invasive rats strengthen predation pressure on bird eggs in a south pacific island rainforest.invasive rats (rattus spp.) are known to have pervasive impacts on island birds, particularly on their nesting success. to conserve or restore bird populations, numerous invasive rat control or eradication projects are undertaken on islands worldwide. however, such projects represent a huge investment and the decision-making process requires proper assessment of rat impacts. here, we assessed the influence of two sympatric invasive rats (rattus rattus and r. exulans) on native bird eggs in a new ...201729492018
predicting reintroduction outcomes for highly vulnerable species that do not currently coexist with their key threats.predicting reintroduction outcomes before populations are released is inherently challenging. it becomes even more difficult when the species being considered for reintroduction no longer coexists with the key threats limiting its distribution. however, data from other species facing the same threats can be used to make predictions under these circumstances. we used an integrated bayesian modeling approach to predict growth of a reintroduced population at a range of predator densities when no da ...201829455467
investigations into the role of rats as intermediate hosts for neospora caninum in chennai, india.attempts were made to detect neospora caninum in rats (rattus rattus) in and around chennai, india. during the study, 112 feral rats were trapped and blood, brain, heart, lungs and diaphragm samples were collected for serological, parasitological and molecular identification of n. caninum. out of 112 rats, cyst-like structures were identified in 16 brain squash samples. however, the identity of the cysts could not be confirmed as n. caninum. a total of 12 sera samples were positive for n. caninu ...201731014654
[(acari: trombiculidae) (the infestation of small mammals in south-eastern vietnam with harvest mites (acari: trombiculidae))].this investigation was conducted in three provinces of southern vietnam in september-october 2011. a total of 257 small mammals of 11 species were caught; among them 120 rodents were infected with harvest mites of 8 species (trom- biculidac). about 4000 mites of nearly 1200 identified species were collected from the small mammals. 17 species of harvest mites were identified. walchia lupella, leptotrombidium deliense, walchia kritochaeta, and walchia micropelta predominated in the collections. mo ...201730721614
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