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first detection of west nile virus in domestic pigeon in korea.west nile virus (wnv) is a mosquito-borne zoonotic pathogen that has spread throughout europe and the united states. recently, wnv spread to east and southeast asia, and great efforts have been made in south korea to prevent the spread of wnv from neighboring countries. in this study, we diagnosed the first case of wnv in pigeons (columba livia domestica) residing in cities using a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and confirmed it with nested reverse transcription polymerase chain r ...027030190
use of observed wild bird activity on poultry farms and a literature review to target species as high priority for avian influenza testing in 2 regions of canada.the risk of avian influenza outbreaks in poultry is partially dependent on the probability of contact between domestic poultry and wild birds shedding avian influenza (ai) virus. the major objective of this study was to document wild bird activity on poultry farms to determine which wild bird species should be targeted for ai surveillance in canada. we collected data in 2 major poultry producing regions of canada, southwestern ontario and the fraser valley of british columbia, on the relative ab ...022851777
a case of sex-linked inheritance in the domestic pigeon. 191217814436
inheritance of certain "blue-black" patterns and "bleached" colorations in the domestic pigeon. 193817246873
a sex difference in linkage intensity of three autosomal factors in the domestic pigeon. 193817246875
somatic mosaics in the domestic pigeon. 194017246956
a type of psychopathy in the domestic pigeon. 194521005109
[demonstration of synthesis of uric acid from ammonium in the isolated and surviving pigeon liver (columba livia)]. 195114878888
effect of trichomonas gallinae from diseased mourning doves on clean domestic pigeons. 195114889385
five years' observation on the incidence of blood protozoa in house sparrows (passer domesticus linnaeus) and in pigeons (columba livia gmelin) in delhi. 195114917432
[optimum chemical thermoregulation of the domestic pigeon]. 195313067421
[temporary sex inversion, at time of puberty, in the female domestic pigeon; heredity of this phenomenon]. 195313082857
some observations on experimental infections in domestic pigeons (columba livia gmelin) with p. relictum. 195313117527
effect of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole (enheptin) and other drugs on trichomonas gallinae infection in the domestic pigeon. 195313118435
isolation of west nile virus from hooded crow and rock pigeon in the nile delta. 195313134268
natural immunity of domestic pigeons (columba livia gmelin) to experimental infections with p. gallinaceum. 195413210947
susceptibility of the pigeon (columba livia) to infection with western equine encephalomyelitis virus. i. blood virus levels following subcutaneous inoculation. 195513252265
saprophytic sources of cryptococcus neoformans associated with the pigeon (columba livia). 195513268414
[increased performance of carrier pigeons effected by embryonal heart extract (corhormon)]. 195513309409
caliber spectra of nerve fibers in the pigeon (columba domestica). 195613385379
the hybrid-substance of the erythrocytes of the hybrids between columba livia and streptopelia risoria. 195617247657
olfactory sensitivity in the domestic pigeon. 195713411197
the arterial system of the domestic pigeon (columba livia gmelin). 195713435516
host resistance and regulation of the development of plasmodium lophurae in the pheasants, coots and domestic pigeons. 195713463684
[action of combined primaquine-pyrimethamine. i. experimental study on pigeons (columba livia) infected with plasmodium relictum]. 195713474136
[desoxyribonucleinic acid content of the somatic and sexual cells of gallus gallus, meleagris gallopavo, columba livia and rana esculenta]. 195813607153
[does the homecoming speed of carrier pigeons depend on hormonal influences]. 195813609597
[drug supply in emergencies-discovery of photography by carrier pigeons]. 195914443851
modification of irradiation effects in the pigeon, columba livia. i. effects of homologous and heterologous bone marrow transplants. 195916590350
observations on central regulation of body temperature and of food and water intake in the pigeon (columba livia). 196013681897
[contribution to the study of the comparative anatomy of the telencephalon. investigation in "lebistes reticulatus", "rana catesbyana","chalcides occellatus", "columba livia" and "cavia coabya"]. 196013684488
[study of the content of iodine-127 of the thyroid and the plasma of 2 species of columbae, the ringdove pigeon (columba palumbus) and the domestic pigeon (columba livia var. domestica)]. 196014433693
the thalamic projection upon the telencephalon in the pigeon (columba livia). 196113737626
the chemical cytology of the adrenal medulla in the domestic pigeon. 196113739947
[on the inactivation of oxytocin in bos taurus, equus caballus, equus asinus, ovis aries, canis familiaris, sus scrofa, lepus cuniculus, cavia cobaya, mus norvegicus albinus, mus musculus, callus gallus and columba livia]. 196113766350
the fine structure of the "feather epithelium" in the dove, columba domestica. 196114463626
domestic pigeons: the stimulus provided by the egg in the nest. 196114472034
[a contribution to gastrointestinal flora in the domesticated pigeon]. 196113726045
asymmetry of encephalic arteries in the pigeon (columba livia). 196213865940
contribution to the anatomy of the vegetative nervous system in the neck and thorax of the domestic pigeon. 196213932530
the nerve supply of the stomach in the domestic pigeon (columba domestica). 196313932531
[changes in the blood picuture of experimental pigeons (columba livia f. domestica gm.) after daraprim administration]. 196313972435
[isolation of cryptococcus neoformans from excrement and nests of pigeons (columba livia) in salvador, bahia (brazil)]. 196313992887
studies on chemical composition of protein and fat in the oviduct of the pigeon, columba livia gmelin. 196314082710
histological and histochemical studies of the hormone stimulated oviduct of the pigeon, columba livia gmelin. 196314096293
isolations of st. louis encephalitis virus from domestic pigeons, columba livia. 196414159988
influence of hyperthyreoidization on the pigmentation of some phenotypes of the domestic pigeon. 19655858962
the spectral sensitivity of the pigeon (columba livia). 19655862758
the occurrence of psittacosis virus complement-fixing (cf), noncomplement-fixing (ncf) and neutralizing (n) antibodies in domestic pigeons. 19655892276
[effect of acth and prednisolone on the functional zonation of the adrenal gland in the pigeon (columba domestica)]. 196514329843
[influence of thalidomide on the evolution of the osseous callus and endosteal ossification in columba livia gm]. 19665972608
[microscopic and histochemical studies on the kidney of columba livia aberratio domestica l]. 19665988094
[experimental ascariasis in the pigeon (columba livia) caused by ascaridia columbae (gmelin 1790): research on the capacity of the larvae of ascaridia columbae exposed, in the embryonated egg stage, to various levels of ionizing radiations (10000 r-20000 r-40000 r of co 60), to develop to adult helminths]. 19665999035
dna replication patterns of the sex chromosomes of the pigeon (columba livia domestica). 19666006218
effect of acth on the hypothalamic neurosecretion of the pigeon (columba livia domestica l.). 19664285912
effect of thirst and water load on the hypothalamic regulation of the adrenal in the pigeon (columba livia domestica l.). 19664290846
rhythmic and light-induced changes in levels of pineal 5-hydroxyindoles in the pigeon (columba livia). 19664381448
the domestic pigeon. 196617819794
the effect of kc1, nac1, hydration and dehydration on the subcommissural organ of the domestic pigeon. 19674176814
tetrameres sp. (nematoda: spiruridae) found in pigeons (columba livia) in kansas and oklahoma. 19676069467
the organization of the ascending auditory pathway in the pigeon (columba livia). i. diencephalic projections of the inferior colliculus (nucleus mesencephali lateralis, pars dorsalis). 19676076249
[hematological changes caused by treatment with thalidomide in columba livia gm. ii. thalidomide and number of cells in peripheral blood after bloodletting]. 19676077434
[bilateral asymmetry of the long bones of the extremities of the pigeon columba livia and the parrott amazona amazonica]. 19675586166
[the cerebral ventricles of the fowl (gallus domesticus), pigeon (columba livia) and duck (anas boschas domestica) demonstrated with the help of the plastic corrosion technique]. 19674970158
the effect of reserpine on the female reproductive system of the domestic pigeon. 19685709547
[thalidomide and evolution of osseous callus in relation to folliculin treatments. radiological observations in columba livia gm]. 19685719781
two types of optomotor response in the domestic pigeon. 19685722039
the ascending auditory pathway in the pigeon (columba livia). ii. telencephalic projections of the nucleus ovoidalis thalami. 19685749228
a new species of philophthalmus (trematoda: philophthalmidae) from the orbital cavity of the pigeon, columba livia (gmelin) in india. 19685753413
[topographically dependent biapical and slanted circle divisions in the initial orientation of dispatched carrier pigeons]. 19685730086
[comparison of the orientation and home range capacities of various age groups in carrier pigeons]. 19685730079
[morphogenesis and histogenesis of genetically based twin feathers in domestic pigeons (columba livia dom. l.)].1. "twin feathers" described for various domestic breeds of pigeons have been found in oriental rollers in 12 per cent of the sides of the tails during each of the breeding periods. 2. each studied twin feather originates in a single follicle. it shows either one sheath ("split feather") or two sheaths ("double feather"). 72 per cent of the feathers have been found in the middles of the tails, 23 per cent in the middle of one side of the rows of rectrices. 3. twin feathers grow either out of one ...196928304438
sensory corpuscles in the beak skin of the domestic pigeon. 19695802135
a specific visual projection area in the hyperstriatum of the pigeon (columba livia). 19695807769
a new species of cotugnia (cestoda davaineidae) from the domestic pigeon in india. 19695814150
the endocrine basis of breeding behaviour in the feral pigeon (columba livia). i. effects of exogenous hormones on the pre-incubation behaviour of intact males. 19695349579
hormonal control of courtship behaviour in the pigeon (columba livia). 19695370958
on a new species of the genus paronchocerca from rock pigeon columba livia. 19695393021
[a new trichostrongylide, parasite of the domestic pigeon in senegal]. 19695408493
[ultrastructural and functional studies of the pineal organ in the pigeon (columba livia)]. 19694902166
tetrameres americana in laboratory pigeons (columba livia). 19694244904
effect of the median eminence of the pigeon (columba livia domestica l.) on the regulation of adenohypophysial corticotropin secretion. 19694307269
effect of different experimental interventions on the amount of acth in the median eminence of the domestic pigeon. 19694317327
telencephalic projections of the nucleus rotundus in the pigeon (columba livia). 19705459211
the effects of wulst ablations on color, brightness and pattern discrimination in pigeons (columba livia). 19705459214
[ultrastructure of the median eminence of the pigeon (columba livia domestica) in various experimental conditions]. 19705495352
locomotor activity rhythms in homing pigeons (columba livia). 19705498036
hygromycin-b induction of trichomoniasis in pigeons (columba livia). 19705503015
[on factors limiting the resistance to fatigue in the racing pigeon (columba livia gm.). ii. changes caused by dehydration in the blood protein pattern of the racing pigeon]. 19705517479
[on factors limiting the resistance to fatigue in the racing pigeon (columba livia gm.). i. hematocrit changes (pcv) caused by lack of water and by the contest]. 19705517487
the spectral sensitivity of single units in the nucleus rotundus of pigeon, columba livia.responses to diffuse monochromatic light were recorded from single units in the diencephalon of pigeon. units were both excited and inhibited by light stimulation. intensity-response functions based on latency measures to the first spike after stimulation were used to generate action spectra. one class of spectral sensitivity functions presumably from rods, showed peak sensitivities near 500 nm: these functions were unaffected by changing criterion values used to generate the functions. a second ...19715544800
the immune response of the pigeon (columba livia). 19715545143
[studies on types of salmonella typhimurium in domestic pigeons in schleswig-holstein and their possible epizootological significance]. 19714935401
[treatment attemts of a massive salmonella typhimurium infection in flock of army carrier pigeons]. 19714950674
effect of thyroidectomy & exogenous thyroxine on hypothalamo-hypophysial complex & gonads of indian pigeon, columba livia gmelin. 19715092726
naturally occurring clinical newcastle disease in the racing pigeon (columba livia). 19715106215
grass and subcellular distribution of cesium-137 in pigeon (columba livia) tissues with special reference to muscles. 19715150019
effect of malonate, succinate and glucose, in vivo, on the uptake of cesium-137 by pigeon (columba livia) muscles. 19715150020
effects of oestrogen on the differentiation of some reproductive behaviours in male pigeons (columba livia). 19715150475
the distribution of mallophaga on the domestic pigeon (columba livia). 19715161201
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