some cestodes and nematodes parasitizing gallinaceous and columbi-form birds in nepal.the birds from the valley of the barun khola river (great himalaya, eastern nepal), tetraogallus tibetanus aquilonifer, ithaginis cruentus cruentus, lophophorus impejanus, columba leuconota and gallus gallus f. dom., were examined for helminths. ten species of parasitic worms (3 of the class cestoidea and 7 of the class nematoda) were found in their digestive tract. one of them, ascaridia nepalensis, is described as a new species.19751241378
[susceptibility of birds other than chickens to infectious laryngotracheitis].susceptibility to infectious laryngotracheitis virus was studied in peafowl (pavo cristatus), various species of pheasant (phasianus colchicus, lophura swinhoeii, lophophorus impejanus), guinea-fowl (numida meleagris), canaries (serinus canaria), budgerigars (melopsittacus undulatus) and japanese quail (coturnix coturnic japonica). apart from clinical observations, experiments were evaluated in terms of histopathology, immunofluorescence, serology and recovery of virus. only peafowl and pheasant ...19852990066
scanning electron microscopic study on the tongues of seven avian species.the dorsal lingual surface of the grey crowned crane (balearica regulorum), american flamingo (phoenicopterus rubber), great egret (ardea alba), mallard (anas platyrhynchos), himalayan monal (lophophorus impejanus), black-necked stilt (himantopus mexicanus) and green macaw (ara militaris) were examined by scanning electron microscopy. in the grey crowned crane, the surface of the lingual apex was relatively rough. many openings of the lingual glands in both lateral regions of the lingual body we ...201627904021
identification of avian bornavirus in a himalayan monal (lophophorus impejanus) with neurological disease.a one-year-old male himalayan monal (lophophorus impejanus) was presented for veterinary attention with a history of chronic wasting, weakness and ataxia. the bird died, and post-mortem findings included mild non-suppurative encephalitis and degenerative encephalopathy, lymphoplasmacytic myenteric ganglioneuritis (particularly of the proventriculus), and wallerian degeneration of the sciatic nerves. avian bornavirus (abv) was identified in the brain by immunohistochemistry and reverse-transcript ...201525980634
bagaza virus in himalayan monal pheasants, south africa, 2016-2017.bagaza virus (bagv) has not been reported in birds in south africa since 1978. we used phylogenetic analysis and electron microscopy to identify bagv as the likely etiology in neurologic disease and death in himalayan monal pheasants in pretoria, south africa. our results suggest circulation of bagv in south africa.201931742517
structural colouration in the himalayan monal, hydrophobicity and refractive index modulated sensing.the himalayan monal is a bird in the pheasant family, and it is the national bird of nepal. the bird possesses spectacular iridescent plumage with a range of different metallic colours. here, we have studied the internal structure of its feathers from different parts of the bird's body and showed that its beautiful colours and iridescence are due to photonic structures present in the internal structure of the feathers. sharp changes in the reflected brilliance were observed from the feathers upo ...202033079113
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