[relationship between the presence of meconium in newborn lambs and postnatal ph and blood gas tension levels (author's transl)].the ph of the blood and blood gas tension (po2 and pco2) were estimated in thirty-two lambs. blood was taken from the umbilical vein during labour and blood was collected from the left ventricle after birth (1, 10 and 60 minutes). the findings in twenty-one lambds were used to determine the relationship between the presence of meconium on the fleece and the postnatal changes in ph and blood gas tension. ph, blood gas tension and vitality were found to be identical both in the meconium-stained an ...197940320
polymorphism of the second component of human complement (c2). observation of the rare phenotype (c2 2 (= c2 b) and data on the localization of the c2 locus in the hla region.the polymorphism of the second component of human complement was studied by means of isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels with subsequent complement-dependent lysis of sensitized sheep erythrocytes in an agarose overlay containing c2-deficient or normal human serum. in a material of 289 unrelated individuals the following gene frequencies were observed: c21=0.965 and c22=0.035. the rare phenotype c2 2 (=c2 b) could be seen once in a child of a c2 1--2 heterozygous mother. the investigatio ...197940340
[effect of vitamin d and vitamin e on the erythrocyte membrane. i. effect on in vitro osmolar resistance and lysis].as in the case of retinol, low doses of cholecalcipherol and alpha-tocopherol "in vitro" increase the osmotic resistance of red blood cells, while high doses have a lytic effect on the erythrocytes of various animal species (e.g.: man, sheep, rabbit, guinea-pig, mouse, rat) with the exception of the chicken. the haemolytic effect of cholecalcipherol is less intense than that of retinol; alpha-tochopherol, while causing even less haemolysis than cholecalcipherol, involves a remarkable loss of k+ ...197840412
cross-neutralization between vesicular stomatitis virus type indiana and chandipura virus.using highly potent immune sheep sera, it was possible to demonstrate that: (1) two rhabdoviruses, classified in the vesiculovirus genus on morphological grounds but previously considered unrelated, viz., the vesicular stomatitis virus type indiana (vsv), and chandipura virus (chv), show a low-level, but distinct cross-neutralization. this was, in most combinations, considerably increased by complement. (2) the species of cells used for growing the viruses for immunization and for neutralization ...197940419
effect of coxsackie virus infection on the immune response of mice to sheep erythrocytes. 197940427
the effect of acute maternal hemorrhage on the release of catecholamines in the pregnant ewe and the fetus.five chronically instrumented pregnant ewes and their fetuses were studied to assess the effect of acute maternal hemorrhage. the hemorrhage was produced in two stages; during the first stage 15% of the total maternal blood volume was removed, and then in a second stage an additional 15% was removed. biophysical and biochemical variables were monitored. plasma dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine were determined by a sensitive radioenzymatic assay. a significant rise in maternal and fetal c ...197940436
report on the pig and sheep blood group and polymorphic protein workshops (libÄ•chov, 9 to 11 august 1978). 197840465
acid-base equilibrium in the blood of sheep.the acid-base equilibrium in the blood of sheep is different from that of human blood mainly because of a lower concentration of 2,3-dpg. a nomogram relating ph, pco2, total co2 content and base excess has been developed.197940814
plasma triiodothyronines in fetal sheep: effects of illness and thyroidectomy.plasma 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (t3) and 3,3',5'-triiodothyronine concentrations were measured in fetal sheep prior to death in utero and after thyroidectomy. in six fetal sheep who subsequently died in utero, plasma rt3 concentrations were elevated in all for 2 to 13 days prior to death. there were no consistent changes in plasma t4 concentrations. in two thyroidectomized fetal sheep, plasma t4 and rt3 concentrations fell to low levels. plasma t3 concentrations remained low and there was no incr ...197940859
effects of estrogenic hormones on uteroplacental hemodynamics and progesterone production in the sheep. 197840897
studies on heart phosphofructokinase. decavanadate as a potent allosteric inhibitor at alkaline and acidic ph. 197940981
studies in electrical stimulation: effect of neuromuscular blocking agents in lamb. 197941140
[heterogeneity and regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase activity in mammalian brain and liver].the present report concerns the study of the catalytic properties and the coenzyme affinity of glutamate dehydrogenase (gdh) and its isoenzymes in various preparations of the brain and liver as well as the different regulatory mechanisms controlling the ratio of the rates of biogenesis and breakdown of glutamate (glu). the investigations carried out showed that gdh activity of various preparations of brain and liver (crystalline enzymes, cellular extracts and mitochondria) are markedly different ...197841364
rumen motility in experimental acidosis of the rumen in rumen acidosis, induced by infusion of saccharose solution and solutions of different volatile fatty acids and lactic acid into the rumen, and during induced disturbances of acid-base equilibrium in the arterial blood the motility of the dorsal sac of the rumen, the ph of rumen content and the indices of acid-base equilibrium in the arterial blood were investigated. the ph and the indices were determined by the micromethod of astrup with an acid-base-cart abc-1 unit. during saccharose-induced ...197941404
blood acid-base equilibrium in experimental acidosis of the rumen in sheep.blood acid-base equilibrium in experimental acidosis of the rumen in sheep. acta physiol. pol., 1979, 30 (4): 543--551. experimental acidosis of the rumen was induced in sheep infusing into it through a fistula a solution of saccharose and solutions of different volatile fatty acids and lactic acid. arterial-blood acid-base equilibrium indices were determined by the astrup micromethod with an acid-base-cart abc-1 unit. it was found that during saccharose-acidosis partly compensated metabolic aci ...197941405
jos virus infection in domestic animals and primates. pathogenicity and immunological studies.three species of domestic animals (rabbits, sheep and goats) and two species of primates erythrocebus patas monkeys and baboon (papio anubis) were infected with jos virus. none of the infected animals developed viraemia or overt clinical disease. complement-fixing and neutralising antibodies were demonstrated in sera of infected animals.197941441
human dihydropteridine reductase: a method for the measurement of activity in cultured cells, and its application to malignant hyperphenylalaninemia.1. the kinetic, assay and culture variables involved in the determination of dihydropteridine reductase activity in human cultured cells have been investigated, and a modified assay is described which allows for accurate determination of activity. unlike previously used assays, this assay utilizes saturating concentrations of substrates and its increased sensitivity allows for excellent replication on a smaller number of cells than was previously required. 2. the modified assay was used to inves ...197941656
tracheal fluid in fetal lambs: spontaneous decrease prior to birth.we studied tracheal fluid (tf) production in 14 fetal lambs: 6 controls, 6 receiving atropine on 1 or more of the last 7 days before birth, and 2 with bilateral section of the cervical vagosympathetic trunk. a cannula diverted all tf into an intrauterine bag; we collected tf intermittently and measured its volume. all ewes delivered spontaneously at 128-150 days' gestation. tf production decreased before birth in all fetuses except one control. tf production decreased before birth in all fetuses ...197941832
renal calcium and magnesium excretion during vasopressin administration into sheep with acid or alkaline urine.1. the proposition that changes in renal calcium excretion during vasopressin administration are positively correlated with concurrent changes in urine hydrogen ion concentration was tested by administration of vasopressin into twelve conscious diuresing sheep receiving either alkalinizing or acidifying infusions. 2. vasopressin-induced antidiuresis in sheep with alkaline urine was associated with significant increases in urinary ph and decreases in the rate of calcium excretion whereas antidiur ...197941939
conditions for in vitro haemolytic activity by corynebacterium ovis exotoxin.a substance, concluded to be corynebacterium ovis exotoxin on the basis of properties shared, was found to have haemolytic activity below ph 6 and red cell adhesion activity at neutral or slightly alkaline ph. an acidified, solid blood agar medium was used to demonstrate the extent of haemolysis that could be obtained at optimal ph and its inhibition by immune serum. culture in a liquid medium giving rise to a suitably acidic ph allowed titration for haemolytic activity by the exotoxin and use o ...197942127
intracranial hemorrhage following intravenous administration of sodium bicarbonate or saline solution in the newborn lamb asphyxiated in utero. 197942330
studies on the mechanism of iron release from transferrin.iron release from human, rabbit, rat and sheep transferrin, chicken conalbumin and human lactoferrin was measured by the change in absorbance of solutions of the iron-protein complexes or by the release of 59fe from the protein conjugated to agarose. several phosphatic compounds and iron chelators were able to mediate the process (atp, gtp, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, inositol hexaphosphate, pyridoxal 5-phosphate, cytidine 5-triphosphate, pyrophosphate, inorganic phosphate, citrate, edta, oxalate, n ...197942443
rabbit anti-el4 serum. a reagent which discriminates between murine cytotoxic and suppressor cells.antisera against the c57b1 (h-2b) mouse lymphoma, el4, were prepared in rabbits. after absorption with mouse liver, red cells and thymocytes, the antisera appeared to be cytotoxic for a subpopulation of peripheral t cells. the absorbed antisera blocked the immunosuppressive function observed when spleen cells from mice undergoing a graft versus host reaction were added to cells responding in vitro to sheep erythrocytes. this antiserum was unreactive against the cytotoxic cells also induced in th ...197942615
factors influencing the rate and extent of in vitro demineralization. 197942618
regulation of chloride in quiescent sheep-heart purkinje fibres studied using intracellular chloride and ph-sensitive micro-electrodes.1. the intracellular cl activity, alpha icl was measured inside quiescent sheep cardiac purkinje fibres, bathed in normal tyrode at ph 7.40, buffered with approximately 22 mm-bicarbonate/approximately 5% co2 + 95% o2. the measurements were made using liquid ion-exchanger cl-sensitive micro-electrodes. 2. after internal cl levels had been depleted by prolonged exposure to cl-free media (glururonate-substituted) when external cl was restored, there was a rapid re-accumulation of cl inside the fibr ...197942779
the regulation of fsh secretion in rams. 197942790
inhibin activity in ram rete testis fluid: depression of plasma fsh and lh in the castrated and cryptorchid ram.ram "rete testis" fluid (rtf) routinely collected throughout the year has been used as a source of inhibin. the mean flow rate and mean concentration of spermatozoa in the fluid remained constant during the first 12 days of cannulation. more than 50 castrated or cryptorchid rams have been treated with low doses of steroid-free rtf over a 25-h blood sampling period. human serum albumin was injected as a control. rtf depressed both fsh and lh plasma levels although the pattern was different for ea ...197942791
membrane potential and ion concentration stability conditions for a cell with a restricted extracellular space.for an isolated membrane, the resting (zero current) potential is stable is the slope conductance is positive, and is unstable if the slope conductance is negative. recent work suggests that the properties of many preparations are influenced by the presence of an extracellular space that is not in good diffusive contact with the bulk extracellular fluid. ionic current flow across the membrane changes the ion concentrations in this space. these concentration changes affect the stability of the me ...197942920
[purification of salmonella abortus ovis h antigen by using immunoadsorption].oh-antiserum was first produced in rabbit immunization with salmonella abortus ovis cultures and was later used for obtaining an immunoadsorbent after the method of avrameas and thernynck. the raw (not purified) h-antigen produced after the method of mccoy et al., was purified by the immunoadsorbent and its activity and specificity were studied serologically by the reaction of ouchterlony. it was established that the antigen reacts with the anti-h-salmonella serum, but does not react with normal ...197943005
possible involvement of red cell membrane proteins in the hemolytic action of portuguese man-of-war toxin. 197943150
protein analysis of earthworm coelomic fluid: 1) polymorphic system of the natural hemolysin of eisenia fetida andrei. 197943268
histamine, tyramine, tryptamine and electrolytes during glucose induced lactic acidosis. 197943322
effect of dietary lactic acid on rumen lactate metabolism and blood acid-base status of lambs switched from low to high concentrate diets.two experiments were conducted with ruminally fistulated wether lambs to determine the effect of lactic acid addition to a hay diet on rumen lactate metabolism, blood acid-base status and subsequent adaptation to a high concentrate diet. in exp. 1, lambs were fed mature brome hay (h), h plus 5% (w/w) d,l lactic acid (h5l) or h plus 10% lactic acid (h10l) (three lambs per treatment) for 14 days (phase i) then switched to a 90% concentrate diet for 2 days (phase ii). in exp. 2, lambs were fed alfa ...197943326
haemolysis of various mammalian erythrocytes in sodium chloride, glucose and phosphate-buffer solutions.mouse, rat, rabbit, hamster, cow, pig, sheep, guinea-pig, dog and human erythrocytes were studied. a 0.9% or stronger solution of sodium chloride completely prevented haemolysis; sheep and pig erythrocytes appeared the more fragile, while human and dog erythrocytes were not haemolized in concentrations of 0.4% or more. haemolysis of human, rabbit, cow, hamster, guineapig, pig and sheep erythrocytes was not observed in solutions of 0.4% or more of glucose. except for sheep, human and dog erythroc ...197943414
factors affecting digestion of grain-supplemented straw. 197943698
influence of rumen fermentation rate on glucagon and insulin blood levels. 197943701
diminishing rumen butyrogenesis in bulls and sheep fed sugar beets. 197943703
maturation of bursal stem cells within allogeneic or syngeneic bursal microenvironment [proceedings]. 197943807
degradation of cerebroside sulphate by arylsulphatase a from chicken & sheep brain. 197943833
studies on a pituitary factor which stimulates dna synthesis in isolated thymocytes: part iv--effect of pf on the cell size of thymocytes. 197943834
central chemical regulation of respiration in term newborn.the role of the medullary h+-sensitive chemoreceptors on the drive of breathing was studied in 10 unanesthetized newborn animals (8 lambs and 2 kids). the experiment consisted of sequential measurements of ventilation (ve) during a progressive change in the arterial ph (pha) and in the ph of the cisternal cerebrospinal fluid (phcsf), induced by intravenous infusion of hydrochloric acid (hcl) followed after an 8-h steady state of acidosis by rapid bicarbonate [hco3-] infusion. it is shown that a ...197943860
studies on lithium transport across the red cell membrane. v. on the nature of the na+-dependent li+ countertransport system of mammalian erythrocytes.ouabain-resistant na+-li+ countertransport was studied on erythrocytes of man, sheep, rabbit, and beef. a transport system, exchanging li+ for na+ in a ratio of 1:1, was present in all four species. li+ uptake by the exchange system increased 30-fold in the order man less than hk-sheep less than lk-sheep less than rabbit less than lk-beef. this order is identical to that of ouabain-resistant na+-na+ exchange in these species, but bears no relation to the na+-k+ pump activity. the activity of the ...197943898
[the effect of thiopental and propanidid on blood circulation and respiratory metabolism in the mother and fetus]. 197944012
the rift valley fever epizootic in egypt 1977-78. 2. ecological and entomological studies.epidemiological factors related to the introduction, spread and maintenance of rift valley fever (rvf) virus were studied during the 1977-78 epizootic in egypt, culex pipiens is the most ubiquitous and prevalent mosquito species in the nile valley and delta. isolation of rvf virus from unengorged c. pipiens, and demonstration of laboratory transmission of the virus by this species, strongly implicate it as the chief vector in egypt. virus transmission to man also occurs by contamination when han ...197944038
orotic acid and non-protein nitrogen overload in sheep.experiments were conducted in sheep to investigate the protective effect of orotic acid versus acetic acid (0.2 g/kg body weight) against the effects of the administration of urea (0.5 g/kg) into the rumen. blood ammonia levels, motility of the reticulo rumen and food intake were measured. the quantity of ammonia nitrogen produced in the rumen was only 162 +/- 21 mg nh3-n/100 ml 2 hours after the urea and orotic acid addition instead of 229 +/- 31 mg nh3-n for urea and acetic acid. the blood amm ...197944169
ruminal changes during the onset and recovery of induced lactic acidosis in sheep. 197944285
effect of thiopeptin and sodium bicarbonate on the prevention of lactic acidosis induced in sheep. 197944287
effect of parasympathetic and beta-adrenergic blockade on the umbilical circulation in the unanesthetized fetal sheep.parasympathetic and beta-adrenergic blocking agents were administered to near term chronically instrumented sheep. parasympathetic blockade resulted in a significant increase in fetal heart rate and fetal arterial blood pressure, with a minimal nonsignificant increase in umbilical blood flow. beta-adrenergic blockade resulted in a decrease in fetal heart rate and umbilical blood flow, though neither was statistically significant. there was no change in arterial blood pressure. the net result of ...197944508
pathogenicity of the subspecies mycoides of mycoplasma mycoides for cattle, sheep and goats.recent work has shown that strains classified as m. mycoides subsp. mycoides may be separated into 2 types according to their growth rate and their behaviour in certain biochemical tests. the large colony (lc) types, most of which are from goats, are pathogenic for sheep and goats but apparently not for cattle. the small colony (sc) types include the classical contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (cbpp) strains from cattle and four strains from goats. these sc types are potentially pathogenic for c ...197944610
listeriosis in sheep. isolation of listeria monocytogenes from grass silage. 197944661
hydrophobic high-performance liquid chromatography of hormonal polypeptides and proteins on alkylsilane-bonded silica.thirty-two hormonal polypeptides and nine proteins (8-65 kd) have been used to evaluate the potential of high-performance liquid chromatography on alkylsilane-bonded silica for separating and recovering biologically active compounds of this type. the basic method used was gradient elution with acetonitrile in an acid phosphate buffer. variation of key chromatographic parameters demonstrated that low ph (less than 4.0) and high buffer molarity (greater than 0.1 m) are mandatory for reproducible h ...197944707
high-performance liquid chromatography of amino acids, peptides and proteins. xx. investigation of the effects of ph and ion-pair formation on the retention of peptides on chemically-bonded hydrocarbonaceous stationary phases. 197944715
mammalian serum susceptibility of serratia marcescens: detection of three human serum susceptibility categories.a total of 65 strains of s. marcescens, including 36 currently employed o- and h-antigen reference strains, were examined for their susceptibility to the bactericidal activity of 80 vol % of fresh human serum. the majority of strains (57 = 87.6%) proved 'delayed serum-sensitive' (dss); 4 strains (6.2%) were 'promptly serum-sensitive' (pss), whereas 4 strains (6.2%) resisted (nss) complement-mediated killing by human serum. fresh sera obtained from 7 adult human volunteers yielded essentially ide ...197944784
[improved method for the demonstration of protein a of staphylococcus aureus (author's transl)].protein a (pa) could be extracted completely from staphylococcus aureus by treatment with concentrated formic acid. this led to the development of a semi-quantitative determination of pa by hemagglutination (fig. 1). the treatment with formic acid yielded pa more effectively than the commonly used extraction by boiling (table 1). it could be conducted directly on a loopfull of staphylococci obtained from blood agar. it required no additional cultivation in a fluid medium. most suitable for the h ...197944938
immunodepression and the course of infection of a chronic trypanosoma brucei infection in mice.the relationships between course of infection, antigenic variation, and immunodepression of antibody responses to heterologous antigens have been investigated in mice chronically infected with trypanosoma brucei. t. brucei brunel university trypanosomiasis (but) 64 produces a fluctuating parasitaemia lasting about 80 days and ending fatally. it is demonstrated that recurring peaks of parasitaemia are associated with the appearance of new variant antigenic types. at 21 and 31 days of infection, i ...197945126
plasma vasopressin levels during haemorrhage in mature and immature fetal four mature chronically catheterized fetal sheep in utero arterial pressure, heart rate, arterial ph and haematocrit fell during a 16-70% haemorrhage, while pao2 rose. plasma vasopressin concentrations increased and were correlated with the percentage of blood volume removed. following haemorrhage arterial pressure and heart rate were restored within 60 min, while hyperozaemia and acidaemia persisted. plasma antidiuretic hormone (adh) concentrations remained the same or increased and were sig ...197945273
studies on experimental growth retardation in sheep. the effect of removal of a endometrial caruncles on fetal size and metabolism.experimental intrauterine growth retardation was studied in sheep. endometrial caruncles (anlagen of maternal cotyledon) were removed before pregnancy and at a second operation, catheters were implanted into the ewe and fetus at 105-135 days of pregnancy. three groups of fetuses were defined: low birthweight-for-dates (small-caruncle), normal birthweight-for-dates (normal-sized-caruncle) from ewes which had endometrial caruncles removed and the controls. the mean placental weights in these group ...197945373
current status of semen preservation in the ram, boar and stallion.from the studies cited it was concluded that short and long term preservation of stallion semen has encountered major obstacles. fertilizing capacity of extended or extended and cooled spermatozoa has been impaired. with the hydrogen ion extenders, the fertility was depressed either with or without glycerol when the semen was inseminated immediately after extension. with the cream-gel extender, fertility was not impaired when inseminated immediately after extension, but was impaired after storag ...197845480
composition of glycoproteins secreted by tracheal explants from various animal species.1. the acidic and neutral glycoproteins secreted by cultured tracheal explants from pigs, sheep, rats, mice, monkeys, guinea pigs, dogs and chickens were purified and fractionated by column chromatography on deae-cellulose and by electrophoresis on cellulose acetate. 2. the ratios of acidic to neutral mucus glycoproteins were compared for the above animals with that of mucus glycoproteins secreted by cultured human bronchi. 3. the observed ratios of acidic to neutral glycoproteins ranged from 4. ...197945551
properties of fractionated spleen cells from nzb/w mice. 197545836
significance of cellular interactions in the immune response.recent investigations relevant to t and b cell cooperation in humoral immunity are discussed from the following aspects: requirement for t cells in antibody responses; t cell facilitation of b cell responsiveness; t cell suppression of b cell responsiveness; evidence for a nonspecific influence of t cells on b cell responsiveness; relevance to clinical disorders.197545924
letter: spontaneous autorosettes in man. 197546012
parvovirus-like particles in human sera.a parvovirus-like antigen has been found in sera of nine healthy blood-donors and two patients. its pathogenicity is unknown, but 30% of adults possess specific antibody. the new agent can be confused with hepatitis-b antigen both morphologically and serologically.197546024
multiple sclerosis and the swayback story. 197546064
letter: rosette tests following thymectomy. 197546094
the human choroid plexus and autoimmune nephritis.the choroid plexus resembles the glomerular basement membrane (gbm) and may be a site of injury or source of antigen in goodpasture syndrome. immunohistologic studies were performed on the choroid plexus of a patient with auto-immune nephritis and pulmonary hemorrhage. the studies showed linear deposition of host igg, igm, and beta1c. antibody eluted from the diseased kidney fixed in a linear pattern to normal choroid plexus and could be absorbed by either choroid plexus or gbm. antibody to chor ...197546145
acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a heterogenous using several techniques to detect surface markers on t and b lymphocytes, 11 cases of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (a.l.l.) were studied. in four cases an insignificant number of markers were detected on the lymphoblast populations. in one case a significant number of blasts formed both sheep red blood cell rosettes and fc rosettes, suggesting a t-cell origin for the neoplastic cells, and in another case the presence of fc and c3 receptors on the lymphoblast population indicated a b-cell or ...197546154
complement in clinical medicine. 197546195
interaction of complex polysaccharides with the complement system: effect of calcium depletion on terminal component consumption.complex polysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides can activate the terminal components of complement by either the classical (antibody, c1, c4, and c2) or alternative complement pathways, but the relative importance of either pathway for terminal component consumption in normal serum is poorly understood. since classical complement pathway function requires both calcium and magnesium ions, whereas the alternative pathway requires only magnesium ions, selective chelation of calcium ions in serum ca ...197546215
catabolism physical, and immunologic properties of endocytosed isologous and heterologous iota-globulins by mouse macrophages.the catabolism of completely endocytosed isologous and heterologous gamma-globulins by mouse macrophages was studied in vitro. mouse, human, and rabbit 125-i-igg were coupled to mouse, human, or sheep erythrocytes either as antibodies or by covalent binding. they were exposed to macrophages for 1 hr and the non-endocytosed erythrocytes were then removed with a ficoll gradient centrifugation. catabolism was evaluated after 2, 5, and 18 hr in culture by measuring the radioactivity released into th ...197546236
carrier-determined tolerance in vitro.a primary immune response to normal bdf1 spleen cells was obtained in vitro to the t-independent antigen tnp-t4 coliphage. this anti-tnp response was suppressed by exposing the spleen cells for 6 hr to tnp bound either to isologous or heterologous gamma-globulin. the suppression was hapten specific. in contrast, tnp-albumin conjugates did not induce tolerance in vitro.197546237
detection of cell-bound immunoglobulins by a radioisotopic micro-mixed hemadsorption reaction with technetium-99m-labeled erythrocytes.the mixed hemadsorption (mha) reaction detects antibodies reactive with cell surface antigens by means of antiglobulin-coated indicator erythrocytes. we have developed a radioisotopic modification which employs sheep erythrocytes (srbc) that have been prelabeled with technetium-99m (99mtc), a high specific acitivity metastable gamma-emitter of short half life. the 99mtc mha reaction was performed on human and murine cells cultured in micro-test ii plated with six replicate wells per serum diluti ...197546265
an attempt to identify the intestinal receptor for the k88 adhesin by means of a haemagglutination inhibition test using glycoproteins and fractions from sow colostrum.the k88 antigen of escherichia coli specifically adheres to the piglet intestinal cell; a solution of this antigen agglutinates guinea-pig red cells at 4 degrees c. the latter reaction was used as a model of the former, using inhibition of haemagglutination as an index of specific combination with the k88 adhesin. inhibition was found with mucous glycoproteins and chemical modification of their heterosaccharide residues by mild acid hydrolysis, periodate oxidation or the smith degradation proced ...197546271
[use of the erythrocytes of certain animal species and man in the reaction for determination of antistreptolysin-0]. 197546311
editorial: thymus hormones. 197546451
letter: spontaneous cytotoxic activity as a test of human lymphocyte function. 197546478
letter: hepanosticon in screening for hbsag. 197546498
preparation and standardization of perotidase-labeled anti-human igg antibody for use in determination of serum antinuclear antibody levels.peroxidase-labeled antibody conjugates were prepared by a two-step conjugation procedure using glutaraldehyde. immunoadsorbent-purified antibody and the gamma-globulin fraction of sheep anti-human igg antiserum were employed for these preparations, procedures for the determination of the antibody and enzymatic activity, as well as the specificity of the enzy-e-antibody reactions, were outlined. peroxidase-anti-human-igg conjugates were prepared with approximately a 1:1 molar ratio of peroxidase ...197546693
immunologic and cytochemical properties of histiocytic and mixed histiocytic-lymphocytic lymphomas.lymph nodes were biopsied from seven patients with the presumptive clinical diagnosis of lymphoma and studied for their ability to form spontaneous rosettes with sheep erythrocytes (t cell marker), for surface immunoglobulins (b cell marker), for cytochemical reactivity with peroxidase, alpha-naphthyl acetate and butyrate esterases, naphthol asd chloroacetate esterase, acid phosphatase, periodic acid-schiff, sudan black b, and wright-giemsa on touch preparations, as well as in hematoxylin and eo ...197546698
effects of human chorionic gonadotropin preparations on complement in vitro.the effects on complement in vitro by several commercial preparation of human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) were investigated. these preparations were demonstrably anticomplementary and produced marked conversion of the third component of complement (c'3). however, detailed analyses showed that the anticomplementary activity was because of the presence of immunoglobulins in the hcg preparations. in view of the known modifying effects of c'3-reactive agents on skin allograft survival and of antige ...197546710
changes in the ratio between serum and "specific" levels of human chorionic gonadotropin in different trimesters of pregnancy.sixty-one sera from different trimesters of pregnancy were analyzed by two 125-i-nih-hcg assay systems, employing anti-intact hcg serum and anti theta-hcg serum, respectively. the ratios of the levels measured in the two assay systems changed with the duration of pregnancy. the ratios during trimesters 1,2, and 3 were 2.94, 1.99, and 2.37, respectively. the cross-reactivity of proteohormones other than hcg was tested in both the assay systems. the two assay systems could be comparable in their h ...197546715
repeated oral administration of coumaphos in sheep: interactions of coumaphos with bishydroxycoumarin, trichlorfon, and phenobarbital sodium.interactions between treatments with coumaphos, bishydroxycoumarin (an anticoagulane), trichlorfon (an organophosphorous compound), and phenobarbital sodium (an inducer of microsomal enzymes) were investigated in sheep. a daily dose of 2 mg of coumaphos/kg of body weight for 6 days did not affect the plasma enzymes or the antiprothrombinemic effect of bishydroxy-coumarin in wethers. the treatment of ewes with an intravenous (iv) injection of trichlorfon, insufficient to produce significant inhib ...197546730
nature of cold-reactive antibodies to lymphocyte surface determinants in systemic lupus erythematosus.antilymphocyte antibodies in serum from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), as detected by microcytotoxicity and indirect immunofluorescence, were predominantly cold reactive and of the igm class. these igm antibodies were most active at 4 degrees c. igg antibodies were infrequent, and were only minimally lymphocytotoxic. most sera were cytotoxic for autologous lymphocytes and were equally reactive with normal and sle lymphocytes, as well as with b- and t-cell preparations. separat ...197546753
secretion of igm antibodies by glass-adherent fraction of immune mouse spleen cells. ii. characteristics of glass-adherent plaque-forming cells. 197546787
a new sensitive assay for antibody against cell surface antigens based on inhibition of cell-dependent antibody-mediated cutotoxicity. ii. mechanism. 197546790
effects of aging on the differentiation and proliferation potentials of cells of the immune attempt has been made here to show that the immune system can begin to decline in function shortly after an individual reaches maturity. the decline is due in part to changes in the environment of the cells but primarily to changes in the precursor cells of the system. this is reflected in their inability to proliferate and possibly differentiate efficiently. these findings show that the immune system can serve as an excellent model to study how aging can perturb the process of cells undergoi ...197546834
lymphoid cells in infectious mononucleosis classified according to t and b cell has been demonstrated that peripheral blood lymphocytes, particularly the "atypical" ones, are predominantly of the t type in infectious mononucleosis (im). this is based on membrane marker studies (e rosettes, receptor for complement, receptor for fc fragment of immunoglobulins (ig), and membrane ig) and by anti-t lymphocyte serum. on the other hand, lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from im patients show the characteristics of b lymphocytes. this permits the suppostion that ebv infects b ly ...197546854
observations on rabbit thymocytes and peripheral t cells. i. anomalous results in the mixed antiglobulin reaction caused by non-specific adsorption of sheep immunoglobulin.the "single-stage" mixed antiglobulin reaction (mar) was carried out with rabbit thymocytes. this test involved treating the cells with either sheep or goat anti-rabbit globulin sera, and subsequently reacting them with indicator erythrocytes coated with rabbit immunoglobulin (ig) so as to form rosettes. an unexpectedly high number (up to 38%) of thymocytes reacted, although the rosettes were weaker than those given by peripheral b lymphocytes. when blood and lymph node lymphocytes or thymus cel ...197546855
letter: acrylamide affinity chromatography for immunohistochemistry. purification of specific antibodies. 197546878
immune specific production of interferon by human t cells in combined macrophage-lymphocyte cultures in response to herpes simplex antigen.human peripheral blood lymphocytes, highly enriched for t cells, were obtained by passing gravity-sedimented leukocytes through nylon wool columns. the eluted cells were cultured with autologous macrophages and the mixture was studied for its capacity to produce interferon in vitro in response to stimulation with herpes simplex virus antigen. the interferon produced by the combined macrophage-lymphocyte cultures was shown to depend upon the presence of t cells; elimination of these cells by trea ...197546881
characterization of human b lymphocyte specific antigens.anti-human b cell serum (abs) was developed by sequentially absorbing a rabbit anti-human tonsil serum (ahts) with human red cells, liver, serum, and thymocytes. ahts was also absorbed quantitatively with tissues and cells from different sources. abs was nontoxic for thymocytes but lysed the majority of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) cells. this also killed a number of tonsil and blood lymphocytes which bound erythrocyte-antibody-complement complexes but not sheep erythrocytes. in further st ...197546882
specificity of basophils and lymphocytes in cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity.using a rosetting technique, it was found that the vast majority of basophils circulating in the blood or accumulating in the skin reactions of guinea pigs primed for cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) lacked demonstrable specificity for sensitizing antigen, whether sheep erythrocytes, a soluble protein, or tumor cells. by contrast, one-third of cells teased from late skin reactions formed specific rosettes as did nearly 80% of circulating basophils in animals receiving repeated doses of ...197546884
relationship between fc receptors, antigen-binding sites on t and b cells, and h-2 complex-associated determinants.the relationship between h-2 complex-associated determinants, fc receptors, and specific antigen-recognition sites on t and b cells was examined by binding and functional assays. the fc receptor was detected by radiolabeled immune complexes or aggregated human igg. both these reagents selectively bound to b cells, not to t cells. when spleen cells, from mice primed to several antigens, were exposed to highly substituted radioactive aggregates, their capacity to transfer both a direct and indirec ...197546915
evidence for specific suppression in the maintenance of immunologic tolerance.specific suppressor cells have been demonstrated in mice tolerant to the thymus-dependent antigen hgg. transfer of normal thymocytes, normal spleen cells, or immune spleen cells into these tolerant mice did not restore immunocompetence to hgg. furthermore, the transfer of tolerant spleen cells into normal recipients abrogated the response of these recipients to subsequent challenge with immunogenic hgg. spleen cells removed from mice 5, 8, or 11 wk after the induction of tolerance specifically s ...197546917
letter: age-related changes in t and b cells. 197547114
differences in the graft-versus-host reactivity of cells migrating through nonlymphoid tissue or lymph nodes.normal lymphocyte transfer reactions have been used to test the alloreactivity of lymphocytes which have migrated through lymph nodes (i.e., in efferent lymph) or nonlymphoid tissues (i.e., in afferent lymph) in sheep. lymphocytes from afferent lymph are much less efficient at inducing a normal lymphocyte transfer lesion than lymphocytes from efferent lymph. afferent cell preparations (which contain about 10% macrophages) do, however, cause a greater inflammatory response in the early part of th ...197547199
antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals. control mechanisms of governmental agencies. 197547207
acute leukemia with burkitt's tumor cells: a study of six cases with special reference to lymphocyte surface six patients with acute leukemia (about 2% of the patients referred for acute lymphoblastic leukemia) the blast cells invading bone marrow and blood showed all the cytologic, cytochemical, and electron microscopy features of burkitt's tumor cells. the presence of monoclonal surface immunoglobulins (their synthesis being proved by in vitro culture experiments), the binding of igg aggregates, and the absence of rosette formation with sheep red cells documented the monoclonal b-cell origin of th ...197547248
studies of the inhibition of c56-initiated lysis (reactive lysis). iv. antagonism of the inhibitory activity c567-inh by poly-l-lysine.the stable intermediate complex c56 can initiate the lysis (reactive lysis) of unsensitized erythrocytes (e) by the membrane attack machanism of complement. certain serum constituents designated c567-inh inhibit reactive lysis by preventing the c567 complex, once formed, from attaching to a membrane surface. it is shown here that microgram quantities of poly-l-lysine (pll), a synthetic polycation of molecular weight 180,000, can reverse the effests of c567-inh, and thereby potentiate formation o ...197547309
long-term visna virus infection of sheep choroid plexus cells: initiation and preliminary characterization of the carrier cultures.two sheep choroid plexus cell cultures were maintained and propagated for 413 days since being infected with strain k796 visna virus. the majority of the cells in these cultures contained visna virus-specific antigen on days 93 and 105 after infection. reverse transcriptase-like activity similar to that present in visna virus preparations was obtained from these cultures when very little plaque-forming virus was being synthesized. the persistently infected cultures are resistant to the cytopathi ...197547311
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