hematozoa of hatch-year common mergansers from michigan.fifty-five hatch-year common mergansers (mergus merganser) were sampled for hematozoa from douglas lake (michigan, usa) on 17 july 1995. forty-one (75%) were infected with hematozoa. haemoproteus greineri and leucocytozoon simondi were common, infecting 28 (51%) and 26 (47%) common mergansers, respectively. plasmodium circumflexum infected two (4%) birds. the common merganser is a new host record for h. greineri and p. circumflexum. intensity data indicate possible negative interspecific interac ...200111310899
mercury concentrations in migratory waterfowl harvested from southern nevada wildlife management areas, usa.mercury concentrations were determined in 14 species of migratory waterfowl harvested from southern nevada wildlife management areas during the 2001-2002 hunting season. common mergansers (2.61 +/- 0.87 ppm liver; 0.22 +/- 0.04 ppm muscle), northern shovelers (3.51 +/- 3.8 ppm liver; 0.16 +/- 0.03 ppm muscle), and bufflehead (2.63 +/- 0.24 ppm liver; 0.91 ppm muscle) had the highest concentrations of mercury in the liver and muscle of the species harvested. the relationships between muscle and l ...200414758592
ecosystem-based management of predator-prey relationships: piscivorous birds and salmonids.predator-prey relationships are often altered as a result of human activities. where prey are legally protected, conservation action may include lethal predator control. in the columbia river basin (pacific northwest, usa and canada), piscivorous predators have been implicated in contributing to a lack of recovery of several endangered anadromous salmonids (oncorhynchus spp.), and lethal and nonlethal control programs have been instituted against both piscine and avian species. to determine the ...200818488627
spatiotemporal trends in fish mercury from a mine-dominated ecosystem: clear lake, california.clear lake, california, usa, receives acid mine drainage and mercury (hg) from the sulphur bank mercury mine, a u.s. environmental protection agency (u.s. epa) superfund site that was active intermittently from 1873 to 1957 and partially remediated in 1992. mercury concentrations were analyzed primarily in four species of clear lake fishes: inland silversides (menidia beryllina, planktivore), common carp (cyprinus carpio, benthic scavenger/omnivore), channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus, benthic ...200819475924
final hosts and variability of trichobilharzia regenti under natural europe, despite of intensive work on avian schistosomes in the past, only one representative of nasal schistosomes has been detected so far, trichobilharzia regenti, a species that remained undescribed to the scientific community until 1998. since then, however, t. regenti has gained a considerable attention, not only due to the induction of serious lesions concomitant with the migration of the schistosomulae through the central nervous system of their natural hosts (birds) but also due to th ...201020556426
a highly repeated retropseudogene-like sequence in dna of the redbreasted merganser (mergus serrator).two highly repeated nucleotide sequences (rbmi and rbmii) cloned from an ecori digest of dna of the redbreasted merganser (mergus serrator) account for approx. 5 to 10% of the dna of m. serrator and the closely related mergus merganser. complete dna digestion of seven members of the mergini with ecori produces distinct, relatively species-specific patterns of a few high-mr (greater than 1.5 kb) fragments of rbmi-like material. in such digests rbmii forms ladder-type patterns with monomers of app ...19902332168
efficacy of praziquantel in treating natural schistosome infections in common mergansers.fifty-one common mergansers were captured on douglas lake (cheboygan county, michigan) and their avian schistosome loads were determined by fecal examination. each bird was given a single dose of 0, 40, or 200 mg/kg of body weight of praziquantel and released. all birds were recaptured within 10 days of drug administration to determine posttreatment schistosome loads. only the highest dose of praziquantel was found to significantly reduce avian schistosome loads. the potential use of praziquante ...200111318576
occurrence of perfluoroalkyl surfactants in water, fish, and birds from new york state.concentrations of perfluorooctanesulfonate (pfos) and several other perfluoroalkyl surfactants (pass) were determined in nine major water bodies (n = 51) of new york state (nys). these pass were also measured in the livers of two species of sport fish (n = 66) from 20 inland lakes in nys. finally, perfluorinated compounds were measured in the livers of 10 species of waterfowl (n = 87) from the niagara river region in nys. pfos, perfluorooctanoic acid (pfoa), and perfluorohexanesulfonate (pfhs) w ...200616435086
body condition and mercury concentration in apparently healthy goosander (mergus merganser) wintering in the odra estuary, poland.goosanders (mergus merganser, ad, adult n = 42: m, males 33 and f, females 9; im, immature n = 17: m 8, f 9) were collected in 2005 at wintering site in the river odra estuary (poland). the body size (bm, body mass; bl, body length; kl, keel length), weights of organs (lm, liver; km, kidneys; em, encephalon), and two condition-related indices (bm/bl and bm/kl) were determined. based on bm/bl and bm/kl indices, the birds were divided into 3 condition groups: a (very good), b (good), and c (modera ...201020680455
behavioural vs. molecular sources of conflict between nuclear and mitochondrial dna: the role of male-biased dispersal in a holarctic sea duck.genetic studies of waterfowl (anatidae) have observed the full spectrum of mitochondrial (mt) dna population divergence, from apparent panmixia to deep, reciprocally monophyletic lineages. yet, these studies often found weak or no nuclear (nu) dna structure, which was often attributed to male-biased gene flow, a common behaviour within this family. an alternative explanation for this 'conflict' is that the smaller effective population size and faster sorting rate of mtdna relative to nudna lead ...201222582867
hepatic and nephric mercury and selenium concentrations in common mergansers, mergus merganser, from baltic region, europe.the subject of the present study was the piscivorous common mergansers (mergus merganser). the total mercury (thg), methylmercury (mehg), selenium (se) inorganic mercury (inhg; thg - mehg), percentage of thg that is mehg (%mehg), molar ratios (thg:se, mehg:se, inhg:se), and their mutual relations in livers and kidneys were determined in ducks from an se-deficient area in poland. the authors verified a hypothesis that, as a result of living in an se-deficient region, mergansers from poland should ...201424174120
mercury and selenium in the muscle of piscivorous common mergansers (mergus merganser) from a selenium-deficient european country.although the relationship between mercury (hg) and selenium (se) has been studied in wild birds in areas with sufficient or excessive se levels, little is known about this relationship in areas where the supply of se is limited. as hg detoxification is based on the production of biologically inactive hg-se complexes, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between the concentrations of total mercury (thg), methylmercury (mehg), inorganic mercury (inhg=thg-mehg), percent mehg o ...201424507135
fluoride concentrations in the pineal gland, brain and bone of goosander (mergus merganser) and its prey in odra river estuary in poland.the aim of the study was to investigate fluoride concentrations in bone, brain and pineal gland of goosander mergus merganser wintering in the odra estuary (poland) as well as in fish originating from its digestive tract. the fluoride concentrations were determined with potentiometric method. medians of concentrations in goosander had the highest and the lowest values in pineal gland and brain (>760 and <190 mg/kg, respectively). fluoride concentration in the pineal gland was significantly great ...201424744187
ducks change wintering patterns due to changing climate in the important wintering waters of the odra river estuary.some species of birds react to climate change by reducing the distance they travel during migration. the odra river estuary in the baltic sea is important for wintering waterfowl and is where we investigated how waterbirds respond to freezing surface waters. the most abundant birds here comprise two ecological groups: bottom-feeders and piscivores. numbers of all bottom-feeders, but not piscivores, were negatively correlated with the presence of ice. with ongoing global warming, this area is inc ...201728785517
[preliminary studies on the cestodofauna of goosander mergus merganser l., 1758 from west pomerania].the research included 54 individuals of the goosander mergus merganser l., 1758 (anseriformes, mergini), wintering on lake dabie within the administrative limits of szczecin. seven species of cestoda from two families were found in those ducks. two species from the family diphyllobothriidae were recorded: ligula intestinalis (linnaeus, 1758) and schistocephalus solidus (müller, 1776), and five species from family hymenolepididae: dicranotaenia mergi yamaguti, 1940, fimbriaria mergi grytner-zieci ...200818702321
taxonomic structure of digenea in wild ducks (anatinae) from west pomerania.parasitic fauna of birds connected with water environment, including digeneans, is relatively well researched in poland. the exception, however, is west pomerania, where those birds were not frequent objects of parasitological research until recently. the purpose of this work is to determine the taxonomic structure of the digenea, parasitising wild ducks living in west pomerania. the research material was 124 individuals of wild anatinae (anseriformes) belonging to 8 species: anas strepera, a. c ...200818702318
metabolism of benzo(a)pyrene by duck liver microsomes.the metabolism of benzo(a)pyrene [bp], a model carcinogenic pah, by hepatic microsomes of two duck species, mallard (anas platyrhynchos) and common merganser (mergus merganser americanus) collected from chemically-contaminated and relatively non-contaminated areas was investigated. the rate of metabolism of bp by liver microsomes of common merganser and mallard collected from polluted areas (2,650 +/- 310 and 2,200 +/- 310 pmol/min per mg microsomal protein, respectively) was significantly highe ...200011048678
pcbs, dioxins and furans in hooded merganser (lophodytes cucullatus), common merganser (mergus merganser) and mink (mustela vison) collected along the st. maurice river near la tuque, quebec.a pulp and paper mill located in la tuque on the st. maurice river, quebec, and using the kraft bleaching process was historically the largest pulp and paper industry point source of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in quebec. a study was undertaken to document the bioaccumulation of pcbs, dioxins and furans in piscivorous birds and mammals in this area. hooded and common merganser eggs were collected in nest boxes along the st. maurice river and common merganser fledglings were c ...199615091394
improvements and application of a modified gas chromatography atomic fluorescence spectroscopy method for routine determination of methylmercury in biota samples.improvements to the application of a combined solid-phase microextraction followed by gas chromatography coupled to pyrolysis and atomic fluorescence spectrometry method (spme-gc-afs) for methylmercury (mehg) determination in biota samples are presented. our new method includes improvements in the methodology of determination and the quantification technique. a shaker instead of a stirrer was used, in order to reduce the possibility of sample contamination and to simplify cleaning procedures. th ...201324054647
heavy metals in seaducks and mussels from misty fjords national monument in southeast alaska.quartz hill, in misty fjords national monument near ketchikan, alaska, is the site of a proposed molybdenum-producing mine. to provide baseline data for use in post-development comparisons, we analyzed tissues of barrow's goldeneyes (bucephala islandica), common mergansers (mergus merganser), and blue mussels (mytilus edulis) for seven heavy metals that could potentially be released into the environment as a result of mining operations. specimens were collected in 1980, 1981, and 1982 from two f ...199524197728
prevalence and subtypes of influenza a viruses in wild waterfowl in norway 2006-2007.the prevalence of influenza a virus infection, and the distribution of different subtypes of the virus, were studied in 1529 ducks and 1213 gulls shot during ordinary hunting from august to december in two consecutive years, 2006 and 2007, in norway. the study was based on molecular screening of cloacal and tracheal swabs, using a pan-influenza a rt-pcr. samples found to be positive for influenza a virus were screened for the h5 subtype, using a h5 specific rt-pcr, and, if negative, further subt ...201020426812
[helminthofauna of the goosander mergus merganser l., 1758 from the north-western poland].the goosander, mergus merganser, is a rare in poland water bird (anseriformes: mergini). it eats fish and small invertebrates. the purpose of this study was a preliminary parasitological examination of the digestive tract of the goosander wintering on the szczecin lagoon. the research material were the parasites recovered from digestive tracts of 6 birds (two males and four females), which died during feeding in fishing nets in winter 2001. the birds were subject to standard parasitological exam ...200819338224
avian influenza virus screening in wild waterfowl in norway, 2005.the prevalence of influenza a virus infection, and the distribution of different subtypes of the virus, were studied in 604 geese and ducks shot during ordinary hunting 2005. the study was based upon molecular screening of cloacal swabs taken by the hunters. the sampling included the following species: greylag (anser anser), mallard (anas platyrhynchos), wigeon (anas penelope), teal (anas crecca), goosander (mergus merganser), tufted duck (aythya fuligula), common scoter (melanitta nigra), golde ...200717494599
organic pollutants in wild ducks from new york state: i. interspecies differences in concentrations and congener profiles of pcbs and pcdds/pcdfs.wild ducks of three species, common mergansers (mergus merganser americanus), gadwalls (anas streptera), and mallards (anas platyrhynchos), were collected near industrial sites in the massena, ny area of the st. lawrence river (slr) in 1988/89 and 1994. additional samples were collected in 1994 near a former polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) capacitor plant at fort edward, ny (a mallard and two wood ducks (aix sponsa)), and at control sites (common mergansers, mallards and wood ducks). on a lipid b ...200616290188
prevalence and transmission of cercariae causing schistosome dermatitis in flathead lake, montana.numerous studies have been conducted on swimmer's itch, but very few have been in montana and none on flathead lake, the largest, natural freshwater lake in the western united states. we conducted a study to determine the prevalence of hosts transmitting cercariae causing swimmer's itch in this lake. hosts for this life cycle were determined by direct observation of fresh waterfowl fecal material for the presence of miracidia, and snails for the presence of cercariae. swimmer's itch-producing ce ...19957623213
[fleas from the nests of goosander (mergus merganser l.)].in 1993 43 nests of goosander from the jasieĊ„ lake near bytów were collected and checked on fleas presence. ceratophyllus gallinae, the only one fleas species, was found in 60.5% nests. among nests where the fleas were found the most frequent were those inhibited by 1-10 specimens of fleas (12 nests). the highest mean number of fleas per nest and the highest percentage of nests with fleas were noted before the breeding season has started (in march) and the lowest after the fresh brood in may. mo ...19957571640
foraging activity patterns in the goosander (mergus merganser) and the red-breasted merganser (m. serrator) in relation to patterns of activity in their major prey species.diel and seasonal foraging activity patterns of goosanders (mergus merganser l.) and red-breasted mergansers (m. serrator l.) were studied during the breeding season on the rickleå river in northern sweden (64°05'n). in addition, the locomotor activity patterns of their most important prey species, the river lamprey (lampetra fluviatilis (l.)) and the three-spined stickleback (gasterosteus aculeatus l.), were recorded.during spring, as mergansers arrived in the breeding area, both species exhibi ...198528309842
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