hospital, medical care cost cutbacks ;a tiger by the tail' says oma president. 197220312024
coccidioidomycosis accompanying hepatic disease in two bengal tigers. 19724626774
cavernous tuberculosis of the lungs and secondary hypertrophic osteo-arthropathy in a siberian tiger (panthera tigrus). 19725077656
purification of a presynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of the australian tiger snake notechis scutatus scutatus. 19725070579
hepatoma in a bengal tiger. 19714328441
cafd: tiger with paper teeth. 197116062524
georges clemenceau, m.d. (1841-1929). the smile on the face of the "tiger". 19714930486
hydrocarbon sex pheromone in tiger moths (arctiidae).2-methylheptadecane is a sex pheromone compound in many sibling species of the holomelina aurantiaca complex, in holomelina laeta, and in pyrrharctia isabella, which are all arctiids. habitat preference, temporal distribution , and differing diurnal cycles help effect reproductive isolation among the species, but secondary sex pheromone chemicals are also suggested by the field studies.19715540309
on the escape of tigers: an ecologic note. 19705530409
the appointment book: tiger or pussycat? 19695258373
taming the tiger: how to make your edp systems pay off. 19695793063
green-paper tiger. 19694178990
the white tigers of rewa and gene homology in the felidae. 19695806538
terrible tigers. 19685745869
indirect evidence of ceratopogonid predation by a tiger beetle. 19685687746
albino axolotls from an albino tiger salamander through hybridization. 20036055330
spermatozoa of tiger--some observations on their morphology. 19676041983
[malignant adenoameloblastoma of the palate in a tiger python]. 19675630194
what are mathematicians doing?let me emphasize the point i have been trying to make. the mathematician's playing with the roots of equations, a play which had no practical motivations and almost no possibilities of practical application, led to the recognition of the importance of symmetry and groups. the study of theory of groups led to mathematical discoveries in geometry and differential equations, and finally to prediction of the existence of a new elementary particle. surely a surprising outcome for the ivory-tower spec ...196617751697
coagulant activity of tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) venom. 19665968776
tiger by the tail. 196610359623
nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism in a tiger. 19655893859
the coronary care area: a tiger by the tail. 19655829126
[microsporosis in 2 tigers]. 196514298543
sleeping tiger: do not disturb. 196414267857
weights and linear measurements of the body and organs of the tiger salamander, before and after metamorphosis, compared with the adult. 196414123498
[neurology and neuropathology of tigers in captivity. 2. subacute meningoencephalitis with a picture of epileptic confusion and unusual vascular changes]. 196414191003
tiger dunlop of canada west. 196320327583
[neurology and neuropathology of tigers in captivity. 1. on a conclusive encephalopathy following a generalized vascular disorder resembling periarteritis nodosa]. 196314198892
histological observation on the anal sac and its glands of a tiger. 19635896529
weights and linear measurements of the body and of some organs of the tiger salamander. 196114462679
anaphylactic shock and subsequent dementia following the administration of tiger-snake antivenene. 196013774388
venom yields and toxicity of the venoms of male and female tiger snakes. 196013785113
a pharmacologically active choline ester and other substances in the garden tiger moth, arctia caja (l.). 196013849067
the separation and properties of the neurotoxins from the venom of the tiger snake notechis scutatus scutatus. 195813607406
additional purine compounds in the venom of the tiger snake (notechis scutatus). 195713483527
palsy syndrome in tiger cubs. 195713462891
flexor spasm syndrome in the carnivore. ii. occurrence in a tiger (felis tigris). 195613362782
congenital diaphragmatic hernia in the tiger; two case reports. 195613345693
[history of tiger heart; contribution of ospedale maggiore through a. gambarini and a. dubini]. 195613335255
introducing the marine tiger. 195214941942
[on o-tricresylphosphate poisoning in tigers]. 195214949240
a rare displacement of a canine in a tiger. 195114808229
two instances of proved rabies in the tiger. 195014794203
a case of tiger bite. 194918118576
polydactyl in the tiger salamander. 194718900292
castration of a tiger. 194718918556
a tiger shark and a basking shark rammed by steamers. 194017772455
the lady and the tiger. 192018738145
a preliminary communication on the changes in nerve cells after poisoning with the venom of the australian tiger-snake (hoplocephalus curtus). 190216992634
a new sabre-toothed tiger from the loup fork tertiary of kansas. 189217774143
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