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helminth fauna of small mammals from public parks and urban areas in bangkok metropolitan with emphasis on community ecology of infection in synanthropic 2018, extensive field studies of diversity and prevalence of helminth infection in synanthropic rodents and non-rodent small mammals from public parks and citified areas in the bangkok metropolitan were conducted. rattus rattus complex was the dominant small mammal in public parks. of the 197 animals, 147 individuals were infected with one or more species of helminths, yielding an infection prevalence of 74.6%. twenty-five species of helminths were recovered during necropsy. pterygodermatites ...202033001253
wild black rats (rattus rattus linnaeus, 1758) as zoomonitor of genotoxicity and systemic toxicity induced by hazardous emissions from abule egba unsanitary landfill, lagos, nigeria.wild black rats (rattus rattus) inhabiting abule egba landfill (ael) were used as zoomonitor to assess health risk associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals from landfills. twenty five r. rattus (16♂ and 9♀) captured within ael and 15 (9♂ and 6♀) (control) caught from iyano ipaja (10 km away from ael) were examined for bone marrow micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (mnpce) and polychromatic erythrocytes/normochromatic erythrocytes (pce/nce) ratio, abnormal sperm morphology, alterati ...202033098559
differential immune gene expression associated with contemporary range expansion in two invasive rodents in senegal.biological invasions are major anthropogenic changes associated with threats to biodiversity and health. however, what determines the successful establishment and spread of introduced populations remains unclear. here, we explore several hypotheses linking invasion success and immune phenotype traits, including those based on the evolution of increased competitive ability concept. we compared gene expression profiles between anciently and recently established populations of two major invading sp ...202033106535
population increase and changes in behavior and morphology in the critically endangered redonda ground lizard (pholidoscelis atratus) following the successful removal of alien rats and goats.redonda is a small volcanic caribbean island that is home to at least four endemic lizard species, including the critically endangered ground lizard, pholidoscelis atratus. black rats (rattus rattus) and domestic goats (capra hircus) were introduced to the island at some time after its discovery by europeans in the late 1500s. they had a devastating effect on the island, resulting in the loss of nearly all trees and most of the ground vegetation. point count surveys of p. atratus in 2012 indicat ...202033166046
molecular characterization of encephalomyocarditis virus strains isolated from an african elephant and rats in a french november 2013, a fatal encephalomyocarditis virus (emcv) case in a captive african elephant (loxodonta africana) occurred at the réserve africaine de sigean, a zoo in the south of france. here we report the molecular characterization of the emcv strains isolated from samples collected from the dead elephant and from 3 rats (rattus rattus) captured in the zoo at the same time. the emcv infection was confirmed by reverse-transcription real-time pcr (rt-rtpcr) and genome sequencing. complete gen ...202033292091
structural analysis of covid-19 spike protein in recognizing the ace2 receptor of different mammalian species and its susceptibility to viral infection.the pandemic covid-19 was caused by a novel coronavirus-2 (sars-cov-2) that infects humans through the binding of glycosylated sars-cov-2 spike 2 protein to the glycosylated ace2 receptor. the spike 2 protein recognizes the n-terminal helices of the glycosylated metalloprotease domain in the human ace2 receptor. to understand the susceptibility of animals for infection and transmission, we did sequence and structure-based molecular interaction analysis of 16 ace2 receptors from different mammali ...202133552834
complete genome sequences of two rat pegivirus strains in indonesia.the entire genome sequences of two pegivirus strains recovered from serum samples of wild rats (rattus rattus) in indonesia were determined. they possessed 11,013 to 11,014 nucleotides and differed from the reported rodent pegivirus strains within the pegivirus j species of the genus pegivirus by 12.7% to 40.9% in the near-entire coding region sequences.202133737352
black rats (rattus rattus) as potential reservoir hosts for rift valley fever phlebovirus: experimental infection results in viral replication and shedding without clinical manifestation.rift valley fever phlebovirus (rvfv) is an arthropod-borne virus that can cause severe disease in ruminants and humans. epidemics occur mainly after heavy rainfall, which leads to a significant increase in the occurrence of rvfv-transmitting mosquitoes. during inter-epidemic periods, the virus is assumed to be maintained between mosquitoes, susceptible livestock and yet unknown wildlife. the widespread rodent rattus rattus (black rat) has been suspected to be involved in rvfv maintenance. in ord ...202133794070
social distancing measures differentially affected rats in north america and tokyo.because rats are commensal organisms that depend on human activities for food, shifts in human behavior will have pronounced effects on local rat populations. in the spring of 2020, social distancing measures were implemented globally to curtail the spread of sars-cov-2. this presented a unique opportunity to obtain information regarding the immediate effects of shifts in human behavior on rat populations in a variety of countries. in response to increased sightings of rats in the usa that were ...202134248453
rodent-borne orthohantaviruses in vietnam, madagascar and japan.hantaviruses are harbored by multiple small mammal species in asia, europe, africa, and the americas. to ascertain the geographic distribution and virus-host relationships of rodent-borne hantaviruses in japan, vietnam, myanmar, and madagascar, rnalater™-preserved lung tissues of 981 rodents representing 40 species, collected in 2011-2017, were analyzed for hantavirus rna by rt-pcr. our data showed hantaan orthohantavirus da bie shan strain in the chinese white-bellied rat (niviventer confucianu ...202134372549
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