effects of an lh-releasing hormone antagonist on the secretion of lh, fsh, prolactin and ovarian steroids at different stages of the luteal phase in the stumptailed macaque (macaca arctoides).the role of the pituitary gonadotrophins in controlling luteal function in the stumptailed macaque has been investigated by examining profiles of serum concentrations of lh, fsh, progesterone and oestradiol in daily blood samples from 13 monkeys during the menstrual cycle, and in blood samples taken at hourly intervals between 09.00 and 21.00 h on different days of the luteal phase in 13 cycles. the effects of acute withdrawal of gonadotrophins was investigated by administering a single injectio ...19863097236
behavior of monkeys during opiate withdrawal and locus coeruleus stimulation.the noradrenergic nucleus locus coeruleus (lc) has been implicated in morphine withdrawal. the behavioral effects of opiate antagonist-precipitated morphine withdrawal in chair-restrained macaca arctoides were therefore compared with lc electrical field stimulation. both continuous lc stimulation and administration of low doses of naloxone to morphine pellet implanted monkeys produced a significant increase in the same group of behaviors reported previously to follow activation of the lc, withou ...19883174735
a scanning electron microscope study of monkey maturation-stage ameloblasts.the maturation-stage enamel organs of macaca arctoides and macaca mulatta were examined in order to determine whether the cells were similar to those of the continuously erupting rat incisor. tooth buds of the permanent dentition were fixed in formaldehyde-glutaraldehyde and post-fixed in oso4. the enamel organs were separated from the enamel during dehydration, critical-point-dried, metal-coated, and examined in a scanning electron microscope. the results showed that there were few differences ...19883183157
fetal gender and aggression in pregnant stumptail monkeys (macaca arctoides).agonistic behaviors of pregnant female stumptail monkeys, members of a large, well-integrated group continuously living together, were studied during 480 observation hours (over 32 months). a total of 28 pregnancies of 20 females occurred, resulting in 12 male and 16 female live infants. the main finding was a significant decline in aggression, both received and performed, during the course of pregnancy. there was no clear unequivocal effect of fetal gender on aggressive behavior of the mothers- ...19883371559
[the occurrence of thermophilic campylobacter spp. in primates of the species macaca mulatta and macaca arctoides in a laboratory animal facility]. 19883401207
behavioral aspects of puberty in group-living stumptail monkeys (macaca arctoides).behavioral changes before and around the time of puberty were studied in a longitudinal manner in male and female stumptail monkeys. around the time of testicular descent (mean age: 3.3 years) males started to become more aggressive towards adult males. within two years following testicular descent males rose in rank with the support of others and reached stable (sub)top positions in the dominance hierarchy. in the female rank-stabilization took place gradually between one year before and two ye ...19883406153
effect of lhrh immunoneutralization on follicular development, the lh surge and luteal function in the stumptailed macaque monkey (macaca arctoides).a dose of 100 microliter of a potent ovine lhrh gamma globulin inhibited ovulation in the cyclic rat when administered at 12:00 h on the day of pro-oestrus. a dose of 10 ml of the preparation was administered i.v. to female stumptailed macaques to achieve circulating antibody titres 3-4-fold higher than in the rat. in an ovariectomized macaque, this caused a marked fall in serum concentrations of lh to less than 10% of pretreatment values and also a significant, though less pronounced, fall in f ...19863511254
search for cea-like molecules in polymorphonuclear leukocytes of non-human primates using monoclonal antibodies.the monoclonal anti-cea antibody zik-a42-a/c1 which reacts with nca of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes was found to bind also to polymorphonuclear blood leukocytes of the following non-human primates tested: hamadryas baboon (papio hamadryas), stump-tailed monkey (macaca arctoides), pig-tailed monkey (macaca nemestrina), and rhesus monkey (macaca mulata). no binding was observed to mononuclear blood leukocytes. it was concluded that non-human primates contain cea-like substances in their poly ...19863518651
mycobacterium paratuberculosis infection in a colony of stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides).mycobacterium paratuberculosis infection was documented in a colony of stumptail macaque monkeys (macaca arctoides), with 29 (76%) of 38 monkeys infected and shedding organisms in feces. thirteen deaths have occurred during the past five years. animals without overt clinical disease were shedding as many as 2 x 10(6) colony-forming units of m. paratuberculosis/g of feces. intestinal tissues from animals dying of this disease contained up to 10(8) colony-forming units of m. paratuberculosis/g of ...19873559275
late effects of early binocular visual deprivation on the function of brodmann's area 7 of monkeys (macaca arctoides).it has been shown earlier that binocular visual deprivation during the early sensitive period of life reduces the representation of visual functions in the posterior parietal association cortex of monkeys, in brodmann's area 7 (exp. brain res., 42 (1981) 1-8). moreover, the representation of somatic functions increases suggesting that competitive mechanisms between the inputs from different modalities function during the early sensitive period of life in area 7. the aim of the present study was ...19873594262
low-dose aspirin protects against lipid accumulation in primate vein bypass grafts.platelet inhibition with high-dose aspirin combined with dipyridamole reduces lipid accumulation and improves early patency of coronary artery bypass grafts. however, recent evidence suggests that platelet inhibition can be achieved with substantially lower aspirin doses than have been conventionally prescribed. to evaluate whether low-dose aspirin protects against lipid accumulation in bypass grafts, we studied 15 stump-tailed macaque monkeys in which autologous cephalic veins were grafted into ...19873613624
behavioral observations of sensory substitution in neonate macaques (macaca arctoides).the ability of neonate macaque monkeys to learn to respond to artificial spatial sensory information was studied through the use of compact, head-worn, electronic spatial sonars with audible displays, which translate spatial information into auditory dimensions specifying distance, direction, and surface characteristics. three animals were born in the dark and raised without vision for 1 to 3 months while wearing either the binaural sensory aid (animal 1; kay, 1974) or the trisensor (animals 2 a ...19873675854
physiological aspects of puberty in group-living stumptail monkeys (macaca arctoides).physiological changes around the time of puberty were studied in a longitudinal manner in male and female stumptail macaques. in the male, testicular descent (mean age 3.3 years) is an early sign of puberty, which coincides with onset of the pubertal spurt in body weight and testis growth and precedes the pubertal rise in plasma testosterone. in the female no clear external signs of puberty have been found. measurements of plasma progesterone yielded proof of first ovulation (mean age 3.7 years) ...19873685152
congenital malformations and twinning in a breeding colony of old world monkeys.clinical and necropsy records of malformations in old world monkeys were compiled. the numbers of malformations and birth incidence rate for each species were: rhesus macaque (macaca mulatta) 3 (1.02%); cynomolgus macaque (macaca fascicularis) 11 (1.62%); stumptail macaque (macaca arctoides) 3 (1.55%); african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops) 4 (1.5%). there was one pair of rhesus twins (twinning rate: 0.34%). cardiovascular and central nervous system lesions accounted for 55% of all malfor ...19873695398
castration, sex steroids, and heterosexual behavior in adult male laboratory-housed stumptailed macaques (macaca arctoides).the sociosexual behaviors of six stable male-female pairs of stumptailed monkeys were studied in half-hour pair tests. their performance before and after castration of the males was compared. the effects of replacement therapy with sex steroids on male-female interaction were studied. also the effects of new females as sexual partners were investigated. castration caused a significant decrease in sexual behavior. individual males could display ejaculatory behavior up to about 1 year postcastrati ...19863770656
physiological changes during copulation in male and female stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides).radiotelemetric recordings were made of uterine contractions in female stumptail macaques, and of heart and respiratory rate in stumptail monkeys of both sexes, before, during and after copulation. these data were fed into a multichannel recorder, along with a spoken record of behavioral changes. males' heart and respiratory rates were raised during penile thrusting, reached a peak and then fell sharply after ejaculation. uterine movements were similar during successive copulations. after uterin ...19863823209
evaluation of pled as a chelating ligand in the preparation of gallium and indium radiopharmaceuticals.the 68ga and 111in complexes of pled (n,n'-dipyridoxylethylenediamine-n,n'-diacetic acid) were prepared and their biodistribution determined as a function of time following i.v. injection into rats. the 68ga and 111in complexes behaved identically and were rapidly cleared from the blood via the kidneys into the urine. similar rapid urinary excretion was observed in the gamma images obtained from a stump-tailed macaque injected with 111in-pled. paper electrophoresis at ph 7.35 showed a single rad ...19853869126
immunologic abnormality in a group of macaca arctoides with high mortality due to atypical mycobacterial and other disease processes.of 54 macaca arctoides, 44 died during the 2.5 years after their assignment to a common cage. although early deaths were due to trauma, acute gastric dilatation, and shigellosis; latter deaths were the result of a variety of uncommon diseases including atypical mycobacterial disease, malignant lymphoma, protozoan encephalomyelitis, and other necrotizing and inflammatory lesions. atypical mycobacterial disease due to mycobacterium avium intracellular serotypes was the most frequent single disease ...19853873886
the relative influence of arterial pressure versus intraoperative distention on lipid accumulation in primate vein bypass grafts.atherosclerotic degeneration has been well documented to be the limiting factor for long-term function of aortacoronary vein bypass grafts. injury, including that induced by pressure distention in preparation for grafting, is thought to play a role in this degeneration. injury can be minimized by limiting the distending pressure, but vein grafts are chronically subjected to arterial pressures that far exceed native venous pressure. we evaluated the relative influence of arterial pressure and of ...19853877215
surgical correction of eyelid disfigurement in a stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides).self-aggression in an adult male stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides) resulted in severe lower eyelid distortion, conjunctivitis and epiphora. the behavior ceased with a change in environment, but the eyelid defect, conjunctivitis and epiphora persisted, requiring corrective surgery. surgical correction was partially successful, although the animal died due to unrelated medical problems before final correction could be accomplished.19863959535
aspirin or dipyridamole individually prevent lipid accumulation in primate vein bypass grafts.although platelet inhibition with both aspirin and dipyridamole is widely prescribed for patients with coronary artery bypass grafts, data are lacking to prove that combined drug therapy has greater efficacy in preserving graft integrity than either drug given independently. thus, the ability of combined vs single drug therapy to reduce cholesterol and apolipoprotein-b accumulation were compared in autologous cephalic veins grafted into femoral arteries of 23 stump-tailed macaque monkeys. ten mo ...19853969898
normal serum biochemical, hematological, and ekg parameters in anesthetized adult male macaca fascicularis and macaca arctoides.selected serum enzymes, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, uric acid, protein, albumin, bilirubin, bun, hematology, and electrocardiograms (ekg) were obtained from adult male cynomolgus (macaca fascicularis) and adult male stumptailed (macaca arctoides) macaques. serum alkaline phosphatase, uric acid, albumin, bilirubin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin (mch), mean corpuscular volume (mcv) and monocytes were significantly lower in the cynomogus monkeys. this relationship was reversed for serum leve ...19853981960
an animal model of myopia.myopia develops in macaque monkeys when their lids are surgically fused at birth and kept closed for one year. this experimental refractive error has many features in common with human myopia: it is caused by progressive axial elongation of the eye, is often accompanied by fundus changes, and can only be induced before eye growth has been completed. myopia does not develop in animals raised in the dark; thus, it is triggered by an alteration of the visual input and is presumably mediated by the ...19854000200
immune responsiveness of monkeys exposed chronically to cigarette smoke.eleven adult male stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) were chronically exposed to either a low dose (human equivalent of 1 pack/day) or a high dose (human equivalent of 3 packs/day) of high-tar, high-nicotine university of kentucky reference cigarette smoke for 4-8 years. several parameters of their immunological response were compared to six nonsmoked control animals. the results from these experiments suggest that cigarette smoking does not significantly affect the response of spleen cells ...19854017293
testosterone-binding globulin in stump-tailed macaque monkeys (macaca speciosa). 19734201764
experimental brucella canis infection in the monkey (macaca arctoides).four stumptail macaque monkeys (macaca arctoides) were each inoculated with approximately 10(10) organisms from a culture of brucella canis. two animals were inoculated via the oral and conjunctival route and the other two monkeys were inoculated intravenously with the organisms. a fifth animal served as a control. blood samples were taken at weekly intervals for hematological, serological and bacterialogical studies. the monkeys were killed at five and ten weeks post-inoculation and tissues tak ...19724261836
acute bloat syndrome in stumptailed macaques (macaca arctoides): a report of four cases. 19714325689
virus from stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides) kidney cultures. 19744360747
the human spermatozoon. an electron microscopical study including comparative details of macaca arctoides spermatozoa. 19744362603
spontaneous osteogenic sarcoma in a stumptail (macaca arctoides) monkey. 19724504483
the postacrosomal region of the spermatozoa of man and macaca arctoides. 19724626323
duration of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium and the spermatogonial renewal in the monkey macaca arctoides. 19734684877
two-trial learning-set formations by baboons and by stump-tailed macaques. 19654953535
hypersensitivity pneumonitis in nonhuman primates. i. studies on the relationship of immunoregulation and disease activity.we investigated the relationship of immunoregulation to disease activity in a nonhuman primate model of pigeon breeder's disease. two macaca arctoides monkeys developed classical symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis after sensitization and prolonged bronchial challenge, whereas 2 other monkeys remained asymptomatic after in vivo challenge. there were no differences in the percentages of t cells, b cells, monocytes, or fc gamma-bearing t cells between symptomatic and asymptomatic animals. non ...19826172473
studies on platelet aggregation inhibitors in vivo. x. relationship to thrombolysis.human labeled fibrin clots were inserted into femoral veins of stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides). thrombolysis was slightly increased by treatment with the platelet aggregation inhibitor pentoxifylline. this agent significantly potentiated the thrombolytic effect of urokinase activated human plasminogen. pentoxifylline was also found to release plasminogen activator activity into the circulation.19826221055
sertoli-leydig cell communication via an lhrh-like factor.the primary function of the testosterone secreted by leydig cells is the maintenance of spermatogenesis and hence fertility. this action of testosterone is mediated by the sertoli cells which nourish and support the developing spermatozoa. as normal sertoli cell function is so critically dependent on normal leydig cell function, a regulatory influence of the sertoli cells on the leydig cells has been suggested. indeed, follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh), which acts only on sertoli cells, can als ...19816261155
catechol estrogen formation in placental and fetal tissues of humans, macaques, rats and rabbits.placental and fetal tissues obtained from humans, monkeys, rats and rabbits contained monooxygenases capable of catalyzing the formation of catechol estrogens. treatments of pregnant rats with phenobarbital, aroclor 1254, or 3-methylcholanthrene each increased measured rates of catechol estrogen formation in placentas, fetal brains and fetal livers, while other rat tissues exhibited either increased or decreased activity. treatment of pregnant rabbits with arocolor 1254 produced an increase in c ...19816265171
structural homology of the major internal proteins of endogeneous type c viruses of two distantly related species of old world monkeys: macaca arctoides and colobus polykomos. 19816274085
acute gastric dilation and rupture in macaca arctoides associated with clostridium perfringens.a clinical case of gastric dilation and rupture is described in an adult male macaca arctoides. clostridium perfringens was isolated from the heart blood and liver. data collected from our macaque colony for 13 years indicated a mortality rate of 3.5% due to acute dilation.19816283084
efficient isolation of endogenous rhesus retrovirus from examination of various rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) organs has shown a preference for type c viral antigen expression in the placenta. separate cocultivations of isolated trophoblasts from 10 rhesus monkey placentas with cell lines from heterologous mammalian species led to rapid isolation of type c rhesus retrovirus in 4 of 10 cases. these four retrovirus isolates have been designated mmc-2 through mmc-5. five of the remaining six sets of cocultivations grew simian foamy virus and were dis ...19836310872
evidence for a bovine origin of the polyomavirus detected in foetal rhesus monkey kidney cells, frhk-4 and -6.rabbit antisera to the stump-tailed macaque polyomavirus (stmv) which had been shown by immunoelectron microscopy and indirect immunofluorescence to react with the polyomavirus found in frhk-4 cells (frkv), also gave precipitin lines in counter-immunoelectrophoresis (cie) and double diffusion in gel (gd) when reacted with frkv. the reactions in gd showed identity with that of a rabbit antiserum to frkv. naturally occurring antibody to frkv (anti-frkv) was found by cie in 48 per cent of 353 cattl ...19836318690
[etiological aspects of leukemias in primates including man].attempts have been made to induce viral leukemia in monkeys (papio hamadryas and macaca arctoides) by inoculating them with blood from humans with different types of leukemias. in hamadryas baboons, the disease spread horizontally. by today 218 p. hamadryas and 5 m. arctoides monkeys had died of malignant lymphoma. the following viruses have been isolated from sick monkeys: lymphotropic baboon herpes virus (hvp), endogenous baboon c type viruses--xenotropic (biln), and ecotropic (evpg). c type o ...19836318850
isolation and characterization of a papovavirus from cynomolgus macaque kidney cells.a papovavirus was isolated from uninoculated kidney cell cultures of the cynomolgus macaque (macaca fascicularis), in which it produced extensive cytopathologic changes after prolonged periods of culturing. on basis of virion morphology, genome size, and restriction endonuclease data, this virus was identified as a new isolate of the stump-tailed macaque virus (stmv) and subsequently named ck-strain (cynomolgus kidney) of stmv. without inducing c.p.e. the virus replicated also in bsc-1, vero, hu ...19846324474
characterisation of a polyomavirus in two foetal rhesus monkey kidney cell lines used for the growth of hepatitis a virus.electron microscopy and prolonged incubation of cell cultures have revealed the presence of a papovavirus in two foetal rhesus monkey kidney cell lines, frhk-4 and frhk-6, which are used to grow hepatitis a virus. the papovavirus, designated frkv, was present in culture fluids from both cell lines and in thin sections of frhk-4 cells. the size of the virus, 47 nm, places frkv within the polyomavirus genus. frkv has been grown in primary human embryo kidney and calf kidney cell cultures. haemaggl ...19846326710
effect of treatment for 1 year with a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist on ovarian, thyroidal, and adrenal function and menstruation in the stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides). 19836401177
the distribution of serum high density lipoprotein subfractions in non-human primates.the ultracentrifugal flotation patterns in 1.2 g/ml solvent and ultracentrifugal gradient distribution of high density lipoproteins (hdl) from the primates--human, apes and monkeys--were determined, with emphasis on the gorilla species of apes and rhesus monkeys. diets for non-human primates were commercial chow, which is low in cholesterol. molecular weights and protein, cholesterol, phospholipid and triglyceride compositions of various density fractions were determined on human, gorilla and rh ...19846438429
an inverse relationship between plasma carnitine and triglycerides in selected macaca arctoides and macaca nemistrina fed a low-fat chow diet.plasma carnitine and triglycerides were measured in five male macaca arctoides and one female macaca nemistrina during the course of feeding a low-fat (5.2% w/w), high carbohydrate diet and a high-fat (15.9% w/w), low carbohydrate diet. for each individual monkey, an inverse relationship was observed between plasma carnitine and triglyceride levels when the low-fat diet was fed but not when the high-fat diet was fed. the mechanism of the different responses to diet was not investigated but may b ...19846467897
ocular blood flow in phakic and aphakic monkey eyes.alterations in regional ocular blood flow produced by topical epinephrine were studied in phakic and aphakic eyes of macaca arctoides using the radioactive microsphere technique. three isotopes were used to make sequential blood flow measurements just prior to topical epinephrine administration, 1 hr later and 3 hr later. significant reductions of flow were found in the iris, ciliary body, and optic nerve head of both phakic and aphakic groups. choroidal and posterior optic nerve flow decreased ...19846479247
a primate model of human postmenopausal hot flushes.the hot flush is the only symptom specifically attributable to the menopause. hot flushes appear to represent an episodic derangement of thermoregulation as a result of estrogen deficiency but the underlying physiological mechanisms are unknown. we have developed an animal model for the study of hot flushes. two female monkeys (macaca arctoides) were trained to accept monitoring of scalp cutaneous temperatures. after baseline temperature recordings were obtained both monkeys were ovariectomized. ...19846490799
contrasting effects of d-amphetamine on affiliation and aggression in monkeys.amphetamine has been observed to alter conditioned or learned behavior in individually housed animals, as well as naturally-occurring behavior characteristic of animals living in groups. this study is concerned with the effects of d-amphetamine on affiliative and aggressive behavior in adult male stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides) living in a large, heterogeneous social group. using standardized observational techniques, the affiliative and aggressive behaviors initiated by five adult male mo ...19846538973
role of vision in social development in monkeys.8 stump-tailed macaques were reared individually and either given all of their daily social experience in darkness (dark group) or given half their social experience in the dark and half in the light (controls). the dark group showed almost no aggressive behavior and less play than controls. later, when all were tested in the light, the dark group were still less aggressive. controls were less aggressive in the dark than in the light. there was no difference between the two groups in the form of ...19846541561
cellular fatty acid and soluble protein profiles of oral fusobacteria.we compared the cellular fatty acid and protein content of 43 strains of oral fusobacteria isolated from patients with chronic gingivitis, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, and juvenile and adult periodontitis, as well as from the stump-tailed macaque, to that of eight reference strains of oral and non-oral fusobacterium species. a gas-liquid chromatographic examination of trimethylsilyl derivatives of the fatty acid methyl esters revealed n14:0, 3-oh-14:0, n16:0, 16:1, 3-oh-16:0, n18:0, ...19836581193
effect of sodium meclofenamate on radiation-induced esophagitis and cystitis.stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) received 2000 rad irradiation to the upper half of the esophagus and to the bladder by a 6-mev linear accelerator. endoscopy and biopsy was obtained from these organs weekly for 3 weeks. at the end of this period, the animals were autopsied and histopathologic examination undertaken. sodium meclofenamate in doses of 5-20 mg/kg/day p.os was found effective in reducing or preventing radiation induced esophagitis and cystitis.19846595342
hyperkalemia in cardioplegic solutions causing increased cholesterol accumulation in vein grafts.hyperkalemic cardioplegic solutions are frequently infused through vein grafts during aorta-coronary bypass operations. although some reports have suggested the potential for physical damage to grafts by such exposure, the effects of these solutions on graft atherogenesis have not been studied. we evaluated the influence of potassium and colloid content of cardioplegic solutions on graft cholesterol accumulation in our established animal model of graft atherogenesis. fourteen cephalic vein graft ...19836601215
labeled choline and phosphorylcholine: body distribution and brain autoradiography: concise communication.following intravenous injection of labeled choline or phosphorylcholine in rats and mice, the brain uptake as percent injected dose was less than 0.2% with 6-12% going to kidney and 3-6% to liver. a study of [14c]choline autoradiography in a stump-tailed macaque demonstrated a five- to sixfold greater uptake in gray matter than in white matter. dynamic positron imaging of [11c]choline in a rhesus monkey demonstrated rapid brain uptake followed by rapid washout, with heavy late uptake in muscle. ...19836604143
ascaris-induced bronchoconstriction in primates experimentally infected with ascaris suum ova.bronchial provocation with ascaris allergen evoked bronchoconstriction in home-bred macaca arctoides monkeys sensitized by experimental infection with embryonated ascaris suum ova. inhalation of ascaris allergen by aerosol prior to infection produced no changes in lung function. in infected animals total lung resistance (rl) increased and dynamic lung compliance (cdyn) decreased following ascaris inhalation. the changes in lung function reached a peak, 2-5 min after allergen inhalation, lasted f ...19836652969
neuronal activity of the locus ceruleus in awake macaca arctoides.neuronal activity in the locus ceruleus of awake, behaving stump-tailed monkeys increased consistently and vigorously after presentation of mildly aversive and threatening stimuli. these preliminary data increase the range of stimuli reported to elicit locus ceruleus activity in awake monkeys to include nonpainful threat signals and suggest that more studies are needed to be able to categorize locus ceruleus function from its unit activity responses.19846723890
simian varicella infection in the african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops).a severe and highly fatal disease occurred in african green monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops). the disease was marked by an extensive maculo-vesicular rash. in fatal cases, multifocal necrosis and hemorrhage were found characteristically in many organs and tissues. new cases of the disease occurred over a 39-day period. nine of 49 exposed african green monkeys were affected and five of the nine died. four cynomolgus (macaca fascicularis) and 31 stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) which were ex ...19846748606
decreased pituitary responsiveness and inhibition of the luteinizing hormone surge and ovulation in the stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides) by chronic treatment with an agonist of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone. 19806766380
pathogenicity testing of macaca arctoides subgingival plaque following chlorhexidine treatment.potential infectivity of subgingival plaque of macaca arctoides in guinea pig leg muscle was examined before, during, and after chlorhexidine treatment. the regime of chlorhexidine administration did not appear to alter the monkey subgingival microflora markedly and had no demonstrable effects on the pathogenicity of the subgingival plaque. these data confirm previous suggestions that chlorhexidine essentially does not penetrate into the deeper part of periodontal pockets following a supragingiv ...19806767837
periovulatory endocrine events in the stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides).blood samples were obtained frequently from stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) at midcycle and assayed for fsh, lh, 17 beta-estradiol, and progesterone. periovulatory endocrine events were generally similar to those which have been described in rhesus monkeys and women. although the midcycle patterns of estradiol in individual monkeys appeared quite varied, careful evaluation indicated the following general characteristics: 1) a plateau or transient decline in estradiol 30-44 h before the lh ...19806769663
naloxone-induced electrographic seizures in the primate.electrographic seizure activity was recorded shortly following naxolone injections in artificially ventilated, methadone-treated stump-tailed macaques. plasma-methadone concentrations prior to seizure activity were many times higher than those that have produced respiratory depression and death in nonventilated monkeys. the duration of seizure activity was clearly related to the dose of naloxone. naloxone was without epileptogenic properties in animals that had not been pretreated with methadone ...19806770398
ultrastructure of differentiating preameloblasts from tooth germs of the permanent dentition of macaca mulatta and macaca arctoides.cytodifferentiation of inner enamel epithelium and the adjacent connective tissue from the tip of the cervical loop to the initiation of enamel elaboration in two macaca species was examined. ten- to twelve-month-old specimens were fixed by perfusion and the permanent tooth buds were prepared for transmission electron microscopy. at the cervical loop proper, inner enamel epithelium cells have lobed nuclei, a paucity of cytoplasm, and wide extracellular spaces; the basal lamina facing the dental ...19816799172
effect of oestrogen on gonadotrophin release in stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) treated chronically with an agonist analogue of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone.nine adult female stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) treated chronically with daily s.c. injections of d-ser(but)6,des-gly10,proethylamide9, luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (lh-rh agonist) to inhibit ovulation, were tested for their ability to respond to an oestrogen provocation test (positive feedback). on two occasions during treatment with the lh-rh agonist (first test between 10 and 35 weeks after treatment had started; second test between 30 and 60 weeks after) the animals were gi ...19816799604
protection of normal tissues with 2-aminoethylisothiouronium during local pelvic radiation in monkeys.intestinal and bladder injury are the main limiting factors to radiation therapy in patients with pelvic neoplasms. 2-amino-ethylisothiouronium (aet) is a radiation-protective agent when given systemically but absorbs poorly from the intestines. accordingly, it was explored for the local protection of the bowel and bladder during radiation to the pelvis. radiation localized to the pelvis in various high fractionated doses and various schedules was applied to pairs of stumptailed monkeys (macaca ...19836850597
submitral atheromatous lesions in monkey and man.posterior submitral recess (psmr) calcification is a common autopsy finding in elderly people, but its pathogenesis is undetermined. in this communication we show that, in part at least, the psmr changes at autopsy are atheroma-like with lipid around the sclerosis and calcific deposits. these changes in the psmr showed a statistically significant correlation with the presence of hypertension and with an autopsy finding of severe coronary atherosclerosis. we showed, for the first time, that simil ...19836851271
plasma and liver carnitine (free and esterified) levels and their interrelationships in moderately hypercholesterolemic monkeys (macaca arctoides).the level of carnitine and its esters was measured in plasma and liver in 20 male stump-tailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) that were fed a moderately hypercholesterolemic diet. plasma total carnitine was 60 +/- 3 nmol/ml (30% esterified) and liver total carnitine was 254 +/- 15 nmol/g wet weight (16% esterified) or 1.28 +/- 0.07 nmol/mg noncollagen protein. the plasma concentration of total carnitine was positively correlated with the total carnitine concentration of the livers (r = 0.71, p less ...19836883165
immune response to keyhole limpet hemocyanin and oral actinomyces viscosus antigens in macaca arctoides.the humoral and cell-mediated immune response to keyhole limpet hemocyanin and antigens from a monkey oral strain of actinomyces viscosus were investigated in macaca arctoides. prior to immunization no responses were detected. immunization resulted in the production of antibodies to both antigen preparations, the development of a positive skin test and significant stimulation of peripheral blood lymphocytes using the in vitro lymphocyte blastogenesis technique. furthermore, these responses were ...19816939831
characterization of sulphated monosaccharides from stumptail monkey (macaca arctoides) salivary mucin. 19816946739
failure of chronic cigarette smoke exposure to alter plasma lipoproteins of stumptailed macaques (macaca arctoides).twenty-one 8-14 kg adult male stumptailed macaques, macaca arctoides, were fed a standard laboratory diet and divided into 3 groups. the high-dose group and low-dose group were exposed to cigarette smoke at the human equivalent of 3 packs and 1 pack per day, respectively, 7 days per week, for 3-5 years. eight animals served as cage an sham controls. peak blood carboxyhemoglobin (cohb) levels measured immediately after smoking showed levels of 0.5+/- 0.1%, 3.6+/-1.0%, and 5.7+/-2.8% for sham cont ...19826951581
characterization of a pentasaccharide in salivary mucin from the stumptail monkey, macaca arctoides.oligosaccharides were prepared by alkaline cleavage and sodium borotritide reduction. following gel filtration on sephadex g-25, [3h]-oligosaccharides were further fractionated by anion-exchange and preparative paper chromatography. the principal neutral oligosaccharide contained galnacol: glcnac: gal: fuc (1:1:2:1). using a combination of exoglycosidase digestion, periodate oxidation and methylation analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, it structure was determined to be: gal beta 1 ...19826953947
prevention of lipid accumulation in experimental vein bypass grafts by antiplatelet therapy.the ameliorative effect of antiplatelet therapy on atherogenesis of vein grafts was assessed in autologous cephalic veins grafted into femoral arteries of 16 normolipemic and 11 hyperlipemic stump-tailed macaque monkeys. before grafting, one half of each vein was distended at high pressure (700 mm hg) and the other half at low pressure (350 mm hg). eight normolipemic monkeys were treated with aspirin, 80 mg/day, and dipyridamole, 50 mg/day, and eight were controls. when grafts were harvested at ...19826980060
eye movements of monkeys during discrimination learning: role of visual scanning.four experiments were conducted on stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides) to determine whether the high levels of visual scanning (shifts in fixation from one discriminative stimulus to the other) seen during discrimination learning play a necessary role in this learning. in experiments 1 and 2, the monkeys were given a series of two-choice, dot-pattern discrimination reversal problems. normal visual scanning before a choice response was allowed during all but the reversal trials of half of the ...19827057143
hydroxylation of hexobarbital and benzo[a]pyrene by hepatic microsomes isolated from the fetal stumptailed monkey (macaca arctoides). a developmental study. 19827082369
comparative cytogenetic studies in macaca arctoides with other species of macaca and man.chromosome studies of 5 males and 5 females of the species macaca arctoides from thailand were performed and the g, c and nor banding patterns obtained for comparison with other species of the genus macaca and with the human karyotype. the cytogenetic analysis showed a complement of 42 chromosomes. of the 20 autosomal pairs, 15 are submetacentric and 5 almost metacentric. pair number 9 presents a large secondary constriction, which corresponds to the only nucleolar organizer region of the whole ...19827187236
activity patterns in a stumptail macaque group (macaca arctoides).activity profiles from a group of stumptail monkeys differed significantly from the profiles previously reported for pigtail monkeys, mangabeys and geladas scored under nearly identical conditions. variables such as sex, weather and time of day, however, often had similar influences on the activity profiles of several or all of the groups. data obtained on the stumptail monkeys in this study were more similar to data collected on other groups of stumptails, living under very different conditions ...19807191389
determinants of sexual behavior of macaca arctoides in a laboratory colony.copulatory behavior of wild-born individually caged laboratory stumptail monkeys (macaca arctoides) was investigated. the monkeys were paired daily for 20 min, and altogether 536 pairings were observed. the influence of the female's menstrual cycle and social factors of male sexual activity was determined. the reactions of the other monkeys during a pairing, and masturbation behavior of the males were observed and described. it was found that when a male and female were paired daily their sexual ...19817195697
establishment of a breeding colony of stumptailed monkeys (macaca arctoides). 19817197315
primary structure of the active tryptic fragments of human and monkey salivary anionic proline-rich proteins.the primary structures of the four human salivary anionic proline-rich proteins and an analogous protein from the saliva of a monkey (macaca arctoides) have been further investigated. these proteins possess the unusual property of inhibiting crystal growth of calcium phosphate salts, and it has been proposed that they play an important role in the mouth, by preventing precipitation of calcium phosphate salts from the supersaturated saliva. the tryptic fragments responsible for this activity have ...19817228490
postcoital, vaginal, spermicidal potency of formulations: the macaca arctoides (stumptailed macaque) as animal model.the macaca arctoides (stumptailed macaque) was found to be a good animal model for determining the postcoital spermicidal activity of vaginal preparations. the stumptailed macaque is easy to handle, so formulations can be inserted correctly into the vagina just before coitus. the male mates rapidly, and the entire test can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes, minimizing all extraneous factors other than those inherent to the reproductive tract and the coital act. data from postcoital breeding ex ...19817250395
cervical mucus penetration test for in vitro assay of vaginal contraceptive in vitro penetration test employing bovine cervical mucosa to evaluate vaginal contraceptives is presented. its usefulness for the evaluation of the potency of a formulation in preventing sperm penetration was assessed by comparison of five commercially available preparations, with the use of both human and primate spermatozoa. the results were compared with those obtained with a spermicidal test (sander-cramer method) and in vivo with the use of the primate macaca arctoides. analysis of the ...19817286275
early detection of pregnancy in rhesus and stump-tailed macaques (macaca mulatta and macaca arctoides). evaluation of two radioimmunoassays and a hemagglutination inhibition test.chorionic gonadotropin (mcg) in serum and urine of monkeys was determined by a radioimmunoassay and hemagglutination inhibition (hai subhuman primate tube test for pregnancy). hai-positive pregnancy tests coincided fully with the mcg excretion patterns as determined by ria (olh beta system). the least reliable system was the hcg-beta ria. the hai test allowed accurate prediction of the parturition date.19817343666
characterization of a simian foamy virus isolated from a spontaneous primate lymphoma.examination of tissues from a stump-tailed monkey (macaca arctoides) with a spontaneous lymphoid malignancy by light and electron microscopy confirmed the presence of a diffuse lymphoma of intermediate cell type. membranes showed positivity with anti-ia-like antisera and negativity with all other markers. in vitro cocultivation of affected tissues resulted in the isolation of an agent found to have properties idenitical to those described for simian foamy virus type 1. there was no evidence for ...19817345142
annual plasma testosterone cycle and ejaculatory ability in the laboratory-housed crab-eating macaque (macaca fascicularis).six fertile and healthy adult macaca fascicularis males were studied. radioimmunological assay of the plasma testosterone, sampled without anesthesia in the afternoon at the beginning of each month, showed an annual hormone cycle with a maximum (16.7 +/- 1.1 ng/ml) in the fall and a minimum (9.5 +/- 0.9 ng/ml) in the spring (fig. 1). using the ratio: number of ejaculations/number of trials, the ejaculatory ability of these animals (fig. 2) was estimated for 10 min in the presence of females betw ...19817349524
effect of cocaine on sexual behaviour in male stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides).the effect of cocaine (0.01-1.0 mg/kg) on sexual behaviour was studied in four male stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides). following drug-saline control administration, the behaviour of the male monkey with a female was observed for 30 min in two different behavioural conditions; in one of the conditions the baseline sexual activity was low, and in the other it was high (partial or complete separation of the male and the female between the sessions, respectively). the reversal of the cocaine-ind ...19957501667
malignant lymphomas induced by an epstein-barr virus-related herpesvirus from macaca arctoides--a rabbit model.animal models for epstein-barr virus (ebv) are restricted to some species of new-world monkeys which develop malignant lymphoid tumours or benign lymphoproliferative diseases after virus inoculation. similar pathological features were induced in rabbits by the ebv-related herpesvirus of macaca arctoides (hvma). in this study 17 of 32 rabbits infected with varying amounts of hvma produced from mal-1 cells developed lymphoproliferative disorders. in 13 rabbits high-grade malignant lymphomas were d ...19957503696
posterior neocortical systems subserving awareness and neglect. neglect associated with superior temporal sulcus but not area 7 humans and monkeys, the intraparietal sulcus separates the superior parietal lobule from the inferior parietal lobule (ipl). whereas in humans brodmann's area 7 is above this sulcus, in monkeys it is below and therefore part of the ipl. in humans, the ipl consists of brodmann's areas 39 and 40. some investigators contend that the monkey homologue of the human ipl (areas 39 and 40) is the monkey's ipl (area 7). others contend that it is, at least in part, in the monkey's superior temporal sulc ...19947944999
potentiation of thrombolytic therapy by enzyme combinations and with aspirin or pentoxifylline.radioactively labeled human fibrin clots were placed into veins of macaca arctoides monkeys. thrombolysis was recorded by the disappearance of radioactivity and by angiography. streptokinase (sk) and urokinase (uk) induced thrombolysis was potentiated by low dose aspirin (asa) and pentoxifylline (pe). studies on the mechanisms of action revealed that pe inhibits platelet aggregation, releases tissue plasminogen activator (t-pa) from the endothelium, increases red cell deformability and inhibits ...19947996060
effects of policosanol chronically administered in male monkeys (macaca arctoides).policosanol, administered orally, has shown a cholesterol-lowering effect in different experimental models. because lipid-lowering therapy is administered chronically, it is necessary to know the effects of these drugs after long-term administration. 18 adult male macaca arctoides monkeys were used to study the cholesterol-lowering effects and possible toxicity produced by oral administration of policosanol (0.25, 2.5 and 25 mg/kg) for 54 wk. after 8 wk, a significant reduction of serum total ch ...19948045464
differences in performance of young and old monkeys on a visuospatial memory task.two groups of stumptailed macaques (macaca arctoides) were compared in terms of performance on a visuospatial working memory task involving repeated presentations of an array of 15 doors, each of which concealed one food reward at the start of a session. rewards obtained by the subject were not replaced. errors were defined as responses to doors previously pushed open during the session. both groups generally obtained all rewards and showed improved performance across sessions, but old monkeys c ...19938272526
modification of reconciliation behavior through social experience: an experiment with two macaque species.reconciliation, defined as a friendly reunion between former opponents shortly after an aggressive encounter, is common in the stumptail macaque (macaca arctoides) but rare in the rhesus macaque (m. mulatta). juveniles of the two species were cohoused for 5 months, after which they were observed with conspecifics only. control rhesus monkeys, matched in age and sex to the experimental subjects, went through the same procedure without exposure to the other species. a threefold increase in the pro ...19938339702
the sukhumi primate monkey model for viral lymphomogenesis: high incidence of lymphomas with presence of stlv-i and ebv-like virus.t-cell leukemia virus-like proviral sequences (stlv-i) as well as ebv-like sequences were detected in pbls and tissues of non-human primates (papio hamadryas baboons, green monkeys and macaca arctoides; sukhumi primate center/georgia) by pcr. surprisingly, two different types of stlv-i within papio hamadryas baboons were found. one of its represents the baboon prototype stlv-i-su described earlier, present in lymphomatous baboons from the "high-lymphoma stock", which shows about 83% homology to ...19938395624
a simple method to distinguish between simian immunodeficiency virus isolates by restriction analysis of pcr products.a simple method to distinguish between simian immunodeficiency virus (siv) isolates of experimentally infected rhesus macaques is reported. peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) were prepared from a rhesus macaque infected with sivstm isolated originally from a stump-tailed macaque, or from a rhesus monkey infected with sivsm from a sooty mangabey monkey. pbmc were cocultivated with cem x 174 cells and a region of the siv envelope (env) gene was amplified by the polymerase chain reaction (pc ...19938397819
effects of spinal dorsal column transection on the response of monkey anterior parietal cortex to repetitive skin stimulation.the pattern of 14c-2-deoxyglucose (2dg) labeling in anterior parietal cortex was evaluated in three groups of experimental subjects: (1) subjects in which all spinal pathways projecting at short latency to the contralateral hemisphere were intact, (2) subjects with either unilateral or bilateral transection of the dorsal column pathway, and (3) subjects in whom a two-stage tractotomy (dorsal column isolation) restricted short-latency mechanoreceptor drive to that conveyed via the dorsal column p ...19968670645
molecular phylogeny of macaques: implications of nucleotide sequences from an 896-base pair region of mitochondrial dna.we determined the nucleotide sequences of an 896-base pair region of mitochondrial dna (mtdna) from 20 primates representing 13 species of macaques, a baboon, and a patas. we compared these sequences and the homologous sequences from four macaques and a human against each other and deduced the phylogenetic relationships of macaques. the results from the phylogenetic analyses revealed five groups among the macaques: (1) barbary macaque, (2) two species of sulawesi macaques, (3) japanese, rhesus, ...19968752012
discrimination learning and multiple reversals in young adult and older monkeys (macaca arctoides).two groups of five young adult an older stumptailed macaques (macaca arctoides) were tested on a visual discrimination task followed by a reversal upon attainment of criterion; task and reversal were repeated until 20 reversals with the same pair of objects had been completed. both groups required more trials to learn the first reversal than the original discrimination, with no significant difference between the groups. older monkeys tended to show more perseverative errors on early reversals, b ...19968828396
effects of hypertrichotic agents on follicular and nonfollicular cells in vitro.our previous studies revealed that topical minoxidil induced an increased rate of dna synthesis in both dermal papilla and follicular germinal cells in early anagen and bulbar matrix as well as outer root sheath and perifollicular fibrocytic cells in mid and late anagen follicles in the bald scalp of the stump-tailed macaque. however, the epidermis and dermal fibrocytes showed no response. to determine the specific action of hypertrichotic agents on follicular cells, we examined the effects of t ...19968868027
initiation of high dose gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonist treatment during the late follicular phase in the macaque abolishes luteal function irrespective of effects upon the luteinizing hormone surge.the determination of the efficacy of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (gnrh) antagonists in blocking the luteinizing hormone (lh) surge and luteal function is important for our understanding of the control of the menstrual cycle and for clinical application. gnrh antagonists have failed to block the lh surge reliably in the non-human primate. the aim of the study was to utilize high dose gnrh antagonist treatment administered during the late follicular phase of the menstrual cycle to block the pr ...19979130734
molecular characterization and phylogenetic analyses of a new, highly divergent simian t-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (stlv-1marc1) in macaca arctoides.a serological survey of a captive colony of asian monkeys indicated that six macaca arctoides had antibodies to human t-cell leukemia/lymphotropic viruses (htlv). over a 4-year interval, sera from these animals continued to exhibit a peculiar western blot (wb) pattern resembling an htlv-2 pattern (p24gag reactivity of equal or greater intensity than that of p19gag and a strong reactivity to recombinant gp21) but also exhibiting, in five of six cases, a reactivity against mta-1, an htlv-1 gp46 pe ...19979223528
gnrh receptor mrna expression by in-situ hybridization in the primate pituitary and ovary.gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (gnrh) receptors are present on the ovary as well as in the anterior pituitary gland. gnrh analogues may exert their actions in part via these ovarian receptors. however, in the primate ovary, gnrh receptors are of low affinity and their significance is questionable. the aim of the present study was to compare pituitary and ovarian expression of the gnrh receptor mrna by in-situ hybridization to gain further information on the possible significance of the ovarian ...19969238668
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