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radiocaesium levels in game in the czech republic.the paper summarizes results of monitoring of (137)cs activities in game species roaming in the woods over the territory of the czech republic for the time interval of 1986-2012. geometric means and other statistical characteristics were estimated from the data sets on the assumption of log-normal distribution of the data from the time interval 2004-2012 where the character of data distribution had displayed no significant change. geometric means (in bq/kg) in meat were: wild boar 5.1, red deer ...025464037
a fossil elk or moose from the quaternary of new jersey. 188517793408
dinosaurs and coal in the red deer country, alberta, canada. 192317783212
the great elk herd. 192717769702
care of the great elk herd. 192917840961
brucella infection of buffalo and elk. 194717648256
survey of elk and buffalo herds: for serologic activity with two rickettsial antigens. 194717648288
a survey of buffalo and elk herds to determine the extent of brucella infection. 194720240351
a survey of elk and buffalo herds for serologic activity with two rickettsial antigens. 194720269335
a study of the deer and elk herds of rocky mountain national park, colorado. 194720295983
lead poisoning of red deer in the lower harz. 194818910512
elk, winter ticks, and rocky mountain spotted fever; a query. 195114883263
[the spleen of the elk (alces alces l.)]. 195214951603
personal observation in the care and management of an elk (wapiti) herd at elk island park, alberta, canada. 195517648823
[studies on physiology of digestion in deer cervus elaphus l]. 195713532793
[attempted determination of the rate of passage of gastrointestinal contents in wild ruminating animals; cervus elaphus l., dama dama l. and lama glama l]. 195713532794
[morphological and chemical investigation of the blood in deer cervus elaphus l]. 195713532826
[chromatographic determination of free amino acids in blood serum in deer cervus elaphus l]. 195713532888
necrotizing phalangeal arthritis in hoofed animals with radiographs of extinct irish elk. 195813549320
[filariinae stiles, 1907 in the subcutaneous tissue of deer cervus elaphus l. in poland and czechoslovakia and its taxonomical position]. 195813604246
brucellosis in bison, elk, and moose in elk island national park, alberta, canada. 195817649021
[new data on the biology of the larvae of pharyngomyia picta meig. (diptera:oestridae), cervus elaphus l. parasite]. 196013724487
a study of anaplasmosis in elk. 196113737403
[pendant-like, paired thigh appendages in a red deer (cervus elaphus hipelaphus)]. 196113715110
serum beta-globulin types in red deer and other species and their stability in the presence of bacteria. 196114466943
parasites and diseases of bison in canada: 1 tuberculosis and some other pathological conditions in bison at wood buffalo and elk island national parks in the fall and winter of 1959-60. 196117421345
johne's disease in a european red deer. 196117421389
studies on blood and serum groups in the elk (alces alces). 196213872371
atempts to transfer psoroptic mites from elk to cattle and sheep. 196213906610
[on the nerve supply of the anterior extremity of the red deer (cervus elaphus l)]. 196213953478
[eimeria schoenbuchi n. sp. from the red deer (cervus elaphus l.)]. 196314083694
trichostrongylus askivali n. sp. (nematoda: trichostrongylidae) from the red deer. 196414161235
anataxic condition in red deer (cervus elaphus). 196414212112
[icsh determinations in the hypophysis of roe-deers (capreolus capreolus) and stags (cervus elaphus) with regard to the seasonal influence]. 196514288877
school fluoridation studies in elk lake, pennsylvania, and pike county, kentucky: interim report. 19654378619
some haematological data for red deer (cervus elaphus) in england. 19655840356
infections with tick-borne encephalitis virus in the swedish population of the elk (alces a. alces). 19655883944
activation analysis of ungulate samples from the horse, elk, deer, moose, and antelope; subcutaneous tissue from the moose and antelope; and cast and living skin of the rattlesnake were activated by exposure to a neutron flux. the resulting products were studied by pulse-height analysis. differences in type and proportion of trace elements appear to be consistent within the species studied.19665909779
[hemoglobin content in the fetus and placenta system in the elk]. 19666011985
[age and seasonal dynamics of dictyocauliasis in asiatic red deer]. 19664230396
behavior of elk (cervus canadensis) during the rut. 19675627213
[game biology and comparative animal physiology. ii. microorganisms in the rumen of red deer (cervus elaphus) and roe deer (capreolus capreolus)]. 19675634228
electrophoresis of the serum proteins and transferrins of alces alces (elk), rangifer tarandus (reindeer), and ovis dalli (dall sheep) from north america. 19676075156
energy metabolism of the red deer. 19685644486
molar duplication in red deer and wapiti. 19685691426
[on the pathogenesis of endemic paresis (lameness of the hip) in red deer]. 19685693573
karyotypes in five species of deer (alces alces l., capreolus capreolus l., cervus elaphus l., cervus nippon nippon temm. and dama dama l.). 19685721324
school fluoridation studies in elk lake, pennsylvania, and pike county, kentucky--results after eight years. 19684387263
digestion of heather by red deer. 19695786600
histology and histochemistry of the male accessory glands of the red deer, cervus elaphus l. 19695788214
cardiovascular disease in free-living red deer (cervus elephus) on the island of rhum. 19695813285
locoism in elk. a disease resembling cerebral pseudolipidosis. 19695816098
the fringed tapeworm (thysanosoma actinioides) as a parasite of the rocky mountain elk in yellowstone national park. 19695816103
vascular and neuro-ophthalmic pathology of elaeophorosis in elk. 19695817444
the rocky mountain elk as a reservoir host for parasites of domestic animals in western montana. 19695817794
renal excretion of urea and electrolytes in sheep and red deer.1. the effects of varying the intake of water and nitrogen on the renal excretion of urea and electrolytes has been studied in sheep and in red deer.2. the concentration of urea in the urine of both sheep and deer decreased as the volume of urine increased and about eight times as much urea was excreted each day when a high-nitrogen diet was fed compared to when a low-nitrogen diet was fed.3. both the concentrations of sodium and potassium in the urine decreased as the urine volume increased but ...19695347722
the distribution of nerves, monoamine oxidase and cholinesterase in the skin of the red deer (cervus elaphus). 19695358408
etorphine hydrochloride: anesthetic for surgery on an elk (cervus canadensis canadensis). 19705465569
digestion and nitrogen metabolism in sheep and red deer given large or small amounts of water and protein. 19705470784
lymph nodes of red deer infected with subcutaneous filariae wehrdikmansia cervipedis (wehr et dikmans, 1935) and onchocerca flexuosa (wedl, 1856). 19705530018
bluetongue virus in north american elk. 19704316480
the social and sexual behaviour of the red deer stag. 19705266389
puberty in a seasonally breeding male, the red deer stag (cervus elaphus l.). 19715551717
[hemoglobin types in growing elk]. 19715560262
tuberculosis in a red deer (cervus elaphus) due to an atypical mycobacterium. 19715104112
composition of adipose tissue triglycerides of the elk (cervus canadensis), caribou (rangifer tarandus groenlandicus), moose (alces alces), and white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus). 19715113546
[electrophoretic study of milk proteins of the northern reindeer and the european elk]. 19715157494
[involution of chamois, red deer and roe deer mammae]. 19715165645
the reproductive cycle of the female red deer, cervus elaphus l. 19715167355
renal regulation of acid excretion in the red deer (cervus elephus). 19715205171
a comparison of digestion in red deer and sheep under controlled conditions. 19715209482
skeleton of a late glacial elk associated with barbed points from poulton-le-fylde, lancashire. 197116077546
injurious antler anomaly in a rocky mountain elk. 19724634522
[demodicosis in red-deer (cervus elaphus]. 19724639180
biotelemetry applied to elk management. 19725029007
a telemetry system for studying elk behavior in the rocky mountains. 19725029008
the relationship between thyroidal calcitonin and seasonal and reproductive change in the stag (cervus elaphus l.). 19725039237
micro-communication activities red deer college program. 19724484035
[occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode infections in roes and red deer]. 19724565744
[occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode in estations in roe and red deer]. 19724571765
effect of school water fluoridation on dental caries: final results in elk lake, pa, after 12 years. 19724400471
sweat gland function in the red deer (cervus elaphus). 19724403426
cross-transmission experiments with dictyocaulus viviparus isolates from rocky mountain elk and cattle. 19724257465
blood chemistry of roosevelt elk (cervus canadensis roosevelti). 19724144139
[occurrence of fasciola hepatica in deer (capreolus capreolus) and red deer (cervus elaphus) and its control using rafoxanide]. 19734588751
[occurrence of fasciola hepatica in deer (capreolus capreolus) and red deer (cervus elaphus) and its treatment using rafoxanide]. 19734594866
the reproductive performance of wild scottish red deer, cervus elaphus. 19734522380
the sexual significance of the rut in red deer. 19734522394
a study of reproduction, disease and physiological blood and serum values in idaho elk. 19734361504
experimental infection in north american elk with epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus. 19734701179
antibody to babesia in scottish red deer (cervus elaphus). 19734705761
appearance of antler pedicles in early foetal life in red deer. 19734717976
amino-acid sequences of red-deer and roe-deer pancreatic ribonucleases. 19734738402
[composition of red deer milk. 1. contents of raw constituents (fat, protein, lactose and ash)]. 19734747492
[artificial rearing of red-deer calves on various diets]. 19734756702
trypanosomes from elk (cervus canadensis) in wyoming. 19734760644
investigations on the comparative pathology of spontaneous atherosclerosis. v. comparison between the aortic and the coronary lesions in the elk (dama dama) living free in its natural habitat and that in reservations. 19734767140
[radioactivity in the red deer antlers and 90sr-uptake in man]. 19734768619
metabolism of nucleic acids by sheep and red deer. 19734791059
trypanosomes from elk and horse flies in new mexico. 19744810218
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