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sociosexual development, pair bond formation, and mechanisms of fertility suppression in female cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus).the effect of various social environments on sociosexual behavior was examined in six young female cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus) and in three established breeding females. behavioral observations and hormonal samples were collected on young females while they were living with their families, when they were isolated from conspecifics, and after they were paired with an unrelated male. while living with the family, all females showed a suppression of fertility and low frequencies ...198831968911
maintenance of growth transformation with epstein-barr virus is mediated by secretion of autocrine growth factors in two serum-free b-cell lines.the characteristics of two tamarin (saguinus oedipus) b-cell lines (sfbit and sfbt) growth-transformed by epstein-barr virus (ebv) that proliferate continuously in serum-free medium are described. sfbit was established by selecting cells for growth in rpmi 1640 supplemented with insulin, transferrin, and selenium (j. e. shaw, r. g. petit, and k. leung, j. virol. 61:4033-4037, 1987). sfbt, a subline of sfbit cells reported here for the first time, required transferrin as the only protein suppleme ...19882841494
demonstration in vitro of cell mediated immunity to epstein-barr virus in cotton-top the course of developing an effective epstein-barr (eb) virus vaccine, the immune responses in cotton-top tamarins to a tumourigenic dose of eb virus were studied. cell mediated responses were measured using a tissue culture 'growth inhibition' assay where peripheral blood lymphocytes were tested for their ability to inhibit the outgrowth of autologous eb virus transformed lymphoblastoid cells. this system has previously been recognized as a very sensitive assay for detecting cell-mediated re ...19882846217
maintenance of cotton-top tamarins fed an experimental pelleted diet versus a highly diverse sweetened diet.the future study of colon disease in captive callitrichid colonies may require manipulation of diets. the limited knowledge of the nutritional requirements for these species and the varied diets and supplementations fed to these animals in various colonies suggest the importance of testing the palatability and acceptability of diets for these primates. individually housed cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) were given either the regular oak ridge associated universities (orau) diet (monkey ch ...19883143029
a primate species with limited major histocompatibility complex class i polymorphism.extensive polymorphism at the major histo-compatibility complex (mhc) is thought to confer immune protection on populations. a new world primate, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), has a high prevalence of ulcerative colitis and adenocarcinoma of the colon and dies after infection with several human viruses. lymphocytes from all animals tested expressed on common mhc class i allelic product. another mhc class i allelic product was expressed by 39 of 41 tested animals. four other allelic ...19882902637
characterization of colonic cellular glycoconjugates in colitis and cancer-prone tamarins versus colitis and cancer-resistant primates.differences in colonic secretory glycoconjugates (ie, mucin) between normal and ulcerative colitis-prone patients have been noted. similar differences may occur in a corresponding primate model, the cotton-top tamarin (ctt), saguinus oedipus, a new world monkey which suffers from spontaneous chronic colitis and colon cancer. lectin reagents were used to characterize and compare colonic cell surface, cytoplasmic, and secretory glycoconjugates of 9 clinically healthy cotton-top tamarins, 7 colitis ...19883132857
differences in cellular glycoconjugates of quiescent, inflamed, and neoplastic colonic epithelium in colitis and cancer-prone the preceding paper the authors demonstrated that the lectin staining patterns of normal colonic epithelium obtained from colitis and carcinoma-prone cotton top tamarins (ctts), saguinus oedipus, a new world primate, differs from colitis- and carcinoma-resistant primate species. in this study they determined the usefulness of cytochemical features in inflamed epithelium as indicators for malignant change. they compared the lectin staining pattern in inflamed mucosa and adjacent mucosa with co ...19883132858
colon cancer cells in peripheral blood of cancerous tamarins.diagnosing colon cancer in its early stages would lower the mortality rate. the cotton-top tamarin, saguinus oedipus, serves as a model for the study of human colon cancer. this new world monkey has a high incidence of colitis and colon cancer. the mouse anti-human monoclonal antibody br55.2, with specificity for human colon adenocarcinoma, was biotinylated. peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) from animals with colon cancer were fluorescently stained with the biotinylated br55.2. these res ...19883135964
volatile components of scent material from cotton-top tamarin (saguinus o. oedipus) : a chemical and behavioral study.the first chemical analysis of the volatile components of scent material from the cotton-top tamarin,saguinus o. oedipus is presented. in contrast to our previous findings in saddle-back tamarins (saguinus fuscicollis), the chemical composition of the scent marks is quite variable. analysis of secretion expressed manually from different areas of the scent pads of sedated animals shows individual and regional variability. only three components (squalene, cholesterol, andp-methoxybenzaldehyde) wer ...198824276286
intestinal carcinomas in two tamarins (saguinus fuscicollis, saguinus oedipus) of the german primate centre.two colonic mucoid adenocarcinomas in tamarins from the german primate centre are reported. a mucinous mucoid adenocarcinoma occurred in the ascending and the transversal colon of a saguinus oedipus male more than 8 years old, with metastases in the regional lymph nodes and the pancreas. the tumour corresponded to colon cancer in cotton-topped tamarins of other colonies. the second tumour, a well differentiated tubular mucoid adenocarcinoma, developed at the ileocaecal valve of a 14 1/2 year old ...19882839732
effect of various biological factors on spontaneous marmoset and tamarin colitis. a retrospective histopathologic study.histological sections of colons from 69 tamarins (46 saguinus oedipus and 23 saguinus fuscicollis illigeri) and 27 marmosets (callithrix jacchus) that died between 1979 and 1984 were examined for colitis. evaluated biological factors were species, age at death, source of animals, manner of death, presence of colon cancer, and time after importation. most normal colons were found in young animals (dead at less than 1 years of age). nearly all (approximately 96%) animals had colitis; 70-80% of mos ...19883134175
analysis of t lymphocyte subsets in tamarins with colitis and colon cancer.the cotton-top tamarin, saguinus oedipus, serves as an animal model for the study of human colon cancer. this new world monkey has a high incidence of colitis and colon cancer that develops spontaneously. evidence suggests that these diseases may be the result of a virally induced immunodeficiency. we have shown that t4+/t8+ cell ratios are significantly altered in tamarins with acute colitis and colon cancers. the t4+/t8+ ratios were 1.50 +/- 0.09, 0.70 +/- 0.05, and 0.48 +/- 0.05 for negative ...19892493193
focal ulcerative ileocolitis with terminal thrombocytopenic purpura in juvenile cotton top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).a newly recognized syndrome characterized by an acute focal ulcerative ileocolitis, anemia and thrombocytopenic purpura in five juvenile cotton-top tamarins is described. the presentation and morphology of this syndrome is distinct from any other reported gastrointestinal disease reported in tamarins. traditional etiologies such as viruses, ingested toxins, campylobacter, salmonella and yersinia and clostridium difficile are not considered likely etiologic agents. nontraditional etiologies such ...19892496272
inoculation of new world primates with the human immunodeficiency virus.the susceptibility of common marmosets and cotton-top tamarins to infection by hiv-2 in vivo was tested. one year and 19 months, respectively, post-inoculation, sera taken from three of four animals from each species are reactive for hiv-2 antibodies and hiv-specific nucleotide sequences were demonstrated in short-term cultures of pbl from two cotton-top tamarins. the animals remain in good health.19892503618
gene mapping of an epstein-barr virus isolate obtained from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma.gene mapping of an epstein-barr virus (ebv) isolate derived from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc), designated npc-ebv, has been performed. this isolate was rescued from an npc epithelial hybrid cell line (npc-kt), and used to transform cotton-top tamarin lymphocytes which, along with the epithelial npc-kt cells, were used in the mapping studies. using the bamhi and ecori restriction enzymes, we found that the npc-ebv isolate did not contain the deletions observed in the genomes of the prototype ...19892542179
the transforming prototype of epstein-barr virus (b95-8) is also a lytic virus.the b95-8 isolate of the epstein-barr virus (ebv) has been described as a non-lytic transforming virus. we have performed experiments in order to determine if the b95-8 ebv is capable of super-infecting and replicating in ebv-genome-positive non-producer lymphoblastoid cells. using concentrates of b95-8 ebv, prepared from 6 different b95-8 cell lines treated with 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa), we demonstrated that virus concentrates could transform human or cotton-top tamarin b-lymp ...19892545637
validation of a first-generation epstein-barr virus vaccine preparation suitable for human use.the efficacy of a new vaccine preparation against epstein-barr (eb) virus was investigated in cotton-top tamarins. the vaccine consists of fast protein liquid chromatography-purified eb virus membrane antigen glycoprotein of 340 kd (ma gp340) mixed with a synthetic muramyl dipeptide adjuvant emulsified in squalane containing a pluronic polymer; it is suitable for both scaled-up batch production and eventual administration to man. vaccinated tamarins rapidly developed elisa detectable high titre ...19892555448
presence of antibody to human herpesvirus 6 in monkeys.a serological survey of monkeys was conducted to determine the prevalence of antibody to human herpesvirus 6 (hhv-6). two-hundred and fifteen sera from 10 species of monkeys were examined by an immunofluorescent antibody (if) assay. the antibody was found in monkeys from eight of the 10 species examined, but was not detected in silvered lutongs or cotton-top tamarins. the prevalence of antibody was highest in squirrel monkeys. sera with high antibody titres were examined further by western blot ...19892558155
excretion of estrone, estradiol, and progesterone in the urine and feces of the female cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus oedipus).the excretion of three gonadal steroids was studied in the urine and feces of female cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus). each steroid, 14c-estrone, 14c-estradiol, and 14c-progesterone, was injected into a separate female cotton-top tamarin. urine and feces were collected at 8 hr intervals for 5 days on the three tamarins. samples were analyzed to determine the proportion of free and conjugated steroids. steroid excretion patterns were determined by sequential ether extraction, enzyme ...198931964058
fertility status, dominance, and scent marking behavior of family-housed female cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) in absence of their mothers.the effect of the mother's absence on the fertility status and expression of scent marking behavior was examined in 12 sexually mature female cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) living in four motherless families. behavioral data and urine samples were collected on an average of five times per week and levels of estrone-glucuronide (e1g) were quantified directly by radioimmunoassay to establish whether the females showed ovarian cyclicity. of the 12 females investigated only the dominant fema ...198931964031
expression of immune sensitization to epithelial cell-associated components in the cotton-top tamarin: a model of chronic ulcerative colitis.chronic colitis is present in up to 50% of adult cotton-top tamarins, but the etiology is unknown. to explore one putative immunopathogenic pathway for the chronic colitis, we determined whether immune sensitization to macromolecules associated with mucosal epithelium of intestine (designated ecac) had occurred in this primate species. specifically, we sought to define (a) whether antigenic determinants associated with ecac are present on tamarin gut epithelium in vivo; (b) if immunoglobulin, ca ...19892477296
cotton-top tamarins (saguinus (o.) oedipus) in a semi-naturalistic captive test the prediction that the breeding success of captive cotton-top tamarins (saguinus (o.) oedipus) could be improved by maintaining them in groups whose size and age-sex composition resembled those of wild groups, data were collated from 6.5 years of records from a breeding colony that otherwise had housing and husbandry procedures similar to those of other successful colonies. group size and composition in the colony closely resembled those of wild groups, and infant survival was the highe ...199031963995
discrimination of chirp vocalizations in the cotton-top tamarin.natural exemplars of two types of chirp vocalizations were presented to eight groups of cotton-top tamarins (saguinus o. oedipus) in a playback paradigm. the two chirps share many acoustic features in common but are used in entirely different circumstances. the tamarins gave different vocal and behavioral responses to the playbacks of each chirp type, indicating that a discrimination was made. the results suggest that tamarins can discriminate subtle acoustic cues which have communicative signif ...199031963986
infant-care behavior of mothers and fathers in a communal-care primate, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus).infant care behavior was examined for 35 litters of 23 different groups of captive cotton-top tamarins. the behavior of mothers and fathers was compared to determine the effects of infant number and helper presence on each parent and to determine whether parents differed in responsiveness to infants. for young infants (1-4 weeks), the contribution of fathers to infant carrying was negatively correlated with helpers' contribution; as helpers carried more, fathers carried less. in contrast, the mo ...199031963962
distribution of neuropeptide y in the prosencephalon of man and cotton-head tamarin (saguinus oedipus): colocalization with somatostatin in neurons of striatum and amygdala.the presence, chromatographic properties and localization of neuropeptide y was demonstrated in postmortem human brain areas of neurologically and neuropsychiatrically normative controls using immunocytochemistry and high performance liquid chromatography combined with radioimmunoassay. npy-immunoreactivity was found in many regions of the prosencephalon. numerous perikarya and fibers were present in the neocortex, basal ganglia and limbic-hypothalamic areas. a moderate number of neurons and fib ...19901970228
molecular cloning of cdna that encode mhc class i molecules from a new world primate (saguinus oedipus). natural selection acts at positions that may affect peptide presentation to t investigate the evolutionary pressures that drive the generation of polymorphism in primate mhc class i molecules, three cdna that encode mhc class i alleles from a new world monkey, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), were cloned and sequenced. these tamarin mhc class i alleles contained amino acid substitutions not found in any of the previously sequenced human mhc class i alleles. moreover, the majority of these unique amino acid substitutions was located in the ag recognition site ...19902104912
food-sharing in cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).food-sharing behaviour was observed in 9 captive families of cotton-top tamarins (range 4-14 individuals per group), during meals of fresh fruit. food was transferred to infants by their parents and older sibs in response to begging, and was also offered to them without prior solicitation. older, mature, reproductively suppressed individuals shared more than young immature monkeys. infants in larger families received more food than those in smaller ones, though individuals in smaller families sh ...19902108914
genetically distinct cell populations in naturally occurring bone marrow-chimeric primates express similar mhc class i gene products.the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) is a naturally occurring "a" + "b"----"a" bone marrow-chimeric species. these primates usually are born as dizygotic twins and, due to placental vascular anastomoses, develop sharing each others' bone marrow elements. strikingly, almost 50% of the pbl of a member of a twin pair are derived from the hematopoietic stem cells of its cotwin. to clarify the mechanisms underlying the maintenance of tolerance in these stable chimeras, mhc gene products have bee ...19902110210
evolution of the mhc class i genes of a new world primate from ancestral homologues of human non-classical genes.the products of the classical human major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i genes (hla-a, -b, -c) are highly polymorphic molecules that bind peptides and present them to t lymphocytes. the non-polymorphic, non-classical mhc class i gene products (hla-e, -f, -g) are not restricting elements for the majority of t lymphocytes. the evolutionary relationship of the non-classical and classical mhc class i genes is unclear. here we present the cloning and sequencing of the mhc class i genes of a ...19902114550
cpg methylation of viral dna in ebv-associated ebv-immortalized lymphoblastoid cell lines (lcls) a small number of "latent" proteins are expressed. these are the ebv nuclear antigens, ebnas 1-6, and a latent membrane protein, lmp. we have investigated the expression of these proteins in a variety of ebv-associated tumours and cell lines. whereas transplant and b-cell lymphomas from cotton-top tamarins appear to express the full range of antigens found in lcls, we and others have found that in burkitt's lymphomas (bl) and a nasopharyngeal ...19902161800
nursing does affect the duration of the post-partum to ovulation interval in cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).reports on callitrichid monkeys have not revealed a significant effect of nursing on interbirth intervals or on post-partum to ovulation intervals. we examined 25 post-partum intervals in cotton-top tamarin females to determine whether nursing infants would affect the length of the post-partum to ovulation interval. urinary lh/cg and oestrone conjugates were measured in urine samples collected in the 6 weeks after birth. the post-partum to ovulation interval is the number of days between parturi ...19902174459
inflammatory mediators in cotton-top tamarins (ctt) with acute and chronic colitis.spontaneous colitis in ctt's presents cytological characteristics similar to chronic ulcerative colitis in humans, e.g. inflammatory cell infiltrate and crypt abscesses. to better characterize ctt colitis as a potential model for human inflammatory bowel disease (ibd), inflammatory mediators identified in colonic tissue of human ibd patients and/or experimental colitis models were assayed. inflammatory mediator changes in plasma and colon from tamarins with acute (n = 10) and chronic (n = 10) co ...19911665291
pachyonychia congenita-like disorder in cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus).a spontaneous genodermatosis in 13 cotton-top tamarins is described as a retrospective study. the disease appeared as alopecia, pigmentary disturbances, and claw dystrophy similar but not identical to human pachyonychia congenita. the disease in the tamarins seems to be inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, becoming clinically apparent around adolescence. in certain families the neonatal mortality rate was also above average, reaching 100%.19911803010
genetic variation of the glucocorticoid receptor from a steroid-resistant primate.the neotropical cotton-top marmoset (saguinus oedipus) is a new world primate known to have markedly increased total and free plasma cortisol concentrations when compared with old world primates including man. the relative end-organ 'resistance' to glucocorticoids found in various new world primates has been attributed to a glucocorticoid receptor (gr) with diminished affinity for glucocorticoids. it has been demonstrated that the marmoset gr has approximately tenfold lower binding affinity for ...19911930628
the involucrin genes of the white-fronted capuchin and cottontop tamarin: the platyrrhine middle all anthropoid species, the coding region of the involucrin gene contains a segment of short tandem repeats that were added sequentially, beginning in a common anthropoid ancestor. the involucrin coding region of each of two platyrrhine species, the white-fronted capuchin (cebus albifrons) and the cottontop tamarin (saguinus oedipus), has now been cloned and sequenced. these genes share with the genes of the catarrhines the repeats added in the common anthropoid lineage (the early region). af ...19911766360
factors in the rejection and survival of captive cotton top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).captive colonies of cotton top tamarins experience a high rate of rejection of infants within the 1st week of life. the rates of rejection and survival to maturity (2 or more years) among 659 live colony-born infants were correlated with rearing, birth group, litter size, season of birth, gender, origin of parents, experience of parents raising siblings, parity and age of parents, and experience of parent pairs. the most important factors associated with low rejection rates were family life and ...199131948182
unusually limited nucleotide sequence variation of the expressed major histocompatibility complex class i genes of a new world primate species (saguinus oedipus).although major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i molecules are, as a rule, highly polymorphic in mammalian species, those of the new world primate saguinus oedipus (cotton-top tamarin) exhibit limited polymorphism. we have cloned and sequenced twelve mhc class i cdnas from this species. since cloned cotton-top tamarin cell lines express three to six mhc class i molecules, this species must have at least three functional mhc class i loci. there was, however, no evidence of locus-specific s ...19911840570
survey of saguinus mortality in a zoo colony.six years of necropsy records from a zoo colony of four tamarin species (saguinus oedipus, s. geoffroyi, s. imperator, and s. mystax) were examined. mean age at death was 4.0 years, average length in the colony at time of death was 3.4 years. annual mortality rate varied between 9 and 30%. gross necropsy findings, histopathologic, and bacteriological results indicate primary cause of death as follows: peritonitis (26%), septicemia (14%), nephritis (5%), hepatitis (5%), pneumonia (2%), and others ...19921602456
the costs of infant carrying in captive cotton-top tamarins.marmosets and tamarins have a communal rearing system in which all group members help to care for the twin infants characteristic of this family of primates. helpers are likely to incur time and energy costs by contributing to infant care. predictions that cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) helpers would change their behavior when carrying infants because of reduced mobility and/or a need for increased vigilance were tested in a captive colony. tamarins carrying an infant spent significantly ...199231948174
reproduction of the emperor tamarin (saguinus imperator) in captivity, with comparisons to cotton-top and golden lion tamarins.little information has been published on the reproductive biology and behavior of the emperor tamarin (saguinus imperator). we analyzed twelve years of data on emperor tamarins at the los angeles zoo and made comparisons with data on cotton-top tamarins (saguinus o. oedipus) and golden lion tamarins (leontopithecus rosalia) from the same collection. secondary sex ratios did not differ significantly from 50:50. births were not strictly seasonal for any species. the number of infants reared had a ...199231948169
the stimulatory effect of males on the initiation but not the maintenance of ovarian cycling in cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).prior studies have shown that female cotton-top tamarins usually do not ovulate while living with natal groups, and most females do not ovulate until they are paired with an unfamiliar adult male. to examine the role of unfamiliar adult males on stimulating ovarian function, four cotton-top females were studied during three conditions: females living with their natal group for six weeks, living alone but exposed to a single unfamiliar adult male located 15 cm away from the female's cage for four ...199231948165
the benefits of helpers: effects of group and litter size on infant care in tamarins (saguinus oedipus).the callitrichidae (marmosets and tamarins) typically give birth to twins, and infant care is shared by all group members. the potential benefits to callitrichids of having helpers were investigated in a study of 21 captive cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) infants, living in groups with two to 12 older members. time carried and suckled and amount of food received from other family members were recorded for each infant during the first 12 weeks of life. the results showed that infants in lar ...199231948155
mr 40,000 human colonic epithelial protein expression in colonic mucosa and presence of circulating anti-mr 40,000 antibodies in cotton top tamarins with spontaneous colitis.saguinus oedipus, callithrix jacchus, and saguinus fuscicollis are three species of new world monkeys which develop a form of colitis that is similar to human ulcerative colitis. only s oedipus, however, develop colon cancer. we examined intestinal tissues from these animals for the presence of an antigen cross reacting to the mr 40,000 human colonic epithelial protein that acts as an autoantigen in ulcerative colitis. using an anti-mr 40,000 monoclonal antibody (7e12h12, igm isotype), by an imm ...19921740277
protective immunization against epstein-barr virus-induced disease in cottontop tamarins using the virus envelope glycoprotein gp340 produced from a bovine papillomavirus expression vector.inoculation with epstein-barr virus (ebv) induces malignant lymphomas in the cottontop tamarin (saguinus oedipus oedipus). this provides an experimental animal model for assessing the efficacy of candidate ebv vaccines which are intended to reduce the incidence of human tumours associated with ebv infection. previous work has shown that experimental vaccines based on the major virus envelope glycoprotein gp340 prepared from the membranes of ebv-infected cells are effective in protecting cottonto ...19921311367
responses of isolated japanese monkey tracheal muscle to allergic mediators.the responsiveness of isolated japanese monkey (macaca fuscata) tracheal muscle to antigen, carbachol, histamine, leukotriene c4 (ltc4), u-46619 and substance p (sp) was compared to that of isolated human trachea. weak but persistent contraction was observed after the addition of antigen to isolated japanese monkey tracheal muscle passively sensitized with monkey serum containing ige antibody against japanese cedar (cryptomeria japonica) antigen. unlike monkey tracheal muscle, a fair amount of c ...19921378043
expression of vascular adhesion molecules in inflammatory bowel disease.the expression of the vascular adhesion molecules elam-1 (endothelial leukocyte adhesion molecule 1) and vcam-1 (vascular cell adhesion molecule 1) was evaluated in colonic mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and normal controls by immunocytochemistry. vcam-1 was found to be constitutively expressed in lymphoid aggregates in normal colonic mucosa and was not significantly enhanced or altered in distribution in mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel disease regardless of the ac ...19921379955
in vitro characteristics of yersinia pseudotuberculosis of nonhuman primate origin.six strains of serotypes 1 or 2 of y. pseudotuberculosis were isolated from dead squirrel monkeys, a cotton-top tamarin and a marmoset hybrid. all strains harboured a 71.6 kb plasmid, all were totally oxacillin-resistant and partially resistant to cephalosporins. biochemically, serotypes 1 and 2 differed from each other in their beta-galactosidase production in a nonfermenter system, whereas the lack of rhamnose, maltose, salicin and trehalose fermentation seemed to be attributable to technical ...19921486229
systematics of the saguinus oedipus group of the bare-face tamarins: evidence from facial morphology.the systematics of the saguinus oedipus group within the bare-face tamarins remains open to question. hershkovitz (living new world monkeys (platyrrhini), vol.1. chicago: university of chicago press, 1977) places the cotton-top and rufus-naped tamarins as subspecies of saguinus oedipus (s. o. oedipus and s. o. geoffroyi, respectively). in contrast, several other authors have argued that these two taxa should be considered separate species (s. oedipus and s. geoffroyi). phylogenetic relationships ...19921530063
corpus callosum in sexually dimorphic and nondimorphic primates.the midsagittal area and other morphological measures were taken on the corpus callosum of four different species of primate: macaca mulatta, m. fascicularis, callithrix jacchus, and saguinus oedipus. the first two species are strongly dimorphic, whereas the new world forms show little dimorphism with regard to overall body size, canines, and brain weight. neither total corpus callosal area (totalcc), or other parts of the corpus callosum (cc) showed any significant sexual dimorphism in any of t ...19921562061
ulcerative colitis-linked antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody in the cotton-top tamarin model of colitis.the presence of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (anca) in serum has recently been shown to be a good disease marker for ulcerative colitis. an animal model of colitis expressing serum anca would allow prospective studies of the relationship between anca expression and development of colitis. the cotton-top tamarin model of spontaneous colitis was investigated for presence of anca to evaluate its potential as a model for the study of the immune response in human ulcerative colitis. results ...19921568559
major-histocompatibility-complex drb genes of a new-world monkey, the cottontop tamarin (saguinus oedipus).the drb region of the human and great-ape major histocompatibility complex displays not only gene but also haplotype polymorphism. the number of genes in the human drb region can vary from one to four, and even greater variability exists among the drb haplotypes of chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. accumulating evidence indicates that, like gene polymorphism, part of the haplotype polymorphism predates speciation. in an effort to determine when the gene haplotype polymorphisms emerged in th ...19921584011
experimental colitis in animal models.colitis may be induced in animals by oral administration of sulfated polysaccharides (carrageenan, amylopectin sulfate, dextran sulfate), chemical irritation by rectal instillation of diluted acetic acid, delayed hypersensitivity reaction after sensitization to dncb or after one single administration of tnbs, and arthus reaction induced by intravenous injection of immune complexes after chemical irritation of the colon, and by chemoattractant peptides such as fmlp. it appears that all models of ...19921641579
conservative evolution of the mbc-dp region in anthropoid determine the organization of the dp region in the mbc of anthropoid primates, we constructed contig maps from cosmid clones of the chimpanzee and orangutan, representatives of the infraorder catarrhini, as well as of the cotton-top tamarin, a representative of the infraorder platyrrhini. we found the maps to be remarkably similar to each other and to the previously published map of the human dp region. in each of the four species, the dp region consists of four loci arranged in the same orde ...19937901184
postural effects on manual reaching laterality in squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) and cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) and cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) made unimanual food reaches from either a horizontal, quadrupedal posture or a vertical, clinging posture. no population-level handedness occurred in either species. however, in both species, directional lateral preferences weakly expressed for reaching from the stable quadrupedal posture were intensified in the vertical cling posture. this phenomenon, which we designate as soft handedness, may have been an evolutiona ...19938112050
aeromonas hydrophila peritonitis in a cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), and retrospective study of infections in seven primate species. 19938231095
anti-colitic efficacy of sc-41930 in colitic cotton-top evaluate anti-colitic efficacy, eight cotton-top tamarins (ctts) with histologically confirmed persistent active colitis were given the anti-inflammatory agent sc-41930 (10 mg/kg bw by gavage bid) for eight weeks. colonic endoscopy and biopsy observations, cbcs and clinical chemistries, and stool consistency were evaluated pre-, mid-, and posttreatment. colitic activity was graded histologically from a1 (mild) to a5 (severe); results varied among the seven animals that completed the study: fi ...19938273579
cholesterol metabolism in new world primates: comparative studies in two tamarin species (saguinus oedipus and saguinus fuscicollis) and the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus).1. cholesterol metabolism has been characterized in three species of new world primates, the cotton-top tamarin, the saddle-back tamarin, and the squirrel monkey. 2. when fed a diet containing cholesterol, the three species exhibited differing responses of plasma cholesterol levels. 3. dietary cholesterol absorption was determined and plasma cholesterol die-away kinetics were analyzed in terms of a two-pool model. 4. the results of the analyses of cholesterol turnover are consistent with the obs ...19938299347
fecal bile acids and neutral sterols in the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus).1. the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), a small new world primate susceptible to spontaneous development of colon cancer, was studied for its fecal neutral sterol and bile salt composition. 2. standardization procedures to establish the effect of exposure of the stool to room temperature air for various time-periods showed no significant effects on the neutral sterol and bile salt composition of the samples. 3. microbial degradation of cholesterol and bile acids to secondary metabolites sh ...19938365117
characterization of the rhesus macaque (macaca mulatta) equivalent of hla-f.nucleotide sequence analysis of rhesus macaque major histocompatibility complex class i cdnas allowed the identification of the orthologue of hla-f, designated mamu-f. comparison of mamu-f with earlier published human and chimpanzee orthologues demonstrated that these sequences share a high degree of similarity, both at the nucleotide and amino acid level, whereas a new world monkey (cotton-top tamarin) equivalent is more distantly related. exon 7, encoding one of the cytoplasmatic domains, is a ...19938482576
mhc-drb genes of platyrrhine primates.the two infraorders of anthropoid primates, platyrrhini (new world monkeys) and catarrhini (old world monkeys and the hominoids) are estimated to have diverged from a common ancestor 37 million years ago. the major histocompatibility complex class ii drb gene and haplotype polymorphism of the catarrhini has been characterized in several recent studies. the present study was undertaken to obtain information on the drb polymorphism of the platyrrhini. fifty-five complete exon 2 drb sequences were ...19938505064
measurement of faecal steroids for monitoring ovarian function in new world primates, callitrichidae.measurement of immunoreactive progesterone, pregnanediol and oestradiol in faeces collected throughout ovarian cycles in three species of callitrichid primates is reported. faecal hormone concentrations were compared with plasma progesterone profiles during pgf2 alpha-controlled (n = 7) and natural (n = 8) cycles in callithrix jacchus and saguinus fuscicollis, respectively, and with urinary oestrone conjugates during five cycles in saguinus oedipus. unconjugated steroids, which predominated over ...19938283445
circulating and excreted hormones during the ovarian cycle in the cotton-top tamarin, saguinus oedipus.five parous, cycling cotton-top tamarin females were used to compare circulating and urinary profiles of the major reproductive hormones during the ovarian cycle. blood samples were collected on unanesthetized, hand restrained females three times per week for 25 days and first morning void urine was collected daily for 30-40 days including the serum sampling period. serum and urine samples were analyzed for estrone, estradiol, and bioactive lh. additionally, serum was analyzed for progesterone a ...199332070082
further hormonal suppression of eldest daughter cotton-top tamarins following birth of infants.reproductive suppression of females is found throughout the callitrichids. however, in many species some evidence of ovarian activity is observed in subordinate females. subordinate cotton-top tamarin females in our colony have never been observed to ovulate in the presence of a reproductive female. however, ovarian follicular development does occur, and measurable levels of urinary estrogen and luteinizing hormone are frequently found in subordinate females. we studied 11 female tamarins living ...199332070081
detection of urinary gonadotropins in callitrichid monkeys with a sensitive immunoassay based upan a unique monoclonal antibody.a radioimmunological method for measuring urinary luteinizing hormone (lh) and chorionic gonadotropin (cg) excretion in the family callitrichidae is described. the method uses a monoclonal antibody that will be available in virtually unlimited quantity. several polyclonal antisera that have been useful for the detection of callitrichid gonadotropins are near depletion. the monoclonal antibody-based ria provided similar results when compared with the mouse leydig cell bioassay for lh and a previo ...199331937000
field techniques for monitoring cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus) in colombia.we present reliable field techniques for capturing, anesthetizing, and iidentifying individual cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus oedipus). a new technique is presented for radio-tracking small bodied primates. a backpack-style harness was designed to carry a transmitter. this system appears effective in minimizing potential injury and does not appear to interfere with the normal behavior of the animal. © 1993 wiley-liss, inc.199331936998
model life tables for the smaller new world monkeys.mortality statistics from five populations of small new world monkeys (includinsg callithrix jaccus, leontopithecus rosalia, saguinus fuscicollis, and saguinus oedipus) were combined to generate a standard model life table reflecting the mortality patterns of these primates. the model is applied to three individual populations to illustrate a strategy for smoothing and interpolating mortality statistics of varying completeness and quality. © 1993 wiley-liss, inc.199331941182
genetic epidemiology of colon cancer in the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus).colon cancer is known to be heritable in humans, but the opportunity to investigate the genetic epidemiology of cancer in nonhuman primates has been limited by the size of available populations. the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) colony at the oak ridge associated universities (orau) marmoset research center is a large population with a high rate of spontaneous colon cancer that has been monitored over several years, thus allowing investigation of the genetic basis for colon cancer in thi ...19938300080
attenuation of colitis in the cotton-top tamarin by anti-alpha 4 integrin monoclonal antibody.recent studies have demonstrated the induced expression of endothelial adhesion molecules including e-selectin (also called endothelial leukocyte adhesion molecule-1), vascular cell adhesion molecule and intercellular adhesion molecule in actively involved mucosa of patients with ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. similar induction has been demonstrated in the colon of the cotton-top tamarin (ctt), a new world primate that experiences a spontaneous acute and chronic colitis resembling ulcer ...19937686922
inflammatory mediator changes in cotton-top tamarins (ctt) after sc-41930 anti-colitic therapy.use of the ctt model provides insight into the inflammatory mediator contribution in the pathogenesis of idiopathic colitis. to evaluate anti-colitic efficacy, the leukotriene b4 receptor antagonist and anti-inflammatory agent, sc-41930, was administered (10 mg/kg bw by gavage bid) for 8 weeks to ctts with histologically confirmed persistent and defined active colitis. the inflammatory mediators ltb4, pge2, txb2, and paf were assayed in colonic dialysate that was collected after 1 1/2 h from fou ...19938273593
drb, dqa, dqb and dpb nucleotide sequences of saguinus oedipus b95-8.we present eight new nucleotide sequences derived from the second exons of class ii genes within the major histocompatibility complex of sanguinus oedipus (cotton-top tamarin). these comprise two drb alleles (saoe-drb3*0504, -drb*w1203), two dqa1 alleles (saoe-dqa1*2501, -dqa1*2502), two dqb1 alleles (saoe-dqb1*2201, -dqb1*2301), one dqb2 allele (saoe-dqb2*0101) and one dpb1 allele (saoe-dpb1*0101).19949098421
temperature-metabolism relations in the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) model for ulcerative colitis.examination of temperature-metabolism relations found no significant differences between thermoregulation of temperature housed laboratory cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) and wild tamarins in colombia, s.a. the results indicate that tamarins do not acclimate to a temperature environment and are metabolically stressed at ta less than 32 degrees c. this is consistent with an hypothesis of chronic metabolic stress as a factor in the etiology of cotton-top tamarin colitis, which is restricted ...19947932634
molecular mass and isoelectric properties of pituitary and urinary gonadotrophins in callitrichid this study, the molecular masses and isoelectric characteristics of pituitary lh and fsh in two species of callitrichid primate, the common marmoset (callithrix jacchus) and the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), were determined. comparative data for urine samples from callithrix jacchus are also presented. the separation of gonadotrophins from pituitary extracts and urine was performed under nonreducing conditions using sds-page and isoelectric focusing procedures. hormone activity in ge ...19947861403
a putative cea moiety is shared by the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) and humans.cea-like molecules immunologically distinct from those in humans have been described in non-human primates. these primates do not share the human predilection for colitis and subsequent development of colorectal cancer. cea expression has not been fully evaluated in a lower-order primate, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), an animal model for colitis and colorectal cancer. we found increased levels of cea in both colonic washings and tissues of these animals using a commercially availabl ...19948162564
evolution of alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase 1 peroxisomal and mitochondrial targeting. a survey of its subcellular distribution in the livers of various representatives of the classes mammalia, aves and part of a wider study on the molecular evolution of alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase 1 (agt1) intracellular compartmentalization, we have determined the subcellular distribution of immunoreactive agt1, using postembedding protein a-gold immunoelectron microscopy, in the livers of various members of the classes mammalia, aves, and amphibia. as far as organellar distribution is concerned, three categories could be distinguished. in members of the first category (type i), all, or nearly all, ...19947813517
baboon and cotton-top tamarin b2m cdna sequences and the evolution of primate beta 2-microglobulin.nonhuman primates represent phylogenetic intermediates for studying the divergence of human and murine beta 2ms. we report the nucleotide sequences of b2m cdna clones from a baboon cell line, 26cb-1 (papio hamadryas; primates: cercopithecoidea), and a cotton-top tamarin cell line, 1605l (saguinus oedipus; primates: ceboidea). the baboon and tamarin b2m sequences indicate a very slow rate of b2m evolution in primates relative to that in murid rodents. phenotypic evolution of beta 2m has also been ...19948026986
the cotton-top tamarin revisited: mhc class i polymorphism of wild tamarins, and polymorphism and allelic diversity of the class ii dqa1, dqb1, and drb loci.cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) in captivity are unusual in that they exhibit low levels of polymorphism and allelic diversity at the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i loci. since the polymorphism has previously only been examined in captive tamarins, we analyzed the mhc class i alleles of a population of wild tamarins. these wild tamarins, like their captive counterparts, exhibited limited class i polymorphism. we also assessed the levels of polymorphism and allelic diversit ...19948039824
cloning and expression of interleukin-3 genes of chimpanzee and new world monkeys.interleukin-3 (il-3) genes were cloned from chimpanzee (pan troglodytes), tamarin (saguinus oedipus) and marmoset (callithrix jacchus) and expressed in cos cells. although the il-3 gene structure is well conserved in these primate species, sequence analysis revealed extensive base substitutions. the chimpanzee il-3 protein, which is highly homologous (98.5% identity) to human il-3, stimulated proliferation of human cells dependent on il-3. in contrast, due to the numerous amino acid substitution ...19948110834
c4 gene polymorphism in primates: evolution, generation, and chido and rodgers antigenicity.eleven new c4d genomic primate sequences of the fourth complement factor (c4) have been obtained. seven of them belong to five species not yet explored for this gene: pan paniscus (pygmy chimpanzee), cercopithecus aethiops (green monkey), macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey), macaca fascicularis (cynomolgus), and saguinus oedipus (cotton top tamarin). the new world monkeys (tamarins, four individuals) sequenced for c4 have a single c4d sequence only, which shows a b isotypic specificity and a rodgers ...19947525470
distribution of human endogenous retrovirus herv-k genomes in humans and different primates.the distribution of the human endogenous retrovirus (herv)-k genome was investigated by southern-blot analyses using a herv-k-env dna probe. with the exception of one dna-sample, obtained from a chinese individual in whom an amplification of herv-k was detected, southern-blot analyses yielded identical hybridization patterns with dna from peripheral blood lymphocytes of 37 normal healthy blood donors, with dna from six tumor cell lines, or with 23 dna samples prepared from various carcinoma tiss ...19957635468
eosinophil cationic protein and eosinophil-derived neurotoxin. evolution of novel function in a primate ribonuclease gene family.human eosinophil-derived neurotoxin (edn) and eosinophil cationic protein (ecp) are members of a unique subfamily of rapidly evolving primate ribonuclease genes that emerged via a gene duplication event occurring after the divergence of old world from new world monkeys (rosenberg, h. f., dyer, k. d., tiffany, h. l., and gonzalez, m. (1995) nature genet. 10, 219-223). in this work, we studied the activity of the protein encoded by the edn/ecp homolog of the new world monkey, saguinus oedipus (mar ...19957665566
self-recognition in primates: phylogeny and the salience of species-typical features.self-recognition has been explored in nonlinguistic organisms by recording whether individuals touch a dye-marked area on visually inaccessible parts of their face while looking in a mirror or inspect parts of their body while using the mirror's reflection. only chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and humans over the age of approximately 2 years consistently evidence self-directed mirror-guided behavior without experimenter training. to evaluate the inferred phylogenetic gap between hominoids and ...19957479889
inhibition of dexamethasone binding to human glucocorticoid receptor by new world primate cell determine if new world primates express an inhibitor that influences glucocorticoid receptor (gr) binding characteristics, we examined [3h]dexamethasone binding in cytosol prepared from b95-8 lymphoid cells, derived from the cotton top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), in combination with cytosol prepared from human or rat tissues. b95-8 cytosol inhibited specific binding of [3h]dexamethasone (p < 0.01) when mixed with cytosol prepared from either a human lymphoid cell line (hl) or rat thymus. the ...19957482631
the relationship of cortisol levels to social environment and reproductive functioning in female cotton-top tamarins, saguinus oedipus.cortisol levels were examined in 17 cotton-top tamarin monkeys (saguinus oedipus) to determine: (1) if first-morning void urine sampling could be used as a noninvasive method for monitoring cortisol excretion, (2) if capture and bleeding were associated with changes in urinary cortisol levels, (3) the relative cortisol levels in reproductively active and reproductively suppressed females, and (4) the relationship between cortisol levels and changes in social condition in cotton-top tamarins. mea ...19957490013
selection of monoclonal antibodies for the identification of lymphocyte surface antigens in the new world primate saguinus oedipus oedipus (cotton top tamarin).32 monoclonal antibodies reactive with human cd antigens were tested against tamarin peripheral blood lymphocytes, cona blasts and lymphoblastoid b cell lines derived from tamarin cells. reagents that cross-react with mhc class i and ii, b cells (cd20, -21 and -23), monocytes (cd14) and nk cells (cd16, -56) have been identified. in addition monoclonals that cross-react with t cells (cd2, cd3), the cd4/cd8 subsets of t cells and the il-2 receptor (cd25) are reported. a monoclonal against the beta ...19957836781
the evolution of major histocompatibility class i genes in primates.mhc class i genes evolve by recombination, largely within loci, and selection (presumably pathogen-driven) maintains these new alleles in the population. although chimpanzees and humans share an a locus allelic lineage, the b locus molecules of the chimpanzee were less similar to human b locus molecules. the a and b locus molecules in rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys were even less similar to their human counterparts, with little conservation of allelic lineages between macaques and humans. in cont ...19958519421
comparative study of oestrogen excretion in female new world monkeys: an overview of non-invasive ovarian monitoring and a new application in evolutionary biology.oestrogen was measured in urine samples collected from captive females representing 7 species of new world monkey to provide an overview of the applicability of such formation in the noninvasive monitoring of ovarian function and to assess the potential applicability of such information in phylogenetic studies. species available for study were the pygmy marmoset, common marmoset, red-bellied tamarin, cotton-top tamarin, golden lion tamarin, goeldi's monkey and the owl monkey. oestrone conjugates ...19958529968
oral efficacy of a leukotriene b4 receptor antagonist in colitic cotton-top tamarins.leukotriene b4 (ltb4) is a potent neutrophil activator and chemotaxin that is present in increased concentrations in the colonic tissue and rectal dialysates of acute ulcerative colitis patients. cotton-top tamarins (ctts) with confirmed active colitis were treated with the second generation ltb4 receptor antagonist, sc-53228 ((+)-(s)-7-[3-(2-cyclopropyl-methyl)-3-methoxy-4-[(methylamino) carbonyl]phenoxy]propoxy]-3,4-dihydro-8-propyl-2h-1-benzopyran-2- propanoic acid), 20 mg/kg bodyweight by ga ...19958549949
laterality in hand preferences and reaching accuracy of cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).manual laterality of cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus) was observed for five different types of reaching. the tamarins displayed species-level right-handedness for spontaneous grasping for food but not for one-arm vertical suspension or any of 3 other types of elicited reaching. the results showed that difficult or novel tasks are neither necessary nor sufficient for the emergence of species-level handedness. accuracy in retrieving food from a rotating platform was greatest (a) for highly l ...19957705058
lectin histochemistry and carcinoembryonic antigen in spontaneous colonic cancers of cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).the glycoconjugate-binding properties and the expression of carcinoembryonic antigen in colonic cancers of cotton-top tamarins at the german primate center are described. deviating from findings in non-tumorous colonic epithelia of cotton-top tamarins was the presence of uea-, sba-, or dba-binding sites in the infranuclear cytoplasm of colonic epithelial cells, staining of entire cells, and the occurrence of subepithelial extracellular glycoconjugates in and adjacent to colonic cancers. carcinoe ...19958592802
mhc class i-processed pseudogenes in new world primates provide evidence for rapid turnover of mhc class i genes.the mhc class i genes of the new world primate, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), are an exception to the high polymorphism and variability displayed by this multigene family. we report the isolation of the first two processed pseudogenes from the mhc region in primates. these two mhc class i-processed pseudogenes (mhc-ps1 and -ps2) were found in several species of new world primates, suggesting a possible explanation for the cotton-top tamarin's limited mhc class i diversity. the patte ...19968805639
demography, group composition, and dispersal in wild cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) groups.groups of individually marked cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus), located in la reserva forestal protectora serranía de coraza-montes de maría in colosó colombia, were studied over a period of 5 years. data on group composition, stability, birthing seasons, and dispersal patterns are used to examine the reproductive strategies and tactics used by males and females. both monogamous groups and groups containing two pregnant females have been observed. all groups contained at least one adult fe ...199631914712
allelic diversity at the primate mhc-g locus: exon 3 bears stop codons in all cercopithecinae sequences.twenty-seven major histocompatibility complex (mhc)-g exon 2, exon 3, and exon 2 and 3 allelic sequences were obtained together with 12 different intron 2 sequences. homo sapiens, pan troglodytes, pan paniscus, gorilla gorilla, pongo pygmaeus, macaca fascicularis, macaca mulatta, and cercopithecus aethiops individuals were studied. polymorphism does not follow the classical pattern of three hypervariable regions per domain and is found in all species studied; exon 3 (equivalent to the alpha 2 pr ...19968606053
fecal short-chain fatty acids associated with inflammation in cotton-top tamarin model for idiopathic colitis.this study measured fecal levels of short-chain fatty acids (scfas) relative to the severity of colitis in the cotton-top tamarin model of colitis and colon cancer. severity of colitis was classified as mild, moderate, or severe by subjective scoring of colonic mucosal biopsies and quantification of inflammatory cell infiltrates in the lamina propria. scfas were determined by gas chromatography of scfas extracted from fresh feces. tamarins with moderate or severe colitis had significantly reduce ...19968769289
rapid resolution of chronic colitis in the cotton-top tamarin with an antibody to a gut-homing integrin alpha 4 beta 7.integrins play diverse roles in cellular actions and signalling in the immune system. in the context of mucosal immune responses, the integrin alpha 4 beta 7 has received particular attention because of its intimate involvement in lymphocyte recruitment to normal gastrointestinal mucosa and associated lymphoid tissue. the aim of this study was to determine the functional relevance of alpha 4 beta 7 in the pathogenesis of colonic inflammatory disease using the colitic cotton-top tamarin, an anima ...19968898653
cytokines in the cotton top tamarin model of human ulcerative colitis.the cotton top tamarin is a unique model of human ulcerative colitis. this disease is clinically and histologically similar. it is also complicated in some cases by colon cancer. the cotton top tamarin provides an appropriate animal model for assessing new treatments in inflammatory bowel disease.19968899100
bilateral giant myelolipoma in the adrenal of a cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus).a rare case of bilateral adrenal myelolipomas in a female cotton-top tamarin is reported. large bilateral masses in the adrenal glands were composed of mature adipose cells containing varying amounts of hematopoietic cells of the myeloid, erythroid, and megakaryocytic series. the gross and histologic features of this case closely resemble human "giant" adrenal myelolipomas.19968906611
hormonal responses to parental and nonparental conditions in male cotton-top tamarins, saguinus oedipus, a new world primate.the socially monogamous cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus) monkey is a cooperative breeder with the breeding male providing extensive parental care shortly after birth. we examined the relationship of urinary prolactin and cortisol excretion both to male parental care and as a stress response in the cotton-top tamarin monkey. first-morning urine samples were collected to determine hormonal concentrations. hormonal and behavioral data were collected on 8 male cotton-top tamarins during the 2 w ...19968918686
immunisation of common marmosets with vaccinia virus expressing epstein-barr virus (ebv) gp340 and challenge with ebv.epstein-barr virus (ebv) is the cause of infectious mononucleosis and is associated with a variety of life-threatening diseases in humans. therefore the development of an effective vaccine is an important objective. many of the initial studies of vaccine efficacy analyse the ability of vaccine preparations to prevent the induction of lymphomas in cottontop tamarins by the b95-8 strain of ebv. we used a vaccinia virus recombinant expressing gp340, vma1, tested previously in the cotton-top tamarin ...19968923292
the t-cell receptor beta chain-encoding gene repertoire of a new world primate species, the cotton-top tamarin.the new world primate, the cotton-top tamarin (saguinus oedipus), expresses major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i molecules with limited diversity. the uniqueness of the cotton-top tamarin mhc class i loci may contribute to this species' unusual susceptibility to viral infections and high incidence of ulcerative colitis. as a prelude to examining the effect of this limited mhc class i diversity on the tamarin cd8(+) t-cell receptor (tcr) repertoire, we identified expressed tamarin tcr b ...19968952965
a prospective study of the epidemiology of colitis and colon cancer in cotton-top tamarins (saguinus oedipus).spontaneous colitis and colon cancer in the cotton-top tamarin have been shown to resemble human ulcerative colitis and its associated cancer. the effect of environment and diet on the evolution of the disease was studied in animals from birth to 5 years of age.19968536845
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