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validity of processes of change in physical activity among college students in the tiger test the factorial validity and measurement equivalence/invariance of scales used to measure processes of change derived from the transtheoretical model (ttm) applied to physical activity.020734174
self-regulation of exercise behavior in the tiger study.this study aimed to test experiential and behavioral processes of change as mediators of the prediction of exercise behavior by two self-regulation traits, self-efficacy and self-motivation, while controlling for exercise enjoyment.024311018
epidemiology of la crosse virus emergence, appalachia region, united crosse encephalitis is a viral disease that has emerged in new locations across the appalachian region of the united states. conventional wisdom suggests that ongoing emergence of la crosse virus (lacv) could stem from the invasive asian tiger (aedes albopictus) mosquito. efforts to prove this, however, are complicated by the numerous transmission routes and species interactions involved in lacv dynamics. to analyze lacv transmission by asian tiger mosquitoes, we constructed epidemiologic mod ...027767009
transcriptome sequencing as a platform to elucidate molecular components of the diapause response in the asian tiger mosquito, aedes albopictus.diapause has long been recognized as a crucial ecological adaptation to spatio-temporal environmental variation. more recently, rapid evolution of the diapause response has been implicated in response to contemporary global warming and during the range expansion of invasive species. although the molecular regulation of diapause remains largely unresolved, rapidly emerging next-generation sequencing (ngs) technologies provide exciting opportunities to address this longstanding question. herein, a ...023833391
infravec: research capacity for the implementation of genetic control of mosquitoes.mosquitoes represent a major and global cause of human suffering due to the diseases they transmit. these include parasitic diseases, i.e. malaria and filariasis, and viral infections such as dengue, encephalitis, and yellow fever. the threat of mosquito-borne diseases is not limited to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. trade and climate changes have opened new niches to tropical vectors in temperate areas of the world, thus putting previously unaffected regions at risk of disease t ...024428829
present and future projections of habitat suitability of the asian tiger mosquito, a vector of viral pathogens, from global climate simulation.climate change can influence the transmission of vector-borne diseases (vbds) through altering the habitat suitability of insect vectors. here we present global climate model simulations and evaluate the associated uncertainties in view of the main meteorological factors that may affect the distribution of the asian tiger mosquito (aedes albopictus), which can transmit pathogens that cause chikungunya, dengue fever, yellow fever and various encephalitides. using a general circulation model at 50 ...025688015
the efficacy of some commercially available insect repellents for aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae) and aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae).reducing the number of host-vector interactions is an effective way to reduce the spread of vector-borne diseases. repellents are widely used to protect humans from a variety of protozoans, viruses, and nematodes. deet (n,n-diethyl-meta-toluamide), a safe and effective repellent, was developed during world war ii. fear of possible side effects of deet has created a large market for "natural" deet-free repellents with a variety of active ingredients. we present a comparative study on the efficacy ...026443777
whole-genome sequence of wolbachia strain walbb, an endosymbiont of tiger mosquito vector aedes albopictus.although bacteria of the genus wolbachia induced significant extended phenotypes to infected hosts, most molecular mechanisms involved are still unknown. to gain insight into the bacterial genetic determinants, we sequenced the whole genome of wolbachia walbb strain, a commensal obligate intracellular of the tiger mosquito aedes albopictus.022408242
influence of age and nutritional status on flight performance of the asian tiger mosquito aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae).the asian tiger mosquito, aedes albopictus, is a competent vector for arboviruses and recently was implicated as the vector of the first autochthonous cases of dengue and chikungunya in southern europe. the objective of this study was to analyze the flight performance of female ae. albopictus of different ages that were starved, sugar-fed, or sugar-fed and blood-fed, using flight mills. after three days of starvation post emergence, females flew an average distance of 0.7 ± 0.5 km in 1.9 ± 1.5 h ...024404384
correction to 'present and future projections of habitat suitability of the asian tiger mosquito, a vector of viral pathogens, from global climate simulation'. 026323769
pantothenate kinase 2 mutation with eye-of-the-tiger sign on magnetic resonance imaging in three siblings.pantothenate kinase associated neurodegeneration (pkan) is the most prevalent type of neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (nbia) disorders characterized by extrapyramidal signs, and 'eye-of-the-tiger' on t2 brain magnetic resonance imaging (mri) characterized by hypointensity in globus pallidus and a hyperintensity in its core. all pkan patients have homozygous or compound heterozygous mutation in pank2 gene.024250886
responses of tadpoles to hybrid predator odours: strong maternal signatures and the potential risk/response mismatch.previous studies have established that when a prey animal knows the identity of a particular predator, it can use this knowledge to make an 'educated guess' about similar novel predators. such generalization of predator recognition may be particularly beneficial when prey are exposed to introduced and invasive species of predators or hybrids. here, we examined generalization of predator recognition for woodfrog tadpoles exposed to novel trout predators. tadpoles conditioned to recognize tiger tr ...026041358
a new sabre-toothed tiger from the loup fork tertiary of kansas. 189217774143
a preliminary communication on the changes in nerve cells after poisoning with the venom of the australian tiger-snake (hoplocephalus curtus). 190216992634
the lady and the tiger. 192018738145
the coagulation of blood by snake venoms and its physiologic significance.nine of the 17 venoms here tested were found capable of coagulating citrated blood or plasma. as has been believed by most workers in the field, 7 of these 9 coagulant venoms convert fibrinogen to an insoluble modification resembling fibrin (bothrops atrox, bothrops jararaca, bothrops nummifera, crotalus adamanteus, crotalus horridus, crotalus terrificus basiliscus, crotalus terrificus terrificus). the optimum ph for this coagulation was determined for 3 of these, and was found in each case to b ...193719870622
a tiger shark and a basking shark rammed by steamers. 194017772455
polydactyl in the tiger salamander. 194718900292
castration of a tiger. 194718918556
polydactyly and limb duplication occurring naturally in the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum. 194717741555
a case of tiger bite. 194918118576
two instances of proved rabies in the tiger. 195014794203
a rare displacement of a canine in a tiger. 195114808229
introducing the marine tiger. 195214941942
[on o-tricresylphosphate poisoning in tigers]. 195214949240
tiger-snake venom: attempted resuscitation in rabbits. 195413193255
animal fats. 6. the component acids of tiger fat and of puma fat. 195514363118
flexor spasm syndrome in the carnivore. ii. occurrence in a tiger (felis tigris). 195613362782
congenital diaphragmatic hernia in the tiger; two case reports. 195613345693
[history of tiger heart; contribution of ospedale maggiore through a. gambarini and a. dubini]. 195613335255
additional purine compounds in the venom of the tiger snake (notechis scutatus). 195713483527
palsy syndrome in tiger cubs. 195713462891
the separation and properties of the neurotoxins from the venom of the tiger snake notechis scutatus scutatus. 195813607406
antagonism between the actions of staphylococcal toxin and tiger snake venom. 195813566063
active immunization of man against the venom of the australian tiger snake (notechis scutatus). 196013844637
anaphylactic shock and subsequent dementia following the administration of tiger-snake antivenene. 196013774388
venom yields and toxicity of the venoms of male and female tiger snakes. 196013785113
a pharmacologically active choline ester and other substances in the garden tiger moth, arctia caja (l.). 196013849067
weights and linear measurements of the body and of some organs of the tiger salamander. 196114462679
tiger meets man. 196113726768
tiger dunlop of canada west. 196320327583
[neurology and neuropathology of tigers in captivity. 1. on a conclusive encephalopathy following a generalized vascular disorder resembling periarteritis nodosa]. 196314198892
histological observation on the anal sac and its glands of a tiger. 19635896529
sleeping tiger: do not disturb. 196414267857
weights and linear measurements of the body and organs of the tiger salamander, before and after metamorphosis, compared with the adult. 196414123498
[neurology and neuropathology of tigers in captivity. 2. subacute meningoencephalitis with a picture of epileptic confusion and unusual vascular changes]. 196414191003
nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism in a tiger. 19655893859
the coronary care area: a tiger by the tail. 19655829126
[microsporosis in 2 tigers]. 196514298543
[a tiger under the hood and a donkey at the wheel]. 19655851720
radiological examination of a litter of siberian tigers and a four-month-old african lion. 19665948306
coagulant activity of tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) venom. 19665968776
tiger by the tail. 196610359623
what are mathematicians doing?let me emphasize the point i have been trying to make. the mathematician's playing with the roots of equations, a play which had no practical motivations and almost no possibilities of practical application, led to the recognition of the importance of symmetry and groups. the study of theory of groups led to mathematical discoveries in geometry and differential equations, and finally to prediction of the existence of a new elementary particle. surely a surprising outcome for the ivory-tower spec ...196617751697
spermatozoa of tiger--some observations on their morphology. 19676041983
[malignant adenoameloblastoma of the palate in a tiger python]. 19675630194
terrible tigers. 19685745869
indirect evidence of ceratopogonid predation by a tiger beetle. 19685687746
paragonimus westermani (kerbert, 1878) from tigers in north sumatra, indonesia. 19685757735
is there a tiger in your tax return...or a chicken? 19695250665
cyclohexanone as an anesthetic for the leopard and the bengal tiger. 19695388174
spiroxys utahensis sp. n. (nematoda: spiruridae) from the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum nebulosum. 19695813532
the appointment book: tiger or pussycat? 19695258373
taming the tiger: how to make your edp systems pay off. 19695793063
green-paper tiger. 19694178990
the white tigers of rewa and gene homology in the felidae. 19695806538
on the escape of tigers: an ecologic note. 19705530409
comparative studies of the respiratory functions of mammalian blood. vi. young lion and tiger. 19705430147
tiletamine anesthesia of a siberian tiger and a lion. 19715571828
outbreak of trypanosomiasis evansi amongst tigers and jaguars in the zoological garden, calcutta. 19715103629
strontium chloride b and e.e. enrichment broth media for the isolation of edwardsiella, salmonella and arizona species from tiger snakes.strontium chloride b medium and e.e. broth have been found effective in the recovery of edwardsiella, salmonella and arizona species from the cloacal contents of tiger snakes (notechis scutatus). strontium chloride b medium was superior to e.e. least one bacterial species was detected in each of the 60 reptiles examined, and all three organisms were recovered from each of 29 snakes on a single examination.strontium chloride m, strontium selenite and rappaport enrichment media and bismut ...19714937851
haemaphysalis (h.) sumatraensis sp. n. (ixodoidea: ixodidae), a tick parasitizing the tiger, boar, and sambar deer in indonesia. 19715133889
hepatoma in a bengal tiger. 19714328441
cafd: tiger with paper teeth. 197116062524
georges clemenceau, m.d. (1841-1929). the smile on the face of the "tiger". 19714930486
hydrocarbon sex pheromone in tiger moths (arctiidae).2-methylheptadecane is a sex pheromone compound in many sibling species of the holomelina aurantiaca complex, in holomelina laeta, and in pyrrharctia isabella, which are all arctiids. habitat preference, temporal distribution , and differing diurnal cycles help effect reproductive isolation among the species, but secondary sex pheromone chemicals are also suggested by the field studies.19715540309
hospital, medical care cost cutbacks ;a tiger by the tail' says oma president. 197220312024
coccidioidomycosis accompanying hepatic disease in two bengal tigers. 19724626774
cavernous tuberculosis of the lungs and secondary hypertrophic osteo-arthropathy in a siberian tiger (panthera tigrus). 19725077656
purification of a presynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of the australian tiger snake notechis scutatus scutatus. 19725070579
observations on the blood of the marsupial tiger cat, dasyurops maculatus (kerr) (dasyuridae). 19724405351
coccidia from the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum, in northeastern colorado and in northern new mexico. 19725032222
retinal projections in the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum. 19724121311
adaptation of the tiger salamander, ambystoma tigrinum, to arid habitats. 19734148158
neurotransmitter synthesis in the tectum of the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum. 19734149307
effects of pituitary hormones, melatonin, and thyroidal inhibitors on radioiodide uptake by the thyroid glands of larval and adult tiger salamanders, ambystoma tigrinum (amphibia: caudata). 19734753365
spatial orientation by salamanders using plane-polarized light.tiger salamanders (ambystoma tigrinum) can perceive the plane of polarization in linearly polarized light and can learn to use that e-vector direction for spatial orientation in indoor orientation tests.19734719070
optic fiber projections of the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum. 19734791442
yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection in a siberian tiger and a spider monkey. 19734200446
the relationship of acetylcholinesterase activity to optic fiber projections in the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum. 19734748957
[work environment legislation: paper tiger without concrete direction]. 1973246338
presynaptic and postsynaptic effects of the venom of the australian tiger snake at the neuromuscular junction.1. crude venom (tsv) from the australian tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) has both presynaptic and postsynaptic effects at the neuromuscular junctions of toads.2. tsv (50 mug/ml) rapidly blocked indirectly elicited muscle twitches without affecting the compound action potential in the sciatic nerve or twitches elicited by direct stimulation.3. low concentrations of the venom (1-10 mug/ml) reduced the amplitude of miniature endplate potentials ( and inhibited the depolarization o ...19734367126
a tiger by the tail. 19734490325
effects of tiger snake venom on the ultrastructure of motor nerve terminals. 19734198606
genetic abnormality of the visual pathways in a "white" tiger."white"tigers show an inherited reduction of pigment, produced by an autosomal recessive gene. the brain of one of these tigers shows an abnormality of the visual pathways similar to abnormalities that are associated with albinism in many other mammals. there is a close relationship between the reduced pigment formation, the pathway abnormality, and strabismus.19734707916
australian tiger snake venom--an inhibitor of transmitter release. 19734349359
a tiger by the tail: the governance of the academic health sciences center. 19734682118
effects of an isolated toxin from australian tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) venom at the mammalian neuromuscular junction.1. the acute effects of a purified toxin from australian tiger snake (notechis scutatus scutatus) venom have been investigated at the mammalian neuromuscular junction.2. the toxin was injected into the tail vein of mice. death was due to respiratory paralysis.3. the resting membrane potential, and action potential of muscle fibres in muscles from in vivo intoxicated animals were normal.4. the frequency of miniature end plate potentials (m.e.p.p.s) from intoxicated nerve-muscle preparations was r ...19734352085
organization of the outer synaptic layer in the retina of the larval tiger salamander. 19734147132
sodium: stimulus for puddling behavior by tiger swallowtail butterflies, papilio glaucus.male papilio glaucus butterflies are attracted to sand soaked with dillute aqueous solutions of sodium salts. a sodium ion concentration of 10(-3) molar is sufficient to stimulate puddling behavior. acqlisition of sodiumn mnay be the main ecological function of pudding behavior.19744834370
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