effects of ovine hydatid cyst fluid in sheep before and after treatment with hydrocortisone, antihistamines and atropine.the cardiovascular and respiratory responses to scolex-free ovine hydatid cyst fluid were studied in 65 sodium pentobarbital-anesthetized sheep. the arterial blood pressure (abp), central venous pressure (cvp), stethogram and electrocardiogram were recorded. intra-venous administration of 10 ml or less hydatid fluid brought about moderate to severe fall in abp and rapid respiration or permanent respiratory cessation in majority of the animals. forty six percent of the sheep died of circulatory a ...197830932
pre-steady-state kinetic studies on cytoplasmic sheep liver aldehyde dehydrogenase.stopped-flow experiments in which sheep liver cytoplasmic aldehyde dehydrogenase (ec was rapidly mixed with nad(+) and aldehyde showed a burst of nadh formation, followed by a slower steady-state turnover. the kinetic data obtained when the relative concentrations and orders of mixing of nad(+) and propionaldehyde with the enzyme were varied were fitted to the following mechanism: formula: see text where the release of nadh is slow. by monitoring the quenching of protein fluorescence on ...197723112
progesterone: its role in the central nervous system as a facilitator and inhibitor of sexual behavior and gonadotropin release. 197731125
inhibition of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase by cystamine: an approach to a therapy of 5-oxoprolinuria (pyroglutamic aciduria). 197723121
intensity of acid-base reactions of the blood and cerebrospinal fluid in sheep after intraluminal stress induced by urea and acetic acid.acid-base indices of the blood and cerebro-spinal fluid were studied on astrup apparatus (bms 2) in an experiment with twelve, two- to three-year-old merino sheep, being in the first half of the gravidity period, under clinical conditions after the administration of 0.8 g urea per 1 kg live weight followed by, in half an hour, the administration of acetic acid (8% vinegar, a dose of 2 ml per 1 kg live weight). heparinized syringes were used to take blood samples anaerobically before the beginnin ...197824917
purification and partial characterization of rat brain acid proteinase (isorenin).1. isorenin was purified 2000-fold from rat brain by a simple 3-step procedure involving affinity chromatography on pepstatinyl-sepharose, the preparation appears as a homogenous protein in analytical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis indicated an apparent molecular weight of 45 000. isoelectric focusing separated isoenzymes with isoelectric points at ph 5.45, 5.87, 6.16 and 7.05. 2. the enzyme generates antiotensin i from tetradecapeptide (ph optimum ...197823850
the effect of nicotine on fetal breathing movements in conscious pregnant ewes.nicotine (0.14--0.25 mg/kg), injected intravenously or intraarterially into conscious pregnant ewes, caused a decrease in fetal pao2 within 5 minutes, persisting for up to 30 minutes. there was a significant fall in the incidence of fetal breathing movements. these changes did not occur if the ewe was treated with an alpha-blocking agent (phentolamine) or if the nicotine was infused for 30 minutes at 0.27 to 0.85 mg/minute. nicotine crossed the placenta; fetal concentrations equaled those in the ...197831587
some physiological effects of ketamine in sheep.the effects of intravenous injections of ketamine in sheep on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are compared with the effects of intracerebroventricular injections of the same drug and also with the effects of intravenous barbiturate and steriod anaesthetics. intravenously administered ketamine caused an initial fall in arterial blood pressure the extent of which was dose dependent. this depression was short lived and was occasionally followed by a mild pressor phase. intracerebroventri ...197831664
pressure passive cerebral blood flow and breakdown of the blood-brain barrier in experimental fetal asphyxia.cerebral blood flow (cbf) was studied in non-exteriorized near-term sheep fetuses using the radioactive microsphere technique. by partially occluding the umbilical vessels for a period of 1--1 1/2 hours a progressive and severe asphyxia with a final arterial ph of 6.90 was achieved. varying the mean arterial blood pressure in the fetuses by blood withdrawal or infusion in this state, cbf was measured at different perfusion pressures (mean arterial blood pressure (mabp) minus central venous press ...197931759
purification and properties of an nadph-dependent 21-oxo-20-hydroxysteroid reductase (17beta-aldol reductase) from sheep liver. isolation of the 20beta-glycol product.this investigation was undertaken to test the hypothesis that steroidal 20-hydroxy-21-aldehydes are intermediates in an alternative pathway of corticosteroid metabolism leading to steroidal 20,21-diols. a nadph-dependent 21-oxo-20-hydroxysteroid reductase which catalyzed the reduction of 11beta,17,20beta-trihydroxy-3-keto-4-pregnen-21-al (isocortisol) to 11beta,17,20beta,21-tetrahydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one (reichstein's compound e) was prepared from sheep liver. other steroidal 17-aldols were also g ...197824635
transplantation of allogeneic bone marrow from thymus-deprived monkeys and certain characteristics of "graft-versus-host" cells.transplantation of allogeneic bone marrow both from normal and thymus-deprived donors (thymectomized lethally irradiated and restored with autologous bone marrow) was followed 6--7 days later by the appearance of large numbers of gvh cells in bone marrow and peripheral blood which were one of the characteristic features of acute gvhr. gvh cells isolated from peripheral blood 7 days after transplantation showed a high labelling index (about 30%) after 40 min incubation with 3h-thymidine. the prol ...197832079
chloride conductance of the amphiuma red cell most other red cells, the giant erythrocytes of amphiuma means possess a system for rapid exchange of chloride across the membrane. also, there are indications that the net transport of chloride in these cells is slow. the size of amphiuma erythrocytes allows direct measurements of membrane potential with microelectrodes. the present work exploits the possibility that such measurements can be used to give a quantitative estimate of the chloride conductance (gcl) of the amphiuma red cell mem ...197824748
activity of gamma-glutamyl transferase of sheep cerebral cortex with respect to amino acids and glutathione.gamma-glutamyl transferase fron sheep brain cortex capillaries was studied from the point of view of transport of aminoacids across blood brain barrier. excess substrate inhibition was competitive and observed both with donor (glutathione) and various acceptors (methionine, alanine, tryptophan) but not with arginine. excess glutathione inhibition of transfer reaction is concomitant with an increase of total reaction (transfer + hydrolysis + autotranspeptidation). with regard to aminoacids, the g ...197825678
gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. determination of specificity in the presence of multiple amino acid acceptors. 197824054
trypanosoma (megatrypanum) melophagium in the sheep ked, melophagus ovinus. a scanning electron microscope (sem) study of the parasites and the insect gut wall surfaces.a description of the different stages of trypanosoma (m.) melophagium in different regions of the gut of the sheep ked (melophagus ovinus) as observed by the sem is presented. the extensive pile carpet or palisade colonization of the midgut and pylorus is described. the method of attachment and the relationship of the parasites to the microvilli in the midgut and the cuticle of the pylorus and ileum observed by other methods are confirmed. the micro-structure of the surfaces themselves in the re ...197832751
inhibition of hydrochloric acid and pepsin secretion from gastric pouches by antral pouch acidification in sheep.1. secretion of acid and pepsin from separated pouches of the body of the abomasum was studied in sheep during perfusion of antral pouches with acid solutions. 2. resting secretion of acid and pepsin was reduced by acidification of antral pouches to ph 2.7 or less. 3. increases in the secretion of hcl and pepsin normally obtained on feeding were reduced or abolished by perfusion of antral pouches with solutions at ph 1.3--2.0. 4. perfusion of antral pouches with acetylcholine at ph 2.5 failed to ...197724114
24-hour rhythms in uterine and umbilical blood flows of conscious pregnant sheep.the possibility that 24-hour rhythms exist in uterine blood flow (utbf) and umbilical blood (umbf) was investigated in 5 days postoperative chronically instrumented near-term pregnant sheep acclimated to a controlled environment. utbf, umbf and pressure measurements were made at 15-min intervals over 24 h beginning at 0800 h. each data series was examined for the presence of significant rhythms of a 24-hour period using a method of fourier analysis. utbf 24-hour rhythms were found in all ewes; u ...197725831
evidence for two types of non-specific suppressor cells activated by the graft-versus-host reaction in vitro experiments were carried out to investigate the immunosuppressive efect of different populations of spleen cells obtained from animal experiencing a graft-versus-host reaction (gvhr). to induce the gvhr, parental lymphoid cells were injected into adult f1 hybrid mice. gvhr-activated spleen cells (gvh-sc) taken at different times post-gvhr induction were separated into adherent and non-adherent fractions and treated with anti-theta serum plus complement. the different types of gvh-sc wer ...197826111
metabolic effects of constant hypertonic glucose infusion in well-oxygenated order to investigate the metabolic effects of a constant hypertonic glucose infusion in well-oxygenated fetuses, ten experiments were carried out in nine long-term experiments in fetal lambs. it appeared that a constant hypertonic glucose infusion did not significantly affect the fetal blood gases, ph, and plasma lactate levels when fetal glucose was kept below 150 mg. per 100 ml. it was also demonstrated that glucose infusions significantly increased the fetal lactate levels and decreased th ...197823007
hemodynamic responses of the sheep fetus to vasopressin infusion. 197932971
intracellular the quantification of buffering the distinct roles of bicarbonate and of other buffers must be taken into account. the determination of the total non-bicarbonate buffer value, betaa, in intact tissues is complicated by active ph regulation and by heterogeneity of cytoplasm with respect to betaa, while heterogeneity with respect to ph in vivo could cause errors in estimates made with homogenates. available estimates of betaa are discussed, as are the individual contributions of proteins, dipep ...197827854
eperythrozoon ovis. iii. the effect of infection on blood ph, concentrations of pyruvate, lactate and glucose in blood, haematology, and on concurrent and superimposed trypanosoma vivax infection in sheep.infections of sheep with eperythrozoon ovis has been shown to increase pyruvate and lactate concentrations in blood and to reduce blood ph over a period of 10-14 days post-inoculation. there was no effect on the concentration of blood glucose. however, if care is not taken to inhibit glycolysis, the concentration of blood glucose in samples of blood taken for analysis falls markedly. rapid destruction of erythrocytes started about 10 days post-inoculation and was progressive. superimposition of ...197833476
the effect of raised ph on pacemaker activity and ionic currents in cardiac purkinje fibers. 197828515
the interactions of protons, calcium and potassium ions on cardiac purkinje fibres.1. in sheep purkinje fibres, acidosis shifts the steady-state current-voltage relation in an inward direction over a wide range of negative potentials. the reversal potential for ik2 is shifted in a positive direction. these changes are consistent with k+ accumulation in the extracellular spaces of the purkinje fibre. 2. these effects of acidosis are completely prevented by increasing [k]0 from the normal range (2.7--5.4 mm) to 10.8 mm. 3. increasing [ca]0 from 2 to 6 mm also produces an inward ...197831464
lipoxygenation activity of purified prostaglandin-forming cyclooxygenase.purified cyclooxygenase, a single enzyme which catalyzes the formation of endoperoxide from arachidonic acid (20:4) in a bis(dioxygenase) reaction, is capable of oxygenating eicosadienoic acid (20:2) at c-11 in a single dioxygenase reaction. the partial oxygenation of 20:2 resembles the formation of prostaglandin from 20:4, with both oxygenation reactions exhibiting similar ph optima, substrate km values, and cofactor effects including a need for peroxide and an absolute requirement for heme. in ...197826389
mechanism of serine hydroxymethylase catalyzed cleavage of l-erythro-beta-phenylserine: ph dependence of elementary kinetic processes from spectroscopic, pre-steady kinetic, and competitive inhibition studies. 197933702
fallopian tube transplantation and its future [proceedings]. 197833910
study of hemosensitization characteristics for the purpose of standardizing erythrocyte flagellin diagnostica.the work is devoted to the study of conditions required for the purpose of creation of standard and the most active preparations of erythrocytic h-diagnostic agents. the dependence of binding of the h-antigen by erythrocytes on the ph and the ionic power of the medium was investigated. it was demonstrated that in the process of erythrocyte sensitization with flagellin of great importance were electrostatic, hydrogen, and hydrophobic powers.197827048
measurement of cerebral blood flow in the fetal lamb with a note on the flow-distribution.the cerebral blood flow was measured in the acutely exteriorized fetal lamb by 133xenon washout and microsphere distribution techniques. the measurements were performed at different blood gas levels. regional cerebral blood flow was calculated from the microsphere distribution for five different parts of the brain. this gave estimates for blood flow in both the grey and white matter of the hemispheres, which were in close agreement with the cerebral blood flow estimated by the 133xe washout tech ...197827060
[5th international symposium on infectious diseases in sheep and goats. tunis, 20-22 november 1978]. 197934245
trimethoprim in sheep influence of ph and protein binding on mammary and renal excretion. 197934297
the role of the colostrum in relation to immunity and survival in the newborn ruminant and pig. a seminar held in the institut national agronomique de paris-grignon, 78850 thiverval-grignon, france. april 25, 26 and 27th 1978. 197834350
circulatory shock in pregnant sheep. iv. fetal and neonatal circulatory responses to hypovolemia--influence of anesthesia.hemodynamic responses to hypovolemia were investigated in unanesthetized, unstressed fetal lambs and in acute fetal and neonatal preparations. the unstressed fetus tolerated twice the amount of blood loss of the acutely studied fetus or newborn lamb and with a lesser hypotension. hemodynamic behavior of the newborn lamb and fetus anesthetized with pentobarbital during hypovolemia was markedly different from that of the fetus studied under spinal anesthesia or chronically. besides tolerating grea ...197831092
neurogenic dilator and constrictor responses of pial arteries in vitro. differences between dogs and sheep. 197934490
fetal and neonatal pulmonary circulation. 197935091
electrogenesis of the plateau and pacemaker potential. 197935092
the role of prostaglandins in the central nervous system. 197935094
effect of bicarbonate and sits on alphaicl recovery in sheep cardiac purkinje fibres [proceedings]. 197831461
displacement of activator thresholds in cardiac muscle by protons and calcium ions.1. the na current threshold in sheep cardiac purkinje fibres and in frog atrium is shifted in a positive direction by protons and ca2+ ions. the titration curves for purkinje fibres are consistent with a surface potential of -18 mv at ph 7.4 and 1.8 mm-ca. 2. in purkinje fibres, the pacemaker k current activation curve, s infinity, is shifted in a positive direction by ca2+ ions. the results are consistent with a surface potential of -16 mv in normal physiological solutions. 3. the results on s ...197831463
hemolytic assay of complement and its components from syrian hamster (mesocricetus auratus) and mongolian gerbil (mariones unguiculatus).syrian hamster sera may be assayed for hemolytic complement (c) activity by standard procedures with sensitized sheep erythrocytes as used for human sera, but mongolian gerbil sera had higher complement titers when tested with sensitized guinea pig erythrocytes as target cells. the optimal conditions for in vitro testing of hamster c were ph 7.3, ionic strength 0.15, and presence of 1 micrometer of mg2+ and 0.3 micrometer ca2+. for gerbil c the optimum ph was 8, ionic strength 0.074, and the sam ...197828965
abomasal function following injections of elfazepam and 9-aza-cannabinol.the feed intake stimulants elfazepam (e), a benzodiazepine, and 9-aza-cannabinol (9-ac) decrease rumen contractions and abomasal acid content in sheep and e increases rumen fluid volume, digestibility and overall nutrient availability. e has been hypothesized to decrease the propulsive activity of the entire gi tract. to further examine the effects of e and 9-ac on gastric function, 4 ewes were prepared with abomasal cannulas and 3 silver/silver chloride monopolar electrodes alternated with 2 st ...197935793
[the influence of ritodrine-hcl (prepar), bunitrolol (stresson) and oxytocin (syntocinon) on uteroplacental perfusion (author's transl)].the administration of betamimetics has proved to be useful for symptom-oriented treatment in patients with reduced utero-placental flow. in order to quantify the betamimetic effect flow measurements were carried out in a total of 12 sheep, yielding the following experimental results: 1) betamimetics, up to a certain point which correlates with maternal heart rate, raise the uteroplacental flow-rate. 2) the use of cardio-selective betablocker prevents undesired betamimetic side-effects but there ...197935885
[sequence of the changes in the weight percentage of the right heart ventricle in various animal populations under alpine conditions]. 197935906
razdan virus, a new ungrouped bunyavirus isolated from dermacentor marginatus ticks in armenia.a virus, designated razdan, was isolated from dermacentor marginatus ticks in the armenian s.s.r. in 1973. the complement fixation tests revealed no antigenic relationships to 74 tick-borne arboviruses. the size of the virus is about 100 nm; it agglutinates goose erythrocytes at ph 5.5--7.0, is pathogenic for newborn, 14-day-old and adult white mice and multiplies in primary and continuous cell cultures. morphological properties of the virus permit its classification as a member of the family bu ...197835950
alpha-glucosidase activity in the reproductive tract of the ewe.alpha-glucosidase activity has been estimated in the tissues and rinsings of the reproductive tract of the ewe. there were peaks of activity in the oviducal mucosa at ph 4.0 and 5.7. in the endometrium, caruncles and cervical mucosa and ph optimum occurred from ph 4.0 to ph 5.7. a sharp peak in the activity in the vaginal mucosa occurred at ph 5.7. the only tissue in which changes in enzyme activity were consistently related to one endocrinological state of the ewe was the cervical mucosa. cervi ...197836061
fetal breathing: a review.the history, physiology, pharmacology, and clinical application of fetal breathing are reviewed. early optimism that measurements of fetal breathing would aid in perinatal management decisions has remained unfulfilled. problems to be overcome include standardization of technique and measurement parameters and allowance for physiologic variations. recent research developments indicate that the likely role of fetal breathing in perinatal medicine will be in conjunction with other established tests ...197936761
intestinal rennet activity of newborn lambs. 197832707
dopamine treatment of spinal hypotension decreases uterine blood flow in the pregnant seven pregnant ewes, 3--5 min of hypotension resulting from spinal anesthesia decreased uterine blood flow 17 per cent. dopamine, in doses sufficient to maintain blood pressure at control values (20--40 micrgram/kg/min) for 3--5 min, further decreased uterine blood flow to 56 per cent less than control and increased uterine vascular resistance to 50 per cent more than control. following 30 min of hypotension, 30 min of dopamine administration in doses sufficient to restore blood pressure to c ...197936821
effects of changes in maternal--fetal ph on the transplacental equilibrium of bupivacaine.increases in the maternal-fetal ph gradient that may occur during labor and delivery may increase the fetal concentration of local anesthetics. the authors evaluated effects of ph changes on the transplacental concentration equilibrium of bupivacaine. they increased the maternal-fetal ph gradient in each of six pregnant ewes from a control value of 0.15 to 0.54 by hyperventilating the lungs of the ewe and infusing lactic acid into her fetus. after infusion of bupivacaine, 0.15 mg/kg, intravenous ...197936822
definitive evidence for renin in rat brain by affinity chromatographic separation from protease.1. angiotensin i-generating activity of rat brain extract was separated into two components by affinity chromatography on a casein-sepharose gel column. 2. the component without affinity to the gel was identified as true renin on the basis of its sensitivity to anti-renin antibody and the lack of protease activity. 3. the second renin-like component with affinity to the gel was a protease insensitive to the anti-renin antibody. its renin-like activity examined with sheep substrate was pronounced ...197832001
the effects of nitrilotriacetic acid on solubilities of zinc, copper, manganese, and iron in the stomach of sheep.four sheep, each prepared with a rumen fistula and reetrant cannula in the proximal duodenum, were used to study the effects of ruminal administration of nitrilotriacetic acid on solubilities of zinc, copper, manganese, and iron in rumen and duodenal digesta. the sheep received a pelleted diet and were dosed with 0, 300, 600 and 1200 microgram of nitrilotriacetic acid per gram of diet via the rumen fistula. higher concentration of soluble zinc, manganese, and iron but not copper, were found in t ...197936975
divergent results in radial immunodiffusion. iii. isolation and specificity test of class-specific antibodies.a method is described for the isolation of antibodies specific for immunoglobulin class determinants from antisera containing antibodies both for the immunoglobulin class and for its subclasses, using affinity chromatography. the model system used is bovine igg with its subclasses igg1 and igg2, together with antisera raised in goats and sheep. the specificity of the isolated class-specific antibodies was demonstrated by double diffusion (di) and radial immunodiffusion (rid). the levels of total ...197937277
cardiac and uterine hemodynamic responses to ritodrine hydrochloride administration in pregnant sheep.the changes in the maternal circulation following administration of ritodrine hydrochloride were investigated in chronically prepared pregnant sheep. low infusion rates of ritodrine (see text) elevated the maternal heart rate and cardiac output and decreased peripheral vascular resistance. stroke work fell while minute work increased. the distribution of uterine blood flow did not change, as measured with microspheres. simultaneously measured fetal cardiac output and umbilical blood flow were no ...197932771
intrinsic and extrinsic fluorescence probes of subunit interactions in ovine lutropin. 197832841
cardiovascular reactivity of neonatal and adult sheep to autonomic stimuli during adrenergic depletion.the cardiovascular responses of the neonatal and adult sheep to autonomic agonists and antagonists were studied in the resting state and following adrenergic neuronal depletion with reserpine. both the neonates and adults showed similar supersensitivity of the effector system of the peripheral circulation to alpha adrenergic stimulation with catecholamines. in addition, the neonates exhibited supersensitivity of the myocardial effector system to beta-adrenergic stimulation. unusual finding was a ...197832929
in vivo demonstration of renal carbonic anhydrase activity in the fetal lamb.the capacity of the fetal renal carbonic enzyme to facilitate the renal reabsorption of bicarbonate was studied in 8 long-term fetal lamb preparations (103-124 days of gestation). after acetazolamide administration the fetal arterial blood ph and pco2 values decreased significantly (p less than 0.05). significant increases in fetal urinary ph (p less than 0.001), and urinary excretion of bicarbonate (p less than 0.001), potassium (p less than 0.05) and total cation (na+ + k+) were observed after ...197832932
is there a link between in regulation of intracellular sodium and intracellular ph in mammalian cardiac tissue? [proceedings]. 197832391
the energy value to sheep of mixed diets containing alkali-treated straw and ground field beans [proceedings]. 197832540
effect of synthetic prostaglandin pgf2 alpha on the volume, acidity, and proteolytic activity of the abomasum juice in sheep.effect of synthetic prostaglandin pgf2 alpha on the volume acidity, and proteolytic activity of the abomasum juice in sheep. act physiol. pol., 1979, 30 (2): 299--304. the investigations were carried out in 3 male sheep on the effect of estrumate (a synthetic analogue of pgf2 alpha) on the secretion and composition of juice from the "small" abomasum. after intramuscular injection of optimum doses of the preparation (3.0--4.0 micrograms/kg of body weight) it was observed that the volume of the ju ...197937695
dissociation of light chains from cardiac myosin. 197833041
the development of the binocular depth cells in the secondary visual cortex of the most respects, the response properties of cells in the secondary visual cortex of the newborn lamb were indistinguishable from those in the adult. the cells were sharply selective to orientation; the orientation preferences were the same in each eye, and they varied systematically as the electrode penetrated the cortex. the receptive-field organization did not differ noticeably from that in adults, and complex, hypercomplex, and a few simple cells were all observed. the ocular dominance distr ...197938458
lipid metabolism in the mammary gland of ruminant animals. 197938463
regional cerebral blood flow changes during severe fetal asphyxia produced by slow partial umbilical cord compression.we studied the effects of severe partial asphyxia on regional cerebral blood flow and arterial blood pressure in the unanesthetized, physiologically stable fetal lamb. cerebral blood flow was measured by the microsphere technique before and during partial umbilical cord compression. asphyxia sufficient to decrease ph from 7.40 to 7.04 and reduce oxygen saturation from 50% to 19% increased cerebral blood flow to all areas of the brain with the largest increases going to the brain stem (275% of co ...197938666
beta blocking agents during pregnancy. 197828101
on the isolated perfused sheep ovary as a model for the study of ovarian function. 197828253
low-frequency positive pressure ventilation with extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (lfppv-ecco2r): an experimental study.we describe a new form of mechanical pulmonary ventilation, low-frequency positive pressure ventilation with extracorporeal co2 removal (leppv-ecco2r). in a series of animal studies the rate of mechanical ventilation was 0.66, 1, 2, and 4 min-1 at a tidal volume of 3, 10, and 15 ml kg-1. we were able to maintain normal blood gases and normal lung volumes and lung mechanics even at the lowest ventilator rate with tidal volumes of 10 or 15 ml kg-1. each experiment lasted 7 hours. our data suggest ...197830341
metabolism of aniline in rats, pigs and sheep. 197830604
in vitro binding of trypanosoma congolense to erythrocytes.trypanosoma congolense broden, an intravascular parasite, binds to vessel walls and erythrocytes of infected hosts. in an attempt to characterize t. congolense adhesion to host cells, an in vitro assay was devised. it was shown in the in vitro experiments that t. congolense binds to bovine, sheep, and goat erythrocytes, but not always to erythrocytes of rats, mice, rabbits, horses or humans. only the anterior part of live trypanosomes adheres to erythrocytes, and the attachment site on the trypa ...197939167
polyarteritis nodosa associated with sarcocystosis in a lamb. 197939432
preparative flatbed electrofocusing in granulated gels with natural ph gradients generated from simple buffers. 197939470
alteration of lymphocyte function in nzb/nzw mice. iv. response to levamisole.nzb/nzw f1 female mice received levamisole in an attempt to increase suppressor t cell function. responses varied with dosage of drug and age of mice. when treatment with 25 microgram/gm doses (intermittent or daily) was begun at 12 weeks of age, nephritis was accelerated in spite of transient reduction of anti-dna antibodies. when treatment was begun at 4 weeks, or when doses of 250 microgram/gm were given, no clinical effects were observed. in the mice with accelerated disease, delayed hyperse ...197933681
sex differences in fetal sheep adrenal steroidogenesis.the formation of several steroids was determined in vitro in adrenals removed from 18 female and six male fetuses of 113-115 days' gestation and in two female and two male fetuses at near term (137-143 days). samples were incubated with 14c-acetate and the formation of labeled steroids was determined by two-dimensional paper chromatography. protein and corticosterone concentrations were determined by chromophore absorption and acid hydrolysis fluorescence methods, respectively. tissue corticoste ...197839835
placental clearance of lactate and bicarbonate in determine the placental clearance of lactate and bicarbonate in sheep, the fetal side of an isolated cotyledon and the umbilical circulation of the total placenta were artificially perfused. the release and uptake of lactate and bicarbonate by the perfusion fluid and the fetomaternal concentration differences of these substances were measured. from these data, the clearance of lactate and bicarbonate was determined to be 0.9 (se = 0.2) ml/h/g of placental tissue. the production of lactate by ...197939880
the maintenance of motility and the surface properties of epididymal spermatozoa from bull, rabbit and ram in homologous seminal and epididymal plasma.epididymal spermatozoa from bull, rabbit and ram were incubated in homologous epididymal plasma or seminal plasma in a buffered saline-based medium with or without serum albumin. the spermatozoa were either diluted directly into the medium or were washed first. no effect of washing was observed on the subsequent reaction of the cells to the different media. a considerable proportion of the populations of epididymal spermatozoa survived (i.e. continued to exhibit motility) for up to 22 h at 30 de ...197934036
digestion, absorption and transport of lipids in ruminant animals. 197834168
the behaviour of thiomolybdates in in vitro systems.the stability of potassium tetrathiomolybdate was studied in vitro using solutions with molybdenum, hydrogen ion and phosphate concentrations similar to those normally found in the rumen. under these conditions k2[mos4] hydrolysed rapidly and as a result the solution contained [mos4]2-, [moos3]2-, [moo2s2]2-, [hs]- and h2s in equilibrium. in view of this hydrolysis, in vivo studies of thiomolybdate on copper metabolism of sheep should not exclude the possibility that either sulphide or molybdate ...197934421
physicochemical properties of a proline-rich polypeptide (prp) from ovine of a proline-rich polypeptide (prp) accompanying ovine colostral igg2 are described. prp is soluble at 4 degrees c but reversibly precipitates by warming to room temperature. maximal precipitation is observed at ph = 4.6, temp. 48 degrees c, and ionic strength higher than 0.6. there is a linear dependence of precipitation on concentration of prp. molecular weight of prp is 38,000 daltons. it is not changed in the presence of 6 m guanidine hydrochloride, sh-compounds, and in the presen ...197835126
polymorphism of the second component of human complement (c2). observation of the rare phenotype (c2 2 (= c2 b) and data on the localization of the c2 locus in the hla region.the polymorphism of the second component of human complement was studied by means of isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels with subsequent complement-dependent lysis of sensitized sheep erythrocytes in an agarose overlay containing c2-deficient or normal human serum. in a material of 289 unrelated individuals the following gene frequencies were observed: c21=0.965 and c22=0.035. the rare phenotype c2 2 (=c2 b) could be seen once in a child of a c2 1--2 heterozygous mother. the investigatio ...197940340
some kinetic and other properties of the isoenzymes of aspartate aminotransferase isolated from sheep liver.a method for the purification of mitochondrial isoenzyme of sheep liver aspartate aminotransferase (ec is described. the final preparation is homogeneous by ultracentrifuge analyses and polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis and has a high specific activity (182 units/mg). the molecular weight determined by sedimentation equilibrium is 87,100 +/- 680. the amino acid composition is presented; it is similar to that of other mitochondrial isoenzymes, but with a higher content of tyrosine and t ...197935156
cross-neutralization between vesicular stomatitis virus type indiana and chandipura virus.using highly potent immune sheep sera, it was possible to demonstrate that: (1) two rhabdoviruses, classified in the vesiculovirus genus on morphological grounds but previously considered unrelated, viz., the vesicular stomatitis virus type indiana (vsv), and chandipura virus (chv), show a low-level, but distinct cross-neutralization. this was, in most combinations, considerably increased by complement. (2) the species of cells used for growing the viruses for immunization and for neutralization ...197940419
characterization of prolactin binding by membrane preparations from rat liver.binding sites for prolactin were identified in a plasma-membrane-enriched fraction isolated from livers of mature female rats. 125i-labelled sheep prolactin prepared by the lactoperoxidase procedure retained the same molecular integrity and binding affinity as the native hormone at physiological ph. the receptors bound prolactin from different species, whereas non-lactogenic hormones were not bound. the binding of 125i-labelled sheep prolactin was activated equally by bivalent and univalent cati ...197936884
the effect of acute maternal hemorrhage on the release of catecholamines in the pregnant ewe and the fetus.five chronically instrumented pregnant ewes and their fetuses were studied to assess the effect of acute maternal hemorrhage. the hemorrhage was produced in two stages; during the first stage 15% of the total maternal blood volume was removed, and then in a second stage an additional 15% was removed. biophysical and biochemical variables were monitored. plasma dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine were determined by a sensitive radioenzymatic assay. a significant rise in maternal and fetal c ...197940436
deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest: effect on cerebrospinal fluid electrolytes in newborn lambs. 197827332
[local infection treatment in accident surgery. c. gentamycin-containing pmma-spheres and chains. experimental principles for the application of antibiotic-containing polymethylmethacrylate]. 197936768
binding of coenzyme and substrate and coenzyme analogues to 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase from sheep liver. an x-ray study at 0.6 nm resolution.the analogues of the coenzyme nadp+, nicotinamide--8-bromo-adenine dinucleotide phosphate (nbr8adp+) and 3-iodopyridine--adenine dinucleotide phosphate (io3pdadp+), were prepared. nbr8adp+ was found to be active in the hydrogen transfer adn io3pdadp+ is a coenzyme competitive inhibitor for 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase. the binding of nadp+, nadph and nadph together with 6-phosphogluconate as well as that of both analogues to crystals of the enzyme 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase has been in ...197938116
the history and present status of aortic surgery in japan, particularly for aortitis syndrome. 197935547
ecg-changes in the fetal lamb during asphyxia in relation to beta-adrenoceptor stimulation and changes in the s-t interval of the fetal electrocardiogram (fecg) were studied in 14 lamb fetuses, acutely exteriorized and subjected to graded hypoxia. the aims of the study were to investigate whether beta-adrenoceptor stimulation and hypoxia exerted additive or potentiating effects on the fecg and several cardiovascular parameters and whether the hypoxic changes of the fecg could be blocked by beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents. the fecg changes were studied in order to correlate t ...197933536
evidence for two-step binding of reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide to aldehyde dehydrogenase.the displacement of nadh from cytoplasmic aldehyde dehydrogenase (ec from sheep liver was studied by using nad+, 1,10-phenanthroline, adp-ribose, deamino-nad+ and pyridine-3-aldehyde-adenine dinucleotide as displacing agents, by following the decrease in fluorescence as a function of time. the data obtained could be fitted by assuming two first-order processes were occurring, a faster process with an apparent rate constant of 0.85 +/- 0.20 s-1 and a relative amplitude of 60 +/- 10% and ...197721657
[effect of food deprivation on various parameters of rumen juice and blood of sheep].in order to find out how short-time denutrition changes the concentration of some substances in the rumen fluid and the blood, tests with full-grown sheep were carried out. fodder was withheld from sheep with inserted jarrett fistulae for 48 hours after normal feeding. after 48 hours the animals were given concentrated fodder, after 52 hours exclusively hay. from the 72nd hour onwards the animals were provided with fodder as usual. samples of the rumen fluid and blood samples were taken at the b ...197833636
sheep fetal haematopoietic cells produce adult haemoglobin when transplanted in the adult animal. 197937447
distribution of glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamine synthetase activity in the sheep and chicken digestive tract.glutamate dehydrogenase (gldh, ec and glutamine synthetase (gs, ec activity were determined in the contents and tissues of the various parts of the sheep and chicken digestive tract, gldh activity in the tissues of the sheep omasum, duodenum, rumen, reticulum, colon, caecum, jejunum and ileum ranged from 3.25+/-0.7 u (mumol/g dry weight . min) to 5.94+/-2.28 u; in the abomasum it was 9.67+/-1.27 u. gldh activity in the contents of the ileum, abomasum, jejunum and duodenum varie ...197937534
international committee communications. report from the subcommittee on heparin. 197937611
lymphocyte traffic within the bone marrow and selective retention of alloreactive cells.earlier studies showed that large numbers of isotopically labelled thoracic duct lymphocytes (tdls) enter the bone marrow (bm) within hours of injection but depart equally as rapidly by 12 to 24 hr. the significance of this rapid flux was investigated further. early (1/2 to 2 hr) after the i.v. injection of tdls, bm was shown to contain t cells capable of initiating a graft-versus-host (gvh) reaction in f1 hybrids and in other experiments memory cells against human serum albumin (hsa). both gvh ...197937619
[water intake, ph and ammonia levels in the ruminal contents of sheep fed pelleted feed].wethers were studied for the effect of the complete pelleted feed ration on the intake of water and concentration of ph and ammonia in the rumen. the animals consumed daily 1300 g of dry matter of the diet containing 41.81% of meadow hay, 25.8% of barley, 15.37% of sawdust, 14.98% of molasses, 1.32% of urea and 1.24% of vitamin mineral supplement. this feed was given to them for six months. the pelleted diet increased the intake of water (the dry matter consumption remaining the same in the cont ...197937631
[dynamics of acid-base indices in the blood of lambs from the 7th day of postnatal life to adult age].under the conditions of a specialized farm equipped with amodern technology or rearing, sixteen ewe lambs of the improved wallachian breed were studied for the dynamics of acid-base indices in the blood from the seventh day of post-natal life unitl the age of 19 months. the acid-base parameters were measured by the astrup bms 2 apparatus. after weaning at an age of 45 days, the lambs were fed mixture coj 1 for ten days, then mixture coj 2, followed by the administration of a vj mixture and granu ...197937632
effect of membrane potential and internal ph on active sodium-potassium transport and on atp content in high-potassium sheep erythrocytes.ouabain-sensitive na+ and k+ fluxes and atp content were determined in high potassium sheep erythrocytes at different values of membrane potential and internal ph. membrane potential was adjusted by suspending erythrocytes in media containing different concentrations of mgcl2 and sucrose. concomitantly either the external ph was changed sufficiently to maintain a constant internal ph or the external ph was kept constant with a resultant change of internal ph. the erythrocytes were preincubated b ...197938843
arginine vasopressin during gestation and parturition in sheep fetus.the possible correlation between plasma arginine vasopressin (avp) concentration and the processes leading to parturition was assessed in 11 chronically catheterized pregnant ewes. samples of blood withdrawn intermittently during a 20-day period preceding labor and during parturition were analyzed for avp by a specific radioimmunoassay, as well as for ph, paco2 and pao2. fetal avp was 1.74 +/- 1.55 pg/ml and maternal avp 1.47 +/- 0.74 pg/ml (mean +/- sd). no preparturient rise in fetal vasopress ...197938861
certain aspects of hemorheology in a near zero gravity environment. 197938870
adherence of erythrocytes to mycoplasma pneumoniae.the human pathogen mycoplasma pneumoniae adheres to a variety of cells, including erythrocytes. a hemadsorption technique was developed to quantitate adherence by photometric measurement of lysates of erythrocytes that attached to sheets of m. pneumoniae grown in cups of linbro plates. attachment of sheep erythrocytes (se) increased with higher ionic strength, was unaffected by minor ph variations (6 to 9), and was blocked by anti-m. pneumoniae antiserum, but was not inhibited by a variety of su ...197939034
fetal respiration: a review of two techniques for observation. 197939701
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