demonstration of epidermis-specific heteroantigens in thymic epithelial cells.heterologous anti-epidermal cell serum was obtained by immunizing rabbits with enzymatically dispersed, viable epidermal cells of guinea pigs, followed by absorption of the antiserum with red blood cells (sheep and guinea pig), lymphoid cells and liver powder (guinea pig). immunofluorescence demonstrated that the antiserum reacted specifically with stratified squamous epithelial cells and thymus epithelial cells including hassall's bodies of the guinea pig, monkey and man. it is suggested that t ...197773519
methods for the identification of human b lymphocytes.complement-receptor lymphocytes and monocytes were identified by a rosette method using trypsin treated sheep erythrocytes (et), sensitized with affinity column purified igm (19s) antibodies against sheep erythrocytes (e) and mouse complement deficient in c5. fc receptor mononuclear cells were identified by a rosette method using et and igg (7s) antibodies against e. identification of the cell-type rosetting was facilitated by myeloperoxidase staining of dry mounted rosetted preparations. compar ...197773562
relation between carp (multiple-sclerosis associated) agent and multiple is suggested that the carp (multiple-sclerosis associated and scrapie associated) agents may be the v-r.n.a. form of slow (d.n.a.) viruses which are the aetiological agents of the two diseases.197673745
post-traumatic immunosuppression. 197673881
species specificity in thermostable and ethanol insoluble tissue antigens. ii. further immunization of rabbits with bovine kidney preparation. 197774202
cultural and physiological characteristics of clostridium botulinum type g and the susceptibility of certain animals to its toxin.strain 89 of clostridium botulinum type g, isolated by gimenez and ciccarelli in 1969, was characterized culturally, biochemically, and toxigenically. it was motile, hemolytic asaccharolytic, weakly proteolytic, lipase and lecithinase negative, and it produced acetic, isobutyric, butyric, and isovaleric acids in peptone-yeast extract-glucose broth. no spores were seen in smears from solid or liquid media. very low levels of toxin were produced in regular broth cultures, but dialysis cultures yie ...197774236
[suppression of a secondary response to sheep erythrocytes by complexes of specific antibodies and anti-immunoglobulin]. 197774238
[immunopathological aspects of nucleolar activation. 1. changes of nucleolar activation during the course of primary immune response].during the primary immune response induced by the administration of sheep erythrocytes in mice, nucleolar activation was observed in macrophages, lymphocytes as well as in plasmacytes. the first maximum (4.6%) was observed on day 3 in macrophagic cells. maximal activation of plasmoblasts (6.6%) and plasmacytes (5.9%) was observed on day the lymphoid series the first maximum in the occurrence of cells showing specific immunological activatin was as follows: large lymphocytes on day (6.5%), medium ...197774293
hydatidosis: a global problem of increasing importance.this review of recent literature reporting the occurrence of hydatid disease due to echinococcus granulosus and e. multilocularis throughout the world emphasizes the global nature of the problem and the threat of its spread into those countries currently free from it. attention is drawn to the urgent need for measures to prevent the importation of infected livestock and this would require the development of techniques for pre-mortem diagnosis and differentiation of hydatidosis and cysticercosis ...197774294
detection of cell-mediated immunity to sheep erythrocytes by the capillary migration inhibition technique in the lizard, calotes versicolor. 197875182
mediation of cytotoxic functions by classes and subclasses of sheep antibody reactive with cell surface immunoglobulin idiotypic and constant region determinants.sheep antibodies, reactive with either the idiotypic or constant region antigenic determinants of the immunoglobulin light chain on guinea-pig l2c leukaemic cells, were separated into igm and into the two subclasses of igg, igg1 and igg2. antibody of both igg subclasses inhibited the migration of l2c cells along plastic surfaces; igm was only weakly inhibitory. antibody of class igm and of subclass igg1 mediated complement cytotoxicity against the l2c cells whereas only that of subclass igg2 med ...197875184
antigen-specific t-cell-mediated suppression. i. induction of l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 specific suppressor t cells in vitro requires both antigen-specific t-cell-suppressor factor and antigen.a combination of in vitro and in vivo techniques were used to explore the mode of action of both crude and purified suppressive extracts specific for the random copolymer l-giutamic acid(60)-l-alanine(30)-l-tyrosine(10) (gat- t(s)f) obtained from nonresponder dba/1 (h-2(q)) mice. normal dba/1 spleen cells were incubated under modified mishell-dutton culture conditions for 2 days together with crude or purified gat-t(s)f, and in the presence or absence of free gat. these cells were then washed ex ...197875231
the role of h-2 linked genes in helper t-cell function. ii. isolation on antigen-pulsed macrophages of two separate populations of f1 helper t cells each specific for antigen and one set of parental h-2 products.a method was established for isolating antigen-specific murine helper t cells by selective binding to antigen-pulsed macrophage (mphi) monolayers. sheep erythrocyte (srbc)-primed t cells, which remained strongly adherent to srbc-pulsed syngeneic mphi after 20 h in culture, were markedly enriched for helper activity when tested in the in vitro antitrinitrophenol (tnp) response to tnp-srbc. successful binding and enrichment occurred only if the mphi were pulsed with the specific antigen to which t ...197875242
[comparison of the capacity of human lymphocytes for rosette formation with intact and fluorescein-isothiocyanate conjugated sheep erythrocytes]. 197875296
light-microscopical diagnosis of rabies. a reappraisal.the validity of reports suggesting that lyssa and negri bodies are non-specific in the light-microscopical diagnosis of rabies was investigated. with seller's impression technique, a substantial proportion of speciments found to be non-rabid with the fluorescent-antibody technique showed structures indistinguishable from lyssa or negri bodies. neither histological examination nor inoculation of animals with non-rabid seller-positive material explained the nature of these rabies-like structures. ...197875337
[comparative testing for estrus synchronization methods in various breeds of sheep]. 197775721
isolation and characterization of a new rubella variang with dna polymerase activity.a rubella variant (hpv-rv) was isolated from high passage rubella virus preparations propagated at 37 degrees c in baby hamster kidney bhk21/wi-2 cells. hpv-rv formed clear plaques in hela cells and primary cells of the rhesus monkey kidney although wild type rubella virus did not produce plaques in these cells. cells persistently infected with rubella virus were insensitive to infection by hpv-rv at both 34 degrees and 39.5 degrees c. hpv-rv agglutinated one day old chick, human group o and she ...197875725
a serum-free medium for the mishell-dutton system.a serum-free medium which provides high recoveries of plaque-forming cells in the primary immune response to sheep erythrocytes is described. in this medium the serum was replaced by heated fetuin and by excess of nonessential amino acids. glycopeptides, obtained by excessive pronase treatment of fetuin were partially capable of replacing the nonhydrolyzed fetuin.197775805
studies on the influence of the methanol extraction residue tubercle bacillus fraction on immunological responsiveness of mice. effects on antibody formation to a soluble protein and a t-independent antigen, delayed hypersensitivity to sheep erythrocytes and numbers of antigen-reactive lymphoid cells. 197875868
leukocyte complement: neoantigens of the membrane attack complex on the surface of human leukocytes prepared from defibrinated blood.the neoantigenic determinants (neoag) which have been identified in the human c5b-9 membranolytic c complex were detected here by the direct fluorescent antibody technique on the surface of 27 +/- 11% of viable peripheral blood leukocytes (pbl). the cells were prepared from defibrinated blood by sedimentation on ficoll-hypaque. specificity of the antisera was established by quantitative inhibition of the fluorescent staining reaction, and of agglutination of eac1-7, by highly purified c5b-9 comp ...197875929
in vivo effects of anti-ia alloantisera. i. elimination of specific suppression by in vivo administration of antisera specific for i-j controlled determinants.the in vivo effects of intravenous administration of alloantisera directed to i-j subregion coded determinants were investigated. in confirmation and extension of our previous results, anti-i-jk [b10.a(3r) anti-b10.a(5r)] and anti-i-js ([b10.a(3r) x b10.s(9r)]f1 anti-b10.htt) antisera, when administered in 1 to 10 microliter amounts at the time of immunization, led to twofold increases in the igm and igg plaque-forming cells (pfc) responses to suboptimal doses of sheep erythrocytes in a/j (i-jk) ...197875939
the efficacy of showers for control of ectoparasites of sheep.ectoparasites of sheep in britain include the tick ixodes ricinus, the blowfly, lucilia sericata, the ked, melophagus ovinus and the lice, damalinia ovis and linognathus ovillus. the most important ectoparasite, however, is the mite psoroptes communis ovis which causes sheep scab. this notifiable disease was eradicated from britain in 1952 but was reported again in 1973. the control of ectoparasites depends largely on the efficient application of insecticide to the fleece and skin. plunge dippin ...197876363
association of nucleolus organizer chromosomes in domestic sheep (ovis aries) shown by silver staining.the nucleolus organizer regions of domestic sheep (ovis aries), as shown by silver staining, are located terminally on chromosomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 25. significant differences between individuals in the number of ag-nors per cell were found. the frequency of involvement of individual chromosome pairs in nucleolar organization was found to be a characteristic of individual animals. association frequencies of individual chromosomes were accounted for by their frequency of participation in nucleolar ...197776528
specificity of helper t cells for different antigens.balb/c nude mice have been injected with 10(6) congenic thymus cells, a number which allows some, but not all mice to respond to any particular t-dependent antigen. these mice have been tested for their ability to respond to three bacteriophages, t4, t7 and phix, sheep and horse erythrocytes, and alloantigens of c3h and c57bl/6 mice. the number of mice able to respond to each of these antigens was of the same order of magnitude. sheep and horse erythrocytes showed cross-reactivity at the t cell ...197876566
specific reaction of aloe extract with serum proteins of various animals.we found that aloe extract contains a lectin-like substance which reacts with serum proteins of various animals. furthermore, in human serum 2 proteins, alpha2-macroglobulin and alpha1-antitrypsin, were shown to be reactive with aloe extract.197876572
in vitro correlate of tranplantation immunity: spleen cell migration inhibition in the lizard, calotes versicolor.sensitization to skin allografts in the lizard, calotes versicolor, was assessed using the in vitro capillary migration inhibition (mi) assay. in the presence of the respective donor antigen, an appreciable degree of mi of sensitized spleen cells was observed as early as 4 days after grafting. a maximum level was attained on day 7 and this response was maintained as long as one month after grafting with only slight fluctuations in the level of mi. when the clinical manifestations of graft reject ...197776578
[use of standardized formalin-treated erythrocytes loaded with gamma globulin for determination of the cells bearing fc receptors]. 197876707
rabies vaccination. 197877143
[the major ola histocompatibility complex of sheep. recent results in the genetic study of 11 factors previously defined by microlymphocytotoxicity].the genetic study of 11 lymphocyte factors previously described in sheep was continued. 9 factors are the products of alleles at two closely linked loci ola-a and b. the last two factors are the products of two genes at two distinct loci ol-x and ol-z. recombinations between the two closely linked loci are very rare (0.6%); but they are frequent between these two loci and ol-x (26%). the ol-z locus seems to be independent of the two linked loci ola-a and b. the allele frequencies at the four loc ...197877194
radioimmunoassay of ovine alpha-fetoprotein.highly purified ovine alpha-fetoprotein (afp) was used both for radioisotope labelling and as the reference standard in the double antibody radioimmunoassay of ovine afp. the sensitivity of the assay is 2 ng/ml which is about 8000 times more sensitive than radialimmunodiffusion assay. the assay is of sufficient sensitivity to quantitate afp in normal adult sheep serum, pregnancy serum, amniotic fluid and fetal lamb serum.197877294
primary immune response of guinea pig spleen cells in vitro.spleen cells of the primed guinea pig, when cultured alone, failed to make a primary immune response against heterologous erythrocytes. when supplemented with lymphocytes obtained from mineral oil induced peritoneal exudate (pel), a primary immune response against sheep, horse and chicken rbc was obtained. the kinetics, dose response and requirement of pels for this response are reported.197877295
species-dependent immunological differences between vertebrate brain tubulins.the antigenic similarities and differences between highly purified brain tubulins from lamb, mouse, and chick embryo have been examined using rabbit antisera prepared against each of these tubulins. these antisera are capable of binding 125i-labeled tubulin in homologous or heterologous combinations, demonstrating immunological similarity between the tubulins. however, there are quantitative differences in the maximum amount of binding observed. differences between the tubulins were further reso ...197877531
[immune response to sheep erythrocytes fixed in formaldehyde].treatment of sheep erythrocytes with 1.5% of formaldehyde alter their immunogenic properties. on the background of immune response to nonfixed erythrocytes, the performed studies showed the following peculiarities in the reaction of mice to fixed erythrocytes: 1) the primary response of animals, in ected with fixed erythrocytes, was rather weak after its determination by the number of rosette forming cells (rfc), antibody forming cells (afc) in the spleen and by the of hemagglutinins (ha) in ser ...197877759
structure-function correlation in mammalian neurosecretion. 197877853
myelin basic protein: what role in ms? 197877920
[studies on the double-antibody radioimmunoassay of human beta2 microglobulin (author's transl)]. 197777928
a coated-tube radioimmunoassay (frc-ria) for hepatitis b surface antigen.a sandwich-type solid phase radioimmunoassay, frc-ria (finnish red cross-ria) for hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag) is described. polystyrene test tubes coated with sheep anti-hbs gamma-globulin serve as the solid phase. the technique is specific and has a sensitivity of about 1 ng/ml for the subtypes ad and ay of hbsag when corresponding subtype-specific antibodies are used as reagents. the total incubation time can be shortened from over 20 h to 3 h, with almost equal sensitivity, when the i ...197878580
bovine fetus-specific serum proteins. purification and characterization of alpha1-fetoprotein and immunological identification of alpha2- and beta-fetoproteins.bovine alpha1-fetoprotein was isolated from fetal calf serum by successive procedures of concanavalin a-sepharose chromatography, deae-sephadex chromatography, sp-sephadex chromatography and preparative disc polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the bovine alpha1-fetoprotein preparation was considered homogeneous by several physicochemical and immunochemical criteria. bovine alpha1-fetoprotein has a molecular weight of 68 000 with an amino acid composiotn similar to that of other mammalian alhpa1- ...197878727
hydrodynamic orientation of sperm heads for flow cytometry.two specially shaped sample injection tubes orient flat-shaped mature sperm heads in a flow cytometer. orientation allows control of a photometric difficulty experienced with some flow cytometers in the measurement of fluorescent and scattered light from sperm and other flat cells. both relative dna-stain content and a measure of cell flatness can now be determined simultaneously for each cell at the high rates possible with flow instruments.197878735
acquired heterophile antigens on the surface of human cell lines.chicken igm antibodies raised against sheep erythrocytes (se) reacted with a heterophile carbohydrate antigen designated as "hc". this antigen was visualized by se rosette formation with antibody-sensitized and formaldehyde-fixed target cells. cells from eight lymphoblastoid lines and ten lines of diverse histogenetic origin all expressed hc on their surface to a greater or lesser degree when grown in fetal calf serum (fcs). lymphoblastoid cell lines, hsb2 and namalva, lost most of their hc anti ...197878857
cyclic appearance of antibody-producing cells in the peripheral blood in response to a chemically-defiend polyglycerophosphate antigen.cyclic production of serum antibody and of plaque-forming cells (pfc) of polyglycerophosphate (pgp) specificity was observed in the peripheral blood of rabbits following a single injection of antigen. individual animals were examined at 4-day intervals up to 28 days post-injection. direct and indirect pfc displayed initial peaks at 4 days post-injection with an 8-day lag between the first and second peaks and a 12-day lag between the second and third peaks. serum igm rose to a peak 4 days after ...197878890
influence of the antigenicity of brucella preparations on modulation of the immune response to sheep erythrocytes.the relationship between the expression of surface antigenicity of inactivated brucella and the immunostimulant properties on the sheep erythrocyte response was studied in mice. the agglutinogenic brucella abortus b19s preparation was compared to two non-agglutinogenic preparations (b19r and pb), using the plaque-forming and rosette-forming cell tests. when brucella and antigen were injected together, only non-agglutinogenic preparations, even used at low doses, were able to increase the plaque- ...197878896
comparison between the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) and the fixed tanned erythrocyte electrophoretic mobility (fteem) tests in the detection of cancer.when peripheral lymphocytes from patients with a history of cancer are incubated with encephalitogenic factor (ef), in 90% of cases the resulting products reduce the net surface negativity of guinea-pig macrophages, used as detector cells, as revealed in the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) test. the mem test is positive in 36% of people with no history of cancer. formaldehyde-fixed tanned sheep erythrocytes have been used as detector cells in place of guinea-pig macrophages, in a fixed ...197878907
technical improvements in the mixed antiglobulin rosetting reaction with consequent demonstration of high numbers of immunoglobulin-bearing lymphocytes in viable preparations of human peripheral blood.a modification of the mixed antiglobulin rosetting reaction (marr) to improve sensitivity as a test for immunoglobulin (ig)-bearing human blood lymphocytes is described. a mean 5.7%, lymphocytes ig-positive by the marr when rosettes were formed in medium containing 0.2% bovine serum albumin (bsa), increased to 20% when rosettes were formed in 5% bsa or by incubating the lymphocytes or indicator erythocytes with vibrio cholerae neuraminidase before rosetting. under these various rosetting conditi ...197878951
in vitro maturation of immature thymocytes into immunocompetent t cells in the absence of direct thymic influence.peanut lectin (pnl) binds to a majority of mouse thymocytes (thc) in suspension. by using cell affinity chromatography on a column of anti-pnl antibody, thc populations at least 96 percent pure in pnl + or - cells, as judged by immunofluorescence, were obtained. pnl(+) cells are rich in thy 1 and poor in h(2) antigens, cortisone sensitive, unresponsive to phytohemagglutinin (pha), and immunologically incompetent, as judged by mixed lymphocyte reaction, popliteal lymph node graft-versus-host assa ...197878962
reduced choline-acetyltransferase activity in scrapie mouse brain. 197879111
isolation, structure and biological activity of two cholecystokinin octapeptides from sheep brain. 197879141
studies on the antigenic structure of bacteroides nodosus.the antigenic mosaics of three bacteroides nodosus isolates (198, 199 and 127) were studied to elucidate the nature of the protective immunogen. in vaccinated sheep the three isolates induced high homologous serum agglutinin titres but it was also apparent that 198 and 199 shared a major surface antigen not present on 217. this major cross-reacting antigen was not detected with rabbit antisera. the fimbriae, consisting predominantly of protein, induced high homologous titres in rabbits and repre ...197879200
fetal-maternal distribution of ovine alpha-fetoprotein.the concentration of ovine alpha-fetoprotein (afp) was determined in sheep fetal, maternal, and neonatal sera and amniotic fluid by radioimmunoassay. the fetal serum afp concentration was highest during the first third of pregnancy and continued to decline with fetal and neonatal development. total fetal synthesis of afp was highest during the late middle and early latter third of pregnancy. amniotic fluid afp concentration was highest during the early middle third of pregnancy. maternal serum a ...197879311
the blood brain barrier in the foetal and newborn lamb. 197779325
on the mechanism of action of adjuvants.evidence is presented that one a way which adjuvants exert their effect is by initiating an enduring increase in the localization of labelled cells in draining lymphoid tissues. agents not generally considered to be adjuvants (carbon, latex, sheep erythrocytes) but capable of altering lymphocyte recirculation are shown to prevent the induction of tolerance by soluble bovine gamma globulin (bgg). these properties fulfil the criteria for adjuvanticity as defined by dresser (1968) and link the expr ...197879548
characteristics of the purified nerve growth factor antibody. 197879639
competition of humoral immunity and delayed hypersensitivity following injection with ovine erythrocytes. 197679668
modification of cardiac pace-maker current by 4-aminopyridine [proceedings]. 197880181
ontogeny of macrophage function. i. phagocytic activity and a-cell activity of newborn and adult mouse peritoneal macrophages.phagocytic activity and immune-participating a-cell activity of newborn and adult mouse macrophages were investigated under in vitro conditions. thioglycollate medium-stimulated newborn (snb) or adult (sa), and nonstimulated adult (na) peritoneal macrophages were used. immune complexes of sheep erythrocytes (srbc), aldehyde-fixed srbc, and latex beads were employed in phagocytosis tests. a-cell activity was estimated as the capacity to support primary or secondary responses of macrophage-deprive ...197880335
immunogenetics of a sheep (ovis aries) serum antigen. 197880346
low volume spraying of sheep to control the sheep ked. 197880413
immunohistochemical detection of a cross-reacting virus antigen in mouse mammary tumors and human breast indirect immunoperoxidase method was first used to localize mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) antigens in paraffin sections of mammary tumors of paris riii and cd8f1 mice. by using the same method, an antigen with cross-reactivity to a group-specific antigen (gp52, a 52,000 dalton glycoprotein) of mmtv was detected in paraffin sections of human breast carcinomas. the specificity of this reaction with antibody against mmtv was examined by absorption of the igg with: a) purified gp52; b) several ...197880418
rift valley fever in egypt, 1978. 197880678
effect of periodate oxidation on specific activities and carbohydrate components of human blood group n- and m-specific glycoproteins and glycopeptides.mild as well as strong periodate oxidation of isolated erythrocyte n and m glycoproteins and glycopeptides gave extensive to complete destruction of n-specificities as measured with vicia graminea extracts and of n- as well as m- activities determined with all but 1 of 8 animal anti-n and 13 anti-m sera. results with human antisera differed somewhat, while the specificity of mildly oxidized n-glycoprotein was completely destroyed as determined with all 8 human anti-n sera used, that of strongly ...197880880
the prevention and reversal of digoxin intoxication with specific antibodies.the formation of digoxin-specific antibodies was induced in sheep by immunization with a digoxin-albumin conjugate. the efficacy of the antibodies was investigated in anesthetized cats. when the digoxin-specific antibodies were administered prophylactically as a gammaglobulin, igg or f (ab')2 preparation, the dose of digoxin needed to induce ventricular dysrhythmia was significantly greater (p less than 0.001) for the pretreated animals than for the controls. to investigate therapeutic efficacy, ...197880956
blood lead levels in sheep exposed to automotive emissions.the lead content of whole blood of 62 sheep grazed continuously for 6 months near a major highway was compared with 38 sheep from a nearby uncontaminated area. mean values of 0.90 and 0.20 microgram/ml were obtained. four sheep from the contaminated area were placed in an uncontaminated paddock and the lead content of the blood decreased rapidly during the first 10 days and thereafter more slowly. after 185 days, blood lead levels had still not quite reached normal levels. animal from an unconta ...197881080
effects of antigen-feeding on intestinal and systemic immune responses. iii. antigen-specific serum-mediated suppression of humoral antibody responses after antigen feeding. 197881111
rabbit antibodies to ovine-submaxillary mucin. detection, specificity and cross-reactivity. 197881173
cellular basis for a hapten-specific state of tolerance induced in vitro.a hapten-specific unresponsive state was induced in vitro by the incubation of normal murine spleen cells with highly conjugated dinitrophenylated bovine gamma-globulin (dnp-bgg) or a dinitrophenylated copolymer of d-glutamic acid and d-lysine (dnp-d-gl) for 24 hr. after this incubation period spleen cells were washed and cultured for 4 days with the thymic-independent antigen dinitrophenylated polyacrylamide beads (dnp-paa) or the thymic-dependent antigen trinitrophenylated burro the erythrocyt ...197881228
the effect of the protein content of diluents on peak height in rocket immunoelectrophoresis.we have investigated the effect of different diluents in the quantitation of proteins by rocket immunoelectrophoresis. alpha2-macroglobulin produced taller peaks as the protein content of the diluent fell to zero, and the dilution was increased. a maximum increase in height of 25-30% was recorded when saline was used as the diluent compared to a sample diluted in sheep serum. albumin and transferrin showed similar, but less significant effects. samples and standards should therefore contain appr ...197881726
immunological studies on pancreatic phospholipase a2. antigenic characterization of the nh2-terminal region.rabbit antisera elicited against pure pig, horse, ox, and sheep pancreatic phospholipase a2 revealed considerable immunological differences when tested by double immunodiffusion and microcomplement fixation assays. snake venom phospholipases did not show any detectable cross-reactions with the pancreatic enzymes. microcomplement fixation also clearly demonstrated conformational differences between porcine phospholipase a2 and its zymogen. nh2 terminally modified analogs of porcine phospholipase ...197881837
immunochromatography on insolubilized antibodies of very low affinity: application to immunoadsorbence of bovine alpha-fetoprotein.cross-reactive antibodies were utilized to prepare immunoadsorbents possessing a very low affinity to bovine alpha-fetoprotein (afp). a goat anti-human afp serum cross-reactive with bovine afp was first depleted of antibodies reactive with bovine afp in immunodiffusion. the remaining antibodies from this serum and gamma-globulin from a sheep antiserum against rabbit afp, without prior absorption, were coupled to sepharose. chromatography of fetal calf serum on these adsorbents resulted in retard ...197881850
bursectomy in ovo blocks the generation of immunoglobulin diversity.immunoglobulins made by chickens bursectomized in ovo on day 11 of incubation were studied by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. all such bursectomized chickens have limited diversity in their immunoglobulin molecules. a range of different degrees of diversity restriction was found in individual bursectomized chickens. the limited immunoglobulin diversity was stable for at least 20 weeks in that the same spots were found over this time span. bursectomized chickens that responded to repeated an ...197881853
studies of immunosuppression by cobra venom factor. i. on early igg and igm responses to sheep erythrocytes and dnp-protein conjugates.the immunosuppressive activity of cvf was evaluated in mice immunized with sheep erythrocytes and dinitrophenylated proteins. serum antibody levels to these immunogens were estimated in activity units and on a weight basis for igg. igm as well as igg antibody responses were diminished in mice pretreated with cvf. however, when soluble immunogens were incorporated in cfa the suppressive effect associated with cvf was inapparent. it is suggested that c depletion per se may not fully account for th ...197881862
[immune diagnosis of malignant diseases. x. value of the electrophoresis mobility test in the diagnosis of broncho-pulmonary diseases].the frequency of bronchial carcinoma has increased significantly during the last five years. the prognosis depends very much on early diagnosis. with non-invasive methods the diagnosis can often not be certified and the dignity of a tumor can often not be judged preoperatively. with the emt a differentiation between malignant and non-malignant pulmonary diseases is possible. the emt is an in vitro cancer test to detect specific sensitised lymphocytes. after incubation with the encephalitogenic f ...197882241
[effect of iodobenzoteph and cytostasan on several immune responses in animals].tests staged on line-bred mice immunized with sheep erythrocytes brought evidence that cystostasan and iodobenzoteph cut down the number of antibody-forming cells both with the primary and secondary immune response. the maximal effect becomes manifest following introduction of the drugs on the 1--2nd day after immunization of the animals. iodobenzoteph brings down the number of hemopoietic stem cells colonies while cytostosan leaves them unchanged.197882518
stimulation of cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate accumulation in human testes in vitro by luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and prostaglandins.the gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (lh) and follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) stimulate cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) accumulation in human testicular incubates. the phosphodiesterase inhibitor 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine acts synergistically with lh and fsh to enhance cyclic amp accumulation. these studies indicate that cyclic amp accumulation may be involved in the mechanism of action of lh and fsh in the human testes, as has been proposed for rat testes. the prostaglan ...197882521
vascular permeability increasing action of the saline extract of dictyocaulus filaria--a preliminary report.the cutaneous hypersensitivity reaction in sheep infected with dictyocaulus filaria was investigated. the saline extract of the worms increased the cutaneous capillary permeability in both the infected and uninfected control animals. similar increase in the permeability was also observed in uninfected healthy rabbits. the results suggest that the vascular permeability increasing action of the worm extract is, partly, due to histamine release.197882536
induction of haemolytic plaque-forming cells with sheep lymphoid cells in vitro.the in vitro induction of specific primary and secondary immune responses in sheep lymph node cell suspensions is described and suitable culture conditions determined. the induction of primary immune responses required supplementation of the culture medium with antigen-absorbed homologous serum or lymph, whereas the requirements for the induction of a secondary response were less stringent. the addition of 2-mercaptoethanol to the medium was required. the amounts of heterologous erythrocytes use ...197882593
idiotypic cross-reactivity between antibodies of different specificities.cross-idiotypic specificity has been demonstrated between antibody populations of different specificities using antibodies directed toward human sickle cell hemoglobin (hbs). a site-specific antibody directed toward the beta6-position of hbs, anti-val, was used to elicit an anti-idiotypic response in rabbits. using this anti-idiotypic serum, idiotypic cross-reactivity was demonstrated between antibody populations that bind to human adult hemoglobin (hba). it was demonstrated that in the case of ...197882603
staining of glycosaminoglycans of intervertebral disc tissue.intervertebral discs of six species were stained with alcian blue and pas methods to identify glycosaminoglycans. the polyanions are most concentrated in 'ring-like' pericellular areas and in material lying between individual lamellae and bundles of collagen. a slight increase occurs early in life and towards the disc centre. the concentration of glycosaminoglycans cannot be correlated with species which are known to suffer from clinical disc disease, though there appears to be a higher concentr ...197882985
eperythrozoon ovis. i. serological diagnosis of infection by the indirect immunoflurescent antibody test.the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test (ifat) was evaluated for the detection of eperythrozoon ovis infection in sheep. the test first became positive, on the average, 10 days following exposure to e. ovis and remained positive for 24 months, the longest period checked. reciprocal titres in the first three days after becoming positive in the ifat were between 4 and 80, but rose to 640 within 9 weeks; in general titres were between 4 and 640, exceptionally titres of 1280 were obtained. nega ...197883044
[biochemical study of serum from sheep infected with brucella ovis].blood serum was used of 49 rams and 20 ewew infected with brucell ovis. the study on the total protein and the protein fractions of rams revealed that there existed gamma-globulinemia, the percent of the gamma-globulin rise showing a positive correlation with the morphologic changes in the testes. the alfa-globulins were found to rise immediately following the experimental infecting of the sheep for about a month, after which they came back to normal. in experimental infection the activity of th ...197883049
some chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells bearing surface immunoglobulins share determinants with t set of antigens is common to some chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) cells bearing surface immunoglobulins (ig) and normal t cells. proliferating cells from thirty-eight patients were studied with four antisera recognizing normal human t but not b cells. these antisera were raised in rabbits against (a) sezary cells, (b) blood lymphocytes from a patient with sex-linked agammaglobulinemia, (c) t lymphoblasts and (d) thymus cells. in four cll cases, the cells expressed the receptor for sheep e ...197883236
echinococcus granulosus: comparison between antigens in scolices and hydatid fluid. 197883314
cytochemical localization of glycoproteins in the developing acrosome of ram spermatids. 197883369
autoimmunity in diabetics induced by hormonal contaminants of insulin.several commercial insulin preparations were found to contain significant quantities of pancreatic glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide (p.p.), vasoactive intestinal peptide (v.i.p.), and somatostatin, though these substances were effectively absent from the new highly purified or monocomponent insulins. of 448 insulin-dependent diabetics receiving conventional insulins, 63% had circulating antibodies to human p.p., 6% antibodies to v.i.p., 6% to glucagon, and 0.5% to somatostatin. the antibodies we ...197983463
[study of lymphocyte membrane antigens and receptors with antibodies to beta2-microglobulin (author's transl)].anti-beta 2 microglobulin sera (beta2m as) rendered specific after extensive absorptions were obtained following immunization of rabbits with highly purified beta2m prepared from urine of tubular proteinuria. beta2m as were cytotoxic upon addition of selected rabbit complement for human t and b lymphocytes. partial inhibition of sheep red blood cells receptor recognition on t lymphocytes (e rosettes) and c3 component recognition on b lymphocytes (eac rosettes) was obtained only with high concent ...197883567
experimental replication of heart block. 197883642
characterization of the primary igm response to gat and gt: conditions required for the detection of igm antibodies.primary igm antibody responses to synthetic linear copolymers of l-glutamic acid, l-tyrosine, and l-alanine were investigated. the appearance of primary igm anti-gat antibodies was detected in balb/c mice by using a solid phase radioimmunoassay (spria) procedure. the finding was verified for gat in responder mice and gat-mbsa and gt-mbsa in nonresponder mice in an indirect plaque forming cell (pfc) assay by using a rabbit antiserum directed against the mulambda myeloma protein, mopc 104e. facili ...197984020
a quantitative study at the single cell level of immunoglobulin antigenic determinants present on the surface of murine b and t lymphocytes. 197984031
structure of an antigen-specific suppressor factor produced by a hybrid t-cell line. 197984338
[agammaglobulinemia and hypogammaglobulinemia in newborn lambs depending on the time of the first suckling].studied were the agammaglobulinemia and the hypogammaglobulinemia in 120 newborn lambs of which 100 had sucked for the first time at the first hour following birth, 10 had sucked at the ninth hour, and the remaining 10--at the 24th hour. blood was sampled at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 24th, and 48th hour, and was immunoelectrophoretically studied after grabar. precipitation was done with hyperimmune antiovine gammaglobulin serum. part of the lambs with agammaglobulinemia were killed and the s ...197884431
[determination of human igi allotypes by using a set of stable erythrocyte antigenic diagnostica of varying specificity].technology of preparing a set of stable antigenic diagnostic agents of commercial type for determination of genetic determinants of human igg and antibodies to them in the human blood sera and in the animal hyperimmune sera was worked out. antisera against some human igg allotypes were prepared. the frequency of detection of individual igg allotypes and antibodies to them in human sera was studied.197984455
a study of sézary cells in peripheral blood and skin lesions.a patient with sézary syndrome is presented. by phase contrast and scanning electron microscopy sézary cells were demonstrated in peripheral blood and in skin tissue. investigation of atypical mononuclear cells seen in the peripheral blood showed that these cells lack receptors for sheep erythrocytes. c3 and fcgamma. similarly, an examination of dermal mononuclear cell infiltrates showed that most of the cells lack receptors for sheep erythrocytes, c3 and fcgamma.197984473
detection of complement-dependent lytic antibodies in sera from bovine leukemia virus-infected animals by the 51cr-release assay [proceedings]. 197884644
the occurrence of an antigen associated with pregnancy in the ewe. 197884693
effect of intraventricular administration of anti-somatostatin gamma-globulin on the lethal dose-50 of strychnine and pentobarbital in rats.effects of intraventricular injection of sheep anti-somatostatin gamma-globulin (anti-ssg) on strychnine-induced seizures, strychnine ld50, and pentobarbital ld50 were examined in male rats under light ether anesthesia. ten microliters of anti-ssg given 2 h earlier significantly decreased the duration of strychnine-induced seizures as compared with that in the control rats pretreated with normal sheep gamma-globulin (nsg). this effect of anti-ssg seemed to be specific, as there was no difference ...197884754
coupling of gamma-globulin to microcrytstalline cellulose by periodate oxidation.anti-rabbit igg sheep gamma-globulins were covalently coupled to periodate oxidized microcrystalline cellulose using the schiff reaction. optimal conditions (sodium m-periodate concentration and gamma-globulin amount) were studied measuring the ability of this solid-phase antibody to bind glucose oxidase-labeled rabbit igg.197984841
oestrogens, prostaglandins, and cervical ripening. 197985019
immunochemical analysis of the structure of eukaryotic ribosomes: antigenic properties of rat liver ribosomes and ribosomal proteins and characterization of the antisera.antibodies were prepared in rabbits and sheep to rat liver ribosomes, ribosomal subunits, and to mixtures of proteins from the particles. the antisera were characterized by quantitative immunoprecipitation, by passive hemagglutination, by immunodiffusion on ouchterlony plates, and by immunoelectrophoresis. while all the antisera contained antibodies specific for ribosomal proteins, none had precipitating antibodies against ribosomal rna. rat liver ribosomal proteins were more immunogenic in shee ...197885254
[immunochemical approach to explaining the molecular organization and mechanism of action of na+,k+-atpase].application of immunochemical methods for elucidating the na+, k+-atpase molecular organization and mechanism of action is discussed. the data of some authors who have studied the purified preparations of na+, k+-atpase from different sources show that both the catalytic subunit of the enzymic complex and its sialoglycoproteid have antigenic determinants. antibodies, binding with these determinants, may either change or produce no effect on the enzymic process, link with the active transport of ...197985356
[concentration of free 17-beta estradiol in the plasm of ewes following treatment with chlormadione acetate (cap) in 2 synchronized cycles].six ewes of the merino breed were subjected to radioimmunological assay (ria) for the study of free 17-beta estradiol during the instillation of vaginal tampons soaked with 30 mg chlormadinone acetate (cap), and 17 and 34 days after removal of the tampons. on the day before the administration of the preparation, the concentrations of free 17-beta estradiol were comparatively low, ranging within the limits of 38.6 +/- 5.6 pg ml-1 of plasma. these values showed no significant changes during the in ...197985361
[animal experimental studies of hemolysis following extracorporeal blood irradiation].in experimental studies on animals, extracorporal blood irradiation was performed in 3 sheeps and 1 goat by means of 500 ci 137 cesium source. the sheep died of the sequelae of narcosis, with anaemia being only moderately marked. in the goat a transit dosis of 466566 rad could be applied before the animal died of the sequelae of haemolytic anaemia.197885590
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