effect of diet and absence of protozoa on the rumen microbial community and on the representativeness of bacterial fractions used in the determination of microbial protein synthesis.accurate estimates of microbial synthesis in the rumen are vital to optimize ruminant nutrition. liquid- (lab) and solid-associated bacterial fractions (sab) harvested from the rumen are generally considered as microbial references when microbial yield is calculated; however, factors that determine their composition are not completely understood. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of diet and absence or presence of rumen protozoa on the rumen microbial community. it was hypothesize ...201222665645
mrt letter: human bloodstains on antique aboriginal weapons: a guiding low-vacuum sem study of erythrocytes in experimental samples on ethnographically documented biological raw materials.the aboriginal use of reed and bone as raw materials for knives and daggers, respectively, has been well-documented ethnographically in some geographical areas of melanesia. because of the significant role that these weapons played in inter- and intra-ethnic aggression, they can potentially have retained smears from the contact with human blood. to carry out a guiding low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy (sem) study of specific interest to ethnography, the outsides of a fragment of stalk of g ...201222648991
cardiac adaptive mechanisms of tibetan antelope (pantholops hodgsonii) at high identify cardiac mechanisms that contribute to adaptation to high altitudes in tibetan antelope (pantholops hodgsonii).201222620694
reference intervals for mineral concentrations in whole blood and serum of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) in california.whole blood and serum mineral concentrations were measured in diverse bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) metapopulations in california, and 90% reference intervals were determined. while there were some statistical differences between median concentrations among the different metapopulations, detected values were generally in good agreement with concentrations reported for other bighorn sheep populations and with reference ranges widely accepted for domestic sheep (ovis aries). although median whol ...201222529120
aprosencephaly with otocephaly in a lamb (ovis aries).aprosencephaly is a rare condition in veterinary and human medicine characterized by the complete absence of telencephalon and diencephalon. some cases are accompanied by a facial dysmorphism designated as otocephaly. a stillborn lamb had splanchnocranial anomalies that were classified by computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and pathologic examination as aprosencephaly and otocephaly. the brain included parts of the cerebellum and brainstem but no telencephalon, diencephalon, or mese ...201222431914
a degree-day model of sheep grazing influence on alfalfa weevil and crop characteristics.domestic sheep (ovis spp.) grazing is emerging as an integrated pest management tactic for alfalfa weevil, hypera postica (gyllenhal), management and a degree-day model is needed as a decision and support tool. in response to this need, grazing exclosures with unique degree-days and stocking rates were established at weekly intervals in a central montana alfalfa field during 2008 and 2009. analyses indicate that increased stocking rates and grazing degree-days were associated with decreased crop ...201222420261
evaluation of columbia, usmarc-composite, suffolk, and texel rams as terminal sires in an extensive rangeland production system: ii. postweaning growth and ultrasonic measures of composition for lambs fed a high-energy feedlot diet.over 3 yr, postweaning growth patterns and changes in ultrasonic measurements of fat depth (fd) and lm area were assessed for 1,049 crossbred ewe and wether lambs (ovis aries) produced by mating adult rambouillet ewes to 1 of 22 columbia, 22 usmarc-composite (composite), 21 suffolk, or 17 texel rams and raised to weaning under extensive western rangeland conditions. after weaning, lambs were transitioned to a high-energy finishing diet in a feedlot, weighed weekly for 13 to 16 wk, and scanned us ...201222408090
evaluation of columbia, usmarc-composite, suffolk, and texel rams as terminal sires in an extensive rangeland production system: iii. prefabrication carcass traits and organ evaluate terminal-sire breeds, harvest bw, prefabrication carcass measurements, and organ weights were evaluated over 3 yr for 518 crossbred wether lambs (ovis aries). lambs were produced by single-sire matings of 22 columbia, 22 usmarc-composite (composite), 21 suffolk, and 17 texel rams to adult rambouillet ewes. lambs were raised to weaning under an extensive western rangeland production system and finished in a feedlot on a high-energy finishing diet. wethers were randomly assigned to be ...201222408088
models to capture the potential for disease transmission in domestic sheep flocks.successful control of livestock diseases requires an understanding of how they spread amongst animals and between premises. mathematical models can offer important insight into the dynamics of disease, especially when built upon experimental and/or field data. here the dynamics of a range of epidemiological models are explored in order to determine which models perform best in capturing real-world heterogeneities at sufficient resolution. individual based network models are considered together w ...201222341734
the novel 172 sheep (ovis aries) micrornas and their targets.micrornas (mirnas) are small, non-coding and regulatory rnas about ≈22 nucleotides in length. the comparative genomics approach due to their conserved nature is a good source for the novel mirnas discovery. in this study, total 172 novel mirnas from 140 precursor sequences belonging to 114 families were identified in sheep (ovis aries), the most important livestock animal. all the mirna families (oar-mir-95, 129, 130, 186, 214, 219, 223, 324, 339, 423, 450, 499, 544, 562, 568, 584, 669, 671, 763 ...201222302387
rumen protozoa in south african sheep with a summary of the worldwide distribution of sheep protozoa.protozoa species were identified in rumen contents of four domestic sheep (ovis aries) from south africa. all animals were fed a forage diet which consisted of 50% lucerne and 50% teff hay. ten new host records were identified, bringing the total number of species and forms observed in sheep in south africa to 30. the occurrence and geographic distribution of ciliate protozoa in both domestic and wild sheep from around the world are summarised. it was found that 15 genera and 131 species occur i ...201123327210
cumulative effects of wild ungulate and livestock herbivory on riparian willows.we examined the effects of wild ungulates (deer and elk) and domestic sheep browsing on the growth, structure, and reproductive effort of two common willow species, salix boothii and s. geyeriana, in a montane northeast oregon riparian zone. with the use of exclosures, large herbivore effects on willows were studied in an area browsed by native mammals only and an adjacent area in which domestic sheep also lightly grazed during summer months. growth variables were repeatedly measured on individu ...200228547642
guanacos and sheep: evidence for continuing competition in arid patagonia.guanacos (lama guanicoe) are the only wild ungulate species widely distributed across the patagonian steppe and have undergone a precipitous population decline since the introduction of domestic sheep (ovis aries) 100 years ago. there has been speculation that sheep ranching may have played a major role in guanaco population decline after monopolising the most productive land because of competition for forage plants. our aim in this work was to estimate guanaco abundance and account for its vari ...200124577696
pharmacokinetics of intramuscular medetomidine in domestic sheep. 200128404247
parasite-mediated selection against inbred soay sheep in a free-living island populaton.parasites are thought to provide a selective force capable of promoting genetic variation in natural populations. one rarely considered pathway for this action is via parasite-mediated selection against inbreeding. if parasites impose a fitness cost on their host and the offspring of close relatives have greater susceptibility to parasites due to the increased homozygosity that results from inbreeding, then parasite-mediated mortality may select against inbred individuals. this hypothesis has no ...199928565537
body size dimorphism and sexual segregation in polygynous ungulates: an experimental test with soay sheep.sexual segregation in soay sheep (ovis aries) was investigated using an experimental approach in order to test the sexual dimorphism-body size hypothesis. two corollaries of the sexual dimorphism-body size hypothesis were tested: (1) in dimorphic species males, the larger sex, have relatively smaller bite sizes on short swards because of the scaling of incisor arcade with body weight, and (2) they move off earlier to feed on taller but poorer-quality swards when such swards are patchily distribu ...199928308087
fear reactions of domestic sheep confronted with either a human or a human-like model.fear reactions of ewes towards a human, a human-like model or a control (plastic cylinder 1.95 m high) were studied using a test previously designed and validated, in which 16 behavioural parameters have been interpreted as indicators of fear (e.g. a relatively long time spent away from the stimulus) or absence of fear (e.g. a relatively long time spent eating near the stimulus). in a first experiment, 18 animals were individually confronted with each of the 3 stimuli for 4 min (in a counter-bal ...199524897250
effects of excess dietary selenite on lead toxicity in sheep.the hypothesis that excess dietary selenite ameliorates lead (pb) toxicosis in domestic sheep was tested. twenty 6-8-yr-old ewes fed alfalfa pellets were assigned to the following treatments: (1) control; (2) 9.8 mg pb/kg body weight (b.w.)/d as pbco3; (3) 3 mg se/animal/d as na2seo3·5h2o; or (4) a combination of treatments 2 and 3. the gelatin-encapsulated salts were given orally. the study was terminated on d 104, by which time three animals in the pb group and all five animals in the pb+se gr ...198624254328
[histoenzymological data on the adrenal gland of ovis aries l. (ovinae, baird, 1857) var. of causses of lot]. 196124545411
[contribution to the histoenzymology of the sudoriparous glands of the interdigital sac in ovis aries l]. 196024545409
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