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[mutability of the functional morphology of the x-chromosomes in long-term cultures of chinese hamster cells]. 19715567692
chemical mutagenesis. the chinese hamster bone marrow as an in vivo test system. i. cytogenetic results on basic aspects of the methodology, obtained with alkylating agents. 19715545035
metaphase chromosome aberrations in chinese hamster liver cells in vivo after single acute 60co exposure. 19715539705
effect of chronic exposure to 60 co on the frequency of metaphase chromosome aberrations in the liver cells of the chinese hamster (in vivo). 19715316701
heat-induced lethality and chromosomal damage in synchronized chinese hamster cells treated with 5-bromodeoxyuridine. 19715316696
radiation-induced age-response changes in chinese-hamster cells. evidence for a new form of damage and its repair. 19715315438
variation in sensitivity to heat shock during the cell-cycle of chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19715314347
caffeine, caffeine derivatives and chromosomal aberrations. iv. synergism between mitomycin c and caffeine in chinese hamster cells. 19715173426
caffeine, caffeine derivatives and chromosomal aberrations. iii. the atp-dependence of the production of chromosomal aberrations by 8-ethoxycaffeine in chinese hamster cells at 17 degrees c. 19715173425
caffeine, caffeine derivatives and chromosomal aberrations. ii. different responses of allium root tips and chinese hamster cells to treatments with caffeine, 8-ethoxycaffeine and 6-methylcoumarin. 19715173419
isolation of aneusomic clones from chinese hamster cell line following induction of nondisjunction. 19715169526
mammalian cell genetics. 3. characterization of x-ray-induced forward mutations in chinese hamster cell cultures. 19715104862
[hormonally controlled sex dimorphism in skin patterns of the chinese hamster]. 19715096327
chromosome-breaking capacity of tepa and analogues in vicia faba and chinese hamster cells. 19714142011
architecture of the chinese hamster metaphase chromosome. 19714101995
isolation and characterization of hybrids between mouse and chinese hamster cell lines. 19704322072
changes in deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis regulation in chinese hamster cells infected with simian virus 40.infection of primary or secondary cultures of chinese hamster embryo cells with simian virus 40 at a multiplicity of 20 to 50 induced synthesis of the virus-specific intranuclear t antigen in 80 to 90% of the cells within 48 to 72 hr. in the infected cultures, 30 to 50% more cells were recruited into deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) synthesis than in the controls, whether or not the cultures were confluent. the newly synthesized dna was mostly cellular, since little virus was produced (as shown by va ...19704322080
a comparison of the modes of inheritance of diabetes in the chinese hamster and the kk mouse. 19705432352
genetics of somatic mammalian cells: linkage studies with human-chinese hamster cell hybrids. 19705473978
[chinese hamster as a model in diabetes research]. 19705512321
preferential loss of kangaroo chromosomes in hybrids between chinese hamster and kangaroo-rat somatic cells. 19705531375
studies of dna-induced heritable alteration of mammalian intercellular interaction between mouse ehrlich ascites tumor and non-malignant chinese hamster cells occurred when these were co-cultured. that the intercellular processes which formed had emanated from the ea cells was revealed by immunofluoroscopy using anti-ea antiserum, and by direct microscopic examination. a passage of dna from the ea to the ch cells was also observed. on long-term co-culture, new cell forms arose which were isolated, cloned, and propagated. they showed a ch karyotype ...19704995321
x-ray mutagenesis of cultured chinese hamster cells. 19704908375
replication of repetitious dna and the s period.the renaturation kinetics of labeled dna derived from synchronized chinese hamster cells indicate that the three classes of repetitious dna replicate uniformly throughout the s period, and that a piece of repetitious dna may occur at or near the beginning of each replicon. studies with mouse-cell dna suggest that mouse satellite dna replicates when euchromatin replicates.19705272325
carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons in neurospora crassa and chinese hamster cells: their photodynamic effects. 19704193459
chromosome pulverization in virus-induced heterokaryons of mammalian cells from different species.the phenomena of cell fusion and chromosome pulverization after inoculation with uv-inactivated sendai virus were studied in mixed suspensions of cell lines from different mammalian species. two cell combinations were used: the chinese hamster cell line (don) and rpmi 8226 (simpson) cell line of human hematopoietic origin,and the don and llc-mk2 (mk) cell lines, the latter derived from monkey kidney cells. each of the 3 cell lines had a high cell-fusion capacity when infected with the virus in h ...197018605421
survival of synchronized chinese hamster cells following freezing in liquid nitrogen. 19705530921
the relation of protein synthesis to radiation-induced division delay in chinese hamster cells. 19705530793
[functional morphology of the chromosomes of cultivated mammalian cells. iv. nucleolus-organizing region of the x-chromosomes of the chinese hamster in long-term cultures of somatic cells]. 19705512958
regulation of initiation of dna synthesis in chinese hamster cells : ii. induction of dna synthesis and cell division by isoleucine and glutamine in g(1)-arrested cells in suspension culture.suspension cultures of chinese hamster cells (line cho), which had stopped dividing and were arrested in g(1) following growth to high cell concentrations in f-10 medium, could be induced to reinitiate dna synthesis and to divide in synchrony upon addition of the appropriate amounts of isoleucine and glutamine. both amino acids were required to initiate resumption of cell-cycle traverse. deficiencies in other amino acids contained in f-10 medium did not result in accumulation of cells in g(1), i ...197019866743
somatic cell hybridization: pattern of chromosome replication in viable chinese hamster x armenian hamster hybrids. 19705531479
uv-absorption and quinacrine mustard fluorescence patterns for chromosome aberration study in chinese hamster. 19705496280
actinomycin d and radiation fractionation studies in asynchronous and synchronized chinese hamster cells. 19705490498
separation of nuclei representing different phases of the growth cycle from unsynchronized mammalian cell cultures.nuclei have been isolated from unsynchronized cultures of chinese hamster fibroblasts after varying intervals of growth following the incorporation of thymidine (-3)h for 20 min. these nuclei were fractionated by unit gravity sedimentation in a stabilizing density gradient of sucrose, and fractions were analyzed for the concentration of nuclei, dna, and radioactivity. a more rapidly sedimenting population of nuclei in the g(2) phase of the cell cycle was separated from a group of nuclei in the g ...19705513550
the ultrastructure of the brain in the diabetic chinese hamster with special reference to synaptic abnormalities. 19704097216
isolation of low molecular weight, methylated ribonucleic acids from 10s to 30s particles of chinese hamster cell fractions. 19705534312
comparison of lethality and chromosomal damage induced by x-rays in synchronized chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19705466865
protection by cysteamine against mitotic delay and chromosomal aberrations induced by x-rays in synchronized chinese hamster cells. 19705465551
[breeding performance of normal and diabetic chinese hamsters (cricetulus griseus)]. 19705452392
repair replication in chinese hamster cells after damage from ultraviolet light. 19705498523
density invariance of cultured chinese hamster cells with stage of the mitotic cycle.isopycnic banding of chinese hamster line cho cells in ficoll gradients shows that a population in balanced, exponential growth is very homogeneous with respect to density, the coefficient of variation of the density distribution spectrum being less than 5% of the mean reduced density (i.e. density minus one). similar measurements on synchronized cultures indicate that reduced density varies by less than 2% around the life cycle. the mean density of cho cells in f-10 growth medium is calculated ...19705465290
regulation of initiation of dna synthesis in chinese hamster cells. i. production of stable, reversible g1-arrested populations in suspension culture.suspension cultures of chinese hamster cells (line cho) were grown to stationary phase (approximately 8-9 x 10(5) cells/ml) in f-10 medium. cells remained viable (95%) for at least 80 hr in stationary phase, and essentially all of the cells were in g(1) upon resuspension or dilution with fresh medium, the cells were induced to resume traverse of the life cycle in in synchrony, and the patterns of dna synthesis and division were similar to those observed in cultures prepared by mitotic selection. ...19705460461
x-ray survival of cultured chinese hamster cells resuming growth after plateau phase. 19705463519
the relative radiosensitivity of the nucleus and cytoplasm of chinese hamster fibroblasts. 19705463516
radiosensitivity of mammalian cells. iv. effects of x-irradiation on the dna synthetic period in synchronized cells.the effect of x-irradiation on the timing of dna synthesis in the chinese hamster ovary cells has been investigated. mitotically synchronized cells irradiated in mitosis or early g(1) exhibited a fixed, dose-independent (150-2000 rad) delay of 1.6 hr in entry into s, while the duration of s was unaffected. cells irradiated during late g(1) or the first 0.8 hr of s were not affected either in time of initiation or duration of s. however, when cells 0.8 hr or more into s were irradiated, completio ...19705452354
epidemiological studies of the chinese hamster. 19705432350
metabolic abnormalities in the pancreatic islets and livers of the diabetic chinese hamster. 19704914658
[the postnatal development of cricetulus griseus]. 19705517748
a comparison of radiation-induced reproductive death and chromosome exchanges in chinese hamster cells at room temperature and in liquid nitrogen. 19705310882
cellular resistance to actinomycin d in chinese hamster cells in vitro: cross-resistance, radioautographic, and cytogenetic studies. 19705533992
dna synthetic pattern in the nucleolus. ii. chinese hamster cells. 19705466481
a new cell line derived from newborn chinese hamster lung tissue. 19705452405
two forms of repair of dna in mammalian cells following irradiation.when chinese hamster cells are lysed on top of an alkaline sucrose gradient, in time a fairly discrete dna-containing molecular species is released from an apparently more complex material. small doses of x-radiation speed the resolution of this complex while large doses degrade the material released from it. incubation after irradiation reverses both effects.19705461576
low-molecular-weight, methylated ribonucleic acid species in chinese hamster cell fractions absorb to bentonite. 19705461485
[functional morphology of chromosomes in cultured mammalian cells. ii. study of chinese hamster aneuploid cell chromosomes using 5-bromodeoxyuridine]. 19705450755
the response of histone fractions to x-irradiation in cultured chinese hamster cells. 19705461505
animal cells: noncorrelation of length of g1 phase with size after mitosis.the interval between mitosis and initiation of dna synthesis (g(1)) varied over a fourfold range for chinese hamster ovary cells, an established line. this was not because of size differences. synchlronous cells of different sizes began dna synthesis at similar times after mitosis. a novel technique of centrifugation for separating cells according to size is described.19705409485
aneuploidy and polyploidy in germ-line cells of the male chinese hamster (cricetulus griseus). 19705535796
[experiences with the chinese hamster (cricetulus griseus) in the breeding for diabetes research]. 19705534904
[breeding of the chinese hamster according to the collar method]. 19705534903
breeding chinese hamsters (cricetulus griseus) in monogamous pairs. 19705534902
[testicular changes in a diabetic chinese hamster]. 19705512322
[chinese hamster as an experimental animal]. 19705512319
[future role of the chinese hamster in research]. 19705512312
[blood picture of the chinese hamster]. 19705512311
[carcinogenic effect of diethyl- and dibutylnitrosamine in the chinese hamster]. 19705512310
[cytogenetic studies of the bone marrow and fibroblast cultures from the chinese hamster]. 19705512309
[use of the chinese hamster for inhalation experiments]. 19705512308
[electrocardiogram, phonocardiogram and pneumogram of the chinese hamster]. 19705512307
[functional morphology of mammalian chromosomes in cultured cells. 3. x-chromosomes in short-term diploid and long-term aneuploid chinese hamster cell cultures]. 19705508636
[chemical mutagenesis in mammals. the chinese hamster bone marrow as an in vivo test system. hematological findings after treatment with trenimon]. 19705490354
the distribution of sister chromatids at mitosis in chinese hamster cells. 19705480727
chromosomal damage in chinese hamster cells grown in u.v.-irradiated medium. 19705461556
growth and observations of chinese hamster seminiferous epithelium in vitro. 19705417691
recovery of chinese hamster cells from ultra-violet irradiation damage. 19705311614
the influence of post-irradiation conditions on the survival of chinese hamster cells after gamma-irradiation. 19705310732
morphologic changes in the pancreatic islets of the chinese hamster in spontaneous diabetes and some experimental conditions. 19704934164
[bibliography on the chinese hamster]. 19704934162
rate of gluconeogenesis and levels of gluconeogenic enzymes in liver and kidney of diabetic and normal chinese hamsters. 19704322196
tissue distribution and dosimetry of 144ce in chinese hamsters. 19705495018
preliminary studies on food and water consumption of prediabetic chinese hamsters. 19705450181
studies on the prediction and development of diabetes in offspring of diabetic chinese hamsters. 19705432351
an air drying method for the preparation of dictyotene chromosomes from ovaries of chinese hamsters. 19704911513
an electron microscopic study of retinal capillaries of normal and spontaneously diabetic chinese hamsters. 19705419435
[glucose tolerance tests in the diabetic and non-diabetic chinese hamsters]. 19705512306
isolated mammalian metaphase chromosomes. ii. fractionated chromosomes of mouse and chinese hamster cells. 19695391786
radioprotective effect of rat kangaroo haematopoietic cells on x-irradiated mice and chinese hamsters. 19694890684
cell sorting: automated separation of mammalian cells as a function of intracellular fluorescence.a system for high-speed sorting of fluorescent cells was able to sort mouse spleen cells from chinese hamster ovarian cells after development of fluorochromasia. highly fluorescent fractions separated after similar treatment from mouse spleen cells immunized to sheep erythrocytes were enriched in antibody-producing cells by factors of 4 to 10.19694898615
ribonucleic acid synthesis of vesicular stomatitis virus. i. species of ribonucleic acid found in chinese hamster ovary cells infected with plaque-forming and defective particles.plaque-forming b particles of vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv) induce the synthesis of virus-specific ribonucleic acid (rna) in chinese hamster ovary cells, whereas defective t particles do not. infection with low input multiplicities of b results in the formation of four species of rna. during infection with high multiplicities, rna synthesis begins with mainly these four species of rna but gradually shifts to a new pattern of rna synthesis involving five other species of rna. the change can al ...19694308915
presence of viral genome in chinese hamster embryonic cell transformed in vitro with bryan strain of rous sarcoma virus (b-rsv). 19694314438
mutation and inactivation of cultured mammalian cells exposed to beams of accelerated heavy ions. ii. chinese hamster v79 cells.inactivation and mutation to thioguanine-resistance of v79 hamster cells were studied after irradiation with accelerated helium, boron or nitrogen ions covering a range of linear energy transfer from 28 to 470 kev micrometers-1. for all radiation qualities a dose-dependent increase in mutant frequency was found for doses giving surviving fractions greater than about 0.20. the effectiveness per unit dose for both inactivation and mutation induction increased with the linear energy transfer of the ...1969315388
monogamous mating of chinese hamsters. anl-7635. 19695310840
cytogenetic and other effects of 144ce in chinese hamsters. lf-41. 19695310176
spontaneous lesions in a colony of chinese hamsters. 19694308318
chromosome aberrations and other effects produced by 90sr-90y in chinese hamsters. 19695308578
effects on the endocrine pancreas in chinese hamsters fed zinc deficient diets. 19694906988
pancreatic islet morphology in diabetic chinese hamsters. a light and electron microscopic study. 19694895643
temporal coordination of dna replication with enzyme synthesis in diploid and heteroploid cells.the rate of dna synthesis in the s phase of growth of synchronized diploid chinese hamster cells shows two maximums, while in heteroploid hamster cells the dna replication rate is constant. in diploid cells a reciprocal relationship exists between maximum dna synthetic rates and maximum lactate dyhydrogenase and thymidine kinase enzyme levels. enzyme activity in heteroploid cells increases continuously through the cell cycle with no evidence of oscillations. it seems possible that these differen ...196917655055
on the duplication of ribosomal rna cistrons in chinese hamster cells. 19695392317
the metaphase chromosomes of chinese hamster liver cells following partial hepatectomy. 19695370786
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