrated to be antigenically related to human epstein-barr virus (ebv) indicated that the agent is similar to ebv in that: (i) leukocyte culture of chimpanzees whose sera contained antibody against ebv capsid antigen could yield long-term lymphoblastoid cell lines (ch-lcl) with b-cell characteristics; (ii) the dna of ch-lcl contained sequences homologous to approximately 35 to 45% of human ebv; (iii) ch-lcl conta ...1976184297
[editorial: epstein-barr virus and malignomas]. 1976184378
indirect microhemagglutination test for varicella--zoster antibody indirect microhemagglutination assay (iha) was devised because of a need to provide an alternative test to complement fixation (cf) for varicella-zoster (v-z) antibody determination. human erythrocytes were sequentially treated with 2% glutaraldehyde, 0.04% tannic acid, and 2% pyruvic aldehyde then exposed to sonicated v-z infected cells. this same tanning procedure was suitable for herpes simplex and epstein-barr virus antigen attachment but unsatisfactory for several non-herpes-group viruse ...1976184904
[various new findings on infectious mononucleosis]. 1976184968
central nervous system involvement in infectious mononucleosis with studies for epstein-barr virus.neurologic complications in three girls, aged four, fourteen and fifteen years, with infectious mononucleosis are reported. all three patients had meningoencephalitis, in two of them cerebellar involvement predominated, while the third patient had cerebral involvement with paresis of cerebral nerves. the diagnosis of an epstein-barr virus infection was established serologiccally and in the first patient also by the detection of the epstein-barr virus.1976185153
screening tests for hepatitis b antigen and antibody in two colleges of education and studies on the relationship between nonspecific positive antibody tests and eb virus infection.sera from 627 students entering colleges of education between 1969 and 1972 were tested for hepatitis b surface antigen and antibody. one was found positive for antigen, none for antibody. six for 15 positive hepanosticon results and two positive hepatest results occurred in sera which also gave positive heterophil antibody tests indicative of current or recent eb virus infection. one of these six sera was still positive in the hepanosticon test after one absorption, and one of two hepatests gav ...1976185237
measurement of heterophil antibody and antibodies to eb viral capsid antigen igg and igm in suspected cases of infectious mononucleosis.the ebv igg titres in acute and convalescent specimens from 97 cases of infectious mononucleosis were compared with titres from acute and convalescent sera from 96 students with illnesses resembling infectious mononucleosis but without heterophil antibody, eb igm or eb igg seroconversion; and also with titres from 91 healthy students known to have had eb igg antibody for at least six months. these titres were related to the titre of the research standard a.66/235 for infectious mononucleosis ser ...1976185241
infectious mononucleosis: current concepts. 1976185247
epstein-barr virus-igm antibody test in infectious mononucleosis. 1976185300
[lymphoblastomic sarcoma of the burkitt type (the so-called "white burkitt tumor") (author's transl)].we report about a lymphoblastomic sarcoma of the burkitt type with a seventeen year old young man. the burkitt lymphoma occupies a special position among the malignant tumours and occurs rarely in temperate zones. from the clinical and histological point of view, we found the typical image of a unilocular burkitt tumor. it was not possible to verify an elevated titre of antibodies against the epstein-barr virus.1976185505
cell surface antigens detected in cell lines established from lymphomatous papio hamadryas and macaca arctoides monkeys.cell surface antigens associated with bone marrow cell cultures from leukemic monkeys of species papio hamadryas and macacus arctoides were visualized by means of an indirect immunofluorescence method with sera from leukemic baboons. the same immune serum gave two types of immunofluorescence, depending on the origin of the target cells. fluorescence of the ring-reaction type was seen with papio hamadryas bone marrow cell cultures growing in suspension and containing the baboon herpesvirus, where ...1976185533
humoral antibodies to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus in hodgkin's the method of indirect immunofluorescence it has been shown in p3hr-i cells that sera from patients with hodgkin's disease contain high titers of humoral antibodies to the capsid antigen of epstein-barr virus (ebv). higher titers of antibodies of ebv were found in histological variants of hodgkin's disease with an unfavorable course. the variant of lymphocyte depletion is accomplished by higher titers of the virus and poorer prognosis than the nodular-sclerotic variant having a course with lo ...1976185535
a study on the relation between the epstein-barr virus and some forms of malignant tumors in children.the presence of antibodies to the virus capsid antigen of the epstein-barr virus was established in the sera of children from different forms of neoplasms with the aid of the indirect method of immunofluorescence according to henle. 69 sera were studied from children with wilm's tumor, teratoblastoma, reticulosarcoma, neuroblastoma, sarcoma and also from children with benignant tumors. as control served sera from healthy children of corresponding age. as test cells synthesizing the virus capsid ...1976185536
hodgkin's disease and herpes viruses. 1976185537
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