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cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of ultraviolet irradiation as a function of the interval between split doses in cultured chinese hamster cells. 19734684406
relative radiosensitivities of tetraploid and diploid chinese hamster cells in culture exposed to ionizing radiation. 19734684404
caffeine potentiation of the chromosome damage produced in bean root tips and in chinese hamster cells by various chemical and physical agents. 19734684403
cytogenetic and mutagenic effects of ddt and dde in a chinese hamster cell line. 19734346226
unscheduled dna synthesis and repair replication in uv-irradiated chinese-hamster cells. 19734122930
the effect of inhibitors of rna and protein synthesis on dibutyryl cyclic amp mediated morphological transformations of chinese hamster ovary cells in vitro. 19734347524
[expression of tumorigenic potential in isologous hybrid clones of chinese hamster cells (author's transl)]. 19734790834
photoreactivation of ultraviolet-induced chromosomal aberrations.ultraviolet induces only chromatid-type aberrations in synchronized g(1) v-79 chinese hamster and a8w243 xenopus tissue culture cells. posttreatment with white light prevents expression of most potential aberrations in the a8 toad cell, which possesses a photoreactivation enzyme. we conclude that the major ultraviolet-induced dna lesion leading to chromosomal aberrations is the pyrimidine dimer.19734682133
determination of the cell cycle by microautoradiographic method in the cells of bone marrow in the chinese hamster in vivo. 19734805256
caffeine, caffeine derivatives and chromosomal aberrations. vi. the influence of temperature on the aberration-frequency induced during prophase and late g2 by 8-methoxycaffeine and 8-chlorocaffeine in chinese hamster cells. 19734798690
cell membrane permeability during the cell generation cycle in chinese hamster ovary cells. 19734797788
structuredness of the cytoplasmic matrix and michaelis-menten constants for the hydrolysis of fda during the cell cycle in chinese hamster ovary cells. 19734797787
the development of the diencephalon in the chinese hamster: an investigation into the validity of the criteria of subdivision of the brain. 19734755748
a quantitative analysis of colcemid-induced chromosomal nondisjunction in chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19734714918
[topographic anatomy of the thoracic cavity and neck in the chinese dwarf hamster (cricetulus griseus milne edwards 1867)]. 19734707943
the effect of x-rays on labelling pattern of m 1 and m 2 chromosomes in chinese hamster cells. 19734682596
stable telocentric chromosomes produced by centric fission in chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19734682090
the chromosomes of cho, an aneuploid chinese hamster cell line: g-band, c-band, and autoradiographic analyses. 19734120885
induction of alkaline phosphatase by cyclic amp or its dibutyryl derivative in a hybrid line between mouse and chinese hamster in culture. 19724108192
repopulation of the postmitotic nucleolus by preformed rna.this study is concerned with the fate of the nucleolar contents, particularly nucleolar rna, during mitosis mitotic cells harvested from monolayer cultures of chinese hamster embryonal cells, kb6 (human) cells, or l929 (mouse) cells were allowed to proceed into interphase in the presence or absence (control) of 0.04-0 08 microg/ml of actinomycin d, a concentration which preferentially inhibits nucleolar (ribosomal) rna synthesis 3 hr after mitosis, control cells had large, irregularly shaped nuc ...19724112854
translation of reovirus messenger rnas synthetesized in vitro into reovirus polypeptides by several mammalian cell-free extracts.single-stranded reovirus rna, synthesized in vitro by reovirus cores, functioned as messenger rna in cell-free extracts prepared from several mammalian cells: krebs ii mouse ascites cells, mouse l cells, chinese hamster ovary cells, hela cells, and rabbit reticulocytes. as shown by acrylamide gel electrophoresis, all eight polypeptides known to be specified by reovirus were synthesized in the reticulocyte system. in the other extracts, from 5 to 7 complete virus proteins were made.19724506788
genetics of somatic mammalian cells: demonstration of a human esterase activator gene linked to the adeb gene.prototrophic hybrids formed from an adenine-requiring chinese hamster cell and human fibroblasts uniformly display new esterase activity that differs from that of either parental cell in electrophoretic mobility and substrate specificity. the hybrids that grew in the selective medium and possessed the new esterase activity had a single extra chromosome that resembled a b-group human chromosome. when clones of such hybrid cells were cultured in nonselective medium, they rapidly reverted to inabil ...19724508320
loss of simian virus 40 dna-rna hybrids from nitrocellulose membranes; implications for the study of virus--host dna interactions.complete hybrids of simian virus 40 (sv40)dna and its complementary rna (crna) are not retained on nitrocellulose membranes. at saturating crna concentrations, retention of the hybrids indicates incomplete homology between dna and rna, probably due to incorporation of host dna in the viral dna; this effect is most pronounced when dna is produced in cells infected at high multiplicity. hybrids between dna of chinese hamster cells transformed by sv40 and crna are retained if the dna fragments are ...19724340749
tumor etiology and chromosome pattern.fibrosarcomas induced in chinese hamsters and rats by rous sarcomla virus and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene are associated with nonrandom chromosome variation. although histologically indistinguishable, the tumors induced by the virus or chemical in each host species are characterized by completely different karyotypic patterns.19724338345
ribonucleic acid synthesis of vesicular stomatitis virus. iv. transcription by standard virus in the presence of defective interfering particles.exposure of vesicular stomatitis virus-infected chinese hamster ovary cells to cycloheximide results in the complete transcription of virion ribonucleic acid (rna) into only 28s and 13 to 15s viral-specific rna species. these rna are identical to viral messenger rna by the following criteria: size, single-strandedness, complementarity to virion rna, and formation of messenger ribonucleoproteins. this transcription represents the intracellular enzymatic activity of the virion-associated polymeras ...19724338638
f1-histone modification at metaphase in chinese hamster cells. 19724338680
evidence for linkage between human loci for 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase and phosphoglucomutase in man-chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids. 19724553635
cytofluorometric study of the deoxyribonucleoprotein of mouse spermatozoa early after fusion with chinese hamster cells. 19724584671
[karyological characteristics of a mixed population during spontaneous hybridization of chinese hamster and mouse cells]. 19724637820
synchronous replication of the parental chromosomes in a chinese hamster-mouse somatic hybrid. 19724673832
comparative analysis of mammalian sperm motility.spermatozoa of several mammalian species were studied by means of high-speed cinematography and electron microscopy. three types of motile patterns were observed in mouse spermatozoa. the first type involved an asymmetrical beat which seemed to propel the sperm in circular paths. the second type involved rotation of the sperm and appeared to allow them to maintain straight paths. in the third type of pattern, the sperm appeared to move by crawling on surfaces in a snakelike manner. spermatozoa o ...19725025110
further studies on the induction of alkaline phosphatase by 5-bromodeoxyuridine in a hybrid line between mouse and chinese hamster in culture. 19725063668
inoculation of voles, chinese hamsters, gerbils and guinea-pigs with scrapie brain material. 19725065061
mutagenesis in cultured mammalian cells. i. spontaneous gene mutations in human and chinese hamster cells. 19725065687
comparison of the retention and distribution of injected 252 cf in rats and chinese hamsters. 19725084000
ganglioside composition of malignant and actinomycin d-resistant nonmalignant chinese hamster cells. 1972444244
studies on the structure of metaphase and interphase chromatin of chinese hamster cells by circular dichroism and thermal denaturation. 19724632121
occurrence and properties of a chromatin-associated f1-histone phosphokinase in mitotic chinese hamster cells. 19724347703
on the selection for the modal chromosome number in chinese hamster cells. 19724675123
polyploidy induced by x-rays during the cell cycle of chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19724674993
the effects of 144 ce- 144 pr on the metaphase chromosomes of the chinese hamster liver cells in vivo. 19724646441
alteration of nucleoside transport of chinese hamster cells by dibutyryl adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate.cultured chinese hamster ovary cells showed no significant change in generation time or fraction in the s-phase in the presence of 1 mm n(6),o(2')-dibutyryl adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate. growth continued for at least two generations after expression of the morphological transformation induced by this cyclic amp analog. despite identical growth rates, apparent rates of dna and rna synthesis (incorporation of [(3)h]-thymidine or [(3)h]uridine) were reduced up to 15-fold in log phase by 1 m ...19724345504
changes in radiosensitivity and dispersion of chromatin during the cell cycle of synchronous chinese hamster cells. 19724674589
enhancement of x-ray damage in synchronous chinese hamster cells by hypertonic treatments. 19724674588
repair of sublethal and potentially lethal x-ray damage in synchronous chinese hamster cells. 19724674587
growth dynamics of mitochondria in synchronized chinese hamster cells.the increase in cell volume (from electronic cell sizing) and the apportionment of this volume amongst the nuclear, cytoplasmic, and mitochondrial subcellular compartments (from electron microscopy) were studied throughout the cell division cycle in partially synchronized cultures of chinese hamster v79-s171 cells. average whole cell volume was found to increase smoothly, consistent with the doubling in one generation of individual cell volume. nuclear size increased in like fashion. mean total ...19724674506
reversible arrest of chinese hamster cells in g1 by partial deprivation of leucine. 19724673827
induction of auxotrophic mutations by treatment of chinese hamster cells with 5-bromodeoxyuridine and black light.treatment of an aneuploid chinese hamster cell line (v79) in tissue culture with 5-bromodeoxyuridine and black light, with or without prior exposure of cells to another mutagen, led to the isolation of auxotrophic mutants, each of which exhibits a specific nutritional requirement for glycine, uridine, purine, or for a combination of glycine, hypoxanthine, and thymidine. 61 mutants that could not use exogenous galactose were also isolated. thus, this treatment functions as an inductive, but not a ...19724508333
mammalian cells with altered forms of rna polymerase ii.mutants of chinese hamster ovary cells that are resistant to alpha-amanitin can be isolated. at least some of these mutants contain an altered form of dna-dependent rna polymerase ii, as indicated by its resistance to alpha-amanitin. these results indicate that mutation to alpha-amanitin resistance involves a change of a structural gene.19724508306
streptozotocin-diabetes in the chinese hamster. blood glucose and structural changes during the first 24 hours. 19724120450
the influence of lichen extracts on vicia faba and chinese hamster cells. 19724673674
expression of galactose genes in mammalian cells. i. galactose enzymes in chinese hamster ovary cell hybrids. 19725065777
effects of deprivation of two essential amino acids on dna synthesis in chinese hamster cells. 19724673146
survival curves and age response functions for chinese hamster cells exposed to x-rays or high let alpha-particles. 19724672846
actinomycin d inhibition of repair of a dna complex from chinese hamster cells. 19724541782
8-azaguanine resistance in mammalian cells. i. hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase.chinese hamster cells were treated with ethyl methanesulfonate or n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine, and mutants resistant to 8-azaguanine were selected and characterized. hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase activity of sixteen mutants is extremely negative, making them suitable for reversion to hgprtase(+). ten of the extremely negative mutants revert at a frequency higher than 10(-7) suggesting their point mutational character. the remaining mutants have demonstrable hgprtase act ...19724345996
opposite effects of dibutyryl adenosine 3':5' cyclic monophosphate and serum on growth of chinese hamster cells. 19724344775
a practical method for production breeding of chinese hamsters (cricetulus griseus). 19724343330
banding patterns of chinese hamster chromosomes. 19724119150
regulation of glutamine synthetase in cultured chinese hamster cells. induction and repression by glutamine. 19724403489
biological damage from intranuclear tritium: dna strand breaks and their repair.isotopic decay in tritiated thymidine in the dna of frozen (-196 degrees c) chinese hamster cells causes breaks in dna strands to accumulate at a rate of 2.1 breaks per decay. after dna is thawed the tritium-induced breaks repair rapidly with a half-time of 15 minutes at 37 degrees c. in comparison to breakage by x-rays, the efficiency of dna strand breakage by tritium is equivalent to 0.48 rad per decay. this dose per decay is close to that predicted by simple dosimetric considerations (0.38 ra ...19725055946
tumorigenicity and agglutination by concanavalin a of chinese hamster cells and their hybrids. 19724661093
radiation mortality in the chinese hamster, cricetulus griseus, in relation to age. 19725056748
mutagenesis in cultured mammalian cells. ii. induction of gene mutations in chinese hamster cells. 19725053588
a method for comparing effects of different synchronizing protocols on mammalian cell cycle traverse. the traverse perturbation index.after treatment of chinese hamster cells (line cho) with various protocols for synchrony induction, the subsequent ability of cells to traverse the cell cycle (i e., to perform, an essential cell cycle process) has been determined by measurement of the dna distribution pattern among cells in large populations with the los alamos flow microfluorometer in the cultures prepared by the various synchronizing techniques the vast majority of cells traversed the cell cycle in a normal fashion; however, ...19725044762
thermally enhanced radiosensitivity of cultured chinese hamster cells. 19724506201
a genetic approach to the study of cytotoxicity and resistance of cultured chinese hamster cells in the presence of cytosine arabinoside. 19725065146
evidence for linkage of 3-phosphoglycerate kinase, hypoxanthine-guanine-phosphoribosyl transferase, and glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase loci in chinese hamster cells studied by using a relationship between gene multiplicity and enzyme activity. 19725064956
effects of cold treatment on synchronous chinese hamster cells treated in mitosis. 19724672339
fractions of chinese hamster dna differing in their content of guanine+cytosine and evidence for the presence of single-stranded dna. 19724340342
mutations to 8-azaguanine resistance induced in cultured chinese hamster cells by alpha particles. 19725064768
repair of a dna complex from x-irradiated chinese hamster cells. 19724541706
the in vivo cytogenetic effects of 252 cf on liver and bone marrow of the chinese hamster. 19725084001
the retention, distribution, dose and cytogenetic effects of 241 amacitrate in the chinese hamster. 19725083994
damage and repair of dna in 5-bromodeoxyuridine-labeled chinese hamster cells exposed to fluorescent light.illumination of chinese hamster cells with fluorescent light after 5-bromodeoxyuridine incorporation leads to extensive single-strand breakage in the dna of the exposed cells. the rate of production of single-strand breaks is dependent on the extent to which thymine is replaced by 5-bromouracil. at least some of the breaks observed with alkaline gradients are probably produced in vivo and are probably not contingent upon alkaline hydrolysis since breakage can be demonstrated with neutral gradien ...19725063839
potentiation of drug effect by tween 80 in chinese hamster cells resistant to actinomycin d and daunomycin. 19725030820
progesterone-induced alterations of oogenesis in the chinese hamster. 19725025463
synthesis and degradation of microtubule protein in synchronized chinese hamster cells. 19725063679
experimental evolution of cell populations of chinese hamster treated with colchicine. induction of high degree of ploidy and a phase-specific lethal effect. 19724660935
radiation-induced division delay in synchronized chinese hamster ovary cells in monolayer culture. 19725063489
a search for chromosome damage following exposure of chinese hamster cells to high intensity, pulsed ultrasound. 19725063346
the development of the diencephalon of the chinese hamster. 19725055997
chinese hamster liver glutamine synthetase. purification, physical and biochemical properties. 19724401699
regulation of the udp-glucose-4-epimerase activity in chinese hamster cells. 19724337424
the morphological and chtogenetic effects of laser power at 2650 a on chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19725063192
effect of caffeine on the induction of mutations in chinese hamster cells by ultraviolet light. 19725062851
the induction of 8-azaguanine-resistant mutants in cultured chinese hamster cells by ultraviolet light. the effect of changes in post-irradiation conditions. 19725062850
[cytophotometric studies on the kinetics of feulgen's hydrolysis of metaphase chromosomes and spermatozoa in the spermatogenesis of the chinese hamster]. 19725050907
radiation-induced chromosome abberations in chinese hamster leukocytes. a comparison of in vivo and in vitro exposures. 19724537717
immune cytolysis and x irradiation: independent lethal action in chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19725062045
[distribution of 5-bromodeoxyuridine-induced chromosome aberrations along chinese hamster chromosomes]. 19725020132
induced changes in the rates of uridine- 3 h uptake and incorporation during the g 1 and s periods of synchronized chinese hamster cells.the rates of uridine-5-(3)h incorporation into rna and the rates of uridine uptake into the acid-soluble pool during the cell cycle of v79 chinese hamster cells were examined. cells cultured on eagle's minimal essential medium supplemented with fetal calf serum, lactalbumin hydrolysate, glutamine, and trypsin displayed rates of incorporation and uptake which increased only slightly during g(1) and accelerated sharply as dna synthesis commenced. in contrast, cells cultured on minimal essential me ...19725009516
survival response of asynchronous and synchronous chinese hamster cells exposed to fluorescent light following 5-bromodeoxyuridine incorporation. 19725062702
[autoradiographic analysis of chromosome localization in interphase nuclei of cricetulus griseus and vicia faba]. 19725062399
[spiralization of chinese hamster chromosomes after 5-bromodeoxyuridine treatment of cells in 2 consecutive mitotic cycles]. 19725062395
[transformation in vitro of a new cell line from the chinese hamster embryo (c.h.e.): evolution of the transplantability, the karyotype and the cell surface]. 19724622417
lymphocyte cultures from chinese hamster (cricetulus griseus). 19724111089
recovery and repair in chinese hamster cells following uv-irradiation. 19725066419
[topography of the peritoneal organs of the chinese minihamster (cricetulus griseus milne edwards 1867)]. 19725063830
cell cycle compartment analysis of chinese hamster cells in stationary phase cultures. 19725062785
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