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insecticide susceptibility of some vector fleas and mosquitoes in burma.rat fleas and mosquitoes are insect vectors of public health importance in burma. plague is endemic in central burma and ddt has been the principal insecticide used for its control to date. dengue haemorrhagic fever, recently introduced and transmitted by aedes aegypti, has been spreading to major towns since 1971. the rodents, rattus rattus, r. exulans, bandicota bengalensis, mus musculus, as well as shrews were commonly caught during routine trapping in the country. rattus norvegicus, prevalen ...1975131975
parasites of some rodents in malaysia.a total of 2,337 rodents trapped from various parts of peninsular malaysia were dissected and studied for the distribution and prevalence of parasitic infections. four new rodent hosts for sarcocystis in malaysia are reported (bandicota indica, rattus sabanus rattus argentiventer and rattus norvegicus). sarcocystis was found in 17.2 percent of the rodents examined. rattus annandalei, rattus tiomanicus and rattus norvegicus are new hosts of syphacia muris in peninsular malsysia. rattus sabanus wa ...1979113889
[permissivity of the rat (rattus rattus) of guadeloupe with regard to schistosoma mansoni and evidence for migration of adult schistosomes to the lungs].in contrast to the laboratory rat, the rat (rattus rattus) of guadeloupe is a favorable host for the life cycle of s. mansoni: the parasite population is maintained at a high level (between 8 and 16% in this host until the 16th week and reproduces normally). the evolution of the parasitose is marked, shortly after the 8th week, by a transfer of schistosomes from the liver to the lungs.197896960
some aspects of haematology of a common indian field rat, rattus rattus arborious (linn.) in relation to sex and the present investigation the studies on erythrocyte and leucocyte counts, haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit values, blood biochemistry of protein, glucose and cholesterol, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ph value, diameter of erythrocyte and clotting time were made in different sex and size (weight group) of an indian field rat, rattus rattus arborious. the number of erythrocyte, haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit values were found to be higher in females than the males, while the n ...197885591
study on the nerve endings in the pancreas of rattus rattus refescens and gallus domsticus as revealed by the cholinesterase investigation was undertaken to study the nerve endings in the pancreas of rattus rattus rufescens and gallus domesticus by cholinesterase technique. bulb-like nerve ending in the connective tissue (negatively stained) and dot-like nerve ending in the lobular cells were recorded in rattus. dot-like nerve ending on the periphery of the lobular cells and bulb like nerve endings connected with nerve bundle, were recorded in gallus. nerve endings were ache-positive in nature in both rattus and ga ...197780895
neurohistological observations on the kidney of rattus rattus rufescens (indian black rat) as revealed by cholinesterase technique.the intrinsic innervation of the kidney in rattus rattus rufescens (indian black rat) has been studied by cholinesterase technique, under various temperatures, incubation periods and different ph values. the percentage of myelinated nerves was rather high in the medulla region, whereas the non-myelinated nerves dominated in association with the uriniferous tubules and their branches, glomerulus and renal vein in the cortex region. periarterial ache-positive ganglia were recorded in the medulla r ...197880095
histamine synthesis and degradation in the chick (gallus gallus) and the rat (rattus rattus). 197943794
data on the life cycle of ribeiroia marini guadeloupensis n. ssp., a trematode sterilizing biomphalaria glabrata in on the life cycle of ribeiroia marini guadeloupensis n.ssp., trematode sterilizing biomphalaria glabrata in guadeloupe. maintenance of the life cycle with a view to an eventual control of the populations of molluscs. in guadeloupe (french west indies), the definitive hosts of ribeiroia marini guadeloupensis n.ssp. are the two species of rats: rattus rattus and r. norvegicus. the first intermediate host is biomphalaria glabrata, the vector of intestinal schistosomiasis. the second intermedia ...197824996
rats and bilharziasis in guadeloupe.the rats in guadeloupe (rattus rattus and rattus norvegicus) may play a part in schistosomiasis in three ways: - by harbouring fertile s. mansoni, a fact which serves to increase the total population of the parasite and may eventually take part in the infestation of man; - by harbouring a great number of ribeiroia marini, a trematode whose larval stages sterilize biomphalaria glabrata, the vector of schistosomiasis; - simply by eating b. glabrata. the quantitative influence of these contradicto ...19757114
neurohistological and histochemical observations on the lung of rattus rattus rufescens (indian black rat).the intrinsic innervation of the lungs (right and left) has been studied by the cholinesterase technique, considering the effect of various ph, incubation periods and temperatures. cholinergic innervation dominated. the peribronchial ganglia, large, medium-sized and irregular-shaped, rounded and small, showed a positive cholinesterase reaction. maximum che activity was noticed in the bronchi and their branches and on the periphery of the alveoli.19751962
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