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electrophoresis-assisted accumulation of conductive nanoparticles for the enhancement of cell electropermeabilization.the use of conductive nanoparticles (nps) was previously proposed as a way to locally amplify the electric field (ef) intensity at the cell membrane to enhance cell electroporation. to achieve this, a close distance between the nps and the cell membrane is mandatory. here, a new method to improve the contact between nps and cell surface using the effects of electric pulses (electrophoretic forces) is explored. the effects of two types of electric pulses are analyzed alone or combined in a two-pu ...202032980738
dynamic multiscale metabolic network modeling of chinese hamster ovary cell metabolism integrating n-linked glycosylation in industrial biopharmaceutical manufacturing.experimental and modeling work, described in this article, is focused on the metabolic pathway of chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells, which are the preferred expression system for monoclonal antibody protein production. cho cells are one of the primary hosts for monoclonal antibodies production, which have extensive applications in multiple fields like biochemistry, biology and medicine. here, an approach to explain cellular metabolism with in silico modeling of a microkinetic reaction network is ...202032970321
coronavirus interactions with the cellular autophagy machinery.the covid-19 pandemic, caused by the sars-cov-2 virus, is the most recent example of an emergent coronavirus that poses a significant threat to human health. virus-host interactions play a major role in the viral life cycle and disease pathogenesis, and cellular pathways such as macroautophagy/autophagy prove to be either detrimental or beneficial to viral replication and maturation. here, we describe the literature over the past twenty years describing autophagy-coronavirus interactions. there ...202032964796
overexpression of long non-coding rna nuclear enriched abundant transcript 1 inhibits the expression of p53 and improves premature ovarian has been previously reported that the long non-coding rna nuclear enriched abundant transcript 1 (neat1) can regulate cell apoptosis. the present study aimed to investigate the involvement of neat1 in premature ovarian failure (pof). a total of 60 patients with pof admitted at the sixth affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university between december 2016 and december 2018 were enrolled in the present study. reverse transcription-quantitative pcr (rt-qpcr) was performed to measure neat1 express ...202032963599
central asian rodents as model animals for leishmaniamajor and leishmania donovani research.the clinical manifestation of leishmaniases depends on parasite species, host genetic background, and immune response. manifestations of human leishmaniases are highly variable, ranging from self-healing skin lesions to fatal visceral disease. the scope of standard model hosts is insufficient to mimic well the wide disease spectrum, which compels the introduction of new model animals for leishmaniasis research. in this article, we study the susceptibility of three asian rodent species (cricetulu ...202032962237
albumin fusion at the n-terminus or c-terminus of human lactoferrin leads to improved pharmacokinetics and anti-proliferative effects on cancer cell lines.human lactoferrin (hlf), a soluble factor of the innate immune system, exhibits various biological functions and therefore has potential as a therapeutic protein. however, the clinical applications of hlf are limited by its low stability in blood. we therefore attempted to resolve this by producing recombinant hlf fused to human serum albumin (hsa). two hsa-fused hlfs with different fusion orientations (hlf-hsa and hsa-hlf) were produced in chinese hamster ovary (cho) dg44 cells. hlf-hsa reveale ...202032946958
sars-cov-2 infection of chinese hamsters (cricetulus griseus) reproduces covid-19 pneumonia in a well-established small animal model.the sars-cov-2 pandemic has caused a yet unresolved global crisis. effective medical intervention by vaccination or therapy seems to be the only possibility to control the pandemic. in this context, animal models are an indispensable tool for basic and applied research to combat sars-cov-2 infection. here, we established a sars-cov-2 infection model in chinese hamsters suitable for studying pathogenesis of the disease as well as pre-clinical testing of vaccines and therapies. this species of ham ...202032946664
comparison of l-tyrosine containing dipeptides reveals maximum atp availability for l-prolyl-l-tyrosine in cho cells.increasing markets for biopharmaceuticals, including monoclonal antibodies, have triggered a permanent need for bioprocess optimization. biochemical engineering approaches often include the optimization of basal and feed media to improve productivities of chinese hamster ovary (cho) cell cultures. often, l-tyrosine is added as dipeptide to deal with its poor solubility at neutral ph. showcasing igg1 production with cho cells, we investigated the supplementation of three l-tyrosine (tyr, y) conta ...202032944013
decrease of core-2 o-glycans on synovial lubricin in osteoarthritis reduces galectin-3 mediated crosslinking.the synovial fluid glycoprotein lubricin (also known as proteoglycan 4) is a mucin-type o-linked glycosylated biological lubricant implicated to be involved in osteoarthritis (oa) development. lubricin's ability to reduce friction is related to its glycosylation consisting of sialylated and unsialylated tn-antigens, core-1 and core-2 structures. the glycans on lubricin have also been suggested to be involved in crosslinking and stabilization of the lubricating superficial layer of cartilage by m ...202032928962
evaluating the genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of thymidine analogs, 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine and 5-bromo-2'-deoxyurdine to mammalian cells.brdu (bromodeoxyuridine) and edu (ethynyldeoxyuridine) have been largely utilized as the means of monitoring dna replication and cellular division. although brdu induces gene and chromosomal mutations and induces sensitization to photons, edu's effects have not been extensively studied yet. therefore, we investigated edu's potential cytotoxic and mutagenic effects and its related underlying mechanisms when administered to chinese hamster ovary (cho) wild type and dna repair-deficient cells. edu ...202032927807
proteomics provides insights into the inhibition of chinese hamster v79 cell proliferation in the deep underground resources in the shallow depths of the earth exhausted, people will spend extended periods of time in the deep underground space. however, little is known about the deep underground environment affecting the health of organisms. hence, we established both deep underground laboratory (dugl) and above ground laboratory (agl) to investigate the effect of environmental factors on organisms. six environmental parameters were monitored in the dugl and agl. growth curves were recorded and tandem mas ...202032913333
crispr-cas13d for gene knockdown and engineering of cho cells.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are the predominant cell chassis for biopharmaceutical production. engineering cellular pathways related to cell death, metabolism, and glycosylation in cho cells is desired but challenging. here, we present a novel approach that exploits crispr-cas13d for gene silencing and cho cell engineering. crispr-cas13d is a burgeoning system that exploits cas13d nuclease and guide rna (grna) for rna cleavage and gene knockdown. we first showed that crispr-cas13d effectiv ...202032911927
[the effect of booster dose vaccination 21- to 32-years after primary vaccination with hepatitis b vaccine in the population born from 1986 to 1996 in zhengding county of hebei province].objective: aanalysis the effect of booster one dose of hepatitis b vaccine after 21-32 years of primary immunization in zhengding country of hebei province. methods: a total of 322 participants who were born between 1986 and 1996, received a full course of primary vaccination with plasma-derived hepatitis b vaccine (hepb), had no experience with booster vaccination, were hbsag, anti-hbcnegative, had anti-hbs<10 miu/ml, completed the booster and had laboratory results were enrolled between august ...202032907282
morpholino analogues of fingolimod as novel and selective s1p1 ligands with in vivo efficacy in a mouse model of experimental antigen-induced encephalomyelitis.multiple sclerosis (ms) is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (cns) which is associated with lower life expectancy and disability. the experimental antigen-induced encephalomyelitis (eae) in mice is a useful animal model of ms, which allows exploring the etiopathogenetic mechanisms and testing novel potential therapeutic drugs. a new therapeutic paradigm for the treatment of ms was introduced in 2010 through the sphingosine 1-phosphate (s1p) analogue fingol ...202032899717
towards automation in biologics production via raman micro-spectroscopy, laser-induced forward cell transfer and surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy.mammalian cells have become the predominant expression system for the production of biopharmaceuticals due to their capabilities in posttranslational modifications. in recent years, the efficacy of these production processes has increased significantly through technical improvements. however, the state of the art in the development of producer cell lines includes many manual steps and is as such very time and cost consuming. in this study we developed a process combination of raman micro-spectro ...202032898625
phase-selective staining of model and cell membranes, lipid droplets and lipoproteins with fluorescent solvatochromic pyrene probes.the push-pull solvatochromic pyrene derivatives pa and pk have been applied to the study of model membrane vesicles, cells and purified human serum lipoproteins, using both confocal fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. these polarity-sensitive probes provide information similar to that obtained by laurdan or prodan, i.e. mainly lipid order in biomembranes, but they have the essential advantage of being excitable by a standard 405 nm laser light, bypassing the use of multiphoton ...202032898535
myoglobin promotes nitrite-dependent mitochondrial s-nitrosation to mediate cytoprotection after hypoxia/ is well established that myoglobin supports mitochondrial respiration through the storage and transport of oxygen as well as through the scavenging of nitric oxide. however, during ischemia/reperfusion (i/r), myoglobin and mitochondria both propagate myocardial injury through the production of oxidants. nitrite, an endogenous signaling molecule and dietary constituent, mediates potent cardioprotection after i/r and this effect relies on its interaction with both myoglobin and mitochondria. wh ...202032891753
efficient production process of bioactive recombinant human leukemia inhibitory factor in chinese hamster ovary cells.the rhlif is widely used as an essential factor in stem cell cultures for cell therapies. however, all the recombinant lifs commercially available are expensive, and no commercially available rhlif meet the standards recommended by usp for use in cell therapies. the current study reports the efficient production of n-glycosylated and bioactive rhlif in cho cells. the production rate of established rhlif-expressing rcho cells was approximately 0.85 g/l in 12-day fed-batch cultures using a 7.5 l b ...202032890706
water toxicity evaluations: comparing genetically modified bioluminescent bacteria and cho cells as biomonitoring tools.the use of water for drinking and agriculture requires knowledge of its toxicity. in this study, we compared the use of genetically modified bioluminescent (gmb) bacteria whose luminescence increases in the presence of toxicants and chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells for the characterization of the toxicity of water samples collected from a lake and streams, hydroponic and aquaponic farms, and a wastewater treatment plant. gmb bacteria were used to probe genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and reactive ox ...202032888605
a class of low-cost alternatives to kifunensine for increasing high mannose n-linked glycosylation for monoclonal antibody production in chinese hamster ovary cells.n-linked glycosylation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is an important product quality attribute for drug safety and efficacy. an increase in the percent of high mannose n-linked glycosylation may be required for drug efficacy or to match the glycosylation profile of the innovator drug during the development of a biosimilar. in this study, the addition of several chemical additives to a cell culture process resulted in high mannose n-glycans on monoclonal antibodies produced by chinese hams ...202032888259
licochalcone a, a licorice flavonoid: antioxidant, cytotoxic, genotoxic, and chemopreventive potential.licochalcone a (licoa) is a flavonoid derived from glycyrrhiza spp. plants. the present study aimed to investigate the antioxidant, cytotoxic, genotoxic, and chemopreventive effects of licoa in in vitro and in vivo systems. the results showed that licoa (197.1 μm) scavenged 77.92% of free radicals. concentrations of 147.75 µm or higher licoa produced cytotoxicity in chinese hamster ovary (cho) fibroblasts. licoa treatments of 4.43 to 10.34 µm did not exert genotoxic activity, but at 11.8 µm sign ...202032886024
effect of the disulfide isomerase pdia4 on the antibody production of chinese hamster ovary cells.therapeutic monoclonal antibodies recognize and bind specific molecules on the surface of target cells, stimulating the immune system, which can attack these targeted cells. these antibodies are produced by mammalian cells, including chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells, because the formation of antibodies requires complicated posttranslational modifications, including peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerization, disulfide bond formation, and glycosylation. currently, it is thought that the efficient p ...202032878739
modeling the effect of amino acids and copper on monoclonal antibody productivity and glycosylation: a modular manufacturing monoclonal antibodies (mabs), it is crucial to be able to predict how process conditions and supplements affect productivity and quality attributes, especially glycosylation. supplemental inputs, such as amino acids and trace metals in the media, are reported to affect cell metabolism and glycosylation; quantifying their effects is essential for effective process development. we aim to present and validate, through a commercially relevant cell culture process, a technique for mo ...202032875683
congenital fibrinogen disorder with a compound heterozygote possessing two novel fgb mutations, one qualitative and the other quantitative.congenital fibrinogen disorders result from genetic mutations in fga, fgb, or fgg resulting in quantitative fibrinogen deficiencies (afibrinogenemia or hypofibrinogenemia) or qualitative fibrinogen deficiencies (dysfibrinogenemia). hypodysfibrinogenemia sharing features with hypo- and dysfibrinogenemia is rare. we performed genetic and functional analyses of a 31-year-old woman with suspected hypodysfibrinogenemia.202032871307
evaluation on elongation factor 1 alpha of entamoeba histolytica interaction with the intermediate subunit of the gal/galnac lectin and actin in phagocytosis.entamoeba histolytica is the causative agent of amoebiasis. this disease results in 40,000 to 100,000 deaths annually. the pathogenic molecules involved in the invasion of trophozoites had been constantly being clarified. this study explored the role of elongation factor 1 alpha (ef1a) in e. histolytica pathogenicity. biolayer interferometry binding and pull-down assays suggest that ef1a and intermediate subunit of lectin (igl) binding are specific. submembranous distribution of ef1a closely ali ...202032867020
'omics driven discoveries of gene targets for apoptosis attenuation in cho cells.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are widely used in biopharmaceutical production. improvements to cell lines and bioprocesses are constantly being explored. one of the major limitations of cho cell culture is that the cells undergo apoptosis, leading to rapid cell death, which impedes reaching high recombinant protein titres. while several genetic engineering strategies have been successfully employed to reduce apoptosis, there is still room to further enhance cho cell lines performance. 'omics ...202032865815
antimicrobial evaluation of neutral and cationic iridium(iii) and rhodium(iii) aminoquinoline-benzimidazole hybrid complexes.a series of neutral and cationic ir(iii) and rh(iii) aminoquinoline-benzimidazole hybrid complexes were synthesised and their inhibitory activities evaluated against plasmodium falciparum and mycobacterium tuberculosis. in general, the hybrid complexes display good activity against the chloroquine-sensitive nf54 strain of p. falciparum. the neutral ir(iii)- and rh(iii)-cp∗ complexes were the most active (ic50 = 0.488 μm for iriii), maintaining activity against the multidrug-resistant k1 strain. ...202032861176
enrichment of microsomes from chinese hamster ovary cells by subcellular fractionation for its use in proteomic analysis.chinese hamster ovary cells have been the workhorse for the production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. since biochemical, cellular and omics studies are usually affected by the lack of suitable fractionation procedures to isolate compartments from these cells, differential and isopycnic centrifugation based techniques were characterized and developed specially for them. enriched fractions in intact nuclei, mitochondria, peroxisomes, cis-golgi, trans-golgi and endoplasmic reticulum (e ...202032841274
implications of rng140 (caprin2)-mediated translational regulation in eye lens differentiation.regulation of gene expression at the translational level is key to determining cell fate and function. an rna-binding protein, rng140 (caprin2), plays a role in eye lens differentiation and has been reported to function in translational regulation. however, the mechanism and its role in eyes has remained unclear. here, we show that rng140 binds to the translation initiation factor eukaryotic initiation factor 3 (eif3) and suppresses translation through mechanisms involving suppression of eif3-de ...202032839273
an internal amino-terminal flag-tag octapeptide alters oligomerization of expressed surfactant protein-a.pulmonary surfactant protein-a (sp-a) is expressed by lung alveolar and bronchiolar epithelial cells and plays a critical role in innate immunity of the lung. exposure of the lung to various environmental insults alters sp-a homeostasis. to investigate the cellular mechanisms involved in these alterations, we added the flag octapeptide (dykddddk) to the carboxy-terminus (sp-a/c-flag) or near the amino-terminus (sp-a/n-flag) of mouse sp-a (wt-sp-a) to tag specific pools of protein. we hypothesize ...202032835791
multicopy targeted integration for accelerated development of high-producing chinese hamster ovary cells.the ever-growing biopharmaceutical industry relies on the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells. the traditional timelines of cho cell line development can be significantly shortened by the use of targeted gene integration (ti). however, broad use of ti has been limited due to the low specific productivity (qp) of ti-generated clones. here, we show a 10-fold increase in the qp of therapeutic glycoproteins in cho cells through the development and opti ...202032835482
biological properties of yeast-based mannoprotein for prospective biomedical applications.natural products constitute more than half of all biomolecules lately being used in clinical settings. mannoprotein derived from the yeast cell wall has found full biotechnological applications.202032819224
genotoxic effects of etoposide, bleomycin, and ethyl methanesulfonate on cultured cho cells: analysis by gc-ms/ms and comet evaluate methods for analysis of genotoxic effects on mammalian cell lines, we tested the effect of three common genotoxic agents on chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells by single-cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay) and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (gc-ms/ms). suspension-grown cho cells were separately incubated with etoposide, bleomycin, and ethyl methanesulfonate and analyzed by an alkaline comet assay and gc-ms/ms. although dna strand breaks were detected by the comet assay ...202032802493
low-concentration staurosporine improves recombinant antibody productivity in chinese hamster ovary cells without inducing cell death.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are used as host cells for biopharmaceutical production, including monoclonal antibodies (mabs). arresting the cell cycle with chemical compounds is an effective approach to improve biopharmaceutical productivity. in a previous study, potential new cell cycle-arresting compounds were screened from marine-derived microorganism culture extracts, and it was suggested that staurosporine might improve mab productivity in cho cells via cell cycle arrest. the purpose o ...202032800439
gpr120 agonists for the treatment of diabetes: a patent review (2014 present).g protein-coupled receptor 120 (gpr120) is a gαq coupled gpcr specifically activated by long-chain fatty acids (lcfas). functionally, it has been identified as a member of a family of lipid-binding free fatty acid receptors including gpr40, gpr41, and gpr43. upon stimulation by lcfas, gpr120 can directly or indirectly modulate hormone secretion from the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas, and regulate lipid and/or glucose metabolism in adipose, liver, and muscle tissues. additionally, gpr120 is ...202032799609
digital twins and their role in model-assisted design of experiments.rising demands for biopharmaceuticals and the need to reduce manufacturing costs increase the pressure to develop productive and efficient bioprocesses. among others, a major hurdle during process development and optimization studies is the huge experimental effort in conventional design of experiments (doe) methods. as being an explorative approach, doe requires extensive expert knowledge about the investigated factors and their boundary values and often leads to multiple rounds of time-consumi ...202032797268
production of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins for vaccines and directed binding of immunoliposomes to specific cell types.liposomes are highly useful carriers for delivering drugs or antigens. the association of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (gpi)-anchored proteins to liposomes potentially enhances the immunogenic effect of vaccine antigens by increasing their surface concentration. furthermore, the introduction of a universal immunoglobulin-binding domain can make liposomes targetable to virtually any desired receptor for which antibodies exist.202032788917
exploration of alternative scaffolds for p2y14 receptor antagonists containing a biaryl core.various heteroaryl and bicyclo-aliphatic analogues of zwitterionic biaryl p2y14 receptor (p2y14r) antagonists were synthesized, and affinity was measured in p2y14r-expressing chinese hamster ovary cells by flow cytometry. given this series' low water solubility, various polyethylene glycol derivatives of the distally binding piperidin-4-yl moiety of moderate affinity were synthesized. rotation of previously identified 1,2,3-triazole attached to the central m-benzoic acid core (25) provided moder ...202032787142
expanding the activity profile of pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles: synthesis and evaluation of novel n1-1-phenylethanamine derivatives against schistosoma mansoni.praziquantel is the only widely available drug to treat schistosomiasis. with very few candidates currently in the drug development pipeline, there is an urgent need to discover and develop novel antischistosomal drugs. in this regard, the pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazole (pbi) scaffold has emerged as a promising chemotype in hit-to-lead efforts. here, we report a novel series of antischistosomal pbis with potent in vitro activity (ic50 values of 0.08-1.43 μm) against schistosoma mansoni newly transfo ...202032786285
evaluation of antibacterial and cytotoxic properties of a fluorinated diamond-like carbon coating for the development of antibacterial medical implants.peri-implant infection is a serious complication in surgical procedures involving implants. we conducted an in vitro study to determine whether the use of a fluorinated diamond-like carbon (f-dlc) coating on a titanium alloy surface can prevent peri-implant infection. after applying the f-dlc, we evaluated its antibacterial and cytotoxic properties. the coating groups, containing controlled fluorine concentrations of 5.44%, 17.43%, 24.09%, and 30%, were examined for the presence of staphylococcu ...202032784861
a comprehensive cho swath-ms spectral library for robust quantitative profiling of 10,000 proteins.sequential window acquisition of all theoretical fragment-ion spectra (swath) is a data-independent acquisition (dia) strategy that requires a specific spectral library to generate unbiased and consistent quantitative data matrices of all peptides. swath-ms is a promising approach for in-depth proteomic profiling of chinese hamster ovary (cho) cell lines, improving mechanistic understanding of process optimization, and real-time monitoring of process parameters in biologics r&d and manufacturing ...202032782267
expression of recombinant classical swine fever virus e2 glycoprotein by endogenous txnip promoter in stable transgenic cho the main immunogen that could stimulate neutralized antibody in pigs, recombinant e2 protein of csfv was expressed in cho-dhfr-cells driven by endogenous txnip promoter from chinese hamster. different fragments of txnip promoter were amplified by pcr from isolated genomic dna of cho cells and cloned into different expression vectors. compared with cmv promoter, cho-ptxnip-4-re2 (f12) cell clone with the highest yield of re2 protein was established by random insertion of the expression cassett ...202032774204
toxicity of chlorinated algal-impacted waters: formation of disinfection byproducts vs. reduction of cyanotoxins.seasonal algal blooms in surface waters can impact water quality through an input of algal organic matter (aom) to the pool of dissolved organic matter as well as the release of cyanotoxins. the formation and speciation of disinfection byproducts (dbps) during chlorination of algal-impacted waters, collected from growth of microcystis aeruginosa were studied. second-order rate constants for the reactions of microcystins (mcs) with chlorine and bromine were determined. finally, the toxicity of ch ...202032771689
cisplatin decreases enac activity contributing to renal salt wasting syndrome.cisplatin (cddp) is an important anticancer drug. a common side effect of cddp is renal salt and water-wasting syndrome (rsws). the origin of rsws is obscure. emerging evidence, though, suggests that broad inhibition of sodium transport proteins by cddp may result in decreases in tubular reabsorption, causing increases in sodium and water excretion. in this sense, cddp would be acting like a diuretic. the effect of cddp on the epithelial na+ channel (enac), which is the final arbiter fine-tuning ...202032752278
generation of fx-/- and gmds-/- chozn host cell lines for the production of afucosylated therapeutic antibodies.antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) is the primary mechanism of actions for several marketed therapeutic antibodies (mabs) and for many more in clinical trials. the adcc efficacy is highly dependent on the ability of therapeutic mabs to recruit effector cells such as natural killer cells, which induce the apoptosis of targeted cells. the recruitment of effector cells by mabs is negatively affected by fucose modification of n-glycans on the fc; thus, utilization of afucosylated mabs h ...202032748555
sensitivity of a per.c6® cell line to bis(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate and evaluation of a new, biocompatible single-use film.single-use technologies have brought numerous advantages to the biopharmaceutical industry. in particular, single-use bags made from multi-layered polymeric films have been adopted for cell culture and liquid handling operations in place of traditional stainless-steel systems. despite the advantages, leachable compounds originating from the film's materials of construction present a new challenge. in 2013, bis(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate (bdtbpp) was identified as a common leachable from s ...202032748552
a general evidence-based sequence variant control limit for recombinant therapeutic protein development.sequence variants (svs) resulting from unintended amino acid substitutions in recombinant therapeutic proteins have increasingly gained attention from both regulatory agencies and the biopharmaceutical industry given their potential impact on efficacy and safety. with well-optimized production systems, such sequence variants usually exist at very low levels in the final protein products due to the high fidelity of dna replication and protein biosynthesis process in mammalian expression systems s ...202032744138
roles of lys191 and lys179 in regulating thermodynamic binding forces of ligands to determine their binding affinity for human histamine h1 receptors.docking simulations based on the crystal structure of human histamine h1 receptors have predicted crucial roles of lys1915.39 and lys179ecl2, which exist at the entrance of the ligand-binding pocket, in increasing the h1-receptor selectivity for carboxylated second-generation antihistamines via electrostatic interaction. in this study, we evaluated the roles of lys1915.39 and lys179ecl2 in regulating the thermodynamic binding forces of non-carboxylated and carboxylated antihistamines that determ ...202032738199
a novel dextran-grafted tetrapeptide resin for antibody purification.short peptide biomimetic affinity chromatography as a novel antibody separation chromatography is a potential alternative to protein a chromatography. however, if directly attaching ligand to matrix, the adsorption capacity and mass transfer rate would be affected by pore blockage and steric effect. grafting resin is an effective method to solve this problem by using polymer as a bridge between matrix and ligand. in this work, a novel resin was prepared by grafting a tetrapeptide to the dextran- ...202032729191
the identification of nuclear αvβ3 integrin in ovarian cancer: non-paradigmal localization with cancer promoting actions.nuclear translocation of transmembrane proteins was reported in high-grade serous ovarian cancer (hgsoc), a highly aggressive gynecological malignancy. although the membrane receptor αvβ3 integrin is amply expressed in hgsoc and involved in disease progression, its nuclear localization was never demonstrated. nuclear αvβ3 was explored in hgsoc cells (ovcar3, kuramochi, and jhos4), nuclear localization signal (nls) modified β3 ovcar3, chinese hamster ovaries (cho-k1) and human embryonic kidney (h ...202032728020
analysis of damage-associated molecular pattern molecules due to electroporation of cells in vitro.background tumor cells can die via immunogenic cell death pathway, in which damage-associated molecular pattern molecules (damps) are released from the cells. these molecules activate cells involved in the immune response. both innate and adaptive immune response can be activated, causing a destruction of the remaining infected cells. activation of immune response is also an important component of tumor treatment with electrochemotherapy (ect) and irreversible electroporation (ire). we thus expl ...202032726295
development and characterization of anti-sheep podoplanin monoclonal antibodies pmab-253 and pmab-260.anti-podoplanin (pdpn) monoclonal antibodies (mabs) are needed as markers for lymphatic endothelial cells or type i alveolar cells in immunohistochemical analyses. we have developed anti-pdpn mabs for many species, including humans, mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, bovines, pigs, tasmanian devils, alpacas, tigers, whales, goats, horses, and bears. this study develops and characterizes anti-sheep pdpn (spdpn) mabs using cell-based immunization and screening (cbis) method. a rap14 tag was added to ...202032679010
development of an anti-sheep podoplanin monoclonal antibody pmab-256 for immunohistochemical analysis of lymphatic endothelial cells.sensitive and specific monoclonal antibodies (mabs) targeting podoplanin (pdpn) are needed for immunohistochemical analyses as a marker for lymphatic endothelial cells. we recently have developed anti-pdpn mabs against many species, including human, mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, cat, bovine, pig, tasmanian devil, alpaca, tiger, whale, goat, horse, and bear. however, anti-sheep pdpn (spdpn) has not yet been established. in this study, we used the cell-based immunization and screening method for the de ...202032349619
previously published ethno-pharmacological reports reveal the potentiality of plants and plant-derived products used as traditional home remedies by bangladeshi covid-19 patients to combat sars-cov-2.several plants have traditionally been used since antiquity to treat various gastroenteritis and respiratory symptoms similar to covid-19 outcomes. the common symptoms of covid-19 include fever or chills, cold, cough, flu, headache, diarrhoea, tiredness/fatigue, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, asthma, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, etc. this study aims to find out the plants and plant-derived products which are being used by the covid-19 infected patients in bangladesh and ho ...202134305428
production of monoclonal antibodies targeting aminopeptidase n in the porcine intestinal mucosal epithelium.porcine aminopeptidase n (apn), a membrane-bound metallopeptidase abundantly present in small intestinal mucosa, can initiate a mucosal immune response without any interference such as low protein expression, enzyme inactivity, or structural changes. this makes apn an attractive candidate in the development of vaccines that selectively target the mucosal epithelium. previous studies have shown that apn is a receptor protein for both enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (e. coli) f4 and transmissible ...202134096912
immunogenicity and safety of hepatitis b vaccination in patients with type 2 diabetes in china: an open-label randomized controlled trial.hepatitis b virus (hbv) infection remains a global public health challenge. patients with diabetes are at greater risk of hbv infection than healthy people. the immunogenicity and safety of two major hepatitis b vaccines were evaluated in chinese patients with diabetes.202133992438
culture media optimization for chinese hamster ovary cell growth and expression of recombinant varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein e.herpes zoster (hz) is caused by reactivation of varicella-zoster virus (vzv) latent in the sensory ganglia and causes severe pain, often leading to postherpetic neuralgia (phn). two prophylactic vaccines against hz are currently licensed for human use, a live attenuated vaccine and a subunit vaccine containing recombinant vzv glycoprotein e (ge) as antigen. the latter has superior protective efficacy against hz and phn. during hz subunit vaccine development, we obtained chinese hamster ovary (ch ...202133897103
efficacy of minute virus of mice (mvm) inactivation utilizing high temperature short time (htst) pasteurization and suitability assessment of pasteurized, concentrated glucose feeds in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cell expression systems.there is a growing need to provide effective adventitious agent mitigation for high risk upstream cell culture raw materials used for the production of biologics. it is also highly important in the growing fields of cell and gene therapies. glucose is a critical raw material necessary for effective cell growth and productivity; however, glucose is the highest risk animal-origin-free raw material for viral contamination, and often the highest risk raw material in the upstream process as more comp ...202134257631
development of anti-human t cell immunoreceptor with ig and itim domains (tigit) monoclonal antibodies for flow cytometry.immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting programmed cell death-ligand 1 (pd-l1), programmed cell death-1 (pd-1), and cytotoxic t lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (ctla-4) recently made a significant survival rate improvement in cancer treatment. t cell immunoreceptor with ig and itim domains (tigit) is expressed in t and nk cells related to their activities. it has a single extracellular immunoglobulin domain, a type 1 transmembrane domain, and a single intracellular itim. tigit binds with poliovir ...202133900817
culturing chinese hamster ovary cells on cyclo olefin polymer triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition and spheroid formation, which increases the foreign gene expression driven by the moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat promoter.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are frequently used for recombinant protein production (rpp) as a host. while the rpp has been proven successful, there is still a compelling need for further improvement. cyclo olefin polymer (cop) is a plastic material widely utilized due to its properties including its low protein absorption. we applied this as a raw material for rpp cell culture to see if the cop is suitable. a recombinant cho cell line expressing the human erythropoietin (hepo) gene under t ...202133913259
identification of a new cell-penetrating peptide derived from the african swine fever virus cd2v protein.the african swine fever virus (asfv) is a huge and complex dna virus that can lead to the acute death of pigs and cause huge losses to the global swine industry. the cd2v protein is a transmembrane protein encoded by the asfv's ep402r gene, which can effectively inhibit the bystander lymphocyte proliferation in response to mitogens and mediate the absorption of red blood cells to asfv-infected cells. the cd2v protein contains repetitive amino acid sequences ([kpcppp]3 labeled as raas), which is ...202134006158
the cryo-em structure of vesivirus 2117 highlights functional variations in entry pathways for viruses in different clades of the vesivirus genus.vesivirus 2117 is an adventitious agent that has been responsible for lost productivity in biopharmaceutical production following contamination of chinese hamster ovary cell cultures in commercial bioreactors. a member of the caliciviridae, 2117 is classified within the vesivirus genus in a clade that includes canine and mink caliciviruses but is distinct from the vesicular exanthema of swine virus (vesv) clade, which includes the extensively studied feline calicivirus (fcv). we have used cryoge ...202133853966
structural and functional characterization of sars-cov-2 rbd domains produced in mammalian the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) pandemic is still ongoing and dramatically influences our life, the need for recombinant viral proteins for diagnostics, vaccine development, and research is very high. the spike (s) protein, and particularly its receptor-binding domain (rbd), mediates the interaction with the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ace2) receptor on host cells and may be modulated by its structural features. therefore, well-characterized recombinant r ...202133871970
preclinical development of a molecular clamp-stabilised subunit vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.efforts to develop and deploy effective vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) continue at pace. here, we describe rational antigen design through to manufacturability and vaccine efficacy of a prefusion-stabilised spike (s) protein, sclamp, in combination with the licensed adjuvant mf59 'mf59c.1' (seqirus, parkville, australia).202133841880
development of a colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic strip for rapid detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 spike protein.the outbreak and worldwide pandemic of the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) have a significant impact on global economy and human health. in order to reduce the disease spread, 16 monoclonal antibodies (mcabs) again sars-cov-2 were generated by immunized mice with the spike protein receptor binding domain (rbd), which was expressed in chinese hamster ovary cell (cho). a colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic strip was developed with two mcabs to detect sars- ...202133777026
high-level expression of the monomeric sars-cov-2 s protein rbd 320-537 in stably transfected cho cells by the eef1a1-based plasmid vector.the spike (s) protein is one of the three proteins forming the coronaviruses' viral envelope. the s protein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) has a spatial structure similar to the s proteins of other mammalian coronaviruses, except for a unique receptor-binding domain (rbd), which is a significant inducer of host immune response. recombinant sars-cov-2 rbd is widely used as a highly specific minimal antigen for serological tests. correct exposure of antigenic d ...202133529230
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