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x-ray sensitivity during the cell generation cycle of cultured chinese hamster cells. 19665924188
induction of thymine dimers in synchronized populations of chinese hamster cells. 19665970129
hyperinsulinemia with diabetes induced by cortisone, and the influence of growth hormone in the chinese hamster. 19665957189
cilia formation in chinese hamster fibroblasts in vitro as a response to colcemid treatment. 19665971010
life cycle analysis of mammalian cells. 3. the inhibition of division in chinese hamster cells by puromycin and actinomycin.analysis of the effects of actinomycin and puromycin on the g(2) and mitotic parts of the life cycle in chinese hamster ovary cells grown in suspension and synchronized by thymidine treatment has been carried out. rates of division of partially synchronized cell populations were measured in the presence and absence of the drugs, and various controls were performed to test for absence of complex side effects. actinomycin produces a block 1.9 hr before completion of division, while puromycin produ ...19665970563
regeneration of sialic acid on the surface of chinese hamster cells in culture. i. general characteristics of the replacement process. 19665967192
the kinetics of chromatid aberrations induced in chinese hamster cells by tritium-labeled thymidine. 19665920291
incorporation of [3-h]uridine and [m3-14-c]methionine into chinese-hamster cell ribonucleic acid. 19666006991
deoxyribonucleic acid replication of somatic cells in the chinese hamster. 19665914915
chronology of nucleic acid synthesis in meiosis of the male chinese hamster. 19665950863
cell cycle kinetics and radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations studied with c14 and h3 labels.chinese hamster cells in vitro were double labeled with c(14)tdr and h(3)tdr. at the time of irradiation with co(60) gamma rays (600 rad), the cells in the g(2) phase were labeled only with c(14), whereas cells in the late and middle s phases were labeled with both c(14) and h(3). the cells in early s phase were labeled only with h(3) and the g(1) cells were unlabeled. samples were fixed at various time intervals following irradiation and the metaphases were analyzed for chromosomal damage. the ...19665963459
metaphase arrest of chinese hamster cells with rotenone. 19665941244
radiosensitization of x chromosome of chinese hamster cells related to incorporation of 5-bromodeoxyuridine.selective incorporation of 5-bromodeoxyuridine into the late replicating arm of the x chromosome of chinese hamister cells cultured in vitro caused a selective radiosensization of the arm to ionizing radiation. radiation damage was observed as chromosomal aberrations, and incorporation was studied by using tritiated 5-bromodeoxyuridine.19665910191
cytogenetic effects of 90sr on the bone marrow of chinese hamsters. lf-38. 19675302776
islet and beta cell volumes in diabetic chinese hamsters and their non-diabetic siblings. 19674907143
the colony of chinese hamsters of the c.h. best institute. a review of experimental work. 19674244685
[on the question of the genetic change in a rat ascites hepatoma by heterotransplantation in the chinese hamster]. 19674294378
localization of "spontaneous" and rous sarcoma virus-induced breakage in specific regions of the chromosomes of the chinese hamster. 19674296940
age dependency of tissue resistance to trichinella spiralis in chinese hamsters. 19676026861
histometric investigations on the testicular tissue of rats with alloxan diabetes and chinese hamsters with spontaneous diabetes. 19676071200
isolation and properties of hybrids between somatic mouse and chinese hamster cells. 19676077523
distribution of dna in chinese hamster cells. 19676082327
comparison of radiation-induced chromatid aberrations in the testes and bone marrow of the chinese hamster. 19676065251
mitotic delay and chromosomal aberrations induced by x rays in synchronized chinese hamster cells in vitro.synchronized chinese hamster cell populations in vitro were x-irradiated at different stages of the cell cycle and examined at the next metaphase. mitotic delay varied according to the stage of the cell cycle at the time of irradiation. it was greatest for cells irradiated in middle to late s, moderate for cells irradiated in g2, and least for cells irradiated in g1. it increased approximately linearly with dose (0.7 hr./100 rad for s cells and 0.3 hr./100 rad for g1 cells). chromosomal aberrati ...196718623924
the effect of thymidine on the duration of g1 in chinese hamster cells.the generation time of a chinese hamster cell line was varied by the use of different lots of sera in the culture media. analysis of the division waves following thymidine synchronization showed that lengthening of the generation time was a result of an increase in duration of the g(1) phase and that thymidine treatment reduced the duration of g(1) back to its minimum value.19676061724
[the action of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine and aminopterin on the mitotic cycle in cell culture of chinese hamster]. 19676076533
differential effect of sodium azide on the incorporation of nucleic acid precursors into chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19676057886
generation cycle analysis of chinese hamster cells by a new method and its comparison with other methods. 19676038819
the absence of a detectable g1 phase in a cultured strain of chinese hamster lung cell. 19676035652
properties of mitotic cells prepared by mechanically shaking monolayer cultures of chinese hamster cells. 19674869346
rna synthesis in relation to dna replication in synchronized chinese hamster cell cultures. 19676050591
the effects of colcemid inhibition and reversal on the fine structure of the mitotic apparatus of chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19675339063
x-ray survival and dna synthesis in chinese hamster cells. i. the effect of inhibitors added before x-irradiation. 19675231591
[tumors in the forestomach of the chinese hamster following administration of diethylnitrosamine. a contribution to the problem of organotropy of a carcinogen]. 19676046493
synthesis of rna in mammalian cells during mitosis and interphase.chinese hamster cells in the mitotic and g(1) phases of the growth cycle were incubated for 30 or 60 min in suspension tissue culture and pulse-labeled with tritiated uridine. after appropriate chases, washes, and extractions, it was found that all incorporation into the nucleic acid may be accounted for by those cells in interphase. an average of 410 counts was found for incorporation into the cell population (approximately 2.0 x 10(5) cells) of which over 80% of the cells was initially in mito ...19676039370
persistence of chromosomal aberrations in chinese hamster thyroid following administration of iodine-131. 19676032617
regeneration of sialic acid on the surface of chinese hamster cells in culture. ii. incorporation of radioactivity from glucosamine-1-14c. 19676033950
diabetes mellitus in the chinese hamster. ii. the evolution of renal glomerulopathy. 19675630196
characterization of diabetes in the chinese hamster. 19675630193
the inheritance of diabetes in the chinese hamster. 19675630186
diabetes in the chinese hamster. some clinical and metabolic aspects. 19675621371
spontaneous diabetes mellitus in the chinese hamster: an electron microscopic study of the islets of langerhans. 19674907144
diabetes mellitus in the chinese hamster. i. metabolic and morphologic studies. 19674907137
insulin secretion in vitro by the pancreas of the chinese hamster. 19674907136
sulfur mustard and x-rays: differences in expression of lethal damage.before or after treatment with sulfur mustard, simple changes in the incubation conditions of cultured chinese hamster cells lead to changes as great as a factor of 6 in survival-curve slopes. with x-ray treatment, changes are similar but much smaller in magnitude. these results suggest that the modes of action of these agents are not entirely the same.19676020479
[in vitro transformation of chinese hamster cells by adenovirus 12: cytogenetic studies]. 19676039763
genetics of somatic mammalian cells. iv. properties of chinese hamster cell mutants with respect to the requirement for proline. 19676068403
contact inhibition in colony inhibition of replication of the established mammalian cell line 3t3 was examined during growth of the colony and compared with that of the chinese-hamster cell line chl-1. the growth curves of cells in the colonies conformed to the predicted exponential and linear rates for chl-1 and 3t3 respectively. autoradiographs of colonies in which dna was labeled with tritiated thymidine showed that in 3t3 colonies, only peripheral cells were labeled, while chl-1 colonies were labeled throughout.19676066687
hydroxyurea: effects on chinese hamster cells grown in culture. 19676018562
[characteristics of the mitotic cycle in cultured cells of chinese hamster]. 19676064898
the pattern of autosomal dna replication in four tissues of the chinese hamster. 19676022325
some aspects on the blood glucose regulation and the glutathione content of the non-diabetic adult chinese hamster, cricetulus griseus. 19675597549
variation in relative lengths of early- and late- replicating portions of x chromosomes of the chinese hamster (cricetulus griseus). 19675587541
mitotic delay and chromosomal aberrations induced by x rays in synchronized chinese hamster cells in vitro. anl-7409. 19675308317
x-ray sensitivity of synchronized chinese hamster cells irradiated during hypoxia. anl-7409. 19675308301
the combined lethal effect of hydroxyurea and x-rays on chinese hamster cells in vitro. anl-7409. 19675308295
effect of cysteamine upon the x-ray response of chinese hamster cells during the generation cycle. anl-7409. 19675308212
ultraviolet sensitivity of synchronized chinese hamster cells at various stages of the cell cycle. anl-7409. 19675308198
chromosomal aberrations induced by tritiated thymidine during the s and g2 phases of chinese hamster cells. 19675299589
morphology of the pancreatic islets of the non-diabetic adult chinese hamster, cricetulus griseus. ultrastructural findings. 19674876559
morphology of the pancreatic islets of the non-diabetic adult chinese hamster, cricetulus griseus. light microscopical findings. 19674876558
a failure of specific inhibitors to affect survival of chinese hamster cells exposed to ultra-violet light. 19674171995
dna replication in chinese hamster ovary cells made permeable to nucleotides by tween-80 treatment.we have developed a method for permeabilizing cho cells to nucleotides under conditions which allow most cells to remain viable. permeabilized cells can carry out atp-dependent, semiconservative synthesis of dna. the data are consistent with the continuation of dna synthesis in those cells in s phase at the time of treatment, possibly limited to completion of replicon synthesis without new initiations.19671270517
ultrastructural study of the mitochondria in the skeletal muscle fibers in the diabetic chinese ultrastructural study of skeletal muscle fiber biopsies from the tongue and soleus muscle of diabetic chinese hamsters revealed the presence of lipid droplets within the muscle fibers. these droplets often were found in the cyptoplasm near mitochondira, sometimes inside or surrounded by one or more mitochondria. glycogen granules were found in great quantities in the cytoplasm of the tongue and soleus muscle. granules which appeared to be glycogen were also found within the mitochondria of th ...1967276592
observations on the propagation of chinese hamsters. 19684231922
clonal analysis of embryonic chinese hamster cells transformed by schmidt-ruppin rsv in vitro. 19684297600
transfer of defective rous sarcoma virus genome from chinese hamster embryonic cells to chicken cells. 19684298067
chromosome breakage induced by a carcinogenic hydrocarbon in chinese hamster cells and human leukocytes in vitro. 19684299249
chromosome pulverization in chinese hamster cells induced by sendai virus. 19684301272
[heterotransplantation of zajdela hepatoma of the rat to golden hamsters, mice, and chinese hamsters]. 19684182272
comparative effects of cortisone and acth on golden and chinese hamsters infected with trichinella spiralis. 19684319345
effect of immunosuppressive drugs (6-mercaptopurine and methotrexate) on resistance of chinese hamsters to the tissue phase of trichinella spiralis. 19685698690
the intracellular distribution of basic proteins in the chinese hamster ovary cell. 19685761384
radiosensitivity of mammalian cells. ii. radiation effects on macromolecular synthesis.radiation effects on macromolecular synthesis essential for the chinese hamster cell to traverse the life cycle and to divide have been investigated. life-cycle analysis techniques employing inhibitors of macromolecular synthesis were used in determining the kinetics of cell growth for specific segments of the population following spontaneous recovery from radiation-induced division delay. the results indicated that recovery does not occur in the absence of functional protein synthesis. under co ...19685753224
radiosensivity of mammalian cells. i. timing and dose-dependence of radiation-induced division delay.the time of onset and duration of division delay induced by exposure to 250-kvp x-irradiation have been measured in several mammalian cell lines grown in suspension culture. unique times of action (i.e. interval from irradiation to cessation of division) late in g(2) are characteristic for hela, l-5178y, and chinese hamster cells, and the time of action is independent of dose over the range 25-800 rads. the duration of delay was directly proportional to dose; all irradiated cells divided at leas ...19685753223
the effect of cysteamine on chromosomal aberrations and division delay in chinese hamster cells. anl-7535. 19685307188
sensitivity of synchronized chinese hamster cells to ultraviolet light. anl-7535. 19685307187
the effect of ultraviolet irradiation on the progression of chinese hamster cells through the cell cycle. anl-7535. 19685307186
protection by cysteamine against x-ray damage during the cell cycle of chinese hamster cells. anl-7535. 19685307185
mating systems for chinese hamster production. anl-7535. 19685307180
computer analysis of chromosomes of the chinese hamster. anl-7535. 19685306862
mammalian cell genetics. ii. chemical induction of specific locus mutations in chinese hamster cells in vitro. 19685249812
determining the repair rate for radiation-induced chromatid deletions during the first 24 hours after irradiation.the number of chromatid plus isochromatid deletions present in the testes and bone marrow of the chinese hamster was measured as a function of time following acute exposure to cobalt-60 gamma irradiation. the number of breaks remaining scorable at any time after irradiation exposure could be represented by a simple exponential equation (n = noe-kt). the values of no and k, calculated after 100 roentgens of cobalt-60 gamma irradiation, were 1.15 breaks/cell and 0.16/hour, respectively, for the te ...196817387938
the interaction between gamma and ultraviolet irradiations for survival in a chinese hamster cell line. 19685696537
comparison of ultraviolet and x-ray effects in cultured chinese hamster cells. 19685696536
[time of synthesis and rate of renewal of chromosome proteins in cells of regrafted fibroblast cultures of the chinese hamster]. 19685745596
x-ray sensitivity of synchronized chinese hamster cells irradiated during hypoxia.synchronized chinese hamster cells were irradiated in air and in nitrogen at various points in the cell cycle. the irradiations were carried out after flushing with air or nitrogen with the medium removed from the mono-layer of cells. under these conditions the dose-modifying factor, or oxygen enhancement ratio, was between 2.0 and 2.3 for survival in asynchronous cells. the variation in x-ray sensitivity evident as the cell progresses through its cycle was not differentially affected by its sta ...196817387925
rapidly-labeled nuclear rna in chinese hamster testis. 19685749522
fertilization and early development in the chinese hamster, cricetulus griseus. 19685726140
cytogenesis in primary cell cultures of chinese hamster kidneys. 19685693647
sucrose-induced vacuolation in living chinese hamster fibroblasts. 19684879077
breakdown and assembly of polyribosomes in synchronized chinese hamster cells.polyribosomes were absent in metaphase chinese hamster cells and were reassembled after mitosis. this assembly correlated temporally with formation of nuclear membrane and decondensation of chromatin, accounted for a threefold increased rate of protein synthesis, and occurred independently of de novo rna synthesis, that is, it utilized preexisting messenger rna.19685663806
cytogenetic effects of strontium-90 on the bone marrow of the chinese hamster. 19685667080
cytological effects on chinese hamster cells of synchronizing concentrations of hydroxyurea. 19685678454
genetics of somatic mammalian cells, vii. induction and isolation of nutritional mutants in chinese hamster cells. 19685244736
responses of cultured chinese hamster cells to ultraviolet light of different wavelengths. 19684874350
comparison of repair of sublethal damage in cultured chinese hamster cells exposed to sulfur mustard and x-rays. 19685661065
differences in survival variations during the growth cycle of cultured chinese hamster cells treated with sulfur mustard and x-rays. 19685658444
comparison of survival kinetics and modifications of lethal damage in cultured chinese hamster cells exposed to sulfur mustard and x-rays. 19685658443
incorporation of 14c from [2-14c]methionine into 18 s but not 28 s rna of chinese hamster cells. 19685646651
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