synthetic antigens iii. antigen-binding cells to interpolymer of styrene and maleic acid psm and sheep red blood cells in mice immunized with psm.studies on the immune response in mice to a new synthetic antigen interpolymer of styrene and maleic acid (psm) are described. the immune response was measured by determination of antigen binding cells by means of rosette test with psm-coated srbc, an unexpected effect was observed--besides rosette-forming cells for psm, rosette-forming cells and agglutinating antibodies for sheep red cells were found. the results presented in this paper suggest that psm is acting both as an immunogen and a poly ...197994989
histochemical studies of mucosubstances and keratins of thymic corpuscles.keratin and prekeratin have been visualized histochemically by testing the reactivity of disulfide groups in the thymic corpuscles of the sheep. rhesus monkey, rabbit and dog, and the reactivity of sulfhydryl groups in the sheep, rhesus monkey, rabbit and rat. ten to 50% of the thymic corpuscles showed keratinization by this method. acidic mucosubstances were visualized histochemically in the rhesus monkey, sheep and rat but not in the rabbit. staining for vic-glycol groups was prominent in all ...197994996
contribution to the knowledge of histophysiological characteristics of the pineal gland of ewes during pregnancy. 197995051
effects of progesterone on the oestrogen-stimulated uterus: a comparative study of the mouse, guinea pig, rabbit and examine more closely the anti-oestrogenic action of progesterone (p), its effect on various parameters in the 17 beta-oestradiol (e2)-primed uterus of the mouse, guinea pig, rabbit and ewe was studied. changes in uterine wet weight, rate of in vitro protein synthesis, protein : dna and rna : dna ratios, peroxidase activity and the level of cytosol receptors for e2 and p were measured. considerable between-species differences in the effect of p on these parameters were observed. the anti-utero ...197995094
on the mechanism of binding of human lymphocyte products to guinea pig macrophages.when lymphocytes from a majority of patients with cancer are incubated with encephalitogenic factor, a lymphocyte product is released that reduces the anodic electrophoretic mobilities of guinea pig macrophages and fixed, tanned sheep erythrocytes. although these reactions are not specific for cancer, it is distinctly possible that in patients with cancer, products from stimulated lymphocytes are capable of altering the surfaces of the patients' own macrophages, thereby modifying the course of t ...197995169
membrane surface properties of sheep erythrocytes, an immunological reagent, after different treatments as reflected by partition in two-polymer aqueous phases.sheep erythrocytes (e) which, with or without certain treatments, are currently used as "immunological reagents" to detect cells with specific receptors (by rosette-formation) have been partitioned in two-polymer aqueous-phase systems selected so as to reflect charge-associated or lipid-related membrane surface properties. we have found that the partitioning behavior of e is not affected in these phases by reacting the cells with anti-e antibody (either igg or igm), forming ea. the additional bi ...197995174
sphingomyelin phase transition in the sheep erythrocyte membrane. 197995179
preservation of carrageenan-induced immune suppression with alleviation of toxicity in aprotinin-treated mice.although the immunosuppressive effect of carrageenan was unimpaired in aprotinin-treated mice, the extent of intravascular coagulation induced by this macrophage toxic agent was substantially reduced. use of antiproteases such as aprotinin may prove beneficial in management of this adverse side effect of certain immunotherapeutic agents.197995188
actinobacillus seminis infection in sheep in the republic of south africa. iii. growth and cultural characteristics of a. seminis.bacteriological tests were done on a large number of different strains of actinobacillus seminis and also, repeatedly, on the same culture or on different cultures taken periodically from the same donor animal. these tests were also applied to strains of a. seminis representing different serological types, which in turn were compared with strains of brucella ovis. the tests as applied proved that a. seminis strains have defined, morphological, staining, cultural and biochemical properties, altho ...197995214
isoprinosine as an immunopotentiator.isoprinosine is a compound developed for antiviral use. the effects of isoprinosine on mouse responses to sheep red blood cells were studied over a wide range of doses, from 0.5 microgram/kg to 5 g/kg, i.p. administered at the time of i.v. immunization or as pretreatment for 7 days before antigenic stimulus. low doses, 50 microgram/kg to 50 mg/kg, significantly increased the numbers of igm- or igg-spleen antibody-forming cells. large doses, such as the ld50 (5 g/kg) or pretreatments where unable ...197995412
non-histone chromatin proteins of mouse spleen cells during the secondary immune response to sheep red blood cells and aggregated human gamma-globulin. 197995438
[clinical trial of the treatment of lung cancer with xenogeneic immune rna (author's transl)]. 197995442
characteristics of an antiluteinizing hormone isoantibody produced during gonadotropin induction of ovulation.production of an antihuman lh antibody was suspected in a woman with isolated lh deficiency who received human pituitary gonadotropin (hpg) to induce ovulation and who developed secondary drug failure associated with very high "serum lh' values. binding of [125i]lh to various dilutions of the patient's serum was demonstrated by precipitation with polyethylene glycol or sheep antihuman immunoglobulin g (anti-igg) but not by precipitation with sheep antihuman immunoglobulin m (anti-igm). unlabeled ...197895625
immunochemical comparisons among myelin basic proteins.1. the relationships among myelin encephalitogenic or basic proteins were immunochemically examined. 2. rabbit antisera to myelin basic proteins isolated from chicken, rabbit, bovine, guinea-pig, and human brain specimens were prepared. by quantitative microcomplement fixation these rabbit antisera were used to measure cross-reactions among the myelin basic proteins of the turtle, chicken, rat, rabbit, cow, pig, sheep, dog, guinea-pig, monkey and human. 3. a spectrum of cross-reactivities was de ...197895680
cadmium, a metallic inhibitor of antibody-mediated immunity in mice.chronic administration of cadmium chloride to b10-a-2r mice was discovered to severely depress the numbers and to delay the onset of appearance of splenic igg and igm plaque-forming cells (pfc) following injection of sheep erythrocytes. a recovery period of at least 1 month following cessation of administration of cdcl2 resulted in no increase in igm pfc and only a minimal increase in igg pfc. an apparent cadmium-induced splenomegaly was also noted in the intoxicated mice. application of immune ...197895698
deficiency of the ninth component of complement in man.the studies of serum from a case with c9 (the ninth component of complement) deficiency are described. a 29-year-old woman in good health was found to have low serum complement levels (ch50). c9 of her serum was undetectable by the hemolytic assay and by the immunochemical analysis but all other components were normal. it was demonstrated that low ch50 of her serum was due to the hemolysis of the sensitized sheep erythrocytes (ea) by the complement components from c1 to c8.197995812
[demonstration of erythroblastic differentiation after 14 days in blood in vitro during vaquez's disease without addition of erythropoietin].leucocytes of normal individuals and patients with polycythemia vera were isolated from the peripheral blood by ficoll-hipaque density gradient centrifugation and cultured in vitro suing the bovine plasma clot culture technique with a minor modification: the addition of fresh normal serum. after 14 days in the presence of sheep erythropoïetin (3u/ml) erythropoïetic bursts containing between 3 and 10 subcolonies were observed in normal and polycythemia vera cultures. blood leucocytes of patients ...197895898
further studies on the h-2 linked dependence of the adjuvant action of brucella abortus.the b 19s strain of brucella abortus is found to act as an adjuvant to the anti-sheep red blood cell (srbc) reaction in some congenic strains of mice but not in others. if the recipient is h-2b, there is no adjuvant effect (b 19s); neither is there (thymus-dependent anti-b 19s reaction as measured by thymocyte activation and change of electrophoretic mobility. in contrast, there is a thymus-independent anti-b 19s reaction (production of haemagglutinins) as good in the h-2b mice as in the others. ...197896008
increased phagocytic activity of splenectomized mice challenged with listeria splenectomized mice exhibit increased resistance to infection with listeria monocytogenes. phagocytosis, by reticulo-endothelial cells, of test particles (51cr-labelled sheep erythrocytes) is the same in splenectomized and control mice. however, 24 h exposure to listeria, which fails to influence phagocytic activity of normal mice, greatly enhances the blood clearance and liver uptake of the test particles in splenectomized mice. the presence of a cell population and/or product in the sple ...197896011
studies on ganjam virus with reference to viremia in vertebrate hosts & development of antibodies. 197796013
identification and grouping of neisseria meningitidis directly on agar plates by coagglutination with specific antibody-coated protein a-containing has been shown that neisseria meningitidis can be grouped by coagglutination directly upon growth on sheep blood or chocolate agar plates. all positive reactions were group specific, and only a single colony was required for a positive reaction. there was variation seen in the effectiveness of commercial antisera in preparing sensitive reagents. certain throat and sputum isolates of group z organisms failed to react by coagglutination, although they would react directly with antiserum in whol ...197896128
verification of human fetal breathing with phased array ultrasound imaging.continuous observation of fetal movement patterns is a novel and useful capability of new high-speed ultrasound imaging systems. confirmatory documentation of human fetal breathing as a component of these movement patterns has been achieved using a phased-array real time ultrasound sector scanning system. this system permits direct visualization of fetal breathing movements. permanent recordings can be made on videotape. recordings can also be made as a time-motion echocardiograms during continu ...197896144
alloantigen-induced t helper activity. i. minimal genetic differences necessary to induce a positive allogeneic effect.addition of histoincompatible lymphocytes can influence the course of ongoing immune responses. such allogeneic effects may either augment or diminish immune responses. we describe here the minimal genetic differences necessary to generate positive allogeneic effects (allohelp) in a humoral immune response. the antibody response to sheep erythrocytes of t cell-depleted mouse spleen cells was reconstituted by addition of syngeneic or allogeneic nylon wool column-passaged spleen t cells. t cells w ...197896182
magnetically responsive polyacrylamide agarose beads for the preparation of immunoabsorbents.glutaraldehyde-activated magnetically responsive polyacrylamide agarose beads have been employed to bind bovine serum albumin and human, sheep and rabbit igg. these were tested for their effectiveness as immunoabsorbents and were found to allow isolation of pure antibodies in high yields. the use of magnetically responsive beads as the solid support in immunoabsorption procedures renders isolation of antibodies easy and rapid.197896184
evidence that the transmission of one source of scrapie agent to hamsters involves separation of agent strains from a mixture.a previous paper (kimberlin & walker, 1977) described an experimental model of scrapie in hamsters in which the incubation period decreased progressively over the first 4 passages before becoming stable at the 5th and subsequent passes. studies have been made of some of the agent strains present in brains taken from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th hamster passes. the results indicate the presence of at least two strains of agent at the 3rd passage level. one of these (431k) is highly pathogenic for mi ...197896212
[comparison of the effectivity of 2 quantitative ovoscopic technics].a comparison of efficiency of a quantitative proof of the eggs of gastrointestinal nematodes in the faeces of sheep by methods after breza and svarc (1968) and wetzel (1951) modified for the recalculation of eggs by mcmaster's chamber showed a 95 to 99% capture rate of eggs within the limits of reliability. the efficiency of both methods depends on the infection intensity, ovulation activity of the nematodes in the particular season of the year and, last but not least, on the age of the host. mo ...197896574
a sarcocystis-like protozoon in a sheep with lymphadenopathy and myocarditis.a generalized enlargement of the lymph nodes was found in an emaciated adult ewe. additional autopsy findings included tiny grey-white necrotic foci in the heart muscle, aspiration pneumonia and diffuse pleuritis. light microscopy showed a generalized lymphadenopathy with perilymphadenitis, depletion of lymphocytes and histiocytosis of the lymph node. in histiocytes and vascular endothelial cells of lymph nodes, septal capillary endothelium of lungs and capillary endothelium of myocardium, early ...197896578
detection of antibodies to mycobacterium johnei by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) was applied in the detection of antibodies to mycobacterium johnei in 110 sheep, 11 goat and 31 cattle sera and compared to immunodiffusion (id) test. one per cent noble agar, 7 ml per slide of 5 cm x 10 cm; barbitone-tris buffer, mu = 0.03, ph 8.6; a constant current of 5 ma per slide and m johnei protoplasmic antigen at 4 mg per ml were found to impart high sensitivity to cie and give rapid results. cie detected 97 sheep, 11 goat and 31 cattle positive sera, ...197896579
[application of frozen stored various animal red blood cells for the virological and serological tests (author's transl)]. 197796589
[study of the antigenic relationship between animal and human immunoglobulins using antisera to human immunoglobulins].cross-reactivity of monospecific antisera to human immunoglobulins with animal sera of 10 species was studied by immunoelectrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion. antisera to igg were shown to reveal igg of all the species studied, antisera to igm and especially to iga cross reacted less extensively. the greatest number of cross reactions were given by the antisera obtained as a result of hyperimmunization. hyperimmune monospecific antisera to human igg, iga, and igm can be used for the identifi ...197896633
lipoprotein immunogenetics and atherosclerosis.the discovery of the first human lipoprotein polymorphism by allison and blumberg [lancet i:634-637, 1961] and the availability of alloimmune sera stimulated us to begin immunogenetic studies on swine in search of lipoprotein diversity and its relationship to biological functions. we found considerable lipoprotein polymorphism, complexity, and heterogeneity in this species. these results and the correlation between immunogenetically defined lipoprotein type and arterial lipidosis in swine, fed a ...197896696
prostaglandin synthetase dependent activation of 7,8-dihydro-7,8-dihydroxy-geno (a) pyrene to mutagenic derivativies. 197896834
behaviour of solute and particle markers in the stomach of sheep given a concentrate diet.1. fistulated sheep given a concentrate diet were used to study the behaviour of solute ([51cr]edta) and particle ([103ru]phenanthroline) markers in the stomach under conditions of continuous feeding. 2. an injection of a mixed dose of [51cr]edta and [103ru]phenanthroline was given into the rumen and the time course of marker concentrations in the rumen and the abomasum was recorded. the curves were analysed on the assumption that the stomach of the sheep could be represented as two mixing compa ...197896850
differential effects of prostaglandin synthetase stimulators on inhibition of cyclooxygenase.the different effects of prostaglandin synthetase stimulators on inhibition of the cyclooxygenase by structurally distinct classes of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents suggest that the enzyme is altered by interaction with these stimulators. reversible stimulation of prostaglandin synthetase activity by phenols and some other compounds and the relative influence of these stimulators on inhibitors of the cyclooxygenase were determined quantitatively. two distinct classes of inhibitors were est ...197896853
[effect of combined administration of hydrocortisone and edta on the number of the antibody-producing cells in the spleen of mice immunized with sheep erythrocytes].experiments on mouse hybrids (cba x c57bl)f1i indicated that injection of hydrocortisone in a dose of 1 mg/mouse 24 hours after the immunization with sheep red blood cells against the background of multiple edta injection resulted in a relative reduction of the plaque-forming cells in the spleen--more than 6-fold in comparison with control, and more than 3-fold in comparison with the effect of hydrocortisone or edta alone. this may possibly be the consequence of a more intensive hydrocortisone i ...197896887
[radioimmunological aspects of neuropeptides].immunological aspects of neurosecretory peptides are relevant to antibody generation, labelling of peptides for radioimmunoassays and in particular the metabolism of neuropeptides. antibodies were generally produced by adsorption or polymerization (using different approaches and various coupling agents) of peptides with intrinsic antigenic molecules preceding their administration to recepient animals (rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and sheep) with adjuvants. antibodies were also obtained by injectin ...197896897
single-radial-complement-fixation: a new immunodiffusion technique. assay of the antibody response to the type-specific antigens of influenza virus in post-infection human sera.a new immunodiffusion technique in agarose gel for the quantification of complement-fixing antibodies is described. the test involves the incorporation of antigen and complement in a primary agarose gel. heat-inactivated serum samples are allowed to diffuse radially from wells overnight at 4 degrees c. a secondary gel, containing antibody-coated sheep erythrocytes, is layered on top of the first gel and the system is incubated for 45 min at 37 degrees c. where complement is fixed, i.e., around w ...197896950
metabolism of thromboxane b2 in the monkey.[3h8]thromboxane b2 was biosynthesized and infused into an unanesthetized monkey. several urinary metabolites were isolated and their structures elucidated using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. in addition to the major urinary metabolite, dinor-thromboxane b2, a series of metabolites resulting from dehydrogenetion of the alcohol group at c-11 were identified: 11-dehydro-thromboxane b2, 11-dehydro-15-keto-13,14-dihydro-2,3-dinor-thromboxane b2, and 11-dehydro-15-keto-13,14-dihydro-19-carbox ...197897291
preparation of antibody fragments: conditions for proteolysis compared by sds slab-gel electrophoresis and quantitation of antibody yield.monovalent antibody fragments are now recognized to have major advantages over intact immunoglobulin g in immunohistochemistry, but the methods commonly used for their preparation do not necessarily give a maximal yield of active antibody fragments and take little account of species differences. sodium dodecyl sulphate (sds) slab-gel electrophoresis demonstrated large differences in the susceptibility to digestion of antibodies of different species and was found to be valuable in the selection o ...197897349
separation and characterization of anti-benzylpenicilloyl (bpo) antibodies. ii. immunological properties of different igg fractions.affinity chromatography and subsequent ion-exchange chromatography of pooled anti-benzylpenicilloyl (anti-bpo) hyperimmune sera separated 5 different anti-bpo igg fractions as described in the preceding paper. these fractions were tested for activities in passive hemagglutination (pha), passive immune hemolysis (pih), antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) and influence on igm-induced hemolysis. it was found that anti-bpo igg fractions with low avidity (dissociation constant k = 4.4--6. ...197897350
animal oral pigmentations. 197897376
measurement of gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) in blood. 197897484
biosynthesis of 6-keto pgf1alpha by microsomal acetone-pentane powder preparations from hog aorta, ram seminal vesicles, and bovine corpora lutea: properties of same.acetone-pentane powders of microsomal rich acetone precipitated fractions, have been prepared from hog aortas, ram seminal vesicles, and bovine corpora lutea. these preparations are all active in converting c14 labelled pgh2 to prostacyclin. the reaction was followed by quantitation of the spontaneous hydrolytic product, 6-keto pgf1alpha. the heat stability, ph optima, reactions with inhibitors, and other properties of these types are discussed. the comparative behavior of the respective enzyme ...197897733
the serological reactions of mycoplasma isolated from pneumonic sheep lungs in the mycoplasma isolated from pneumonic sheep lungs were found to belong to two serologically unrelated groups. isolates in one group reacted strongly with antisera to m arginini in the metabolic inhibition and growth inhibition tests. all isolates except one failed to react with antisera to m mycoides var capri or m mycoides var mycoides. the results of the present work support the previously reported division of the isolates into two groups on the basis of their biological properties.197897739
[passage of endogenous urea into a jejunum of sheep].the quantitative passage of urea-n and ammonia n into an isolated jejunum of the merino sheep was studied within one hour before, and 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours after feeding. the total amount of ammonia-n that passes to the isolated jejunum [to both proximal and distal part] within an hour is small [0.28-0.35 mg h-1], without any significant differences in passage prior to and after feeding. however, urea-n secretion is high, especially secretion to the fore part of the jejunum [ 3.35-3.62 mg h-1 ...197897837
[absorption of amino acids from the perfused ovine rumen].the experiments with extracoroporeal perfusion of sheep rumen were performed [leng et al., 1977]. bovine plasma, diluted in a 1:1ratio with an isotonic solution of sodium chloride, was used for four perfusions, and autologous blood was used for two perfusions in the course of 150 minutes. after 60 minutes perfusion 20 g enzymatic casein hydrolyzate were applied to the rumen. the levels of free amino acids in the perfusate were recorded after 60 minutes' perfusion [the first phase of perfusion] a ...197897838
electron microscopic morphometric analysis of human t and b peripheral blood lymphocytes.using the system of morphometric analysis described in this paper, human peripheral blood t and b lymphocytes, labeled with specific surface markers, can be compared on different analytical levels. they show differences in their surface and the eccentricity of cells, in the relative surfaces occupied by peripheral and central condensed chromatin, in the average surface of the central chromatin clumps and in the number of perichromatin granules per nuclear surface. the morphometric analysis revea ...197897857
double test of spontaneous rosettes with sheep and mouse erythrocytes. statistical studies and usefulness in malignant evolutive and nonevolutive lymphoproliferative diseases.we have demonstrated the log normality of the distribution of sheep rosette-forming cells and mouse rosette-forming cells' values obtained with lymphocytes isolated from the peripheral blood of 135 healthy human beings and 57 patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia and well differentiated lymphocytic lymphosarcoma with bone marrow infiltration either in evolution or in remission. in evolutive cases, the absolute numbers of mouse rosette-forming cells rose as well as the lymphocytosi ...197897890
significance of mouse red cell rosette-forming lymphocytes in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.increased mouse red cell (m) rosetting lymphocytes were demonstrated in the peripheral blood of patients with chronic lymphatic leukaemia. the range was wide, and patients showed considerable variation not only in the number of m cells but also in t and b rosetting lymphocytes. treatment reduced m rosette lymphocytes proportionately as the total white count fell, and differential removal occurred only when the patients became leucopaenic. if we assume the m rosetting cells are the abnormal 'leuk ...197897898
placental permeability in the sheep.the transplacental flux of different radiolabelled substances was measured, according to fick's principle, in chronically catheterised pregnant sheep (124 to 143 days of gestation). knowing the uterine blood flow, it was possible to calculate the net flux and derive a permeability coefficient, k. with 14c erythritol, k soon reaches its ultimate value, thus suggesting there is only one rate-limiting step to transfer and no significant middle compartment in the sheep placenta. the comparison of fe ...197798093
the fetus, pregnancy and parturition. 197798095
the application of complement fixation to antibody weight estimates. ii.--to sheep erythrocytes. 197898098
mammalian repetitive dna and the subunit structure of chromatin. 197898266
passive immunization with an antibody to the beta-subunit of ovine luteinizing hormone as a method of early abortion--a feasibility study in monkeys (macaca radiata).antiserum to the beta-subunit of ovine luteinizing hormone (olh-beta) raised in monkeys (macaca radiata) has been tested by a variety of criteria both in vivo and in vitro to establish its ability to neutralize olh, hlh, and human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg). passive administration of this antiserum caused inhibition of ovulation and termination of pregnancy in recipient monkeys as indicated by premature vaginal bleeding and a significant reduction in serum progesterone and estrogen levels. the ...197898358
serum bactericidal action and activation of the classic and alternate complement pathways by neisseria order to more fully understand the host defense mechanisms against gonococcal infections, we decided to define the role of the classic and alternate complement pathways in gonococcal ba. sera and infecting isolates were collected from several patients with genital and disseminated gonococcal infections. sera from two never-infected subjects and a hypogammaglobulinemic patient were also collected. sera from patients with genital gonorrhea and never-infected controls demonstrated marked ba for ...197898602
purification and some properties of ovine placental lactogen.a method has been described for the purification of ovine placental lactogen (opl) involving the use of freshly obtained sheep foetal cotyledons. tissue was extracted with 0.1 m-ammonium bicarbonate and the supernatant fraction, adjusted to ph 7, was brought to 60% saturation with ammonium sulphate. the resulting precipitate was then subjected to a sequence of chromatographic steps using columns of sephadex g-100 and carboxymethylecellulose. during each stage of the purification, the lactogenic ...197898606
epiphysitis in rams following vaccination against brucella ovis infection. 197898740
cats as definitive hosts for sarcocystis of sheep. 197898741
[the value of the immunodiffusion test in the diagnosis of animal histoplasmosis].a serological study which involved the agar gel immunodiffusion test of 11316 animal serum samples (porcine, bovine, equine and ovine cattles) was made in the havana province in an attempt to detect precipitation bands for histoplasma capsulatum. 135 porcine serum samples and 4 bovine serum samples were positive.197798818
cardiovascular and respiratory effects of xylazine in sheep. 197898934
radioimmunoassay for porcine prolactin: plasma levels during lactation, suckling and weaning and after trh administration.a sensitive heterologous radioimmunoassay for porcine prolactin (pprl) has been developed. anti-ovine prolactin antibody was raised in rabbits which allowed a final dilution of 1:500 000. the separation of free and antibody bound [125i]pprl is based on the double antibody solid phase system. the assay is specific for pprl. there is no cross-reaction with plh, pfsh and ptsh; little cross-reaction (1.35%) was found with pgh. the smallest detectable amount was 0.08 ng per tube. during lactation hig ...197898946
roles of blood flow in platelet adhesion and aggregation. 197898969
[comparison of estradiol benzoate and dihydrotestosterone propionate with testosterone propionate on the induction of male-like sexual behavior in female sheep ovariectomized as adults].daily i/m injections of 200 microgram of oestradiol benzoate induce in female sheep, ovariectomized as adults, male-like sexual reactions similar to what is obtained with 10 mg testosterone propionate per day. simultaneously, a permanent female sexual receptivity is observed. oestradiol benzoate at the dose of 20 microgram/day, and dihydrotestosterone propionate (10 mg/day) are both totally ineffective. the result support the hypothesis of the necessity of the aromatization of testosterone for t ...197899256
early ontogeny of germinal center formation in the chicken.germinal center formation was studied in the spleen of young chickens immunized in ovo and at the time of hatching. when immunization was performed on day 18 in ovo and on the day of hatching, the first germinal centers were observed at 4 days. this is markedly earlier than in unimmunized chickens, where the first germinal centers appear at the age of 10 days or later. germinal center formation preceded significant antibody production. the possible role of germinal centers in the generation of i ...197899335
[slow virus infection]. 197899538
evidence for an essential dna component in the scrapie agent. 197899663
effect of different gradient solutions on the buoyant density of scrapie infectivity. 197899747
[dependence of the biological effectiveness of prolonged and chronic radiation exposures on the dose rate for different species of animals and man]. 197899762
[isolation and identification of clamydia psittaci as the pathogen in enzootic abortion of sheep in eastern slovakia].abortions in ewes occurred on a large scale in three localities in eastern slovakia. antibodies to the group-type ornithosis antigen were detected in titres of 1 : 128 to 1 : 2048 in the aborting ewes in the mentioned localities. suspensions were prepared from the four samples of material, obtained either from the placentae and afterbirths of the aborting ewes or from the tissues of the aborted foetuses. seven-day old yolk sacs of chicken embryos were infected with these suspensions. four strain ...197899861
[effectiveness of cambendazole (bonlam paste) in sheep invaded by tramatodes (dicrocoelium dendriticum)].tests were performed to examine the effectiveness of a new form of cambendazole (bonlam paste, produced by msd, usa) in sheep, naturally invaded by the trematodes dicrocoelium dendriticum. single administration of 25 mg per 1 kg live weight induced a rapid decrease in the number of the excreted eggs of d. dendriticum, as counted during ovoscopic examination seven, ten, and fifteen days after administration of the chemical. the intenseffectiveness of the preparation, determined post mortem, was 9 ...197899862
serologic distribution of antibodies against adenoviruses in sheep of large-scale farms.the common soluble antigen of the first subgroup of bovine adenoviruses was used for assaying 793 sheep sera by the agar gel diffusion test. of the 50 farms included in the study 43 were found infected. the ratio of reacting samples was 73.7% of the sera obtained from infected farms. virus neutralization tests revealed that a considerable number of sera reacted specifically with all types of ovine adenoviruses, even with serotypes which had never been isolated in hungary. the results yielded by ...197899987
the b-cell clonotype repertoire. 197899996
the terminal zone of the external auditory meatus in a variety of mammals.standard texts describe the human tympanic recess as a shallow depression. khanna and tonndorf (1975) made silicone rubber casts from the auditory meatus of cats and found the recess to be narrow and deep. guided by this finding, casts were made from 13 different mammals. at the terminal zone of the auditory meatus, profound variations were found, the consequence of three changing parameters: (1) angle between roof of the canal and tympanic membrane; (2) shape of the isthmus; (3) shape of the re ...1978100087
[early effect of estradiol on ultrastructure of chromatin in the endometrium and hormone-dependent mammary tumors].after in vivo and in vitro administration of aestradiol, the chromatin of lamb endometrium and of hormone-dependent 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene rat mammary tumors is rapidly transformed from a condensed into a diffuse chromatin. a stimulation of 3h leucine incorporation into protein was also observed. these modifications were specific for estrogen receptor ligands and for estrogen responsive tissues. in vitro tamoxifen induced pycnosis. these changes could be used to improve the prediction of ho ...1978100250
marmoset species variation in the humoral antibody response: in vivo and in vitro studies.a comparison of the in vivo and in vitro antibody response capabilities of two marmoset species, saguinus fuscicollis and saguinus oedipus oedipus, revealed the former to be superior in elaborating humoral antibody. in vivo challenges with escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide (lps) and salmonella typhi flagella consistently yielded higher antibody titres in s. fuscicollis; indeed, with lps antigen, multiple inoculations of s.o. oedipus marmosets led ultimately to a decrease in antibody formation, ...1978100417
sources of psychrotrophic bacteria on meat at the abattoir. 1978100487
raising of antisera to protein hormones without using freund's adjuvant.a new method has been developed to produce antiserum to protein hormones without the use of freund's complete adjuvant. antiserum to human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) was elicited by injecting rabbits with 6 subcutaneous injections of sheep red blood cells (srbc) coated with hcg. the antiserum produced was observed to be both serologically and biologically active. a small quantity of the hormone (15--20 iu/injection) sufficed to produce hyperimmune sera. this could ensure an overall economy if ...1978100559
cats as hosts for sarcocystis of sheep. 1978100750
the effects of passive antibodies to egg albumin on active immunity in lambs to brucella abortus and egg albumin.the long-term effects of colostrum on active immunity to two unrelated antigens are described. lambs were fed with pooled colostrum--to equalise passive immunity--with or without added antibodies to egg albumin (ea). there were significant breed differences in the response both to brucella abortus measured at one month of age, and to ea, measured at three months of age, although there was no significant correlation between the responses to the two antigens, either within or between breeds. surpr ...1978100838
protein a reactivity of various mammalian immunoglobulins.serum samples and immunoglobulin fractions of eight mammalian species were applied to a sepharose--protein a column. as with the human immunoglobulin subclasses igg1, igg2 and igg4, all examined igg classes and subclasses were bound to a greater or lesser extent to protein a. however, the binding of igg1 of ruminants was very poor. polyclonal igm and iga of the pig, the dog and the cat may be separated in protein a reactive and protein a non-reactive fractions. in addition, monoclonal canine igm ...1978100867
[diagnostic value of agglutination reaction with buffered brucella antigen stained with rose bengal].a specific buffered antigen has been obtained, employing a method developed by the authors, stained with bengal rose and intended for performing a fast agglutination reaction to confirm brucellosis. the antigen produces a clear and demonstrative agglutination reaction with positive sera. practically, the test is readily carried out, and can be made a routine both in every serologic laboratory and for investigations under field conditions. the reaction produced with this antigen can determine dep ...1978100935
immunochemical characterization of casein from rabbit mammary gland.1. excellent precipitating antibodies to rabbit recombined casein polypeptides were obtained in a sheep after 8 weeks of immunization with rabbit recombined polypeptides coupled to sepharose-albumin. 2. the antiserum was assessed for specificity by several immunochemical techniques and was monospecific when tested against acid-precipitated casein, recombined casein and extracts of lactating rabbit mammary tissue. 3. a specific anti-casein immunoglobulin fraction was prepared by immunoadsorption ...1978101209
the serological relationships of nairobi sheep disease virus. 1978101557
studies of the lymphoreticular system in the pathogenesis of scrapie: the role of spleen and thymus. 1978101558
[cadmium in the kidneys of slaughtered animals--hazardous for human health?]. 1978101772
congeners of dom: effect of distribution of the evaluation of pharmacologic data. 1978101880
a sensitive radioimmunoassay for 6-keto-prostaglandin f1alpha: preliminary observations on circulating concentrations.a radioimmunoassay for 6-keto-prostaglandin f1alpha (6-keto-pgf1alpha) is reported. the mean least detectable mass of 6-keto-pgf1alpha is 1.45 pg and the mean mass of added 6-keto-pgf1alpha required to displace zero-point binding by 50% is 94.2 pg. cross-reactivities of the antiserum with all the prostaglandins and related compounds tested are less than 0.1% except for pge2 and pgf2alpha which are respectively 0.16% and 0.80%. the assay is both accurate and reproducible and measured levels are i ...1978102000
oxygen requirement for prostaglandin biosynthesis.the formation of prostaglandins by vesicular gland cyclooxygenase can be regulated by o2 concentrations below 30 micron (20 mm hg) with an apparent km value of about 5 micron. this result suggests that most mammalian tissues might be expected normally to have sufficient o2 for some synthesis, and that only occasionally, would the level of oxygen available within some tissues become marginally inadequate to sustain a high rate of prostaglandin biosynthesis.1978102002
immunochemical studies on the specific agglutinogens of staphylococcus aureus. i. isolation and characterization of antigen h1.the specific staphylococcus aureus agglutinogen h1 has been purified and shown to be a protein with a molecular weight of about 95,000. chemical analysis revealed all the common amino acids, except tyrosine and the sulphur-containing ones. the purified h1 antigen was strongly immunogenic in rabbits. the antiserum produced one precipitation line on double diffusion in agar against a suspension of bacteria. it also agglutinated bacteria of the h1-containing strains, as well as tanned sheep erythro ...1978102107
heterophile antibody to red cells in human trypanosomiasis.the heterophile red cell antibodies formed in human trypanosomiasis have been investigated. it has been shown that infection with trypanosoma rhodesiense induces agglutinins reactive with sheep and rabbit red cells, whilst trypanosoma gambiense induces agglutinins which react only with rabbit red cells. both types of antibody can be distinguished from similar antibodies produced by infectious mononucleosis and forssman antigen, and the detection and characterization of the antibodies therefore p ...1978102137
microhemagglutination test for detection of antibodies to nuclear sm and ribonucleoprotein antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus and related diseases.a reproducible hemagglutination procedure to detect antibodies to sm and ribonucleoprotein nuclear antigens is described. the application and interpretation is discussed. the hemagglutination test was found to be more sensitive than the immunodiffusion test; however, the hemagglutination test may not detect the presence of low titers of anti-ribonucleoprotein in the presence of a high level of anti-sm antibody. anti-ribonucleoprotein antibodies in the presence of high titers of anti-sm antibodie ...1978102182
immunologically diagnosed malignancy in sjögren's pseudolymphoma.studies of lymphocyte markers in a patient with sjögren's syndrome who exhibited histologically benign lymphoproliferation in the lung revealed a malignant cell clone. t and b cells were quantitated according to their ability to form spontaneous rosettes with sheep erythrocytes and to fluoresce with fluorescein-conjugated antiserums, respectively. circulating lymphocytes were 66 percent t cells (n = 58 +/- 2 per cent) and 14 percent b cells (n = 22+/- 1 percent), the latter exhibiting normal pol ...1978102190
tumor-induced immunosuppression.three tumor systems, including a mastocytoma, plasmacytomas, and a leukemia-lymphoma were studied for their ability to modify humoral immunity to sheep erythrocytes both in vivo and in vitro. all tumors resulted in a depression of the hemolytic antibody plaque-forming cell response in susceptible mice. these studies indicated that the mechanism(s) of suppression, although not fully defined, were different for each model system investigated.1978102206
[adrenal gland growth of the ovine fetus in the end of gestation: evolution of dna and of membrane proteins].the adrenal weight of the ovine fetus increases dramatically during late pregnancy. this increase is achieved in three periods: one of dna duplication between two phases of cellular hypertrophy. during cellular hypertrophy an important biosynthesis of membrane proteins is observed. this development concerns essentially the adrenal cortex.1978102441
taurine and other free amino acids in milk of man and other mammals.taurine and other free amino acids have been determined in human milk of a number of other species. taurine is the most abundant free amino acid in the milk of the gerbil, mouse, cat, dog and rhesus monkey. taurine is the second most abundant amino acid in the milk of the rat, baboon, chimpanzee, sheep, java monkey and man. taurine is not a major constituent in the milk of the guinea pig, rabbit, cow and horse. the milk of each species has a characteristic free amino acid pattern which may be an ...1978102507
a simple method for the preparation of enzyme-antibody conjugates. 1978102534
[genetic limitations of erythrocyte lysis by bacteria of the genus salmonella].lytic effect of salmonella bacteria on the erythrocates of 1301 humans (including 150 twins), 1059 hens, 600 mice, 33 guinea pigs, 47 rabbits, 22 horses, 16 sheeps, 7 dogs, 2 cats and 2 monkeys was investigated. erythrocytes of all horses, guinea pigs and rabbits tested appeared to be sensible. the same cells of humans, sheeps, hens, dogs, monkeys and cats turned to be either sensible, or stable. human erythrocytes were the most stable. erythrocytes of humans having had typhus or other salmonell ...1978102562
development of a radioimmunoassay for inhibin. 1978102590
c3-mediated cytoadherence. ii. dependence of cell attachment on similar topographic distribution of the receptors (for c3) and the ligands (c3/c3b).particles carrying c3 in a random distribution (etan-c3) bound to c3 receptor (raji+) cells independent of temperature and irrespective of whether the raji cells were fixed with glutardialdehyde. in contrast, the reactivity of eac43b, having grouped c3b in clusters, was dependent on temperature. the interaction with raji cells was inhibited if the latter were treated with a fixative. the reaction of both etan-c3 and eac43b was a function of the concentration of c3 and c3b, respectively. the conc ...1978102696
hemolysis-in-gel (hig) test for antibodies to influenza a, measles and mumps using liquid nitrogen freezed erythrocytes coupled with the respective viral antigen.a drawback with the hemolysis-in-gel test is the constant need for fresh erythrocytes which must be treated with virus before incorporation in the gel. this problem was overcome by freezing small droplets containing erythrocytes to which antigen had been attached. the droplets were stored at -70 degrees c or in liquid nitrogen. this modification was applied in detecting antibodies to influenza, measles and mumps viruses and the results were shown to equal those obtained with fresh erythrocytes.1978102699
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