hyaluronate coating enhances the delivery and biocompatibility of gold nanoparticles.for targeted delivery with nanoparticles (nps) as drug carriers, it is imperative that the nps are internalized into the targeted cell. surface properties of nps influence their interactions with cells. we examined the responses of retinal pigment epithelial cells, nih 3t3 fibroblast cells, and chinese hamster ovary cells to gold nanoparticles (au nps) in their nascent form as well as coated with end-thiolated hyaluronate (hs-ha). the grafting density of hs-ha on au nps was calculated based on t ...201829455984
in vitro antileishmanial and cytotoxicity activities of essential oils from haplophyllum tuberculatum a. juss leaves, stems and aerial parts.plants used for traditional medicine produce diverse and complex secondary metabolites exhibiting various medicinal properties. the medicinal plant haplophyllum tuberculatum is used by native people against malaria and parasitic infections.201829444667
l-cysteine capped cdse quantum dots synthesized by photochemical route.l-cysteine capped cdse quantum dots were synthesized via photochemical route in aqueous solution under uv photo-irradiation. the as grown cdse quantum dots exhibit broad fluorescence at room temperature. the cdse quantum dots were found to be formed only through the reactions of the precursors, i.e., cd(nh3)2+4 and seso2-3 with the photochemically generated 1-hydroxy-2-propyl radicals, (ch3)2coh radicals, which are formed through the process of h atom abstraction by the photoexcited acetone from ...201829442847
sv40 intron, a potent strong intron element that effectively increases transgene expression in transfected chinese hamster ovary cells.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells have become the most widely utilized mammalian cell line for the production of recombinant proteins. however, the product yield and transgene instability need to be further increased and solved. in this study, we investigated the effect of five different introns on transgene expression in cho cells. hcmv intron a, adenovirus tripartite leader sequence intron, sv40 intron, chinese hamster ef-1alpha gene intron 1 and intervening sequence intron were cloned downstr ...201829441681
using a dihydrofolate reductase-based strategy for producing the biosimilar version of pertuzumab in cho-s cells.targeted therapy using monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (erbb2) has been utilized for the treatment of breast cancer, recently. pertuzumab, one of the anti-erbb2 mabs, was approved by fda in 2012 for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. the aim of this study was to produce biosimilar version of pertuzumab in chinese hamster ovary (cho)-s cell line, and compare its erbb2-binding and biological activities, with commercial drug, perjeta. to this end, a d ...201829437532
strategy for generating sequence-defined aptamer reagent sets for detecting protein contaminants in biotherapeutics.biologic drugs are typically manufactured in mammalian host cells, and it is critical from a drug safety and efficacy perspective to detect and remove host cell proteins (hcps) during production. this is currently achieved with sets of polyclonal antibodies (pabs), but these suffer from critical shortcomings because their composition is inherently undefined, and they cannot detect nonimmunogenic hcps. in this work, we report a high-throughput screening and array-based binding characterization st ...201829436820
butyrated mannac analog improves protein expression in chinese hamster ovary cells.the chemical additive sodium butyrate (nabu) has been applied in cell culture media as a direct and convenient method to increase the protein expression in chinese hamster ovary (cho) and other mammalian cells. in this study, we examined an alternative chemical additive, 1,3,4-o-bu3 mannac, for its effect on recombinant protein production in cho. supplementation with 1,3,4-o-bu3 mannac for two stable cho cell lines, expressing human erythropoietin or igg, enhanced protein expression for both pro ...201829427449
tumor targeting with novel pyridyl 6-substituted pyrrolo[2,3- d]pyrimidine antifolates via cellular uptake by folate receptor α and the proton-coupled folate transporter and inhibition of de novo purine nucleotide biosynthesis.tumor-targeted specificities of 6-substituted pyrrolo[2,3- d]pyrimidine analogues of 1, where the phenyl side-chain is replaced by 3',6' (5, 8), 2',5' (6, 9), and 2',6' (7, 10) pyridyls, were analyzed. proliferation inhibition of isogenic chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells expressing folate receptors (frs) α and β were in rank order, 6 > 9 > 5 > 7 > 8, with 10 showing no activity, and 6 > 9 > 5 > 8, with 10 and 7 being inactive, respectively. antiproliferative effects toward frα- and frβ-expressi ...201829425443
inhibitory effect of bofutsushosan (fang feng tong sheng san) on glucose transporter 5 function in vitro.bofutsushosan (bts; fang feng tong sheng san in chinese) is a formula in traditional japanese kampo medicine and chinese medicine comprising eighteen crude drugs, and is used to treat obesity and metabolic syndrome. fructose is contained in refreshing beverages as high-fructose corn syrup, and is associated with obesity. fructose is absorbed via glucose transporter 5 (glut5) in the intestine. therefore, the inhibition of glut5 is considered to be a target of obesity drugs. we evaluated the inhib ...201829423591
"antimicrobial and antiproliferative activity of essential oil, aqueous and ethanolic extracts of ocimum micranthum willd leaves".ocimum micranthum willd is a plant used in traditional medicine practiced in the region of the yucatan peninsula. in particular, it is used for the treatment of cutaneous infections and wound healing, however there are currently no existing scientific studies that support these applications. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the antimicrobial and the in vitro proliferative activity (on healthy mammalian cell lines) of the essential oil and extracts (aqueous and ethanolic) of this plan ...201829422064
comparison of the in vitro toxicological activity of various particulate matter.ultrafine particles (ufps, < 2.5 µm) in air pollutants have been identified as a major cause of respiratory diseases, since they can affect the lung alveoli through the bronchus. in particular, if toxicants such as heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) are present in ufps, they can cause diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. this study compared in vitro toxicity of various particulate matter including ufps from combustion particles of ...201829415641
characterization of glycoengineered anti-her2 monoclonal antibodies produced by using a silkworm-baculovirus expression system.silkworm-baculovirus expression systems are efficient means for the production of recombinant proteins that provide high expression levels and post-translational modifications. here, we characterized the stability, glycosylation pattern and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity activity of anti-her2 monoclonal antibodies containing native or glycoengineered mammalian-like n-glycans that were produced by using a silkworm-baculovirus expression system. compared with a monoclonal antibody p ...201829415204
debottlenecking protein secretion and reducing protein aggregation in the cellular host.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells have been extensively used for industrial production of biotherapeutics. with advances in cell line development and process optimization, production levels of therapeutic proteins using the cho expression system have increased to beyond 10g per liter scale. these high-titer processes could challenge the secretory capacity of cho cells, which can result in degradation and aggregation of the protein of interest. this review discusses bottlenecks in the secretory p ...201829414073
applications of proteomic methods for cho host cell protein characterization in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are the most prevalent host organism for production of recombinant therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies (mabs). regulatory guidance mandates control of the host cell protein (hcp) concentration in the production process, which remains a primary challenge. although hcp concentrations are typically measured by elisa, orthogonal proteomic methods are gaining popularity for identification and quantitation of individual hcp species. recent applicatio ...201829414072
a quantitative pcr-based assay reveals that nucleotide excision repair plays a predominant role in the removal of dna-protein crosslinks from plasmids transfected into mammalian cells.dna-protein crosslinks (dpcs) are complex dna lesions that induce mutagenesis and cell death. dpcs are created by common antitumor drugs, reactive oxygen species, and endogenous aldehydes. since these agents create other types of dna damage in addition to dpcs, identification of the mechanisms of dpc repair is challenging. in this study, we created plasmid substrates containing site-specific dpc lesions, as well as plasmids harboring lesions that are selectively repaired by the base excision or ...201829413806
grp78 protects cho cells from ribosylation.d-ribose (rib), a reactive glycation compound that exists in organisms, abnormally increases in the urine of diabetic patients and can yield large amounts of advanced glycation end products (ages), leading to cell dysfunction. however, whether cellular proteins are sensitive to this type of glycation is unknown. in this study, we found that cellular ages accumulate in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells with increased rib concentration and administration time. mass spectrum analysis of isolated ag ...201829410209
both the ph domain and n-terminal region of oxysterol-binding protein related protein 8s are required for localization to pm-er contact sites.oxysterol-binding protein-related proteins are implicated in the sensing and transporting lipids at the membrane contact sites. one of the members of the mammalian orp family, orp8, is thought to transport lipids through directly tethering both er and pm membranes. targeting to pm is thought to be mediated by n-terminal pleckstrin homology domain via binding to phosphoinositides. sequence alignments and nmr structural determination revealed that the ph domain of orp8 is atypical and contains an ...201829409900
rimonabant, a potent cb1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist, is a gαi/o protein inhibitor.rimonabant is a potent and selective cannabinoid cb1 receptor antagonist widely used in animal and clinical studies. besides its antagonistic properties, numerous studies have shown that, at micromolar concentrations rimonabant behaves as an inverse agonist at cb1 receptors. the mechanism underpinning this activity is unclear. here we show that micromolar concentrations of rimonabant inhibited gαi/o-type g proteins, resulting in a receptor-independent block of g protein signaling. accordingly, r ...201829407764
13 c flux analysis reveals that rebalancing medium amino acid composition can reduce ammonia production while preserving central carbon metabolism of cho cell cultures.13 c metabolic flux analysis (mfa) provides a rigorous approach to quantify intracellular metabolism of industrial cell lines. in this study, 13 c mfa was used to characterize the metabolic response of chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells to a novel medium variant designed to reduce ammonia production. ammonia inhibits growth and viability of cho cell cultures, alters glycosylation of recombinant proteins, and enhances product degradation. ammonia production was reduced by manipulating the amino ac ...201829405605
receptor-specific crosstalk between prostanoid e receptor 3 and bombesin receptor subtype 3.bombesin receptor subtype 3 (brs-3) is a gpcr that is expressed in the cns, peripheral tissues, and tumors. our understanding of brs-3's role in physiology and pathophysiology is limited because its natural ligand is unknown. in an attempt to identify this ligand, we screened toad skin ( bufo bufo gargarizans cantor) extracts and identified prostaglandins as putative ligands. in brs-3-transfected human embryonic kidney (hek) cells, we found that prostaglandins, with prostaglandin e2 (pge2) being ...201829401613
a novel bicistronic gene design couples stable cell line selection with a fucose switch in a designer cho host to produce native and afucosylated glycoform antibodies.the conserved glycosylation site asn297 of a monoclonal antibody (mab) can be decorated with a variety of sugars that can alter mab pharmacokinetics and recruitment of effector proteins. antibodies lacking the core fucose at asn297 (afucosylated mabs) show enhanced antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (adcc) and increased efficacy. here, we describe the development of a robust platform for the manufacture of afucosylated therapeutic mabs by engineering a chinese hamster ovary (cho) host ...201829400603
impact of cho metabolism on cell growth and protein production: an overview of toxic and inhibiting metabolites and nutrients.for over three decades, chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells have been the chosen expression platform for the production of therapeutic proteins with complex post-translational modifications. however, the metabolism of these cells is far from perfect and optimized, and requires substantial know how and process optimization and monitoring to perform efficiently. one of the main reasons for this is the production and accumulation of toxic and growth-inhibiting metabolites during culture. lactate and ...201829393587
genotoxicity evaluation of so-ochim-tang-gamibang (socg), a herbal (socg) is a traditional korean medicine frequently used for depression in the clinical field. in this study, we evaluated the potential genotoxicity of socg using three standard batteries of tests as part of a safety evaluation.201829391062
improving titer while maintaining quality of final formulated drug substance via optimization of cho cell culture conditions in low-iron chemically defined media.during biopharmaceutical process development, it is important to improve titer to reduce drug manufacturing costs and to deliver comparable quality attributes of therapeutic proteins, which helps to ensure patient safety and efficacy. we previously reported that relative high-iron concentrations in media increased titer, but caused unacceptable coloration of a fusion protein during early-phase process development. ultimately, the fusion protein with acceptable color was manufactured using low-ir ...201829388872
mild hypothermic culture conditions affect residual host cell protein composition post-protein a cell proteins (hcps) are endogenous impurities, and their proteolytic and binding properties can compromise the integrity, and, hence, the stability and efficacy of recombinant therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mabs). nonetheless, purification of mabs currently presents a challenge because they often co-elute with certain hcp species during the capture step of protein a affinity chromatography. a quality-by-design (qbd) strategy to overcome this challenge involves identify ...201829381421
exploring the potential application of short non-coding rna-based genetic circuits in chinese hamster ovary cells.the majority of cell engineering for recombinant protein production to date has relied on traditional genetic engineering strategies, such as gene overexpression and gene knock-outs, to substantially improve the production capabilities of chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells. however, further improvements in cellular productivity or control over product quality is likely to require more sophisticated rational approaches to coordinate and balance cellular pathways. for these strategies to be impleme ...201829377624
antibody selection for cancer target validation of fsh-receptor in immunohistochemical settings.the follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh)-receptor (fshr) has been reported to be an attractive target for antibody therapy in human cancer. however, divergent immunohistochemical (ihc) findings have been reported for fshr expression in tumor tissues, which could be due to the specificity of the antibodies used.201731548530
analgesia by deletion of spinal neurokinin 1 receptor expressing neurons using a bioengineered substance p-pseudomonas exotoxin conjugate.cell deletion approaches to pain directed at either the primary nociceptive afferents or second-order neurons are highly effective analgesic manipulations. second-order spinal neurons expressing the neurokinin 1 (nk1) receptor are required for the perception of many types of pain. to delete nk1+ neurons for the purpose of pain control, we generated a toxin–peptide conjugate using dtnb-derivatized (cys0) substance p (sp) and a n-terminally truncated pseudomonas exotoxin (pe35) that retains the en ...201828814145
comparison of cell-based versus cell-free mammalian systems for the production of a recombinant human bone morphogenic growth factor.the human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (hbmp2) is a glycoprotein, which induces de novo bone formation. here, recombinant production in stably transfected chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells is compared to transient expression in human embryo kidney (hek) cells and cell-free synthesis in cho cell lysates containing microsomal structures as sites of post-translational processing. in case of the stably transfected cells, growth rates and viabilities were similar to those of the parent cells, while e ...201732624737
assessment of genotoxic effects of pendimethalin in chinese hamster over cells by the single cell gel electrophoresis (comet) assay.pendimethalin (n-(1-ethylpropyl)-3,4-dimethyl-2,6-dinitrobenzeneamine) is a dinitroaniline herbicide compound which selectively controls weeds. it is a cell division and growth inhibitor. it descends plants in a short time after seedling. it is a soil and water pollutant due to the widespread use of formulations in turkey and around the world. pendimethalin is manufactured in and imported by turkey. pendimethalin is a slightly toxic compound that is classified in toxicity class 3 by the united s ...201732454612
assessment of cytotoxicity profiles of different phytochemicals: comparison of neutral red and mtt assays in different cells in different time periods.phenolic compounds exhibit several health protective properties. galangin, curcumin, pycnogenol, puerarin and ursolic acid are commonly used plant phenolics in folk medicine. the aim of our study was to evaluate the difference between neutral red uptake (nru) and mtt assays using different plant phenolics (galangin, curcumin, pycnogenol, puerarin and ursolic acid) in healthy and cancer cells in different time periods.201732454600
effect of adenovirus infection on transgene expression under the adenoviral mlp/tpl and the cmvie promoter/enhancer in cho cells.the adenovirus major late promoter (mlp) and its translational regulator - the tripartite leader (tpl) sequence - can actively drive efficient gene expression during adenoviral infection. however, both elements have not been widely tested in transgene expression outside of the adenovirus genome context. in this study, we tested whether the combination of mlp and tpl would enhance transgene expression beyond that of the most widely used promoter in transgene expression in mammalian cells, the cyt ...201730647657
producing defucosylated antibodies with enhanced in vitro antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity via fut8 knockout cho-s engineer a host cell line that produces defucosylated mabs with superior antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity, we disrupted α-1, 6 fucosyltransferase (fut8) gene in cho-s (cho is chinese hamster ovary) cells by clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats-crispr associated nuclease 9. the gene knockout cell line was evaluated for growth, stability, and product quality. the growth profile of fut8 gene knockout cho-s (fut8-/-) cells was comparable with wild type cho-s cells. fu ...201732624826
impact of cell lysis on the description of cell growth and death in cell culture.the primary task of process development is a process design that guarantees product quality and maximizes product quantity. one part of the process development is the identification of critical process parameters. especially in cell culture processes, unwanted cell damage as critical process parameter is still challenging in stirred tank reactors and needs therefore to be considered. nevertheless, this topic and its effects on process performance are currently not well discussed and not verified ...201732624789
potent inhibition of herg channels by the over-the-counter antidiarrheal agent loperamide.the aim of this study was to determine the in vitro electrophysiological properties of loperamide. the authors' hypothesis was that loperamide is a potent blocker of the current carried by the human ether-à-go-go-related gene (herg) potassium channel.201629759761
[impact of neutron radiation on the viability of tumor cells cultured in the presence of boron-10 isotope].to investigate the impact of a neutron beam formed with the accelerator-based epithermal neutron source designed at the g.i. budker institute of nuclear physics (inp) on the viability of human and animal tumor cells cultured in the presence of boron-10 isotope.201830241133
overexpression of grp78 enhances survival of cho cells in response to serum deprivation and oxidative stress.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are regarded as one of the most commonly used mammalian hosts, which decreases the productivity due to loss in culture viability. overexpressing antiapoptosis genes in cho cells was developed as a means of limiting cell death upon exposure to environmental insults. glucose-regulated protein 78 (grp78) is traditionally regarded as a major er chaperone that participates in protein folding and other cell processes. it is also a potent antiapoptotic protein and play ...201732624757
experimentally-induced animal models of prediabetes and insulin resistance: a review.animal models are very common in diabetes research when rodents are mostly used in this regard. although a number of animal models of type 1 and type 2 diabetes (t2d) are developed in last few decades, the numbers of animal models of prediabetes and insulin resistance are very scanty. due to the rapidly changing pathogenesis of the disease and preventive study, the popularity of the prediabetic and insulin resistance models are largely increased in the recent years. some genetically or spontaneo ...201629648707
impedance-based analysis of mu opioid receptor signaling and underlying mechanisms.the mu opioid receptor is a g-protein coupled receptor able to signal through the gαi/o class of g-protein and β-arrestin pathways, stimulating down-stream effector pathways. signaling bias occurs when different receptor agonists lead to different signaling outcomes. traditionally these have been studied using end-point assays. real-time cellular analysis platforms allow for the analysis of the holistic effects of receptor activation as an integrated output. while this allows for different ligan ...201630338303
[subunit specific modulation of glycine receptors by ginkgolic acid.]ginkgo biloba extract is a multicomponent pharmacological agent widely used in neurological disorders therapy. it was shown that ginkgolic acid, a constituent of lipophylic ginkgo biloba extract, has numerous biological activities. in the present study we have focused on the features of ginkgolic acid action on αl and α2 glycine receptors that make part of the inhibitory system of the brain. using whole-cell configuration of patch-clamp recording we analysed effects of ginkgolic acid on differen ...201629975473
pre-coating layered double hydroxide nanoparticles with albumin to improve colloidal stability and cellular of the major challenges for nanoparticles to be used as a drug/gene delivery platform is their tendency to aggregate in electrolyte solution (physiological environment). the present work introduced the albumin pre-coating strategy that effectively prevented inorganic layered double hydroxide (ldh) nanoparticles with different sizes and interlayer anions from aggregation in phosphate buffer saline and cell culture medium solutions. we found that the key factors influencing the colloidal stabi ...201532262327
reduced culture temperature differentially affects expression and biophysical properties of monoclonal antibody variants.reduced culture temperature is an increasingly popular practice to improve recombinant protein yields in cho cells. recent studies have attributed the enhancement of protein titers at sub-physiological temperatures to increased mrna levels as well as extended stationary phase. we observed that reducing the culture temperature arrested cell growth, prolonged viability, and increased cell size. however, the reduced culture temperature had a differential effect on protein and mrna expression of clo ...201433101721
synthesis, antitubercular and anticancer activity of new baylis-hillman adduct-derived n-cinnamyl-substituted isatin derivatives.baylis-hillman adduct-derived n-cinnamyl-substituted isatin derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for their antitubercular activity on mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv strain atcc 27294 by agar dilution method. anticancer activity for the same compounds was also screened on four different cell lines: chinese hamster ovary (cho cells), colo 205 (human colon cancer), sup-t1 (human lymphoma) and c6 glioma (rat glioma) by mtt assay method. the compounds (3j-l) have shown significant activity ag ...201432214765
genotoxicity studies on carrageenan: short-term in vitro assays.carrageenan is a naturally-occurring sulfated polygalactan which has been widely used in the dairy industry and a gelling agent in non-dairy products. in this study, four short-term in vitro genotoxicity assays were investigated to evaluate the potential genotoxic effects of carrageenan. the mutagenic-ity of carrageenan was evaluated up to a maximum dose of 5 mg/plate in ames test. there was no increase in the number of revertant colonies compared to its negative control at any dose in all of st ...200932038820
genotoxic evaluation of surfactin c in chinese hamster lung cell investigate the mutation inducibility of surfactin c, we performed the chromosome aberration assay with chinese hamster lung cells in vitro. the colorimetric mtt screening assay was carried out to determine the cytotoxicity index (ic50) of surfactin c. the ic50 value was 125 μg/ml. for the chromosome aberration test of surfactin c, the maximum concentration was employed as 125 μg/ml, followed by 62.5 and 31.25 μg/ml for the lower concentrations, with or without metabolic activation (s9). cycl ...200932038819
in vitro studies on the genotoxic effects of wood smoke flavors.smoke flavors based on the thermal decomposition of wood have been applied to a variety of food products as an alternative for traditional smoking. despite its increasing use, the available genotoxicity data on wood smoke flavors (wsf) are still controversial. thus, potential genotoxic effects of wsf in four short-term in vitro genotoxicity assays were investigated, which included the ames assay, chromosomal aberration assay, micronucleus test and the alkaline comet assay. wsf did not cause any ...200832038811
evaluation of genotoxicity of water and ethanol extracts from rhus verniciflua stokes (rvs).rhus verniciflua stokes (rvs), one of traditional medicinal plants in asia, was found to have pharmacological activities such as antioxidative and antiapoptotic effects, raising the possibility for the development of a novel class of anti-cancer drugs. thus, potential genotoxic effects of rvs in three short-term mutagenicity assays were investigated, which included the ames assay, in vitro chromosomal aberration test, and the in vivo micronucleus assay. in ames test, the addition of rvs water ex ...200832038789
an evaluation of the genotoxicity of o-tyrosine, a proposed marker for irradiated food.v79 chinese hamster cells and molt-4 human cells have been used to test the cellular and genetic toxicities of o-tyrosine addition at concentrations far in excess of that found after irradiation of chicken to 10 kgy (~1.3 μg/ml). no toxicity, as measured by sister chromatid exchange, micronuclei formation, or reproductive death, was seen in cells exposed to concentrations up to 100 μg/ml o-tyrosine. after 2 d in 200 μg/ml o-tyrosine, molt-4 cells had a higher percentage of dead cells in the popu ...199231084091
different patterns of dna replication inhibition by benzo(a)pyrene and 3-methylcholanthrene in mammalian cells in vitro.two metabolic activation systems, exempli gratia s15 fraction and mouse embryonic fibroblast (mef) feeder layer, have been shown to have effects on the pattern change of benzo(a)pyrene (bp)- and 3-methylcholanthrene (mc)-induced dna replication inhibition. the present studies were performed in order to elucidate the mechanism of such effects in chinese hamster ovary cells (cho-k1) using alkaline sucrose gradient sedimentation analysis. when cho-k1 cells were treated with bp in the absence of met ...199130260329
growth, germination and toxigenic activity of bacillus cereus in milk products.growth, germination and toxigenic activity of bacillus cereus in pasteurized milk, fruit-flavored reconstituted milk and fermented milk at 30°c were studied. vegetative cells of b. cereus rapidly increased to 108 cfu/ml in 8 h and 106 cfu/ml in 12 h in pasteurized milk and fruit-flavored reconstituted milk respectively. in fermented milk, vegetative cells of b. cereus were killed or inactivated in 40 min; while about 31% of spores survived the 7 d test period. spore germination of b. cereus was ...198830991554
incidence and toxigenicity of aeromonas species in retail poultry, beef and pork.five enrichment broths and five selective and differentia] plating media were tested for efficiency of isolation of aeromonas spp. from chicken, beef and pork. an overnight incubation of sample in trypticase soy broth containing 10 μg of ampicillin/ml which was spread on starch ampicillin agar or on macconkey mannitol ampicillin agar, gave the best results. a small survey was conducted on 10 samples each of chicken thigh-meat, ground beef, and pork sausage or ground unseasoned pork purchased fro ...198730965438
chromosomal aberrations induced by the restriction endonucleases alu i and bam hi: comparison with x-rays.dose-effect relationships for the frequencies of polycentric chromosomes inducedby the restriction endonucleases alu i and bam hi and by x-rays in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells were analyzed and compared. 1 gy of x-rays produce the same frequency of polycentric chromosomes as 2 units alu i and 7.9 units bam hi.198730260342
identification of a new cell-penetrating peptide derived from the african swine fever virus cd2v protein.the african swine fever virus (asfv) is a huge and complex dna virus that can lead to the acute death of pigs and cause huge losses to the global swine industry. the cd2v protein is a transmembrane protein encoded by the asfv's ep402r gene, which can effectively inhibit the bystander lymphocyte proliferation in response to mitogens and mediate the absorption of red blood cells to asfv-infected cells. the cd2v protein contains repetitive amino acid sequences ([kpcppp]3 labeled as raas), which is ...202134006158
the cryo-em structure of vesivirus 2117 highlights functional variations in entry pathways for viruses in different clades of the vesivirus genus.vesivirus 2117 is an adventitious agent that has been responsible for lost productivity in biopharmaceutical production following contamination of chinese hamster ovary cell cultures in commercial bioreactors. a member of the caliciviridae, 2117 is classified within the vesivirus genus in a clade that includes canine and mink caliciviruses but is distinct from the vesicular exanthema of swine virus (vesv) clade, which includes the extensively studied feline calicivirus (fcv). we have used cryoge ...202133853966
structural and functional characterization of sars-cov-2 rbd domains produced in mammalian the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) pandemic is still ongoing and dramatically influences our life, the need for recombinant viral proteins for diagnostics, vaccine development, and research is very high. the spike (s) protein, and particularly its receptor-binding domain (rbd), mediates the interaction with the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ace2) receptor on host cells and may be modulated by its structural features. therefore, well-characterized recombinant r ...202133871970
preclinical development of a molecular clamp-stabilised subunit vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.efforts to develop and deploy effective vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) continue at pace. here, we describe rational antigen design through to manufacturability and vaccine efficacy of a prefusion-stabilised spike (s) protein, sclamp, in combination with the licensed adjuvant mf59 'mf59c.1' (seqirus, parkville, australia).202133841880
development of a colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic strip for rapid detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 spike protein.the outbreak and worldwide pandemic of the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) have a significant impact on global economy and human health. in order to reduce the disease spread, 16 monoclonal antibodies (mcabs) again sars-cov-2 were generated by immunized mice with the spike protein receptor binding domain (rbd), which was expressed in chinese hamster ovary cell (cho). a colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic strip was developed with two mcabs to detect sars- ...202133777026
high-level expression of the monomeric sars-cov-2 s protein rbd 320-537 in stably transfected cho cells by the eef1a1-based plasmid vector.the spike (s) protein is one of the three proteins forming the coronaviruses' viral envelope. the s protein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) has a spatial structure similar to the s proteins of other mammalian coronaviruses, except for a unique receptor-binding domain (rbd), which is a significant inducer of host immune response. recombinant sars-cov-2 rbd is widely used as a highly specific minimal antigen for serological tests. correct exposure of antigenic d ...202133529230
early detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antibodies as a serologic marker of infection in patients with coronavirus disease 2019.thousands of medical staff have been infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2), with hundreds of deaths reported. such loss could be prevented if there were a serologic assay for sars-cov-2-specific antibodies for serological surveillance of its infection at the early stage of disease.202032357209
previously published ethno-pharmacological reports reveal the potentiality of plants and plant-derived products used as traditional home remedies by bangladeshi covid-19 patients to combat sars-cov-2.several plants have traditionally been used since antiquity to treat various gastroenteritis and respiratory symptoms similar to covid-19 outcomes. the common symptoms of covid-19 include fever or chills, cold, cough, flu, headache, diarrhoea, tiredness/fatigue, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, asthma, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, etc. this study aims to find out the plants and plant-derived products which are being used by the covid-19 infected patients in bangladesh and ho ...202134305428
production of monoclonal antibodies targeting aminopeptidase n in the porcine intestinal mucosal epithelium.porcine aminopeptidase n (apn), a membrane-bound metallopeptidase abundantly present in small intestinal mucosa, can initiate a mucosal immune response without any interference such as low protein expression, enzyme inactivity, or structural changes. this makes apn an attractive candidate in the development of vaccines that selectively target the mucosal epithelium. previous studies have shown that apn is a receptor protein for both enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (e. coli) f4 and transmissible ...202134096912
immunogenicity and safety of hepatitis b vaccination in patients with type 2 diabetes in china: an open-label randomized controlled trial.hepatitis b virus (hbv) infection remains a global public health challenge. patients with diabetes are at greater risk of hbv infection than healthy people. the immunogenicity and safety of two major hepatitis b vaccines were evaluated in chinese patients with diabetes.202133992438
culture media optimization for chinese hamster ovary cell growth and expression of recombinant varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein e.herpes zoster (hz) is caused by reactivation of varicella-zoster virus (vzv) latent in the sensory ganglia and causes severe pain, often leading to postherpetic neuralgia (phn). two prophylactic vaccines against hz are currently licensed for human use, a live attenuated vaccine and a subunit vaccine containing recombinant vzv glycoprotein e (ge) as antigen. the latter has superior protective efficacy against hz and phn. during hz subunit vaccine development, we obtained chinese hamster ovary (ch ...202133897103
efficacy of minute virus of mice (mvm) inactivation utilizing high temperature short time (htst) pasteurization and suitability assessment of pasteurized, concentrated glucose feeds in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cell expression systems.there is a growing need to provide effective adventitious agent mitigation for high risk upstream cell culture raw materials used for the production of biologics. it is also highly important in the growing fields of cell and gene therapies. glucose is a critical raw material necessary for effective cell growth and productivity; however, glucose is the highest risk animal-origin-free raw material for viral contamination, and often the highest risk raw material in the upstream process as more comp ...202134257631
development of anti-human t cell immunoreceptor with ig and itim domains (tigit) monoclonal antibodies for flow cytometry.immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting programmed cell death-ligand 1 (pd-l1), programmed cell death-1 (pd-1), and cytotoxic t lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (ctla-4) recently made a significant survival rate improvement in cancer treatment. t cell immunoreceptor with ig and itim domains (tigit) is expressed in t and nk cells related to their activities. it has a single extracellular immunoglobulin domain, a type 1 transmembrane domain, and a single intracellular itim. tigit binds with poliovir ...202133900817
culturing chinese hamster ovary cells on cyclo olefin polymer triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition and spheroid formation, which increases the foreign gene expression driven by the moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat promoter.chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are frequently used for recombinant protein production (rpp) as a host. while the rpp has been proven successful, there is still a compelling need for further improvement. cyclo olefin polymer (cop) is a plastic material widely utilized due to its properties including its low protein absorption. we applied this as a raw material for rpp cell culture to see if the cop is suitable. a recombinant cho cell line expressing the human erythropoietin (hepo) gene under t ...202133913259
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