partial purification and characterization of post-proline cleaving enzyme: enzymatic inactivation of neurohypophyseal hormones by kidney preparations of various species.the inactivation of the neurohypophyseal hormones arginine vasopressin and oxytocin, both 14c-labelled in the c-terminal glycine residue, by enzymes present in kidney homogenates of various species has been investigated, and some of the enzymes responsible have been partially purified and characterized. the leu-gly peptide bond of oxytocin is generally most effectively cleaved by kidney homogenates, although with certain species enzymic activity hydrolyzing the pro-leu bond is significant. degra ...19762300
the rate of calcium uptake into sarcoplasmic reticulum of cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. effects of cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphorylase b kinase.calcium transport into sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments isolated from dog cardiac and mixed skeletal muscle (quadriceps) and from mixed fast (tibialis), pure fast (caudofemoralis) and pure slow (soleus) skeletal muscles from the cat was studied. cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphorylase b kinase stimulated the rate of calcium transport although some variability was observed. a specific protein kinase inhibitor prevented the effect of protein kinase but not of phosphorylase b kinase. ...19762325
correction of plasma hemoglobin measurements in calculating a hemolysis index.a "haemolysis index" may be defined from plasma haemoglobin concentration. this is useful in evaluating the consequences of the artificial kidneys and lungs (pumps and circuitry). measurements must be taken repeatedly, and corrections made for variations in plasma volume from standard conditions (haematocrit or total haemoglobin) to obtain meaningful comparisons. the "haemolysis index" must take into account the number of passages through the circuit.19752343
prostaglandins in pyometrial fluid from the cow, bitch and ferret.1 pyometra is a disorder of the uterus usually associated with bacterial infection plus obstruction. 2 large quantities of fluid often collect in the uterus during this condition. 3 pyometrial fluid obtained from three species was found to contain prostaglandin f2alpha, usually in large quantities. 4 prostaglandin e2 was present in smaller quantities in five of the six samples. 5 these findings are discussed in relation to the known occurrence of prostaglandins in inflammatory fluid, and to the ...19752358
letter: massive intoxication with metoprolol. 19762365
afferent neural pathway in the regulation of cardiopulmonary responses to tissue hypermetabolism.we studied the role of neural transmission from hypermetabolic peripheral tissues in the regulation of cardiac output and pulmonary ventilation in chloralose-anesthetized dogs. cross-circulation techniques with femoral-femoral or femoral-aortic anastomoses were used to produce a vascularly isolated, but normally innervated, hindlimb or lower half-body, 2,4-dinitrophenol (dnp) was infused into the arterial side of the perfusion circuit to triple oxygen consumption and to increase lactate producti ...19762387
cardiovascular and beta-adrenergic blocking effects of timolol.the haemodynamic effects of timolol and its inhibiting action on the cardiovascular and bronchial effects of isoproterenol have been studied. splanchnic nerve activity was recorded. the antiarrhythmic action of timolol was studied on guinea pig isolated atria, using arrhythmias induced by epinephrine, ouabain or coronary ligation in the dog. timolol is a very potent beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent, without specificity on beta1- or beta2-receptors. no intrinsic beta-stimulating or depressant eff ...19762481
analysis of cardiac chronotropic responses to diazepam and bromazepam in conscious trained conscious trained dogs, administration of bromazepam (0.3 mg/kg p.o.) or diazepam (0.3 and 1.0 mg/kg p.o.) had no influence on heart rate. a higher dose (10 mg/kg p.o.) of two benzodiazepines elicited a positive chronotropic effect which was rapid in onset and of long duration. the beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent practolol (2.5 mg/kg i.v.) did not revert heart rate after the benzodiazepines to the same level as in controls, indicating that the tachycardia was not produced by an increase in s ...19762483
mechanics of vascular smooth muscle contraction. 19752488
oxidative deamination of biogenic amines by intestinal amine oxidases: histamine is specifically inactivated by diamine oxidase.the ability of the gut to inactivate various amines by oxidative deamination was tested with a 130-fold purified amine oxidase preparation from dog small intestine. of 34 amines tested, putrescine, benzylamine, cadaverine, and serotonin were the most favourable substrates. histamine was inactivated rapidly by this enzyme preparation, too. histamine derivatives methylated at the imidazole nucleus were also deaminated, whereas nalpha-methylhistamine was only a poor substrate and nalpha, nalpha-dim ...19752528
interaction of antihistaminic agents with adrenoceptors. 19752553
ganglion blocking activity of a few quaternised quinoline derivatives. 19752555
effect of plasma k+ on the dc potential and on ion distributions between csf and blood.keeping the arterial ph at 7.4 and paco2 at 40 mmhg in eight anesthetized dogs, we acutely raised plasma potassium concentration from 3.4 to 8.2 meq/1, then allowed it to decay back to control levels. the cerebrospinal fluid (csf)-blood electrical potential difference (pd) increased 13.2 mv per 10-fold increase in plasma k+. again keeping arterial ph at 7.4 and paco2 at 40 mmhg, we elevated plasma k+ in four dogs from 3.3 to 8.0 meq/1 and maintained this level for 6 h. we found 1) that the pd in ...19752572
hydrogen ion concentration and oxygen uptake in an isolated canine hindlimb.oxygen utilization (vo2) and lactate production by an isolated perfused canine hindlimb was evaluated at various hydrogen ion concentrations. a membrane lung perfusion system was established such that blood flow and temperature could be fixed at normal levels. oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (co2) gas flows to the membrane lung were independently regulated to provide a fixed arterial oxygen content (cao2). by changing co2 flow, the ph of the arterial blood was varied between 6.9 and 7.6 at ...19762574
cerebrospinal fluid sampling technique and astrup ph and pco2 values.the ph and pco2 values measured by the astrup technique were compared in cerebrospinal fluid (csf) obtained using two different sampling techniques: 1) a direct or in vivo technique and 2) the widely accepted syringe sampling technique. in 65 pairs of measurements in 9 dogs it was found that the ph was always overestimated and the pco2 always underestimated in the syringe sample when compared to the in vivo sample. the equations describing the relationships are as follows: 1) ph (syringe = 0.995 ...19762575
the effect of an aldosterone antagonist on the protective action of carbenoxolone on the gastric mucosal barrier.the effect of an aldosterone antagonist on the protective action of carbenoxolone sodium on the gastric mucosal barrier has been studied in three dogs with heidenhain pouches. the net fluxes of hydrogen ion and sodium ion were measured before, during, and after contact with a 10 mm bile acid solution at ph 2, in pouches which had not been treated with drugs, in pouches treated with carbenoxolone sodium and in pouches treated with both carbenoxolone sodium and the aldosterone antagonist, spironol ...19752660
proceedings: further studies on the correlation between biological activity and solubility of some carminatives. 19752742
plasma sodium concentration and sodium excretion in the anaesthetized dog.1. the effect of acute alterations of plasma sodium concentration (pna) on renal sodium excretion (unav) was investigated by three types of experiments on anaesthetized dogs: (a) a local increase in pna at one kidney was produced by infusion of hypertonic saline directly into its artery while systemic levels of pna were stabilized by haemodialysis. (b) systemic levels of pna were lowered by exchange transfusion of blood for an equal volume of salt-free dextran-in-dextrose solution. the results w ...19762771
proceedings: suppression of histamine leucocytosis by metiamide. 19762772
proceedings: glutamine synthetase and glutamine gamma-glutamyl transferase in human, canine, and rat kidneys. 19752787
pharmacological analysis of the adrenergic control of the cerebral circulation.the adrenergic control of the cerebral circulation was subjected to pharmacological analysis. the status of the cerebral circulation was assessed using radioisotope, electromagnetic and resistographic methods. eeg, ecg and arterial pressure were recorded. the acid-base equilibrium and oxygen tension were measured in the arterial blood and cerebrospinal fluid. the experiments showed that the sympathetic innervation plays an important role in controlling cerebral circulation and in the development ...19752821
oxygen saturation determination in frozen blood. 19752838
hepatic sodium-potassium exchange induced by adrenomimetic amines.the effects of catecholamines on hepatic k+ and na+ movements were studied in anesthetized dogs by measuring systemic arterial and hepatic venous electrolyte composition following intraportal injections of adrenergic agonists. all catecholamines studied caused the initial loss and subsequent uptake of k+ by the liver. the loss of hepatic k+ was accompanied by an uptake of na+ at a 1:1 ratio. this accumulation of na+ continued, although at a slower rate, for at least 8 min. epinephrine and norepi ...19762927
canine cardiac lymph potassium, ph and flow after experimental myocardial infarction.canine cardiac lymph was studied after acute experimental myocardial infarction. the lymph potassium concentration remained the same, the lymph potassium content increased, the lymph ph decreased, and the lymph flow increased while the serum potassium and ph remained the same. it is suggested that localized hypoxia may result in cellular changes that release substances, e.g., potassium, to the interstitial space where they mobilize fluid and enhance lymph flow.19762928
myocardial substrate utilization in anaphylactic shock.changes in myocardial substrate utilization were studied in anesthetized dogs following the production of anaphylactic shock. mean arterial blood pressure, cardiac output, and ph decreased significantly during this form of shock. myocardial ffa oxidation was greatly diminished especially within the first hour following challenge and lactate uptake more than doubled during the same time. thus, it is concluded that myocardial substrate utilization shifted away from ffa and towards lactate during a ...19762930
the influence of drug-induced alterations in the pressor-inotropic state on left ventricular dynamics.these experiments present new data, obtained by direct measurement, describing the influence of phe, ne, and iso on ventricular mf or load. measurement of mf along with measurements of ventricular pressure, size, and inotropic state allows for a more complete and meaningful characterization of the response of the intact ventricle to pharmacological interventions.19762931
effect of variations in ph on kinetics of myosin.the ph optimum was the same in canine tissue for cardiac and skeletal muscle myosin; when myosin was activated by monovalent cations, the ph optimum was 7.5 while activation of myosin by divalent cations gave a ph optimum of 5.5. protons were needed for divalent cation activation of myosin. with changes in ph there were concomitant changes in the apparent affinity of enzyme for substrate (s 0.5), such that with a decrease in ph there was an elevation in k+- or nh4+ -activated myosin's apparent a ...19752960
distribution of prostaglandin e 9-ketoreductase and nad+-dependent and nadp+-dependent 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase in the renal cortex and medulla of various species.regional distributions of pge 9-ketoreductase and 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin dehydrogenase were examined in the cytoplasmic fractions from the kidneys of seven species. all species contained an nadph-dependent reductase, as well as nad+- and nadp+-dependent dehydrogenases in both cortex and medulla. a previously unrecognized cytoplasmic nadh-dependent pge 9-ketoreductase was also detected in the cortex and medulla of rat and bovine kidney. total nad+- and nadp+-dependent dehydrogenase activity was ...19752961
importance of alkalosis in maintenance of "ideal" blood ph during hypothermia. 19752985
isolation and properties of 2 kallikreins from human saliva.two kallikreins (k-i and k-ii) were purified from mixed, parotid and submandibular human saliva. the kallikreins were separated by chromatography on cm-cellulose. the ph optima of activity were at ph 9.3 and ph 9.6-9.8; km for baee was 1.10-3m and 4.10-3m, respectively. the esterase activity of k-i and k-ii was inhibited by trasylol-like inhibitors, while the plant and synthetic inhibitors of trypsin were uneffective. in dog, rabbit and rat the hypotensive effect of k-ii and its action upon the ...19753025
course of heterotransfusion shock under conditions of high-altitude hypoxia (experimental study). 19753062
dynamic release of gastrin and histamine during chronic ulcer disease. 19763080
effects of metabolic and pharmacologic interventions on myocardial infarct size following coronary occlusion.a number of hemodynamic, pharmacologic and metabolic interventions were found to change the extent of acute ischemic injury of the myocardium and subsequent necrosis following experimental coronary artery occlusion. reduction in myocardial damage occurred by decreasing myocardial oxygen demands (beta-adrenergic blocking agents, intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation, external counterpulsation, nitroglycerin, decreasing afterload in hypertensive patients, inhibition of lipolysis, and digitalis in ...19763095
metabolism of histamine in secreting and isolated canine 14c activity in juice secreted by gastric pouches of six dogs and seven isolated canine stomachs was determined in response to intravenous and intra-arterial infusions of histamine and 14chistamine. the proportions of 14c attributable to histamine, nalpha-methylhistamine (nalphameh), nalpha,nalpha-dimethylhistamine (nalphanalphame2h), n-telle-methylhistamine (ntaumeh), imidazole acetic acid (imaa), n-methylimidazole acetic acid (ntaumeimaa), acetylhistamine (ach), and histaminol (hoh) were ...19763112
enzymes of cyclic nucleotide metabolism in invertebrate and vertebrate sperm. 19763138
pharmacological properties of 2-(2-chloro-p-toluidino)-2-imidazoline-nitrate (tolonidine), a new antihypertensive agent. iii. action on the secretions of the digestive tract and on the central nervous system, acute toxicity.the pharmacological properties of 2-(2-chloro-p-toluidino)-2-imidazoline-nitrate (tolonidine) a new synthetic derivative of imidazoline are reported in a series of three successive articles. this compound has been shown to possess hypotensive and antihypertensive properties. after i.v. administration, the hypotensive phase was preceded by hypertension related to the potent direct alpha-sympatheticomimetic properties of the product. this pressor response, which was not seen after oral administrat ...19753186
the reduction of coma time in lipophilic drug overdose using castor oil.a clinical trial of castor oil in overdoses of lipophilic drugs gave a strong clinical impression that it was effective in speeding up recovery. therefore, animal experiments were undertaken to confirm that castor oil acts as a ligand in ethchlorvynol poisoning and that its use reduces coma time. serial serum levels of ethchlorvynol were obtained from dogs given ethchlorvynol 150 mg/kg alone, and the same dose dissolved in castor oil 15 ml/kg in a crossover fashion. the result was a reduction of ...19763270
the acute effects of respiratory and metabolic acidosis on renal function in the dog.1. effective renal plasma flow, glomerular filtration rate and cardiac output were measured in osmotically loaded dogs before and during comparable acute respiratory and metabolic acidosis. 2. urine output increased in control dogs and in animals with metabolic acidosis, but declined with respiratory acidosis. effective renal plasma flow and glomerular filtration rate declined with respiratory and metabolic acidosis. 3. when respiratory acidosis was buffered with sodium bicarbonate, urine volume ...19763305
bis-phosphatidic acid plasmalogen in brain of amia calva and its correlation with the infarct plasmalogen and the cardiolipin (diphosphatidyl glycerol) series of phosphatides. 19753368
the binding of catecholamines to the serum proteins of the rat and the domestic fowl. 19753370
physiological disposition and metabolism of (3h)bitolterol in man and dog.the metabolism and disposition of bitolterol, the di-p-toluate ester of n-t-butylarterenol (tba) was studied in man after a single oral dose and in dog after intraduodenal, iv, or oral administration. the mean (+/- se) peak plasma radioactivity in man (dose, 70 mug/kg) was 180 +/- 18 ng equivalents of 3hbitolterol per ml or approximately 11% of the dose, whereas peak plasma radioactivity in dog (dose, 200 mug/kg) was 144 +/- 23 ng equivalents per ml or approximately 4% of the dose. for both man ...19763404
neutrophils collection and transfusion for the treatment of infection in neutropenic patients. 19753418
anti-arrhythmic action of nadolol, a beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent.the anti-arrhythmic action of 2,3-cis-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-5-(2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylamino)propoxy2,3-naphthalenediol (nadolol) was evaluated and compared with that of propranolol in several experimental models of cardiac arrhythmias. both nadolol and propranolol antagonized isoproterenol-induced tachycardia and ouabain-induced arrhythmias in cats, antagonized coronary artery ligation-induced ventricular fibrillation and suppressed ventricular ectopic activity during vagal stimulation in dogs. in c ...19763420
the effects of some polypeptides on the systemic blood pressure of sheep (author's transl). 19753458
the renal handling of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy- acetic acid (2,4,5-t) in the dog. 19763460
a dacron wool packed-bed extracorporeal reactor: a kinetic study of immobilized escherichia coli ii extracorporeal reactor containing a packed bed of dacron fibers has been developed. escherichia coli ii l-asparaginase was coupled to the dacron using gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane and glutaraldehyde. the preparation had an activity of 37 iu per gram of dacron (37 degrees c). the apparent km was studied as a function of the flow rate. the data indicated that the apparent km approached the km of the native enzyme at flow rates of about 300 mg/min. in vivo use of l-asparaginase immobilized o ...19763508
effect of beta adrenergic blockade on renin response to renal nerve stimulation.the ability of d,l-propranolol to block renin secretion in response to various extrarenal stimuli, such as hemorrhage and hypoglycemia, has been interpreted to indicate the presence of an intrarenal beta receptor regulating renin release. however, two problems complicate this interpretation: (a) the stimuli have effects outside the kidney, and (b) d,l-propranolol has a local anesthetic, as well as a beta adrenergic blocking, action. in the present study, the effects of a purely intrarenal stimul ...19763519
the regional blood flow of brainstem and effect of anti-vertigo drugs (author's transl). 19753634
the antiarrhythmic and cardiovascular properties of 1-dimethyl isopropylamino-3-(2-phenylphenoxy)-propan-2-ol chloride, um-424.the quarternary ammonium compound, um-424 1-dimethyl isopropylamino-3-(2-phenylphenoxy)-propan-2-ol chloride, was evaluated for its antiarrhythmic and hemodynamic effects. um-424 converted ouabain-induced ventricular tachycardia in the anesthetized dog when administered in an average dose of 4.6 mg/kg i.v. pretreatment of anesthetized dogs with um-424, 10 mg/kg, provided complete protection against the development of premature beats and ventricular fibrillation when the left anterior descending ...19763643
a new series of cardioselective adrenergic beta-receptor blocking compounds. 1-(2-acyl-4-acylaminophenoxy)-3-isopropylaminopropan-2-ols.a series of 1-(2-acyl-4-acylaminophenoxy)-3-isopropylaminopropan-2-ols has been synthesized and examined for beta-receptor blocking and antiarrhythmic activity. several of these compounds are more than 20 times as active in blocking cardiac beta-receptors than vascular beta-receptors when given intravenously to anesthetized cats. the activities have been correlated quantitatively with partition and steric substitution constants. the observed relationships are consistent with a tentative proposal ...19763647
production of slow responses in canine cardiac purkinje fibers exposed to reduced ph. 19763658
experimental single-stage reconstruction of the tendon sheath and flexor tendon (free tendon graft, using a vein for sheath on the flexor tendon in dogs).in dog experiments the flexor tendons of the 2nd toe together with their tendon sheaths have been extirpated by the authors. then on the place of the tendon sheath complex-resembling the human hand's "no man's land" -for the substitution of the tendon sheath-free inautotransplants with long vein-segments have been grafted in one sitting. resuming the results of the macroscopic and light microscopic examinations carried out in definite times it has been found by the authors that while the vein se ...19763691
metabolic changes in dogs during anaphylactic shock. 19753707
changes in bile physicochemical indexes in experimental salmonella typhimurium carrier state. 19753718
cryptorchidism in dogs. 19763723
secretin, cholecystokinin and newer gastrointestinal hormones (first of two parts). 19763738
pulmonary microembolism: attenuated pulmonary vasoconstriction with prostaglandin inhibitors and antihistamines.the mechanism(s) involved in the pulmonary vascular and airway responses to pulmonary microembolism have not been clearly defined. therefore, we determined the effects of specific prostaglandin and histamine blockade on the hemodynamic and arterial blood gas tension responses to particulate microembolism (200 mu glass beads) in intact anesthetized dogs. the marked increases in pulmonary arterial pressure and pulmonary vascular resistance observed in the untreated dogs were attenuated, but not ab ...19763824
carotid body control of coronary flow, myocardial oxidative metabolism, and cardiac catecholamines in the a series of 11 dogs, selective stimulation of the carotid body receptors by hypoxic, hypercapnic, acidotic blood produces bradycardia, an increase of coronary flow, and greater release of norepinephrine from the heart; the coronary resistances are decreased. the same stimulation after vagotomy is no longer accompanied by bradycardia; the decrease of coronary resistance is less marked and the release of norephinephrine is increased.19763828
biological stimulators of hematopoiesis as nonspecific factors increasing body's resistance (experimental study). 19753907
modification of the gastric secretory response to sham feeding by acidification of the antrum and the duodenum in dogs.the effect of closure of a gastric cannula on the acid response to sham feeding was studied in pavlov-pouch dogs with intact antro-duodenal regions as well as in antrectomized dogs with gastroduodenostomies. in the latter dogs, the sham feeding response was augmented by infusions of low doses of exogenous gastrin. the acid output after sham feeding in intact dogs was reduced on average by 59% by closure of the gastric cannula. in antrectomized dogs receiving a back-ground stimulation with gastri ...19763946
alterations in the circulatory system of anaesthesized dogs following administration of histamine and histamine h1- and h2-receptor antagonists in relation to plasma histamine levels. 19753955
myocardial ischemia and cell acidosis: modification by alkali and the effects on ventricular function and cation composition.myocardial cell ph was measured with 5, 5 dimethyl-2, 4-oxazolidinedione (dmo) in intact anesthetized dogs by a transient indicator dilution technique. bolus injections of labeled dmo, vascular, extracellular and water indicators were made into the left anterior descending coronary artery, and blood samples were collected from the great cardiac vein. the steady state distribution of dmo between cells and plasma was calculated from the mean transit times of the indicator. normal myocardial cell p ...19763959
effects of allopurinol, propranolol and methylprednisolone on infarct size in experimental myocardial infarction.with use of a canine model of occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery and an intracellular lactic dehydrogenase stain to measure infarct size directly, the effects of allopurinol, methylprednisolone sodium succinate and propranolol were studied. allopurinol did not influence the extent of myocardial necrosis, whereas both methylprednisolone and propranolol significantly reduced myocardial infarct size. possible mechanisms of action and clinical applicability of these agents are ...19763960
characteristics of intestinal phase of gastric four dogs provided with special gastroduodenal fistulas allowing for the complete separation of stomach and duodenum without interrupting the vagal connections between them, the magnitude of the gastric and intestinal phases was compared and their contribution to the total gastric response to a meal was established. a liver extract (le) meal, confined to the stomach and maintained at ph 5.0 by an intragastric titration technique, produced acid output reaching 66% of the maximal response to hi ...19763974
inhibition of gastric secretion in the dog by 16,16-dimethyl prostaglandin e2.the synthetic prostaglandin 16,16-dimethyl e2 (pge2) given by intravenous infusion at 0.4 mug/kg-h inhibited gastric secretion of h+, k+, cl-, and pepsin in four fistula dogs stimulated by histamine (h), pentagastrin (p), urecholine (u), and 2-deoxy-d-glucose (2-dg). when given for 90 min during steady infusions of near-maximal doses of h, p, and u, pg-e2 caused 75% inhibition of h+ maximally at 90 min and over 85% inhibition of pepsin secretion maximally at 45 min. recovery of secretion took 1- ...19763975
ecologic studies of venezuelan encephalitis virus and isolations of nepuyo and patois viruses during 1968-1973 at a marsh habitat near the epicenter of the 1969 outbreak in guatemala.ecologic studies of venezuelan encephalitis (ve) virus at a marsh habitat near the epicenter of the 1969 outbreak in guatemala revealed that the virus was enzootic there. ve virus was isolated yearly during 1968-1973 from sentinel hamsters exposed during the rainy seasons and from mosquitoes collected during july and august 1970. hamsters yielded 41 strains of ve virus and virus was detected within 2 km of the edge of the marsh, in its interior, and at its western extreme 18 km from the central ...19763981
hemorrhagic shock in dogs. comparison of treatment with shed blood alone versus shed blood plus ringer's lactate: intravascular pressures, cardiac output, oxygen consumption, arteriovenous oxygen differences, extracellular fluid po2, electrolyte changes, and survival rates.the purpose of our study of hemorrhagic shock in dogs was to examine the efficacy of adding ringer's lactate to shed blood replacement in increasing animal rates. the standard wiggers' hemorrhagic shock technic was used in two groups of ten animals each. intravascular pressures, cardiac outut, oxygen consumption, arteriovenous oxygen differences, extracellular fluid po2 and ph, electrolyte changes, and survival rates were determined. there was a positive correlation between changes in cardiac ou ...19763984
redox and atp in acid secretion. 19754003
blood ph and paco2 as chemical factors in myocardial blood flow control.the effect of metabolic and hypercapnic acidosis on myocardial blood flow was studied during intravenous infusions of hydrochloric acid solutions (n = 12) and during passive ventilation with 5% co2 (n = 5) in anaesthetized, closed chest dogs. below a ph of 7.2 metabolic acidosis at normal arterial co2-tensions caused an increase of coronary blood flow and a decrease of coronary vascular resistance associated with a narrowed myocardial arteriovenous o2-difference, indicating vasodilation at uncha ...19754055
acidification of plasma by the red cell in the presence of radiographic contrast materials: a possible cause of adverse effects on the heart. 19754078
urinary gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, an indicator of renal ischaemic injury and homograft rejection.gammaglutamyl transpeptidase is an enzyme primarily located in the brush border of the proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney. its unique localisation in the renal cells most easily damaged by ischaemia and its ease of assay provides the rationale for its use in the measurement of renal ischaemic injury. using a standard experimental animal model, canine urinary gamma-gt activity was shown to be increased up to 70-fold following 90 min of unilateral renal ischaemia and was significantly raise ...19754190
effects of ouabain and hypoxia on the cardiac stimulation threshold in the dog (with special reference to changes in extra- and intracellular potassium concentrations).the influence on the cardiac stimulation threshold of changes in the myocardial intra/extracellular potassium ratio induced with ouabain and hypoxia was investigated in 9 dogs with total atrioventricular block. in spite of significant elevations of extracellular potassium and reductions of intracellular potassium significant changes in stimulation threshold were not seen. it is suggested that different experimental conditions are responsible for the great variations in the results of previous st ...19764330
effect of combined alpha and beta adrenoceptor blockade on adrenaline-evoked cardiac arrhythmias in dogs anesthetized with cyclopropane. 19754374
genital organs. auto and homotransplantation in forty and homo transplantation of the uterus and ovaries was studied in 40 bitches divided into four groups. group a served as a control. in group b the omentopexy technique of auto-transplantation was used. this method did not prove very rewarding and all 12 grafts were found to have degenerated and were non-functioning when relaparotomy was performed, 3 months after transplantation. in group c, auto transplantation with vascular anastomosis was performed in 12 dogs, yielding satisfactory result ...19754386
the diagnosis and treatment of acid-base deranged dogs infected with babesia canis.a study was made of the acid-base status of babesia canis infected dogs judged unlikely to recover after specific babesicidal drug therapy despite the use of blood transfusion and other conventional supportive measures. such cases were invariably acidotic and responded well and often dramatically to supportive intravenous sodium bicarbonate administration. elevated blood urea nitrogen, also responded gratifyingly to this procedure. the rationale is discussed in some detail.19764617
action mechanism of anti-hypertensive drugs, with special reference to beta blocking drugs. 19754637
morphologic and biochemical changes in autolysing dog heart muscle.the progressive changes in ph, lactate content, and light and electron microscopic appearances were studied in dog myocardium undergoing a 6-hour period of autolysis in vitro at 37 degrees c. and at room temperature. at 37 degrees c. there was a rapid cumulative fall in ph during the 1st hour after excision of the heart and a corresponding increase in lactate content, but little additional change in either subsequently. the nature and sequence of the morphologic alterations at this temperature w ...19764649
effects of experimental coronary ligation of ph and lactate concentration in cardiac lymph. 19764688
inhibition of isoproterenol activation of adenylate cyclase by metoprolol, oxprenolol, and the para isomer of oxprenolol. 19764723
the biological actions of thyrotropin. 19754827
thiopental anaesthesia and the acid-base balance in the blood of experimental analysis of basic parameters representative of the acid-base balance was made in arterial blood samples from 140 clinically healthy dogs, under a general intravenous thiopental anaesthesia. the following mean values +/- s.e.m. were obtained: ph = 7.33 +/- 0.01; pco2 = 47.16 +/- 0.95; base excess = -2.12 +/- 0.27; buffer base = 46.63 +/- 0.37. the results showed a prevalent trend of lower values of ph, base excess and buffer base and higher values of pco2 than those found commonly in human cli ...19764849
pharmacological action of triazolam. 19754945
electromyographic response of respiratory muscles during elastic loading.the response of respiratory motor neurons to graded elastic loading was assessed in anesthetized dogs by recording the electromyogram (emg) from the diaphragm (ed) and the intercostal muscle (eic). elastic loads were applied for 1-20 breaths. the effects of changes in pco2 on respiratory motor neuron output was assessed by applying loads during the course of co2 rebreathing. on the first loaded breath, ed and eic increased reflexly due chiefly to prolongation of inspiration. vagotomy or vagal co ...19764977
plasma secretin and gastrin responses to a meat meal and duodenal acidification in five conscious dogs with gastric fistula and two duodenal cannulas, plasma ria secretin and gastrin levels were determined in response to 1) infusion of 0.1 n hcl in the proximal duodenal cannula, 2) ingestion of a meal, and 3) intraduodenal infusion of 0.1 n hcl following ingestion of a meal. significant increases in plasma ria secretin levels occurred during duodenal acidification. however, no significant change occurred in the secretin levels after ingestion of a meal, whereas significant ...19764978
intracellular ph of brain: alterations in acute respiratory acidosis and evaluate the metabolic adaptations of the brain to acute respiratory acid-base disturbances, a method was developed to measure intracellular ph (phi) in the brain of dogs under conditions in which arterial ph is rapidly altered. brain phi was determined by measuring the distribution of 14c-labeled dimethadione (dmo) in brain relative to cortical csf. brain extracellular space (ecs) was evaluated as the 35so4 = space relative to cortical csf, and arterial po2 was maintained at 82-110 mmhg. in ...19764979
cardiovascular effects of cerebroventricular ouabain perfusion in the adult dog.cerebroventricular perfusion with artificial cerebrospinal fluid containing 10(-5) m ouabain was performed in adult dogs in order to describe the time course of the cardiovascular effect of intraventricular ouabain and to evaluate treatments to eliminate the cardiovascular effect. the central effect of ouabain caused a 56% increase in blood pressure above control values and a 35% increase in heart rate with various cardiac arrhythmias. both alpha- and beta-adrenergic blocking drugs given intrave ...19764981
effect of increasing doses of dopamine on the left ventricular function in the dog.a study on eleven dogs of the effects of increasing doses of dopamine on the left ventricular function. a description of the method which consists of a venous shunt connected to an extra-corporeal circuit and which allows modification simply and rapidly of the state of vascular refilling of the animal. the results differ according to the pressure-level of the refilling of the left ventricule. at low pressure, the dopamine increases the arterial pressure, the cardiac output and the systolic activ ...19755026
effect of alpha and beta adrenergic blockade on epinephrine induced pulmonary insufficiency.recent studies demonstrated that epinephrine causes significant pulmonary a-v shunting. this study reports the effect of alpha and beta adrenergic blockade on this shunting. sixty-three anesthetized mongrel dogs were ventilated with a mechanical respirator. measurements of (1) the pulmonary shunt, (2) cardiac output, (3) mean pulmonary artery, pulmonary capillary wedge and systemic pressures, and (4) pulmonary and systemic vascular resistances were obtained at 5, 15 and 30 minute intervals durin ...19765061
revascularization of the heart through the coronary veins.fifty-six dogs were used in a study to evaluate perfusion of the left anterior descending vein by the internal mammary artery in hearts with normal coronary arteries and those with ligated desending coronary arteries. perfusion of the myocardium with arterial blood through the cardiac veins offers minimal immediate protection from infarction, as evidenced by light and electron microscopy studies. this protection is of short duration due to intimal fibrosis and luminal stenosis or obstruction of ...19765062
dirofilaria immitis (dog heartworm) as a pulmonary lesion in humans.dirofilaria immitis, the dog heartworm, has been identified in the pulmonary granulomas of 5 patients from the greater charleston area; this is the largest series of such cases from one medical center. the patients had no pulmonary symptoms. on roentgenogram the lesions were all about 2 cm in size, of uniform light opacity, and located near the pleural surface. thoractomy was performed in each instance because of the possiblity of carcinoma. the association of granuloma formation, pulmonary infa ...19765063
studies on the chemical nature of urinary chemiluminescence.studies on the nature of the chemicals responsible for urinary chemiluminescence have been carried out. urinary chemiluminescence can be increased slightly by sulphatase, more by glucuronidase but most of all by boiling for 1 hour at ph 1. it is suggested that most of the chemicals responsible for urinary chemiluminescence are bound as non-chemiluminescent precursors to sulphate, glucuronic acid and in other ways. both the chemiluminescent material and the inactive precursors are freely ultrafil ...19765168
effects of regional ischemia on metabolism of glucose and fatty acids. relative rates of aerobic and anaerobic energy production during myocardial infarction and comparison with effects of anoxia.the rate of coronary flow reaching the oxygen-linited heart appears to be crucial in determining the myocardial tissue metabolic response. the tissue metabolic response to anoxia, well studied in hearts perfused with anoxic media, differs in many important ways from the response to ischemia. in regional ischemia (developing infarction) there is still a residual oxygen uptake which is reduced approximately to the same extent as the delivery of o2; there is also decreased delivery of substrates an ...19765202
control of ionic permeabilities in normal and ischemic heart.the major ionic conductances underlying electrical activity in cardiac tissues are described. the participation of electrogenic active transport in electrical phenomenon and the influence of metabolic inhibition on cardiac action potentials are briefly summarized. some electrophysiological effects of lactate and acidosis, such as might be induced by ischemia, are described. in dog purkinje fibers, lactate (20 mm ph 7.0) may induce transient periods of arrhythmias. acidosis decreases rapid sodium ...19765203
cutaneous and muscular rasodilation in the canine hindlimb evoked by central stimulation.using stereotaxic procedures, we electrically stimulated specific sites in the hypothalamus and midbrain of anesthetized dogs pretreated with guanethidine and atropine methonitrate. a tract in which stimulation caused noncholinergic dilator responses in the hindlimbs was identified. the course of this trace was different from that subserving cholinergic vasodilation in the hindlimb musculature. in a number of experiments we studied the proportional distribution of blood flow to leg and paw. resp ...19765204
partial purification of a high molecular weight renin from hog kidney.previous investigators have reported finding a high molecular weight (hmw) renin in various species which is activated by acidification. two laboratories have reported that a decrease in molecular weight of the renin accompanies the acidification step. this report describes the partial purification of an hmw renin from hog kidney extracts which had previously been acidified to ph 2.5. the hmw renin, with a molecular weight of 57,000-59,000, constitutes only a small, relatively constant fraction ...19765208
effect of beta-adrenergic agonists aerosolized by freon propellant on tracheal mucous velocity and cardiac output.the present study was designed to assess the effects of two beta-adrenergic agonists, isoproterenol sulfate and carbuterol hydrochloride, and aerosolized freon propellant (a mixture of freon ii, freon 12, and freon 114) on tracheal mucous velocity and cardiac output in anesthetized dogs. five groups of ten animals each received the following dosages of aerosols: freon, 20 puffs; isoproterenol, four puffs; carbuterol, four puffs; isoproterenol, 20 puffs; and carbuterol, 20 puffs. the puff was del ...19765251
qualitative metabolic fate of phenoxybenzamine in rat, dog, and man. use of 15n-labeling.administration of an equimolar mixture of unlabeled and 15n-labeled phenoxybenzamine to rats and dogs facilitated identification of urinary metabolites by gas chromatography/chemical-ionization mass spectrometry by virtue of the the conspicuous equal-intensity ion pairs produced. by use of this technique n-benzyl-n-phenoxyisopropylamine (iii), n-benzyl-n-(p-hydroxy-phenoxyisopropyl)amine (iv), and 2-benzylamino-1-propanol (vi) were identified as metabolites in rats. phenoxyisopropylamine (v) as ...19765261
identification of the urinary metabolites of 14c-bumetanide in the rat and their excretion by rats and dogs.unchanged bumetanide, 3-(n-butylamino)-4-phenoxy-5-sulfamoylbenzoic acid, and five metabolites were excreted in the urine of rats given 50 mg of 14c-labeled drug per kg intravenously. the metabolites, which were identified by mass spectrometry and/or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, arose by metabolic alteration of the n-butyl sidechain. in metabolites i-v, the butylamino group was converted to -nhch2ch2ch2cooh, -nhch2ch2ch2ch2oh,, -nhch2ch2chohch3, -nhch2ch2chohch2oh and -nh2, respectiv ...19765262
the pharmacology of burimamide and metiamide, two histamine h2-receptor antagonists.burimamide and metiamide are two histamine h2-receptor antagonists. evidence is presented that indicates the competitive nature and the specificity of the antagonism. metiamide is about ten times more potent than burimamide and is also more effective than burimamide when given orally. both compounds inhibit gastric secretion and the evidence is consistent with this inhibition being due to competitive antagonism of h2 receptors in the gastric mucosa. burimamide, unlike metiamide, causes release o ...19765313
identification and blockade of vascular h2 receptors.experiments were conducted in anesthetized dogs to determine the nature of receptors mediating vascular actions of histamine. in the perfused gracilis muscle histamine caused vasodilatation that was attenuated in part by mepyramine, an h1-receptor blocker. metiamide, an h2 blocker, given alone had no effect on dilatation. however, the combination of mepyramine and metiamide resulted in a large attenuation of dilatation. histamine caused constriction of the perfused saphenous vein that was totall ...19765314
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