rhythmic and light-induced changes in levels of pineal 5-hydroxyindoles in the pigeon (columba livia). 19664381448
a comparative study of the peroxidases from thyroid glands of pigeon (columba livia domestica) and common myna (acridotheres tristis). 19714400978
the effects of dietary protein content on water requirements and ammonia excretion in pigeons, columba livia. 19724404574
[the relationship between the so-called voice break and the daily ketosteroid excretion in young pigeons (columba livia domestica)]. 19744411204
ultrastructure of the pineal cells of the homing pigeon columba livia and magnetic fields (first trials).the homing pigeon columba livia was exposed to uniform 60 hz ac magnetic fields, generated by helmholtz coils with an intensity of 200 mg for 48 hrs. the microscopic studies performed revealed that only some of the pineal cells (between 20 and 30%) seemed to respond to the magnetic stimulation, and showed different ultrastructural morphological changes; the most striking effect was an apparent increase of apocrine secretion to the luminal spaces in the epiphyseal epithelium of this avian species ...19854067285
the influence of central infusions on drinking due to peripheral osmotic stimuli in the pigeon (columba livia).the drinking responses of pigeons infused simultaneously iv (0.334 ml/min) and icv (2 microliters/min) for 15 min with various osmotic solutions were observed during, and for 60 min after, the combined infusions. drinking in response to iv infusion of 0.5 m nacl or 1.0 m sucrose was unaffected by simultaneous icv infusion of 0.15 m nacl, enhanced by icv 0.3 m nacl, inhibited during the infusion of water icv and attenuated by icv infusion of 0.9 m sucrose. drinking in response to iv infusion of 1 ...19863960995
[relationship between nystagmus and utricular function].the horizontal neck nystagmus arising in response to angular acceleration was recorded electromyographically in pigeons (columba livia). after bilateral section of the utricular nerves (roumuli utriculi) the nystagmic reactions to the right and to the left remained symmetrical although they were delayed when compared to the reactions of intact animals. unilateral section of the utricular nerves caused asymmetric reactions from the semicircular canals: the nystagmus toward the dissected nerve was ...19854068649
mechanism of action of alpha-chlorohydrin on testes of the domestic pigeon : a confirmation. 19744464268
vestibular, olfactory, and vibratory responses of nucleus basalis prosencephali neurons in pigeons.evoked multiple unit responses were recorded through chronically implanted electrodes from the nucleus basalis prosencephali of the pigeon (columba livia) upon vibratory stimulation of the beak-tip and airborne auditory stimulation, thus confirming earlier anatomical and physiological findings. electrical stimulation of the olfactory nerve led to similar short latency responses. a specific directional sensitivity to rotatory vestibular stimulation was observed. pitch motions of the head in the d ...19873499587
polymorphism and the evolution of a continuous breeding season in the pigeon, columba livia. 19734522401
ontogeny and localization of -crystallin antigen in the developing pigeon (columba livia) lens. 19724560839
[importance of domestic pigeons in human salmonellosis]. 19724563870
heart rate and blood pressure responses to electrical stimulation of the central nervous system in the pigeon (columba livia). 19734579121
ultrastructural and acetylcholinesterase investigations on the pancreas intrinsic innervation of two bird species (columba livia domestica gm. and euodice cantans gm.). 19744618821
telencephalic connections of the trigeminal system in the pigeon (columba livia): a trigeminal sensorimotor circuit.a combination of autoradiography and horseradish peroxidase histochemistry was used to identify telencephalic structures linking the sensory and motor components of the trigeminal system in the pigeon. a direct telencephalic projection from the principal trigeminal sensory nucleus upon the nucleus basalis via the quintofrontal tract was confirmed. nucleus basalis projects upon a belt of neurons within the overlying neostriatum. this region (neostriatum frontale, pars trigeminale: nft) gives rise ...19853988994
effect of oestradiol dipropionate on the immune system of the pigeon, columba livia.influence of female sex hormone, oestradiol dipropionate on the humoral and cell-mediated immune (cmi) responses of pigeon, columba livia of different age groups and of both sexes were studied. the pigeons were administered with the hormone, immunized with sheep red blood cells (srbc) and rosette forming cell (rfc), haemagglutinin (ha) and migration inhibition (mi) assays carried out on different days post-immunization. the hormone showed a differential effect: while the rfc and ha were enhanced ...19854085675
the organization and projections of the paleostriatal complex in the pigeon (columba livia). 19734698909
daily rhythms of plasma corticosterone in the common pigeon, columba livia. 19734699365
osmoreceptor localization in the brain of the pigeon (columba livia).the area of the brain of pigeons that may be responsible for drinking following intravascular administration of osmotically effective solutes was investigated using infusions of water or isotonic and hypertonic solutions of nacl or sucrose into various regions of the brains of conscious birds, and measuring the volume of water drunk. the preoptic area and the lateral hypothalamus were the only areas from which dose related drinking could be obtained in response to bilateral infusions of hyperton ...19863730859
variations in ascorbic acid concentrations in the liver, gonads, kidney, and blood serum of feral blue rock pigeon (columba livia gmelin) during the breeding and nonbreeding elucidate the possible involvement of ascorbic acid in gonadal steroidogenesis and role of gonadal steroids on the vitamin's turnover, ascorbic acid levels were quantified in the liver, gonads, kidney, and blood serum in both sexes of the indian feral blue rock pigeon (columba livia gmelin) during the breeding (march to april) and nonbreeding (june to july) seasons. low concentrations were observed during the breeding season and significantly higher cencentrations during the nonbreeding seaso ...19853991426
neural connections of the "visual wulst" of the avian telencephalon. experimental studies in the piegon (columba livia) and owl (speotyto cunicularia). 19734721779
connections of the anterior commissure in the pigeon (columba livia). 19734723065
de lange characteristics for the fresh-water turtle chrysemys picta picta, and the pigeon columba livia. 19734746984
serotypes in saccharomyces telluris: their relation to source of isolation.three serotypes have been characterized with three reference strains of saccharomyces telluris and designated as a, b, and c. one reference strain of torpulopsis bovina, the imperfect form of s. telluris, belonged to serotype b. strains (141) of s. telluris isolated from four columbid species were serotyped. all 98 strains of this yeast isolated from columba livia (feral pigeon) belonged to serotype b. three other columbid species, c. leucocephala (white-crowned pigeon), c. fasciata (band-tailed ...19734762113
brain mechanisms and feeding behavior in the pigeon (columba livia). i. quinto-frontal structures. 19734765854
[new data on visual projections in the pigeon (columba livia)]. 19734770387
injurious effect of cadmium on testis of domestic pigeon & its prevention by zinc. 19734782372
studies on phosphagen synthesis by mitochondrial preparations.mitochondrial preparations from muscles of a crab (cancer pagurus), two fish (trachurus trachurus and scyliorhinus canicula) and a bird (columba livia) are able to synthesise, through atp, the phosphagen related to that species. this indicates the presence of a bound phosphagen kinase. addition of creatine kinase and creatine to crab mitochondria results in the synthesis of phosphocreatine. similarly, the addition of arginine kinase and arginine to mitochondrial preparations from the fish and bi ...19854006444
grasping in the pigeon (columba livia): final common path mechanisms.a combination of cinematographic and denervation procedures were used to analyse the mechanisms involved in the adjustment of gape size during grasping in the pigeon. gape size was found to vary directly with seed size and to reflect the operation of two variables, jaw opening velocity and jaw opening duration. effects upon duration are mediated, indirectly, by the effect of seed size upon head height, which, in turn, controls the velocity of head descent. the data suggest that the control of ga ...19854091959
[ultrastructural and functional studies of the pineal organ in the pigeon (columba livia)]. 19694902166
[studies on types of salmonella typhimurium in domestic pigeons in schleswig-holstein and their possible epizootological significance]. 19714935401
[treatment attemts of a massive salmonella typhimurium infection in flock of army carrier pigeons]. 19714950674
[the cerebral ventricles of the fowl (gallus domesticus), pigeon (columba livia) and duck (anas boschas domestica) demonstrated with the help of the plastic corrosion technique]. 19674970158
neurohypophysial hormones and sexual behavior in males of the domestic fowl (gallus domesticus l.) and the pigeon (columba livia gmel.). 19725009669
the influence of intracerebroventricular infusions on osmotically induced urine excretion in the pigeon (columba livia).this study deals with the influence of intracerebroventricular (icv) infusions on urine volume and electrolyte excretion in response to a peripherally administered osmotic load in conscious behaving pigeons. the icv infusions were intended to influence the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) sodium (na+) concentration that would have been increased by the hypertonic nacl or sucrose solutions infused intravenously (iv). urine and electrolyte excretion following iv infusion of 0.5 m nacl were enhanced by si ...19863774899
electrocardiogram of the racing pigeon (columba livia domestica).using standard limb leads electrocardiograms (ecgs) were recorded in 60 pigeons. the greatest amplitude of the p wave was observed in lead ii in the majority of ecgs. the predominant pattern of the p wave was positive in leads i and ii, biphasic (-/+) in lead iii, negative in avr, biphasic (+/-) in avl and positive in avf. a ta wave was observed in 50 out of 60 tracings. wenckebach's phenomenon was observed in three different pigeons. in lead i the qrs pattern was rs or qs. in leads ii, iii and ...19854012029
localization of visual structure in the diencephalon of pigeon (columba livia). 19725079258
an unusual case of lead poisoning in a honey buzzard (pernis apivorus).the diagnosis and treatment of a case of lead poisoning in a honey buzzard (pernis apivorus) are described. presenting signs were diarrhoea and weakness. lead poisoning was suspected after radiography and confirmed by measuring the lead concentration in a venous blood sample. comparison values of venous lead concentrations in healthy racing pigeons (columba livia) were established. a method for the removal of lead shor from the gizzard of birds with a bronchoscope and grasping forceps under fluo ...19854013056
effect of thyroidectomy & exogenous thyroxine on hypothalamo-hypophysial complex & gonads of indian pigeon, columba livia gmelin. 19715092726
naturally occurring clinical newcastle disease in the racing pigeon (columba livia). 19715106215
grass and subcellular distribution of cesium-137 in pigeon (columba livia) tissues with special reference to muscles. 19715150019
effect of malonate, succinate and glucose, in vivo, on the uptake of cesium-137 by pigeon (columba livia) muscles. 19715150020
effects of oestrogen on the differentiation of some reproductive behaviours in male pigeons (columba livia). 19715150475
the distribution of mallophaga on the domestic pigeon (columba livia). 19715161201
experimental transfer of trichomonas gallinae (rivolta, 1878) from white-winged doves to mourning doves.isolates of trichomonas gallinae (rivolta, 1878) from white-winged doves, zenaida asiatica (l.), were transferred experimentally to young mourning doves, zenaida macroura (l.). twenty-three of 25 mourning doves developed infections with isolates of t. gallinae from 25 white-winged doves. in addition, eight of eight rock doves (columba livia gmelin) were infected with duplicate isolates. all infected recipient birds harbored avirulent isolates except for one mourning dove which died from extensiv ...19854032621
the endocrine basis of breeding behaviour in the feral pigeon (columba livia). i. effects of exogenous hormones on the pre-incubation behaviour of intact males. 19695349579
hormonal control of courtship behaviour in the pigeon (columba livia). 19695370958
on a new species of the genus paronchocerca from rock pigeon columba livia. 19695393021
immunohistochemical localization of prolactin in the pituitary gland of the pigeon, columba livia. 19724118344
telencephalic projections of the nucleus rotundus in the pigeon (columba livia). 19705459211
the effects of wulst ablations on color, brightness and pattern discrimination in pigeons (columba livia). 19705459214
[ultrastructure of the median eminence of the pigeon (columba livia domestica) in various experimental conditions]. 19705495352
locomotor activity rhythms in homing pigeons (columba livia). 19705498036
hygromycin-b induction of trichomoniasis in pigeons (columba livia). 19705503015
[on factors limiting the resistance to fatigue in the racing pigeon (columba livia gm.). ii. changes caused by dehydration in the blood protein pattern of the racing pigeon]. 19705517479
[on factors limiting the resistance to fatigue in the racing pigeon (columba livia gm.). i. hematocrit changes (pcv) caused by lack of water and by the contest]. 19705517487
histochemical detection of glycoproteins in the gastric epithelia of columba livia.a histochemical investigation was carried out to detect glycoproteins in the lining and glandular epithelia of 4 regions of the stomach of columba livia: proventriculus, intermediate region between proventriculus and gizzard, gizzard, intermediate region between gizzard and duodenum. it was noticed the presence of neutral and sulphoglycoproteins, with a clear predominance of the latter in the lining epithelia and in the simple tubular glands of the mucosa of these regions, except for the gizzard ...19853929542
nerves and nerve terminations in the heart of columba livia. 19744451283
[bilateral asymmetry of the long bones of the extremities of the pigeon columba livia and the parrott amazona amazonica]. 19675586166
the effect of reserpine on the female reproductive system of the domestic pigeon. 19685709547
[anti-p1 production in the blood of columba domestica].after intravenous immunization of six rabbits with washed red cells from a pigeon (columba domestica), anti-p1 of very good quality was obtained after 8-12 injections. the sera indicate human blood cells of type p1 equally well as do anti-p1 of goat (immunized with echinococci cyst fluid).19854084282
topographic representation of visceral target organs within the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve of the pigeon columba livia.our previous work (katz and karten, '83a j. comp. neurol. 217:31-46 demonstrated that the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve (dmn complex) in the pigeon is composed of cytoarchitecturally distinct subnuclei that are distinguished by the size, shape, position, and cytochemical characteristics of their constituent neurons. in view of the diversity of target organs innervated by the vagus nerve, we sought to determine whether the subnuclear heterogeneity of the dmn complex is related to the pa ...19854086668
[hexamitiasis in carrier pigeons in the netherlands].hexamitiasis in carrier pigeons caused by hexamita columbae was reported for the first time in the netherlands. infections tend to occur from april to july in 6-8 week old birds. the patients were affected with diarrhoea, became emaciated and died. mortality may be considerable. parasites may be identified in unstained wet specimens of very fresh droppings. treatment consists in administration of ronidazole during a period from seven to ten days. optimum hygiene should be observed.19854089854
normative data for pigeon vision.normative data are reported for the visual acuity, luminance-difference threshold and size-difference threshold of pigeons (columba livia). the mean visual acuity was 12.66 c/deg or 2.53 min (n = 54), the mean log luminance-difference threshold was 0.11 (n = 105) and the mean size-difference threshold was 0.94 mm (n = 20).19854090287
[morphologic features of the adaptation of vessels of the renal glomerular complex of testudo horsfeldi gr. and columba livia].morphological characteristics on adaptive abilities of the glomerular complex vessels in kidneys of 35 tortoises (testudo horsfieldi) is presented under conditions of experimental alimentary dehydration and in intact kidneys of 29 pigeons (columba livia). appearance of transversal and circular anastomoses between the afferent and efferent arterioles of the glomeruli, as well as transformation of their capillaries into nutritional capillaries in the tortoise kidneys under the alimentary dehydrati ...19854091684
tetrameres americana in laboratory pigeons (columba livia). 19694244904
a new species of cotugnia (cestoda davaineidae) from the domestic pigeon in india. 19695814150
effect of acth on the hypothalamic neurosecretion of the pigeon (columba livia domestica l.). 19664285912
mercury residues in the common pigeon (columba livia) from the jackson, mississippi, area--1972. 19744444928
the occurrence of psittacosis virus complement-fixing (cf), noncomplement-fixing (ncf) and neutralizing (n) antibodies in domestic pigeons. 19655892276
chromosome homology in birds: banding patterns of the chromosomes of the domestic chicken, ring-necked dove, and domestic pigeon. 19744462977
brain mechanisms and feeding behavior in the pigeon (columba livia). ii. analysis of feeding behavior deficits after lesions of quinto-frontal structures. 19734520143
[experimental ascariasis in the pigeon (columba livia) caused by ascaridia columbae (gmelin 1790): research on the capacity of the larvae of ascaridia columbae exposed, in the embryonated egg stage, to various levels of ionizing radiations (10000 r-20000 r-40000 r of co 60), to develop to adult helminths]. 19665999035
nonvisual photic responsiveness in newly hatched pigeons (columba livia).overt behavioral arousal was elicited by light stimulation in pigeon hatchlings. the sensitivity is not mediated via the retina or by direct stimulation of the brain, but rather it is most likely a dermal sensitivity.19734702573
tetrameres sp. (nematoda: spiruridae) found in pigeons (columba livia) in kansas and oklahoma. 19676069467
thalamic organization of the retino-thalamo-hyperstriatal pathway in the pigeon (columba livia). 19744827866
[the detection of the domestic pigeon mallophagan bonomiella columbae for the first time in gdr]. 19724666504
opponent-color units in the thalamus of the pigeon (columba livia). 19734719087
erythrocytic phosphates and flying activity in birds.1. the intraerythrocitary organic phosphates in different avian species (sturnus vulgaris, apus apus, gallus gallus domesticus, coturnix coturnix japonica and columba livia) were analyzed by ionic exchange chromatography. the chromatograms of these species revealed the presence of adp, atp, gtp, ipp and inorganic phosphate. 2. the main organic phosphates (atp and ipp) and the inorganic phosphate were also evaluated, directly, in other specimens. the ipp levels were very similar in all species; h ...19836132731
comparison of differential reinforcement of low rates (drl) performance in pigeons (columba livia) and crows (corvus brachyrhynchos). 19744823247
a polygraphic and behavioral study of sleep in the pigeon (columba livia). 19725026409
formation and utilization of acetoacetate and d-3-hydroxybutyrate by various tissues of the adult pigeon (columba livia). 19725075781
[a new trichostrongylide, parasite of the domestic pigeon in senegal]. 19695408493
the spectral sensitivity of single units in the nucleus rotundus of pigeon, columba livia.responses to diffuse monochromatic light were recorded from single units in the diencephalon of pigeon. units were both excited and inhibited by light stimulation. intensity-response functions based on latency measures to the first spike after stimulation were used to generate action spectra. one class of spectral sensitivity functions presumably from rods, showed peak sensitivities near 500 nm: these functions were unaffected by changing criterion values used to generate the functions. a second ...19715544800
influence of hyperthyreoidization on the pigmentation of some phenotypes of the domestic pigeon. 19655858962
immunoreactive opsin in the pineal organ of reptiles and birds.the presence of opsin was investigated with light microscopic immunocytochemistry in pinealocytes of reptiles and birds (emys orbicularis, pseudemys scripta elegans, lacerta agilis et viridis, gallus domesticus, columba livia, melopsittacus undulatus, serinus canaria, taeniopyga punctate). the outer segments of pinealocytes selectively bound antiopsin antibody as revealed by indirect immunocytochemical techniques, indicating the occurrence of a rhodopsin-like photopigment in these structures. th ...19826213109
effect of hygromycin-b on pigeons (columba livia) with and without trichomonas gallinae. 19725079869
histochemical detection of glycoproteins in the intestinal epithelium of columba livia.a histochemical investigation was carried out to detect glycoproteins in the epithelium of the small and large intestine, ceca and cloaca (coprodeum) of columba livia. the results showed that the goblet cells of both crypts and villi of the various segments studied presented neutral and acid glycoproteins. acid glycoproteins include sulphoglycoproteins and sialoglycoproteins with predominance of the sulphated components, particularly in the large intestine, ceca and coprodeum. in the striated bo ...19854096398
ultrastructure of the avian retina. an anatomical study of the retina of the domestic pigeon (columba liva) with particular reference to the distribution of mitochondria. 19724640866
electrophysiology of contralateral and ipsilateral visual projections to the wulst in pigeon (columba livia). 19715161304
the immune response of the pigeon (columba livia). 19715545143
[thalidomide and evolution of osseous callus in relation to folliculin treatments. radiological observations in columba livia gm]. 19685719781
two types of optomotor response in the domestic pigeon. 19685722039
the ascending auditory pathway in the pigeon (columba livia). ii. telencephalic projections of the nucleus ovoidalis thalami. 19685749228
a new species of philophthalmus (trematoda: philophthalmidae) from the orbital cavity of the pigeon, columba livia (gmelin) in india. 19685753413
sensory corpuscles in the beak skin of the domestic pigeon. 19695802135
a specific visual projection area in the hyperstriatum of the pigeon (columba livia). 19695807769
the spectral sensitivity of the pigeon (columba livia). 19655862758
[influence of thalidomide on the evolution of the osseous callus and endosteal ossification in columba livia gm]. 19665972608
[microscopic and histochemical studies on the kidney of columba livia aberratio domestica l]. 19665988094
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