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electron-microscopic observations on the female worms of six onchocerca species from cattle and red deer.the midbody regions of female worms of six onchocerca species (o. flexuosa, o. tarsicola, o. lienalis, o. gutturosa, o. armillata, o. gibsoni) were studied by transmission electron microscopy. the cuticular layering was rather similar in all species with the ridges built up by the cortical layers and the inner cuticular striations by the median or basal layers. differences in the epicuticular morphology were considerable. o. flexuosa and o. lienalis had a thin epicuticle without protuberances, t ...19873438294
bone morphometry and function: a comparison between cattle and european elk. 19873447465
epidermal growth factor from deer (cervus elaphus) submaxillary gland and velvet antler.epidermal growth factor (egf)-like activity was isolated for the first time from the submaxillary gland (smg) and the velvet antler of red deer (cervus elaphus) by a combination of sephadex gel or deae-sephacel and imac columns in succession. the semipurified cervine egf-like activity (cegf), with specific activity of 4.7 ng/micrograms protein from the velvet tissues, can generate a completely parallel competitive binding curve against mouse egf in both radioreceptor assay (rra) and radioimmunoa ...19863493947
prevalence of neutralizing antibody to jamestown canyon virus (california group) in populations of elk and moose in northern michigan and ontario, canada.blood samples were collected from free-ranging elk (cervus elaphus) harvested in michigan's northern lower peninsula, from moose (alces alces) relocated from ontario's algonquin provincial park to michigan's upper peninsula, and from moose from michigan's isle royale national park. sera were tested by serum dilution neutralization tests in vero cell culture for neutralizing antibody to california serogroup viruses, in particular jamestown canyon (jc), la crosse/snowshoe hare (lac/ssh), and trivi ...19863503129
toxicosis in tule elk caused by ingestion of poison hemlock. 19863505971
cytogenetic studies on cervus elaphus. ii. synaptonemal complexes and nor activity during spermatogenesis.the activity of the nucleolus organizer regions (nors) in various stages of spermatogenesis of the red deer was studied with the silver staining technique. the ag-stainability of the nors, an indicator of the transcriptional activity of the r-rna genes, is present during the meiotic prophase until pachytene and is absent during the remainder of the meiotic prophase, to reappear during the first stages of spermiogenesis and then disappear again during the elongation phase of the spermatids. the d ...19873506531
nors, heterochromatin, and r-bands in three species of cervidae.chromomycin a3 banding of the chromosomes of three species of cervidae (red deer, fallow deer, roe deer) allows the demonstration of both centromeric constitutive heterochromatin and r-banding patterns useful for identifying all the chromosomes of a given karyotype. in all three species significant amounts of chromomycin-bright heterochromatin are present at the centromeres of all autosomes. the x chromosomes of all investigated species contained appreciable amounts of centromeric heterochromati ...19873584935
serological evidence of california serogroup virus activity in oregon.we wished to demonstrate evidence of the presence of california serogroup viruses in oregon and to test for the presence of certain other arboviruses in large ungulates. blood samples from black-tailed deer (odocoileus hemionus columbianus), mule deer (o. hemionus hemionus), and roosevelt elk (cervus elaphus roosevelti) from nine counties in oregon were tested by serum-dilution plaque reduction neutralization for antibody to california serogroup viruses, including snowshoe hare, california encep ...19873586196
a radiographic study of skeletal growth and development in fetal red deer. 19863594166
hypotensive compounds isolated from alcohol extract of the unossified horn of cervus elaphus l. var. xanthopygus milne-edwarg (rokujo). i. isolation of lysophosphatidyl choline as a hypotensive principle and structure-activity study of related compounds. 19873594677
demodex kutzeri sp. n. (acari: demodicidae), an identical parasite of two species of deer, cervus elaphus and c. nippon pseudaxis.reports on demodicid mites of the old world species of deer are reviewed and demodex kutzeri sp. n. (= d. cervi sensu kutzer and grünberg 1972; part.) described in all stages of the life cycle. the occurrence of d. kutzeri on two host species, cervus elaphus l., 1758 and c. nippon pseudaxis eydoux et souleyet, 1841 is reported and discussed as a rare phenomenon in the genus demodex.19873596397
[visions or hallucinations. evidence of the black elk, "medicine man" of the sioux]. 19863635270
melatonin lowers plasma prolactin levels in female red deer (cervus elaphus).the aim of the study was to determine the effect of exogenous melatonin treatment on circulating prolactin levels in red deer. melatonin was administered from 12 june 1984 (day 1) to lactating and non-lactating hinds in the feed daily at 1600 h, and to non-lactating hinds by a subcutaneous implant. average concentrations (ng/ml) of prolactin in plasma taken serially over 15-h periods were significantly higher for untreated hinds than for melatonin-treated animals on day 15 whether lactating (66- ...19873644887
phenotyping of individuals sensitive to suxamethonium. the cholinesterase research unit at the royal postgraduate medical school.four hundred and thirty blood samples from suxamethonium-sensitive individuals have been phenotyped by the cholinesterase research unit following its transfer from exeter to the hammersmith hospital. the distribution of genotypes has been shown to be similar to that found in exeter. screening for the elk and elj genes has not yielded any major differences in the gene frequencies of sensitive individuals, even during pregnancy. the uneven sex distribution of the patients, as well as other unusual ...19873651274
relationship of cheek tooth abrasion to fluoride-induced permanent incisor lesions in livestock.teeth from cattle, sheep, and horses that ingested various fluoride intakes and teeth from field studies of these species plus deer, elk, and bison were examined for abnormalities. approximately 99,000 animals in 322 herds were examined for fluorosis. from field studies, 988 cattle of various ages and with different degrees of dental fluorosis were slaughtered and necropsied. the severity of fluoride-induced mottling, hypoplasia, and abnormal abrasion of paired permanent incisor teeth was correl ...19873674560
roaring by red deer stags advances the date of oestrus in hinds.some male mammals call loudly and repeatedly during the breeding season. although the song of male birds is known to have effects on male-male competition, mate selection and ovulation, until now the loud calls of male mammals have been shown to affect only competition between males. although it has been suggested that loud calling could also serve to attract females, the possibility that it has a direct effect on reproduction in females has not previously been investigated for any mammal. here ...19873683584
induction of early breeding in red deer (cervus elaphus) by melatonin.lactating (n = 12) and non-lactating (n = 6) red deer hinds and one stag at pasture were given concentrates (500 g/head) containing melatonin (5 mg/head) daily at 16:00 h from 18 june to 16 october. the stag shed the antler velvet and started rutting 5 weeks ahead of untreated stags, and hinds had their first oestrus and ovulation of the breeding season in mid-september, 5 weeks in advance of control lactating (n = 9) and non-lactating (n = 5) hinds. treated hinds were allowed to mate with the t ...19863754582
malignant catarrhal fever: experimental transmission of the 'sheep-associated' form of the disease from cattle and deer to cattle, deer, rabbits and hamsters.attempts to transmit malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) from 16 bovine cases of the 'sheep-associated' form of the disease are described. on two occasions disease was transmitted to bovine calves but transmission to red deer (cervus elaphus) was not achieved. in addition, mcf was transmitted from one experimentally affected calf to a rabbit and on another occasion directly to rabbits with material from a field case which failed to transmit to a bovine calf or red deer. subsequently each of these is ...19863764105
belovsky's model of optimal moose size.belovsky's (1978) model for optimal size in moose is applied to red deer. criticisms are levelled at belovsky's model. in particular, the equation he derives relating net energy intake to body weight is shown to be fundamentally invalid. modifications are suggested using existing published information and an analysis of previously unpublished data on red deer stomach size as a function of body weight. i conclude that quantitative predictions of optimal body size are likely to be very difficult a ...19863796013
elaeophora elaphi n. sp. (filarioidea: onchocercidae) parasite of the red deer (cervus elaphus). with a key of species of the genus elaeophora.we described a new species of nematode filarioid (onchocercidae) parasiting the hepatic vessels of the red deer cervus elaphus. this new species is characterized by the number and disposition of the papillae on the genital area of the male, and the presence and characteristics of an "area rugosa" situated just in front of the ventral impair precloacal papilla. we discussed this new species, giving a key to the identification of all the known species of the genus elaeophora.19863813427
an outbreak of selenium responsive unthriftiness in farmed red deer (cervus elaphus). 19873824858
[functional morphology and microarchitecture of the circumcaudal organ of cervus elaphus and c. nippon]. 19863827811
effects of normal and pathologic eardrum impedance on sound pressure in the aided ear canal: a computer simulation.reported herein are results of computer simulations of aided sound spectra in ears with normal and pathologic eardrum impedance. the computer technique used in this study has been reported elsewhere [d. p. egolf, d. r. tree, and l. l. feth, j. acoust. soc. am. 63, 264-271 (1978)]. consequently, to develop reader confidence in the computer scheme, its application to real ears was first tested. this was accomplished by (1) comparing computed spectral data with in-the-ear measurements and (2) compa ...19853840499
electron probe study of human and red deer cementum and root dentin.a topographical description of the concentration profiles of ca, p, mg, zn, f, s, and k in human and red deer cementum and root dentin is given. the concentrations reported should be regarded as semiquantitative values. a downward slope of the ca, p and mg profiles toward the pulpal cavity seemed largely to correspond with the secondary dentin. marked elevations of the zn profiles, modest elevations of the f profiles, and in a few instances of the s profiles, toward root surface and pulpal cavit ...19853856926
electron probe study of coronal dentin in red deer.a topographic description of the concentration profiles of ca, p, mg, zn, f, s and k in coronal dentin of red deer is given. the concentrations reported should be regarded as semiquantitative values. an area along the mesiodistal axis of the crowns showed lower concentrations of ca and p and higher concentrations of mg than the surrounding bulk of dentin. the inner dentin revealed downward slopes of the ca, p and mg profiles toward the pulpal cavity, whereas the zn, f and usually also the s prof ...19853864213
inhalant allergy to wild animals (deer and elk).we studied 15 highly atopic persons with historic and/or skin test evidence of allergy to deer or elk. all 15 were also reactive to domestic animal danders (dog, cat, or horse). twelve patients had elevated ige antibody levels to deer hair/dander and six patients had elevated ige antibody levels to elk hair/dander. elevated ige antibody levels to serum or urine from deer or elk were found in six persons. by using individual patient sera in rast inhibition experiments we showed that ige antibodie ...19853875300
insulin-like growth factor 1 (igf-1) antler-stimulating hormone?we have investigated the possibility that igf-1 may play a role in the regulation of antler development. plasma igf-1 concentrations were measured throughout the first period of development of the pedicle and first antler of red deer (cervus elaphus) to determine whether a relationship existed between growth of antler cartilage (velvet antler) and igf-1. we report that plasma levels of igf-1 are significantly elevated during the velvet antler growing phase relative to the other phases of pedicle ...19853881250
faecal bacteria of wild ruminants and the alpine marmot.faecal samples from 60 red deer (cervus elaphus), 13 roe deer (capreolus capreolus), 7 chamois (rupicapra rupicapra), 41 alpine marmot (marmota marmota) and soils mixed with deer faeces from the stelvio national park were examined for campylobacter sp. and salmonella sp. with negative results. the same material, especially deer faeces, was a habitat highly suitable for yersinia sp.: y. enterocolitica (two biotypes) was isolated twice, y. kristensenii (two serotypes) was isolated 19 times, y. fre ...19853898557
the role of wild north american ungulates in the epidemiology of bovine brucellosis: a review.published reports of brucella abortus infections in wild north american ungulates and domestic cattle herds were reviewed to determine if infection in these species was related. bison (bison bison) were frequently found infected, but are probably a minor threat to livestock due to their current limited distribution. most elk (cervus elaphus) were free of infection except where their range was shared with infected bison or livestock. deer (odocoileus spp.), pronghorns (antilocapra americana), moo ...19853908724
systemic mycosis in scottish red deer (cervus elaphus).the pathological features of 10 cases of systemic infection of young red deer by fungi morphologically identified as phycomycetes are described. the most frequently affected organs were the kidneys, followed by liver and central nervous system. the fungi stimulated an acute pyogenic inflammatory reaction and a phagocytic giant cell response. vasculitis with thrombosis and spread of fungi to the surrounding tissue was a common finding. culture was attempted in 4 cases; one yielded absidia, 2 aspe ...19853915751
ultrastructure of the cysts of sarcocystis grueneri from cardiac muscle of reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus).cysts of sarcocystis grueneri from cardiac muscle of reindeer (rangifer tarandus) in norway were examined by transmission electron microscopy. the limiting unit membrane of the cyst proper formed regularly spaced invaginations into the cyst at numerous sites coinciding with interruptions in the underlying osmiophilic layer. the primary cyst wall formed numerous strip-like, sinuous protrusions, which were 30-40 nm thick, 150-300 nm wide and up to 4.5 microns long, and were running in parallel wit ...19853922150
lung, heart and liver lesions in adult red deer: a histopathological survey. 19853928084
a progressive spinal myelinopathy in beef cattle.ataxia of the hind limbs in nine calves was associated with degenerative lesions in spinal white matter and neuronal chromatolysis in red nucleus, spinal grey matter and various nuclei of the medulla oblongata and cerebellum. the clinical signs and lesions were similar to those observed in enzootic ataxia of red deer and occurred predominantly in calves of the murray grey breed. the pathogenesis appears to involve a primary defect in central nervous system myelin with progressive myelin loss pri ...19863946053
advancement of reproductive activity, seasonal reduction in prolactin secretion and seasonal pelage changes in pubertal red deer hinds (cervus elaphus) subjected to artificially shortened daily photoperiod or daily melatonin treatments.prepubertal red deer hinds were subjected to shortened daily photoperiod (8 h light per day, n = 3) or a daily (afternoon) melatonin injection (n = 4) for 83 days starting on 8 january, 2 weeks after the summer solstice. compared with control hinds (n = 3) these treatments caused premature moulting of summer pelage, reduced serum prolactin concentrations to barely detectable levels about 34 days earlier than usual and advanced the date of mating. calves were born earlier (p less than 0.005) in t ...19853968657
energy requirements for the penetration of heads of domestic stock and the development of a multiple projectile.the forces and kinetic energy required to penetrate the isolated heads of calves, adult beef cattle, sheep and red deer with a metal probe the same diameter as the bore of an experimental pistol were determined. approximately 16 and 127 joules were required to penetrate the heads of adult sheep and cattle, respectively. using these data a 10 g projectile, consisting of 49 lead pellets and a lead disc in a polyethylene sleeve, was constructed. this projectile, when fired by a charge sufficient to ...19853976138
larvae of elaphostrongylus cervi in the deer of scotland.protostrongylid larvae were recovered from the faeces or lungs of red deer (cervus elaphus), roe deer (capreolus capreolus) and reindeer (rangifer tarandus) in scotland during 1981. typical protostrongylid first-stage larvae were also recovered from possible intermediate hosts, the grey field slug (agriolimax reticulata) and the white-soled slug (arion fasciatus). all these protostrongylid larvae were microscopically identical to those of the nematode elaphostrongylus cervi. despite careful sear ...19853992820
a comparative study of the hyoid bone (os hyoides) of 6 ruminant species (ruminantia scopoli, 1777).the shape, position and measurements of the hyoid bone of 6 small and medium-sized european ruminant species of different feeding types as classified by hofmann (1976), (rose deer, mouflon, sheep, red deer, fallow deer and goat) were fully described. a comparison with other domestic species was carried out, the most characteristic species differences were shown and the results were expressed in 9 figs. and 1 table. the basic structural plan of the hyoid bone is found to be similar in all species ...19853993965
serologic prevalence of toxoplasmosis in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, bison, and elk in montana.serum samples from 2,539 cattle, 649 sheep, 123 goats, 413 pigs, 93 bison, and 56 elk from montana were examined for antibody to toxoplasma gondii in the sabin-feldman dye test or the modified agglutination test (mat). cattle, bison, and elk serum samples were treated with 0.2 m-mercaptoethanol before examination in mat. in the dye test, 13.2% of sheep, 5.0% of pigs, and 22.7% of goats had antibody at a dilution of greater than or equal to 1:16. in the mat, 3.2% of cattle, 3.1% of bison, and non ...19853997650
pharmacokinetics of oxfendazole in red deer (cervus elaphus).the pharmacokinetics of oxfendazole (ofz) in red deer (cervus elaphus) was examined. ofz, administered per os at 4.53 mg kg-1, was extracted in ether from plasma and identified and concentrations estimated by high pressure liquid chromatography. irrespective of whether the animals were fed concentrates indoors as pellets or grass while on pasture, ofz was absorbed rapidly. concentrations of ofz in plasma reached maxima within 20 hours (0.83 and 1.005 mg litre-1 respectively) and were undetectabl ...19854001561
elaphostrongylus cervi cervi in the central nervous system of red deer (cervus elaphus) in scotland. 19854013046
transmission of a malignant catarrhal fever-like syndrome to sheep: preliminary experiments.the transmission of a malignant catarrhal fever-like syndrome to sheep is reported. fetal sheep between 40 and 66 days gestation were inoculated intravenously with viable cells either from a red deer with clinical malignant catarrhal fever or from rabbits with the disease. of the 21 fetuses in the experiment only five were born live and of these four developed clinical signs similar to malignant catarrhal fever in other species and died or were killed 10, 16, 47 and 175 days after birth. the fif ...19854038811
plasma concentrations of progesterone in female red deer (cervus elaphus) during the breeding season, pregnancy and anoestrus.concentrations of progesterone in peripheral plasma of red deer hinds were basal (less than 1 ng/ml) during lactation/seasonal anoestrus, but increased abruptly at the onset of the breeding season. lactating hinds (n = 19) started ovarian cycles 10 days later (p less than 0.01) and conceived 16 days later (p less than 0.001) than did 13 weaned hinds. there was no evidence, from plasma progesterone values, of silent oestrus at the start of the season. progestagen/pmsg treatment induced early ovul ...19854045825
native-like folding intermediates of homologous ribonucleases.the mechanism of the slow refolding reactions of four different pancreatic ribonucleases from ox, sheep, red deer, and roe deer has been investigated. refolding kinetics of these proteins were very similar. in particular, a native-like intermediate, in, was shown to be populated on the slow refolding pathway of all ribonucleases. we conclude that, similar to the stability of the folded proteins, the pathway of slow refolding has been conserved despite the differences in amino acid sequence and t ...19854052370
regrowth of amputated velvet antlers with and without innervation.the influence of removing portions of the growing antler of yearling red deer stags on subsequent regeneration of the antler in the same season was studied. the influence of the innervation of the antler on such regeneration was the subject of a further study. when the top 0.5-1 cm was removed from antlers 9-17 cm long, growth was slightly reduced in that season. when the antler/pedicle length was reduced to 6-10 cm in antlers 16-38 cm long, branched antlers regrew in 11 out of 13 cases provided ...19854056676
reversal of the effects of xylazine and xylazine/ketamine in red deer. 19854060545
lymphocyte blastogenesis, complement fixation, and fecal culture as diagnostic tests for paratuberculosis in north american wild ruminants and domestic sheep.the efficacy of the lymphocyte blastogenesis and complement-fixation tests and fecal culture for detection of mycobacterium paratuberculosis infection was assessed in bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis), elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni), mule deer (odocoileus hemionus), white-tailed deer (o virginianus), bighorn x mouflon (o musimon) hybrid sheep, and domestic sheep. spontaneously infected bighorns were tested at the time of capture; experimentally infected animals were tested monthly for 12 months or p ...19854073642
immobilization of free-ranging desert bighorn sheep, tule elk, and wild horses, using carfentanil and xylazine: reversal with naloxone, diprenorphine, and yohimbine. 19854077657
cleft palate in a tule elk calf. 19854078990
blood chemistry of roosevelt elk (cervus canadensis roosevelti). 19724144139
[age and seasonal dynamics of dictyocauliasis in asiatic red deer]. 19664230396
cross-transmission experiments with dictyocaulus viviparus isolates from rocky mountain elk and cattle. 19724257465
distribution of elk in bryansk region and damage to forests by it. 19744279444
bluetongue virus in north american elk. 19704316480
a study of reproduction, disease and physiological blood and serum values in idaho elk. 19734361504
school fluoridation studies in elk lake, pennsylvania, and pike county, kentucky: interim report. 19654378619
school fluoridation studies in elk lake, pennsylvania, and pike county, kentucky--results after eight years. 19684387263
effect of school water fluoridation on dental caries: final results in elk lake, pa, after 12 years. 19724400471
sweat gland function in the red deer (cervus elaphus). 19724403426
[nuclei of the medulla oblongata and the pons in the roe and red deer. part i. nuclei of the posterior portion of the medulla oblongata in the roe and red deer]. 19744431728
[nuclei of the medulla oblongata and pons in the roe and red deer. ii. nuclei of the anterior portion of the medulla oblongata in the roe and red deer]. 19744438142
[the species of onchocerca in the red deer: redescription of o. flexuosa (wedl, 1856) and description of o. tubingensis n.sp. and o. tarsicola n.sp (author's transl)]. 19744446067
[an intradermal filaria of the red deer: cutifilaria wenki n.gen., n.sp. (onchocercinae) (author's transl)]. 19744446068
the timing of reproduction in red deer (cervus elaphus) in relation to altitude. 19744468891
observations on the electroejaculation in red deer. 19744469142
micro-communication activities red deer college program. 19724484035
the reproductive performance of wild scottish red deer, cervus elaphus. 19734522380
the sexual significance of the rut in red deer. 19734522394
[occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode infections in roes and red deer]. 19724565744
[occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode in estations in roe and red deer]. 19724571765
[occurrence of fasciola hepatica in deer (capreolus capreolus) and red deer (cervus elaphus) and its control using rafoxanide]. 19734588751
[occurrence of fasciola hepatica in deer (capreolus capreolus) and red deer (cervus elaphus) and its treatment using rafoxanide]. 19734594866
comparative survival of indicator bacteria and enteric pathogens in well water.the comparative survival of various fecal indicator bacteria and enteric pathogens was studied in a stable well water supply by using membrane chambers. there was more variation in the 29 coliform cultures and they died more rapidly, as a group, than the 20 enterococcus cultures that were examined. the comparative survival of the organisms tested follows: aeromonas sp. > the shigellae (shigella flexneri, s. sonnei, and s. dysenteriae) > fecal streptococci > coliforms = some salmonellae (salmonel ...19744598219
injurious antler anomaly in a rocky mountain elk. 19724634522
[demodicosis in red-deer (cervus elaphus]. 19724639180
experimental infection in north american elk with epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus. 19734701179
antibody to babesia in scottish red deer (cervus elaphus). 19734705761
appearance of antler pedicles in early foetal life in red deer. 19734717976
amino-acid sequences of red-deer and roe-deer pancreatic ribonucleases. 19734738402
[composition of red deer milk. 1. contents of raw constituents (fat, protein, lactose and ash)]. 19734747492
[artificial rearing of red-deer calves on various diets]. 19734756702
trypanosomes from elk (cervus canadensis) in wyoming. 19734760644
investigations on the comparative pathology of spontaneous atherosclerosis. v. comparison between the aortic and the coronary lesions in the elk (dama dama) living free in its natural habitat and that in reservations. 19734767140
[radioactivity in the red deer antlers and 90sr-uptake in man]. 19734768619
metabolism of nucleic acids by sheep and red deer. 19734791059
trypanosomes from elk and horse flies in new mexico. 19744810218
hypersensitivity of an isolated population of red deer (cervus elaphus) to xylazine. 19744816774
the composition and yield of milk from captive red deer (cervus elaphus l.). 19744816950
a note on parturition and maternal behaviour in captive red deer (cervus elaphus l.). 19744816952
restoration of libido in castrated red deer stag (cervus elaphus) with oestradiol-17beta. 19744824036
[age-dependent changes in canine teeth of the upper jaw in red deer. an aid for the age determination of animals under general anesthesia]. 19744841535
biotelemetry applied to elk management. 19725029007
a telemetry system for studying elk behavior in the rocky mountains. 19725029008
the relationship between thyroidal calcitonin and seasonal and reproductive change in the stag (cervus elaphus l.). 19725039237
tuberculosis in a red deer (cervus elaphus) due to an atypical mycobacterium. 19715104112
composition of adipose tissue triglycerides of the elk (cervus canadensis), caribou (rangifer tarandus groenlandicus), moose (alces alces), and white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus). 19715113546
[electrophoretic study of milk proteins of the northern reindeer and the european elk]. 19715157494
[involution of chamois, red deer and roe deer mammae]. 19715165645
the reproductive cycle of the female red deer, cervus elaphus l. 19715167355
renal regulation of acid excretion in the red deer (cervus elephus). 19715205171
a comparison of digestion in red deer and sheep under controlled conditions. 19715209482
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