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rickettsia typhi in rodents and r. felis in fleas in yucatán as a possible causal agent of undefined febrile cases.rickettsia typhi is the causal agent of murine typhus; a worldwide zoonotic and vector-borne infectious disease, commonly associated with the presence of domestic and wild rodents. human cases of murine typhus in the state of yucatán are frequent. however, there is no evidence of the presence of rickettsia typhi in mammals or vectors in yucatán. the presence of rickettsia in rodents and their ectoparasites was evaluated in a small municipality of yucatán using the conventional polymerase chain r ...025923891
spirochaeta morsus muris, n.sp., the cause of rat-bite fever : second paper.1. since our first report on the discovery of the cause of rat-bite fever, we have been able to prove the existence of the same spirochete in five out of six more cases which have come under our observation. 2. the clinical symptoms of rat-bite fever are inflammation of the bitten parts, paroxysms of fever of the relapsing type, swelling of the lymph glands, and eruption of the skin, all occurring after an incubation period usually of from 10 to 22 days, or longer. 3. our spirochete is present i ...191719868077
a new variety of the roof rat. 192017747687
experimental rickets in rats : vii. the prevention of rickets by sunlight, by the rays of the mercury vapor lamp, and by the carbon arc lamp.young rats on a diet low in phosphorus can be protected from rickets by irradiations with sunlight for about 15 minutes daily. in the winter months, however, this degree of light was found insufficient. the effective rays of the sun, in the intensities studied, did not penetrate window glass. they manifested some protective value after reflection from a smooth white surface. irradiation of a few minutes with the rays of the mercury vapor lamp suffices to protect rats against rickets. this is tru ...192219868685
a recessive black variety of roof rat. 192317783414
unit character inheritance of color in the black rat, mus rattus l. 192617246466
geotropic orientation of young rats.the geotropic orientation of rattus rattus (roof rat) obeys the equations previously found applicable for rattus norvegicus. the former is more sensitive, geotiopically, and the numerical values of the constants in the equations for the two forms are found to differ significantly. certain consequences of this difference are pointed out.192719872340
pigmentation and hair growth in black rats, as modified by the chronic administration of thiourea, phenyl thiourea and alphanaphthyl thiourea. 194720294400
[not available]. 194818880606
the effect of removing various endocrine glands on the hair cycles of black rats. 194818915900
transmission of murine typhus in roof rats in the absence of ectoparasites. 195114829742
attempted transmission of murine typhus to roof rats by the ingestion of food heavily contaminated with infected flea feces. 195114829744
effect of hypophysectomy on pigmentation and ascorbic acid excretion in black rats. 195214912070
plague in africa from 1935 to 1949; a survey of wild rodents in african territories.the history of plague in africa during the period 1935-49 is reviewed. much of the information derives from a questionnaire sent to all african territories in 1950. the annual incidence of plague in africa declined, particularly from 1946 onwards. in 1949, under 400 cases were reported, as compared with over 6,000 in 1935. by the end of 1949, plague was still active in the belgian congo, kenya and tanganyika, madagascar, and southern africa. no cases were reported from egypt, tunisia, algeria, m ...195313115987
note on natural parasitic infections found in rattus rattus of delhi municipal area. 195413210946
some cestodes of the rat, rattus rattus linnaeus, of ceylon and their epidemiological significance for man. 195413214908
analysis of populations of the roof rat in southwest georgia. 195513254982
wild-rodent-flea control in rural areas of an enzootic plague region in hawaii; a preliminary investigation of methods.preliminary field tests were carried out to develop methods for controlling fleas on wild rodents in the enzootic plague region of the island of hawaii. among several designs, a metal hood-type ddt bait-box was developed which was simple in design, low in cost, easy to transport to and maintain in the field, protected the insecticide from the elements, and attracted all species of field rats inhabiting a gulch in the hamakua district. these rats-rattus rattus (and its subspecies), r. norvegicus, ...195513260882
a new bursate nematode hepatojarakus malayae gen. et sp. nov. from the liver of rattus rattus jarak (bonhote) on pulau jarak, straits of malacca. 195513263558
roof rats in southwest georgia. 195514371932
[experimental infection of the house rat (rattus rattus) by various schistosoma. ii]. 195513329717
[on the natural infection of domestic rats (rattus rattus) by schistosoma mansoni in central africa]. 195513250376
role of wild rats and domestic rats (rattus rattus) in schistosomiasis of man. 195613337913
[inhibition of the estrogenic action of vitamin k by an antimitotic; determination by vaginal smears in rattus rattus]. 195613328499
[trichinellosis in rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus]. 195713472753
on a new bursate nematode, longistriata kenyae sp. nov. from the house rat, rattus rattus kijabius in kenya and the erection of a new genus longistrioides. 195813575809
[studies on parasitic fauna in rat rattus (rattus) norvegicus erx. with special reference to carriage of hymenolepis nana and girdia intestinalis]. 195813604241
is the rat (rattus rattus) ever a permanent reservoir of plague? 195914400771
[strain of b, pseudotuberculosis rodentium pfeiffer isolated from the black rat (rattus rattus l.)]. 195914433935
[spontaneous tumors of the cranial cavity and genital organs in sprague-dawley and bethesda-black rats]. 196013748926
epidemiological studies of plague in india: 2. the changing pattern of rodents and fleas in calcutta and other from early in the twentieth century up to the present day indicate that rattus rattus among rodents and xenopsylla cheopis among fleas are the two most important elements in urban human plague infection in india, r. norvegicus playing a more minor role. the relative numbers of both these species have decreased in recent years in bombay and calcutta, while those of bandicota bengalensis, which is less heavily parasitized by x. cheopis, have risen. this reduction in the numbers of the epidemi ...196020604076
paracrystalline haemoglobin as a species difference between rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus. 196113781942
[studies on the distribution of melanoblasts in all-black rats and hooded rats]. 196114006116
plague infection in rattus rattus in san francisco. 196314031022
[comparative cardiac electrical activity in the black rat (rattus rattus) and in the white rat (rattus norvegicus)]. 196314092103
[reticular formation of the medulla oblongata in rats (rattus rattus albus)]. 196314167160
[reticular formation of the pons in rats (rattus rattus albus)]. 196314167161
plague infection in rattus rattus in san francisco. 196313962617
[some biologic aspects of leptospira sorex isolated from rattus rattus l]. 19635832124
[reticular formation of the mesencephalon in rats (rattus rattus albus)]. 196414224741
studies on the parasitic helminths of korea: ii. parasites of the rat, rattus norvegicus erxl. in seoul, with the description of capillaria hepatica(bancroft, 1893) travassos, (1915).an investigation of the helminth parasites of house rat r. norvegicus erxl. in seoul has been carried on four years. a total of 325 rat was examined. ten species of helminths were considered, of which 4 species were recored for the first time from korea. the adult worm of capillaria hepatica, the most common parasite of house rats in seoul, was observed experimentally, and provided a more complete description of this worm.196412913610
[the experimental studies on capillaria hepatica]capillaria hepatica is an extremely common parasite of rats. several human cases have also been reported from various parts of the world and recently these aroused the clinical interests. the present study was undertaken to investigate the biological observations of c. hepatica and the changes occurring in blood picture and serum protein in the experimentally infected hosts. the source of c. hepatica obtained from the deposit of non-embryonated eggs encapsulated in the liver of house rats(rattus ...196412913611
[electron microscopic studies on synaptic formations in the cerebellar cortex of rattus rattus norvegicus, berkenhoot]. 196414317263
chromosomal polymorphism in rattus rattus (l.) collected in kusudomari and misima. 196514282198
[: (comparative stop-flow studies on the kidney with decreased and marked concentration capacity and an underdeveloped and well-developed henle's loop system--experiments on turkeys (meleagris pavo l.) and white rats (rattus rattus))]. 196514303704
double mating: its use to study heritable factors in dental caries.when osborne-mendel female rats (white) were mated with both an osborne-mendel and an nih black rat male during the same breeding period, litters were born which contained both osborne-mendel (white) and crossbred (grey to black) offspring. the osborne-mendel and crossbred animals developed widely different levels of caries activity even though they were exposed to identical environmental conditions during the intrauterine, preweaning, and experimental periods. these findings are indicative of a ...19655827346
[studies on forest reservoirs and vectors of trypanosoma cruzi. ix. natural infection of rattus rattus (lin., 1758) with a trypanosoma resembling t. cruzi]. 19654954498
[preliminary serologic investigation on plague enzootic in rattus rattus in madagascar]. 19654959454
genetic and environmental influences on dental caries in the osborne-mendel and the nih black rat. 19655226831
selection in natural populations. v. indian rats (rattus rattus). 19665980115
the topographical arrangement of the striatoreticular tract in the rat (rattus rattus albus). 19665983682
heterogeneity of the haemoglobin of the black rat. rattus rattus. 19676075180
[effect of stress on alcoholic and water thirst behavior of london black rats]. 19675615532
effect of temperature on mitochondrial respiration in a hibernator (myotis austroriparius) and a non-hibernator (rattus rattus). 19685651278
aversion to strychnine sulfate by norway rats, roof rats, and pocket gophers. 19685666218
polyamines and glutathione in tissues of lactating rats (rattus rattus) and in the rd-3 adcites tumour. 19685751557
a serological survey of rodent plague in taiwan and offshore islands.serological surveys were made on individual sera of small animals trapped on taiwan and offshore islands. the animals were shrews of the species suncus murinus, and rats of the species rattus rattus and r. norvegicus. the tests showed that on makung in the peng-hu islands (pescadores), 66% of the shrews, 30% of the r. rattus and 15% of the r. norvegicus had passive haemagglutination titres with fraction 1 antigens in the range of 1:16 to 1:256, indicative of previous plague infections. these obs ...19685303332
rattus rattus as a research animal. anl-7635. 19695310837
complement with 38 chromosomes in 2 south anerican populations of rattus rattus. 19695357126
genetic polymorphism in the serum transferrin of rattus rattus. 19695365291
[susceptibility of rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus frugivorus from the city of recife to pasteurella pestis]. 19695376934
helminthic infection of the climbing rat. rattus rattus (linneaus, 1758) in u.a.r. 19695388092
[ixodes randrianasoloi sp. n. (ixodoidea, ixodidae) parasite of rattus rattus (rodentia) in madagascar]. 19695392667
the expression of cardiac output in the albino rat, rattus rattus. 19705421993
the karyotype of the black rat (rattus rattus l.). another population with a 38-chromosomes complement. 19705439623
seasonal periodicity of ectoparasites of rattus rattus tanezumi temminck from taiwan. 19705451048
rattus rattus l. n-, c-terminal amino acids of the main haemoglobin fraction. 19705479798
natural infection of rattus rattus by trypanosoma cruzi in panamá. 19704989282
presumptive x monosomy in black rats from malaya. 19714937212
karyotypic differences of black rats, rattus rattus, collected in various localities of east and southeast asia and oceania. 19715088494
on the chromosomic polymorphism of rattus rattus l. a study on west-european populations. 19715132606
robertsonian changes in the chromosomes of a south african rat population (rattus rattus l.). 19715161397
fear response and aggressive behavior of hippocampectomized house rats. 19715165591
chromosome morphology of north american rattus rattus (l.) (muridae). 19715169474
identification of polypeptide chains in some rodents. i. rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus, psammomys obesus. 19715542935
feeding patterns of rattus rattus and rattus exulans on eniwetok atoll, marshall islands. 19715545566
karyotypes and serum transferrin patterns of hybrids between asian and oceanian black rats, rattus rattus. 19715568666
frequency of chromosome polymorphism in rattus rattus collected in japan. 19715574763
centric fusion in the malayan house rat, rattus rattus diardii (rodentia, muridae). 19715581126
patterns of dental caries in osborne-mendel and nih black rats in relation to length of the caries test period. 19724506561
similarity in karyotypes of rattus rattus with 38 chromosomes from india and other parts of the world. 19724638928
female prostate in the house rat rattus rattus. 19724639719
endophenotype of mysore (south india) population of the black rat (rattus rattus l.). 19724654228
banding pattern analysis of polymorphic karyotypes in the black rat by a new differential staining technique. 19724115458
new evidence of a 38-chromosomes karyotype in south american populations of the roof rat, rattus rattus l. (rodentia, muridae). 19725020368
hoplopleura blanfordi sp. n. and polyplax blanfordi sp. n. (anoplura: hoplopleuridae) parasitizing rattus (rattus) blanfordi (thomas) (rodentia: muridae). 19725022877
supernumerary (b-) chromosomes in the malayan house rat, rattus rattus diardii (rodentia, muridae). 19725025665
reproductive parameters in rattus rattus and rattus exulans of hawaii, 1968 to 1970. 19725074817
[studies on the incidence of the intestinal protopozoa in the mountainous area of chollapuk-do]this study was undertaken in order to elucidate the prevalences of the intestinal protozoan infection according to localities and the mode of the infestation in the mountainous area of chollapuk-do, korea during the year 1970-1971. 8,508 of fecal samples were collected among the inhabitants of the mountainous area, which covered 18 myens(=township) from 6 guns(=county) in the eastern part of chollapuk-do. most of the inhabitants of this area were engaged in farming and living under lower economi ...197212913506
litter stimulus factors in maternal retrieval (rattus rattus). 19734748752
studies on rodent chromosomes. co-existence of rattus rattus with 38 and 42 chromosomes in south western india. 19734764761
[effect of diet during pregnancy on the enzymatic differentiation process of the intestinal epithelium in white rat fetuses (rattus rattus l. albino)]. 19734766438
a comparative study on tyrosine metabolism in the livers of albino and black rats. 19734792955
comparative histochemical and biochemical studies on the skin of albino and black rats. 19734793246
breeding and genetics of black rat, rattus rattus. 19734807721
pathological features of trypanosoma cruzi infections of rattus rattus. 19734575168
herpesvirus infection in the black rat (rattus rattus). 19734349598
chromosomal identity of black rats (rattus rattus) from the galápagos islands, ecuador. 19744435115
anatomical, neurohistological and histochemical observations on tongue of rattus rattus rufescens (indian black rat) as revealed by cholinesterase technique. 19744444774
studies on the karyotype and serum transferrin in the ceylon black rat, rattus rattus, having 40 chromosomes. 19744448104
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