isolation of a cytomegalovirus from salivary glands of white-lipped marmosets (saguinus fuscicollis).minced salivary glands from seven white-lipped marmosets (saguinus fuscicollis and saguinus nigricollis) and one cotton-topped marmoset (saguinus oedipus) were cocultivated with marmoset cell cultures. a viral agent, designated ssg, was isolated from two saguinus fuscicollis. slowly progressing foci of rounded, vacuolated, refractile cells were first observed at 40-43 days incubation. electron microscopy revealed intranuclear herpesvirus nucleocapsids and intracytoplasmic and extracellular envel ...1979220464
measurement of hemolytic complement and the third component of complement in nonhuman primates.complement, determined by hemolytic assay, and the third component of complement (c3), determined by radial immunodiffusion assay, were measured in nine nonhuman primate species. the species studied were the titi (callicebus mollach). the sooty mangabey (cercocebus atys), the thick-tailed galago or bushbaby (galago crassicaudatus panganiensis), the crab-eating monkey (macaca fascicularis), the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta), the bonnet monkey (macaca radiata), the stumptailed macaque (macaca spe ...1977414024
the chromosomal location of rdna in selected lower primates.hybridization in stiu was used to identify the chromosomes that carry rdna in representative lower primates, including the baboons, papio cynocephalus and papio hamadryas; the colobus monkey, colobus polykomos; the tree shrew, tupaia glis; the lemur, lemur fulvis; the saki, pithecia pithecia; the marmoset, saguinus nigricollis, and the spider monkey, ateles geoffroyi. the marker chromosome, common to the cercopithecines studied to date, carries the rdna in the baboons. another marker chromosome ...1977414888
phylogenetic implications of comparative primate growth rates.growth data from a number of species of old and new world primates have been analyzed by calculating instantaneous relative growth rates. species discussed are the new world species saimiri sciureus and saguinus nigricollis, and the old world species pan troglodytes and macaca mulatta. the analysis of the perinatal growth data indicated that differences in relative growth rates are present during early periods of growth. more specifically, it was found that the closer taxonomically a species is ...1975807116
erysipelas in a black and red tamarin.erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae was isolated in large numbers from the kidneys and was visualized histologically in the kidneys, heart muscle, skeletal muscle, selected lymph nodes, and the submandibular salivary glands of a black and red tamarin (saguinus nigricollis) following an acute fatal illness. sites (heart valves, joints) usually associated with disease mediated by e rhusiopathiae appeared uninvolved.1975809393
an outbreak of shigellosis in laboratory marmosets and tamarins (family: callithricidae).an outbreak of shigellosis due to shigella sonnei, is reported in laboratory maintained marmosets (callithrix jacchus) and tamarins (saguinus nigricollis). the clinical signs and pathological lesions are described and the microbiological findings discussed. control of the disease was based upon hygiene and antibiotic therapy and the consequences of this approach are described in detail.1976819574
occurrence of a carrier state for herpesvirus tamarinus in marmosets.the ecology of herpesviruses in marmosets and other nonhuman primates is important today, for colonies of these animals are being established for biomedical research. this paper presents the first reported isolations of herpesvirus tamarinus from throat swabs of a healthy white-lipped marmoset carrier (saguinus nigricollis) during a 2-month period. infectivity studies with this virus in both white-moustached (s. mystax) and white-lipped marmosets demonstrated that the virus is not lethal to whit ...19714322280
immunoprecipitation as a tool for studying humoral immunity of natural and experimental hosts of herpesvirus saimiri.herpesvirus saimiri strain 11 and attenuated h. saimiri strain 11 proteins synthesized during the lytic cycle of virus replication were used for immunoprecipitation with various sera from natural (saimiri sciureus) and experimental (saguinus nigricollis, saguinus fuscicollis, aotus trivirgatus, new zealand white rabbits) hosts. the analysis of the precipitates separated in sodium dodecyl sulfate:polyacrylamide gels revealed that in tumor-developing animals a specific set of viral polypeptides we ...19836303583
a case of syndactyly in the white-lipped tamarin saguinus nigricollis.a case of syndactyly in a captive bred white-lipped tamarin (saguinus nigricollis) is reported which involved the fusion of metacarpals 3 and 4 of both hands. variations in the vertebral formula among the parents and offspring were also found.2003166904
sexual dimorphism in the postcranial skeleton of new world primates.this study examines sexual dimorphism in 24 dimensions of the postcranial skeleton of four platyrrhine species: callithrix jacchus, saguinus nigricollis, saimiri sciureus, and cebus albifrons. the two callitrichid species show a relatively small amount of variation in the degree of sexual dimorphism among the different dimensions. variation is considerably higher in the two cebid species as reflected by a mosaic pattern of sexual dimorphisms with males being significantly larger than females in ...19854043875
rearing of conventional and gnotobiotic nonhuman primates (pan troglodytes, papio cynocephalus, saguinus nigricollis).rearing techniques for conventional and gnotobiotic nonhuman primates are described. up to four months of age there was no significant difference in weight gain between conventionally and gnotobiotically reared chimpanzees or baboons. after four months, gnotobiotic chimpanzees exceeded their conventional counterparts in weight gain, whereas conventional baboons showed higher weight gain than gnotobiotic baboons. gnotobiotic chimpanzees and baboons had significantly lower absolute numbers of neut ...1979113544
home range and birth seasonality of saguinus nigricollis graellsi in ecuadorian amazonia.a field study ofsaguinus nigricollis graellsi in the cuyabeno faunal production reserve, ecuadorian amazonia, established the characteristics of the home range and some reproductive aspects of the species. field data were collected in two climatic seasons: dry, from december 1989 through march 1990, and rainy, from may through august 1990. eight groups visited and/or lived in the study area during the dry season and ten during the rainy season. group sizes ranged from two to nine individuals. po ...199532005050
adenocarcinoma of the thyroid in a marmoset (saguinus nigricollis). 19704249654
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