simple sensitive microbioassay for adenine arabinoside and hypoxanthine arabinoside in human plasma.previous methods using low- or high-pressure liquid chromatography and uv absorbance for quantitation of arabinosides in plasma can practically detect only >/=200 ng of adenine arabinoside and >/=100 ng of hypoxanthine arabinoside per ml, and they require expensive equipment and expert technical assistance. we describe in this report a simple quantitative microbioassay for arabinosides in human plasma based on their ability to inhibit the cytopathic effect of vaccinia virus in an adenosine deami ...1978742879
an analysis of the mpb-arrested stage during replication of vaccinia virus in hela cells. 1978743288
synthesis of some newer formazans and tetrazolium salts as antiviral agents.thirteen new formazans were prepared by the condensation of the phenylhydrazone of 3.4-dimethoxy-6-nitro-veratraldehyde with the appropriate phenyl diazonium salts. attempts were made to oxidize these highly coloured formazans with various oxidizing agents to their corresponding tetrazolium salts. the most suitable oxidizing agent was found to be h2o2/fe2+. both the formazans and tetrazolium salts were screened for their antiviral activity against the ranikhet disease virus and vaccinia virus in ...1978746062
the influence of some thiosemicarbazone derivatives with antiviral activity on immune response in mice.the aim of the present study was to examine the influence of the thiosemicarbazone-group of compounds with antiviral activity on the humoral and cellular immune response in r iii, cba and balb/c mice, immunized with sheep erythrocytes or sensitized with oxazolon. the plaque forming cells test, according to jerne's method and the oxazolon hypersensitivity test were performed. all of the examined compounds, inhibited the humoral immune response, and three of them decreased also the cellular respon ...1978749807
use of vaccinia virus as an adjuvant in inducing specific anti-tumour immunity to transplantable mouse fibrosarcoma. i. adaptation of the virus to mouse tumour cells as a pre-requisit for adjuvanticity. 1978757683
use of vaccinia virus as an adjuvant in inducing specific anti-tumour immunity to transplantable mouse fibrosarcoma. ii. rejection of tumour graft 'in vivo' humoral and lymphocytotoxicity 'in vitro'. 1978757692
de novo synthesis of two classes of dna induced by vaccinia virus infection of hela cells.equilibrium density gradient centrifugation in cscl confirms that dna synthesized after vaccinia virus infection of hela cells is homogeneous in buoyant density and thus in base composition and is similar in this respect to bulk hela cell dna. in contrast, rate sedimentation in alkaline sucrose gradients distinguishes two main classes of virus-induced dna, neither of which can be equated with cell dna synthesized in the same cultures prior to infection. the slower sedimenting class of virus-indu ...1979759558
dna ligases of eukaryotes. 1976782919
further investigations on the mode of entry of vaccinia virus into cells.earlier results indicating that vaccinia virus entered l cells by a process of direct fusion between the virus envelope and the plasma membrane of the cell have been confirmed and extended using immuno-ferritin conjugates to locate virus antigens on the host cell surface. after fusion, components of the virus envelope become rapidly dispersed in the plasma membrane. fusion has also been observed as the predominant mode of entry of vaccinia virus into hela cells.1976798024
modification of the 5'-terminals of mrnas by viral and cellular enzymes. 1976798242
the effect of interferon on the formation of virus polyribosomes in l cells infected with vaccinia virus.the effect of interferon treatment of mouse l cells on the fate of virus messenger rna following infection with vaccinia virus has been studied. the polyribosomes of interferon-treated, infected cells are found to be disaggregated and it is proposed that htis results from inhibition of the initiation of virus polypeptide snythesis. evidence is presented that inhibition of polypeptide chain elongation also occurs. the block in initiation appears to be due to the failure of the small ribosome subu ...1975806660
preparation and characterisation of a subviral particle of vaccinia virus containing the dna-dependent rna polymerase activity. 1975810966
further characterization of raccoonpox virus.a poxvirus isolated from the respiratory tract of raccoons in a forest and swamp area near aberdeen, maryland, was characterized by biological, serological, and biophysical methods. the virus was shown to be related to the vaccinia-variola subgroup by serological and biophysical methods, but measurably different from the other viruses of this group by biological methods. it causes flaccid paralysis in 1-day-old suckling mice and does not grow well on cam after two or three passages.1975813616
effect of cyclophosphamide in vitro and on vaccinia virus replication in tissue culture.the effect of cyclophosphamide on the growth of vero, bsc-1, and hela cells in monolayer cultures was studied. by using hemocytometer counts and tritiated thymidine uptake as indicators of growth, it was found that cyclophosphamide significantly interfered with the metabolism of vero and bsc-1 cells when sustained in leibovitz medium. vero cells and hela cells grown in eagle medium were not affected by exposure to cyclophosphamide. vaccinia virus replication in vero cell monolayer cultures incub ...1977833925
molecular weight of dna from four entomopoxviruses determined by electron microscopy.dna was isolated from entomopoxviruses infected amsacta moorei and euxoa auxiliaris (lepidoptera), goeldichironomus holoprasinus (diptera), and othnonius batesi (coleoptera) and compared with vertebrate virus dna (vaccinia). after incubation in pronase, sodium lauryl sulfate, and deoxycholate, poxvirus preparations shadowed with platinum and palladium revealed subcore particles 45 to 60 nm in diameter. continued incubation in pronase resulted in the gradual release of dna from the particles. met ...1977833926
synthesis of mrna guanylyltransferase and mrna methyltransferases in cells infected with vaccinia virus.guanylyltransferase and methyltransferases that modify the 5'-terminals of viral mrna's to form the structures m7g(5')pppam- and m7g(5')pppgm- appear to be synthesized afte- vaccinia virus infection of hela cells. elevations in these enzyme activities were detected within 1 h after virus inoculation and increased 15- to 30-fold by 4 to 10 h. increases in the guanylyl- and methyltransferase activities were prevented by cycloheximide, an inhibitor of protein synthesis, but not by cytosine arabinos ...1977833934
rifampin and vaccinia dna.the effect of rifampin on the replication of vaccinia dna was studied in mouse l cells by a cytochemical techinque and by alkaline sucrose sedimentation analysis of newly synthesized viral dna molecules. by the use of a fluorescent dna-binding compound (hoechst 33258), the sequential appearance, size, and location of the viral "factories" in rifampin-treated, virus-infected cells were found to be indistinguishable from those observed in untreated, infected cells. sedimentation analysis in alkali ...1977833950
mechanism of virus occlusion into a-type inclusion during poxvirus infection. 1977835231
utilization of the guanylyltransferase and methyltransferases of vaccinia virus to modify and identify the 5'-terminals of heterologous rna species. 1977836293
studies on the mgso4-induced cytoplasmic uptake of proteins by cells in culture. 1977837983
in vitro synthesis of a high molecular weight virion-associated rna by vaccinia.although the bulk of rna synthesized in vitro by vaccinia virus is 8 to 12 s, a small amount of high molecular weight rna can be detected. this rna is virion-associated and is not extruded from the virus as high molecular weight rna. it is sensitive to pancreatic rnase digestion in high salt, has a density in neutral cs2so4 of 1.68 g ml-1 and remains large after digestion with dnase or denaturation in dimethyl sulfoxide. in the presence of high concentrations of virus in the in vitro rna polymer ...1977838701
high molecular weight virion-associated rna of vaccinia. a possible precursor to 8 to 12 s mrna.the high molecular weight virion-associated rna synthesized by vaccinia in vitro can be cleaved into smaller components, some of which are extruded from the virus as 8 to 12 s rna. the high molecular weight virion-associated rna fails to bind appreciably (5%) to poly(u) filters indicating that it is not polyadenylated. its cleavage products will, however, bind to poly(u) (40 to 50%) after processing in the presence of atp. the high molecular weight virion-associated rna is methylated by the viru ...1977838702
vaccinia-specific hemagglutinin. 1977841847
the base composition of entomopoxvirus dna. 1977841849
macrophage activation in congenitally athymic mice raised under conventional or germ-free conditions. 1977845858
combined antiviral effects of interferon, adenine, arabinoside, hypoxanthine arabinoside, and adenine arabinoside-5'-monophosphate in human fibroblast cultures.adenine arabinoside and human interferon are currently being evaluated in clinical trials against herpes- and poxvirus infections. interferon production is also a normal antiviral response. it is therefore important to examine the combined actions of interferon and antiviral arabinosides for possible synergy or antagonism. we have examined the antiviral activities of human fibroblast interferon, adenine arabinoside, hypoxanthine arabinoside, and adenine arabinoside 5'-monophosphate individually, ...1977848937
isolation of vaccinia virus from the cerebrospinal fluid following anti-smallpox primovaccination in a subject with chronic ethylism. 1977851003
failure of poxvirus replication in the presence of an inhibitor of nucleolar rna vaccinia virus infected cells the appearance of a late enzyme rna polymerase was prevented by mpb, an inhibitor of nucleolar rna synthesis, although inductions of the early enzymes thymidine kinase and dna polymerase were not affected. it is inferred the nucleoli may be involved in the replication of vaccinia virus.1977851397
vaccinia virus cytotoxin.extracts of vaccinia-infected hela cells were rendered free from infectious virus by centrifugation followed by membrane filtration and were shown to be toxic to uninfected hela cells in the presence of hypertonic mgso4, used as a macromolecular uptake inducer, under conditions which did not kill control cells. extracts from uninfected cells were nontoxic. this biological test was adapted to a semi-quantitative assay which was used to monitor the purification of the cytotoxic factor by deae-cell ...1977851398
effect of detergents and chemicals on purified vaccinia virus: analysis by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and electron microscopy1,2.vaccinia virus particles were dissociated into their constituent polypeptides and analysed by sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) gel electrophoresis. thirty-three distinct polypeptide bands were identified and their molecular weights ranged between 11 000 and 150 000 daltons. specific staining of gels containing polypeptides of dissociated virions revealed the presence of eight glycopeptides. no lipopeptides were detected. analysis of chemical extracts (urea, guanidine hydrochloride, and alkali treatm ...1977856421
purification and characterization of core-associated polynucleotide 5'-triphosphatase from vaccinia virus.a core-associated enzyme, designated as polynucleotide 5'-triphosphatase, has been purified from vaccinia. fractionation on adp-agarose of the soluble extract from detergent-disrupted cores followed by chromatography on poly(u)-agarose produced an 80-fold purification of the enzyme. the enzyme has an approximate molecular weight of 113,000 and is composed of two polypeptides with approximate molecular weights of 90,000 and 26,000. divalent metal ions are necessary for enzymatic activity, which o ...1977856813
[a simple and high-yielding method for vaccinia virus multiplication in cell cultures]. 1977859370
biogenesis of vaccinia. effects of inhibitors of glycosylation on virus-mediated activities. 1977860407
replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells. i. in vivo dna synthesis. 1977860412
isolation of vaccinia virus from the sternal puncture of a smallpox revaccinee with latent leukosis. 1977867808
methylated 5'-terminal sequences of vaccinia virus mrna species made in vivo at early and late times after infection. 1977867823
characterization of vaccinia virus dna replication in vitro. 1977867828
a temperature-sensitive mutant of vaccinia virus defective in an early stage of morphogenesis. 1977867829
vaccinia necrosum complicating immunoblastic sarcoma.a 59-year-old man is presented who had immunoblastic lymphadenopathy which evolved over a three-year period into immunoblastic sarcoma. his course was complicated by vaccinia necrosum, which necessitated prolonged therapy with marboran and vaccinia-immune globulin. the persistence of virus was documented at autopsy by positive viral culture and ultra-structural examination. this case illustrates the potential hazards of administration of live viral vaccines to an immune compromised host presumed ...1977880554
isatin-beta-thiosemicarbazone causes premature cessation of vaccinia virus-induced late post-replicative polypeptide synthesis.the effects of isatin-beta-thiosemicarbazone on vaccinia virus-induced polypeptide synthesis has been examined by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. the synthesis of pre-replicative and early post-replicative polypeptides proceeded normally in the presence of the drug; the onset of late post-replicative polypeptide synthesis occurred with normal timing under these conditions but the rate of synthesis of all virus polypeptides then declined rapidly.1977881619
methyl group analysis of virion-associated high-molecular-weight rna synthesized in vitro by purified vaccinia virus.the methylation pattern of virion-associated high-molecular-weight rna synthesized in vitro by purified vaccinia virus has been determined. analysis of purified high-molecular-weight rna synthesized with s-[methyl-3h]-adenosylmethionine and alpha[32p]utp as precursors gave the following results. (i) eessentially all molecules contained blocked and methylated structures of the type m7g(5')ppp(5')gm and m7g(5')ppp(5')am. (ii) there was no detectable methylation at internal sites. (iii) under sever ...1977886646
pathogenesis of temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus in the embryonated egg. iii. autologous, homologous, and heterologous interference.two temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of sindbis virus able to synthetize rna, but not two ts mutants defective in viral rna synthesis, reduced to lethality of the superinfecting heat-resistant parent strain of sindbis virus in embryonated chicken eggs as compared with results in controls. autologous interference (of mutant with parent) was observed under a variety of conditions. time-course studies in one selected system showed that lower titers of superinfecting parent virus were detected in ...1977889615
isolation and properties of the vaccinia virus dna-dependent rna polymerase. 1977893452
isolation and partial characterization of the poly(a) polymerases from hela cells infected with vaccinia virus. 1977893453
transcriptional complexity of vaccinia virus in vivo and in vitro.the transcriptional complexity of vaccinia virus both in vivo and in vitro has been measured by using dna:rna hybridization with rna in excess. in vivo, "early" or prereplicative rna was found to saturate at 25% or one-half of the viral genome. "late" or postreplicative rna from infected hela cells saturated at 52% or essentially the entire genome. this well-regulated transcriptional pattern of the virus in vivo was not maintained in vitro. in a number of experiments a range of saturation values ...1977894791
ultrastructural characterization of the molluscum contagiosum virus genome. 1977898660
topography of vaccinia virus dna. 1977898674
production of monospecific antisera against two vaccinia virus antigens.vaccinia virus antigen was prepared from infected rabbit lung fibroblast monolayers grown in eagle's medium supplemented with serum obtained from the rabbit going to be used for immunization. monospecific rabbit antisera against the l and s antigens were produced by immunization with immunoprecipitates cut out from the agarose after quantitative line immunoelectrophoresis using antigen produced in hela cells.1977899800
effect of pregnancy hormones on herpesvirus and other deoxyribonucleic acid viruses.clinical impressions and observations of genital herpesvirus infections indicate that lesions are more persistent and more severe during pregnancy. several explanations are possible: an altered immune state, increased vascularity and blood flow, and/or increased viral infectivity due to increase in one or more hormones during pregnancy. studies presented here were directed toward investigating the latter possibility. herpesvirus, type 2, isolated from a genital lesion was titrated in wi-38 cells ...1977900179
evidence of a repetitive sequence in vaccinia virus dna.analysis of vaccinia dna by reassociation kinetics revealed that 7% of the genome contains a sequence repeated 10 times. this sequence does not contain any host cell dna, is viral specific, and is found in virions passed at either high or low multiplicities of infection.1977904031
cytoplasmic and nuclear inclusions in epidermal cells of pigs inoculated with vaccinia viruses.the morphology of cytoplasmic and nuclear inclusions in the epidermal cells of pigs inoculated with vaccinia viruses was studied. cytoplasmic inclusions observed were those corresponding to type b described by kamahora et al. (11). they were subdivided into three morphologic types and were tentatively designated type b-1, b-2 and b-3, respectively. type b-1 was eosinophilic, granular in structure, relatively large in size, and round or ovoid in shape. type b-2 was poorly stained with hematoxylin ...1977907479
use of coupled transcription and translation to study mrna production by vaccinia cores. 1977909607
replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells. iii. intracellular forms of viral dna. 1977919343
cultured human endothelial cells and atherosclerosis. 1977920430
the effect of cyclophosphamide on intracerebral vaccinia virus infection in balb/c mice. 1977923746
cleavage of vaccinia virus dna by restriction endonuclease bal i, eco r1, bam hi. isolation of the natural cross-links. 1977923814
a simple method for the preparation of [beta-32p]purine nucleoside triphosphase.a rapid, simple and inexpensive procedure is described for the preparation of purine ribo-and deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates specifically and highly radiolabeled with [32p]phosphate in the beta position. the method involves two successive enzymatic reactions: conversion of donor [gamma-32p]atp in the presence of an excess of acceptor 5'-mononucleotide to the 5'-diphosphates by myokinase or guanosine 5'-monophosphate kinase followed by phosphorylation with pyruvate kinase to yield 5'-triphosph ...1977928062
model for vaccinia virus dna replication. 1977929990
poxvirus dna. ii. replication of vaccinia virus dna in the cytoplasm of hela cells. 1976936479
antibodies to vaccinia and measles viruses in multiple sclerosis patients.a virologic comparison was made of 144 patients with multiple sclerosis, 34 of their healthy siblings, and 40 patients with other neurologic diseases (ond). antibodies in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) to vaccinia and measles viruses were measured, and these were correlated in the multiple sclerosis patients with the clinical characteristics of their disease. the csf antibody to vaccinia virus was more frequent and at a higher titer in multiple sclerosis patients than in either control grou ...1976938265
editorial: multiple sclerosis: explanations of cause. 1976946874
formation of the guanylylated and methylated 5'-terminus of vaccinia virus mrna. 1976948865
treatment of vaccinial keratitis with vidarabine.vaccinial epithelial keratitis was produced in rabbits. when the therapeutic effect of vidarabine on the experimentally-induced disease was evaluated and compared to the effect of idoxuridine, vidarabine was found to be highly effective, substantially more effective than idoxuridine, and nontoxic to the eye.1976949279
[research on substances with antiviral activity. v. structural analogs of arginine].some arginine analogues were synthesized and tested for antiviral activity. two compounds showed weak activity in vitro against vaccinia virus.1976955061
modification of the 5' terminus of mrna by an rna (guanine-7-)-methyltransferase from hela cells.the 5' termini of many viral and cellular mrnas contain sequences of the type m7g(5")pppnm. an rna (guanine-7-)-methyltransferase that specifically methylates the 5'-terminal guanosine residue of rnas ending in the dinucleoside triphosphate g(5')pppn- has been purified from the cytoplasm of hela cells. approximately two-thirds of the methyltransferase activity detected in an assay employing umnethylated vaccinia virus mrna as acceptor was located in the cytoplasm when cells were disrupted by dou ...1976956186
the insertion of dna into vaccinia virus.cells infected with vaccinia virus in the presence of hydroxyurea (hu), which blocks dna replication, were examined in thin sections by electron microscopy at intervals after removal of hu. dense, fibrillar material was observed at the orifice formed just before closure of the membrane constituting the envelope of the immature form of the virus. it is concluded that synchrony of assembly enabled stages in the condensation and insertion of viral deoxyribonucleoprotein to be observed. the mechanis ...1976959819
vaccinia virus reexamined: development and release. 1976960564
[the action of the vaccinia virus upon placenta and fetus in revaccinated pregnants (author's transl)].we studied 608 antivariolic revaccinated pregnants in spring 1972 at different ages of gestation. 60 presented spontaneous abortus; in 502 cases there has been performed therapeutical abortion, and 46 pregnants revaccinated after 2 1/2-3 months of gestation continued their pregnancy. pregnancy and birth in revaccinated pregnants which did not abort, evolved without any difference against the witness-sample; the newborns presented in a higher percentage underweight. the absence of the vaccinia-vi ...1976970028
phosphorylation of myelin basic protein by vaccinia virus cores. 1976972686
disaggregation of vaccinia virus with ultrasonic cleaners. 1976973801
studies on the possible role of lytic enzymes in the intracellular viral decoating using an in vitro trimming system. 1976977038
structure activity relationships of thiosemicarbazones on vaccinia virus and ibt-dependent mutant. 1976977525
[generalized progressive vaccinia in a child with primary humoral and cellular immunodeficiency (author's transl)].a case of generalized progressive vaccinia with lethal outcome after smallpox vaccination observed in an 8 months old girl during 1968 is reported. this complication was the first sign of an underlying immune deficiency in this child. the most conspicious findings suggesting a humoral immune defect were an absent serum igm in combination with decreased iga and igg levels. an additional cellular defect was suggested by a generalized hypoplasia of the thymus and the entire lymphatic system as show ...1976979964
biogenesis of vaccinia: isolation and characterization of a surface component that elicits antibody suppressing infectivity and cell-cell fusion. 1976982851
biogenesis of vaccinia: relationship of the envelope to virus assembly. 1976982852
presence of haemagglutinin in the envelope of extracellular vaccinia virus particles.the relationship of vaccinia haemagglutinin (ha) to extracellular enveloped virus (eev) was examined. eev banded in caesium chloride gradients at a density of 1.23 to 1.24 g/ml coincident with a peak of ha activity. eev of an ha+ vaccinia strain showed greater than 90% adsorption to rooster red blood cells (rbcs) as detected by infectivity and 3h-thymidine labelling whereas intracellular naked virus (inv) of the ha+ strain and eev of an ha- strain failed to show significant adsorption. the adsor ...1976986420
host-induced influences on the syntheses of defective vaccinia particles. 1976986721
variability of sequential studies of lymphocyte blastogenesis in normal adults.sixteen healthy adults had serial studies of delayed-type skin test reactivity and in vitro lymphocyte blastogenesis to several antigens over a period of 7 months. in many subjects blastogenesis varied broadly from month to month without apparent cause. responses to all antigens usually increased or decreased together on sequential testing. blastogenesis to coccidioidin appeared to result largely from cross-reaction with histoplasmin. humoral factors were not demonstrably responsible for these c ...1976991450
the effect of levamisole on cellular immunity in multiple sclerosis.the lymphocyte stimulation test has been standardized in a normal human population using four virus cell-associated antigens (vcaa): human embryonic lung cells infected with the lec and norrby strains of measles virus, mumps virus, and vaccinia virus. following 1 week of treatment with the immunopotentiating drug levamisole, a group of multiple sclerosis (ms) patients was found to have increased lymphocyte stimulation responses toward vcaa and increased delayed hypersensitivity responses towards ...1976991460
lymphocyte and macrophage responses after vaccinia virus infections.using a semimicromethod with washed whole blood, in vitro lymphocyte responses of rabbits to intradermal infection with vaccinia virus was studied. peritoneal exudate macrophages were infected with vaccinia in vitro to determine the time of appearance of activated macrophages. after primary infection, an increase in spontaneous incorporation of thymidine by blood cultures was found as early as 2 days postinfection. this effect was at a maximum at 7 to 10 days, with counts up to 100-fold higher t ...1976992867
large-scale purification of animal viruses in the rk-model zonal ultracentrifuge. iii. semliki forest virus and vaccinia virus. 1976993215
modification of h-2 antigenic sites by enzymatic treatment influences virus-specific target cell lysis.vaccinia virus-infected cells were treated enzymatically to remove h-2 antigenic sites. the effect of this procedure on virus-specific cell-mediated cytolysis (cmc) and virus-specific antibody-mediated cytolysis (amc) was tested. due to the inhibition of cellular proteinsynthesis by the vaccinia virus infection, h-2 antigenic sites were not resynthesized while there was a continuous production of viral surface antigens. these cells with a high concentration of viral surface antigens and decrease ...1976993596
the antiviral activity of isatin beta-thiosemicarbazone derivatives on vaccinia virus infection in mice.newly synthetized compounds of mannich bases isatin-beta-thiosemicarbazone derivatives: n,n'-bis-(beta-thiosemicarbazone-isatinmethyl)-2-methylpiperazine (tski-vi); n,n'-bis (beta-thiosemicarbazoneisatinmethyl)-cis-2,5-dimethylpiperazine (tski-vii) and n,n'-bis (beta-thiosemicarbazoneisatinmethyl)-trans-2,5-dimethylpiperazine (tski-vii), showed protective effect on mice infected i.c. with neurovaccinia virus. antiviral activity was shown already at doses of 1-25 mg/kg increased with the concentr ...1976999472
the effect of methylglyoxal bis(guanylhydrazone) on vaccinia virus replication. 1976999693
mrna guanylyltransferase and mrna (guanine-7-)-methyltransferase from vaccinia virions. donor and acceptor substrate specificites.characterization of the donor and acceptor specificities of mrna guanylyltransferase and mrna (guanine-7-)-methyltransferase isolated from vaccinia virus cores has enabled us to discriminate between alternative reaction sequences leading to the formation of the 5'-terminal m7g(5')pppn-structure. the mrna guanylyltransferase catalyzes the transfer of a residue of gmp from gtp to acceptors which possess a 5'-terminal diphosphate. a diphosphate-terminated polyribonucleotide is preferred to a mononu ...19761002690
the efficacy of vaccinial immune globulin. a 15-year study.this survey reports on the use of vaccinial immune globulin in australia over the last 15 years. evidence is produced that vaccinial immune globulin has proven efficacious in the prophylaxis and therapy of complications following smallpox vaccination. an indication of the type and frequency of complications following vaccination is provided.19761007152
[a new experimental model of vaccinia infection].the pathogenic, infectious, and immunogenic properties of vaccinia virus were studied in various species of small laboratory animals (mice of different ages, syrian hamsters, guinea pigs, white and cotton rats, rabbits). cotton rats were found to be most susceptible to the infection. vaccinia virus in this species causes an acute, frequently lethal infection. the inoculated virus intensively accumulated in parenchymatous organs, and this was accompanied by a marked rise of hemagglutinating and v ...19761007222
[effect of viral vaccines on animal bone marrow cell chromosomes].a comparative study on the effect of a number of viral vaccines (live and inactivated vaccinia, poliovirus type ii, measles, rabies vaccines) on chromosomes of mouse bone marrow cells was carried out. most vaccines were found to impair the process of first divisions of these cells after vaccination. live vaccinia vaccine and live fixed rabies virus cause an increase in the rate of structural chromosome aberrations at later intervals, 30-90 days after immunization. the main type of chromosome dis ...19761007225
vaccinia virus: the possibilities of its oncogenicity in humans.contrary to the earlier generally accepted view that vaccinia virus replicates in the cytoplasm only of suitable target cells, steadily accumulating data show that the viral genome spends a limited period of time in the nucleus. this, together with the many cases where a close association has been suspected or established between skin cancer and vaccination, suggests that vaccinia virus may, under certain yet undefined physiological conditions, act as an oncogenic virus in humans.19761016948
extraction of vaccinia virus and purification of vaccinia elementary body suspension with mafron 11. 19761017855
on the regulation of protein synthesis in vaccinia virus infected cells.all eukaryotic mrna species show a characteristic individual translational efficiency under conditions of restricted polypeptide chain initiation caused by an increase in the osmolarity of the growth medium. in vaccinia virus infected l cells or hela cells virus mrnas can be grouped into classes on the basis of their relative labelling under standard and hypertonic conditions. under the latter conditions, most of the "early" mrnas possess very high translational efficiencies, most of the "interm ...19761018175
inhibition of vaccinia virus growth by the nucleoside analogue 1-beta-d-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide (virazole, ribavirin).virazole or ribavirin (1-beta-d-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide) inhibits the growth of vaccinia virus at a concentration ode to a certain extent in the presence of virazole, the dna fails to acquire resistance to deoxyribonuclease and virus particles are not formed. reversibility of the antiviral effect occurs when the drug is washed out from the infected cultures or when guanosine at an equimolar concentration is added.19761018177
purification and location of the major glycoprotein of vaccinia virus.a glycoprotein component of vaccinia virus was extracted with a non-ionic detergent np-40 (nonidet p-40) and purified by gel chromatography. the single antigen extracted by the detergent had a molecular weight estimated between 100,000 and 200,000 daltons. this glycoprotein was found to contain less than 1% hexosamine which would correspond to 5--10 sugar residues per molecule. antibodies produced against this glycoprotein were able to neutralize vaccinia virus. using immunoelectron microscopy, ...19761026850
[study of the immunogenic properties of 3 lentogenic strains of the newcastle disease virus isolated in bulgaria].three local strains of lentogenic type of the newcastle disease were used to produce live liquid vaccines. these were given per os to broiler chickens in order to test their immunogenicity (first vaccination at the age of 25 days and vaccination when 70 days old). the immunity thus acquired was followed serologically by the titer of the antihemagglutinins and the resistance manifested by the birds at the control infection with a proven lethal dose of a highly virulent velogenic strain of the new ...19761030874
nosocomial vaccinia infection.although hospital-associated spread of vaccinia has been reported in the past, there have been no recent reports. this paper describes hospital-associated spread of vaccinia virus infection, supplies data on the environmental survival of vaccinia virus and offers recommendations for the management of patients with vaccinia that may minimize the hazard of infection in other high-risk patients.19761032226
investigations of delayed-type hypersensitivity in rabbits experimentally infected or sensitised by vaccinia virus. 19761032930
[studies on biologically active substances from rabbit skin tissues infected with vaccinia virus.--isolation and properties of inhibitor to gastric acid secretion (author's transl)]. 19761034005
transmission of vaccinia virus from vaccinated milkers to infection of cattle by transmission of vaccinia virus from milkers vaccinated against small pox is reported. six vaccinia virus strains could be isolated from the vaccinal lesions localized on the nipples of the udder. serological reactions with samples collected from diseased cows demonstrated the presence of hai antibodies and made evident their kinetics at a 2-week-interval.19761034363
[central activity, antihypertensive action and antiulcerogenic effects of neurotropin].central activity, antihypertensive action and antiulcerogenic actions of neurotropin (nsp), an extract isolated from vaccinia virus-innoculated skin or tissues of rabbits were investigated herein. when actions of nsp were examined in isolated muscle preparations by the magnus-method, peristalsis and ach-induced contraction in the small intestine isolated from crayfish were not influenced, peristalsis and ach-induced contraction in the small intestine from mice were slightly accelerated, but adre ...19761035190
studies on the new cell line tt-i: viral susceptibility and chromosomal changes related to mycoplasma contamination.for understanding some biological properties of tt-1 cell line established in our laboratory in 1962, its viral susceptibility and the changes in chromosomes related to mycoplasma contamination were studied. tt-1 cells were susceptible to the infection of picorna (polio type 1, coxsackie b1 and echo type 2), measles, newcastle disease, herpes simplex (type 1), adeno (type 12) and vaccinia viruses. contamination of tt-1 cells with mycoplasma hominis was treated successfully with bottromycin a2 (5 ...19761037533
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