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risk factors associated with trypanosoma cruzi exposure in domestic dogs from a rural community in panama.chagas disease, caused by trypanosoma cruzi infection, is a zoonosis of humans, wild and domestic mammals, including dogs. in panama, the main t. cruzi vector is rhodnius pallescens, a triatomine bug whose main natural habitat is the royal palm, attalea butyracea. in this paper, we present results from three t. cruzi serological tests (immunochromatographic dipstick, indirect immunofluorescence and elisa) performed in 51 dogs from 24 houses in trinidad de las minas, western panama. we found that ...026560985
whole genome association study to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms for behavior in sapsaree dog (canis familiaris).the purpose of this study was to characterize genetic architecture of behavior patterns in sapsaree dogs. the breed population (n = 8,256) has been constructed since 1990 over 12 generations and managed at the sapsaree breeding research institute, gyeongsan, korea. seven behavioral traits were investigated for 882 individuals. the traits were classified as a quantitative or a categorical group, and heritabilities (h(2)) and variance components were estimated under the animal model using asreml 2 ...026104397
feeding period required by amblyomma aureolatum ticks for transmission of rickettsia rickettsii to vertebrate hosts.rocky mountain spotted fever is endemic to the são paulo metropolitan area, brazil, where the etiologic agent, rickettsia rickettsii, is transmitted to humans by adult amblyomma aureolatum ticks. we determined the minimal feeding period required by a. aureolatum nymphs and adults to transmit r. rickettsii to guinea pigs. unfed nymphs and unfed adult ticks had to be attached to the host for >10 hours to transmit r. rickettsii. in contrast, fed ticks needed a minimum of 10 minutes of attachment to ...025148391
estimation of effective population size in the sapsaree: a korean native dog (canis familiaris).effective population size (ne) is an important measure to understand population structure and genetic variability in animal species. the objective of this study was to estimate ne in sapsaree dogs using the information of rate of inbreeding and genomic data that were obtained from pedigree and the illumina caninesnp20 (20k) and caninehd (170k) beadchips, respectively. three snp panels, i.e. sap134 (20k), sap60 (170k), and sap183 (the combined panel from the 20k and 170k), were used to genotype 1 ...025049664
uk watchdog issues guidelines to combat medical research fraud. 010480813
domestication and the mitochondrial genome: comparing patterns and rates of molecular evolution in domesticated mammals and birds and their wild relatives.studies of domesticated animals have led to the suggestion that domestication could have significant effects on patterns of molecular evolution. in particular, analyses of mitochondrial genome sequences from domestic dogs and yaks have yielded higher ratios of non-synonymous to synonymous substitutions in the domesticated lineages than in their wild relatives. these results are important because they imply that changes to selection or population size operating over a short timescale can cause si ...024459286
the slco (former slc21) superfamily of transporters.the members of the organic anion transporting polypeptide superfamily (oatps) are classified within the slco solute carrier family. all functionally well characterized members are predicted to have 12 transmembrane domains and are sodium-independent transport systems that mediate the transport of a broad range of endo- as well as xenobiotics. substrates are mainly amphipathic organic anions with a molecular weight of more than 300da, but some of the known transported substrates are also neutral ...023506880
identification of bloodmeal sources and trypanosoma cruzi infection in triatomine bugs (hemiptera: reduviidae) from residential settings in texas, the united states.the host-vector-parasite interactions in chagas disease peridomestic transmission cycles in the united states are not yet well understood. trypanosoma cruzi (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae) infection prevalence and bloodmeal sources were determined for adult and immature triatomine (hemiptera: reduviidae) specimens collected from residential settings in central texas. sequenced cytochrome b dna segments obtained from triatomine digestive tract identified nine vertebrate hosts and one invertebr ...024180119
choice of conflict resolution strategy is linked to sociability in dog puppies.measures that are likely to increase sociability in dog puppies, such as appropriate socialisation, are considered important in preventing future fear or aggression related problems. however, the interplay between sociability and conflict behaviour has rarely been investigated. moreover, while many studies have addressed aggression in domestic dogs, alternative, non-aggressive conflict resolution strategies have received less scientific attention. here we tested 134 border collie puppies, aged 4 ...024910487
training for eye contact modulates gaze following in dogs.following human gaze in dogs and human infants can be considered a socially facilitated orientation response, which in object choice tasks is modulated by human-given ostensive cues. despite their similarities to human infants, and extensive skills in reading human cues in foraging contexts, no evidence that dogs follow gaze into distant space has been found. we re-examined this question, and additionally whether dogs' propensity to follow gaze was affected by age and/or training to pay attentio ...026257403
geographical expansion of canine visceral leishmaniasis in rio de janeiro state, brazil.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a vector-borne disease that affects humans, and domestic and wild animals. it is caused by the protozoan leishmania (leishmania) infantum (syn = leishmania chagasi). the domestic dog (canis familiaris) is considered the main reservoir of the etiologic agent of vl in domestic and peridomestic environments. in the past three years, although control actions involving domestic dogs are routinely performed in endemic areas of the rio de janeiro state, new cases of canin ...026603233
first case of autochthonous human visceral leishmaniasis in the urban center of rio de janeiro: case report.visceral leishmaniasis is an anthropozoonosis that is caused by protozoa of the genus leishmania, especially leishmania (leishmania) infantum, and is transmitted to humans by the bite of sandflies of the genus lutzomyia, such as lutzomyia longipalpis. there are many reservoirs, including canis familiaris. it is a chronic infectious disease with systemic involvement that is characterized by three phases: the initial period, the state period and the final period. the main symptoms are fever, malnu ...024553614
first wave of cultivators spread to cyprus at least 10,600 y ago.early neolithic sedentary villagers started cultivating wild cereals in the near east 11,500 y ago [pre-pottery neolithic a (ppna)]. recent discoveries indicated that cyprus was frequented by late ppna people, but the earliest evidence until now for both the use of cereals and neolithic villages on the island dates to 10,400 y ago. here we present the recent archaeological excavation at klimonas, which demonstrates that established villagers were living on cyprus between 11,100 and 10,600 y ago. ...022566638
epidemiological and clinical characteristics of patients with hydatid cysts in khorasan razavi province, from 2011 to 2014.this study aimed to investigate the epidemiological and clinical aspects of patients with hydatid cyst during 2011 to 2014.028127342
observations on the distemper in dogs. 180920895116
treatment of hydrophobia in the last century: method of treating those that have been under my care for the bite of a mad dog, or other mad animal. 184820794457
poisoning by strychine in the dog: a novel method of treatment. 187020746017
the composition of the carpus of the dog. 187117230926
hydrophobia nine months after the bite of a dog. 187220746616
the muscles of the smooth dog-fish (mustelus levis). 187217230932
on a disease of the skin produced by the acarus folliculorum, illustrated by cases observed in the dog. 187420896430
notes on the presence of two precaval veins in a dog. 187517231070
experiments on the biliary secretion of the dog. 187617231085
contributions to the anatomy of the cutis of the dog. 187617231096
observations on taste-goblets in the epiglottis of the dog and cat. 187617231097
the action of pilocarpin on the sub-maxillary gland of the dog. 187617231133
experiments on the biliary secretion of the dog. 187617231139
experiments on the biliary secretion of the dog. 187717231170
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog; with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187820749050
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187820749062
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187820749068
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749083
a report on the biliary secretions of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749087
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749094
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749101
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749112
a report on the biliary secretion of the dog: with reference to the action of cholagogues. 187920749122
case of development of hair on the eyeball of a dog. 187917231301
some experiments as to the influence of the surrounding temperature on the discharge of carbonic acid in the dog. 187916991289
a case of acute phthisis from direct contagion in a dog. 188020749505
note on the structure of the style in the tongue of the dog. 188017231327
curious symptoms in a dog after a dose of male-fern. 188220750387
three cases of tumour arising from skin-glands in the dog, showing the connection between disorder of the glandular structure and function, and cancerous invasion of the connective tissue. 188220896600
report on the cortical areas removed from the brain of a dog, and from the brain of a monkey. 188316991353
report on the parts destroyed on the right side of the brain of the dog operated on by prof. goltz. 188316991355
report on the parts destroyed on the left side of the brain of the dog operated on by prof. goltz. 188316991356
a dog plans and executes with reference to the future. 188317776829
secondary degeneration of nerve tracts following removal of the cortex of the cerebrum in the dog. 188416991366
the secretion of oxalic acid in the dog under a varying diet. 188516991379
on secondary and tertiary degenerations in the spinal cord of the dog. 188516991414
carnivorous prairie dogs.--carnivorous orioles. 188617749657
on hybrid dogs. 188717800645
the electrical phenomena accompanying the excitation of so-called secretory and trophic nerve fibres in the salivary glands of the dog and cat. 188716991458
microscopical examination of clarke's column in man, the monkey, and the dog. 188817231756
onondaga white-dog feast. 188817730428
the pathogenic microbe of distemper in dogs, and its use for protective inoculation. 189020753012
on the lack of the distance-sense in prairie-dogs. 189017779878
death of a child from hydrophobia two years and four months after being bitten by a rabid dog. 189120753243
report on an experimental investigation of the nerve roots which enter into the formation of the brachial plexus of the dog. 189220753721
case of torsion of the spermatic cord in a dog. 189220896808
jealousy of a dog. 189217820698
the sense of boundary in dogs. 189317744517
the structural changes in the testicle of the dog when it is replaced within the abdominal cavity. 189317232052
retained testes in man and in the dog. 189417232076
the bactericidal action of lymph taken from the thoracic duct of the dog. 189719866859
"action of alcohol on dogs as regards non-viability and malformation of the young, and severity of attack in an epidemic of distemper." 189719971161
a new operation for gastrostomy and one for curettement of carcinoma of the cardia : demonstrated upon the cadaver of dogs. 189820758152
infective sarcomata in dogs. 189820758201
a case of pseudo-lupus vulgaris caused by a blastomyces.the case reported, in this article is one of a somewhat extensive cutaneous disease, which occurred in a man, 33 years of age, who gave the following history: the disease first made its appearance, eleven and a half years ago, at the back of the left ear, as a pimple which soon became pustular. the process extended forward, very slowly and gradually encroached upon and covered almost the entire face, the central portion of which now presents an atrophic cicatricial condition. another similar les ...189819866867
experimental thyroidism.from the results of the various experiments already detailed i feel justified in drawing the following conclusions: (1) absolutely fresh thyroid gland is not poisonous, in the usual sense of the term, when absorbed through the alimentary canal. (2) the symptoms of induced thyroidism are manifestations of an intoxication resulting from the ingestion of decomposed thyroid material, a conclusion that agrees in part with the previously related observations of lanz. (3) the so-called experimental thy ...189819866869
a remarkable sun-dog. 189917749837
a case of acute endocarditis caused by micrococcus zymogenes (nov. spec.), with a description of the microorganism.from a case of acute endocarditis of the aortic and mitral valves with infarctions m the spleen and kidneys a micrococcus was twice isolated in pure culture from the blood during life and was demonstrated after death both microscopically and in pure culture in large numbers in the valvular vegetations, the infarctions and other parts. no other species of microorganism was found. this micrococcus is very small, occurs mainly in pairs, sometimes in short chains, stains by gram's method, grows in s ...189919866921
an experimental investigation of the treatment of wounds of the heart by means of suture of the heart would, of course, be incorrect to attempt to draw conclusions as to the dangers and the chances of success of suture of cardiac wounds in man from the results obtained by animal experimentation. animals are placed in very unfavorable conditions after the operation. they are very restless and cannot be kept quiet. ideal cleanliness is impossible and the animals may infect their wound by rubbing the external wound against the dirt on the floor of their cage. from the animal mortality in these i ...189919866920
studies of the metabolism in the dog before and after removal of the spleen. 190016992545
the action of ether and chloroform on the neurons of rabbits and dogs. 190016992565
observations on the lymph flow from the submaxillary gland of the dog. 190016992569
a preliminary report on acid-resisting bacilli, with special reference to their occurrence in the lower animals.the results obtained in this study may be briefly summarized: 1. acid-resisting bacilli are found in many of the lower animals, more especially the horse, cow, dog, guinea-pig and white rat. in the case of the rabbit and cat no such organisms were detected. 2. many of these acid-resisting bacilli resemble the tubercle bacillus and the smegma bacillus of man. 3. the acid-resisting organisms are undoubtedly of different species and there is good reason to believe that the term smegma bacillus deno ...190019866944
a comparative study of the biological characters and pathogenesis of bacillus x (sternberg), bacillus icteroides (sanarelli), and the hog-cholera bacillus (salmon and smith).1. bacillus x (sternberg) belongs to the colon group. 2. bacillus icteroides (sanarelli) is a member of the hog-cholera group. 3. the various channels of infection, the duration of the disease and the gross and microscopical lesions in mice, guinea-pigs and rabbits are the same for bacillus icteroides and the hog-cholera bacillus. 4. the clinical symptoms and the lesions observed in dogs inoculated intravenously with bacillus icteroides, are reproduced in these animals by infection with the hog- ...190019866945
an experimental study of oxaluria, with special reference to its fermentative origin.1. as varying amounts of calcium oxalate may be held in solution in the urine, conclusions based upon the presence or number of calcium oxalate crystals found therein are of no real value as an indication of the quantity of oxalic acid present. 2. unless the utmost care is exercised, the results obtained by quantitative estimation of oxalic acid are subject to large percentages of error. this is especially true in the use of neubauer's or shultzen's methods, in which the calcium oxalate is preci ...190019866934
the nervous system of the dog without a forebrain. 190116992595
the action of ether and chloroform on the cerebral and spinal neurons of dogs: supplementary paper. 190116992551
the influence of bile on metabolism.1. bile increases the digestion of fat when given by the mouth in pill form. the percentage of fat lost in the stools of our patient with a complete biliary fistula was 63 per cent in the first period and 57 per cent in the third. this closely corresponds to the results that müller obtained in human beings and dogs with complete obstruction of the common duct. under bile medication the stools contained 23 per cent less fat than in the first period, and 17 per cent less than in the third. this re ...190119866955
the surgical treatment of sterility due to obstruction at the epididymis; together with a study of the morphology of human a report of 192 cases of examinations of both husband and wife for cause of sterility, the husband was found at fault in 33 cases. in 31, few spermatozoa were present and in 2, none. the morphology of human spermatozoa is described in detail and the results of various staining methods compared. numerous drawings illustrate observed variations in morphology. the common cause of azoospermia is an obliterating double epididymitis, usually of gonorrheal origin. permanent obliteration of the ...190212255534
contagious growths in dogs. 190220760383
on the innervation of the urinary passages in the dog. 190216992624
the influence of subcutaneous injections of large quantities of dextrose on the metabolism in the dog. 190216992641
note on the absorption of the nitrogen of oatmeal by the dog. 190216992642
experiments on the effects of injection of egg-albumen and some other proteids.the conclusions which we derive from our observations are as follows: 1. the excretion of injected, egg-albumen as such is in no case complete. the quantity retained varies from 23 to 100%. 2. the amount retained varies: a) directly with the slowness of absorption. this is determined by the manner of administration. b) directly with the time during which the proteid remains in the body; and therefore inversely to the rapidity of excretion. c) inversely to the quantity injected; this has however ...190219866971
digestion leucocytosis in normal and in spleenless dogs. 190316992683
concerning the ancestry of the dogs. 190317770050
xi. results of decapsulation of the kidney: a study of changes noted in the renal and perirenal tissues of dogs after decapsulation. 190317861280
ambulance dogs. 190420761813
a contribution to the study of piroplasmosis canis-malignant jaundice of the dog (hutcheon). 190420474193
preliminary note upon a leucocytozoan of the dog. 190520762087
further observations on a pathogenic mould formerly described as a protozoon (coccidioides immitis, coccidioides pyogenes).from the preceding i derive the following conclusions: 1. the disease which formerly has been described as a form of protozoon-infection is due to an infection with a pathogenic fungus. 2. the infection may primarily be either a cutaneous or a pulmonary one. 3. the lesions produced by this fungus fall under the general head of infectious granulomata and consist partly in nodules resembling altogether those produced by the tubercle bacilli and partly in chronic abscesses. 4. the adult forms of th ...190519866981
on the hexon bases of liver tissue under normal and certain pathological conditions.the results above reported lead to the conclusion that while in the degenerating cells chemical changes are taking place tending toward a diminution of the hexon bases as a whole, they affect the arginin especially. one may picture the process either as a partial or as a complete breaking down of certain proteid. material more or less rich in hexon bases, leaving behind. proteid matter poorer in bases. the meaning of these changes is, however, obscure, and with the limited number of known facts ...190519866999
experimental production of glycuronic acid in dogs. 190519971693
observations on the scratch-reflex in the spinal dog. 190616992835
the influence of organ extracts of cold-blooded animals on the blood-pressure of dogs. 190616992846
successful transplantation of both kidneys from a dog into a bitch with removal of both normal kidneys from the latter. 190617847508
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