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diurnal and seasonal variations in thyroid function of neotenic tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum). 19817197245
discrimination and generalization among reagent grade odorants by tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum). 19817267751
on the primary and tertiary structure of relaxin from the sand tiger shark (odontaspis taurus). 19817274472
fenbendazole in the treatment of intestinal parasites of circus lions and tigers. 19817303445
mobius dna, the paper tiger. 19817219249
electrical properties of cones isolated form the tiger salamander retina. 19817314517
physiological and morphological identification of amacrine cells in the retina of the larval tiger salamander. 19817314514
tiger snake envenomation and muscle spasm. 19817334973
the effectiveness of the pressure/immobilization first aid technique in the case of a tiger snake bite.this paper describes a case of severe envenomation by a tiger snake (notechis scutatus). the pressure/immobilization technique proved to be effective in delaying the central movement of venom for almost six hours.19817300764
odorant discrimination by tiger salamanders after combined olfactory and vomeronasal nerve cuts. 19817267791
put a tiger in your tank. 198127442095
ferocious fangs. endo on a bengal tiger. 19816939518
the mass of venom injected by two elapidae: the taipan (oxyuranus scutellatus) and the australian tiger snake (notechis scutatus).using an enzyme immunoassay technique, a new method for measuring, in vivo, the mass of venom injected during snake bite, is presented. the venom injected into mice (as prey) and the venom left on the skin surface during bites by the two australian elapidae, the taipan (oxyuranus scutellatus) and the tiger snake (notechus scutatus) has been measured. venom delivery patterns vary significantly between these two species. in the case of the tiger snake (a total of 45 bites studied) the mean mass of ...19826753241
straw gastric impaction in a tiger. 19827174475
inflammatory myopathy in a captive bengal tiger.a 9-year-old female bengal tiger (panthera tigris tigris) was presented with a history of progressive hindlimb weakness and muscle atrophy. serum muscle enzyme activities were high, and electrophysiologic examination suggested an underlying myopathic process. muscle biopsy revealed an inflammatory myopathy, with multifocal collections of inflammatory cells. there was severe muscle fiber necrosis with some evidence of regeneration. the cellular infiltrate consisted predominantly of macrophages, w ...19827174435
no more 'paper tiger' for qa activities, jcah promises. 198210289376
endodontic treatment for a bengal tiger. 19826956557
the peter pan and wendy syndrome: a marital dynamic.a marital system is described which features an unfaithful and narcissistic husband, peter pan, and a long suffering and depressed wife, wendy. the dynamics of their individual adjustments are examined as well as the symbiotic nature of the dyadic relationship. other characters take their parts--tinker bell, tiger lily, and little lost boys. peter's infidelities belie a firm attachment to his wendy/mother whilst she depends upon him for protection from forbidden impulses.19826957178
bavarian tiger balm. 19826212191
the properties of single cones isolated from the tiger salamander retina.1. the properties of isolated single cones were studied using the voltage-clamp technique, with two micro-electrodes inserted under visual control.2. single cones had input resistances, when impaled with two electrodes, of up to 270 momega. this is probably lower than the true membrane resistance, because of damage by the impaling electrodes. the cone capacitance was about 85 pf.3. the cone membrane contains a time-dependent current, i(b), controlled by voltage, and a separate photosensitive cur ...19827131315
[the identification of the bone tissues of tiger, leopard and bear]. 19827180470
temporary and selective anosmia in tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum) caused by chemical treatment of the olfactory epithelium.tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum) were trained to respond to two dissimilar odorants (i.e., cyclohexanone, dimethyl disulfide) but not to a third odorant (n-butanol). when the training criterion was met, the animals were anesthetized and given nasal lavages of saline or odorants in saline. lavage with cyclohexanone decreased responding to cyclohexanone but not dimethyl disulfide, and vice-versa, in later behavioral tests. likewise, ethyl acetoacetate lavage produced selective response decre ...19827178276
voltage-activated and calcium-activated currents studied in solitary rod inner segments from the salamander retina.1. solitary rod inner segments were obtained by enzymatic dissociation of the tiger salamander (ambystoma tigrinum) retina. their membrane currents were studied with the single-pipette voltage-clamp technique. individual currents were isolated with the aid of pharmacological agents.2. extracellular caesium blocked a current activated by hyperpolarization from -30 mv. changing external sodium and potassium concentrations altered the value of the reversal potential in a manner consistent with the ...19827153904
heterogeneity in the distal nephron of the salamander (ambystoma tigrinum): a correlated structure function study of isolated tubule segments.studies on isolated perfused tubules of the tiger salamander (ambystoma tigrinum) have shown that the distal nephron is heterogeneous with respect to function (stoner, 1977). in this study, the initial portion of the distal tubule (diluting segment) exhibited a voltage, positive in the lumen, and a net absorption of chloride. since the chloride was transported against an electro-chemical gradient, its transport was active. more distad, the junctional segment exhibited a lumen-negative voltage an ...19827149280
spatial pattern of sensory cell terminals in the olfactory sac of the tiger salamander. i. a scanning electron microscope study.the olfactory sac of adult tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum) was assessed by scanning electron microscopy and the hitherto unknown variety of the olfactory sac cells has been documented. regional differences in respect to the composition of the apical epithelial surface border in the olfactory sac have been recorded. transitions between the olfactory epithelium proper and epithelia with different surface structures have been described. it has been shown that both the roof and the floor of t ...19827130039
[imitation of tiger bones--a piece of hind leg bone (pigs and oxen)]. 19826216972
effect of a proprietary rubefacient "tiger balm" on rabbit skin.the effect of continuous exposure to proprietary rubefacients (tiger balm red and tiger balm white), which contain menthol and camphor as well as clove, cajuput and cassia oils, was tested in rabbits. dermal irritancy was determined by a 21-day continuous-application patch test (0.5 g/patch) and was assessed according to the draize method of scoring. at the end of the 21-day test period, the skin was also examined histopathologically. in these tests, tiger balm red (which contained 5% cassia oil ...19827200061
gonadotropin regimen for inducing ovarian activity in captive wild felids.five species of felids (cheetah, north chinese leopard, tiger, lion, and puma) were serially injected with a source of follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) to evaluate its effect on ovarian activity. animals were subjected to laparoscopy before and after gonadotropin treatment, and the number and appearance of mature ovarian follicles (mf), corpora hemorrhagica (ch), and corpora lutea (cl) were recorded and photographed. ovarian morphologic features, including mf, ch, and cl anatomy, were similar ...19826816775
[cancer of the mammary gland in a tigress].mammary gland carcinoma in a 14-year-old female tiger kept in the moscow zoo for a long time is described. at autopsy, the outgrowth of the tumor into the surrounding tissue and metastases into the internal organs were found. the tumor was defined as a ductal papillary solid carcinoma with intraductal central necrosis that resembled the comedo type of human mammary gland carcinoma. rapid growth of the tumor, the prevalence of necrosis, and numerous metastases to the lungs, liver, and lymph nodes ...19826297433
envenomation by a king island tiger snake (notechis ater humphreysi).a venomous king island tiger snake (notechis ater humphreysi)bit a herpetologist on the hand on the forty-eight floor of a sydney city building. prompt first-aid treatment, comprising the application of a wide constrictive bandage the length of the limb, combined with immobilisation, delayed central movement of the venom until resuscitative care and antivenom were available. the patient had received tiger-snake antivenom 16 years previously, and also suffered from atopic eczema. administration o ...19827132866
evidence for orthogonal arrays of particles in the plasma membranes of olfactory and vomeronasal sensory neurons of vertebrates.plasma membranes of sensory neurons from the olfactory and vomeronasal neuroepithelia of the male rat and olfactory neuroepithelium of the tiger salamander (ambystoma tigrinum) have been examined, using the freeze-fracture technique, for the presence and morphology of orthogonal arrays of particles (oap). numerous oap were scattered on the p-face of plasma membranes of the dendrites and cell bodies from rat vomeronasal sensory neurons. the oap were 720 +/- 200 nm2 in area and they consisted of 4 ...19836311991
chronic encephalomyelitis caused by canine distemper virus in a bengal tiger.a chronic progressive neurologic disease was observed and monitored for 18 months in a young, tamed bengal tiger. clinical, serologic, and neuropathologic evidence of canine distemper virus infection was seen. clinical signs included convulsions, myoclonus, and slowly progressive ataxia. marked increases in neutralizing antibodies against canine distemper virus were seen in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid. neuropathologic findings were nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis, with perivascular ...19836685717
intracellular ph regulation in the renal proximal tubule of the salamander. basolateral hco3- transport.we have used ph-, na-, and cl-sensitive microelectrodes to study basolateral hco3- transport in isolated, perfused proximal tubules of the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum. in one series of experiments, we lowered basolateral ph (phb) from 7.5 to 6.8 by reducing [hco3-]b from 10 to 2 mm at a constant pco2. this reduction of phb and [hco3-]b causes a large (approximately 0.35), rapid fall in phi as well as a transient depolarization of the basolateral membrane. returning phb and [hco3-]b to no ...19836833997
intracellular ph regulation in the renal proximal tubule of the salamander. na-h exchange.using ph-sensitive microelectrodes to measure intracellular ph (phi) in isolated, perfused proximal tubules of the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum, we have found that when cells are acid-loaded by pretreatment with nh+4 in a nominally hco3--free ringer, phi spontaneously recovers with an exponential time course. this phi recovery, which is indicative of active (i.e., uphill) transport, is blocked by removal of na+ from both the luminal and basolateral (i.e., bath) solutions. re-addition of n ...19836833996
distribution of monoamine oxidase activity in tissues of the urodeles ambystoma tigrinum (tiger salamander) and necturus maculosus (mudpuppy).1. monoamine oxidase (mao) activity was determined fluorometrically in tissues of adult mudpuppies, and pre- (young) and post- (adult) metamorphic tiger salamanders. 2. from responses to specific inhibitors it was determined that 95% activity was mao type a in all tissues. 3. in young salamanders mao activity was greater in brain and intestine of males than of females, and was considerably higher in kidney of both sexes and in intestine of males compared to adults. 4. mao activity was distribute ...19836132771
mechanisms of underwater hearing in larval and adult tiger salamanders ambystoma tigrinum.1. a standing wave tube apparatus was used to determine the biophysical basis of underwater hearing in ambystoma tigrinum. 2. a. tigrinum responds to the pressure component of underwater sound, and the mouth cavity appears responsible for transduction of sound pressure. 3. near-field displacements produced by pulsations of the air-filled mouth cavity apparently stimulate the inner ear. 4. salamander head preparations with no air-filled mouth cavity respond to the particle motion component of und ...19836132703
paramyxovirus-like nucleocapsids associated with encephalitis in a captive siberian tiger. 19836643259
[the law on hospital provisions. on hospitals, work opportunity and the growling of a paper tiger]. 19836559466
can australians identify snakes?a study of the ability of australians to identify snakes was undertaken, in which 558 volunteers (primary and secondary schoolchildren, doctors and university science and medical students) took part. over all, subjects correctly identified an average of 19% of snakes; 28% of subjects could identify a taipan, 59% could identify a death adder, 18% a tiger snake, 23% an eastern (or common) brown snake, and 0.5% a rough-scaled snake. eighty-six per cent of subjects who grew up in rural areas could i ...19836679049
origin of white tigers at nandankanan biological park, orissa. 19836667990
cardenolide sequestration by the dogbane tiger moth (cycnia tenera; arctiidae).cycnia tenera adults, reared as larvae onasclepias humistrata, had 10 times higher cardenolide concentrations, and contained 15 times more total cardenolide, than did moths reared ona. tuberosa. thin-layer chromatography confirmed that each individual cardenolide visualized in the adult moths reared on the former host plant corresponds to one present in the plant, thus demonstrating that the insects' cardenolides are indeed derived from the larval food. adult weights were significantly greater w ...198324407459
a sign-reversing pathway from rods to double and single cones in the retina of the tiger salamander.signal transmission between rods and cones was studied by passing current into a rod and recording the voltage response in a nearby double or single cone and vice versa. two types of rod-cone interaction were found. between immediately adjacent rods and cones, passage of current into either receptor elicited in the other receptor a sustained voltage response of the same sign as the injected current. these signals were still seen in the presence of co2+, and are probably mediated by the electrica ...19836308225
receptive field properties of horizontal cells in the tiger salamander retina: contributions of rods and cones.the spatial properties of horizontal cells in the tiger salamander retina were studied with intracellular electrodes. it was found that when the rod input to horizontal cells is dominant the receptive fields are smaller than those measured under conditions of strong cone activation. a possible explanation for this finding is that rod signals undergo greater lateral attenuation within the horizontal cell network.19836649430
effect of changes in intra- and extracellular sodium on the inward (anomalous) rectification in salamander photoreceptors.solitary rod inner segments were obtained by enzymic dissociation of the tiger salamander retina. ih, an inward current activated by membrane hyperpolarization, was studied using the single-pipette voltage-clamp technique with patch pipettes. in order to investigate ih in isolation from voltage-dependent potassium and calcium currents, it was necessary to superfuse with a solution containing tea and cobalt. when the solution in the patch pipette contained 45 mm-kcl and 50 mm-nacl, the characteri ...19846323702
comparison of the spatial and temporal expression of supernatant malate dehydrogenase in barbus hybrids (cypriniformes, teleostei).the tissue specificity and ontogeny of supernatant malate dehydrogenase (s-mdh) are reported for the tiger barb, cherry barb, and their reciprocal hybrids. the tissue distribution of s-mdh isozymes in barbus is consistent with the patterns reported in other teleosts. the expression of the mdh-b locus is correlated with the initial muscle contractions of the developing embryos. it is suggested that the state of muscle cell differentiation may be the stimulus necessary for the expression of this l ...19846744821
[a case of trypanosomiasis (t. brucei) in an asian tiger (panthera tigris) in a zoo in togo]. 19846544962
electrical coupling between horizontal cell bodies in the tiger salamander retina.we studied lateral interactions between horizontal cells in the tiger salamander retina in order to determine the underlying mode of synaptic transmission. pairs of cells, visually identified by inspection of the in vitro retinal slices, were impaled with two separate electrodes and the transmission between them was examined by injecting current into one cell while recording the resulting voltage response from the other soma. it was found that coupling between horizontal cells remained intact an ...19846087557
disseminated leiomyosarcoma in a bengal tiger. 19846511592
serum imipramine concentrations lower than plasma 10 patients, a comparison of serum and plasma concentrations of imipramine and desipramine, using b-d tiger-top and green-top tubes, respectively, showed the serum levels to be significantly lower. since such differences can influence evaluations of patients' dose schedules, it is important to ascertain the type of sample being used by the laboratory.19846501238
taming the time-eating tiger. 19846568001
[polyacrylamide gel-disc electrophoresis of tiger bone--a new method of identifying tiger bones]. 19846242375
assertiveness for nurses: are you a shrinking violet, a brazen tiger lily or a forthright sunflower? 19846563845
radiation theory between 1896 and 1925: the tiger and the shark. 198417734910
[animal dentistry. tooth of the tiger]. 19846429908
localization of cholinesterase activity in the outer plexiform layer of the larval tiger salamander retina.acetylcholinesterase activity, which may be indicative of cholinergic synapses, has been ultrastructurally localized in the outer plexiform layer of the larval tiger salamander retina using the cholinesterase staining method of karnovsky and roots. in the presence of the butyrylcholinesterase inhibitor, ethopropazine, precipitate is localized to discrete 'stain laminae' about 300 nm in their largest dimension and bounded by a 10 nm wide electron-lucent gap. stain laminae are predominantly found ...19846140990
location and function of voltage-sensitive conductances in retinal rods of the salamander, ambystoma tigrinum.the functional role and spatial location of voltage-sensitive conductances that modify the light-evoked electrical signals were studied in retinal rods of the tiger salamander. an isolated rod was drawn into a suction electrode for recording membrane current and impaled with an intracellular electrode for recording membrane potential and passing current. a bright flash gave a rapid initial hyperpolarization that relaxed to a smaller plateau. simultaneously the dark current of the outer segment w ...19846481634
pressure injection of 3',5'-cyclic gmp into solitary rod photoreceptors of the tiger salamander.the outer segments of solitary rods of large neotenic ambystoma tigrinum were impaled with double-barrel micropipettes. one barrel was used to record membrane voltage and the other barrel was used both to pass voltage-clamp current and to pressure-inject cyclic gmp. injections of cyclic gmp induced inward currents in normal cells that were bathed in ringer's solution and studied at the dark, resting voltage. these cyclic gmp-induced currents reversed sign for voltages 25-40 mv more positive than ...19846331582
topographic coding of odorant quality is maintained at different concentrations in the salamander olfactory a recent study in the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum, were demonstrated topographic patterns of responsivity across the olfactory epithelium which were characteristic for each odorant. the present study was initiated to investigate whether these patterns remain constant when odorant concentration is varied. odorant-induced electro- olfactograms were recorded from at least 12 sites on each epithelium. the odorants used were pinene, amyl acetate and propanol. each epithelium was tested wi ...19846722540
temperature sensitivity of the renin-angiotensin system in ambystoma tigrinum.the presence of a renin-angiotensin system was demonstrated in the poikilotherm ambystoma tigrinum, commonly called the tiger salamander. standard radioimmunoassay techniques were employed to measure the intrarenal renin activity (ira) and the plasma renin activity (pra) of a. tigrinum kept at either 5 or 20 degrees c. basal ira and pra values were not affected by the temperature at which the animals were maintained. intraperitoneal injection of the beta-adrenergic agonist isoproterenol, however ...19846372514
absorptance and spectral sensitivity measurements of rod photoreceptors of the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum.the spectral sensitivity of the extracellularly-recorded photoresponse of isolated rods of the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum, was compared to the absorptance spectrum. both measurements were made with the same optical system on the same portion of each cell to avoid errors that could occur when the two kinds of measurement were made under different conditions. the relative spectral sensitivity and absorptance spectrum were found to be in excellent agreement between 450 and 700 nm.19846533990
regional differences in cell density and cell genesis in the olfactory epithelium of the salamander, ambystoma tigrinum.the olfactory epithelium undergoes continuous regeneration. the present quantitative study uses tritiated thymidine autoradiography to investigate regional differences in the rate of olfactory epithelial cell genesis in the tiger salamander. there was a significant gradient in the incorporation of thymidine from the posterior to the anterior in the nasal cavity: the posterior epithelium underwent cell genesis much faster than the anterior. additionally, the posterior epithelium was thinner and c ...19846519235
the projection from the olfactory epithelium to the olfactory bulb in the salamander, ambystoma tigrinum.odor quality may be represented as a "topographic" code of responses of receptor cells throughout the olfactory epithelium, with this code conveyed to the central nervous system by a topographic projection from the olfactory epithelium to the olfactory bulb. there is good evidence for topographic differences in odor-induced receptor cell activity in the tiger salamander but there is no evidence for a topographic epithelium-to-bulb projection in this species. in the present study 3h-leucine autor ...19846089611
clinical features therapy and epidemiology of tiger snake bite in dogs and cats.snake bite was diagnosed in 125 dogs and 115 cats over 10 years. young sporting dogs and young cats were mainly affected. more dogs (48%) were seen in contact with tiger snakes than cats (7%). one hundred and four (84%) dogs and 89 (76%) cats were bitten in the warmer months of the year (october to march). as the incidence rose in september/october, dogs were bitten on days when the temperature was near 20 degrees c or over. the commonest presenting signs were dilated pupils and absences of pupi ...19846497804
paragonimus heterotremus and other paragonimus spp. in thailand: pathogenesis, clinic and treatment.six species of paragonimus have been reported in thailand: p. siamensis in cat, bandicoot and rat; p. bangkokensis in mongoose; p. harinasutai in cat and dog (experiment); p. macrochis in bandicoot and rat; p. westermani in tiger and p. heterotremus in cat, dog and man. it is interesting to note that in 1965 two immature p. heterotremus worms were recovered for the first time in man, namely in subcutaneous swellings in a boy; in 1981 nine mature p. heterotremus worms were expectorated after praz ...19846542391
involution of the auditory neuro-epithelium in a tiger (panthera tigris) and a jaguar (panthera onca).numerical atrophy of the hair cells of the organ of corti of the inner ear in a 14-year-old tiger and a 17-year-old jaguar is described. the decrease in number of sensory hair cells is considered to represent physiological atrophy caused by the process of ageing. the findings are compared with previous observations on man, guinea-pigs, shrews, and bats. the development of the physiological involution of the hearing neuro-epithelium is discussed.19846699224
a tiger mouse and relatives. variants caused by an activated transposable element?in a laboratory-bred population of wild peruvian house mice, one male had an excessive rate of non-pairing of the x and y chromosomes. after crossing him with laboratory stock mice, a mouse of very unusual phenotype appeared from a yellow (aya) mother. he was yellow with black dorsal stripes; hence tiger. he was mated to many females, and inbred f2 and f3 generations were raised. there were no more tiger phenotypes, but his f1 contained an excess of black-and-tans over yellows, showing him to be ...19846323571
a comparative study of potassium-induced relaxation in vascular smooth muscle of tiger salamanders and rats.this study compares potassium-induced relaxation in vascular tissue of an amphibian (ambystoma tigrinum) and a mammal (rat). aortas (salamanders) and tail arteries (rats) were cut into helical strips for isometric force recording. after norepinephrine-induced contraction in potassium-free solution, arteries relaxed in response to added potassium (1-20 mmol/l). potassium-induced relaxation was greater in rat tail arteries than in salamander aortas. half-maximal relaxation occurred at a potassium ...19846331206
animal bites causing central nervous system injury in children. a report of three cases.three cases of animal bites causing central nervous system injury in children are reported. two infants suffered compound depressed skull fractures as a result of dog bites to the head. an older child suffered direct injury to the spinal cord from a tiger bite. in 2 cases, pasteurella meningitis occurred. pitfalls in the management of this type of problem are discussed.19853837882
purification and properties of a prothrombin activator from the venom of notechis scutatus scutatus.the prothrombin activator present in the venom of the mainland tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) was purified to homogeneity by gel chromatography on sephadex g-200 followed by ion-exchange chromatography on sp-sephadex. the venom activator has an apparent molecular weight of 54,000. it consists of a heavy chain (mr = 32,000) and a light chain (mr = 23,000) held together by one or more disulfide bridges. the active site is located at the heavy chain region of the molecule. the venom activ ...19853894355
[research on the cat stomach worm, ollulanus tricuspis (leuckart, 1865)--state of the art].the stomach worm of the cat with an unusual cycle has a special place among the nematodes. o. tricuspis can develop and breed endogen as well as exogen, the infection of other hosts with freedom of movement, takes place through the ingestion of vomitus material containing parasites. as the conventional coproscopic methods of routine diagnosis have failed, the examination of gastric mucus or gastric mucosal scrapings post mortem offers itself. intra vitam a provocated vomitus or a gastric irrigat ...19853895570
immunoreactive luteinizing hormone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and androstenedione levels during the breeding season and anestrus in siberian tigers.seasonal analysis of 1239 captive births of siberian tigers (panthera tigris altaica) indicated a peak in april to june (p less than 0.001). studies on seven animals in minnesota indicated that behavioral heat cycles and ovarian follicular phase cycles began in late january and ceased in early june. behavioral observation of 12 heat cycles in four tigers yielded an estrous length of 5.3 +/- 0.2 days and an interestrous interval of 25.0 +/- 1.3 days. hormone assays on weekly blood samples (n = 18 ...19853986268
pasteurella multocida in an infected tiger bite.we report an unusual case of pasteurella multocida wound infection caused by a tiger bite. we investigated the normal fang flora of large zoo cats and found p multocida in cultures from seven tigers, three of four leopards, and one lynx. sucrose fermentation was found to be highly media dependent and unpredictable. the literature relative to p multocida in bite-wound infections is reviewed with special reference to bites by animals other than cats and dogs. with the addition of the present case, ...19853839375
serious pasteurella multocida infections from lion and tiger bites. 19853999316
seasonal variations in spermatogenesis, testicular weights, vasa deferentia, and androgen levels in neotenic male tiger salamanders, ambystoma tigrinum.significant seasonal changes were observed in spermatogenesis, testicular weights, vasa deferentia, and cloacal development as well as in plasma androgen levels (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone). androgen levels were highest in the fall and lowest during the period of spermatogenesis. low levels of androgens were also observed during the breeding season. diameter of the vasa deferentia corresponded to presence of stored spermatozoa and not to plasma androgen levels. testicular weights were ...19854054587
an investigation, in vitro, of the actions of three western australian snakes on the blood coagulation of the dog, cat, horse and wallaby.venoms of the tiger snake and brown snake were procoagulant, in vitro, when tested with cat, dog, horse and wallaby plasma. in the absence of calcium and phospholipid the coagulant activity of tiger snake venom was minimal. in contrast, brown snake venom alone had marked procoagulant activity. this activity, however, was enhanced by the presence of calcium and phospholipid. death adder venom exerted an anticoagulant effect. apparent species' differences in susceptibility to the coagulant venoms ...19854062725
ventricle morphology in pelagic elasmobranch fishes.ventricle weights of the warm-bodied great white shark, atlantic shortfin mako, and the common thresher shark (the latter presumed to be warm-bodied) are similar to those of ectothermic blue sharks, sandbar sharks, dusky sharks, tiger sharks and scalloped hammerhead sharks. ventricle muscularity, as estimated by the ratio of cortical to spongy layer thickness, is almost twice as great in the former three species than in the latter elasmobranchs. measurements of ventricular volumes suggest that t ...19852866886
banding differences between tiger salamander and axolotl chromosomes.the hoechst 33258 - giemsa banding patterns were compared on axolotl (ambystoma mexicanum shaw) and axolotl - tiger salamander (ambystoma tigrinum green) species hybrid prophase chromosomes. approximately 369 bands per haploid chromosome set were seen in the axolotl and about 344 bands in the tiger salamander. in the haploid set of 14 chromosomes, chromosome 3 has a constant short or q-arm terminal constriction at the location of the nucleolar organizer. chromosomes 14 z and w carry the sex dete ...19854063874
a practical method for staging metamorphosis in the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum.the aim of this study was to develop a set of practical metamorphic stages for the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum that would 1) provide an early and quantifiable marker of the onset of metamorphosis and 2) not be dependent on knowledge of maximal values of gill length or tail height. twenty morphological parameters were obtained from ambystoma tigrinum larvae as they progressed through laboratory-induced metamorphosis (21 degrees c, continuous light). these parameters included measures of b ...19853985374
adrenoceptor types in the respiratory vasculature of the salamander gill.adrenoreceptor types were determined in the branchial respiratory vasculature of the neotenic tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum. phenoxybenzamine antagonized increases in branchial vascular resistance caused by both epinephrine and norepinephrine. propranolol antagonized both epinephrine- and norepinephrine-induced dilation of this vascular bed. isoproterenol produced solely vasodilation, phenylephrine had no effect, and methoxamine caused constriction only at a very high dose. it is conclude ...19853837030
asynchronous expression of the alcohol and supernatant malate dehydrogenase loci during barbus hybrid development (cypriniformes, teleostei).the tissue specificity and ontogeny of supernatant malate dehydrogenase (s-mdh) and alcohol dehydrogenase (adh) are reported for the tiger barb (barbus tetrazona), the rosy barb (barbus conchonius) and their reciprocal hybrids. the tissue distribution of s-mdh and adh isozymes in both species is consistent with spatial profiles reported for other teleosts. the expression of alleles of paternal origin at the s-mdh-b and adh loci are delayed in reciprocal hybrids as compared to their expression in ...19853161685
vaginal myxoma causing urethral and colonic obstruction in a tiger. 19854077658
localization of enkephalin-like immunoreactive amacrine cells in the larval tiger salamander retina: a light and electron microscopic study.immunohistochemistry was utilized to examine the light and electron microscopic localization of enkephalin-like (enk) immunoreactive amacrine cells in the larval tiger salamander retina. the vast majority of enk-immunoreactive cells were typical amacrine cells whose round or oval cell bodies (14-16 microns) were situated in the innermost cell row of the inner nuclear layer. a relatively small number of enk-stained oval cell bodies (14-22 microns) were located in the ganglion cell layer and were ...19853905883
muscarinic cholinergic receptors in the retina of the larval tiger salamander.the pharmacology and autoradiographic localization of muscarinic cholinergic receptors in retinal slices of the larval tiger salamander have been examined using the muscarinic antagonist [3h]propylbenzilylcholine mustard. under the conditions of these experiments the binding of this ligand is irreversible. saturation and maximum specific binding of 270 pm of ligand per gram protein are observed after an incubation of 1 h, and autoradiographic studies show that this does not reflect surface bindi ...19854027656
synaptic transmission from rods to bipolar cells in the tiger salamander retina.synaptic transmission between rods and depolarizing bipolar cells (dbc) was studied by using simultaneous recording techniques in the living retinal slice preparation. current injection into the rod elicited a sign-inverting, sustained voltage change in the dbc. voltage "tails" after the termination of a bright flash were observed in dark-adapted rods and dbc but not in cones. these simultaneously recorded voltage tails were used to isolate the rod input from the cone input and to study the inpu ...19852987955
oviposition site selection: an aid to rapid growth and development in the tiger swallowtail butterfly, papilio glaucus.female tiger swallowtail butterflies oviposited on the tips of branches exposed to sunlight. over 50 percent of the eggs had westward exposures, yet only 7.6% faced northward. over 97% of the eggs were laid below 3 m. larvae with sunny exposures developed 15 to 35% faster than those lacking radiant input. leaf curling aided caterpillars in attaining elevated body temperatures. caterpillars with western exposures had lower survivorship. this oviposition pattern and the thermal behavior of the lar ...198528310813
naloxone induced suppression of feeding in tigers.naloxone suppresses, but does not eliminate feeding in siberian tigers. naloxone administration paired with novel foods appeared to induce emesis.19854011746
larval developmental rates of three putative subspecies of tiger swallowtail butterflies, papilio glaucus, and their hybrids in relation to temperature.the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, papilio glaucus l. has been presumed to be comprised of three parapatric subspecies (p. g. canadensis r & j, across canada and the northern u.s.; p. g. glaucus l., in the eastern half of the u.s.; and p. g. australis maynard, in florida). populations from 27° north latitude in florida to 50° north latitude in manitoba, canada and from 75° west longitude in pennsylvania to 96° west longitide in canada were tested by laboratory larval feeding studies at var ...198528310664
ontogenetic patterns of enzyme locus expression in barbus hybrids (cypriniformes, teleostei).the tissue specific patterns and ontogeny of sorbitol dehydrogenase (sdh, ec lactate dehydrogenase (ldh, ec and isocitrate dehydrogenase (idh, ec are reported for barbus tetrazona (tiger barb), b. conchonius (rosy barb), b. nigrofasciatus (black ruby barb), b. titteya (cherry barb), b. sachsi (gold barb), and in interspecific hybrids where b. tetrazona is the maternal parent. the spatial and temporal expression of sdh, ldh and idh isozymes in barbus is consistent w ...19854085206
aberrant gene expression at the creatine kinase loci during barbus hybrid development (cypriniformes, teleostei).the tissue specificity and ontogeny of creatine kinase (ck, ec are reported for tiger, rosy, ruby, cherry and gold barbs, and in interspecific hybrids where the tiger barb is the maternal parent. the spatial expression of ck isoenzymes in barbus is consistent with the tissue patterns reported in other teleosts. in general, as the taxonomic (genetic) distance between the parental species increases, a corresponding delay in embryonic gene expression occurs; suggestive of species-specific ...19854006440
changes in the electrical properties of olfactory epithelial cells in the tiger salamander after olfactory nerve transection.transection of olfactory nerves causes degeneration of receptor neurons in the olfactory epithelium, followed by generation of new receptor neurons. we have carried out intracellular recordings to document changes in epithelial cell populations during receptor neuron degeneration and regrowth at 1, 2, and 4 weeks following olfactory nerve transection in the salamander. receptor neurons were greatly reduced in numbers at 1 week, and gradually returned to the normal percentage of intracellular pen ...19853965638
electrophysiological properties of identified cells in the in vitro olfactory epithelium of the tiger in vitro preparation of the salamander olfactory epithelium has been developed for electrophysiological analysis. intracellular measurements of membrane properties of the main epithelial cell types have been carried out, combined with lucifer yellow injections. the most prevalent type of cell had a high resting membrane potential and relatively low input resistance. this cell never discharged impulses, either spontaneously or to injected current. lucifer yellow injections identified this cell ...19853965637
origins of the regional feeding abilities in the tiger swallowtail butterfly: ecological monophagy and the papilio glaucus australis subspecies in florida.the highlands county, florida populations of the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, papilio glaucus l., represent a putative subspecies, p. g. australis maynard. the only foodplant ever reported in southern half of florida is sweetbay, magnolia virginiana l. (magnoliaceae). in fact, there are apparently no other reported foodplants for the polyphagous tiger swallowtail species which exist in southern florida. these ecologically monophagous p. g. australis populations were studied in order to d ...198628312089
surgical treatment of laryngeal ossification in a tiger. 19863146564
amphibian terminal nerve: distribution revealed by lhrh and ache markers.immunocytochemical and histochemical studies in the tiger salamander and bullfrog demonstrated the presence of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-like immunoreactive (lhrh-ir) material and acetylcholinesterase (ache) in the terminal nerve (tn). immunoreactive perikarya and processes were found within the olfactory, vomeronasal and trigeminal nerves and in the nasal epithelium. central tn projections consisted of fibers terminating in the olfactory bulb and bundles that projected to another gr ...19863533213
differential responses of tiger swallowtail subspecies to secondary metabolites from tulip tree and quaking aspen.two subspecies of the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, papilio glaucus, exhibit reciprocal inabilities to survive and grow on each other's preferred foodplant. p. g. canadensis r. & j. performs well on quaking aspen (populus tremuloides michx.) but not on tulip tree (liriodendron tulipifera l.); p. g. glaucus l. performs well on tulip tree but not on quaking aspen. this study was designed to test the hypothesis that secondary metabolites in tulip tree and quaking aspen are responsible for th ...198628311282
the existence of glutathione and cysteine disulfide-linked to erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase from tiger this study it is shown that the higher molecular weight previously reported for tiger shark carbonic anhydrase (carbonate hydro-lyase, ec compared to other carbonic anhydrases is decreased to a normal value around 30 000 after disulfide reduction of the enzyme. this difference in molecular weight is at least partly due to the existence of disulfide-linked glutathione and cysteine residues. approx. 3 mol glutathione and a similar amount of cysteine are shown to be bound per mol enzyme ...19863083866
[precancerous conditions in the digestive tract: true risk or paper tiger? the stomach]. 19863736308
gated currents generate single spike activity in amacrine cells of the tiger salamander retina.amacrine cells form the neural networks mediating the second level of lateral interactions in the vertebrate retina. members of a prominent class of amacrine cells, found in most vertebrates, respond at both the onset and termination of steps of illumination with a single, large transient depolarization. we show here how specific relationships between membrane currents control this single spike activity. using whole-cell patch clamp on living retinal slices, we studied the membrane currents in a ...19863456599
effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid on cones and bipolar cells of the tiger salamander retina.the gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) system in the tiger salamander retina was studied using autoradiographic and electrophysiological techniques. a high-affinity uptake mechanism for gaba has been localized in about 60% of the horizontal cells and about 30% of the amacrine cells. effects of exogeneously applied gaba on the membrane conductance of cones and hyperpolarizing bipolar cells (hbc) were examined using the two electrode current-clamp technique in the living retinal slices. in both cell t ...19863947987
the tiger system: automating the geographic structure of the united states census.the success of a census rests not only on how well the bureau of the census collects data, but also on how well the census bureau links those data to geographic areas. problems with the geographic materials produced for the 1980 census caused confusion on the part of the census bureau's field staff, the staff processing the collected data, and the users of the resulting information. to avoid similar problems in 1990, the geography division of the census bureau is developing an automated geograph ...198612315553
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