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plant secondary metabolites as mammalian feeding deterrents: separating the effects of the taste of salicin from its post-ingestive consequences in the common brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the effect of the phenolic glycoside, salicin, on food intake of the common brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) was studied in a series of feeding experiments. increasing the concentration of salicin in a diet of fruits and cereals led to significant reductions of food intake in the short term (6 days). after prolonged (20 days) exposure to salicin, food intake (19 g kg(-0.75) day(-1)) was still reduced relative to controls (31 g kg(-0.75) day(-1)) but not reduced to the same extent as in t ...010841258
the development of the urogenital system in the marsupialia, with special reference to trichosurus vulpecula: part i. 191817103858
the development of the urogenital system in the marsupialia, with special reference to trichosurus vulpecula: part ii. 191917103868
an experimental investigation of the motor cortex and its connexions in the phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 193917104793
an experimental investigation of the visual system in the phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 194117104863
the normal histology of the thalamus in the phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 194117104852
an experimental study of the thalamus in the phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 194317104927
late effects of castration and aministration of sex hormones on the male trichosurus vulpecula. 194720292728
experimental transmission of tuberculosis to trichosurus vulpecula. 194818875253
transmission of kala-azar to the australian marsupials trichosurus vulpecula and pseudocheirus laniginosus. 194818865443
experimental prostatectomy in a marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 195014779569
a method for the collection of the secretions of the individual accessory sex glands in a marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 195015423051
transmission of chagas' disease to the australian marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 195114835791
an experimental study of the central olfactory connexions in a marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 195313081884
observations on carbohydrate metabolism and alloxan diabetes in a marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 195413159768
the carotid sinus complex, "parathyroid" iii and thymo-parathyroid bodies, with special reference to the australian opossum, trichosurus vulpecula. 195513258505
growth of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula and a comparison with some higher mammals. 195713490833
glucuronuria in a herbivorous marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 195713425989
variations in the erythrocyte potassium and sodium in the possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 195813517187
composition of milk of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 195913829661
somaesthetic pathways in the marsupial phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 196113721896
a degeneration study of the somaesthetic afferent systems in the marsupial phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 196113694086
properties of the erythrocytes of two marsupials: the brush-tail possum, trichosurus vulpecula (kerr) and the quokka, setonix brachyurus (quoy & gaimard). 196113687012
the initiation and maintenance of lactation in the marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula. 196213976894
reproduction in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 196214037337
interstitial cells in the testis of the australian phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). 196313950092
steroid components in the adrenal venous blood of trichosurus vulpecula (kerr). 196414199276
failure of hysterectomy to affect the ovarian cycle of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19655892354
adiaspiromycosis in the brush opossum, trichosurus vulpecula, in new zealand. 19655896079
the innervation of muscle spindles in the australian opossum, trichosurus vulpecula, with special reference to the motor nerve endings. 19665969977
structure and distribution of muscle spindles in the forepaw lumbricals of the phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19665956897
the accessory optic system in the marsupial phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. an experimental degeneration study. 19665960282
the peritoneum of trichosurus vulpecula. 19665919848
the lateral geniculate nucleus of the marsupial phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. an experimental study of cytoarchitecture in relation to the intranuclear optic nerve projection fields. 19675582295
an account of the enamel cord in setonix brachyurus (marsupialia) and on the presence of an enamel knot in trichosurus vulpecula. 19675227473
the vascularity of the enamel organ in the developing teeth of setonix brachyurus and trichosurus vulpecula (marsupialia). 19675237930
renal function in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19685758865
centrifugal discharges in cutaneous nerve fibers evoked by cutaneous afferent volleys in the acutely spinal phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19685761373
bilateral adrenalectomy and steroid replacement in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19685758890
21-deoxycortisol and other minor steroids in adrenal venous blood of the phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). 19685710534
the clearance of renin from the peripheral plasma of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19695347372
the tertiary egg membranes of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19695793473
relaxing activity during the oestrous cycle of the marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula (kerr). 19695816261
the renin-angiotensin system in a marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 19694307461
morphological studies on the thymus. i. thymus of the marsupial--trichosurus vulpecula. 19695820443
temperature regulation and evaporative water loss in the brush-tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula. 19695777387
gross features of the heart of a marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula. 19695407147
the development of the diencephalon in trichosurus vulpecula. 19695395641
longitudinal conducting system serving centrifugal cutaneous nerve discharges in the decerebrate-decerebellate phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19705519846
the development of hair follicles in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19705496222
development of the epidermis of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19705486962
salivary secretory potentials in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19704125749
the development of the pretectal nuclei in trichosurus vulpecula. 19705468659
the motor cortex of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula): motor representation, motor function and the pyramidal tract. 19705433097
the corticospinal tract of the marsupial phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). 19705422534
centrifugal cutaneous nerve discharges in the decerebrate phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19705534067
an atrial bundle of specialized cardiac muscle fibers in trichosurus vulpecula. 19705413607
the rubrospinal tract of the phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). 19715147333
ascending pathways to the brain stem of the phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). 19715147332
observations of the distribution of cholinesterases in the carotid body of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19715147327
the role of the pyramidal tract in the production of cortically evoked movements in the brush-tailed possum(trichosurus vulpecula). 19715124461
corticobulbar projections of the marsupial phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). i. projections to the pons and medulla oblongata. 19715566079
vestibular and somatosensory evoked centrifugal cutaneous nerve discharges in the decerebrate-decerebellate phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19715567761
ovarian steroid secretion rates in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19715539106
observations on the permeability properties of the tertiary egg membranes of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19715539100
functional zonation of adrenocortical tissue in the brush possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19715104790
the acute toxicity of four common poisons to the opossum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19724519614
the leukocytes and platelets of a marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula. a comparative morphological, metrical and cytochemical study. 19724117142
the rubrospinal tract in a diprotodont marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 19725036035
corticobulbar projections of the marsupial phalanger (trichosurus vulpecula). ii. projections to the mesencephalon. 19725029132
pyramidal and extrapyramidal influences on some hindlimb motoneuron populations of the arboreal brush-tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula. 19725008719
the conducting system of the heart of a marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19724117470
the effects of trophic hormones on the adrenocortical secretion of the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19724344242
barrels in somatic sensory neocortex of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula (brush-tailed possum). 19724115094
the effects of changes in arterial plasma calcium concentration on submandibular secretory potentials.1. the concentration of ca in the arterial blood plasma perfusing submandibular glands of anaesthetized cats and possums (trichosurus vulpecula) was altered by constant-rate close arterial injection of isotonic cacl(2) or edta solutions.2. there were no significant changes in the resting potentials of surface acinar cells in either species when the arterial plasma ca concentration was altered over the range 0-30 mm.3. secretory potentials in response to parasympathetic stimuli and close arterial ...19734198392
a possible deficiency of cell-mediated immunity in the opossum, trichosurus vulpecula, in relation to tuberculosis. 19734519924
proceedings: the spinocerebellar tracts of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19734791416
proceedings: an ultrastructural study of degenerating spinal and cortical afferents in the inferior olivary nucleus of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19734791412
development, function, and regression of the corpus luteum in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19734803466
pyramidal effects on some forelimb motoneurone populations of the arboreal brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19734763622
inability to transmit breinlia sergenti to a marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula. 19734768723
adrenocortical function in the australian brush-tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula (kerr). 19734352942
cyclical changes in the uterine endometrium and peripheral plasma concentrations of progesterone in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19734803460
the effects of pyramidotomy on motor performance in the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19734698154
observations on the permeability properties of the egg membranes of the marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula. 19734700804
effect of cortisol on insulin sensitivity of the marsupial brush-tailed opossum, trichosurus vulpecula (kerr). 19744452817
proceedings: the mediodorsal thalamic nucleus of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19744615097
metabolic effects of cortisol and corticotrophins in the australian brush-tailed opossum, trichosurus vulpecula (kerr). 19744370736
the control of adrenocortical secretion in the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19744360914
carbohydrates of the prostate of two australian marsupials, trichosurus vulpecula and megaleia rufa. 19744412309
water metabolism of two marsupials--the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula and the rock-wallaby, petrogale inornata in the wild. 19744156252
letter: leptospirosis in the opossum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19751060978
letter: isolation of leptospira hardjo from the opossum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19751060979
experimental gastroesophageal reflux in the australian brush-tailed has been suggested that the lower esophageal sphincter (les) plays an important role in preventing gastroesophageal reflux. this study was designed to determine if abolition of the les alone is sufficient to induce gastroesophageal reflux and esophagitis. studies were performed in the australian brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) which has a lower esophagus resembling that of man. esophageal manometry, esophagoscopy, and contrast radiography of the lower esophagus and stomach were pe ...19751158080
corticobulbar fibres in the north american opossum (didelphis marsupialis virginiana) with notes on the tasmanian brust-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) and other marsupials.corticobulbar projections have been studied in the american opossum by both degeneration and autoradiographic methods and, for the most part, the results confirm our earlier observations (martin & west, 1967; martin, 1968). however, we have obtained evidence for certain connexions not previously described and have delineated the origin(s) of several connexions more precisely by paying particular attention to the degeneration present at thalamic levels in all cases and by the use of autoradiograp ...19751213949
ultrastructural changes in spermatozoa of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula (marsupialia), during epididymal transit. part i: the flagellum.during epididymal transit, a fibre network and an array of vesicles develop in the posterior two-thirds of the midpiece in sperm of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. the fibre network is developed by the time the sperm reach the corpus epididymidis, and is composed of evenly spaced, helically arranged fibres lying immediately beneath the plasma membrane. the angle of these fibrous helices is always counter to that of the underlying mitochondrial helix. separating the fibre network ...19751201595
uterine response to ovariectomy during the proliferative and luteal phases in the marsupial, trichosurus vulpecula.the uterine luteal phase in t. vulpecula is not dependent upon the secretions of the cl throughout its duration. ablation of the cl or ovariectomy after day 7 of the 26-day oestrous cycle does not result in the termination of the uterine secretory phase. the dependence of the luteal phase on the secretions of the cl is demonstrated by ablation of the cl or ovariectomy on days 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 of the oestrous cycle. ablation of the cl before day 8 resulted in the inhibition of the impending lut ...19751167910
observations on the ultrastructure of a fiber network in the flagellum of sperm of the blush tailed phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula. 19751090744
steroid formation by the adrenal tissue of the possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19751122716
the features of sperm maturation in the epididymis of a marsupial, the brushtailed possum trichosurus vulpecula.possum spermatozoa undergo a distinctive process of maturation in the epididymis, as shown by change in the properties of the sperm surface, by modification of their morphology and by their increasing capacity for progressive motility. modification of the sperm surface over the head and tail is demonstrated by the different affinities of sperm from successive regions of the epididymis for fitc-conjugated wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin a, and for cationic ferric oxide colloidal particles. ...19761008039
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