studies on guinea pig skin cell cultures. vii. statistical analysis of growth and maturation.thymidine uptake; incorporation of amino acids into perchloric acid extract and hcl extract (corresponding grossly to poorly and highly organized proteins respectively); cell fraction dna and cell fraction protein contents have all been measured daily from day 1 to day 8 in primary cultures of epidermal keratinocytes (ek) and dermal fibroblasts (df). correlations between these five biochemical parameters (or variables) have been sought when using the statistical method of principal component ana ...197875628
sensitization capacity of epoxy resin oligomers in the guinea pig.low molecular weight oligomers of an epoxy resin of bisphenol a diglycidyl ether type were isolated by gel permeation chromatography. the sensitizing capacity of these oligomers was assessed with the "guinea pig maximization test". the oligomer with the molecular weight of 340 sensitized 80% to 100% of the animals, but produced no cross reactions to the other oligomers. the mw 624 oligomer sensitized 56-60% of the animals and 30% of these showed cross reactions to the mw 340 oligomer. the mw 908 ...197875630
studies on carrier protein in contact dermatitis: localization of soluble epidermal carrier proteins by macrophage migration test.the migration of peritoneal exudate cells from picrylchloride-sensitive guinea pigs was inhibited by heteroantigenic components which were isolated by antinormal guinea pig epidermis antibody immunoadsorbent from soluble epidermal proteins of picrylchloride painted guinea pigs. the components were demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence study to localize in the intercellular spaces of guinea pig epidermis. it is consequently suggested that carrier protein(s) of contact hypersensitivity resid ...197875631
studies on carrier protein in contact dermatitis: in vivo sensitization with soluble epidermal proteins as carrier hypersensitivity to picrylchloride was induced in guinea pigs by the subcutaneous injection of heteroantigenic components which were isolated by antibody immunoadsorbent from soluble epidermal proteins of picrylchloride painted guinea pigs. the injection of non-heterantinenic components obtained from the picrylchloride treated guinea pig epidermis did not elicit contact sensitization to picrylchloride in guinea pigs. these results corroborate previous findings obtained when utilizing the ...197875632
intercellular and circulating antibodies in patients with dyskeratosis follicularis, darier's biopsies from 6 patients, and biopsies of the palatal mucosa of 4 of these patients with dyskeratosis follicularis (df) (dariers disease) were examined for in vivo bound antibodies by means of a direct immunofluorescence (if) technique. antibodies located in the intercellular substance of the epidermis were found in the skin lesions of all patients. immunoglobulins of the classes igg, iga and igm as well as c3 were found in all lesions. no antibodies reacting with the palatal mucosa were fo ...197875635
guinea pig beta2-microglobulin. purification, properties, and partial structure. 197875743
adjuvant and immunostimulating activities (in the absence of freund's incomplete adjuvant) of chemically modified low molecular weight mycobacterial peptidoglycans.relatively low molecular weight peptidoglycan fragments extracted from two strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis var. hominis were chemically coupled with lauric acid. the fatty acid conjugates were compared with the native substances with respect to some immunopotentiating activities. in vitro, the mitogenic effect on murine spleen lymphocytes was significantly enhanced following conjugation. one of the lauric acid conjugates stimulated, upon intravenous administration in mice, the formation of ...197875834
prevention of experimental allergic encephalitis in guinea-pigs with spinal cord protein: optimum pretreatment schedules and appraisal of plausible mechanisms.pretreatment of hartley guinea-pigs with three injections of 100 microgram of the purified bovine spinal cord protein, (scp), protected tham from clinical experimental allergic encephalitis (eae) when they were subsequently challenged with 50 microgram of purified bovine myelin basic protein (mybp) in freund's complete adjuvant (fca). the length of the optimum pretreated schedule was found to be 1 week and the animals were fully protected for 2 weeks. protection declined thereafter so that by 4 ...197775839
granuloma formation by synthetic bacterial cell wall fragment: muramyl dipeptide.a synthetic muramyl dipeptide, n-acetylmuramyl-l-alanyl-d-isoglutamine, which possesses the same structure as that of a part of the peptidoglycan monomer of wax d of tubercle bacilli or bacterial cell walls was found to induce, when injected in water-in-oil emulsion, massive granulomas often accompanying abscesses in the site of injection and draining lymph nodes of guinea pigs and rats. the granulomas were composed mainly of epithelioid cells 2 weeks after injection and were indistinguishable f ...197875847
complement-dependent stimulation of normal lymphocytes by immune complexes.normal rabbit lymphocytes were stimulated to proliferate in vitro by antibody-antigen complexes. stimulation was dependent upon c activity. heat-inactivation or zymosan-treatment of the serum used in culture caused a 75 to 100% loss of responsiveness to the complexes. serum-free culture or cultures with less than 1% serum supported only low levels of stimulation, but responsiveness reappeared proportionally with increased serum concentration. the low level dose-dependent responses seen in the ab ...197875923
suppression of growth of guinea pig line-10 hepatocarcinoma. i. effect of simultaneous administration of tumor cells and antibodies from normal rabbits.suppression of growth of the line-10 hepatocarcinoma in strain-2 guinea pigs occurred when line-10 cells were injected intradermally together with sera or immunoglobulins derived from normal rabbits. a significant number of animals were resistant to subsequent rechallenge with tumor cells. this immunity was specific, depended on contact of immunoglobulins with tumor cells and on the concentration of immunoglobulins. repeated injections acted as potent vaccines and resulted in the development of ...197875927
antigens of hepatitis b virus: failure to detect hbeag on the surfaces of hbsag forms.the particulate forms of hbsag were analysed for the presence of hbeag on their surfaces. by immunodiffusion analysis, anti-hbe did not form precipitin bands with the purified forms of hbsag and hyperimmune guinea pig antisera to these forms did not react with hbeag. lines of non-identity were observed between the hbeag determinants (e1 and e2) and the dane particles and filaments isolated from an hbeag-positive serum. finally, anti-hbe failed to precipitate the polymerase-positive subpopulation ...197875946
studies on the cutaneous sensitization reaction of guinea pigs to purified aromatic chemicals.the sensitization reactions to purified cinnamic aldehyde and its chemically related substances were investigated using the maximization test on guinea pigs. mutual cross-sensitivities were also examined. cinnamic aldehyde was found to be the most potent sensitizer in this series, and a strong cross-sensitizer. from the chemical structures of these substances, the following speculations were made. there was a tendency that as the number of hydrocarbons of alkyl groups replacing the alpha-hydroge ...197876389
[studies on antigenspecific immunosuppression: influence of 6-mercaptopurine-bgg-conjugates on bgg binding cells (author's transl)].the rosette forming cell (rfc) response of different lymphoid organs (spleen, lymph node, peripheral blood) of guinea pigs was examined by immunocytoadherence. the method has been adapted to work with the soluble antigen bgg. the number of antigen binding cells following immunization with bgg in cfa reached the highest level on day 6 in ln. popliteus and on the 10th day in spleen and peripheral blood. it is shown that the highest level of antigen binding cells appears generally before the maximu ...197776446
silver-stained nucleolus organizers in the guinea pig, cavia cobaya. 197776529
synergistic cytotoxic effects of antibodies directed against different cell surface determinants.three antibody populations were raised in rabbits against surface antigens on guinea-pig l2c leukaemic lymphocytes: against idiotypic determinants on the lambda chain of the surface immunoglobulin, against c region determinants on the lambda chain, and against the surface antigens recognized by conventional anti-lymphocyte sera. complement and k-cell cytotoxicities effected by the antibodies on l2c cells were studied in vitro. in both cytotoxic systems mixtures of the antibodies revealed synergy ...197876604
the anaphylatoxic peptide c3a of guinea pig complement. i. purification, physicochemical and antigenetic properties.highly purified guinea pig c3a was obtained after specific cleavage of isolated c3 by the alternative pathway enzyme vf-b in a one step procedure. it turned out to be a low molecular weight peptide with basic character (m.w. 9500; isoelectric point above 9.4). c3a represents an antigenetic determinant of its own in the native c3 molecule, different from the b determinant. guinea pig c3a resistant to 100 degrees c for 10 minutes. its smooth muscle contracting activity can be destroyed by trypsin ...197877089
primary immune response of guinea pig spleen cells in vitro.spleen cells of the primed guinea pig, when cultured alone, failed to make a primary immune response against heterologous erythrocytes. when supplemented with lymphocytes obtained from mineral oil induced peritoneal exudate (pel), a primary immune response against sheep, horse and chicken rbc was obtained. the kinetics, dose response and requirement of pels for this response are reported.197877295
escherichia coli strains that cause diarrhoea but do not produce heat-labile or heat-stable enterotoxins and are non-invasive.three enteropathogenic escherichia coli (e.p.e.c.) strains (o127:k63:h6, o128:k67:h2, and o142:k86:h6) isolated from outbreaks of infantile diarrhoea and one strain from the "normal" colonic flora (e. coli hs) of a healthy adult were fed in doses of 10(6), 10(8), and 10(10) organisms in nahco3 to adult volunteers. the strains, which had been stored for 7--9 years, gave negative results in sensitive tests for heat-labile (l.t.) enterotoxin (y-1 adrenal-cell test), heat-stable (s.t.) enterotoxin ( ...197877415
studies on the release of histamine from isolated guinea pig mast cells stimulated by ionophore a23187 or by the anaphylactic reaction.the divalent cation ionophore a23187 was found to produce a dose-dependent release of histamine from isolated mesenteric mast cells of the guinea pig. the process showed a specific requirement for calcium ions and was blocked by inhibitors of glycolysis. the effect of camp, theophylline, sympathomimetic amines and dscg on the histamine release induced by the ionophore or by the antigen-antibody reaction was compared. in both cases, the release was inhibited by bu2camp and by theophylline but hig ...197877481
effect of corticosteroids on the release of histamine and prostaglandins from fragments of mesentery of immunized guinea pigs. 197877533
natural and immune antibodies to rabbit erythrocyte antigens.natural agglutinins to rabbit erythrocytes were found in all human sera studied. in the newborn, the antibodies were of igg class; in the 6-month-old infants they were mainly of igm class. older children and adults had both igg and igm antibodies. agglutinins to rabbit erythrocytes were also found in serum from fourteen of fifteen other species studied. the trichloroacetic acid extract from rabbit erythrocyte stromata (tca-preparation) contains at least three different antigenic determinants: on ...197877552
specificity of fc-receptors on lymphocytes and monocytes for guinea-pig igg1 and igg2: phagocytosis of erythrocytes.the capacity of guinea-pig igg1 and igg2 antibodies to induce lymphocyte (k-cell) mediated lysis or monocyte/macrophage mediated phagocytosis of erythrocytes was studied with both human and guinea-pig effector cells. for both species, induction of k-cell mediated lysis was restricted to igg2 whereas both igg1 and igg2 could induce monocyte/macrophage mediated phagocytosis. in competitive inhibition experiments, only complexed igg2 inhibited lysis mediated by k-cells. the results suggest that the ...197877554
acetic orcein staining of prefixed tissue sections.acetic orcein stains formol- and carnoy-fixed tissues, coloring mast cells, nuclei, basophilic cytoplasm, cerebral corpora amylacea, and cartilage strongly; keratin and erythrocytes moderately; muscle and collagen weakly. guinea pig brunner gland and rat colonic goblet cell mucins did not stain. the red nuclear stain contrasts well with the prussian blue reaction of hemosiderin and the ferric ferricyanide (turnbull's blue) reaction of enterochromaffin. a weak (0.01%) fast-green fcf stain changes ...197877635
the inhibitory action of lidocaine in anaphylaxis.the action of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, was investigated during anaphylaxis in guinea pigs after passive sensitization in vitro of lung tissue and trachealis muscle. pretreatment of the trachealis muscle with 8.54 mm lidocaine resulted in the total inhibition of anaphylactic isometric tension. full reversal of anaphylactic-induced contractures was rapidly achieved with concentrations of 4.27 mm lidocaine. release of histamine from both lung tissue and trachealis muscle was inhibited by 73 t ...197877648
[decreased anaphylactogenic properties of disaggregated gamma-globulin].immunological properties of native, aggregated, and disaggregated (tolerogenic) human gamma-globulin were compared in experiments on mice and guinea pigs. disaggregated preparation was shown to give diminished local and general hypersensitivity reaction in sensitized animals and had decreased ability to induce secondary humoral immune response.197877692
haptenic antibody induced by n-phthaloylated ox insulin in the hartley guinea-pig.female hartley guinea-pigs were immunized with n-phthaloylated ox insulin (96% na1,nb1,nb29-triphthaloyl ox insulin) using h. pertussis as adjuvant. haptenic antibody, which was found in antisera taken 20 days after secondary immunization, was assessed for cross-reaction with a series of n-acylated ox insulins. cross-reaction readily occurred between haptenic antibody and the partial hapten-bearing antigens, na1-monophthaloyl and nb1-monophthaloyl ox insulins. the immunochemical data suggested t ...197877750
on the presence of cysteinesulfinic acid and 2-aminoethanesulfinic acid in human adenomatous prostate.the presence of cysteinesulfinic acid and 2-aminoethanesulfinic acid has never been described in human adenomatous prostate. results here reported are compared with those in the normal prostate of guinea pigs and rats.197877779
[anti-allergic activity of 7-acetyl-5-oxo-5h-[1] benzopyrano (2,3-b] pyridine (y-9000) (author's transl)].the ige mediated reactions such as 48 hr homologous passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) and active anaphylactic bronchoconstriction in rats were inhibited in a dose dependent manner by treatment with 7-acetyl-5-oxo-5h-[1]benzopyranol[2,3-b] pyridine (y-9000) and disodium cromoglycate (dscg) given intraperitoneally. the inhibitory activity of y-9000 was to the same extent as that seen with dscg. the ige mediated reactions were also inhibited by oral treatment with y-9000 but not with dscg. in add ...197877826
solubilization and partial characterization of a tumor-associated transplantation antigen of the guinea pig l2c leukemia.a tumor-associated transplantation antigen (tata) from guinea pig l2c leukemia cells was solubilized by different methods. it was found that the 3 m kcl extraction yielded the most immunogenic tata of l2c cells. immunization of normal strain 2 guinea pigs with this extract in complete freund's adjuvant gave complete protection against a subsequent challenge with tumor cells. further fractionation of the kcl extract of l2c cells by sephadex g-200 chromatography suggested that the immunogenic acti ...197877874
adherent cell function in murine t lymphocyte antigen recognition. i. a. macrophage-dependent t cell proliferation assay in the mouse.the data in this report describe a t cell proliferation assay with nylon wool column-purified murine lymph node lymphocyte from animals immunized by footpad injection of antigen in cfa. it was found that the in vitro immune response of sensitized t cells to soluble protein antigens was functionally dependent on the presence of adherent cells, more specifically macrophages, at all concentrations of in vitro antigen challenge. the response was due to t cells in that cytotoxic treatment of the immu ...197877884
suppression of chronic allergic encephalomyelitis: relevance to multiple sclerosis.the expression of chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in strain 13 guinea pigs was suppressed with a single series of injections of myelin basic protein in incomplete freund's adjuvant. the suppression appeared permanent, and subsequent rechallenge with central nervous system antigen failed to elicit exacerbations.197878524
[therapeutic effect of myelin basic protein and synthetic encephalitogenic peptide in guinea pigs with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis].effect of antigenic factors of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (alkaline protein of myelin and synthetic encephalitogenic peptide) was studied in guinea pigs with distinct manifestations of the experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. the animals recovered after prolonged administration of alkaline protein of myelin within 14 days, if they were sensibilized either by bovine alkaline protein of myelin or by synthetic encephalitogenic peptide. synthetic encephalitogenic peptide was only ef ...197878577
a rapid, simple, and reliable technique for preparation of antisera against idiotypes of homogeneous immunization of guinea pigs with homogeneous immunoglobulins partly purified by micro-agar electrophoresis represents a rapid and reliable microtechnique for the preparation of antisera against the idiotype of the homogeneous immunoglobulins. testing of these antisera by immunodiffusion techniques requires agar plates containing 3% polyethyleneglycol 6000.197878581
[immunochemical assessment of the antigenic relationship between the pancreatic kallikrein of rodents and carnivores].using quantitative and qualitative immunochemical methods, in combination with isoelectrical focusing, it was shown that antibodies to commercial kallikrein are involved into precipitation reaction with kallikrein in extracts from the pancreas of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats and mice. complexes antigen--antibody exhibit similar physico-chemical properties; during isoelectric focusing, they are found in the same ph range as the immunoactive portion of commercial kallikrein. these data indicate a ...197878602
the fate of tetrachlorosalicylanilide in photosensitized guinea pigs.the distribution and fate of 3, 3', 4', 5-tetrachlorosalicylanilide (tcsa) in photosensitized guinea-pig skin following topical application at varying times was investigated by fluorescence microscopy in unfixed, frozen sections. when the site to which tcsa had been applied was irradiated with long-wave uv light, tcsa was detected in the entire epidermis only 3 days after application and in the horny layer up to 10 days. unless tcsa-treated sites were exposed to light, tcsa was still recognized ...197678621
the distribution of myelin basic protein in central nervous system lesions of multiple sclerosis and acute experimental allergic obtain more information about early events in central nervous system myelin injury in multiple sclerosis (ms), a comparative study was conducted of the distribution of myelin basic protein (bp) in tissue lesions of both ms and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). sixteen postmortem specimens containing lesions from 4 persons with ms and the brains of 14 guinea pigs with acute eae induced with bp were studied. cryostat sections of quick-frozen material were fixed, treated with rabbit ...197878682
cytofluorometric analysis of macrophages activated in vivo or in vitro.the relative rna content of single macrophages was measured by cytofluorometry after differential staining of cellular dna and rna with the metachromatic fluorescent dye acridine orange. this method allowed the differentiation of two major groups in the adherent macrophage population differing in their rna content. after in vivo stimulation of mice (by injection of thioglycollate medium) or guinea pigs (by injection of oil), an increasing percentage of macrophages possessing a high rna content i ...197878852
tumor-specific skin-reactive antigen solubilized from a syngeneic guinea pig liposarcoma by 3m potassium chloride.tumor-specific and skin-reactive antigen of a syngeneic liposarcoma (h-10) of hartley/f guinea pig was solubilized with 3m potassium chloride and purified by precipitation with 2m ammonium sulfate, followed by sephadex g-200 gel filtration. the antigenic activity of 7 fractions obtained was estimated by the delayed-type skin reaction elicited in syngeneic animals immunized with h-10 cells admixed with bcg. accurate relative activity of the fractions comparable to the skin reaction elicited by li ...197878869
comparison between the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) and the fixed tanned erythrocyte electrophoretic mobility (fteem) tests in the detection of cancer.when peripheral lymphocytes from patients with a history of cancer are incubated with encephalitogenic factor (ef), in 90% of cases the resulting products reduce the net surface negativity of guinea-pig macrophages, used as detector cells, as revealed in the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) test. the mem test is positive in 36% of people with no history of cancer. formaldehyde-fixed tanned sheep erythrocytes have been used as detector cells in place of guinea-pig macrophages, in a fixed ...197878907
guinea pig ia antigens are not derivatised on trinitrophenyl-modified cells. 197879139
studies of sarcolemmal integrity in myopathic muscle.studies of sarcolemmal integrity with extracellular procion yellow gave evidence of structural defects in a high percentage of muscle fibers in duchenne dystrophy and in vitamin e-deficiency myopathy in the guinea pig. the dye entered fibers in these conditions more often than in controls. myofibrillary clumping occurred in the region of major penetration of the dye. it seems likely that sarcolemmal defects occur in vivo in these conditions, allowing the entry of high concentrations of calcium i ...197879157
histopathological and biochemical changes in guinea pigs after repeated dermal exposure to benzene hexachloride.dermal application of benzene hexachloride in daily doses of 100, 200 and 500 mg/kg for a total period of 30 days caused significant changes in male guinea pigs. the animals exposed to high doses of benzene hexachloride (1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane) (bhc) (bhc) died within 5--12 days. there was no mortality in 100 mg/kg/day but significant pathologic and biochemical changes were observed in the vital organs of the experimental animals. massive congestion and thickened blood vessels were se ...197879244
inhibitory effects of imidazolines on histamine liberation from human leukocytes and on tracheal smooth muscle tone.antigen-induced ige-mediated release of histamine from human leukocytes, an in vitro model of allergic reactions, was blocked by imidazole and imidazole-compounds such as oxymetazoline and clonidine. the h-2-antihistamines antagonized this effect of imidazolines. alpha- and h-1-receptor blocking agents did not antagonize the effect. the contractile effects of the imidazolines were tested on tracheal preparations from the cow and guinea-pig. imidazole was found to be a rather potent contracting a ...197879298
[detection of cell-mediated immunity against protein antigen by the macrophage adherence inhibition test (author's transl)].the macrophage adherence inhibition test is a suitable assay for detection of cell-mediated immunity against bovine gamma globulin (bgg) in guinea pigs. the test was performed with peritoneal cells (pc) in hemocytometer chambers. 10 mg/ml bgg were added as antigen. the washing step was performed with a burette. an average standard deviation of 5% was obtained with this washing method. day-to -day-investigations in individual animals show differences with respect to the degree of cell-mediated im ...197879307
haematological changes in experimental hydralazine-induced collagen-like syndrome in guinea pigs.haematological studies were carried out in hydralazine-induced collagen-like syndrome in guinea pigs. 37.5 per cent of animals were found to be le-positive. it was found that long-term administration of hydralazine caused a decrease of erythrocyte count, a decrease of haemoglobin concentration and a decrease of haemoglobin content in individual red blood cell as well as a decrease of a single erythrocyte volume. a significant leukopenia was shown in le-positive subgroup of hydralazine-treated gu ...197879526
ige-mediated cardiac hypersensitivity reactions. an experimental investigate the involvement of the heart in acute allergic reactions in a system immunologically analogous to that of humans, a model of cardiac anaphylaxis mediated by ige antibodies was developed in the guinea pig. hearts obtained from guinea pigs, passively sensitized with homologous antidinitrophenyl ige antibodies, were perfused and challenged in vitro with antigen. challenge resulted in sinus and ventricular tachycardia, atrioventricular conduction block and substantial histamine releas ...197879558
further studies on the mode of action of clostridium welchii type-d epsilon toxin.intradermal injection of clostridium welchii type-d epsilon toxin increased the permeability of blood vessels in guinea-pig skin to evans blue dye by a mechanism not dependent on the release of histamine. the toxin was also found to raise the plasma concentration of cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate in mice. it is concluded that epsilon toxin is an enterotoxin capable of causing widespread damage, after binding to receptor sites on the surface of certain cells, through a mechanism mediated b ...197879653
the chemical mediation of delayed hypersensitivity skin reaction. ii. characterization of a macrophage-chemotactic factor from bovine gamma-globulin-induced skin reaction in guinea pigs.macrophage-chemotactic factors were extracted from delayed hypersensitivity skin lesions induced by bovine gamma-globulin in guinea pigs. the most active factor, mcfs--1, was highly purified and found to be a heat-labile protein with a molecular weight of 150,000 and to possess in vivo as well as in vitro activity. this factor was homogeneous during polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and the chemotactic activity was associated exclusively with this band. further characterization revealed that i ...197880137
isolation and characterization of a spontaneous lymphocytic leukemia (l-76) in the strain 2 guinea pig. 197880261
[morphologic changes in guinea pig kidneys following administration of chlormadinone (germed) and orgametril (organon)]. 197880352
nature of the antigenic complex recognized by t lymphocytes. vi. the effect of anti-tnp antibody on t cell responses to tnp-conjugated this paper we examined the effect of anti-tnp antibody on guinea pig t cell proliferation in response to tnp-modified macrophages in vitro. the addition of anti-tnp to tnp-modified macrophages immediately after conjugation inhibited their ability to stimulate tnp-specific t cell proliferation. this inhibition appeared to be specific for the tnp response since anti-tnp had no effect on the ability of tnp-modified macrophages pulsed with either ppd or tnp-ova to stimulate efficient ppd or ova t ...197880426
nature of the antigenic complex recognized by t lymphocytes. vii. evidence for an association between tnp-conjugated macrophage membrane components and ia the present study we examined the effects of anti-sera directed against guinea pig ia antigens on the ability of tnp-conjugated macrophages to stimulate tnp-specific t lymphocyte proliferation. treatment of macrophages with anti-ia sera for 1 hr before, 1 hr immediately after, or as late as 24 hr after tnp-modification resulted in a reduced ability to stimulate the tnp-specific t cell. the inhibition produced by anti-ia sera was specific and did not result from interference with the ability o ...197880427
preparation of a rabbit anti-guinea pig basophil serum: in vitro and in vivo characterization. 197880428
the correlation of bacteriophage types of mycobacterium tuberculosis with guinea-pig virulence and in vitro-indicators of virulence.among 58 isoniazid-sensitive strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis from india, burma and east africa, 23 were of phage type a, 31 of type i (intermediate), 4 of type b and none of type c. type i strains differed from type a strains in being attenuated in the guinea-pig, susceptible to h2o2, sensitive to thiophen-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide and resistant to thiacetazone and p-aminosalicylic acid; the content of strongly acidic lipids and of sulphatide lipids was low and the attenuation indicator ...197880440
in vivo modulation of thymus-leukemia antigens on mouse leukemia cells and thymocytes: retention of modulating antibody on the cell surface.inoculation of rada1, asl1, and erld murine leukemia cells into the peritoneal cavities of (c57bl/6j x a/tl--)f1 mice hyperimmunized against thymus-leukemia (tl) cell-surface antigens rendered most cells insensitive to lysis in vitro by guinea pig complement even in the presence of tl antiserum. thymocytes of a/j mice were similarly modulated by passive injection of tl antiserum. in all cases, retention of some modulating antibody on the surfaces of most cells modulated in vivo for 1--27 days wa ...197880455
autoimmunity in multiple slcerosis: do we have an experimental model?experimental autoimmunity of the cns has been well characterized--the antigen has been identified, effector cell specificity has been defined, and the relationship between cellular sensitization and antibody production has been partially clarified. in the guinea pig, experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) is induced by one injection of myelin basic protein in complete freund's adjuvant (bp/cfa). if bp/cfa is preceded by repeated injections of basic protein in incomplete freund's adjuvant ...197880941
molecular bases for the difference in the potency of myelin basic protein from different species in lewis rats.the results of this study define the chemical bases for the difference in the encephalitogenic potency reported for the bovine and guinea pig myelin basic proteins. studies with synthetic peptides showed that the sequence of peptide s53, h-ser-gln-arg-ser-gln-asp-glu-asn-oh, which is native to the guinea pig basic protein, is the minimum amino acid sequence necessary for inducing eae in lewis rats. the results of this study further showed that specific sequence modifications rendered the native ...197880942
clearance of myelin basic protein from blood of normal and eae rabbits.the rate of clearance of porcine myelin basic protein (mbp) from plasma of rabbits was determined following intravenous injection of 20 mg mbp. the mbp level in the plasma was measured by a 2-site immunoradiometric assay with specific antibody to guinea pig mbp produced in rabbits. plasma mbp-antibody levels were determined by competitive binding radioimmune assay (ria). unsensitized and those sensitized with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa), with porcine mbp in cfa, and with whole porcine spina ...197880944
[antigenic relations between human papilloma viruses (hpv): experimental study in guinea-pigs (author's transl].a study of specific immune response in guinea-pigs after immunization with human papilloma viruses (hpv) purified from plantar warts, hand warts and condyloma acuminata is reported. the respective viruses induced the production of high antibody titres as well as specific cellular immunity as demonstrated by intradermal tests in all the animals. formalin-inactivated hpv gave similar results. the antigenic cross reactions between the different viruses were evaluated by immunofluorescence and immun ...197880972
[changes in the activity of histamine-liberating enzymes in acute experimental anaphylaxis].the authors examined the changes in the histamine level, dao (diaminoxidase) activity and n--mt (n-methyltransferase) activity in blood (plasma) and tissues of lung and liver (n--mt was examined only in the indicated tissues) in 105 guinea pigs, 45 of whom were healthy and 60 sensibilised and examined during the anaphylactic shock. it was established that during the acute anaphylactic shock there was demonstrative hyperhistanemia and hyperhistaminasemia, which were not observed during experiment ...197881127
antigenic specificity of t cell receptors for cytochrome c on guinea pig lymphocytes. 197881170
spatial requirements between haptenic and carrier determinants for t-dependent antibody gauge the proximity between cooperating t and b cells required for effective triggering of antibody production, guinea pigs were immunized with bifunctional antigens in which the haptenic and carrier determinants were separated by rigid spacers of varied dimension. these took the form 2,4-dinitrophenol-(proline)n-l-tyrosine-p-azobenzenearsonate, where n varied from 1 to 40 proline residues. animals immunized with n = 10 and n = 22 compounds made strong anti-dnp antibody responses, whereas ani ...197881259
enhancement of anaphylactic mediator release from guinea-pig perfused lungs by fatty acid hydroperoxides.fragments of chopped lung from indomethacin treated guinea-pigs had an anti-aggregating effect when added to human platelet rich plasma (prp), probably due to the production of prostacyclin (pgi2) since the effect was inhibited by 15-hydroperoxy arachidonic acid (15-hpaa, 10 micrograms ml(-1)). both 15-hpaa (1-20 micrograms ml(-1) min (-1)) and 13-hydroperoxy linoleic acid (13-hpla, 20 micrograms ml(-1) min(-1)) caused a marked enhancement of the anaphylactic release of histamine, slow-reacting ...197881494
beta2-microglobulin from normal and leukaemic guinea-pig lymphocytes.beta2-microglobulin has been isolated in useful quantities from the urine of strain-2 guinea-pigs after either treatment with sodium chromate or induction of the l2c leukaemia. antibodies raised against the beta2-microglobulin were used to set up a radioimmunoassay which measured its export into culture fluid by normal and leukaemic lymphocytes. material containing beta2-microglobulin was also obtained by digestion of the lymphocytic surfaces with papain; fractionation demonstrated both free and ...197881517
the effect of cromolyn sodium on hypoxia-induced histamine 16 guinea pigs the pulmonary circulation was isolated from the pulmonary systemic circulation and perfused with tris buffer or with tris buffer containing cromolyn sodium. the lungs were first ventilated with 100% o2 and then 100% n2 to induce alveolar hypoxia. the effluent was collected from the aorta and assayed for histamine by the fluorometric method. in all seven animals perfused with tris alone (no cromolyn) a marked elevation of the effluent histamine was demonstrated. in the group per ...197881629
lead and other elements in tissues of guinea pigs fed crown vetch grown adjacent to a highway.forty-four elements were determined in crown vetch sampled along a heavily travelled highway in virginia. twenty-four elements including ba, br, cr, pb, sn, and sr were higher in this vegetation than in control vetch. when the highway-grown vetch was fed as 45% (dry weight) of the diet to guinea pigs for 100 days, ba, br, cr, pb, sn and sr were found at higher concentrations in the various animal tissues than in those of guinea pigs similarly fed the control crown vetch.197881734
antitumor activity of mycobacterial glycolipid a1.glycolipid a1 isolated from mycobacterium bovis bcg, when dissolved in olive oil and injected together with line 10 transplantable hepatoma cells, is able to elicit a host response which results in the abrogation or retardation of tumor growth in syngeneic guinea pigs. glycolipid a1 does not have adjuvant activity for delayed type hypersensitivity, and antibodies to a1 have not been detected in the sera of guinea pigs during or after the tumor abrogation induced by a1 injection glycolipid a1 doe ...197881809
tumor-associated antigens of rat moloney sarcoma cells. i. cell-surface antigens.the dissociated cell surface membranes of a rat moloney sarcoma (mst), derived from a bn rat, were extracted with 2 m ki, with 6 m guanidine thiocyanate, or by papain digestion. extracts obtained with these three reagents were fractionated on columns of controlled-pore glass, 170 a pore size. a fraction was eluted from each preparation that contained tumor-associated antigens (taa), viral, fetal, and histocompatibility antigens. with an antibody specific for taa, the taa, devoid of detectable vi ...197881854
specificity of antisera from lewis rats immunized with encephalitogenic fragment 43-88 of guinea pig myelin basic protein.inbred lewis rats were immunized with encephalitogenic fragment 43-88 of guinea pig myelin basic protein emulsified in complete freund's adjuvant. after recovery from experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) the animals were given a booster immunization, bled, and the specificity of the individual anti-fragment antisera was examined by direct binding assays by using radioiodinated fragment 43-88 and peptides 43-67, 68-88, and 79-88. competitive-binding experiments with these peptides in com ...197881855
[immunochemical study of specific "pregnancy protein" during mammalian ontogenesis].beta1-globulins were found in the rats and guinea pigs in the extracts of placenta during the first term of pregnancy in one third of cases and beginning from the second term in all cases; they were not found in the other organs. these proteins were also present in the blood serum of pregnant rats, guinea pigs, foetuses and in the amniotic fluid, their concentration being much higher than in the placenta.197882243
sensitization capacity of epoxy resin hardeners in the guinea pig.cold-curing resin hardeners were examined regarding their sensitization capacity, by the "guinea pig maximization test". all the aliphatic polyamines caused sensitization. two of the three cycloaliphatic polyamines sensitized all the animals, while one did not sensitize at all. the aromatic amine sensitized one-fifth of the animals studied. the two polyaminoamides sensitized respectively one-fifth and two-thirds of the animals. two of the four adducts failed to provoke any reactions. the phenola ...197882326
sensitization capacity of epoxy reactive diluents in the guinea pig.the sensitization capacity of six epoxy reactive diluents was investigated with the "guinea pig maximization test". all the low molecular weight reactive diluents (mw 175 to 360) proved to be sensitizers. one diluent of higher molecular weight (mw 1700) produced no reaction.197882328
trichochromes in red human hair.the presence of trichochromes b and c in red human hair was confirmed with an analytical procedure which does not give rise to the formation of these compounds as artifacts. the trichochrome precursor 5-s-cysteinyldopa previously demonstrated in red guinea-pig hair was not detected in red human hair.197882333
t-lymphocyte activation by immunogenic determinants.synthetic antigens have been of great value in elucidating the relationships between antigen structure and lymphocyte activation. the compound rat behaves as a monofunctional antigen in guinea pigs and mice, inducing t-lymphocyte responses without appreciable circulating antibody, although the aba-specific b cell population is expanded by immunization with the monovalent molecule. on the other hand, bifunctional antigens composed of one rat moiety serving as a carrier and a second chemical group ...197882380
immunochemical studies on the tobacco mosaic virus protein.the decapeptide having the amino acid sequence thr-thr-ala-glu-thr-leu-asp-ala-thr-arg has been shown to be a major antigenic determinant of the tobacco mosaic virus protein in rabbits, mice and guinea pigs. the antigenic specificity of the decapeptide is attributed to its c-terminal tripeptide ala-thr-arg. although this tripeptide has no demonstrable binding with antibodies to the protein, its n-octanoylated derivative exhibits specific binding with antibodies as well as the capacity to elicit ...197882381
peptides and autoimmune disease.the use of derived and synthetic peptides has contributed greatly to our understanding of encephalitogenic determinants in the basic protein molecule. peptides derived from bp by use of trypsin, pepsin, cathepsin d (brain and liver) and bnps-skatole have proven most useful. synthetic peptides have served to define the disease-inducing determinants with precision. a remarkable feature of these studies is that different antigenic determinants serve as encephalitogenic sites in different species. t ...197882385
genetic control of the immune response to insulin: its dependence upon a macrophage mediated selection of distinct antigenic sites.the immune response to insulin, in both mouse and guinea pig , is under control of h-linked immune response genes. when immunized with either pork or beef insulin to cfa, both strain 2 and 13 guinea pigs respond by antigen-specific lymphocyte proliferation and synthesis of specific antibody. the specificity of the elicited antibodies are indistinguishable between these inbred strains. by contrast, strain 2 t cells recognize a distinct region of the a chain alpha loop consisting of amino acids re ...197882390
uptake and metabolism of histamine in guinea pig ileal longitudinal muscle. 197882392
[light microscopic and histochemical results on the innervation of brunner's glands in the duodenum of laboratory animals (author's transl)].brunner's glands of cats and guinea-pigs for instance are staffed with a well formed nerve plexus of cholinergic and adrenergic axons. corresponding to numerous neurophysiologic results the excretory glandular cells and the enterochromaffine cells of brunner's glands are subjected to a differentiated adreno-cholinergic influence.197882410
experimental allergic encephalitis: study of cellular immunity during disease suppression.administration in complete freund's adjuvant of encephalitogenic protein (ep), derived from central nervous tissue to guinea pigs, regularly results in the development of experimental allergic encephalitis (eae) which leads to the death of the animals. administration of ep in incomplete freund's adjuvant at an appropriate time will completely suppress the clinical development of disease. results reported herein show that animals receiving suppressive injections of ep for 7 days show depression o ...197882509
reduction in antigen-induced release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis from guinea pig lung with increasing age. 197883145
comparison of antigenic heterogeneity of neisseria gonorrhoeae strains by micro-immunofluorescence and serum bactericidal tests.the antigenic heterogeneity of neisseria gonorrhoeae strains was assessed by the micro-immunofluorescence (micro-if) and the serum bactericidal tests. the micro-if test verified the antigenic heterogeneity of nine strains received from the center for disease control and placed them into immunotypes a and b. the serum bactericidal system also detected different antigenic determinants among the strains. although the micro-if and bactericidal assays did not correspond in each instance, the overall ...197883299
k99 surface antigen of escherichia coli: antigenic characterization.k99 prepared by acid precipitation hemagglutinated guinea pig erythrocytes, whereas k99 prepared by chromatography on diethylaminoethyl-sephadex did not. k99 purified by either procedure hemagglutinated horse erythrocytes. k99 prepared by acid precipitation contained a second antigen not presnet in the k99 prepared by chromatography on diethylaminoethyl-sephadex. this antigen could be detected by immunoprecipitation with some, but not all, sera prepared against k99-positive escherichia coli stra ...197883300
striated myofibrils in anti-myosin stained, isolated chicken gizzard smooth muscle cells.highly purified chicken gizzard myosin was used to induce antibody production in rabbits. the igg fraction was separated from the antisera and coupled to fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc). specific antibody (agm) was isolated from the igg fraction by affinity purification. comparisons of the specificity of igg and agm for chicken smooth muscle myosin revealed a much greater specificity by agm. staining with igg led to an apparent cross-reactivity with guinea pig smooth muscles which was not seen ...197883318
[safety evaluation of nk 631. antigenicity, effect on delated hypersensitivity, irritative effect on eye mucous membrane and mutangenicity of pepleomycin (nk 631) (author's transl)].1. whether nk 631 is antigenic to guinea pigs and rabbits was studied by the methods of active and passive anaphylactic shock tests, schultz-dale reaction, passive cutaneous anaphylaxis, ouchterlony, tanned red cell haemagglutination test and test according to the u.s. appraisal of the safety of chemicals in foods, drugs and cosmetics. however, none of the tests proved nk 631 to be antigenic. 2. the immunosuppressive effect of nk 631 was studied by delayed hypersensitivity to picryl chloride in ...197883409
[general pharmacological studies on pepleomycin sulfate (nk 631) (author's transl)].pharmacological actions of pepleomycin sulfate (nk 631) which is a new antitumor agent derived from bleomycin were studied and the following results were obtained. nk 631 had no significant influences on the central, motor and sensory nervous systems at relatively higher doses (5 approximately 10 mg/kg, i.v., i.p., s.c.). nk 631 (5 approximately 10 mg/kg, i.v.) caused a slight decrease in blood pressure in anesthetized rats and slight increases in blood pressure, heart rate and peripheral blood ...197883413
serological studies on the major histocompatibility complex of new inbred strains of the guinea inbred strains of guinea pigs, jy 1, jy 2, jy 3, jy 6, jy 9 and jy 10 have been established in this institute. serologic studies of guinea pig leukocyte antigens (gpla antigens) were carried out in order to examine their major histocompatibility complex (gpla complex). antisera specific for ia antigens were raised by cross-immunization of nih strain 2 (nih 2) and nih strain 13 (nih 13) guinea pigs, well known inbred guinea pigs. the sera identified four distinct ia specificities, which were ...197883526
transfer of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with guinea pig peritoneal exudate cells.incubation with specific antigen, myelin basic protein, greatly enhances the ability of guinea pig peritoneal exudate cells to transfer experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. reproducibly successful transfers are obtained with 10(7) cells. with this relatively small number of cells, in vitro studies to determine the immunologic mechanisms involved in the disease process are now possible.197983676
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in cobra venom factor-treated and c4-deficient guinea pigs.experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) was studied in guinea pigs with an inherited deficiency of the fourth component of complement (c4) and in guinea pigs injected with cobra venom factor to deplete the third component and late-acting components of complement. eae was elicited by immunization with homologous spinal cord or purified basic protein. administration of cobra factor after the injection of encephalitogenic emulsion delayed the onset and reduced the intensity of the clinical ma ...197883812
relationship of incorporation of radioprecursors into protein and phospholipids of the plasmalemma of guinea pig (neonate) intestinal epithelium and the cessation of uptake of macromolecules (closure).the incorporation of radioprecursors into intestinal epithelial cell proteins and phospholipids was studied to assess the role of protein and phospholipid synthesis and/or turnover in the cessation of the absorption of macromolecules (closure). radiophosphorus incorporation into cellular phospholipids was enhanced when pinocytosis was stimulated. the specific activity of cellular and brush border phospholipids and specific phosphatides increased during the period of active endocytosis. no altera ...197883883
the effect of l-thyroxine, antithyroid substances and l-histidine on either form of catalase in guinea pig liver and brain. 197883954
in vitro studies of antigen-induced bronchospasm: effect of antihistamine and srs-a antagonist on response of sensitized guinea pig and human airways to antigen.exposure of sensitized guinea pig tracheal rings or human bronchial strips to specific antigen in vitro resulted in a rapidly developing, prolonged contraction that was resistant to washing. treatment of the tissue with diphenhydramine, a histamine h1 antagonist, before antigen delayed the onset and decreased the amplitude of the initial phase of the contraction but did not reduce the duration. diphenhydramine treatment after development of the contraction did not relax the airway tissue. antige ...197984027
a difference between the proteins conveyed in the fast component of axonal transport in guinea pig hypoglossal and vagus motor neurons.we compared the proteins transported in the fast component of guinea pig hypoglossal motor neurons with those of guinea pig vagus (preganglionic parasympathetic) neurons. the fast component proteins of hypoglossal and vagus neurons were radioactively labeled by injecting 3h-amino acids into the hypoglossal and vagus motor nuclei. the radioactive fast component proteins obtained from each system were then compared with each other by sds-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis and fluorography. th ...197884048
afferent and efferent innervation of the guinea-pig cochlea: a light microscopic and histochemical study. 197884364
specificity and crossreactivity of idiotypes of murine antibodies induced by poly(tyr,glu)-poly(dlala)-poly(lys) and poly(phe,glu)-poly(dlala)-poly(lys).antibodies elicited against the two synthetic polypeptides, poly(tyr,glu)-poly(dlala)-poly(lys) [(t,g)-a-l] and poly(phe,glu)-poly(dlala)-poly(lys) [(phe,g)-a-l], are crossreactive although the humoral responses to these immunogens are under different genetic controls. the fine specificity of the antibodies elicited by the two polypeptides was studied in the present work. antisera against (phe,g)-a-l bind both (125)i-labeled (t,g)-a-l and iodinated modified (phe,g)-a-l. however, while the bindin ...197884385
[t- and b-lymphocytes and an analysis of the specific reactivity in experimental brucellosis].there was an increase of a relative and absolute t-lymphocytes content and a considerable reduction of b-lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of guinea pigs infected with a high doses of brucella of vaccine strain 19-ba. there proved to be no correlation between the number of t-lymphocytes in the blood and the intensity of burnet's test. the content of b-lymphocytes was compared with different antituberculosis antibodies in the blood serum of the infected animals.197984458
binding specificity of rabbit anti-guinea pig epidermal cell sera: comparison of their receptors with those of concanavalin a and pemphigus sera.rabbit anti-guinea pig epidermal cell sera (aes) which were prepared by immunizing rabbits with enzymatically dispersed viable guinea pig epidermal cells were shown to react to the intercellular substances of stratified squamous epithelia of guinea pigs and monkeys in a pattern similar to that seen with concanavalin a (cona) or pemphigus sera (ps) by immunofluorescence. reciprocal blocking tests were performed on guinea pig lip mucosa after removal of the non-specific binding substances between ...197984486
measurement and differentiation of the cellular infiltrate in expermiental allergic contact dermatitis.we describe a quantitative method for the grading of contact allergic reactions in guinea pigs. these reactions are characterized by marked cellular infiltration, and the method is based on total and differential counting of cells in the upper corium. a varying and objectively gradable increase in mononuclear and basophil polymorphonuclear cells was found. in naked-eye-positive reactions this increase was highly significant 24, 48, and 72 hours after epicutaneous application of dinitrochlorobenz ...197984489
the effects of h2-receptor antagonists on anaphylaxis in the guinea-pig.histamine has been shown to inhibit a variety of immune responses including the antigen-induced, ige mediated, release of histamine from sensitized human leucocytes and from sensitized monkey and dog mast cells. the inhibitory action of histamine appears to be mediated by action at a histamine h2-receptor. in in vitro experiments the h2-receptor antagonist metiamide has been shown to block this histamine effect and it has been suggested that h2-receptor antagonists could intensify immediate hype ...197884524
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