maintenance of hyporesponsiveness to antigen by a distinct subclass of t lymphocytes.immunization with increasing doses of srbc, in excess of 10(8), results in a progressive decline in the anti-srbc pfc response. this hyporesponsive state is antigen specific and is reflected in a decrease of both t helper and b antibody-forming activity. we asked whether the apparent defect of t helper activity reflected a) an absence of alphasrbc helper t cell activity, or b) the presence of srbc-specific suppressor t cells within the hyporesponsive population. our results indicate that at leas ...197662809
the covalent coupling of proteins to periodate-oxidized sephadex: a new approach to immunoadsorbent preparation.proteins were covalently coupled in good yield to periodate-oxidized sephadex. the reaction was studied in detail with respect to sephadex type, sodium m-periodate concentration, protein (albumin or immunoglobulin) concentration, time course, temperature dependence, and ph optimum. the complexes were stable and were used successfully for the immunoadsorption of sheep anti-rabbit immunoglobulin antibodies.197662811
[demonstration of a factor in cerebrospinal fluid with inhibitory activity for electrophoretic cell mobility in multiple sclerosis (author's transl)].inhibition of electrophoretic cell migration using cerebrospinal fluid (csf) directly was investigated by the modified mem (macrophage electrophoretic mobility) and teem (tanned sheep erythrocyte electrophoretic mobility) tests, respectively. an inhibitory activity of macrophage slowing factor (msf)--one of in vivo lymphokines--in csf was established in cases of multiple sclerosis (17.5 +/- 3.8%), and neurolues. the value of this msf assay turned out to be significantly different from the remain ...197662827
the number and specificity of l antigen sites on low potassium type sheep red cells. 197663124
antigenic properties of a dna-preparation from calf thymus used for the demonstration of was attempted to evaluate passive haemagglutination of antigen coated, tanned erythrocytes as a test by which to demonstrate anti-dna in systemic lupus erythematosus. the antigens was prepared using a minimum of procedures in order to produce a native preparation. the resulting material had most of the criteria applying to native dna, but the protein content was about 9%. it contained a thymocyte specific component, but no demonstrable trace of bovine species antigen. the reactions between th ...197663225
primary immune response to sheep red blood cells in mice treated with immunoregulatory alpha-globulins (ira).alpha-globulins from human and bovine sera or from mouse ascitic fluid were separated by ion-exchange chromatography on deae-cellulose into fractions a, b, and c. fractions a and b had no immunosuppressive activity; fraction c injected into mice at the time of antigen administration, but not later, significantly reduced the number of anti-srbc plaque-forming cells in the spleens of experimental animals. single high dose inhibited the response better than the same doses given on 4 consecutive day ...197663274
nature of cross-reaction between hcg and anti-olh serum and development of a radioimmunoassay to measure hlh specifically in the presence of hcg.immunological cross-reaction between hcg and anti-olh sera has been demonstrated using radioimmunoassay techniques. the results indicate that this cross-reaction is incomplete and that the anti-olh sera used have the ability to distinguish between lh and hcg. following absorption with purified hcg, anti-olh serum was used to develop a heterologous radioimmunoassay "[125i]iodo-hlh + anti-olh serum" (h-o, ria) which specifically and selectively measures hlh in serum samples containing both hlh and ...197663368
antigen, host and adjuvant requirements for induction of hyperacute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.a hyperacute form of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (heae) was induced in lewis rats using small doses (3.2 mug) of guinea pig myelin basic protein as immunogen and b. pertussis vaccine as adjuvant. myelin basic proteins from species other than guinea pig (rat, man, monkey, pig, ox, rabbit and sheep) induced only ordinary eae with this adjuvant. heae was more readily distinguished from ordinary eae by clinical criteria (early onset, with a rapid and severe course, and high incidence o ...197663374
a passive hemagglutination test for diagnosis of trench fever due to rochalimaea quintana.a passive hemagglutination test devised for diagnosis of trench fever was easily performed and highly sensitive and specific. tanned sheep erythrocytes were sensitized with soluble antigen from rochalimaea quintana. the test detected antibody in six of seven cases of primary infection and in four cases of late, relapsed trench fever. titers of antibody ranged from 1:20 to 1:640. although both igm and igg antibody to r. quintana were detected by passive hemagglutination, igg appeared to be the ma ...197663526
[characteristics of encephalomyocarditis virus isolated from sick monkeys].a cytopathic filterable agent designated emc-70 was isolated in 1970 from macaca rhesus monkeys with encephalomyocarditis. its biologic and physico-chemical properties were studied. a number of primary and continuous cell cultures were found to be susceptible to the virus, and it was pathogenic for monkeys and small laboratory animals but did not multiply in chick embryos. the virus was stable to chlorofrom, thermolabile, stable to acids, and agglutinated group o erythrocytes of man, sheep, guin ...197664027
computer model of cardiac pace-maker currents. 197664145
electrical activity, ionic currents and k+-efflux studies in sheep. purkynÄ• fibres as affected by ammonium chloride. 197664151
peripheral blood b-lymphocyte abnormalities associated with hyperthyroidism of graves' disease.proportions of peripheral blood thymus-derived t lymphocytes (t cells) and bone-marrow-derived b-lymphocytes (b cells) were studied in twelve hyperthyroid patients and ninety-nine non-hyperthyroid control subjects including thirty-nine healthy individuals and sixty patients with various disorders. all hyperthyroid patients had graves' disease and eight were untreated. the sheep erythrocyte (e)-rosetting technique was employed for enumeration of t cells and the immunofluorescent technique was use ...197664326
effect of the growth-promoting alpha-globulin (gpag) on in vitro incorporation of exogenous dna into mammalian cells. 197764368
[review: ontogeny of the oxygen transport in the blood].the biological importance of the oxygen affinity of the tetrameric haemoglobin molecule and its dependency from co-factors is described. oxygen affinity variations during development from embryonic to adult values are discussed in respect to oxygen uptake from maternal blood via placenta, in lungs and gills as well as to oxygen delivery into tissues. comparative aspects of the molecular mechanisms leading to affinity changes are presented.197664400
cervical mucus in estrous ewes after treatment with estrogen, progestogens and intrauterine devices.the influence of estradiol, 6-alpha-methyl-17alpha-acetoxyprogesterone (map), and a unilaterally placed iud on cervical mucus production was studied in estrous ewes. the animals received either 60 mg map from days 9 to 21 of the extended estrous cycle, 25 mcg estradiol from day 9 until estrus, or an iud. map treatment significantly (p less than .05) increased cervical mucus production at estrus compared with the other treatments. however, the percentage of dry matter, chloride concentration, ...197764467
hapten-specific hemolytic plaque assays usually fail to detect most of the diversity in the anti-hapten response.immunization of rabbits or mice with a single, chemically defined hapten elicits populations of plaque-forming cells (pfc) detectable not only on sheep erythrocytes (srbc) bearing the immunizing hapten, but also on srbc bearing structural analogues of the immunizing hapten. most of these analogue-reactive pfc preferentially lyse analogue-conjugated srbc and cannot be detected on erythrocytes bearing the immunizing hapten. thus, they represent heretofore largely unstudied components of the secret ...197764583
virus-replicating t cells in the immune response of mice. i. virus plaque assay of the lymphocytes reactive to sheep erythrocytes.virus plaque-forming cell assay with vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv), which had been originally introduced by bloom and his colleagues as a tool for the enumeration of activated lymphocytes, was first applied to the immune response of mice to a widely used antigen, i.e. sheep red blood cells (srbc). when spleen cells taken from mice previously primed with srbc were cultured in the presence of the antigen, lymphocytes capable of replicating vsv (antigen-induced virus plaque-forming cells, ag-v-p ...197764584
antigenic similarity between simian virus 40-induced surface and fetal antigens in hamster.the tumor-associated cell-surface antigen (tssa) on simian virus 40 (sv40)-transformed hamster cells was studied serologically by a complement-dependent cytotoxicity test. an antiserum was obtained from guinea pigs inoculated with sv40-transformed hamster cells. the serum was cytotoxic to sv40-transformed hamster cells after absorption with 15-day hamster embryo cells, hamster cells transformed either by polyoma virus or adenovirus 12, various tissues of hamster origin (brainliver, spleen, and k ...197764617
identification of resting human t and b lymphocytes by acid alpha-naphthyl acetate esterase staining combined with rosette formation with staphylococcus aureus strain cowan 1.we describe a method enabling the identification of both lymphocyte class and morphology from a single microscopic slide. as a marker for b cells we used surface immunoglobulin. the surface-ig-carrying cells were rosetted after poly-valent anti-ig treatment with staphylococcus aureus strain cowan 1 (stacw) and the cells were cytocentrifuged onto a microscope slide. the lymphocytes forming rosettes with stacw were identical with cells expressing surface ig studied by fluorescein-isothiocyanate-co ...197665004
the effects of mouse alpha-fetoprotein on t-cell-dependent and t-cell-independent immune responses in vitro.mouse alpha-fetoprotein (afp) suppressed the specific antibody response to the t-cell-dependent antigen sheep erythrocytes (srbc) and the phytohemagglutinin- and concanavalin-a-stimulated dna synthesis of purified t lymphocytes but failed to inhibit the t-cell-independent antibody response to dinitrophenyl-substituted ficoll (dnp-ficoll) and the lipopolysaccharide-stimulated polyclonal b-cell antibody synthesis. mouse amniotic fluid (maf) suppressed antibody responses to both t-cell-dependent an ...197665007
[experimental infection of domestic animals with r. prowazeki and r. canada].the authors infected lambs with r. prowazeki and r. canada to ascertain their possible role in the natural infection of the animals. the lambs were infected subcutaneously with increasing doses; rickettsiemia was recorded with the aid of tests on guinea pigs and ixodidae and argasidae ticks fed on the lambs. dynamics of antibody formation was ascertained in the infected animals in the agglutination reaction and in the complement fixation test. the antigenic affinity of r. canada and rickettsia o ...197665076
sleep cycles and kinesis in the foetal lamb. 197765258
antigenic structure of the aminoterminal region in type i procollagen. characterization of sequential and conformational determinants. 197665320
fetuin. in vitro effect on sheep erythrocyte rosette formation with human t lymphocytes.peripheral blood lymphocytes from six healthy control subjects were incubated in vitro with fetuin and enumerated for sheep erythrocyte rosette forming t cells. significant enhancement of rosette-forming t lymphocytes was observed in a dose-related manner. the physical presence of fetuin is not required for this effect. incubation of lymphocytes with human ab serum has no significant effect on the rosette formation. this enhancing effect of fetuin appears to be secondary to alteration in t lymph ...197665331
cyclophosphamide-induced specific suppression of the protective immune response to rodent malaria.nonspecific and specific chemosuppression of the immune response to plasmodium berghei protective antigens were investigated. specific immunosuppression was defined operationally as the selective suppression of the protective response to the parasite in mice injected with a combination of gamma-irradiated infected mouse erythrocytes (gammapb) and cyclophosphamide (cy) with continued responsiveness to sheep erythrocytes (srbc). after initial treatment (gammapb + cy), mice were injected with gamma ...197765425
hormones and the efficiency of lactation. 197665966
carrier-specific unresponsiveness in reaginic antibody formation. ii. suppression of hapten and carrier responsiveness in presensitized rats. 197766103
elevated serum alpha-fetoprotein and impaired immune response in malnutrition.serum alpha-fetoprotein (afp) estimated in 33 malnourished children, was found to be elevated in 11 of 17 fetally growth-retarded infants and in 5 to 16 with postnatal nutritional deficiency. the majority of those with increased serum afp concentration had associated liver dysfunction. nutritional deprivation of growing rats resulted in an increase in afp levels, especially in the offspring of starved female animals. the administration of purified afp was associated with reduced antibody formati ...197766207
characterization of molecular heterogeneity and multispecificity in homologous idiotypic antisera.the molecular heterogeneity of homologous anti-idiotypic reagents was characterized by a novel isoelectric focusing procedure. idiotypic antisera directed against the pc-binding plasmacytoma protein t15 were raised in ce and and a/j mice. these antisera were shown to be highly specific by hemagglutination with myeloma protein-derivatized sheep erythrocytes and by radioimmunoassay. competition experiments performed with affinity-labeled t15 revealed that about 40% of the pooled ce antibody activi ...197766270
effects of carrageenan on immune responses. studies on the macrophage dependency of various antigens after treatment with carrageenan.carrageenan, a sulfated polygalactose having macrophage toxic properties, elicited a marked suppression of igm response to t cell-dependent antigens such as sheep red blood cells (srbc), dinitrophenylated bovine serum gamma-globulin (dnp-bgg), and trinitrophenylated concanavalin a (tnp-con a). in contrast, carrageenan did not inhibit antibody responses to such t cell-independent antigens as trinitrophenylated deae-dextran (tnp-deae-dextran), trinitrophenylated polyvinyl pyrrolidone(tnp-pvp), and ...197766280
immunosuppressive activity of ira on the plaque-forming response to srbc in vitro: reversal with educated cells.the alpha-globulin-rich fraction of cohn fraction iv, designated ira, suppresses the in vitro antibody response to sheep red blood cells (srbc) without cytotoxicity. ira was effective if added before or up to 24 hr after antigen exposure. the suppression could be reversed after 24-hr treatment by washing the cells two to three times; after 48 hr of ira treatment, however, suppression could only be partially reversed. the addition of a population of thymus-derived cells educated to the antigen sr ...197766281
ala-1: murine alloantigen of activated lymphocytes. ii. t and b effector cells express ala-1.ala-1 (activated lymphocyte antigen-1) is a murine alloantigen expressed only on activated peripheral t and b lymphocytes. the presence or absence of ala-1 on specific functional lymphocyte subsets was determined by treating the relevant cell population with anti-ala-1 and complement, and assaying for residual functional activity. by this method, ala-1 was shown to be on in vivo primed killer t cells cytotoxic for allogeneic tumor cells. it was also found on helper t cells generated in vivo to s ...197766297
[concentration of estrone, estradiol and estriol in the blood of pregnant sheep after induction of estrus with chlormadinone acetate and medroxyprogesterone acetate].the radioisotopic method of 131j-labelled albumin was employed to determine the distribution of acidic proteinase activity in some organs and tissues of chickens. the highest enzymatic activities were found in intestine wall, in pancreas, and in liver. considerably lower activities were ascertained in kidneys, brain, lungs, and heart. the different proportions of these enzymes in homogenates and supernatant fractions (106 000 g) testify to a lack of uniformity in the solubility of cathepsins in ...197666795
[dilor and fentiuram and the reproductive function of animals]. 197666797
isolation and characterisation of oncornavirus from primary cultures of tissues from cattle with leukemia.the purpose of this investigation was to search for oncornavirus in primary cell cultures obtained from leukemic cattle organs and lymphocytes and to study their molecular-biological properties and role in the etiology of cattle leukemia. the investigation was carried out on 25 primary trypsinized cell culutres of lymph nodes, spleens, kidneys and lymphocytes from cattle with acute and chronic leukemia. it was demonstrated that all cell cultures from leukemic cattle (in contrast to cell cultures ...197766913
purification and properties of rabbit spermatozoal acrosomal neuraminidase.treatment of rabbit spermatozoa with 50mm-mgcl2 removes the plasma and the outer acrosomal membranes. subsequent treatment with the detergents hyamine 2389 and triton x-100 solubilizes spermatozoal neuraminidase bound to the inner acrosomal membrane. the enzyme was further purified by deae-cellulose, sephadex g-150 and bio-gel p-300 column chromato. the enzyme showed a single major band, with the possibility of some minor contaminants, on disc-gel electrophoresis. it had a specific activity of 0 ...197766917
systemic expression of cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity.guinea pigs primed for cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) with several soluble proteins or with sheep erythrocytes developed a systemic, delayed-onset, maculopapular rash when challenged parenterally with specific antigen. the rash was most readily induced 5 to 7 days after immunization, at a time when local cbh skin test reactivity was also optimal. miscroscopically, the rash resembled local cbh skin test reactions, being comprised of a papillary dermal infiltrate of basophils and lympho ...197767141
temperature dependence of antigen-specific rosette formation by lymphocytes from immunised mice.spleen cell suspensions from mice undergoing a secondary response to sheep erythrocytes (srbc) contained about one tenth as many specific antigen-binding, rosette-forming cells (rfc) when they had been washed at 37 degrees c instead of 4 degrees c before rosetting. this difference was correlated with the presence of igg anti-srbc antibody in the serum, and the 37 degrees c washings of immunised spleen cells could passively allergise non-immune spleen cells at 4 degrees c for specific rosette for ...197767152
evidence for the dissimilarity of acrosin and pancreatic trypsin as revealed by a sensitive immunoassay.common antigenic determinants between two species of pancreatic trypsin and twelve species of acrosin were studied using a highly sensitive, enzyme-linked immunoassay. no common antigenic determinants between trypsin and acrosin could be detected.197767180
some endocrine aspects of the thymus studies of the mouse thymus, lymphocyte mitoses are seen to be most frequent in the thymus cortex. there is evidence from thymic grafts that a hypothetical factor, thymopoietin, may stimulate mitosis of thymic lymphocytes. it is a factor which is postulated to act in conjunction with the pas-positive mesenchymal reticular cells and epithelial reticular cells of the cortex. the thymus medulla is necessary for the integrity of thymic grafts, and may also elaborate a secretion for maintaining th ...197667231
free fatty acids, lysophosphatidylcholine, and pathogenesis of trypanosomiasis. 197767408
breakdown of blood/brain barrier in kernicterus. 197767529
serotyping for b-lymphocyte alloantigens. 197767673
induction of a specific antibody response in human b cells: role of a human antigenic nonspecific t-cell soluble factor and requirement for antigen. 197767908
nonspecific genetic regulation of antibody responsiveness in the mouse.four lines of mice were produced by selective breeding for quantitative agglutinin responsiveness to flagellar (f) or somatic (s) antigens (ags) of salmonellae: high (h) or low (l) responder lines to fag and h and l responder lines to sag. the salmonellae contained both f and sags, the ag used to perform the selection was the selection ag and the other was the associated ag. the selective breeding produced a progressive interline separation with an equivalent effect for both ags. after 15 genera ...197767954
a heterophile carbohydrate moiety common to mammalian igm and erythrocytes detected by chicken igm antibody.sequential treatment of chicken lymphocytes with normal sheep serum (nss), chicken antiserum against sheep erythrocytes (se) and formaldehyde results in rosette formation with se. the identity of reactive components and the mechanism of rosette formation has been elucidated. the binding activity of nss to chicken lymphocytes was ascribed to "natural" igm anti-species antibodies. subsequently, chicken igm anti-se antibody reacted with sheep igm bound to the lymphocyte surface, and, following form ...197767955
specific restoration of delayed hypersensitivity by lymphoid tissue extracts.mice lose demonstrable delayed hypersensitivity (dh) to dnfb, picryl chloride, or sheep red blood cells. reconstitution of immune responsiveness can be accomplished by administration of cell-free lysates of spleens from mice with active dh to structurally related, but not to unrelated antigens. peritoneal exudate cell lysates from mice with active dnfb-dh also restore dh to this antigen. sera from sensitized mice, and sera and lymphoid tissue extracts from unsensitized mice are without activity. ...197768074
a personal view of scrapie research. 197768237
bacterial adhesiveness and the gut. 197768387
sd determinants and failure of cellular collaboration in hamsters. 197768571
histomorphological and histochemical study of mucosa of fallopian tube of ageing goat.the mucosa of infundibulum, ampulla and isthmus of fallopian tubes from 24 female goats aged from 2 months 24 days to 5 years 2 months and 18 days have been studied. the transition of mucosal folds, the lining epithelium and its cell types from infundibulum towards uterine end, and changes in relation to the age and phases of estrous cycle have been reported. the most striking findings were: a) in goat the fallopian tube like that of sheep was lined chiefly by nonciliated type of cells in infund ...197768689
serological relationships between rotaviruses from different species as studied by complement fixation and neutralization.human, piglet, mouse, foal, lamb, calf and rabbit rotaviruses all infected, but could not readily be subcultured in llc mk2 cells. cells infected with mouse and calf rotaviruses reacted by indirect immunofluorescence (fa) with convalescent serum from children, piglets, mice, foals, lambs, calves or rabbits, taken after rotavirus infection. human, calf, piglet, mouse and foal rotaviruses reacted with human, calf, mouse, foal and lamb convalescent serum by complement fixation (cf). it was not poss ...197768765
radioimmunoassay of bleomycin in plasma and urine.antibodies to bleomycin were raised by immunization of sheep and rabbits with bleomycin-albumin conjugates. the combination of a high-titre, high-avidity sheep antiserum and iodinated bleomycin produced a radioimmunoassay sensitive to 8 ng of bleomycin per ml of plasma or urine. untreated specimens (100 microliter) of plasma or urine could be added directly to the assay tubes. the antiseerum was specific for bleomycin and showed no cross-reaction with other anticancer agents used in combination ...197768783
lymphocyte sensitization in childhood solid tumours and lymphoblastic leukaemia, measured by electrophoretic mobility test.a modified electrophoretic mobility (em) test was performed in 150 children to examine their lymphocyte sensitization to myelin basic protein (encephalitogenic factor). measurements in the cytopherometer were facilitated by using devitalized sheep erythrocytes as indicator particles instead of macrophages. a significant decrease in em was found in 29/30 children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and in 67/75 children with solid tumours, thus giving a false negative rate in malignant disease of ...197768784
estrus, ovulation and conception following timed insemination in romney ewes treated with progestagen and gonadotropins. 197768895
ovine cells: their long-term cultivation and susceptibility to visna virus.sheep choroid plexus (scp) cells have been subcultured more than 120 times and have undergone over 300 cell generations. these fibroblastic-appearing scp ii-b cells contain ovine-specific antigens, have an absolute plating efficiency of 23 to 28% and are as susceptible to visna virus infection and virus-induced cytopathology as their low passage level counterparts. cultures of low, relatively high and high passage level scp cells produced equivalent amounts of visna virus at similar rates when i ...197768914
[contagious ecthyma with virus demonstration in a negative staining method].the diagnosis of contagious ecthyma was presumed by history and clinical appearance in a 33-year-old farmer. in electron miscroscopical preparations viral particles were found by the negative staining method. it is proposed to use this method for rapid diagnosis of suspected cases. in old lesions it is more difficult to demonstrate viral particles than in fresh lesions. differential diagnosis and the position of orf-virus in the system of viruses are briefly discussed.197768947
human t lymphocyte receptors for sheep red blood cells and specific antigens: are they identical sites on the cell membrane? 197768966
b-cell tolerance. iii. effect of papain-mediated cleavage of cell surface igd on tolerance susceptibility of murine b cells.under defined conditions, papain removes igd from cells while leaving igm, h-2, ia, lyb-2, and complement receptor intact. the effect of such treatment with papain on the induction of tolerance in murine splenic b cells was determined in an in vitro system. treatment of the cells with papain has no effect on subsequent antibody responsiveness presumably because surface receptors regenerate before and during incubation with immunogen. removal of increasing amounts of igd results in increasing sus ...197768987
evolution of an idiotypic determinant: antibody population which reacts only with human sickle cell hemoglobin (hbs) and not with normal human hemoglobin, has been isolated from goat, sheep, and guinea pig antisera. these antibody populations termed anti-val (val), isolated from an individual goat (no. 6) and sheep (no. 26) have been used to elicit anti-idiotypic responses in rabbits. these anti-idiotypic sera were used to study the idiotypic cross-reactions between the goat and sheep anti-val. strong cross-reactions were present ...197769001
enrichment of antigen-specific b lymphocytes by the direct removal of b cells not bearing specificity for the antigen.antigen-specific b cells (asc) were purified from other b cells by prior incubation with specific antigen followed by rosetting with erythrocytes conjugated with anti-mouse ig and sedimenting on ficoll-isopaque. this procedure allowed the removal of most of the b cells, while those speicifc for the antigen used in incubation were retained. relative to the b-cell content, asc were enriched 64- to 132-fold. the method is highly specific in that b cells primed to two different antigens, turkey gamm ...197769002
[studies on the significance of antigen in the 6-mercapopurine-influenced humoral antibody response in guinea pigs].the mechanism of suppression of humoral immune response to dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (dnp23-bgg), human serum albumin (hsa), and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) by 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) was studied in guinea pigs. following the intradermal application of the antigens emulsified in complete (cfa) or incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) each test animal was given 6-mp, 10 mg/kg/day for 7 days. this treatment resulted in a significant suppression of the anti bgg an ...197669376
[the influence of 6-mercaptopurine on the humoral immune response in guinea pig. 2. the influence on formation of complement binding antibodies (author's transl)].the effectivity of treatment with 10 mg 6-mercaptopurine/kg/day--beginning on the day of antigen injection and continuing for seven days--on the synthesis of complement binding antibodies is very different. the formation of gamma-2-antibodies against bgg was nearly complete suppressed, an influence on the anti-dnp-gamma-2-antibody formation was not detectable and the antibody formation against hsa was enhanced. the results suggest that the kind of antigen is very important for the immunosuppress ...197769392
[the influence of 6-mercaptopurine on the humoral immune response in guinea pig. 1. the importance of antigen and adjuvans (author's transl)].following an intradermal immunization of guinea pigs with dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (dnp23-bgg), human serum albumin (hsa) and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) emulsified in complete or in incomplete freund's adjuvans the effectivity of 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) on the formation of specific antibodies was investigated. by application of 10 mg 6-mp/kf/day--in guinea pigs a significant depression of antibody formation against bgg could be demonstrated if treatment is ...197769395
immunochemical purification and characterization of ovine alpha-fetoprotein.ovine alpha-fetoprotein was successfully isolated from fetal sheep serum by using rabbit anti-ovine alpha-fetoprotein linked to an agarose immunoadsorbent column. antibody used in this affinity chromatography column was produced by immunizing a rabbit with highly purified alpha-fetoprotein-antibody complex to yield a monospecific antiserum to ovine alpha-fetoprotein. following affinity chromatography, alpha-fetoprotein was further purified by preparative polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoresis u ...197769448
[synthesis of alpha-fetoprotein and albumin human embryo hepatocytes].population aspects of specific secreted proteins (alpha-fetoprotein and serum albumin) were analyzed in the cultured human embryo hepatocytes (6 to 12 weeks' gestation). a method based on local hemolysis in gel of sheep erythrocytes conjugated with antibodies specific of proteins in question. the great majority of individual hepatocytes synthesized both proteins.197769454
suppression of tumor-specific cell-mediated cytotoxicity by immunoregulatory alpha-globulin and by immunoregulatory alpha-globulin-like peptides from cancer patients.the suppression of tumor-specific cell-mediated cytotoxicity by human immunoregulatory alpha-globulin (ira), by a peptide fraction derived from ira, and by ira-like peptides from the serum of cancer patients was studied in a syngeneic murine tumor-host system. splenic lymphocytes from tumor-immunized mice were cytotoxic specific tumor cells in vitro as measured by the [125]-iododeoxyuridine release microcytotoxicity assay. however, this effect was significantly depressed if 1.25 to 5 mg of ira p ...197769489
antigen receptors of t helper cells. 197769518
studies of the nature of extracellular components of rat seminiferous tubular wall. ii. immunological characterization of basement membrane antiserum was obtained in rabbits using as antigen a preparation rich in basement membranes isolated from normal rat testis. by passive hemagglutination test a titer of 1/20,000 was obtained when the antiserum was reacted with the specific antigen; no cross reactions were detected with other fractions extracted from the germinal cells of rat testis. a weak cross reaction was obtained when the antiserum was reacted with collagen extracted from rat testis. moreover, the antiserum cross reacted ...197769616
pituitary secretes to brain. experiments in sheep.because vascular casts of the pituitary demonstrated that there are a few venous connections from the adenohypophysis to the juxtaposed cavernous sinus, it was predicted that some portal vessels must carry blood from the adenohypophysis back to the neurohypophysis. physiological studies confirmed this prediction and verified earlier observations that blood-flow within the neurohypophysis can be towards the median eminence. in the present study, increased concentrations of prolactin and growth ho ...197769883
"sudden sniffing death" after inhalation of domestic lipid-aerosol. 197769972
the fate and consequence of an organic particulate antigen instilled into bronchoalveolar spaces of normal canine lungs. 197770185
[substrate specificity and some properties of free and immobilized animal alpha-l-fucosidase].the effect of a partially purified preparation of pig kidney alpha-l-fucosidase on some glycoproteins--human and rabbit gamma-globulin, glycoprotein from sheep submaxillary gland and ceruloplasmin--was studied. it was shown that the action of the enzyme of the glycoproteins was not accompanied by a release of fucose. a comparative study of the properties of free and concanavalin a-sepharose 4b-bound alpha-l-fucosidase was done. the experimental data is indicative of difference in the ph-dependen ...197770233
failure of t cells specific for strong histocompatibility antigens to cooperate with b cells for a humoral response.thymus-derived lymphocytes (t cells) selected for reactivity to strong histocompatibility antigens over a period of one to twelve months in vitro were tested for their ability to cooperate with bone marrow-derived lymphocytes (b cells) for a humoral response. if cultured with normal syngeneic or allogeneic spleen cells and sheep erythrocytes (srbc) as immunogen, inhibition of the anti-srbc response was observed. similarly, in t cell-free spleen cells the alloreactive t cells did not stimulate a ...197770364
persistence of antigen-binding cells with surface tolerogen: isologous versus heterologous immunoglobulin carriers. 197770467
active and passive cation transport and l antigen heterogeneity in low potassium sheep red cells: evidence against the concept of leak-pump interconversion.several lines of experimental evidence are presented suggesting that the l antigens in low potassium (lk) sheep red cells are associated with separate na(+)k(+) pump flux is distinct from the action of anti-l(l) on k(+) leak flux, implying that k(+) leak transport sites may not be converted into active pumps by the l antiserum. treatment of lk red cells with trypsin completely abolished both the stimulation of k(+) pump flux and the enhancement of the rate of ouabain binding brought about by ant ...197770503
immunodiagnostics of malignant diseases. ii. the electrophoretic mobility test in the diagnosis of gynecological malignancies.we applied the electrophoretic mobility test (emt) to 117 patients. 49 patients suffered from gynecological malignant tumors of different types and eleven had a carcinoma in situ. 57 patients served as a control group, 26 of whom were clinically healthy volunteers and 31 had benign gynecological diseases. in the emt all malignant cases had inhibition values of at least-5% or even more. all other tested persons, the so-called non-malignant or healthy cases, had an inhibition of less than -5% or e ...197770771
immunological properties of model membranes. 197771015
[genetic control of the content and avidity of antigen-binding b-lymphocytes in the mouse spleen].the content (per 10 nucleated cells) and avidity curves of igm positive b-lymphocytes forming rosettes with trinitrophenyl-sheep erythrocytes (tnp-rfc) were compared in two mouse lines (balb/c c57bl/6), f1 hybrids (balb /c x c57bl/6) and backcross hybrids (f1 x balb/c, f1 x c57bl/6). trinitrophenyl-bovine serum albumin (tnp24bsa) and dinitrophenyl-bonvine serum albumin (dnp23bsa) and sulfanil-bsa (sulf17-bsa) in different dilutions were used as inhibitors. balb/c spleen contained by 60% more tnp ...197771174
the utility of antisera to canine growth hormone and canine prolactin for immunocytochemical staining of the dog pituitary gland.using the immunoperoxidase technique and specific homologous antisera to highly purified canine prolactin (prl) and canine growth hormone (gh), selective immunocytochemical staining was localized in two different cell types in the pars distalis of the dog pituitary gland. the specificity and validity of both antisera were demonstrated by elimination of their immunostaining capacify after prior absorption with their respective antigens, while absorption with other antigens failed to decrease stai ...197771286
does diaminobenzidine demonstrate prostaglandin synthetase? a study on polyunsaturated fatty acid-induced dab oxidation in sheep vesicular glands and rabbit kidney medulla.a method histochemical localization of prostaglandin synthetase using dab, potassium cyanide and polyunsaturated fatty acid has been revised. the arachidonic acid-induced dab oxidation observed in the secretory epithelium of sheep vesicular glands and in collecting tubules as well as intersititial cells of rabbit kidney medulla was found to be insensitive to antiinflammatory cyclooxygenase (formerly referred as prostaglandin synthetase) inhibitors, such as indomethacin, aspirin, mefenamic acid a ...197771290
effects of capreomycin disulfate and oxyamycin on ruminal ph, lactate and volatile fatty acid concentrations in sheep experiencing induced acidosis. 197771291
[comparative electrophoretic study of the molecular forms of alkaline phosphatase in the leukocytes of agricultural animals].the alkaline phosphatase enzyme, isolated by morton's method from leukocytes of sheep, goats, and pigs gave after agarose elctrophoresis two isoenzyme fractions moving to the positive pole at the sites of the alpha 1- and alpha 2-globulins of the blood serum. in bovine leukocytes, besides these two fractions there was a third one that moved more slowly in the zone of the beta-globulins. in horses the alkaline phosphatase of leukocytes produced a wide band within the zones of the beta-globulins a ...197771781
complement as an essential factor for indirect immunofluorescence in cases of pemphigoid.hitherto in the literature no proof has been published of a complement activation on the basement membrane in cases of pemphigoid. in this paper, for the first time, it is demonstrated, even if only in vitro, that complement, whose presence in the region of the basement membrane has long been known, plays an active role in a reaction. through the action of the haemolytic system (amboceptor and sheep erythrocytes) and of anti c3 on reaction specimens for indirect immunofluorescence in pemphigoid, ...197771828
antigenic characterization of echinococcus granulosus numbers of antigens were detected in the structural components of echinococcus granulosus cysts by double diffusion and immunoelectrophoresis tests using homologous and heterologous antisera without antibody activity to host serum contaminants. although antigens common to the germinal membranes, laminated layers and protoscoleces were demonstrated, no evidence was found of antigen sharing between the laminated layer and hydatid fluid from fertile and sterile cysts. these fluids, however, ...197771902
detection of sheep pox virus multiplication in sheep thyroid cells by acridine orange staining. 197772044
effect of lipopolysaccharide on immunogenicity and tolerogenicity of hgg in c57bl/6j nude mice: evidence for a possible b cell deficiency. 197772110
functional differentiation of b lymphocytes in congenital agammaglobulinemia. ii. immunochemical analysis of the in vitro primary immune response.cultures of peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) in which specific hemolytic plaque-forming cells (hcpfc) had been induced were labeled with 14c-amino acids. antigen-specific products in the culture supernatants were characterized by using indirect immune precipitation in conjunction with specific immunoabsorbents and/or gel filtration followed by sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. after 5 days of culture with antigen (sheep red blood cells or ovalbumin) newly synthesized igm and specific igm ...197772111
neurophysin in the brain and pituitary gland of normal and scrapie-affected sheep--ii. its occurrence in the cerebellum in dystrophic axon terminals with lysosome-lipofuscin accumulation: a possible anomaly of neuronal sulphur-protein metabolism. 197772365
alternatives to female sterilization.with national policies aimed at reaching zero population growth in the shortest possible time, many countries have introduced restrictive legislation and disincentive programs in an attempt to decrease family size norms to 2 or 3 children. as a result, younger women of lower parity are being sterilized, with consequences that will be seen in the years to come. although female sterilization is usually associated with minimal complications and side effects and is highly effective without continuin ...197772691
neurotoxicity of organophosphorus insecticides leptophos and epn.phosfolan, chlorpyrifos, and stirophos when applied to white mice at sublethal doses did not induce any delayed neurotoxic effect. on the other hand, leptophos and epn when administered orally at sublethal or lethal levels clearly produced a delayed neurotoxic ataxia in treated mice. the five tested organophosphorus insecticides were compared for their ability to inhibit cholinesterase, neurotoxic esterases and monoamine oxidase. i50 values were estimated for each case. the results revealed that ...197772768
comparative antigenic characterisation of echinococcus granulosus and taenia hydatigena cyst fluids by immunoelectrophoresis.hydatid cyst fluid from echinococcus granulosus (hcf) and cyst fluid from taenia hydatigena (tcf) cysts were compared in reciprocal immunoelectrophoresis (iep) tests using homologous and heterologous antisera which were free of antibodies to host serum contaminants. the antigens for the e granulosus arc 5 were demonstrated in tcf. antibody activity to these and other antigens common to hcf and tcf was removed from homologous antisera by absorptions with the heterologous antigenic preparation. an ...197773210
[chemical and hematologic studies of sheep before and after treatment with cyclophosphamide].studied was the effect of cyclophosphamide, a typical venena a agent, on 15 sheep and 20 weaned lambs, given orally at 25 mg/kg. a total of 13 types of laboratory investigations were carried out revealing a dependable increase in the calcium and phosphorus levels with young animals, and a dependable decrease in the gamma-2-globulin with adult animals. at the individual application of the preparation the fleece was removed manually on the eleventh day in all animals. at the group application of a ...197773255
[studies on the modification of performance and metabolic processes in sheep through experimental fasciola hepatica infections considering low infestation intensity].low experimental infections with fasciola hepatica (8...17 flukes per animal) in sheep, 6...12 months old, caused less gain weight over a period of 22 weeks. changes in the number of erythrocytes and in the hb-concentration were not found. in contrast to the controls the infected sheep showed strong fluctuations in the number of lymphocytes. 3 weeks post infect. a significant eosinophilia was observed, which continued until the end of the investigation. with the beginning of the fourth week post ...197773356
inductive influence of macrophages on cytotoxic properties of lymphocytes.normal rat lymphocytes preincubated over syngeneic peritoneal macrophages derived from rats sensitized to tuberculous bacilli and then cultured with ppd showed a cytotoxic effect on sheep red blood cells coated with ppd. this effect was antigen specific and did not involve the nonspecific influence of macrophages.197773367
semen collection and evaluation in the ram. the preparation of spermatozoa for morphological examination.tail and mid-piece morphology of ram spermatozoa were compared using wet preparations of semen diluted in buffered formal saline at temperatures of 10 degrees c and 65 degrees c. the temperature of the diluent did not affect the occurrence of abnormalities. tail and mid-piece morphology were also examined in semen smears stained by a modified williams' stain using glass slides at temperatures of 10 degrees c, 38 degrees c and 65 degrees c. the occurrence of the abnormalities was not affected by ...197773371
ir gene control of carrier recognition. iii. cooperative recognition of two or more carrier determinants on insulins of different species. 197773467
the staining of starch gels with coomassie brilliant blue g250 perchloric acid solution.coomassie brilliant blue g250 dissolved in dilute perchloric acid solution was used to stain protein bands in starge gels. the bands were visible within min, no destaining was required and the gels could be stored indefinitely.197773475
rosette-forming mast cells in rat anaphylaxis. immunological characteristics of mast cell rosettes.peritoneal mast cells from immunized rats can form rosettes with antigen-coated sheep red blood cells. the receptor responsible for this active rosette formation is shown to be ige cytophilic antibody: rosettes are inhibited by previous contact of mast cells with antigen, or with anti-ige antiserum; the kinetics of mast cell rosettes following a primary immunization with ovalbumin and bordetella pertussis vaccine is similar to the kinetics of reaginic antibody response. furthermore, a reaginic s ...197773505
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