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spectrum of viral pathogens in blood of malaria-free ill travelers returning to canada.malaria is the most common specific cause of fever in returning travelers, but many other vectorborne infections and viral infections are emerging and increasingly encountered by travelers. we documented common and emerging viral pathogens in malaria-negative specimens from ill travelers returning to canada. anonymized, malaria-negative specimens were examined for various viral pathogens by real-time pcr. samples were positive for herpes simplex viruses 1 or 2 (n = 21, 1.6%), cytomegalovirus (n ...027089008
diabetes, epstein-barr virus and extranodal natural killer/t-cell lymphoma in india: unravelling the plausible nexus.the international diabetes federation diabetes atlas estimates a staggering 590 million people affected with diabetes mellitus (dm) within the next two decades globally, of which type 2 dm will constitute more than 90%. the associated insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperglycemia pose a further significant risk for developing diverse malignant neoplasms. diabetes and malignancy are multifactorial heterogeneous diseases. the immune dysfunction secondary to type 2 diabetes also reactivat ...027051150
comparative study of cultured burkitt tumor cells by immunofluorescence, autoradiography, and electron microscopy.cultured burkitt cells were examined by immunofluorescence, autoradiography, and electron microscopy in an effort to identify the stainable cells with those harboring herpes-type virus particles. immediately after a 2-hr pulse of (3)h-thymidine, from 30 to 60% of the cells revealed heavy nuclear labeling. in most cases the grains were evenly dispersed, but in about 3 to 5% the grains showed a focal distribution and occasionally they extended into the cytoplasm. such nuclear foci were rarely seen ...19674316231
structure of virus particles extracted from a burkitt lymphoma cell line. 19674318960
effect of arginine-deficient media on the herpes-type virus associated with cultured burkitt tumor cells.after incubation at 37 c for 2 or more days, basal medium eagle (bme) supplemented with 25% fetal calf serum (fcs) was not able to support adequate growth of eb3 and other lines of burkitt tumor cells. the medium did, however, increase, by a factor of about 10, the number of cells synthesizing herpes-type virus with which the cultures were persistently infected. not every lot of fcs produced these effects, nor were these effects seen when bme and fcs were incubated separately for 7 days before t ...19684316020
viruses in the aetiology of cancer. 19684317243
relation between epstein-barr viral and cell membrane immunofluorescence of burkitt tumor cells. i. dependence of cell membrane immunofluorescence on presence of eb virus.a comparison was made of the immunofluorescence tests for detection of cell membrane and epstein-barr virus antigens in cells from burkitt tumor biopsies or continuous cultures derived therefrom. on the whole, cell membrane fluorescence in established lines appeared to depend not only upon the presence of ebv but to a considerable degree also upon the extent of the persistent viral infection. there was no constant relationship, however, between the results of the two tests and exceptions to the ...19684878906
infectious mononucleosis with epstein-barr virus antibodies in older ages. 19685695007
effect of herpes simplex virus on cultured burkitt tumor cells and its failure to influence the epstein-barr virus carrier state. 19694303871
[burkitt's tumor--a literature study with own case reports]. 19694314014
[etiology of infectious mononucleosis]. 19694314293
[leukemia and virus: current concept]. 19694320313
cytochemical study on the nature of nucleic acids in epstein-barr virus (ebv). 19694107046
studies on the herpes-type recovered from the burkitt's tumor and other human lymphomas. 19694331516
relation between epstein-barr viral and cell membrane immunofluorescence in burkitt tumor cells. 3. comparison of blocking of direct membrane immunofluorescence and anti-ebv reactivities of different sera.sera from patients with burkitt's lymphoma (bl), infectious mononucleosis (im), carcinoma of the postnasal space (ca pns), and various controls were investigated for antibodies against the epstein-barr virus (ebv) by immunofluorescence on acetone-fixed smears (5) and for antibodies against the distinctive antigenic sites expressed on the surface of viable lymphoblastoid cells within ebv-carrying culture lines (1). the latter were studied by the blocking of direct membrane staining with fitc-conj ...19694886044
relation between epstein-barr viral and cell membrane immunofluorescence in burkitt tumor cells. iv. differentiation between antibodies responsible for membrane and viral immunofluorescence.previous reports (1, 2) have established that the expression of certain distinctive membrane antigen(s) on the surface of burkitt's lymphoma (bl) and infectious mononucleosis (im) cells is dependent on the presence of epstein-barr virus (ebv) in the cell line. the investigations reported here provide evidence that antibodies directed against ebv antigens, as revealed by the immunofluorescence test on acetone-fixed smears (8), and the membrane reactive antibodies, although often present in the sa ...19694886045
epstein-barr virus-associated antibody patterns in carcinoma of the post-nasal space. 19694902604
geriatric infectious mononucleosis: report of a case with epstein-barr virus antibodies. 19694975464
transformation and chromosome changes induced by epstein-barr virus in normal human leukocyte cultures.three separate attempts to establish long-term leukocyte cultures from the peripheral blood of a healthy adult who had no evidence of previous infection with epstein-barr virus were consistently unsuccessful. on the other hand, in vitro infection of buffy-coat cells of this donor with epstein-barr virus resulted in blastoid transformation of the lymphocytes and long-term growth potential. the transformation was accompanied by major chromosome changes. the significance of these findings in relati ...19695259761
antibodies to epstein-barr virus in burkitt's lymphoma and control groups. 19695353242
the relation between the epstein-barr virus and infectious mononucleosis, burkitt's lymphoma and cancer of the postnasal space. 19695354897
cellular immunity: immune responses and the herpes-like virus. 19704331868
[cellular differentiation and antibody synthesis in oncology]. 19704325797
[infectious mononucleosis: two studies of serum antibodies against epstein-barr virus]. 19704326166
[relationships of epstein-barr virus to the burkitt-tumor and to infectious mononucleosis]. 19704329568
[viral pathogenesis in human malignant lymphoma]. 19704329674
[etiology of infectious mononucleosis]. 19704326315
[probable oncogenic action of the dna virus in humans]. 19704322451
large scale production of burkitt's lymphoma cells and eb virus in tissue culture. 19704323169
[electron microscopic study on cultured burkitt's cells (p3j) and transformed human embryo cells (the)]. 19704323170
so-called c marker chromosome and epstein-barr virus. 19704327471
anti-eb virus antibody titer in sera collected from human subjects of surabaja, indonesia, in 1968. 19704328299
[serum antibodies against epstein-barr virus in infectious mononucleosis]. 19704334794
reactivity of radioiodinated serum antibody from burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients against culture lines derived from bukrkitt's lymphoma. 19704320551
effect of neocarzinostatin on the cultured burkitt lymphoma cells, with particular reference to the enhancement of production of epstein-barr virus. 19704320553
viruses and burkitt's lymphoma. 19704320655
epstein-barr virus in burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. antibodies to ebv associated membrane and viral capsid antigens in burkitt lymphoma patients. 19704320656
ebv dna in biopsies of burkitt tumours and anaplastic carcinomas of the nasopharynx. 19704320657
epstein-barr viral antigen in single cell clones of two human leukocytic lines.a method was devised for obtaining single cell clones of human leukocytic cell lines in the presence of a human placental cell feeder layer. clones of two lines, ls-b and eb(3), which contain epstein-barr viral (ebv) antigen in approximately 1% of cells were tested for ebv antigen. since all eb(3) clones and ls-b clones contained ebv antigen, it is concluded that in vitro ebv genome is associated with all of the cells.19704320703
antigen common to a herpes type virus from chickens with marek's disease and eb virus from burkitt's lymphoma cells. 19704321002
studies on the infectivity and cytopathology of epstein-barr virus in human lymphoblastoid cells. 19704321017
epstein-barr virus (ebv)-associated antibody patterns in malignant lymphoma and leukemia. i. hodgkin's disease. 19704321018
public health and cancer. 19704321097
[modern views on the viral etiology of hodgkin's disease]. 19704321189
incidence of eb virus-containing cells in primary and secondary clones of several burkitt lymphoma cell lines. 19704321974
[characteristics of cultivated burkitt's lymphoma cells, with special reference to relationship with proliferation of cells and eb virus]. 19704322215
morphological confirmation of the herpes nature of a carcinogenic virus of primates (herpes saimiri). 19704318968
eb viral antigens in burkitt tumor biopsies and early cultures. 19704319228
burkitt's lymphoma and malaria. 19704319231
herpes-like virus (eb virus) in continuous lymphoblastoid cell lines from patients with viral hepatitis. 19704319376
[anti-eb virus titer in serum of patients with otorhinolaryngology cancer]. 19704319400
[eb virus infections]. 19704319733
some properties of the soluble (s) antigen of cultured lymphoblastoid cell lines. 19704319859
development and persistence of immunity to epstein-barr virus in man. 19704320006
surface antigens on lymphoblastoid cells derived from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 19704320167
[the eb-virus and its possible connection with infectious mononucleosis and burkitt's lymphoma]. 19704320245
[virus induced oncogenesis]. 19704324183
partial purification of the epstein-barr virus and some properties of its dna. 19704314514
antibody responses to the epstein-barr virus and cytomegaloviruses after open-heart and other surgery. 19704314606
serological studies with eb virus in infectious lymphocytosis. 19704315550
a review of literature on infectious mononucleosis with special emphasis on the possible relationship between infectious mononucleosis and infectious hepatitis. 19704315868
ultrastructural-characteristics of surface igm reactive malignant lymphoid cells. 19704314034
dna synthesis in eb virus-containing burkitt lymphoma cultures during a temperature cycling procedure. 19704314145
induction of interferon in lymphoblastoid cell lines. 19704314149
ebv antibodies in family contacts of patients with infectious mononucleosis. 19704314154
[burkitt's lymphoma and infectious mononucleosis have a single etiological factor: the epstein-barr virus]. 19704314284
infectious mononucleosis in acute leukemia with rising epstein-barr virus antibody titers. 19704312774
comparison of antigens from human and chimpanzee herpes-type virus-infected hemic cell lines. 19704313153
observations on childhood infections with the epstein-barr virus. 19704313278
[epstein-barr virus, infectious mononucleosis and burkitt's lymphoma]. 19704317313
aspects of the eb virus. 19704317455
[histologically and virologically confirmed burkitt's in a 10-year-old boy]. 19704317889
incidence of antibody to eb virus, herpes simplex, and cytomegalovirus in hodgkin's disease. 19704317964
relationship of epstein-barr virus-induced membrane antigens in lymphoid cells to viral envelope antigens. 19704318485
[frequency and age distribution of epstein-barr antivirus antibodies in france. preliminary sero-epidemiologic survey]. 19704318641
[sero-epidemiologic study of eb herpes virus in france: frequency and age distribution of antibodies in parisian region]. 19704318642
infectious-mononucleosis-like disease with negative heterophil agglutination test. clinical features in relation to epstein-barr virus and cytomegalovirus antibodies. 19704316146
persistent immunologic stimulation as a factor in oncogenesis, with special reference to burkitt's tumor. 19704190958
immunoferritin and immunofluorescent studies with epstein-barr virus and herpes simplex virus by use of human sera and hyperimmune rabbit sera. 19704194657
e.b. virus and lymphomas. 19704195990
a seroepidemiologic study of infectious mononucleosis. the development of eb virus antibody in a military population. 19704316440
differential reactivity of human serums with early antigens induced by epstein-barr virus.inoculation of 64-10 or raji cultures with epstein-barr virus derived from the hri-k clone of the p3j burkitt's lymphoma line caused abortive infections in most of the lymphoblastoid cells with synthesis of "early antigens" but few, if any, capsids. antibodies to early antigens were detected by indirect immunofluorescence in serums of many patients with infectious mononucleosis, burkitt's lymphoma, or nasopharyngeal carcinoma. these antibodies were rarely present in other serums even though some ...19704316788
presence of eb virus nucleic acid homology in a "virus-free" line of burkitt tumour cells. 19704316920
effect of concurrent malarial infection on development of virus-induced lymphoma in balb-c mice. 19704097910
rapid semiquantitative method for screening large numbers of virus samples by negative staining electron microscopy.a rapid, semiquantitative method for screening large numbers of virus samples by negative staining electron microscopy is presented. results obtained by this method are compared with results obtained by the pseudoreplica method and a measureddrop method. a figure is presented which represents the limit of detectability for virus by negative staining.19704098102
reevaluation of relationship between c chromosome marker and epstein-barr virus: chromosome and immunofluorescence analyses of 16 human hematopoietic cell lines. 19704104973
infectious mononucleosis and the epstein-barr virus. 19705415051
infectious mononucleosis and reye's syndrome: a fatal case with studies for epstein-barr virus. 19705481078
epstein-barr virus, leukemia and mononucleosis. 19705271648
studies of epstein-barr virus. 19704993536
epstein-barr virus-induced viral and soluble complement-fixing antigens in burkitt lymphoma cell cultures. 19704914465
epstein-barr virus antigens, marker chromosome, and interferon production in clones derived from cultured burkitt tumor cells. 19704929380
etiology and laboratory diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis: i. epstein-barr virus (ebv) mononucleosis. 19704367826
evidence for a relation of epstein-barr virus to burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 19704376392
eb virus infection and propagation in human hematopoietic cells. 19704376393
lymphoproliferative effect of epstein-barr virus on normal human lymphocytes in cultures. 19704376394
studies on the relation of membrane immunofluorescence to epstein-barr virus infection. 197011515024
antibodies to epstein-barr virus in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, other head and neck neoplasms, and control groups. 197011515035
antibodies in human sera to soluble and viral antigens found in burkitt lymphoma and other lymphoblastoid cell lines. 197011515054
infectious mononucleosis--always a primary infection with herpes-type virus? 197011515422
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