characterizaiton of two populations of human lymphocytes bearing easily detectable surface immunoglobulin.two separate lymphocyte populations, each bearing easily detectable surface immunoglobulin, have been detected in human peripheral blood. the first, b cells, has surface determinants that are stable at 37degreec, but are removed by pronase and regenerate in culture. the cells are nylon adherent and have a receptor for c3, and studies with unit gravity sedimentation indicate they are mostly small lymphocytes. b cells comprise 9.5% of the total lymphocytes, with the normal range from 3-16%. as man ...197553240
human antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. isolation and identification of a subpopulation of peripheral blood lymphocytes which kill antibody-coated autologous target cells.antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc), has been shown to be independent in vitro of thymus-derived lymphocytes, but the precise nature of the effector lymphocyte has not been fully clarified. to further study the identity of the adcc effector cell type(s), peripheral blood leukocytes were purified by ficoll-hypaque density centrifugation and fractionated into surface immunoglobulin-positive [ig(+)] and surface immunoglobulin-negative [ig(-)] populations by chromatographic separation on ...197553242
repeatability of the duration of oestrus and breed differences in the relationship between druation of oestrus and ovulation rate of sheep.the duration of oestrus and the time interval from removal of progestagen-impregnated pessaries to the onset and end of oestrus were examined in texel, finnish landrace, galway and fingalway (finnish landrace x galway) ewes. the differences among the breeds in the relationship between these variables and ovulation rate at the controlled oestrus were also investigated. breed differences were significant for all traits except the interval from pessary withdrawal to the onset of oestrus. the relati ...197553284
preservation of differential staining of spermatozoa by formol citrate.semen from boar, bull, ram, rabbit, reindeer and stallion was diluted in formol citrate or formol saline and stained with eosinnigrosin. the proportion of eosinophilic spermatozoa did not differ from that in fresh semen after storage for 48 hr in the formol diluent at temperatures ranging from 4 degrees c to 40 degrees c. some samples were kept for periods up to 3 weeks with very little increase in the proportion of eosinophilic spermatozoa.197553286
surface markers and prognostic factors in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.we investigated the surface markers on lymphoblasts from 37 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. spontaneous rosette formation with sheep erythrocytes (e rosettes) identified t cells and the presence of surface immunoglobulin identified b cells. eight patients had t-marker lymphoblasts; 28 had no markers (null lymphoblasts), and one patient had b-marker lymphoblasts. the eight patients with t-marker acute lymphoblastic leukemia had massive leukemic infiltration, frequently a mediastinal m ...197653789
the practice laboratory: the interpretation of blood smears. 197553937
[the serum gamma-globulin picture in leucosis of cattle and sheep]. 197553970
[methods for the separation of lymphocytes].the paper reviews the currently available methods for lymphocyte separation, with particular reference to their effectiveness. procedures based on density and size, such as density gradient centrifugation and sedimentation and size filtration on columns, allow accumulation of lymphocytes of different degree of differentiation, but do not permit any quantitative separation of distinct lymphocyte populations, because density and size of cells are properties strongly varying with the degree of dev ...197553976
studies of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland with special reference to the effects of transection of the pituitary stalk. 197553978
polyfunctional antigen-binding specificity in hapten-carrier responses of the newt, triturus viridescens. 197553990
immunological and chemical correlation between alpha-fetoproteins from human and several mammalian species.alpha-fetoproteins of several animals were purified and their molecular weights, amino acid compositions and peptide maps were compared, demonstrating the close similarities. these data indicated that the alpha-fetoproteins of mammalian species have closely related antigenical and chemical structures. rabbits and horses were immunized with human alpha-fetoprotein, and it was observed that the animals produced antibodies reaction not only with human alpha-fetoprotein but with their homologous alp ...197554014
proceedings: cardiac pace-maker currents and extracellular ph. 197554142
proceedings: influence of lactate on the electrical activity of cardiac purkynÄ• fibres in condition of metabolic acidosis. 197554143
natural antibodies against colicines in human and animal sera.the presence of "natural antibodies" against colicines was detected in the sera of 13 (29.5%) hospitalized recruits aged 20-29 years, 4 (25%) hospitalized males aged 30-49 years, 8 (40%) outpatient elderly subjects aged 50-79 years and in the sera of 15 (27.2%) animals. it is discussed the possible role of colicines as antigenic determinants stimulating the production of "natural antibodies", because of the prolonged and repeated contact of colicinogenic strains with the host animals.197554185
"b" cell origin of malignant cells in a case of american burkitt's lymphoma. characterization of cells from a pleural effusion.ninety-eight percent of the cells isolated from a malignant pleural effusion in a case of american burkitt's lymphoma showed membrane fluorescence to antihuman igm antisera, while only 2% of the cells formed spontaneous rosettes with sheep red blood cells. it is concluded that the burkitt cells in the malignant effusion are derived from bursal equivalent lymphocytes. epstein-barr (e-b) viral titers to both viral capsule antigen and early antigen were not elevated. the significance of these findi ...197554207
quantitation of t and b lymphocytes and cellular immune function in hodgkin's disease.peripheral blood t and b lymphocytes were quantitated in 42 patients with untreated hodgkin's disease and the results compared with the response to phytohemagglutinin (pha) stimulation and delayed hypersensitivity skin testing. t lymphocytes were identified by an in vitro cytotoxicity assay employing a specific anti-t-cell serum and by spontaneous rosette formation with sheep erythrocytes (e rosettes). the percentage of t cells in the patients was similar to that of normal subjects as judged by ...197554208
surface antigenic specificities of human thymus-derived lymphocytes.surface antigenic specificities of human thymus-derived (t) lymphocytes were studied by cytotoxicity tests using a heterologous rabbit anti-human thymus serum. this serum showed higher cytotoxic titres on thymocytes by comparison with peripheral lymphocytes. after proper absorption the antiserum was non-toxic for chronic lymphatic leukaemia cells, but lysed the majority of thymocytes. it also lysed some of peripheral lymphocytes, corresponding to those lymphocytes which bound sheep erythrocytes ...197554232
binding of 125i-labelled encephalitogenic basic protein to normal lymphocytes. inhibition with multiple sclerosis serum.a sheep lymphocyte 125i-labelled human encephalitogenic basic protein (125i-bp) binding assay was used to study the correlation of 125i-bp binding with the diagnosis and status of multiple sclerosis (ms) patients. ms serum generally caused significant inhibition of binding, and serum from ms patients in remission caused significantly more inhibition than serum from ms patients in relapse. serum inhibition increased in association with improvement in neurological status in three out of four ms pa ...197554233
species specificity of thromboplastin. a phylogenetic study.having studied the influence of thromboplastin preparations derived from cold and warm-blooded species on the plasma of 12 vertebrates (carp, frog, turtle, hen, rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea-pig, ground squirrel, dog, sheep and man) we have established that among the species far from each other phylogenetically, the phenomenon of species specificity could be demonstrated in general. it was found that the extrinsic coagulation system measured by quick times can well be activated in every examined sp ...197554309
serological relationship of taxonomically closely related domestic ruminants: cattle, buffalo, sheep & goat. 197554334
quantitative assay of diphtherial toxin and of immunologically cross-reacting proteins by reversed passive hemagglutination.a reversed passive hemagglutination (rpha) assay for diptherial toxin has been developed. antitoxic antibodies were isolated from commercially available equine diptherial antitoxin by immunoabsorption using highly purified diphtherial toxin covalently linked to sepharose 4b. formalinized, tanned sheep erythrocytes sensitized with the purified antitoxic antibodies are specifically agglutinated by diphtherial toxin but are not agglutinated by extracellular antigens of corynebacterium diptheriae th ...197554339
characteristics of the major internal protein and rna-dependent dna polymerase of bovine leukaemia virus.a virus designated bovine leukaemia virus (blv), associated with leukaemia in cattle and previously demonstrated to induce the disease in sheep, was purified from chronically infected sheep cell cultures. electrophoretic analysis showed a major protein of mol. wt. about 24,000 (p24) which reacted in gel diffusion and complement-fixation tests with sera from naturally infected cattle, experimentally infected sheep, and guinea pigs immunized with p24. blv p24 has an isoelectric point of 8-6. inter ...197554405
t and b lymphocytes in breast cancer stage relationship and abrogation of t-lymphocyte depression by enzyme treatment in vitro.b and t lymphocytes have been measured in 100 women--71 patients with breast cancer and 29 controls--using sheep-erythrocyte rosetting techniques. compared with controls (healthy women or patients with benign breast disease), there is a highly significant depression of t-cell percentage in all stages of breast cancer except locally advanced (stage 3) disease. these stage-3 cases seem to constitute a biologically distinct group. t-cell percentages in early (stage 1) patients overlap with those se ...197654739
letter: interspecies transmission of scrapie-like diseases. 197554832
radioimmune assay of heterologous serum gamma-globulin in patients receiving rabbit antihuman thymocyte globulin.a radioimmune assay (ria) method for detecting heterologous serum rabbit gamma-globulin (rg) and antibody to this protein is described. the methodology is used for monitoring serum levels of rabbit globulin in patients receiving rabbit atg (ratg). in 7 cardiac recipients receiving ratg, maximum serum levels of rg were achieved 1-3 days after administration of final dose. rg half-life subsequent to peak serum levels was rapid (x = 36 hr) in 4 patients and prolonged (x = 18 days) in 3 patients. pa ...197554964
[changes in the body of sheep with chronic trolen poisoning]. 197554973
[study of human secretory immunoglobulin a. i. obtaining monospecific antiserum to human secretory immunoglobulin a].a method of obtaining monospecific antiserum to the human secretory iga is described. immunochemically pure secretory iga (isolated from human colostrum by fractionation with ammonium sulfate and gel-filtration on sephadex g-200) was used for immunization of rabbits or sheep. heterologous antibodies were removed by adsorption with commercial gamma globulin, normal serum, the serum of a patient suffering from a-myeloma with the iga polymere and purified lactoferrin. monospecific antiserum to the ...197555017
demonstration of analogues to the human pregnancy zone protein in animals.the pregnancy zone protein (pz) is known to occur in increased amounts during pregnancy and hormonal treatment. analogues of this human serum alpha2-globulin were demonstrated in animals by double gel diffusion and immunoelectrophoresis. direct cross-reactions were found for rhesus monkey and beagle dog against anti-human pregnancy zone protein. after preparation of an "anti-dog pz" serum it was possible to demonstrate analogues also in cow and sheep. thus, the present investigation demonstrated ...197655050
[the effect of heparin and a human heparin precipitable plasma fraction on antibody producing cells in vitro].a study was made of the effect of heparin and heparin-precipitable fractions of human blood plasms (hpf) on the capacity of the cells of mouse spleen immunized with sheep erythrocytes to plaque-formation in vitro. it was found that heparin and hpf produced an inhibitory effect on the reaction of plaque formation as a result of interaction with lymphocytes. it is supposed that a possible point of application of heparin and hpf action are surface cell membranes of the antibody-forming cells.197655280
[electronmicroscopic and immunohistochemical studies on human lymphocytes].lymphocytes from the blood of healthy individuals and of patients suffering from cll were investigated by electron microscopy and peroxidase-immunohistochemistry. b-lymphocytes were labelled by heterologous, peroxidase-conjugated antisera directed against the id-determinants of their membranes. t-lymphocytes were labelled by an indirect method: specific incubation with a specific anti-t-cell-globulin from the rabbit; labelling-incubation with a peroxidase-conjugated anti-rabbit-igg-globulin from ...197655285
the effects of carrier-specific helper t-cell tolerance on antibody avidity in the anti-hapten response. 197655307
species-specific tissue antigens. iii. immunological relationships of enzymic antigens in various species.immunological relationships have been investigated with acid and alkaline phosphatases, cystine aminopeptidase, beta-acetylglucosaminidase, beta-glucuronidase, catalase and l-glutamate dehydrogenase of human, monkey, mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, cattle, sheep, cat, pig, guinea-pig and chicken organ extracts by means of immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoresis. extensive cross-reactions among the antigens of most of the enzymes were observed. however, enzymic proteins of acid and alkaline phosphatas ...197555325
inhibition of anaphylactic histamine release by forssman antiserum. i. characteristics of the reaction and inhibitor.forssman antiserum produced in rabbits immunized with sheep erythrocyte stromata was found to contain an igg antibody which inhibited both passive anaphylactic sensitization of guinea-pig lung and also histamine-releasing activity of soluble immune complexes. this forssman antibody did not itself cause histamine release or depletion of lung histamine stores. the igm haemolysin component of the forssman antiserum was not associated with inhibitory activity. the inhibition by the igg forssman ant ...197655380
a method for distinguishing sheep erythrocytes adherent to human tissue sections. 197655421
in vitro studies of the genetically determined unresponsiveness to thymus-independent antigens in cba/n mice.the x-chromosome-linked b lymphocyte defect of cba/n mice has been studied in vitro by comparing the ability of (cba/n x dba/2)f1 (x-/x- x x+/y) male (x-/y) and female (x-/x+) spleen cells to respond to the thymus-independent antigen dnp (or tnp)-aecm-ficoll. (cba/n x dba/2)f1 male spleen cells failed to generate significant in vitro anti-tnp antibody responses to dnp- or tnp-aecm-ficoll, in contrast to spleen cells from f1 female (x-/x+) mice which responded normally to these t-independent anti ...197655435
sheep red blood cell-specific helper activity in rat thoracic duct lymphocyte populations positively selected for reactivity to specific strong histocompatibility alloantigens.these studies show that positively selected t-cell populations, having enriched reactivity in the mixed lymphocyte interaction and the graft-versus-host reaction to strong alloantigens of a chosen major histocompatibility complex haplotype, also possess helper activity which is quantitatively normal in the generation of primary antibody responses to sheep red blood cells in vitro. such positively selected populations give a linear dose plaque-forming cells response curve indistinguishable from t ...197655462
regulation of reaginic antibody formation in animals. 197556008
antibody-hapten interactions in vivo in mice and sheep.from 5 min to 5 h after an intravenous injection of one of the haptens, elipson-dinitrophenyl-lysine, 2,4-dinitrophenol (dnp), or procaine, mice that were actively immunised against these haptens held more of the hapten in their plasma than did normal mice. over the same time interval, mice that had been passively immunised with sheep anti-procaine antisera and then treated with procaine held more procaine in their plasma than did mice treated with normal sheep serum. when procaine or dnp was ad ...197556024
[pathomorphological changes in sheep in chronic poisoning with dicresyl and trolen]. 197556079
[cytotoxic effects of a leukocidin from staphylococcus aureus (author's transl)].in an attempt to improve the assay of leukocidin from staphylococcus aureus a combined vital fluorochrome staining procedure with acridine organe and ethidium bromide was developed. it proved to be more suitable for the demonstration of leukocidic effects on leukocytes than phasecontrastmicroscopy. damaged leukocytes fluoresced distinctly red and undamaged leukocytes green. with the fluorochrome-method leukocidic changes became also evident in some lymphocytes. these were not clearly demonstrate ...197556107
[hemagglutinin specificity of cl. botulinum types a, b, and f in reaction with erythrocytes of various animals].the following differences were revealed in the haemagglutination reaction with the erythrocytes of man, sheep, rabbit, chicks and mice between the haemagglutinins of cl. botulinum, types a, b and f, having a close affinity with one another: haemagglutinin of type a actively reacted with the erythrocytes of man, sheep, rabbit, rats and chicks; haemagglutinin of type b reacted only with the erythrocytes of man and rabbits; haemagglutinin of type f failed to react with any of the types of the eryth ...197556111
[inhibition of antigenic competition by immunostimulants].the diminution of immune response against srbc induced in mice, by a prior injection of hrbc was counteracted by addition of certain immunostimulants to srbc. the intensity of inhibition of antigenic competition was related to the quantity of immunostimulant added to srbc. some immunostimulants (b. abortus, lipopolysaccharide) were more active than others (c. parvum, poly i : c). to inhibit antigenic competition immunostimulant had to be injected after or in mixture with srbc never before.197556240
a comparative study of beta-crystallin from six mammals. 197656252
the slow infection caused by visna virus. 197556255
peripheral blood t and b cell characteristics in a patient with severe combined immune deficiency (scid) maintained in a gnotobiotic environment.peripheral blood lymphocytes obtained at 24-30 months after birth from a male with x-linked severe combined immune deficiency maintained in a gnotobiotic environment were characterized by t and b cell surface markers. a high proportion (55-80 percent) of circulating lymphocytes bore surface igm as detected by direct immunofluorescence. a receptor for the activated c3 complement component was detected on 27-47 percent of his lymphocytes. only 4-12 percent of the peripheral blood lymphocytes forme ...197656280
differentiation of antigenic markers on b cells and on antibody-forming cells. 197556321
studies on human monocytes with a multiparameter cell sorter.suspensions of human lymphocytes and monocytes separated by the ficoll-hypaque method from the peripheral blood show a coulter volume distribution, measured with a multiparameter cell sorter, characterized by a minor peak at 500 mu3, containing 5-15% of the cells, and a major peak at 200 mu3. using fluorescent latex particles we have found that the monocytes, the cells that ingest the latex particles, all lie in the 500 mu3 peak; conversely, all of the cells in the 500 mu3 peak are monocytes. wh ...197656390
resistance to tumor growth mediated by listeria monocytogenes. destruction of experimental malignant melanoma by lm-activated peritoneal and lymphoid cells.a murine experimental model of nonspecific tumor destruction mediated by cells activated by listeria monocytogenes (lm) is described. b16 melanoma growth is prevented or suppressed in the syngeneic host when tumor cells are inoculated in contact with viable lm. in vitro, cultured b16 cells are destroyed by lm immune peritoneal or splenic cells in the presence of the bacterial antigen(s). activation of lm immune cells in vitro is immunologically specific. replacement of lm by sheep red blood cell ...197656396
in vivo host immune to a tumor-specific transplantation antigen induced by rous sarcoma virus.we examined the host immune response to a tumor-specific transplantation antigen (tsta) induced by rous sarcoma virus (rsv) in vivo. in contrast to previous in vitro studies, the present investigation demonstrated in vivo host immunity of the tsta 10-55 days after tumor inoculation. immunity to the tsta appeared specific, since the homologous rsv tumor was rejected. whereas the heterologous tumor grew progressively. no generalized suppression of cell-mediated or hymoral immunity was shown, becau ...197656445
localization of rabbit gamma globulins in the mouse visceral yolk sac placenta.the yolk sac placenta has been implicated previously in transmission of passive immunity to the fetus. this work uses an immunohistochemical technique devised by sternberger et al. ('69) to study this problem. rabbit serum containing gamma globulins was injected into the uterine lumen of the white swiss mouse during the last third of pregnancy. two or four hours later yolk sacs were removed and fixed in 2% paraformaldehyde or freeze-dried and fixed with paraformaldehyde vapors. finely chopped ti ...197656909
changes in serum protein values of sheep infected with fasciola gigantica.serum protein values were determined in 6 lambs given 1 dose of 200 metacercariae of fasciola gigantica. over the 22 weeks of the experiment, total serum protein values in these lambs were only moderately increased over those of control lambs (n = 6). the increase was mainly associated with the change in alpha2-globulin and gamma-globulin fractions. the highest value of gamma-globulin (39.03%) of total serum protein was observed at 18 weeks after infection. mean albumin concentration in the expo ...197656910
[detection of tick-borne encephalitis virus by the method of immunofluorescence on erythrocytes sensitized with immunoglobulin]. 197557267
letter: fragment of sheep beta-lipotropin with morphine-like activity. 197657409
[the antigenic properties of human prolactin (author's transl)].the antigenic properties of human prolactin (hpr) were studied using various methods of radio-immuno assay. the homologous system, the difficulty of which resides in the preparation of the tracer, easily permits measurement of physiological levels. in this systems, blood prolactin in the monkey, has an antigenicity comparable with that of human prolactin, whereas growth hormone and human chorionic somatotropin have feeble or nil antigenic relationship with hpr. human, sheep and pig prolactins ha ...197657589
ford ej. 197657654
antigen-specific and nonspecific mediatiors of t cell/b cell cooperation. ii. two helper t cells distinguished by their antigen sensitivities.further evidence is presented for two types of helper t cells in the mouse specific for the protein antigen, keyhole limpet hemocyanin (klh). the first cell helps b cells respond to the trinitrophenyl hapten (tnp) coupled to klh, is primed by relatively high doses of antigen in vivo, and yet the effector cell is stimulated by very low doses of antigen in vitro. the second cell helps b cells respond to a non-cross-reacting antigen, sheep red blood cells, presumably via production of a nonspecific ...197658030
antigen-specific and nonspecific mediators of t cell/b cell cooperation. iii. characterization of the nonspecific mediator(s) from different sources.t cell-containing lymphoid populations produce a nonantigen-specific mediator(s) (nsm) which can replace t cell helper function in vitro in the response of b cells to sheep red blood cells (srbc), but not to the hapten-protein conjugate, trinitrophenyl-keyhole limpet hemocyanin, (tnp-klh). nsm produced under three conditions: 1) stimulation of klh-primed cells with klh; 2) allogeneic stimulation of normal spleen cells; and 3) stimulation of normal spleen cells with con a (but not pha) are indist ...197658031
suppression of antibody responses in allogeneic mice by products of lymphoid tissue. ii. lack of antigenic specificity and immunogenetic requirements of allogeneic suppressive factor (asf).mice were irradiated, infused with thymocytes and immunized with a variety of antigens, i.e., sheep or horse red blood cells (srbc or hrbc), diphtheria toxoid (dt) or bovine gamma-globulin (bgg). the spleen cells (t.spleen cells) were harvested 5 days later and cellfree extracts were prepared. the extracts contained an allogeneic suppressive factor (asf) that was capable of inhibiting igm antibody responses of allogeneic or semi-allogeneic unirradiated mice. asf had to be injected within 24 hr o ...197658047
inhibition of the fc receptor of human lymphoid cells by antisera-recognizing determinants of the hla system.the inhibitory effect of hla antisera on fc receptors of human lymphoid cells was investigated. the ability of lymphoid cells to form rosettes (fcrfc) with antibody-coated sheep red blood cells and to function as effector cells (k cells) in antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity were used as assay systems. we found that antisera recognizing determinants of the hla-a, -b, and -c series had no effect on fcrfc, while a specific inhibitory effect was observed of antisera probably reacting wit ...197658055
[regulation mechanisms of the activity of t lymphocytes : applications to infective and tumoral pathology. ii. -- bcg and immuno-stimulation (author's transl)].the inhibition of activated t cells by products of the humoral immune response is almost abolished in mice previously infected by bcg. as a result, these mice develop very high levels of dth in response to doses of srbc which cause complete suppression in normal mice. this systemic effect of bcg is dose, strain and time dependent and lasts for about three weeks. its main effect is to inhibition of t cells by the products of the humoral. bcg infected mice develop increased levels of dth associate ...197658397
characterization of homologous anti-alpha-fetoprotein antibodies produced in rabbits.the natural tolerance to alpha-fetoprotein (afp) was broken in rabbits by immunizations with purified afp from different species and homologous afp chemically modified by haptenation. some of the rabbits were boostered with rabbit afp. the highest titers were obtained with human afp, which shows a strong cross-reaction with rabbit afp. the homologous antibodies were of lower avidity than heterologous (sheep) antisera. injections with rabbit afp did not alter the avidity or titer. all antibodies ...197658440
termination of pregnancy by sheep anti-lhrh gamma globulin in rats.the effect of the administration of sheep anti-lhrh gamma-globulin (anti-lhrhg) on the maintenance of pregnancy was investigated in rats. nidation was confirmed by laparotomy on day 7 or 8 of pregnancy. in one experiment, rats were then injected iv with 1 ml anti-lhrhg or normal sheep gamma-globulin (nsg) daily from days 7 to 11. the uteri were inspected again on day 14 of pregnancy, when it was found that complete resorption of the fetuses had occurred in the anti-lhrhg-treated rats, but that t ...197658780
cellular and humorial immune responses in mice. iii. acceleration of delayed hypersensitivity response by presensitization with suboptimal dose of antigen.delayed hypersensitivity (dh) response in mice induced by subcutaneous (s.c.) injection of optimal dose of sheep red blood cells (srbc) 10(8)) was accelerated by s.c. injection of the antigen of 10(3) or more doses, given 2 or more days earlier. the accelerated response appeared soon after the injection of optimal antigen dose, that is, 1 or 2 days earlier than the response of non-presensitized control. the acceleration was antigen specific. the accelerated response was generally accompanied by ...197658833
antigen-non-specific t-cell factor in b-cell activation. origin, biological properties and failure to show a relationship to h-2.a population of t cells sensitive to als treatment release a non-specific factor (nsf) capable of replacing t cells in the response of nude spleen cells to erythrocyte antigens. this factor cannot be removed by immunoadsorbents with specificities directed towards products of the h2 complex, nor by lentil lectin, unlike certain specific t-cell factors. furthermore, it functions across histocompatibility differences between mouse strains. it has been directly demonstrated that this factor can infl ...197658834
metabolism of o,o-dimethyl-o-(3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate in sheep and rats and of 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol in sheep.sheep and rats metabolized single oral doses of o-o-dimethyl-o-(3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate (i) to three major metabolites that were excreted in the urine (approximately 70% of the 14c). these were the glucuronide of 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol, o-methyl-o-(3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate, and 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol. the latter two metabolites and the parent compound were isolated from sheep feces. sheep plasma contained the same metabolites that were found in sh ...197658885
induction of specific suppressor t cells in vitro.we describe conditions for generating sheep red blood cell-specific suppressor t cells in mishell-dutton cultures. the production of specific suppressor cells is favored by increasing antigen dose in the initial culture but can be produced by transferring more cells when lower doses of antigen are used. transfer of small numbers of cells cultured with low doses of antigen leads to a specific helper effect. transfer of large numbers of educated cells leads to nonspecific suppression. suppression ...197658934
in vitro induction and measurement of hemolytic plaque forming cells in man.following co-cultivation with sheep red cells or ovalbumin, hypaque-ficoll-separated human tonsillar lymphocytes were demonstrated to generate specific hemolytic pfc with maximum numbers at day 5-7. pfc were enumerated on poly-l-lysine coupled red cell monolayers in microtest-ii-plates. plaque formation appeared to be puromycin-sensitive, complement-dependent and showed clear specificity for the antigen present during the inductive culture. treatment of pfc with mu-chain specific antisera and co ...197658941
antigen and antibody purification by immunoadsorption: elimination of non-biospecifically bound proteins.immunoadsorption is a simple and effective method for purifying antigens and antibodies. the major interfering effect is non-biospecific binding, especially when crude preparations of antibodies or antigens are coupled to the matrix. in this paper various possibilities for eliminating these effects are compared and analysed. it was found that for antigen (afp) purification pre-elution with a ph 10.0 buffer of high ionic strength (1.0 m) is effective. a major problem in purifying antibodies in th ...197658946
effect of phthalate plasticizer on blood compatibility of polyvinyl chloride.the amount of a phthalate plasticizer on the surface of a sheet of polyvinyl chloride used in the fabrication of blood storage bags was quantified using attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy, water contact angle measurement, and weight loss due to methanol extraction. water wettability increased as the amount of surface phthalate extracted by methanol increased, which indicates that the accumulation of phthalate on the surface increases hydrophobicity. the extraction of phthalate by methanol ...197658987
an immunoenzymatic method for improving the sensitivity of antigen measurement by electroimmunodiffusion techniques. application to the quantification of human alpha-fetoprotein.a double antibody technique of electroimmunodiffusion, which uses glucose oxidase-labelled sheep antibodies to rabbit immunoglobulins as second antibody, is described. primary antigen-antibody reaction is carried out with a rabbit antiserum by electroimmundiffusion. the glucose oxidase-labelled immunoreagent, being of general application, can serve for the quantification of different antigens and is here used for measurement of low levels of human alpha-fetoprotein. reproducible results in the r ...197659376
nucleic acid sequence relationships among "slow" viruses of sheep. 197659455
laboratory investigations on "postvaccinall rabies" caused by live sheep-brain vaccine.the viral ethiology of postvaccinal complications among 30 dogs vaccinated by live antirabies vaccine (umeno-doi type, sheep brain vaccine) was fully confirmed. three lots of virulent vaccine were inoculated subcutaneously into groups of "wistar" rats according to the different schemes. between the 1st and 12th day after the end of the vaccination there were no isolations of fixed virus in direct and blind i.c. passages of suspensions made from the thalamus area on succkling mice and rats. also ...197659530
myelin basic protein: a substance that releases immunoreactive growth hormone in vitro. 197659596
migration inhibitory factor (mif) and proliferative responses by human lymphocyte subpopulations separated by sheep erythrocyte rosette formation. 197659635
antigenic relationships on the diphtheria toxin molecule: antitoxin versus antitoxoid.we used the mouse to produce antisera to native diphtheria toxin and diphtheria toxoid. with these antisera it was possible to distinguish between toxin and toxoid. by gel diffusion analysis, antitoxin detected antigenic determinants on toxin which were not available on toxoid, indicating that some determinants had been lost or altered by formalin treatment. antitoxoid, on the other hand, showed reactions of identity between toxin and toxoid in gel diffusion. the toxin neutralization titers meas ...197659703
rosette formation between human lymphocytes and sheep erythrocytes. inhibition of rosette formation by specific glycopeptides.rosette formation with unsensitized sheep erythrocytes is a characteristic of human thymus dependent lymphocytes. release of glycopeptides from the sheep erythrocyte by trypsin reduces rosette formation. these tryptic glycopeptides inhibit rosette formation by untrypsinized sheep erythrocytes; this suggests that rosetting is mediated by erythrocyte surface glycopeptides. to investigate the molecular nature of this interaction, we examined the abilities of various model compounds to act as hapten ...197659739
origin and significance of centric fusions in domestic sheep.the karyotypes of 731 sheep of various breeds were studied and considered in association with previous chromosome studies of domestic sheep. a high incidence of the t2 trnslocation was found in two pedigree flocks of new zealand romney sheep. one of these flocks was established over 100 years ago and it is suggested that this translocation originated in the romney marsh breed of sheep in england. a naturally occurring double translocation heterozygote 52t1t2 was reported for the first time. a fu ...197659748
effect of bacterial lipopolysaccharides on anti-trinitrophenyl antibody-producing cells. nonspecific modification of the affinity at the cellular level.the effect of lipopolysaccharide (lps) on anti-trinitrophenyl (tnp) direct plaque-forming cells (pfc) in the spleen of mice and the affinity of antibodies produced by these pfc were examined. simultaneous injection of bacterial lps and tnp-coupled sheep red blood cells(srbc) induced an obvious increase in anti-tnp pfc numbers and heightened the antibody affinity at cellular levels. the higher the doses of lps, the greater the effects. concomitant injection of lps in tnp-coupled homologous mouse ...197559829
[measures in ovine psoroptic mange]. 197660000
[differences in the capacity of hla sera to react with t- and b-lymphocyte populations].a study was made of perculiarities attending the reaction of the hla-sera with the t- and b-lymphocytes isolated from human blood. lymphocytes were separated by removal of one of the cell subpopulation. t-lymphocytes were separated by the method of rosette-formation with sheep erythrocytes, with subsequent gradient density centrifugation. b-lymphocytes were separated similarly with the aid of rosette-formation with allogenous rh-positive erythrocytes sensitized with rh-sera with incomplete antib ...197660152
studies on the immunosuppressive properties of a pregnancy-associated alpha-macroglobulin.a pregnancy-associated serum glycoprotein was shown to have an inhibitory effect on several in vitro methods of immunological assessment. this suppressing activity was evident at physiological concentrations and did not appear to be due to cytotoxicity. transformation, induced by agents often regarded as preferential stimulators of t lymphocytes (concanavalin a, phytohaemagglutinin, allogeneic cells and tuberculin) was significantly depressed by the alpha-globulin. however, this phenomenon was m ...197660185
what do you think you are quantifying? an appraisal of histochemical methods in the measurements of the activities of lysosomal enzymes.the effect of a standard method of fixation (formalin-calcium 24 hr at 4 degrees c, followed by washing in gum-sucrose) on the activity of three lysosomal enzymes (n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase, acid phosphatase, beta-d-galactosidase) in the liver of three species (human, rabbit, lamb) was studied by biochemical methods, and the results were compared with staining intensities in histochemical preparations of the same tissues. the following conclusions were reached: (1) fixation by formaldehyde ...197660307
synthetic glycolipid the course of the organic synthesis of model compounds similar in some features to the lipid moiety of endotoxic lipopolysaccharide (lps), nacylated-d-glucosamine derivatives were prepared. one of these, n-palmitoyl-d-glucosamine, has been previously found to be mitogenic for athymic nude mouse b cells. this and other n-acylated homologs were tested for adjuvant activity in the immune response to human gamma-globulin (hgg) and sheep red blood cells (srbc) in mice. comparable or superior enhan ...197660450
an electromyographic study of uterotubal activity in the ewe.the electrical activity of the oviduct and uterus was automatically registered on a potentiometric pen recorder in ewes fitted with an extracellular multielectrode assembly. the duration and amplitude of local non-propagating activity of the uterus increased and became progressively grouped into phases as natural oestrus progressed. phases of contractions lasting 5-6 min were initially propagated at a rate of 2/hr. their frequency increased within 24 hr of the decline in plasma progesterone leve ...197660491
detection of beta2-microglobulin in sera from diverse vertebrate species by the use of a heterologous radioimmunoassay.the strong cross-reaction between rabbit and human beta2-microglobulins, as detected by goat antisera, has permitted the development of heterologous radioimmunoassays to detect homologues of beta2-microglobulin (beta2mu) in the sera of various vertebrate species. the assay based on the inhibition of the binding reaction between goat anti-rabbit beta2 mu and human beta2 mu divided the sera examined into two groups, one giving high levels of inhibition (approximately 80%). and the other lower leve ...197660779
effect of certain organic compounds on saliva secretion in two sheep fitted with esophageal cannulas the stimulation of resting saliva secretion by intrabuccal injections of volatile fatty acids (vfa) and of certain organic plant compounds was investigated. volatile fatty acids, salicin and vanillin increased saliva flow rate by 100, 76 and 72% over 2.5 min after injection. minor positive or negative effects were obtained with quercitrin, protocatechuic acid, grass juice, anethole and agaricinic acid. injections of volatile fatty acids and of salicin ...197660921
the chemical composition of wool. xv. the cell membrane couplex.the cell membrane complex of wool has been examined by electron microscopy of stained cross sections after immersion of the wool in formic acid. the cell membrane complex of the cortex is considerably modified by the treatment, but that of the cuticle appears unchanged. resistant membranes from cuticle cells, cortical cells and wool have been prepared by treatment with performic acid-ammonia. amino acid analyses show that the resistant membranes from the cuticle contain citrulline but those from ...197660989
immunological aspects of sperm receptors on the zona pellucida of mammalian eggs.sperm receptor sites on the surface of the zona pellucida are believed to be necessary for fertilization on the mammalian egg. ovary specific antibodies are known to precipitate the zona pellucida and are also responsible for inhibition of sperm binding and subsequent fertilization. the nature of the proposed receptor sites which are blocked by antibodies are discussed relative to comparable studies in which phytoagglutinins and other agents are used to determine the chemical nature of sperm rec ...197661169
comparative immunoenzymatic localization of prolactin and growth hormone in human and rat pituitaries.twelve human and twelve rat pituitaries were stained by an immunohistochemical method using a rabbit anti-ovine prolactin serum, a rabbit anti-human growth hormone serum and a sheep anti-rabbit immunoglobulin serum conjugated with horseradish peroxidase. on the same pituitary section, growth hormone cells were stained brown by using 3-3'-diaminobenzidine as peroxidase substrate, and prolactin cells were stained purplish blue by using 4-chloro-1-naphtol. growth hormone cells outnumbered prolactin ...197661240
comparative serological studies with mammalian adenoviruses.nine serotypes of bovine adenovirus, five serotypes of ovine adenovirus, and four serotypes of porcine adenovirus were compared in reciprocal cross-neutralisation tests, to determine if viruses isolated from different species were indeed distinct serotypes. in addition, the above serotypes were tested for possible antigenic relationships with 28 of 32 human adenoviruses, by one-way cross neutralisation tests with human adenovirus antisera. the results indicated that all viruses tested were disti ...197661747
in vitro transmission and propagation of the bovine leukemia virus in monolayer cell cultures.this study demonstrates that the bovine leukemia virus (blv) can infect in vitro cells of human, simian, bovine, canine, caprine, ovine, and bat origin. cultures of these cells, cocultivated with blv-infected cells or inoculated with cell-free blv preparations, continuoously showed the presence of cells with the internal blv antigen as well as blv-induced syncytia. virus replication was abundant and increased with passage in bat lung cells and was moderate but constant in fetal canine thymus cel ...197661801
specific binding of anti-myosin and -actin gamma-globulins to the surface of trypsin-dissociated embryonic chick cells.125i-labelled sheep anti-rabbit gamma-globulin antibodies were used to locate rabbit antibodies to smooth- and striated-muscle actomyosins at the surface of trypsin-dissociated embryonic chick cells. statistical analysis of electron microscope autoradiographs revealed that the plasma membrane of these cells was significantly labelled with both antibodies. further tests revealed that there were a significantly greater number of antigenic sites present on the cell surface for the gizzard smooth-mu ...197661817
regulatory effect of temperature and antigen upon immunity in ectothermic vertebrates. i. influence of hapten density on the immunological and serological properties of penicilloyl-carrier conjugates.sodium penicillin was conjugated to sheep erythrocytes and optimal quantities, added to a 5% srbc suspension, were determined for haemagglutination (12-5 mg/ml) and for haemolysis (50 mg/ml) using carp antibodies and carp complement. the epitope density on the bsa molecule was gradually increased, when increasing amounts of sodium-penicillin were added to a constant quantity of bsa, until a maximum of about thirty penicilloyl groups were bound. low conjugates, having less than seven haptenic gro ...197661940
[a probable glucidic allotypic pattern carried by the fab fragment of rabbit igg (author's transl)].an allotypic specificity of rabbit immunoglobulins designated as a90 has been studied. the a90 pattern found on the fab fragment and gamma chain of igg, is located on the constant region of the fd fragment of igg. aa+ molecules (which carry a specificity of the a series) and aa- molecules (which lack the a series specificity) isolated from the same serum carry the a90 pattern. a90 distribution in a given serum has been studied in several igg fractions separated by deae cellulose chromatography; ...197662549
interaction of cell-membrane prolactin receptor with its antibody.antisera against a partially purified prolactin-receptor preparation derived from pregnant-rabbit mammary glands were generated in guinea pigs. on double immuno-diffusion, each antiserum produced a single precipitin line with the prolactin receptors. the anti-receptor sera also specifically inhibited the binding of 125i-labelled sheep prolactin to membrane particles as well as to highly purified prolactin receptors derived from the rabbit mammary glands. the same antisera, however, had no effect ...197662572
detection of immunologically active zones in equine growth hormone.peptide fragments, obtained from equine growth hormone by cyanogen bromide cleavage and further chemical treatment, were isolated and identified. their immunological reactivities were tested by hemagglutination and complement fixation methods using rabbit antisera against native hormone. antigenic determinants were detected in the fragments comprising amino acid sequences 5-72 and 73-123, this last one being predominant. fragment 124-178 had very low reactivity. nitration of peptide 73-123 did n ...197662669
influence of boar acrosin antibodies produced in rabbit and sheep on chymotrypsinogen activation catalyzed by acrosin from boar, bull, ram, rabbkt and human.activation of bovine chymotrypsinogen is catalyzed with increasing velocity by human, rabbit, boar, bull and ram acrosin. antiboar-acrosin rabbit gamma-globulins cause a significant reduction in the proenzyme activation rate induced by boar and bull acrosin, but only a weak reduction or none if ram or rabbit acrosin is the activating agent. the antiboar-acrosin gamma-globulins from sheep strongly inhibit chymotrypsinogen activation by ram, bull and boar acrosin, and significantly inhibit the hum ...197662700
pathogenic mechanisms in pulmonary fibrosis: collagen-induced migration inhibition factor production and cytotoxicity mediated by lymphocytes.the universal features of the histopathology of fibrotic lung disease are derangement of parenchymal collagen and infiltration of the parenchyma with chronic inflammatory cells. to determine if this cellular reaction might be associated with autoimmunity to a consitituent of the alveolar interstitium, peripheral blood lymphocytes were exposed to human type i collagen in vitro and evaluated for the production of migration inhibition factor and cytotoxicity. data from 18 patients with idiopathic p ...197662760
mutant lines of guinea pig l2c leukemia. iii. the reaction of an alloantiserum detecting idiotypic determinants on a clonally derived guinea pig b cell leukemia with igm and ia alloantiserum was prepared in a strain 13 guinea pig against the gh line of the strain 2 guinea pig l2c leukemia. this serum contained antibodies to both igm and ia molecules. after absorption with normal spleen cells from a strain 2 guinea pig, this antiserum no longer reacted with strain 2 cells, but detected idiotypes on the igm molecules of the l2c leukemia. these idiotypes were on the same igm molecules detected by a xenogeneic sheep anti-l2c fab mu antiserum. as assayed by sodium dodecy ...197662799
isolation of a human lymphocyte mitogen from wheat germ with n-acetyl-d-glucosamine specificity.a lectin, isolated from wheat germ by affinity chromatography on chitin, was mitogenic for purified human peripheral blood lymphocytes. peak incorporation of 3h-thymidine was observed after incubation of lymphocyte cultures with wheat germ mitogen for 7 to 10 days. when lymphocytes were separated into two fractions based on their ability to form rosettes with unsensitized sheep erythrocytes, the mitogen induced a negligible proliferative response in either fraction. mixing experiments demonstrat ...197662801
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