radiographic and ultrasonographic characteristics of ventral abdominal hernia in pigeons (columba livia).five female egg-laying pigeons presented with painless, reducible, ventral abdominal swellings located between the keel and the pubis, or close to the cloaca. based on clinical, radiographic, and ultrasonographic examination, these pigeons were diagnosed with ventral abdominal hernia requiring surgical interference. reduction was successfully performed under general anesthesia. radiographic and ultrasonographic examinations were beneficial for confirming the diagnosis and visualizing the hernial ...201729237997
pigeons (columba livia) know when they will need hints: prospective metacognition for reference memory?despite their impressive cognitive abilities, avian species have shown less evidence for metacognition than mammals. we suspect that commonly used tasks such as matching to sample might be too demanding to allow metacognitive processing within birds' working memory. here, we examined whether pigeons could control their behavior as a function of knowledge levels on a three-item sequence learning task, a reference memory task supposedly requiring fewer working memory resources. the experiment used ...201729230574
association of dgat2 gene polymorphisms with carcass and meat quality traits in domestic pigeons (columba livia).1. diacylglycerol acyltransferase (dgat) plays an important role in the synthesis of triacylglycerol, but its effects on meat quality and carcass composition in pigeons are unclear. in this study, single-nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) in the exons of the dgat2 gene were identified and analysed by using dna sequencing methods in 200 domestic pigeons (columba livia). the associations between dgat2 polymorphisms and carcass and meat quality traits were also analysed. 2. sequencing results showed t ...201829207879
an evaluation of the impact of aloe vera and licorice extracts on the course of experimental pigeon paramyxovirus type 1 infection in pigeons.the progressive decrease in the efficiency of synthetic drugs has prompted research into phytogenic feed additives with potentially immunomodulatory and anti-infective properties. complex diseases with a mixed etiology, including viral, pose a growing problem in domestic pigeons. the aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of various doses of aloe vera and licorice extracts on the course of experimental ppmv-1 infection in pigeons. the experiment was performed on pigeons divided int ...201829182728
the orientation of homing pigeons (columba livia f.d.) with and without navigational experience in a two-dimensional environment.homing pigeons are known for their excellent homing ability, and their brains seem to be functionally adapted to homing. it is known that pigeons with navigational experience show a larger hippocampus and also a more lateralised brain than pigeons without navigational experience. so we hypothesized that experience may have an influence also on orientation ability. we examined two groups of pigeons (11 with navigational experience and 17 without) in a standard operant chamber with a touch screen ...201729176875
effects of in ovo feeding of l-arginine on hatchability, hatching time, early posthatch development, and carcass traits in domestic pigeons (columba livia).the objective of this research was to test the hypothesis that in ovo feeding of arginine (arg) may improve hatchability and posthatch performance in domestic pigeons (). a completely randomized design ( = 3) with an arg feeding treatment (arg group, 1.14 mg arg dissolved in 200 μl of 0.75% nacl buffered saline as 1% concentration compared to total arg in the egg), a buffered saline feeding treatment (sc group, 7.5 g nacl dissolved in 1 l sterile distilled water as the concentration of poultry p ...201729108055
effects of in ovo feeding of cationic amino acids on hatchability, hatch weights, and organ developments in domestic pigeon squabs (columba livia).this study was conducted to evaluate the effect of in ovo feeding of cationic amino acids on hatchability, hatch weights, and organ developments in pigeon squabs. two experiments were conducted in this study. eggs in exp. 1 were subjected to modification of in ovo feeding in pigeons. optimal time was determined by checking amniotic fluid volume, and suitable length was confirmed through ink injection. results showed that the optimum time of in ovo feeding was on d 13 of embryonic development, an ...201829077950
transmitter receptors reveal segregation of the arcopallium/amygdala complex in pigeons (columba livia).at the beginning of the 20th century it was suggested that a complex group of nuclei in the avian posterior ventral telencephalon is comparable to the mammalian amygdala. subsequent findings, however, revealed that most of these structures share premotor characteristics, while some indeed constitute the avian amygdala. these developments resulted in 2004 in a change of nomenclature of these nuclei, which from then on were named arcopallial or amygdala nuclei and referred to as the arcopallium/am ...201829063593
head stabilization in the pigeon: role of vision to correct for translational and rotational disturbances.stabilization of the head in animals with limited capacity to move their eyes is key to maintain a stable image on the retina. in many birds, including pigeons, a prominent example for the important role of head stabilization is the characteristic head-bobbing behavior observed during walking. multimodal sensory feedback from the eyes, the vestibular system and proprioceptors in body and neck is required to control head stabilization. here, we trained unrestrained pigeons (columba livia) to stan ...201729051726
changes in hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism-related parameters in domestic pigeon (columba livia) during incubation and chick rearing.this study aimed to evaluate the hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism-related parameters of adult male and female white king pigeons (columba livia) during incubation and chick rearing. at day 4 (i4), 10 (i10) and 17 (i17) of incubation and day 1 (r1), 7 (r7), 15 (r15) and 25 (r25) of chick rearing, livers were sampled from six pigeons for each sex. glycogen and fat contents, activities of glycolytic enzymes (hexokinase, hk; 6-phosphofructokinase, 6-pfk), and genes expressions of key enzymes inv ...201729024108
analysis of genetic diversity in pigeon pea germplasm using retrotransposon-based molecular markers.pigeon pea (cajanus cajan), an important legume crop is predominantly cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of asia and africa. it is normally considered to have a low degree of genetic diversity, an impediment in undertaking crop improvement programmes.we have analysed genetic polymorphism of domesticated pigeon pea germplasm (47 accessions) across the world using earlier characterized panzee retrotransposon-based molecularmarkers. itwas conjectured that since retrotransposons are inte ...201728947703
differential projections of the densocellular and intermediate parts of the hyperpallium in the pigeon (columba livia).the visual wulst in birds shows a four-layered structure: apical part of the hyperpallium (ha), interstitial part of ha (iha), intercalated part of hyperpallium (hi), and densocellular part of hyperpallium (hd). hd also connects with the hippocampus and olfactory system. because hd is subjacent to hi, the two have been treated as one structure in many studies, and the fiber connections of hd have been examined by afferents and efferents originating outside hd. however, to clarify the difference ...201828891049
putative adult neurogenesis in two domestic pigeon breeds (columba livia domestica): racing homerversusutility carneau pigeons.generation of neurons in the brains of adult birds has been studied extensively in the telencephalon of song birds and few studies are reported on the distribution of pcna and dcx in the telencephalon of adult non-song learning birds. we report here on adult neurogenesis throughout the brains of two breeds of adult domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica), the racing homer and utility carneau using endogenous immunohistochemical markers proliferating cell nuclear antigen (pcna) for proliferati ...201728852390
homing pigeons (columba livia) modulate wingbeat characteristics as a function of route familiarity.mechanisms of avian navigation have received considerable attention, but whether different navigational strategies are accompanied by different flight characteristics is unknown. managing energy expenditure is critical for survival; therefore, understanding how flight characteristics, and hence energy allocation, potentially change with birds' familiarity with a navigational task could provide key insights into the costs of orientation. we addressed this question by examining changes in the wing ...201728814611
craniofacial diversification in the domestic pigeon and the evolution of the avian skull.a central question in evolutionary developmental biology is how highly conserved developmental systems can generate the remarkable phenotypic diversity observed among distantly related species. in part, this paradox reflects our limited knowledge about the potential for species to both respond to selection and generate novel variation. consequently, the developmental links between small-scale microevolutionary variations within populations to larger macroevolutionary patterns among species remai ...201728812673
how pigeons couple three-dimensional elbow and wrist motion to morph their wings.birds change the shape and area of their wings to an exceptional degree, surpassing insects, bats and aircraft in their ability to morph their wings for a variety of tasks. this morphing is governed by a musculoskeletal system, which couples elbow and wrist motion. since the discovery of this effect in 1839, the planar 'drawing parallels' mechanism has been used to explain the coupling. remarkably, this mechanism has never been corroborated from quantitative motion data. therefore, we measured h ...201728794161
differential expression of fatty acid transporters and fatty acid synthesis-related genes in crop tissues of male and female pigeons (columba livia domestica) during incubation and chick rearing.1. the growth performance of squabs reared solely by male or female parent pigeons was measured, and the changes of lipid content of crop milk and the expression profiles of genes potentially involved in lipid accumulation by crop tissues of parent pigeons were evaluated during incubation and chick rearing. 2. squabs increased in body weight during 25 d of rearing, whereas both male and female pigeons lost weight after finishing rearing chicks, and the weight loss of male pigeons was significant ...201728752767
do 'literate' pigeons (columba livia) show mirror-word generalization?many children pass through a mirror stage in reading, where they write individual letters or digits in mirror and find it difficult to correctly utilize letters that are mirror images of one another (e.g., b and d). this phenomenon is thought to reflect the fact that the brain does not naturally discriminate left from right. indeed, it has been argued that reading acquisition involves the inhibition of this default process. in the current study, we tested the ability of literate pigeons, which h ...201728707141
prevalence of haemoproteus spp. in tumbler pigeons (columba livia domestica) in kirikkale province, turkey.haemoproteus spp. are common blood parasites of pigeons. they have been reported in pigeons in many regions worldwide, including turkey. pigeon breeding is a popular hobby in kirikkale province, and there is no information about the prevalence of haemoproteus spp. the present study aimed to determine the prevalence of haemoproteus spp. in tumbler pigeons in kirikkale province (kırıkkale and yahsihan district).201728695828
boldness traits, not dominance, predict exploratory flight range and homing behaviour in homing living has been proposed to yield benefits that enhance fitness above the level that would be achieved through living as solitary individuals. dominance hierarchies occur commonly in these social assemblages, and result, by definition, in resources not being evenly distributed between group members. determinants of rank within a dominance hierarchy can be associated with morphological characteristics, previous experience of the individual, or personality traits such as exploration tendenci ...201728673912
cutaneous leiomyosarcoma with multiple visceral metastases in a domestic pigeon.a clinical examination of a 4-yr-old fantail pigeon revealed a large skin tumor in the area of the left wing. the tumor had solid consistency and a single cavity filled with fluid. during necropsy, multiple tumors of varied size and diameter were found in the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. a histopathological examination of the skin tumor revealed extensive multifocal neoplasia with a tendency to infiltrate, composed of polygonal, round, oval, and elongated cells forming a solid system wi ...201728665730
acute lameness in a roller pigeon ( columba livia ) with multicentric lymphosarcoma.a 3-yr-old adult female roller pigeon ( columba livia ) used as part of a breeding pair for an ongoing research study presented with acute left limb lameness. palpation of the left leg and region revealed a large lump near the coxofemoral joint. the bird was able to ambulate in the cage, but would not brood her hatchling. the bird was humanely euthanized and necropsy was performed. grossly, multiple large white to pale tan nodules were noted in the pancreas, lung, rib cage, intestines, and unila ...201728665728
diversity and abundance of human-pathogenic fungi associated with pigeon faeces in urban environments.pathogenic fungi are a growing health concern worldwide, particularly in large, densely populated cities. the dramatic upsurge of pigeon populations in cities has been implicated in the increased incidence of invasive fungal infections. in this study, we used a culture-independent, high-throughput sequencing approach to describe the diversity of clinically relevant fungi (crf) associated with pigeon faeces and map the relative abundance of crf across seoul, korea. in addition, we tested whether ...201728636808
do pigeons (columba livia) use information about the absence of food appropriately? a further look into suboptimal the natural environment, when an animal encounters a stimulus that signals the absence of food-a 'bad-news' stimulus-it will most likely redirect its search to another patch or prey. because the animal does not pay the opportunity cost of waiting in the presence of a bad-news stimulus, the properties of the stimulus (e.g., its duration and probability) may have little impact in the evolution of the decision processes deployed in these circumstances. hence, in the laboratory, when animals are ...201728481567
ex vivo biomechanical evaluation of pigeon (columba livia) cadaver intact humeri and ostectomized humeri stabilized with caudally applied titanium locking plate or stainless steel nonlocking plate constructs.objective to evaluate mechanical properties of pigeon (columba livia) cadaver intact humeri versus ostectomized humeri stabilized with a locking or nonlocking plate. sample 30 humeri from pigeon cadavers. procedures specimens were allocated into 3 groups and tested in bending and torsion. results for intact pigeon humeri were compared with results for ostectomized humeri repaired with a titanium 1.6-mm screw locking plate or a stainless steel 1.5-mm dynamic compression plate; the ostectomized hu ...201728441055
molecular cloning and functional characterization of duck nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain 1 (nod1).nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain 1 (nod1) is an imperative cytoplasmic pattern recognition receptor (prr) and considered as a key member of the nod-like receptor (nlr) family which plays a critical role in innate immunity through sensing microbial components derived from bacterial peptidoglycan. in the current study, the full-length of duck nod1 (dunod1) cdna from duck embryo fibroblasts (defs) was cloned. multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that dunod1 ex ...201728431894
pigeons (columba livia) show change blindness in a color-change detection task.change blindness is a phenomenon whereby changes to a stimulus are more likely go unnoticed under certain circumstances. pigeons learned a change detection task, in which they observed sequential stimulus displays consisting of individual colors back-projected onto three response keys. the color of one response key changed during each sequence and pecks to the key that displayed the change were reinforced. pigeons showed a change blindness effect, in that change detection accuracy was worse when ...201728429095
widespread patterns of sexually dimorphic gene expression in an avian hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (hpg) axis.the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (hpg) axis is a key biological system required for reproduction and associated sexual behaviors to occur. in the avian reproductive model of the rock dove (columba livia), we characterized the transcript community of each tissue of the hpg axis in both sexes, thereby significantly expanding our mechanistic insight into hpg activity. we report greater sex-biased differential expression in the pituitary as compared to the hypothalamus, with multiple genes more hi ...201728417958
pigeonetics takes flight: evolution, development, and genetics of intraspecific variation.intensive artificial selection over thousands of years has produced hundreds of varieties of domestic pigeon. as charles darwin observed, the morphological differences among breeds can rise to the magnitude of variation typically observed among different species. nevertheless, different pigeon varieties are interfertile, thereby enabling forward genetic and genomic approaches to identify genes that underlie derived traits. building on classical genetic studies of pigeon variation, recent molecul ...201727847323
measurement of intraocular pressure in the domestic pigeon (columbia livia).the purpose of this study was to establish intraocular pressure values in clinically normal pigeons. one hundred (52 male and 48 female) healthy pigeons ( columbia livia ) of six different breeds, ranging in age from 20 to 51 mo were used in the study. pigeons were gently physically restrained in a dorsoventral position without any pressure or extension to the head and neck. a rebound tonometer with a disposable probe was held horizontally and 4-5 mm from the central corneal surface. calibration ...201627691937
discrimination of human faces by archerfish (toxotes chatareus).two rival theories of how humans recognize faces exist: (i) recognition is innate, relying on specialized neocortical circuitry, and (ii) recognition is a learned expertise, relying on general object recognition pathways. here, we explore whether animals without a neocortex, can learn to recognize human faces. human facial recognition has previously been demonstrated for birds, however they are now known to possess neocortex-like structures. also, with much of the work done in domesticated pigeo ...201627272551
evaluation of osteogenic potentials of avian demineralized bone matrix in the healing of osseous defects in evaluate avian allogeneic demineralized bone matrix (dbm) in the healing of long bone defects as a function of geometry and time in a pigeon model.201525656987
qualitative and quantitative evaluation of avian demineralized bone matrix in heterotopic evaluate the osteogenic potential of avian demineralized bone matrix (dbm) in the context of implant geometry.201324117844
ethnobotanic importance of plants used in pigeon-breeding in eastern spain.the importance that birds of the columbidae family have had throughout history is visible on the mediterranean coast. pigeon fancying is the art of breeding and training carrier pigeons and currently, several breeds exist. the sport of racing pigeons consists in covering a distance at maximum possible speed. however, pigeon breeding has another modality called "sport pigeon", where several males follow a female. this study focusses on ethnobotanical knowledge of native and exotic plant species t ...201323688245
[new drugs for small animals in 2011].in 2011, nine active pharmaceutical ingredients were released on the german market for small animals. those are the cyclooxygenase-2-inhibitor cimicoxib (cimalgex®), the opium-derived analgesic methadone (comfortan®), the antiemetic metoclopramide (emeprid®), the corticosteroid mometasone furoate in combination with the antifungal agent posaconazole (posatex®), the fluorchinolone-antibiotic pradofloxacin (veraflox®), the insecticide spinosad (comfortis®), the cytostatic toceranib (palladia®) and ...201223076019
smoke signals and carrier pigeons. 201222572061
infections with sarcocystis wenzeli are prevalent in the chickens of yunnan province, china, but not in the flocks of domesticated pigeons or ducks.the distribution and prevalence of infections with species of sarcocystis in domestic fowl in asia are poorly known. here, ducks, pigeons, and chickens from yunnan province, china were examined for evidence of parasitic infection with sarcocystis spp. one hundred and ninety one chickens, 514 ducks, and nine pigeons were investigated. whereas the ducks and pigeons lacked tissue cysts in their muscle, brain or peripheral nervous system, cysts of sarcocystis wenzeli were identified in 17 of 191 chi ...201222426033
[medico-legal assessment of the injuries of fatal victims of building collapse at katowice international fair in katowice/chorzów on january 28, 2006].on january 28, 2006, during an exhibition of carrier pigeons, the roof of one of the buildings at katowice international fair collapsed. at the time of accident, there were 700 people in the building--65 died and 171 were injured. it was the biggest building disaster in the history of modern poland. the aim of this study was to present the type (character) of the observed injuries, the cause of death of 48 fatal victims and the range of activities and medico-legal examinations performed in the d ...201522117484
[correlation analysis between mc3r and mc4r gene polymorphism and growth traits in pigeon.].the snps in partial coding sequence of mc3r and mc4r genes were identified by polymerase chain reaction followed by single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) analysis and dna sequencing in shack-kee and columba domestica from harbin area. correlation analysis between mc3r and mc4r polymorphism and growth and body composition traits was carried by the least square analysis. the genotypes of t91g mutation in mc3r gene and a903g mutation in mc4r gene proved to have significant association ...200818930895
the effect of clock-shift on the initial orientation of wild rock doves ( columba l. livia).previous experiments on wild rock doves ( columba l. livia gmelin) released within their familiar area revealed an evident effect of fast-shifting, although shifted doves, but not controls, tended to orient homeward. such an outcome suggested a possible influence of the release time per se on the directional choices of the tested doves. in the present study, this hypothesis was investigated by comparing the orientation of slow-shifted birds to that of two control groups released at different tim ...200312835836
concentrations of chromium, manganese, and lead in air and in avian eggs.the expansion of urbanization introduces air pollution to wildlife areas. some metal contaminants occurring in concentrations too small to have any measurable impact on adult birds may seriously affect embryos that are more sensitive to contaminants than the adult. chromium, manganese, and lead are toxic and can be passed from the hen to the egg. this study relates the concentrations of these metals in eggs to their concentrations in air in three cities. rock dove eggs were sampled and air pollu ...200212395831
impact of feather molt on ectoparasites: looks can be deceiving.animals possess a variety of well-documented defenses against ectoparasites, including morphological, behavioral, and immune responses. another possible defense that has received relatively little attention is the shedding of the host's exterior. the conventional wisdom is that ectoparasite abundance is reduced when birds molt their feathers, mammals molt their hair, and reptiles shed their skin. we carried out an experimental test of this hypothesis for birds by manipulating molt in feral pigeo ...200228547687
[ultrastructure and peculiarities of the otolith lagena in pigeons].rosenhall reported the polarization of kinocilium of otolith organs in the avian inner ear by lm. however, the otolith lagena, which is called the third otolith organ, is not well known, especially in terms of the 3-dimensional relationship between each maculae (utricular maculae, saccular maculae, maculae of the otolith lagena), the details of the striola and otoconial layers, and so on. therefore, the author conducted a study to clarify these points using 20 columba domestica pigeons (40 ears) ...19957602413
pigeons.this article reviews physiology, reproduction, housing, nutrition, and preventive medicine for domesticated pigeons. infectious and parasitic diseases are described. included is an extensive formulary of drugs used in pigeons.19948109072
[safety of a new anticoccidial agent, clazuril, during reproduction in carrier pigeons].in a six-month study, the safety of repeated treatments with clazuril, a new anticoccidial agent for the treatment of pigeons, was evaluated during 4 to 5 consecutive reproduction cycles. clazuril was administered weekly at the recommended therapeutic dose level of 2.5 mg/pigeon and at twice this dose. the results were compared to placebo treatment. evaluation was based on the following parameters: reproductive behaviour, egg laying, fertilisation, embryonic mortality, hatching, percentage of we ...19883376074
[clazuril: a new anticoccidial agent for pigeons].the effectiveness of clazuril (appertex), a new anticoccidial agent for the treatment of pigeons is described in the present study. clazuril, a benzene-acetonitrile derivative, is administered in a single dose. in laboratory studies, 121 carrier pigeons infected with e. labbeana and e. columbarum were treated once with clazuril in gelatin capsules at dose levels of 10 mg, 5 mg, 2.5 mg, 1.25 mg, 0.63 mg or with a placebo. when a single dose of 2.5 mg and higher was administered, all faecal sample ...19883376073
tissue lead concentrations and blood characteristics of rock doves from an urban setting in virginia. 19827103556
[incidence of ornithosis-psittacosis and herpetic infections in carrier pigeons and psittacines in belgium]. 19816273985
[infestation of carrier pigeons with obligatory ectoparasitic arthropods spp. in germany]. 19751200966
[following carrier-pigeons in helicopter. ii]. 19734792590
[topographically dependent biapical and slanted circle divisions in the initial orientation of dispatched carrier pigeons]. 19685730086
[comparison of the orientation and home range capacities of various age groups in carrier pigeons]. 19685730079
[effect of acth and prednisolone on the functional zonation of the adrenal gland in the pigeon (columba domestica)]. 196514329843
the fine structure of the "feather epithelium" in the dove, columba domestica. 196114463626
[drug supply in emergencies-discovery of photography by carrier pigeons]. 195914443851
[does the homecoming speed of carrier pigeons depend on hormonal influences]. 195813609597
caliber spectra of nerve fibers in the pigeon (columba domestica). 195613385379
[increased performance of carrier pigeons effected by embryonal heart extract (corhormon)]. 195513309409
[effects of repeated convulsions produced by electroshock on the ovulation of the columba domestica]. 201515441862
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