tissue distribution of human alpha1-microglobulin.human alpha(1)-microglobulin was isolated from the urine of patients with tubular proteinuria, and its molecular weight was established by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis at 33,000 daltons. the carbohydrate content was 21.7%. anti-alpha(1)-microglobulin serum was prepared and observed to react monospecifically in gel diffusion to purified alpha(1)-microglobulin, as well as to normal human serum and urine. sera from the domestic chicken, mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, calf, co ...197985635
distinct functions of monoclonal igg antibody depend on antigen-site specificities.intraveneous hyperimmunization of selectivity bred rabbits with streptococcal group a-variant vaccines elicits antibody responses of restricted heterogeneity at high antibody levels. all antisera contain two functionally distinct antibody populations, which can be isolated in single-band purity upon analytical isoelectric focusing. typical examples of these two kinds of single-band antibodies were investigated in great detail for several parameters by a variety of methods. 85--99% of the strepto ...197985686
false-positive serology in infectious monoucleosis. 197985957
subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in sardinia. 197986077
localization of structural differences between serum and colostral ovine and bovine igg1 and igg2 immunoglobulins.physicochemical and serological studies on immunoglobulins, their fab and fc fragments, l and h chains, showed that the strongest differences occurred in case of igg2, and that the differences were localized in the fc region.197886337
evidence for the presence of an antitumor factor in serum of normal animals.we have previously reported finding a factor with antitumor activity (tnf, tumor necrosis factor) in extracts of serum from normal mice. the possibility that tnf exists in the blood of normal animals of other species was explored. horse, mouse, dog, human, sheep, calf, rat and shark serums were fractionated with (nh4)2so4 and filtered through s-200 sephacryl gel. proteins of molecular weight 90,000 to 180,000 were pooled, concentrated and dialyzed. tnf, determined by l-cell assay in vitro and me ...197986384
immunologic relationship between rinderpest and peste des petits ruminants viruses. 197586993
phenotypes of 'null' lymphoid cells in human blood.f(ab')2 antibody fragments of heteroantisera directed against p28,33 (or 'ia-like') antigen, t-cell antigen(s) (t), myeloid antigen (m), and immunoglobulin have been used along with rosetting techniques to analyse the antigenic heterogeneity of 'null' or 'unclassified' lymphoid cells purified 'negatively' from human blood by e rosette depletion of t cells and b removal on an anti-immunoglobulin immunoabsorbent. the results confirm that considerable heterogeneity exists within the 'null' cell pop ...197987011
fetoproteins and lipids in the ovine fetus. 197987067
[design of stable immunoglobulin erythrocyte diagnostica. 1. erythocyte fixation and their sensitization by specific immunoglobulins].the work presents the results of developing the method of fixation of erythrocyte constituting the cellular base of immunoglobulin erythrocytic diagnostic preparations and the sensitization of erythrocytes with immunoglobulin preparations of various specificity. based on ingraham's method, modified method of erythrocyte stabilization has been developed; it consists in the treatment of 50% cell suspension with 4% formaldehyde solution in the presence of 0.5% sucrose (erythrocyte suspension and fo ...197987070
dermatological manifestations in psoriatic arthritis: a follow-up study.of 227 patients with psoriasis and rheumatic complaints, inflammatory arthritis was present in 168 patients, of whom 95 have been followed up for more than 5 years and 28 had been followed up for more than 10 years. in patients with psoriasis and inflammatory arthritis the majority were women, but in the distal joint group, males predominated. the skin disease usually began on the arms and was restricted in extent, initially. it usually began before the arthritis. a few cases were apparently pre ...197987081
effects of acetylsalicylic acid on lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood.the in vitro and in vivo effects of therapeutical doses of acetylsalicylic acid on lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood were investigated with the following results: acetylsalicylic acid caused both in vitro and in vivo a reduction of complement receptor bearing lymphocytes and of lymphocytes identified with fluorescent rabbit antibody to human ig (polyvalent) and to human igg. sheep red blood cell receptor bearing lymphocytes, and lymphocytes identified with antibody to human igm and i ...197987107
properties of a goat anti-l antibody: further evidence for heterogeneity of the l antigen.the preparation and properties of an antibody (anti-l) against low potassium type (lk) goat red cells raised in a high potassium type (hk) goat are described. this reagent stimulated active potassium transport, but showed only weak serological activity against low potassium type (lk) sheep and goat red cells. the results are discussed in relation to the hypothesis that anti-l antibody has two specificities--a sodium pump-stimulating activity (anti-lp) and a serological activity (anti-l1y).197987226
lead levels in wool as an indication of lead in blood of sheep exposed to automotive emissions. 197987232
antigen-specific suppressor cells in hapten-specific carrier-determined tolerance.tolerance to the hapten 2,4-dinitrophenyl (dnp) induced by the injection of dnp coupled to isologous igg (carrier-determined tolerance) is associated with a receptor blockade of antigen-binding lymphocytes. in the present study, hapten-specific suppressor cells were detected in the spleens of mice made tolerant by intravenous injection of 20 microgram dnp-igg. when spleen cells from mice rendered tolerant to dnp were co-cultured with normal spleen cells in marbrook cultures, the response to dnp- ...197987326
relationship between histocompatibility antigens, other surface determinants and the ige receptor on rat mast cells.rat alloantibodies recognizing classical transplantation antigens (cta) or non-h-1 determinants were able to compete effectively with monomeric ige or igg-coated sheep erythrocytes for receptor sites on the rat mast cell surface. inhibitory capacity, however, was entirely confined to anti-cta antibodies of the igg2a subclass, whereas igg1 antibodies lacked this ability. analogously, f(ab')2 fragments of anti-cta antibody consistently failed to affect ige binding, but exposure of cell-bound f(ab' ...197987327
t cell-produced immunoglobulin binding factor (ibf) bears determinants coded for by the i region of the major histocompatibility complex and lacks allogeneic immunoglobulin binding factor (ibf) produced by in vivo alloantigen-activated t cells suppresses in vitro antibody production to sheep red blood cells (srbc) and probably represents the soluble form of the t cell fc receptor. to study the relationship between ibf and the major histocompatibility complex (mhc), two types of experiments were undertaken. first, different ibf were prepared by injecting thymocytes from mice of h-2k, h-2b and h-2d haplotypes into irradiated, allogeneic recipient mi ...197987328
studies with anti-growth hormone receptor antibodies.antisera against a partially purified growth hormone receptor derived from rabbit liver were generated in guinea pigs. the antisera specifically inhibited the binding of 125i-ovine growth hormone (ogh) to liver membranes but had no effect on the binding of 125i-ovine prolactin to rabbit mammary gland receptors. these antisera did not bind or destroy 125i-ogh. moreover, the binding of labeled growth hormone to membrane particles derived from liver of several species was also inhibited by the anti ...197987398
effect of purified protein saa on immune response in vitro: mechanisms of suppression. 197987452
genetic control of the igg2a response to sheep erythrocytes in mice: isotype- and antigen-specific t cell-mediated suppression in low responders.the igg2a response to sheep erythrocytes is examined in different congenic strains of mice. b10, b6, and c57bl/ks animals produce a low level of igg2a antibodies to srbc during the primary response in vivo. they remain low responders after secondary challenge in vitro. total spleen cells or nylon-purified t cells from these low responders inhibit the igg2a response of h-2 compatible-responding mice in a mixed culture system. this suppression is mediated by thy-1+, ly-1-, ly-2+, and i-j+t cells o ...197987467
maturation of the lymphoid system. i. induction of tolerance in neonates with a t-dependent antigen that is an obligate immunogen in adults.a/j mice displayed a striking ontogenetic difference in the capacity to respond to dnp-ficoll, a t-independent antigen, and to aggregated human gamma-globulin (ahgg), a t-dependent antigen. thus, whereas responses to dnp-ficoll of 4-day-old mice were similar in magnitude to those of adult animals, responses to ahgg did not become pronounced until mice were some 30 to 40 days of age. the inability of young animals to respond to ahgg was reflective of a negative consequence of lymphocyte/antigen i ...197987468
immune response gene control of determinant selection. ii. genetic control of the murine t lymphocyte proliferative response to insulin.the genetic control of the murine t cell proliferative response to insulin was examined. it was found for two responder strains of mice that each recognizes a different determinant on the insulin molecule. h-2b mice recognize a determinant in the a chain loop of insulin whereas h-2d mice recognize a determinant that resides in the b chain, possibly in the last eight amino acids. using h-2 recombinant strains of mice, the location of ir gene control of the response to both determinants was mapped ...197987482
[immunochemical study of the leukocyte myeloperoxidases from various sources].the antigenic difference between myeloperoxidases of human, rabbit, guinea pig, horse, dog, sheep and mouse leucocytes and horse radish peroxidase was investigated. by counterimmunoelectrophoresis with antiserum specific for human and mouse myeloperoxidase and horse radish peroxidase, the enzyme catalysing peroxidase reaction in leucocytes from the above sources was shown to possess species specificity and different antigenic composition.197988108
[mineral oil emulsion of the gamma isomer of hcch in sheep psoroptic mange]. 197988121
non-histone chromatin proteins of mouse spleen cells during the primary immune response to sheep red blood cells and aggregated human gamma-globulin.1. the protein/dna ratio in chromatin of spleen cells increased during immunization; the ratio was the highest at the time of the maximum antibody synthesis, then decreased to the control values. 2. in the spleen cells of mice immunized with sheep red blood cells or aggregated human gamma-globulin, several characteristic fractions of non-histone chromatin proteins were preferentially synthesized: two antigen-specific fractions were observed in the phase of igm and igg synthesis, respectively, an ...197888139
the histogenesis of the adrenal cortex in the foetal sheep. 197988153
antibody-mediated suppression of antibody-dependent cytotoxic effector cell function. 197988291
immunological comparison of muscle actins from mammal, bird and fish: a quantitative approach. 197988374
[spontaneous rosette forming, fc and complement receptor bearing lymphocytes in pediatric diseases].investigations with lymphocyte subpopulations were made in 51 children aged from 1-14 years with infections of the upper airways, with acute leukaemias, and other malignant diseases. t-lymphocytes were registered by means of the spontaneous rosette test. the attempt of proving b-lymphocytes was made by means of an eac test with human erythrocytes, anti-d-immunoglobulins and human complement. the results were compared with those obtained by an eac test with sheep erythrocytes, sheep haemolysin an ...197988386
tests on three antisera and subsequent development of radioimmunoassay for different regions of human parathyrin. 197988403
t-t interactions in the induction of antigen-specific human suppressor t lymphocytes in vitro.we intended to investigate whether the suppression of antigen-induced antibody responses in vitro in man by t suppressor cells required contact of t suppressor cells with target cells or whether this effect was mediated by factors released by t suppressor cells. to this end supernatants of antigen-induced t suppressor cells were tested (by a plaque forming cell assay) for their capacity to suppress antibody responses of autologous and allogeneic human peripheral blood lymphocytes. we have shown ...197988481
antisera reactive directly to estrone sulfate.derivatives of estrone were prepared and linked to bovine serum albumin or its methyl-esterified form to produce immunogens which were effective in raising antisera to estrone sulfate. the most effective was estrone-3-methylphosphonothioate, electrostatically complexed with methylated bovine serum albumin. the ionically combined hapten functioned as an antigenic determinant as do covalently bound haptens when administered to sheep in emulsions with freund's complete adjuvant. estrone-3-phosphate ...197988781
fetal specific serum proteins of the indian buffalo.fetal specific serum proteins of the indian buffalo were investigated using rabbit antibuffalo fetal serum, absorbed with lyophilised adult buffalo serum, and subjected to gel diffusion and immunoelectrophoretic analysis. afp was found to be the major fetal specific serum protein of the indian buffalo. a close antigenic relationship between the fetal specific serum proteins of the buffalo, sheep and goat and a distant relationship between these proteins of ruminants and man was found by immunolo ...197988787
a tumor t cell line which can be specifically activated by antigen.we have shown that permanently transformed t cells of a leukemic line (485-2) maintain their immunocompetent function and can be specifically activated by antigen. this cell line should facilitate investigations into the biochemical mechanisms of t cell activation and may help elucidate the nature of the t cell receptor.197988883
structural studies on the immunodominant group of lipid a from lipopolysaccharide of yersinia pseudotuberculosis.lipid a isolated from lipopolysaccharide of yersinia pseudotuberculosis was used for immunization of rabbits to afford antisera to lipid a with titers of 1:640 in the passive hemolysis test. exhaustion of immune serume with sheep erythrocytes decreased antibody titers up to 1:160. authentic samples of 2-(dl-3-hydroxytetradecanoyl)amino-2-deoxy-d-glucose 6-phosphate, 2-tetradecanoylamino-2-deoxy-d-glucose 6-phosphate and 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose 6-phosphate have been synthesized in order to ...197989032
immune response deficiency of bsvs mice. ii. generalized deficiency to thymus-dependent antigens.bsvs mice gave abnormally low igg responses to 5 thymus-dependent antigens as well as a weak delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) response to sheep red blood cells. in contrast to igg, the igm antibody responses of these mice were normal to three t-independent antigens as well as to all five t-dependent antigens. the low immune responsiveness of bsvs mice was also reflected in the low levels of igg(2)a, igg(2)b and igg(3) in their normal serum. the low t-dependent immune responses may result from ...197989033
the production and control of anti--venous sera.this paper describes the species of venomous snakes found in costa rica as well as anti-venom sera prepared by the instituto clodomiro picado: polyvalent sera for use in human or veterinary medicine, and anti-micrurus and anti-lachesis monovalent sera. these sera are prepared in horses, purified with ammonium sulphate, then concentrated and delivered either in liquid or freeze-dried form. controls are in accordance with nih recommendations. for cases of hypersensitivity to horse serum, a polyval ...197889053
immunoregulation of localized and disseminated murine myeloma: antigen-specific regulation of mopc-315 stem cell proliferation and secretory cell differentiation.tumor development, mopc-315 stem cells, and m315-secretory cells were quantitated in carrier-primed balb/c mice that had been challenged subcutaneously or i.v. with mixtures of tnp-carrier and tnp-binding mopc-315 cells. we observed that tumor incidence, myeloma stem cells, and secretory myeloma cells were: i) suppressed in mice in whom carrier-specific suppressor t cells had previously been induced and ii) initially ehnahced in mice with carrier-specific helper t cells. the early enhancement in ...197989159
evidence for raised k-cell levels in type-i diabetes.the proportion of blood mononuclear cells forming low-affinity rosettes with sheep erythrocytes (k cells) was abnormally high in 13 (57%) of 23 children with classical type-1 diabetes at diagnosis but normal in children who had had diabetes for more than a year. a raised proportion of k cells was also found in 5 out of 10 unaffected siblings with islet-cell antibodies and at least one hla haplotype in common with the diabetic proband; and in 10 (45%) of 22 subjects with type-1 diabetes and co-ex ...197989282
antiviral compound effective against experimental scrapie. 197989602
structure of antigenic determinants in the n-terminal region of dermatosparactic sheep procollagen type i.about half of the rabbit antisera raised against type-i procollagen, p alpha 1(i) chain or nonreduced procollagen peptides reacted in a radioimmunoassay with the reduced form of peptide col 1, which comprises the whole non-collagenous region at the n-terminus of procollagen. proteolytic fragments prepared from reduced peptide col 1 were still effective inhibitors of the antibodies and allowed the localization of two antigenic determinants. the antigenically active regions have the sequences les ...197989844
studies on the action of histamine release by persulphates. 197989996
the use of avidin-biotin interaction in immunoenzymatic techniques.biotin was covalently attached to antibodies, antigens and enzymes, and the effects of this labeling on the antigen and antibody binding capacity and on enzymatic activity were tested. based on avidin-biotin interaction, the labeled proteins were used in quantitative enzyme-immunoassay and enzyme-immunohistochemical staining procedures. two procedures were developed. in the first procedure, named the bridged avidin-biotin (brab) technique four steps were used sequentially in order to quantify or ...197990074
involvement of host fc receptors in antibody-mediated cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity reactions.cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) reactions are heterogeneous delayed time course basophil-rich responses that can be mediated by either t cells, b cells, or serum antibodies. the current study examined the mechanism by which antibodies mediate cbh in guinea pigs. fc competition experiments were constructed by passively transferring mixtures of anti-klh serum and normal heterologous gamma-globulins. it was found that rabbit igg and its isolated and purified fc fragment [but not the (fab' ...197990094
comparison of histochemical studies of intestinal atresia in the human newborn and fetal lamb. 197990142
phosphonoformate inhibition of visna virus replication.phosphonoformate (pfa) inhibits multiplication of visna virus in sheep choroid plexus cells; a 50% reduction of virus yield was obtained by 20 to 80 microm pfa. morphological changes, such as syncytial formation and cell degeneration, could be reversibly prevented by pfa. cell growth was not significantly affected at 500 microm pfa, although prolonged treatment with 2 mm pfa did arrest cell growth. cell-free reverse transcriptase activity primed with various synthetic template-primers was inhibi ...197990168
analysis of antigens in mycobacterium paratubercuolsis. 197990456
cross-neutralization tests on sheep pox, goat pox and contagious pustular dermatitis cross-neutralization tests in cell cultures, sheep pox and contagious pustular dermatitis (cpd) hyperimmune sera did not cross-react in the heterologous system. but goat pox hyperimmune serum neutralized both sheep pox and cpd viruses revealing a one-way serological relationship of goat pox virus with both sheep pox and cpd viruses.197990458
genetics of immunoresponsiveness to natural antigens in the mouse. 197990582
functional differentiation of t cell precursors. i. parameters of carrier-specific tolerance in murine helper t cell precursors.irradiated mice reconstituted with bone marrow from sheep gamma-globulin- (sgg) tolerant syngeneic donors display reduced igg responsiveness to challenge with trinitrophenylated (tnp)-sgg compared with recipients of normal marrow. this effect is sgg-specific and is due neither to suppressor t cells nor to antigen carryover. "helper t cell precursor tolerance" can be induced with as little as 40 micrograms tolerogen (sgg). unlike mature helper t cells, these precursors show both a rapid induction ...197990703
immunochemistry of two polymorphic antigens identified in sheep serum(ovis aries). 197991098
[erythrocyte diagnostica made from salmonellal phagolysates].for the first time o antigens obtained from phagolysates were proved to be suitable for use as material for the production of highly specific erythrocyte diagnostic preparations. o antigens obtained from salmonella by two methods, i.e. phage disintegration and grasset's method, were subjected to comparative chemical analysis and found to have no essential difference. nevertheless, the sensitizing potency of o antigens obtained from phagolysates were experimentally shown to be 3 times greater tha ...197991283
comparative morphology and mucus histochemistry of the ruminant cervix: differences between crypt and surface epithelium. 197991389
gnrh interaction with anterior pituitary. ii. cyclic amp as an intracellular mediator in the gnrh activated gonadotroph. 197991391
serological analysis of antigen-specific helper factors specific for poly-l(tyr, glu)-poly-dlala--poly-llys [(t, g)-a--l] and l glu60-lala30-ltyr10 (gat).in vitro prepared antigen-specific helper factors reactive to the synthetic polypeptide antigens poly-l(tyr, glu)-poly-dlala--poly-llys [(t, g)-a--l] or lglu60-lala30-ltyr10 (gat) and bearing ia determinants were analyzed serologically to determine the nature of the ia determinants they expressed. i subregion-specific mouse anti-ia antisera were used, and showed that (t, g)-a--l-specific helper factor (hf) contains i-a subregion-controlled determinants, whereas gat-specific hf carries i-j subreg ...197991520
the specificity of nonspecific concanavalin a-induced helper factors. 197991523
antigen-specific suppressor factors produced by t cell hybridomas for delayed-type hypersensitivity.this study describes the generation of t hybridoma lines which secret factors specifically suppressing delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) to sheep red blood cells (srbc). akr strain-derived t lymphoma bw 5147 cells were fused with spleen cells from mice primed with srbc and containing antigen-specific t suppressor cells for dth. supernants from the derived hybridomas were tested for suppression of either expression of induction of dth to srbc. six lines produced specific suppressor activity for ...197991526
measurement of human proinsulin by an indirect two-site immunoradiometric indirect two-site immunoradiometric assay is described for the measurement of human proinsulin in plasma. polyethylene tubes coated with purified guinea-pig antibodies to insulin were used to extract proinsulin and insulin from plasma. rabbit antibody to human c peptide was then added to react with the c-peptide moiety of the bound proinsulin. the uptake of this antibody was measured by the subsequent binding of 125i-sheep antibody to rabbit igg. the binding of radioactivity to the tubes was ...197991538
purification of the subunit clq from the first component of equine complement.initial separation and concentration of clq from fresh, normal equine serum was accomplished by precipitation in 0.02 m acetate buffer, ph 5.5, at 4 degrees for 24 h. the re-dissolved precipitate was clarified by centrifugation at 80,000 g for 1 h and then dialysed against tris-hcl buffer (0.05 m, ph 8.0) containing 10-3 m edta. the clarified dialysate remained biologically active at 5 degrees for at least 4 weeks. biological activity of equine clq was determined by assay of its ability to agglu ...197991570
amplification of plaque-forming cells in the spleen after intracloacal antigen stimulation in neonatal chicken.neonatal chickens were primed by multiple or a single injection with sheep red blood cells (srbc) into the cloacal lumen and then were challenged by intravenous injection with the same antigen. direct plaque-forming cells (pfc) in the spleen were markedly increased shortly after intracloacal priming. this enhancing effect was antigen specific and was abolished by surgical bursectomy 24 h after intracloacal priming. a similar effect was also found in mature adult chickens, although the degree of ...197991577
cross-idiotypic antigens among monoclonal immunoglobulin m from patients with waldenström's macroglobulinemia and polyneuropathy.the monoclonal immunoglobulin (ig)m from 5 to 16 patients with waldenström's macroglobulinemia and a polyneuropathy shared cross-idiotypic antigenic determinants as demonstrated by hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition experiments as well as by precipitin reactions. this reactivity was located to the fab (and not fc) fragment of the protein. the igm from 73 patients with macroglobulinemia but without neuropathy all gave negative reactions. in contrast, the monoclonal igg from a patien ...197991626
properties of an fc gamma-binding protein isolated from human leukemic b cells.a selectively fc gamma-binding protein was isolated from purified and radioiodinated cell membranes from two cases of b-type chronic lymphocytic leukemia and one case of b-type prolymphocytic leukemia by binding to igg aggregates, horseradish peroxidase-anti-peroxidase igg complexes, and sheep erythrocyte membrane sheets densely coated with igg. this protein could not be isolated from the cell membranes of an fc gamma-receptor-negative chronic lymphocytic leukemia of the t type or from membranes ...197991652
effect on the fetus of indomethacin given to suppress labour. 197991914
heterophile antibodies. part i. the specificity of agglutinating and hemolytic sheep red blood cell antibodies in human sera. 197992079
effect of defaunation on the metabolism of rumen micro-organisms.1. rumen contents of a fasted fistulated wether, obtained in a faunated, defaunated and refaunated period were incubated in vitro with a mixture of cellobiose and maltose, in the presence of ammonium bicarbonate and 32po43-. total synthesis of microbial n (nt) was calculated from 32p incorporation and n:p determined in microbial matter. the n:p value was not affected by defaunation. net synthesis of microbial n (nn) was calculated from ammonia-n incorporation. an estimate of degradation of micro ...197992340
sensitive radioimmunoassays using partially purified gamma globulins coupled to enzacryl (acrylamide polymer) solid support.enzacryl polythiolactone is a cross-linked acrylamide polymer with an active thiolactone group, capable of coupling to lysine, serine and tyrosine residues. gamma globulins from antisera specific to human chorionic gonadotropin, carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-foetoprotein or casein were isolated using protein a sepharose and were subsequently coupled to enzacryl. the resulting coupled antibodies were found to provide greater sensitivity and convenience in radioimmunoassay studies than conventio ...197992506
continuous proliferation of murine antigen-specific helper t lymphocytes in culture.murine helper t cells activated to sheep or horse erythrocyte antigens in vivo have been established as continuous cell lines in culture. t cells require the presence of a t-cell growth factor (tcgf) for continuous proliferation. tcgf purified from murine, rat, or human sources all stimulate murine t-cell growth. the t-cell mitogens concanavalin a and phytohemagglutinin do not stimulate cell proliferation in continuous t-cell lines. all cells that grow in the presence of tcgf express thy-1 antig ...197992524
specificity and t-lymphocyte dependence of the humoral immune response in the rat to purified ovine and porcine mucins. 197992759
quantitative measurement of gluconeogenesis from isobutyrate in sheep.experiments with continuous infusion of [14c] isobutyrate and single injection of [3h] glucose were performed in two sheep under fed and fasted conditions in order to investigate the contribution of isobutyrate to glucose synthesis. the pool size, total entry and irreversible loss of glucose in the fed sheep were 2.8 mmol/kg0.75, 1.70 and 1.43 mmol/h per kg0.75. after 72-h fasting these parameters decreased about 40% but recycling of glucose carbon increased from 16 to 38% of the total entry rat ...197992924
intracellular ph transients induced by chloride substitution in cardiac purkyne fibres [proceedings]. 197992940
immunoglobulins of colostrum. v. comparative studies of ovine and bovine serum and colostral igm.comparative studies of physiocochemical properties of ovine and bovine serum and colostral igm are described. serologic properties, molecular weight, amino acid composition, carbohydrate content, peptide maps, heterogeneity, and ord and cd spectra were compared. colostral igm have additional antigenic determinants, higher carbohydrate content, lower heterogeneity, and higher content of beta-structure. different amino acid composition and different peptide maps of serum and colostral igm were sho ...197992974
binding of bovine immunoglobulins to pituitary intermediate lobe cells.basophilic granular cells of the bovine pituitary intermediate lobe and intraglandular colloid show an affinity for immunoglobulin igg, iga, and igm. the cells were identified by direct and indirect fluorescent staining methods using blocking tests as controls. it is suggested that these cells may play some role in the synthesis and release of immunoglobulins or their determinants to the intact ig molecule.197993045
immunological activity of a t hybrid line. i. production of an h-2-related suppressor factor with specificity for sheep red blood cells.t lymphocyte hybrid lines have been produced by fusion of the thymoma bw 5147 with spleen cells of c57bl/10 mice primed to sheep red blood cells (srbc). the supernatant (culture fluid) of a t hybrid designated a 1 was able to suppress the primary (igm) and secondary (igm and igg) antibody responses to srbc in vitro. the suppressive activity of supernatants could be titrated to 50% end points at final dilutions of up to 1 : 270. the suppression affected only srbc and haptens coupled to srbc, exce ...197993051
immunological relationships among ovine glycoprotein antiserum to partially purified ovine fsh (but essentially free of lh) bound 125i-labelled ovine lh or bovine tsh. the antibody was directed exclusively against determinants in the alpha subunit. in a radioimmunoassay, only the intact ovine and bovine hormones and their alpha subunits were reactive; the hormone specific beta subunits exhibited no cross-reaction. the antibody directed against the alpha subunit was highly dependent on conformation. human lh, fsh, tsh or their alpha subunits did ...197993139
brief note. induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in sheep with purified bovine basic protein and adjuvant.a large animal model for the induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis to study the immunological disease parameters through closed-circuit extracorporeal thoracic duct filtration was successfully produced in two different strains of sheep. this study demonstrates the advantages of using a well-defined antigen to obtain both rapid onset of disease and a higher percentage of animals succumbing to the illness.197993263
myxobacterial hemagglutinin: a development-specific lectin of myxococcus xanthus.fruiting body formation in the bacterium myxococcus xanthus consists of a temporal sequence of cellular aggregation and sporulation. during the period of cellular aggregation, a major new development-specific protein that has lectin-like activity is synthesized. this protein, called myxobacterial hemagglutinin (mbha), was able to agglutinate sheep or guinea pig erythrocytes but not horse, ox, chicken, or human erythrocytes. mbha was undetectable in extracts of vegetative cells, cells starved in ...197993278
[soluble babesia ovis antigen].dissolved antigen of plasma and of erythrocytic cytoplasma was obtained from 4 splenectomized sheep experimentally infected by babesia ovis. blood was taken in the stage of acute parasitemia with 23--25% parasite erythrocytes. the antigen was isolated by precipitating the plasma and the erythrocytic cytoplasma three times with an ammonium sulfate solution saturated 50 and 75%. the fraction obtained following dialysis was concentrated after mcerlean's method. the specificity and activity of the i ...197993342
peritoneal macrophages introduced into mouse foot pads enter the germinal center of regional lymph nodes nonspecifically.male mice were injected into their foot pads with sheep erythrocytes (srbc) to form lymph follicles in the germinal centers in the popliteal lymph nodes. 4 weeks later, peritoneal macrophages labeled with carbon from syngeneic donors sensitized with srbc or typhoid-paratyphoid bacilli (tab) were separately injected into the foot pads as well. the popliteal lymph nodes were histologically examined at 6 h to 5 days after injection. labeled macrophages appeared in the marginal sinus, migrated strai ...197993386
[mannosylation of lipid and protein acceptors in sheep lung microsomes].in sheep lungs, we have shown that a mannosyl-transferase activity is involved at microsomal level. this enzymatic system is able to catalyze the incorporation of mannose from gdp-mannose into two different endogenous acceptors: lipids and proteins. the mannolipid has the properties of a mannosyl-phosphoryl-polyprenol. the kinetic studies of product biosynthesis demonstrate that no precursor-product relationship exists in this system; this is an original behaviour of the lung in glycosylation ph ...197993519
the fine specificity of regulatory t cells. iv. idiotypic complementarity and antigen-bridging interactions in the anti-lysozyme response.the hen egg-white lysozyme (hel)-specific b cells which are activated in response to hel share a cross-reactive idiotype as well as submolecular specificity. helper t cells of two different specificities are implicated in their optimal activation, one recognizing the idiotype and the other, an epitope on the hel molecule opposite to the one recognized by b cells. thus, efficient t-b collaboration involves both idiotypic complementary and antigen bridging.197993548
natural heterohaemagglutinins in the serum of the lizard, agama stellio. 197993553
rauscher leukemia virus-induced tumor antigens: complete separation from gp70, p30 and h-2.the possibility that some or all of the viral proteins, gp70, p30, and the histocompatibility antigen, h-2, function as the tumor-specific transplantation antigen (tsta) of the r-mulv-induced leukemia, rbl-5, and also in the secondary in vitro induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctl), was investigated. the antigen was obtained by isolating the plasma membranes of rbl-5 cells and solubilizing with sodium deoxycholate (doc) followed by gel filtration chromatography. a fraction containing excelle ...197993583
[veratrine, aconitine and excitation enhancement]. 197993652
[silver impregnation of the nervous centers in paraffin sections]. 197793824
rna modulating specific and nonspecific immune responses. 197993861
characterization of an antigen-specific factor from a hybrid t-cell line. 197993865
correlation between conduction velocity transients in isolated heart fibres and ph changes (intersititial and intracellular) [proceedings]. 197993895
hierarchy of t cell dependency in antibody response among different antigens.t cell dependency of antibody response to polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp), sheep red blood cells (srbc), bovine gamma globulin (bgg), and bovine serum albumin (bsa) was examined. pvp and the other three are known as a t cell-independent antigen and t cell-dependent antigens respectively. adult mice were thymectomized, x-irradiated, reconstituted with syngeneic bone marrow cells (txxb mice), with bone marrow cells plus thymus cells (txxbt mice), or with bone marrow cells treated with anti-thy-1.2 seru ...197994145
[electrophoretic mobility test in the early diagnosis of malignant tumors; findings in the prestages of cervical and breast cancers].a double-blind pilot study of 130 female patients was carried out to determine the feasibility and significance of the em test in the early diagnosis of carcinoma of the female genital organs and breast. early stages of cervical carcinoma (carcinoma in situ) as well as fibroid adenoma, mastopathy and breast tumors were tested and compared with the results of their manifest forms. positive results were recorded in 87.5% of the cases of middle-grade to severe epithelial dysplasia (papanicolaou iii ...197994155
studies of the producer cell of interferon in human lymphocyte cultures.the producer cells of interferon were studied in human leucocyte cultures stimulated by a variety of stimulants, including phytohemagglutinin (pha), pokeweed mitogen (pwm), corynebacterium parvum (cp) and herpes simplex virus (hsv). when the cells were fractionated by the use of neuraminidase-treated sheep red blood cells (srbc), the t cell population responded with interferon production to pha and pwm but not to cp or hsv. however, the non-t population showed a vigorous response to the latter t ...197994306
chlamydia psittaci: growth characteristics and enumeration of serotypes 1 and 2 in cultured cells.the growth characteristics of chlamydia psittaci serotypes 1 and 2 (ovine and bovine origin) were studed in mouse l cells. formation of inclusions and yield of infectious progeny for serotype 1 were maximal when host cells were treated with cycloheximide and the ph in the cell culture medium was 7.2-7.4. the number of cells that contained inclusions and the infectivity yield for serotype 2 were maximal when the ph was 6.6-7.0. treatments with diethylaminoethyl dextran and cycloheximide increased ...197994339
antigenicity of erythrocytes as analyzed in terms of their cross-reactivity.the antigenicity of human erythrocytes of four different abo blood groups and sheep erythrocytes of unknown blood type from different individual sheep were analyzed in terms of their cross-reactivity with antibody-producing cells (plaque-forming cells, pfc) and serum antibody in immunized c57bl/6 and c3h/he mice. the antigenicity of human erythrocytes of different abo blood groups in the c57bl/6 mice, as determined by the number of specific pfc, was, in decreasing order, ab = a greater than b = ...197994423
exocrine pancreatic secretion in conscious sheep. 197994495
properties of border disease virus as studied in a sheep cell line.a fetal lamb muscle cell line has been isolated in which two strains of border disease virus replicate well and induce a clear-cut cytopathic effect, thus providing a sensitive and practical assay system for both the virus and neutralizing antibodies. this system enabled us to study some characteristics of border disease virus in comparison with two other agents responsible for hog cholera and bovine viral diarrhea. our results indicate that the last virus and the border disease agent are indist ...197994539
[comparative study of various chlamydia strains--preliminary study (author's transl)]. 197994564
neutral protease activity in lymphocytes of lewis rats with acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.lymphocytes from popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes of lewis rats with acute eae as a result of injection of lyophilized guinea pig myelin in freund's complete adjuvant exerted strong proteolytic activity at neutral ph toward myelin basic protein. after injection of myelin the level of proteolytic activity remained about the same as that in lymphocytes from freund's adjuvant-injected controls until about day 10 after injection, just before the onset of paralytic symptoms; then the proteolytic ac ...197994652
laboratory characteristics of four strains of goatpox virus.significant differences were found between four strains of goatpox virus isolated from goats in egypt, iraq, iran and the u.s.s.r., namely in their growth behaviour in embryonated eggs, ceiling temperature, plaque characteristics in cell culture, heat resistance and in the degree of inhibition of their replication by actinomycin d and bromodeoxyuridine. all the strains studied had morphologically similar virions and induced type a v- inclusions. they were uncapable to produce haemagglutinins in ...197994766
influence of organic acid on intracellular ph [proceedings]. 197994785
hydrophobic interaction of fluorescent probes with fetuin, ovine submaxillary mucin, and canine tracheal mucins.the presence of hydrophobic sites in fetuin, ovine submaxillary mucin and two homogeneous canine tracheal mucins was established by fluorescence probe techniques. the interaction between the above-mentioned glycoproteins and two hydrophobic fluorescent compounds, sodium mansate and mansylphenylalanine, was accompanied by an enhancement in fluorescence and a shift of the fluorescence maxima to shorter wavelengths. the introduction of a phenylalanine residue to the mansyl group enhanced the bindin ...197994837
aspects of the metabolism and function of vitamin d. 197994957
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